Chris Townsend Show Hour 1

The Chris Townsend Show
Friday, January 12th

In the first hour of the Chris Townsend show, Towny talked to Marco D'Angelo about the upcoming games in the NFL Divisional Round and also talked about the history of collusion in MLB. 


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Like seven. DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. This is a risk towns Michelle yeah I'm not like seven. Very very excited. And one of the reasons why the great Tim Roy gave me in new drop tonight. As used to argue about an old school dance on the broadcast. All you millennial he told optimal O'Neal's. And that's all I work with here at night as millennia thousand barrels they get there and all you millennial. Get a bigger guy. We're gonna head to Vegas coming up here at 92 when he market De'Angelo we got four football games this weekend we're gonna tell you how to sports and vast. Or make a little money. Senator days a little light on money after Christmas. Weary and make you little money market deanza will be here at nine to any Eddie Pascal my buddy from the raiders covers the raiders. For raiders dot com also silver and black show he's gonna join as attend Lonnie Roxy Bernstein. Is landing around 945. Down at LA axis got a little play by play this weekend so we'll give him some time also in the 10 o'clock hour. Is it breaking yes this is breaking news. Ice just different different parts of the world it's the way it ends up. I first of all. I'm not Ken Downing. Smoking marijuana. I'm not. I'm just saying and if you have marijuana on mule and the California. And the Bay Area. The rules are different. Than if you're in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Whole different ball game. Rubin Foster. Who dropped in the draft of the San Francisco 49ers who the raiders didn't pick. Really came on at the end of the year. You is the NFL's defensive rookie of the month in November. Has been arrested in Tuscaloosa. Charged with second degree possession of marijuana. Once again I'm not in owning any thing. It's just when you're down there verses out here. I don't know how the 49ers are gonna handle it I don't know how the NFL's get a handle it it's just it's it's a hole. It's a whole different ball game. And having friends or police officers here in the Bay Area and multiple police departments. India Merrill I mean it's you know you gotta have like an ounce on Uga Uga had a haven't tents is now. And now let's get right at some day I really don't wanna get into because I don't want people get mad at me but the reality is BS marijuana on you're not interested. Now here in Tuscaloosa Alabama it's a whole different deal. And then how is this gonna work with the NFL it is on to get arrested they have to get involve the 49ers got to get involved. This is not how you want to start your offseason because your offseason. Has been kick ass so far. You've been looking at an off season or your so excited. About where this team is gonna go Jimmy drop low you get Ken Norton junior back who was a star player for the 49ers back in the day. You may not love him as a defense of coordinator. With the Oakland Raiders that you don't love measure linebacker coach working with this kid. I don't wanna make light of it. But you know we have reported he has been arrested. So I looked out out when exactly second degree possession of marijuana ads. Does it's I mean it's crazy. I walking in here from my parking garage. To where we are in and we're still on the old studio have moved to the news studios yet. People locked on the Streets of San Francisco just. Blown tree everywhere. I mean and they're not Nolan tight knit the thirsty bear. Is a is a bar that we like to go to. People come right out of thirsty bear in light up right there right there Lola street write me and Nolan says a word no on cares and please I mean it's just. You go to different parts of the world and it's not like California. It's not like the Bay Area now like the West Coast. Tuscaloosa Alabama still the deep south. And they still fuel marijuana. We. Differently than we do and their laws are different. So we'll see how this is going to play out for. Rubin fosters this is not something Los seeks I don't know kind of protocol will now get in with the NFL. With the 49ers are gonna do about it we'll find out more probably next week. A man. And it's this. I heard this story. So there's a special therapist. Here in the Bay Area. That has this technique. That helps rejuvenate muscle. Very quickly. And there they're tends to be certain NFL players. That will come here in the off season. And I'll say Denver Broncos. Who came and had a house. And and it tell you who's the Broncos where. I just they were tight. Couple who were high profile. And the doc would show a lot to do his. Whatever he does to help rejuvenate. People's bodies. Supposing this guys is phenomenal his style whatever is phenomenal. And when you show up there as there is a lot of marijuana. Now obviously once again here in the Bay Area it's a whole different deal than it is and other places. And that's what's gonna get really really tricky. As we go lawn. And states start allowing it and starts to be legal and if you have a card and if he gets something from a doctor Eric how was the NFL going to police sense. Federal law vs state law. 'cause the tube. Let's say that the toothpaste. Is out of the tube. You're not put the toothpaste back in the two. It's just going to crawl. Because people I you know states peeler has her figured out how to tax it how it makes more money for the state aid to comes down to dollars and cents. At some point we're gonna see sports gambling to. Remember back in the day folks alcohol was illegal. As our work now. As we hear it as as were early in 2018. I mean what do you think we're gonna see in the next five years. I'm just I'm not gonna mention the kids' names here but the it you can go down the street here in San Francisco ami was a regular street the dispensary you go right down the street. And and kids. We all say 957 to gain kids. But these other radio stations that now or not a part of us those guys are able to get it like it's not the they argue they just go to street. In Tuscaloosa Alabama I'd never been to rule but I have been to the Sao. And I have been to these college town. As different I've been in Norman Oklahoma amended to different sooner games. I've been dead Baton Rouge to an LSU game. And those caps got nothing to do the police college students. Are not like big chance on like you know San Jose state or I went and you know campus police. They're dealing with crime that's around this campus in the tenth largest city. In the country. Here in Tuscaloosa Alabama. You are big Friday night is breaking up frat parties. Your Saturday night is breaking up house parties. There's not a whole lot to do. 1000 Norah you go to Norman Oklahoma. Here's one right here and so Oklahoma City. They made it seem like this is just it's small town they made it seem. Like. University of Oklahoma was like half it was always a lawyer it's far it was like fifteen minutes south of Oklahoma City and you get off one exit. And law on road goes into town. One road in one road out that's it. Fabulous barbecue place so we wait until there's a couple college bars. And that's it so what do you say I mean it's that's why. Now has a professional athlete used got to realize. When you go back to your stomping grounds. Embroiled Smith gone back to Missoula Whitley near your stomping grounds. When you go back drink monger mean handed the ish mean you go back. You can be a target. Is your star you're a star player but now we hear even a more high profile guy. When you go back as a professional athlete. And you have that kind of money and people watch on television. Is this and so many different ways you can be a target. And you can't act like you didn't college. You just can't. Second degree possession of marijuana for personal use is only a class a misdemeanor. Highest misdemeanor and Alabama seats all different. And yet. Can get you between one and ten years in prison. And up to 8151000. Dollar fine. Yeah that's not good for Ruben Foster. I'm but obviously with the kind of money that he has and he can get lawyers he's going to be okay but we'll see you at the NFL's gonna do or is suited to forty niners are gonna do it's just. He think it's always good to go back home but man sometimes it's just not. It's a whole different ball game once you are a professional athlete and you are a millionaire. I gotta be part in his won the national title. And I wonder. Question is is this Tuscaloosa police. Or this was University of Alabama on campus police there's not a whole lot of details coming out. As you'd think maybe the campus police. Let's get I'm not telling you smoked marijuana I'm not saying I'm an advocate for a beating the campus police got through Foster your good. It not the case we've got four games to talk about. This is it folks forget ready the NFL playoffs it's going to be fantastic. So tomorrow we're gonna have falcons and Eagles and were gonna have titans and patriots. Then on Sunday we're gonna have the jaguars against the Steelers. And the saints against the vikings. You know you think about the saints and vikings. They've already played this year. That's right. Vikings beat New Orleans week one. And then also on Sunday jaguars and Steelers what week was as 1234. Weeks five. Jacksonville. Beat. The Steelers 38 and nine they ran all over. Never Big Ben was questioned whether he should retire a year. It's got to be money. But what I wanna do is I want to make some money. I wanna make you some money. Or head to sin city next get ready. Market handles got to tell us. Where to put our cash on Saturday. And Sunday for the NFL playoffs is a Chris downs and choke on 957. In game. It's anywhere else. And then there's Vegas. Then her house just don't. When you hear that. Do you know Leon mark Dodi Enzo from wager tot dot com. Vegas valmont Twitter add mark Killen Vegas. This is a big big we began NFC. And AFC divisional playoff round. How we don't and I down as sin city marked out. We're doing. Just opened to reap the last week's performance will be very active we ended out. You were less foreign want against the spread last week. 413 and one Libya playoff games in we catch with Georgia got little Dicey at the end with Georgia but we got there with a plus sport. Zag game it's hard to believe. It was great Marco because I was I was I was I was in the barred the warrior game and all the warrior fans. Who stayed all this night to watch the warriors were in watching the college football game and to think about. How Georgia dominated. Early and how bad Alabama lot Sabin makes the call not only on the quarterback. But a bunch of different skilled guys. Much of freshmen and turn that thing around it come backing get the victory. Unbelievable. To I guess teams from Georgia don't. Hold big lead and after talking about it. I know those poor I need it just the look on those people's faces finally. Georgia's back the first time since like Herschel Walker and Vince Dooley end. Not able to bring in palm now how packs. Is Vegas going to be for this weekend for these games because when you get two games on Saturday two games on Sunday absolutely ideal. All it is in this was the big. This is the biggest weeks for conventions and Agassi yet are we just ended today a lot of people and that Spain for the weekend with the football and patent. The sounds crazy of course would. Have golden knights are back in action they had a week off from the hockey they had their break this week in they're back to action more right so that's a great time to be in Vegas. Yeah you're golden knights are a little bit troubled it's not the standings you hear about the united states army has filed a challenge to that. US trademark trial and appeal board on the whole golden knight's name. But like the most idiotic thing though I mean seriously it's like he should. It is being flattery and you know but the team is the black Knight it's the paratroopers that are the golden knights. I just I laugh but what happens but I mean I just got all the merchandise and everything in the team of like the pocket via any gel. And now that would be really bad they can't change main. And next you know it's the Las Vegas faces up against the San Jose Sharks. Belt he gave them the WNBALA. It is yeah yeah. I don't think they're gonna do a lot of heat that's. Nuts. Our first game on Saturday 135. Can't Lincoln Financial Field. In the fighting city of Philadelphia you have eleven and six falcons trying to get back to the Super Bowl. Up against the knicks holes led at Philadelphia Eagles thirteen to three. I've been reading that nick falls during the bye week where it Bakken studied the entire 2013. Season where he threw 27 touchdown passes to two interceptions. How you look in a it's Eagles against falcons. Yet it's the falcons minus three on a road trip this is uncharted water for a number one seed patty and whole underdog that's how much. Of but get respect they have for nick polls in this one. Our our music without him right here with Philadelphia. Two weeks to prepare form and nobody would probably now distract. I mean the giant game the first game we played. Nick waltzes. Thought he threw for 233. Connected on 2438. Defense that got trapped in that game Eli Manning let them ought not be quick game artwork and and a good game for him yelling 1938. But only about 38 passing. Are so we have to improve. They got to shore up that these steps the last couple weeks of the season. The secondary was getting let's. Just the quarter party want his name escapes me right now he was beaten like rented. Mule the last two weeks. If taken at bat I think. They witnessed when you look at the falcons although they are waiting they're not but not a lot of points and down the stretch. That the team the last two week they benefited from five nothing turnover margin. Are up more than scenes and they are section 300 but the greens thick against the spread. I'm getting at I'm going to take. Philadelphia lost the point I can't go against the number one the even though they don't have the quarterback I think he threw one week. General be next week where they have the problem optic only twenty to seventeen. My only question would be is what kind of confidence to the falcons get winning down in Los Angeles. Well you know I'd. Part of what everybody's jumping on the bandwagon because they did apple. The highest scoring offense in the NFL the rams to just thirteen point but as we talked about it last week. Crist. In the quarterback shows begin duel in the play off you you've got to wonder and worry about it last week before quarterback. What are of course pine and do well I think it might too until. But two of them went ahead so that out. Actually three of the warlock. It just the situation where ideas I'm impressed with last week's game is everybody else. Andy is saint nick falls on me a lot is going to be on nick falls but you're going to be at army and you got to like that I. People are trying to somehow all. Now can markets marionette. The way he's been running the football the de drama that supposedly going on. In New England between the owner of the quarterback. And the head coach the article that came out on ESPN Dak common ESPN the magazine. They're saying we stand united in New England. This New England stand united where they have dominated the post season there at Foxboro. Or to the titans actually really have a chance. Well I can tell you this much for sure if the titans are not one to three against the patriot. Good night. If you're going now because Bill Belichick is not Andy Reid he's not taken as upbeat Japanese not what was losing one player. Are you can't blame that battle. Using LC last week are that vicious hit in the head but it is you. Senate seat. I don't see how they moved up at the patriots as bad as the patriot defense was at the beginning of the season they have held. Over the last while opponents Crist to seventeen points or less what the tar out now I know you look at the stat music. Are you can win against the patriots tried running the inspector when you barely half to. Get a lot of the times Duke Team when. When you're not expecting them to those dropped weight against them. And a shot. Right now because they merry merrier what you wanna be with the speed and are going to be prepared incapable. Onions and he's not running before. The way yet some big games last week and you know it was a brilliant play but I don't think they've got another area an area that touchdown pass in the playbook this week. It would build a protective the only thing about the patriot collapsed two's you've been. What the that it came against the spread. If you just that the patriots the last two scenes and Chris Hewitt the first semester. Which which they eat pork. Point seven and eight against the spread last two seasons. Bookmakers here and now they can quote cut by art. Any any you know it's funny look at Brady's year where he had thirty to attach stamina. All the senator may try to act has this whole thing with the Rob Lowe being traded and Brady's age you through 32 touchdowns eight interceptions now. The last few games he struggled down the stretch a little bit six touchdowns to five picks and the final five but look court they work. Other then Miami where they had a bunch of guys hurt and grant didn't play in a game. At buffalo at Pittsburgh buffalo to home New York Jets in Rome wasn't like you displayed in a lot of sunny warm games. No persuaded at that the other actors that a lot of people are overlooking here with this match up. Last week Tennessee was able to shut down Kansas City in the second half. Remember the date in her pocket all the Dick LeBeau defense blah blah blah will remember that defense when he was at sparks got. We're headed by the patriots every single time they met up dropped me right now the spread on board fired why they get. This matches were running backs in not passing routes in of course creates mismatches were dropped. Dick lobos in trouble against the pac. Not the rock has nine touchdown receptions. Are the most in NFL postseason history by a tight end. Yeah I think he has probably capital against the Steelers yeah this is such. Is that he is you know all of thing I was thinking about market Diaz of from wager talked dot com valmont to order at market in Vegas you know thinking about this. So where the quarterback. To Wear the head coach there ages where they are either one when you really think about it neither one. And that their goal on down to gather Marco. That's the way you would think it would the script which ended boat ride off into the sunset together that. Hey you know what we need gap dropped mine when we get to the next game with Pittsburgh without some drama there. Our right jaguars and Steelers the last time they met up was a C 1234. Weeks five in the jaguar airs. They steamrolled the steelers' thirty denied big man had two picks. Take him back for touchdowns Cornet rush for a 181 yards and two TV's. Morals only threw for 95 yards in that game but they still smoke the Steelers. You have bad had a total five interceptions in that game. Couple that were tipped ball not a that is all but built by turnovers that just changed the whole team around. In what I can't amnesty had a bad game is became play out of party they were going against the worst. The worst rushing defenses in the lake that are very good against the past that are horrible instant rock is being shorted up a little bit the second half the season but at the beginning of the year. That was the Achilles heel for the jaguars in yet what went beyond what you're backfield they only rain on the football when he declines in the game. I don't understand yet it is not like they were behind early it was a 76 game an app on all of those turnovers happen in the second half. But you gotta go back and look at mean Chris you know you've heard me talk about me and which games let down spots and everything else would you go back. When he played Jacksonville. That was the week after Pittsburgh just played Baltimore that hey it worked early in the season. Two game lead on the Weytman it was a for them. And they had the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs on deck the next week that was the classic smear which spot look at. Pat the jaguars and Steelers got cock. That won't happen a second time but I was talking about drama Levy on bell why would you do this this week why would you put it out there. They get the Steelers put the franchise tag line mean next season. Are retiring are sitting now football. IE eight. You know I he's. What that back. In the late but I tell you what he he's not the smartest. Night the majority justice this guy the thinking that in the timing is just stupid night. I hope it's not a distraction. And I hope they come out focus but you look at this team like board is he gonna beat the Steelers. You set media have many yards in the first game he had more rushing yards last week that he had op passing yards 8887. You'll also look at the fact that the you're the second half of the season as captains were collecting Mick scored one yeah. Points from war. The second half this season in five of the last seven games the only two games that they did. Was the Monday night game on quote in Cincinnati when they were playing at a pouring rain and in these New England game and only scored one more. The other part of it is you look at it don't you browns retarded kid absent the last two weeks is actually did make. Misty were offense got much better because then got a better replete with the other receivers. The other receivers were in political coverage because they're told you about all we get the double covered. So they were different receivers were getting double covered without Antonio Brown mayor. Any other receivers stepped up. Jews Jews had a great year for the Steelers great rookie receiver in the other guys stepped up I would be rock and be even more potent moving forward. I like Pittsburgh here yet maybe a little bit of a topic Pittsburgh 28 the seventy. You know I'm not gonna come idea. Homer. I'm not because. How do you debt with would would Blake portals remain that I mean that's. You know you're not talking apples to apples when your look and Roethlisberger what he's done in his marvelous career he's going to be a hall of Famer I mean. If portals goes and stinks it up I you're not gonna be shocked. Now I mean that. Situation it is Jacksonville. As your piece tide playing with leak because and make him play conservative you watched game last week. Our game plan wasn't away. The game plan was. A plane just not pollute. They didn't take any chances the next game and that's how you look at that and the greens final score. That was the unions under spied but the guys that took me under that thing that the play all the other game. Any would never got forty and now. By yeah that the Steelers jumped out why he's going to be in trouble forcing the issue would happen ago. It'll throw the football we'll see what happens but. Indicated we should be getting rematch of Pittsburgh knowing. Yeah gas and really the most intriguing game to me I think we have to say the late game on Sunday. It's going to be a solid cancel on forty but it's it's saints. And vikings these two teams hooked up weak line. And the vikings line net at home. Swanee nine at nineteen. This vikings team case Tina lit it up and college prolific. And man has got a shot he's been pretty damn good at going up against Drew Brees. Vikings have that defense the vikings are a team Lotta people are thinking Ken. In help win the Super Bowl and they're going to be client if there in the Super Bowl they're playing at home a US bank stadium. Yeah will be the first time that ever happened with that teams play in our homes state. But nobody is actually played. Well actually if you remember back the dolphins in the 49ers it was played at Stanford. It was quite a corporate which is really a home game but they don't count on it but a. The situation we look at this. It is clean and the gastric OK we talk about until quarter of actions but he couldn't do it in the playoffs you've got to be concerned but the difference with. Plenum. Quarterback that we talked about taste you know it. Can put up numbers we know what mediating conflict it's taken a lot for him to translate that into the NFL but what I like about to clean them. If he's got a big insurance policy he's got eight. Good defense behind. So he's not an outlook perhaps win football games. But he played so well in the second half of the season and I wanna wait when he started playing his best for the vikings this year was when they. God nix the rest of the season on Bradford put Bradford on injured reserve and activated Teddy Bridgewater. In. It for anybody else that would make them but it is probably requires you know activated ready to practicing you know I got this thing go in he did he got better each game. The other part of it is good thing they agree year. You know a lot of people thought they were gonna be improved this year but nobody thought it would be to this level nobody thought the running game was going to be as well as well as with. Ingram and Camaro and that's what changed the whole complexion of the saints team what happened that we can't eat sensibly. Because being a football so actively this year. Biggest change from being a quick strike out there and actually playing time of possession and boom in the book about it methodically. Drew Brees is not ask broke out at 45 times gain you don't have those quick two minute drives any war and then defense is right back out on the field. In. Vastly improved your defense is the block but the old maps what changed at. The fortunes of the saints' defense this year however if you look at the last five weeks. This whining machine of this thing is disappeared. For their last five games they've been under 100 art they played twice they had it in 92. An opportunity that the in 86 Tampa Bay in 92 in white album 41 over the jets would be top hundred yard mark yet. That it changed his speed that we've started is he the defense we did in the last three weeks. Matt Light and threw for 260 war went and threw for 345. In the last week Cam Newton who has not been tapped in the putt well this year. Cooper 306 yards in the biggest. Tell can Sean Payton has concerns about defense was last week with the game on the line. There's two minutes left in the game it's important to in your big deal. If you punt the ball between what you put. Into it would have been the other team. He went fort immediate trust in his defense he wanted to make the first down actually meet no confidence in the defense right now. You gut when that you've got the scoring defense in the league in the vikings. Big lead the league in point a lot they're allowing just three points that particular. Defensively that's gonna slow down things running game. I like Minnesota here the other part is they don't turn the football over and the middle of November they have agree on total turnovers. Three of them. Payment one game that was the Carolina game and that was the power. Three straight road games war Minnesota. I'm going with the vikings 27 the seventeenth last step Loria. Minnesota. Collapsed Tuesday's pivotal to how good. The Patriot Act as a member of vikings are fifteen and war against the spread the last two seasons. Only make a lot of money you and act quickly before we let you go. How has Jon Gruden being named head coach of the raiders changed how Vegas views Oakland and 2008 saint. Well at the excitement. That is the root route and that's what the raiders needed to do this is going to be PL a tough year for the raiders that trend that last transition yearbook for the actually get to update if they need some excitement any need an offensive line. Del Rio did a great job last year. But didn't get it done at all this year the offense was stagnant in it was a guy that it'll at the end of the day. It was a defensive guy. In the offense and defense sucked this year that you guys have not been good need to. I'm excited the group I just hope. Gone from the game to law. We will see our Marco good luck this week and we'll tucked in next weekend championship weekend. Yasser Marca De'Angelo let me give you a little more on drew robberies and that this was pretty. Drew Brees has 7300. Yard games in twelve post season starts. Averaging 326. Point three yards 26 touched manages seven interceptions. Third down baby. Look out for third down because the saints were not great on third down this year. They were just ranked nineteenth. In third down offense where the vikings' third down defense. The best in football since they started tracking this stat in 1990 line. Third down is what's gonna decide this game. Going to be that that's the game that I'm really pumped up for gonna be the saints. And the vikings well there you have it. You wanna win some money he was hot last week or and line against the spread of he can out the national title game. Let it act he likes Eagles. I would have to go Eagles too I just I I can't buy anything that anybody is trying to sell me. On. The titans beat the patriots. If Belichick wanted to actually go live. Jimmy garrote below. Any lost. And I know with Matt Patricia and Josh Daniels is coordinators in that report he's getting his coordinators. He's prepping him to become head coaches. L where Belichick did. He could go to New York do you think he really wants to start all over. At 66 years old to be 66 of for the start next year. Do you think you wanna started. All over again. Obviously. He won two Super Bowls. When he was on Bill Parcells staff went with the New York Giants and has respect for her that franchise. That's a whole different deal. You know you're really sought when Harbaugh left here went to Michigan how Harbaugh had his staff. He had his staff they need built a lot of that staff at Stanford. And some of it was from the US Steve at Stanford and moved it to San Francisco that was his staff that staff had been together for years. And O'Neal went to Michigan he had a completely redo his staff. Easing Belichick wants to go through all that again what what do they have a quarterback you know the Eli Manning. What would you do. You know Brady gonna go we line. The reality is. You're gonna go down with your guy. The two via. You are right it out together. As probably the way it should be. That's a tough decision. As current policy. Will play this a little bit later we had it a little bit last night is a great job by Joseph alone did seven Carmen on. And a and I'm so glad you reminded people 'cause it's like a real pet peeve for me when I hear that Bill Walsh got rid of Montana and the loss to not treatment. The loss as a head coach at Stanford at the time Joseph Montana was traded. He had nets the Walsh was don't want the niners after the 88 season winning the Super Bowl. Unless he was still run and things while he was on the farm which I doubt who Seifert was and coach it's time. And black as I hear I hear that all the time. There is I believe there is a belief some I'm not crazy I hear due out they lawyer has. It got brought up with this whole people comparing this to Montana young to Brady garage below. Just recently people you heard people saying well you aid Bill Walsh Florida Montana. IR. Had nothing to do isn't it absolutely nothing to do. But we will we will hear that right now I want you to think of one thing. I want to think of the number 280. Million. 280. Million that's a lot of money. A lot of money. But it was way more money. Back in 1988. And do we have something going on right now. That reminds us of that 280. Million penalty that happened back in 1988. After the Chris Townsend shelf on 957. Became. Have you been thinking about that number 280 million. Lot of money now. But it was either way bigger in 1988. There is a guy named Peter Huber off. Former San Jose State's Barton. He ran the 1984. Summer Olympics. And what was big about that is that was an Olympic Games that actually made money. As you know the Olympic Games I mean we know exactly. What it does. To these. In these cities to these countries. I mean look here reed army you go back you just just look at the history the Olympics and me it's it's not a moneymaker and populates. It really hurts. But this one and LA. In 84. He made money. The way he ran how weary dated and that's what he is known for and then after that he became the sixth Commissioner of Baseball. Why is that important. Well. There is a rule that. Was collectively bargained. Back in 1968. Between the players union. And Major League Baseball it's this simple. Catch it's I mean this is as simple as it gets. Players shall not act in concert with other players. And club shall not act in concert with the other clubs. Collusion. So Peter Ueberroth. Think and he was the guy. And that he was going to change baseball. As baseball teams started spending money in the eighties free agency. You Barack went to the other owners a way you Kaiser Corey easy what are you doing. You need to stop this. This is not good you're eating up your prospects. Yeah I understand you guys wanna win the World Series. What are you doing. Mean ray Crockett guy that own McDonnell's all the sudden have the Padres small market team asserts that it. He's now he's kitten nettles and he's getting Goose Gossage the end uber awesome looking at all these different owners got Ted Turner's been in my they're like. Are these are really old names Treo because I now have my drop all you millennial the more nails. So uber awesome win around all the owners and told them stopped. You need to stop this. Because you're hurting yourself need this and 85. Needed this in 86. Needed this in 1987. And then he was so bold. He started doing it with the GM's. Yet a crazy crazy story. He was sick to think about the Commissioner of Baseball. Rob Manfred now going to general managers. Of all thirty teams going stop stop big contracts stop long contracts stop big contracts that's crazy don't do it. That's collusion. Seoul the players figured it out. And they went after baseball. An arbitrator Thomas T Roberts ruled in favor of the players and Major League Baseball had to give the players. 280. Million dollars that's in 1988. Lot of money now way more money in 1988. So collusion has happened before. And the only reason why I bring that up is what they held a we have going now. Where five weeks before pitchers and catchers report think about that five weeks. Only 31. Of the 166. Major League Baseball free agents have sign. A look at it as just a number. Eighteen point 6%. We are told a while ago while LA LA GAAP figure out. The show lay out tiny did Japanese Babe Ruth once he signs Elway and there we got to figure out what's gonna happen or Giancarlo Stanton. John Carlos Spanish it's. Where's he gonna ago that's gonna change everything. Okay well. That happened awhile ago. And some people say well maybe it's a week free agent class. Maybe it's a lot these guys are represented by Scott Boris and we know how that goes. Scott Boris is no day at the beach to deal with. And maybe it's a 197. Million dollar luxury tax threshold. Which essentially. Has become. Like a salary cap. Teams don't want to go over especially with some of the big names coming out next year yet some big names can be free agents. When you think about match out O and harper. You wanna be under that luxury tax does assign those guys. For the big boys it's can take you will over the luxury tax of the year under the luxury tax this year air resets forty. Gives you keep going over the luxury tax. You're gonna get popped for draft picks. You're gonna get popped for your international pool money. Would you normally be like towns now care about in national pull money but the international pull money kind of became a big deal. We start talk about guys like Shell Oil tonic. Is there collusion going on now. Basically baseball. Is the right. Almighty god. Alex got just figure this out he's a wizard. He went to sales estate also. 200. And 88 million back in 1988. Would be. Over 600. Million today. Think about that. Wrigley where they had a baby was if they found collusion today and it was the same gap ruling it be over 600 million. Crazy. The sums going on there's no one's been signed. Now a theory. That. I might subscribe to beyond the luxury tax beyond Boris beyond. Not degrees free agent class. This how many of these teams today. Are basically the same. There was a great article recently about the Ivy League taking over baseball. How many you know back in the day it was money ball before money ball it was Branch Rickey in the dodgers'. Let it. Is everybody almost the same. Everybody's everybody has pretty much the same philosophies. Any sport where you have thirty different front offices but all thirty of these front offices. Have all the Smart Smart essence. They have all the Ivy League guys. It's a whole different ball game. Everybody's kind of the same now. Working under the same parameters. Dale like the same things. Nolan likes older expensive players in march of singers as a giant but most teams don't want older expensive guys. They don't wanna pay guy is seven years I don't wanna pay guys when they're at 353637. They don't wanna do it. They all think the same and the reason why don't think there is collusion now if it happens ought to be toll shot now all. But the reason why don't think there is collusion. Is it these guys don't talk with the each other like he could back in those days. Back in those days yet actually pick up the phone. Calls somebody hope they're at the office but they would all get together. And they were all drunks and Europe not all but they held drink a lot. And the it was a it was a different time. Now you have way more employees get way more people in the front office. Charlie Finley basically was is only guy with the case. Charlie Finley. How crazy is this. You read Charlie Finley had his team in the post season. 71 through 75. Won the World Series 727374. Charlie Finley was making all the decisions. And he was doing it from Chicago. Okay that's that's that's. That's what it was like. A different time. Front offices were different now you have number crunchers. These guys. They're using metrics they're not used in the baseball reference metrics they have their they'd they'd there are certain companies out there right now. That. Come up with these new metrics that we really don't know about. That these teams spend a lot of money they buy eighties and then they get these Smart Ivy League guys and these guys take these numbers. And they crunch these numbers and that's how they go find players. Look at the last few teams who won the World Series. Thank about the cubs think about the Astros total rebuild. Scorched earth rebuild. When I got a bunch of young quality guys and then once those young quality guys stepped up. Then they went and spent money then you go get Justin Verlander to help you out. That's their theory. And that's it just wonder are they. Is their collusion on Iran today eight RR or they'll look around going hey guys we got to stop. These 78 year contracts or tell us we need to get more in the range of 34. Or is it just everybody is so much the same Nolan wants to play the game the way they used to and if that's a case. Free agency will never be the same. All I know is this 166. Free agents only 31 have signed. And or five weeks away from pitchers and catchers.