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The Chris Townsend Show
Friday, December 15th

In the final hour of the show, Towny and Urbs talk baseball with's Jay Jaffe and get sports investment advice from Marco D'Angelo


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Downtown Stanford. It's. About joining us on the Crist doesn't show we love having him on the program and also during the baseball season ordeal on the Oakland Athletics from Sports Illustrated. Freedom on SI dot com you see him on the MLB network and the author of the Cooperstown case but. Jay Jaffe joins us Jay how we go one. Have pretty good how are you. We're joined well I gotta tell you the winner meetings we saw Stanton get moved the Yankees Ozuna go to the cardinals. I you start thinking about the Japanese Babe Ruth is now gonna be in our division in the LS with the angels. Stephen this guy he was a really good story shows a lot of hard to know what I'd clock. What a class his moves by the cardinals sending you back here in the Bay Area to be what is ailing mom in the Oakland Athletics but also met with generally have a big winter meetings are aired at Disneyland. So yeah I agree we haven't seen any big free agents really really come off the table I think there's. You know a lot of people are expecting. More of that but I think a lot of the market was really held up by. Buyers this stand not funny stuff in and out. You noticed a lot of teams are also I think of the mind that the longer you wait. Actually. The better deal you're going to get because players want to get desperate they're gonna sir looking at that calendar. And we know the San Francisco Giants are going to be one of those teams as they are disappoint not to get stand and or Tawny the first someone ask you about. The deal between the cardinals and the athletics. And we know about this gotti's mother who now has AL us he is from Pleasanton and so he's going to be able to be around his mother. And still play Major League Baseball here with yoga place is talk about what a classy move that really was by the cardinals to take care they're young outfielder. Yeah I obviously I didn't think that was a very you know a very human situation their move. On the cardinals they traders are Marcelo do that Dudley course Gotti who. You know I'd really getting sort of closer to the center of their planned couple years ago the kind of down even I don't through injuries. You know I'd move sort of more towards a periphery not you know if there's personal stuff going on there are not really sure but. Certainly now knowing that mom has been diagnosed bailout what does that say heavy load carrier that was something that was in fact factory and it was his left. A little steak on the little guy who's in this still young. Happened and a stronger effort I think he could be if you are a quality addition for the is a couple of years ago he had he had 22 home runs. Good slugging percentage and on base percentage and you know we hope that girl whatever slogans in this personalize it and that does he's going to be able to be an asset for the team. You know and debased and can can. Reach so much advantage share. Yeah O'Neal look at this San Francisco Giants they were swinging for the fences they said at the end of this season they weren't reloading they gorgeous three setting. They went after standard hard. They went after a tonic they struck out there they came away from the winter meetings. Really was nothing what should the mindset being right now for Bobby Evans brine savient. And looking forward to 2018. Well I think they have got themselves how close they are really to do just getting back in this and you look at that what the Dodgers have done the last couple of years you look at the readout with the Iraqis have been and the Diamondbacks made and end. You know realistically this is not just you know a minor touch up here that notorious case for the giants to get back into the an illustrious and it's. When they got no production from the corner outfielders. Not a lot of production from center field even. All of the Serb base was disaster for them. Starting catching me I think they need to hear they need a couple more arms here there are a lot of things that they need to do here they're going to go about this and you know obviously they're entirely sure that would have been great but. Doubt you've got to fall back here ideology not that it's not not only exciting Jay Bruce is going to suddenly be almost as good as caddie John Carlos stand. They're gonna have to figure out a way to be. A bit more aggressive with several into. You know couldn't get back into this and and and terrified some good fits. We'll do they have. The farm system to be able to make a big time trade to they have those prospects and other teams covet. Yeah that's a good question I know that. The last couple years you know bill we usually get that high on the giants' system. Yes so that that that's a that's a very hard thing to faced. You know when it comes to rebuilding is if you don't have the prospects nobody's going Q. You know give you anything good for that you can't its value compiled by them they do trade. And suddenly got there. That adds up to one great prospect as a lottery ticket. You know I've I'm not. Has up on the giants' system as a pick up right B list it was some of the achieved at this point in time but I know that historically. The last few years and hasn't been one that's impressed a lot of value raiders. Yeah I got to tell you there's there's there's is some crazy numbers going out there about what some guys could sign four and then especially when you start thinking about. The future when he talked about harper and the shadow with the notable free agents left who would be the one guy or the couple guys you look back on Yunel. I would really like to have this guy on my team meal think they'll come off aboard soon. I've had you know what there look when I look at starting pitcher still like Yu Darvish. Obviously that wasn't what happened in the World Series for the Dodgers wasn't great but. You know we have every reason to believe that he was tipping his pitches which seems like a realist relatively minor problem to solve. Compared you. You know it's if we're talking about her arm injury here are his stock looks great down the stretch for the Dodgers. That's the guy who I think I would go. You know towards the top of the market as far as starting pitching. You know quality innings try to there's stuff I've done way areas of Eric Hosmer and NG eighty Martinez spurts. For different reasons but. You know I think that. It's it's it's a tough market to find big bat but does. Neck sweater. Would all be the big big big money going well I think will receive some teams still really try understanding this what turned in hopes so far. Going after states much Machado and and harper. Do you really think like. There may be a 400 million dollar contract out there for one of these guys. Tight spot hurt had you know it's gonna kick and create the structure and I think to get to 400 union law he did you know you're gonna have. A long term deal that probably have some opt out. You know me not as solid structured like the stand more than. But to get to 400 it's not like you discuss your paper. Took six here 400 million dollar deal. I mean that's you know let's start. I mean you're you're you're talking about you know like if somebody can who's gonna go at a ten year deal at forty million dollars a year I don't think so that's so far above. What we've seen in the market that's not gonna happen that way. You know I think it's probably going to be you know five years and an opt out of four years and opt out or something like that. I have a hard times Newton. Thinking that we're gonna get that happened that I have to. You know you probably what most crime with most contracts the way this works as UC. You are raised the average annual value or raising the total amount. You rarely see both. Unless it's like you know something crazy like this stand contract which was. Obviously. Something that that. You know what it was when it was created it was something that Jeffrey Loria knew he would never be around cheap do you look at consequences on. Let's end on this and I know you've been writing about the baseball hall of fame and you have. And our club there right now on SI dot com about Manny Ramirez you know before Manny Ramirez failed steroid tests. He was known arguably as one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time. Where do you think we are heading into 2018. With the steroid era guys on the ballot. Well I think you know bonds and Clemens Ers are are trending towards election even with the Joseph Morgan letter. They got about 50%. I don't think we'll see anybody else from from that group. In the hall there any times soon and I think even those guys are probably still years away here. Yeah they would they were. Not to be treated to 4% last year and then you know there's a lot of guys they had them on the ballot here. And I think we're going to be going first let you know Manny Ramirez got about 43 point 4% last year I think he doesn't doubt the single digits. Mark McGwire is in the in the our committee process now those guys are getting and any time soon. You know we'll see what happens after their bonds and Clemens gave navy to assure. You will be announced softening of attitude so for May get in the usual deposit task. Bonds and Clemens pick they don't have those tests their actions speak before. You know MLB had testing. In addition to see what Alex Rodriguez gets on the ballot that's what he's what he's involved but. Socially I think what little ways away from that. Jay always appreciate the time have a great holiday and we'll talk to in 2000 maintained. Are our. Days on the best in the business no doubt about it in this ballot is interesting. So he had Trevor Hoffman you think is gonna go into Ziad 74%. Last year the great closer he was up percent because that being. 1% off. They'll be. Vladimir Guerrero got 71 point seven I think is good chance he gets ten. After that Edgar Martinez of 58 point six. Clemens F 54 point one bonds at 53 point eight Canadians go down and annex they get the first timers. Chipper Jones is getting now when. Jim Tomei is gonna get Dan. I don't like ten. Hatoyama on me just a few members. 612. Home runs. 1699. RBIs eight career 956. So PSC. He's been 500 and a thousand used to be a lock. The Alley 600. I think he gets and first ballot Omar. All the skill there's a lot of buzz around Nomar. How is he not in town come on. Great defender from voting season first ballot that. I don't get creative don't I'm hears about what I am I don't have a vote but so I can ask. ID if you're off and we're also read I hate that we can't have India's first that that is recent record unions. Where you on the steroid guys because there's they're now under and he got Sammy Sosa a U guides. Raphael Palmeiro. He's got McGwire McGwire is now on the veterans committee Betemit got Pontiac Clemens you got more guys get all these guys come and A-Rod sky yellow these guys. To meet. The problem is. Major League Baseball does not run the Baseball Hall of Fame the Baseball Hall of Fame as a museum that is independent of Major League Baseball correct but. What they dead. Further Pete Rose deal was. They made their rule well he'd been banned from baseball he can't be on the ballot that was their own rules. And didn't they have somebody recently send out an email who was still don't wore you down right so there's another connection they're not totally independent at all but technically mayor independent okay they work hand in hand. Maybe talk or that they are independent on the game but Cooperstown is a museum of the history of baseball correct that is a fact so you cannot just pretend that no matter how long Simoni the area is you can't pretend that Erin didn't exist I didn't part of the history. The port in the hall of fame mr. recognize the best players in every era of baseball's history there ago. Steroid era guys the best once they get them. Oh yeah that's just me. I don't know if this is going to be a good analogy. But it was like if you had to move. A World War II. Museum. And the goal three. The that held that war is was not presented. It was just all the Americans on an eye out. All the death and Europe all the death and the Pacific on both sides analogy works for me bright EV EU EUE. Eight years have pictures of those soldiers coming home and end everybody's hugging and we wall. On then tries all it be all right tape parades he women there's there's so many people lost their lives whether it was people who were fighting the people who were in assent. Women and children I mean. War is hell. And be like going to a World War II museum more or a Vietnam museum and not telling the. Truth I agree without a 100% I do think it's a good amount then you can just scrubbed. Anything from history and they're trying to do I don't know exactly you know people are trying to do that they're not my people. They wouldn't allow me in their club the voting. It's now been expanded slightly. But when I was first working for Despite the fact. That I covered more baseball games and season and any member of the baseball writers association of America. We covered all 162. For two consecutive years every beat writer for Covered a 162 and not a single member of the BB WA eight. Which comprised a 100% of the voting populace. At the time could say that. We weren't allowed to be in their club which meant we couldn't vote for post season awards or hall of fame. Because we worked on the Internet because we worked for Major League Baseball therefore we were seen as too close to the situation. Potentially. I'm. Our objective he had been compromised. A bunch of crap. It was them not understanding the Internet there are being too much debate. I don't know if pretty provincial the right word but certainly elitist. Tony you have people that attend. Ten games a year. Voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame because they're columnist and had been members of the BB WA for ten consecutive years that was. But that was basically the criteria for having a hall of fame vote. So some people may not know this but recently they kicked a bunch of people out. There were there were quite a few people who haven't who hadn't covered baseball professionally. In years right who's still had a vote. I'm not trying to be rude I'm not trying to make any enemies. When when this when it comes time for voting. And through the years. You see in our papers. Certain people in the Bay Area who have votes it's it's a joke and I'm not trying to be mean but some of the UN actually zero. Right to have a vote. There's so many people who Kyle who do not cover baseball that they act like they cover baseball and it's time to vote. Cool I know have votes. And I will never seen him over no plan. The only time they'll come order Oakland's when the giants played there Greg how in the hell. Can you have a hall of fame vote if you never show up to the coliseum. To see the American League players are gonna vote I agree hundreds so. Disrespectful. And then your air Gant when you when you start writing in the paper about your thoughts of who should and who shouldn't. You don't show up you don't do your job and it's hard for me to believe. Take me out of it. How does somebody like I'll just a couple names action. How does somebody like I don't know John Miller. Can call or act. People who cover the game brought how does Vin Scully not have a hall of fame vote. Seem bad loan back in the day. When they started doing this kind of stuff. There was did you did no television. Radio is still old infant seeing so everything was about the writers that's how they got the gig right. But now that we live and though we live in this war and a world this world we live then. With broadcasters. On radio and television coverage this game or at the ballpark every single day I tell yeah. Nobody in this market from a baseball standpoint works harder than Vince could turning. Nobody agree this chance does his homework. Then studies. Vince is all over the ballpark talking to scouts talking to the other team. I mean jeez somebody that should have a hall of fame vote. Advanced baseball that's why he's a weekly guest on inside the bigs when we do inside the Beijing here's another one for a town here's my role. That would address the issue of writers having their own individual agendas. In relation to the quote unquote first ballot hall of Famer which drives me bananas. Or. Jesus she did favors wasn't unanimous that nobody should be unanimous right there's still never Benny unanimous hall of Famer that Rickey Henderson but somebody didn't vote for Rickey Henderson pisses me off. OK so. Here's my role one million score out Frans how sheets appears low rule that would take care that shouting and it's not crazy. Like veteran guys like my idol Bruce Jenkins I bounces off him he's all for. If you have a hall of fame vote. And somebody gets voted into the hall of fame with 90%. Or more. And you didn't vote for them. You never get a vote again because you clearly had an individual agenda you did not identify you can do your job your only job. It's too when you see your name on the ballot. If she is a hall of Famer in your mind you have to vote formed right now that's all your job is you identify hall of famers. If you don't vote for a guy that 90%. Of your peers voted for. They knew either don't know what a hall of Famer is or you have first ballot and or unanimous stalking your crop and you don't belong you lose your vote. What do you think of that. I'm Thailand. I had been more and more people need to be involved in the process more people who actually go to games. And are in club houses and covering the games and and talking to the players watching the players understanding the players. In I think of one guy you can say Babe Ruth did you go that that that class of Ty Cobb Walter Johnson that first class. You can bring up Willie Mays. I mean changers somebody in Beaufort anger he junior and I really. The one guy that I think yes and Rickey Henderson is that they're too. But I think of one guy. It's about a guy who is who should who. Being clean. Hit the most home runs of all time. He has the most RBIs of all time. And one thing a lot of people don't know. Hank Aaron is third all time and hits right others come to know that until you reported that he's number one he should be number one in home runs. He's number one and RBIs and thirty it's think about the power. And all the runs it and only. Rose and Cobb have more basis. And he was a terrific outfielder with a rifle arm now you asked. How PG and when he played in the post season he was dominant. That's why this is something that Fries me is this post season award that they're given Willie Mays now. My name's not in the post season. He was bad right. Might go look at the numbers are not good like I could not believe that like Adam all the people. Like breaking it didn't make it to Ricky Henderson a war I mean if you wanna give it to someone. Of color to it as someone who has a dominant player in the post season. In how you are given and hey gambles that pay eight K Karen wore out the Yankees in the World Series back in the day. Let. How would how you don't vote for Hank Aaron is is beyond me. Did Willie Mays have good all star remembers you know enough to tell us play they all played in like eighteen of yeah I mean who was it. Somebody said it may have been Hank Aaron and that ball stream was made for Willie Mays. But I think I thought it was users told me his numbers are starting with a great. I never checked and checked his coat and I got as others post season for you hear Willie Mays in the post season. Hard to believe. This is really hard to believe Willie Mays and the post season. And 25 games only and one home run. While and remember how they always talk about Willie Mays. And it's the the only good at series he had was when he was 42 with the Mets. Yep you are old Willie Mays Willie Mays is OPS in the World Series in 25 games was 660. He's like 88 book you know we talked about war the ease of below average player. In the post season. Who's in BP the all star game named after 'cause I just pulled out police all star stats and they were good he batted over 300 and pointing All Star Games. 44 games. Yet like him in any parent in new usual in their plated two all star game the US sixty certain I'm 196061. 62. And 159. Willie played into All Star Games a year I Willie Mays won the greatest players of all time a question but in the post season he was not bright. So the numbers the numbers the all star game MVP there Willie Mays award not the post season. Yeah the good fine how you think this way. You wanna name a post season a World Series of post season award after somebody. Member of the guy named mr. October. The guy that didn't have a Bennett Jackson the post season. Why not add a means. Z Reggie he's an interesting guy and maybe so arguably need to be deemed to be tough to deal with oh my god name after Reggie Jackson. He's mr. October I'm within. If you'll support my hall of fame announcer Carolina also report endorsed me Reggie Jackson in the post season my guy and Oakland New York amounts. Image some people forget about what he did his name now one of the series he was heard but Reggie Jackson was a great player for the Oakland here swells from Baltimore. There's only there I think we only a one year son Annan and that's a look at but bridge was a beast. Translated three home runs along and our free trade tensions. Mr. October you can actually. Man how I'm at my name one after Jeter. Right maybe it's too soon since Jeter's just left the game but yeah he's finally some signs coming up from the fear turned at that. Yeah the post season orders for the willingness. Lincecum won that or you're correct. This judicious happen in this offset it was during this season. They carted into the Willie Mays award right it just happened. But it but don't ward did exists is it for the MVP of the World Series now it's for the entire postseason. So whoever and Lincecum won that one year. Must have been turned right. Or add to vent cause twelve it was a reliever. News awfully valuable to them how valid that here I always believed. As you know how tough it is we'll get into it you know it. We could to save Tim Lincecum is career problem was he wouldn't listen to us and they Mangini Christmas money. Margin DeAngelo. From Las Vegas is gonna join us coming out there he had something going on a night so. Little late Marco they saw late for him in Vegas here's gained on at 1045 now before we get out and I tell me we've got to get this settled member of the social experiment. I am going to. Be a sports investor for the first time ever. With your help. And I don't mean. DC a. Jimmy you. Blind faith baby your debt your betting. Niners. Over the titans salons I don't care. Under Jimmy G you bend Jimmy Jean took no I ain't gonna. Has to hear him. All right good luck Syria you got me I got you aren't always show I'd I don't know much. Tony five. Your guy take your best though bush is better Berea oh. Start small I'm loan. Boy says see I wrote a book user chicken burrito for bad I mean you're given to employees serial take it. All right it's embryo that although Carney aside a burrito better Carney is there what are the spread what do you have to. You're giving to to Dina. Or they're mean. It means Dino goes into the game leading to not okay niners into in my field all. Niners need to win by more than two point Robbie Gould baby probably golden Jimmy GR a and hold together and could not. Lose games and and a hell and still went oh playing gambling wait and wait I had heard that before bats off gambling you can now bets on. I don't know winning a Brito war that. City she aid model that. Spark an appetite that leads to a problem remember I am an addictive personality Tim yes you do. And you voiced that concern Tuesday much respect for that thank you I'm trying to protect you kind of trying to protection deals not. He knows me now. Lol. I like that I so. I was super impressed and twelve. By Tim Lincecum. Because starters. Are such creatures of habit. And starters. I can't show pony that needs the locker around the track and needs the last. There Brian thank god that's well fast starters I got to play long toss I gotta run polls but you weren't that starter mean there was I. I was well. I was a starter in high school. And then college. I became a reliever and here. And it wasn't so my senior year that I had to become a starter again. I was never starter again houses spots are so all the sudden it I it was like a way to mammy I was used to edit I came in through as far as I could no side you can't do as a starter. It takes time to lengthy yourself back out but. That thing about Lincecum. Was. Like not locked down their collect four pitches and he's ready to go. And he came in any was very. Do we hasn't Kennedy was well he Ian Ian Randy NFL knows what Brandon Mosley does with marijuana and then MLB and Lincecum. The thing about the thing about that that guy come in and where it works for him you can be effectively wild. You can. And if he's just common and Stalin on fastball. Whether he's gonna go these guys feeling the curveball that day. Red Bull can split change is any guide or silliness slider. He just UGU is coming in hell on wheels for an inning or two bright and he can get loose so fast. And that's why I've been talking about debt. That guy that comes in now in the fifth sixth possibly the seventh. Is becoming we every single years disguise values going up and we decide the winner meetings. That you guys guys. Derek didn't you know contracts for two years fifteen million they're not closers how they're not in the eighth inning guy. And there didn't guaranteed money because they're gonna pitch in the sixth in the seventh there's still high leverage innings he would have been really good that. Agreed why didn't the giants NBA's jump on that market this off season wobble why didn't the angels who had him bear. They still want to make him a starter I wasn't that his call though wasn't he the one fighting that. I think it was. Hey your right I mean had we been able to get all the then maybe we can shake some sense you know my extended his current weakness sat down on them. It's easier talks and ask someone. Save body. I'll say Timmy Jennings got a couple mugs Medina a zoo. Now come and talk about extending that. Career your horse. Is he can still be pitch in and you can still be collect and really find Shaq can. And you know what once he got his groove going. And got his confidence back may be every once a while he could be a spot starter and give he had three or four innings. But he could still be pitching today the free could still be pitching. If he was in that role. That now is becoming a very important role he did it he did it in the most important time he did in the post season. Is incredibly good an incredibly valuable to that title king. That aspect of his career even my giants fans kind of gets forgotten. They don't win that title without him come out of the bullpen that there. Oh well it was a roll ZLAZ. Is great Zito can't do that you never know such are the biggest slave to routine. That I have seen in 25 years covering Major League Baseball never seen somebody so way to do his routine. And that that was a very good thing for him at work but it made him absolutely unusable as a reliever. That's why a when you've seen. Ellie first you think about the Diamondbacks. And you think about Randy Johnson coming out of the bullpen. Against the Yankees. He is game six comes bagged game seven supreme right and you figure of Madison bum garner in game seven when those doors open up I mean. Those guys that kind of mentality. If there's very few guys like that ill bunch of different guys real like oh my god it. It's so for ended down how many dorks in the front office these days wouldn't allowed to happen almighty god he's gonna explode. He threw. If not. Hundred pitches. Four days ago we can't let him back out there. Discussing trying to get me going guarantee that what was the other one Brandon Knight. The Boston Red Sox. We're last in home runs in the American League. Playing at Fenway Park that's lurks when was the last time the Boston Red Sox finish last in the American League in home runs. You have that answer I do have the answer. I'm seeing and. We hear they trade Beirut. I was in the Taiwanese. Here. After they traded Beirut. To York good I don't know I don't know what he asked I. Well well let me let me see dammit. You maybe call your ear in any you're in the you're in the air I have an honor roll back parents you have then you are just you're like a witch. OK Babe Ruth. Now maybe too much credit for Ruth was traded in 1919. Shame on you as 1930. Was the last time the Red Sox finished dead last two home runs America liked in that ballpark which should never happen Ly eight. It's unbelievable what that 2017. Giants now ballpark and they don't come the last of him personally but the crazy thing is the difference between the giants being in last place and home runs stay finished sixty foreign 98. Red Sox finish last in home runs and they're 93 in 69. But that head butt. 'cause they can pitch in making dia and they can generate your lungs spanning a multitude of fashions the giants could do not have those facts. Isaiah. Hope. That's all Gergen they're factoring. Wait too much hope into the season. They better have Bobby Evans better get busy. As they are nothing none of the winner readings. Except the hope hopefully ground work saying would Billie Jean and David forced hopefully they got a bunch of ground work laid. It is at least have a history of coming home from the winter meetings and quickly getting things done based on the work they did at the winter meetings. But the giants got to gang holes to fill still. Still. Is time to make little money or heading to Las Vegas. Where we Clinton are. Racks as you like to say where you put your racks this weekend we're gonna find out. Well joining us on the Chris towns and show what Michael Irvin tonight we have our man from sin city. When I had a sand I think DiMarco De'Angelo wager talked dot com Obama following him. On Twitter ad market when they use happy holidays Marco nothing screams Santa Claus and Christmas. Light sin city. No doubt that a birdie Chris you know we got a hockey team here in very different. Last night by eight penguins aren't allowed I'd never seen so much black and white. Allegedly blocking grow up and down the strip. We invaded and took over very good unfortunately the penguins did not win. Move. Hockey in May uses says that still doesn't seem right I hate it's christmastime. Why I can't say Martell I got boxes common in my front door like you would have only these two K I need so I need some money. Wolf you're reaching for the Mets have. Now why I bought her new fence that's when she got to put the ball on the new fence Merry Christmas stainless steel mixing bowl here Marco. How. Could this nationalism he's. Weren't we need just a rubber band victory hey it was an expensive bad man it was three sided. I hope. Controlled sucked sucked up to let me keep you all period. I don't know that the storms did in my fans and I've finally makes it so. Let's just say it was north of three K. Our clearly we need a rubber band yes we need a rubber band game. We felt we shall try to delivered its gonna be a painful one. Oh no you're not. Are now your night would be an area where you go on Sunday Night Football. Our our don't know I didn't say real painful painful for me up people. Remove all your own newly OK well let's hear New England of course we don't know Marco is from Pittsburgh huge steeler fan he's a seasoned take an older. For the Pittsburgh Steelers woody gap. Everybody that I love poly Yelp Twitter everybody jumps on after the game what's wrong with Tom Brady. Now we see the forty year old Tom Brady wasn't. Sporting blast would do when he was built robot style brawl over the wiped. That they met left and on Monday night Ford knowing what it all comes down to Sunday in Heinz Field. Didn't matter win or lose Pittsburgh or New England last week for games were meaningless it's what happens this week. Because the winner of this game. Has home field advantage. I would look tiebreaker all of that stuff and you're gonna see the patriots coming due Heinz Field and unfortunately for me. It is steeler fan do what they do to meet every single year this time of the year just wrecked all my hopes and dreams. Because Tom ballot check owns. Terror attack Bill Belichick opens on Broadway and so all he ought coaches on every single pine crest he spread the field. All with the offense which negates. The Steelers being able to do their blitz packages open afford five receiver set out there in. Dropped just owned the Steelers. I have New England went in this game you saw a taste of what the rest of this season's going to be for the Steelers last week when they played Baltimore. Joseph Flacco who's not had a good year are statistically was put up big numbers in that game. The Steelers defense. It was hard when Joseph Hayden went out with a secondary about a month five weeks ago. Why would they watched Ryan Shay easier he was a quarterback in the nucleus of this defense. Our teams are gonna be able to move the football on steel wish for the Steelers to win. They have to outscored their opponents very often get have to carry the load and I just don't see them being able. To get enough done against New England this week thankfully the war going knowing what could be my Steelers got to win by seven. I'm not going to be happy Sunday night but he. On the bright side marker of the fact that your able to separate your phantom here underscores your credible professionalism so kudos to you what else you got. I ordered to go work well like. Big game laden. Saturday night guys are gonna try to get through this segment without calling the chargers San Diego the and try to do so weak markets and how. They get their big chargers. This kind of routine that if we have been talking about this and we can pick and say hey guys we give to our. The bird. It's a deep we're going to be talking about that chargers in the keys. For the AFC west title. You're thought I was not don't make our own borders are beaten Kansas City was fired as well. And these were too much chips go on opposite directions aboard the chargers have turned things around eleven and two cents or two losses came against. Doing what are on the road by eight in a game it was really closer than the final score. And then they lose by three jacket and go in if you walked. New England and Jacksonville they just happened to be channel of the three best teams record what I can be ASE. Everybody was in total freefall we got the ship waited last week against the raiders. Now I know it was the raiders and raiders got their own problems. What I did take from that game last week and I think it's a key about the Kansas City Chiefs and it's worth the buy side. Is apt to grab them this week they re emergence of the running game 465. Yards rushing last week. It's the beginning of the season in Kansas City was all of off all the wins it would be one in game that got the offense going to set everything up. Alex Smith was able to do a lot out of play action that would spread the field. While the chargers come in here without hurting ocean wind. What can defense would allow and four point seven yards per carry. I look for. Kansas City to get the job done out hope. They controlled around destiny we talked about it last week when they played the raiders as bad as everything you've been for the chiefs. Always had to do was take care of business in this final four weeks because they had Oakland and all last week. Did charters are home this week. And then a big play Miami and Denver to close it out. Our way. The cheeks in air ahead on a Saturday night packed crowd is going to be jacked up won't go ahead take Kansas City for play number two. Well that is the case then the raiders are officially done. They are officially that I do think it's not one of my official pick a guy but I will throw in real quick I can fake the raiders have a shot on Sunday night. This is basically social Super Bowl are playing this standalone game if you look. One of the best games they played good speed and offensively was the first inning night game and it's very similar. You're playing on Sunday night that they can't get themselves into the playoffs at least they can put a nail in the coffin for somebody else. Dallas don't get excited about the last two weeks their win big benefited by playing two bad teams. They were tied ten to add late in the third quarter with the giants last week before that game turned into authority to have a well. Sick nothing in turnover ratio for the cowboys the last two weeks that'll make any he looked good. Raiders have a chance on Sunday night I played the game I would be on the leaders. Marco De'Angelo from wager Todd dot com now also fall onto that are at marked on Vegas joins us here on the Crist thousand show what do you see Levi stadium between the times and the niners. Our guys look like reprise her round. All of them betting circles but I hate what work struck out to your biggest. Are they likely can't resist cocaine beat excitement that a lot lol here's block to the Bay Area. The team is yeah I don't have to tell you that you know what they're doing they love I'd Jimmy Iraq War. I haven't played anybody yet guys look let's not get too excited about it but it seemed corporation this week in Canada eight. Page shot themselves in the foot bad last week in Arizona. If I played the game I would take hampered Cisco but I'll. Just not sold like everybody else leadership on Jimmy G. Look how they feel about the vikings they kind of snuck up on me I mean I I don't pay a whole lot of attention that division. As it is about ten that's a good football team what are you looking after them this week. I've got quite a team there at Cincinnati did just. Melded it last week we were all over the bears last week. Offer big play for clients because Cincinnati. We're coming off that Monday night war against the Steelers in which it was received good. They came up short at the end Pittsburgh rallied from a seventeen point deficit to defeat depth. And for Mark Lewis unfortunately team quit autumn last would they were complete no show I could not back Cincinnati. But there's just too many point out to take Minnesota a Minnesota just have to get through this game would. And even though it's. Not get a matter as far as Minnesota goes for the division. They got a big game next week dead Green Bay you know that Aaron Rodgers is gonna come in Marion team's going to be fired up because of this supposed good. Cheap shot he took that broke his collarbone. From case asking them I'm a big in my offensive line about the dinner next week before that game to make sure they protect because. Scream they might be common for him. We have the biggest game of the year tomorrow. The biggest game of the year ever ever. What about on the Troy you know taxes I've waited all year. I hope your sideline reporter for red yeah. I got a really good on the line with your call install if I was in New Orleans tonight there's no way I'd be Alicia opened 10 AM for me out to work for a sideline game. How can that threat that we might want to know a lot of big games on my card for this week to adopt a whole lot look at what about a dilemma. Thirty western Kentucky and Georgia say. And the AutoNation incurable. How many tickets do you bankers all good people. He knows he's our go to that school all or have eight. And nephew cousin playing in that game. Actually articulate. The same members the line I'll give you I'll give up I'll give you a hundred bucks if you can name the stadium they're playing the automation curable and Lauren London. Yeah they're they're playing in the Camping World stadium in Orlando Florida unbelievable yeah. All and I carried that are. Are going to be glued to do you. Air force. Good luck sir we're going to get him this weekend Genoa. I'm gonna have my money on New England. But you know this is one of those ones where I don't look a little bit of emotional rebate if I lose that bet. At least twelve no I could really go to don't even actually call me or look me up into New England wins by one. I. Seattle. We develop new or pick it would knowing what my is very well beat the Steelers I'll Ludwick doubted it forget about it. Merely goes Steelers. Here we go that's Smart cards strong hold you recognize Spybot got an extra weight. Aren't right enjoy Rory dead Martel is the best closer in big games is a big games and hopefully. We'll Siena on Sunday out of the coliseum raider football what are we our our left 330 on Sunday I think generators opening drive myself of bill Ron Brownstein Marco believes in the readers this raid is. Well the raiders went on Sunday night and we'll Jimmy G beating good football team down Levi's stadium. We'll find out and then we'll be back you and I'll be back together on Tuesday that he would have for the Chris towns and show everybody have a great weekend fox Sports Radio taken the wrestle away.