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The Butcher Shop with Covay & Shasky
Thursday, September 13th
The Sharks made a blockbuster trade for Erik Karlsson from the Senators the two time Norris trophy winning defenseman. Is it Stanley Cup or Bust for the Sharks? The A's tough loss in Baltimore and their prospect pool versus the Giants. Dan Miller Play by Play announcer for the Detroit Lions checks in with Towny and Butcher Boy on the Lions vs 49ers. Was the 48-17 loss on MNF a sign of things to come for Detroit?

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And. It's gone and this music. Got a good one free year tonight. Got a lot to get into at 835. Dan Miller is a play by play voice of the we'll talk a little better football Joseph fans senior reporter for the 49ers will join us at 930. We'll have a little Bob nightingale. You've got to hear a little bit edit earlier today in the a's network pregame show will played the entire year. The entire interview for you coming up here around 1015. And then. It was a different guests listen what I ever wrong. Oh I forgot Nick Ferguson is gonna be here. Jesus. Johnny Johnny. Have you done thirsty Thursday. Rob butcher boys let me again tonight Nick Ferguson by the way. Former NFL player played in the same mass secondary to John Legend Denver will break don't football with him at 930 fan that I guess will be at ten at. And then that Jetta. Early games get a stop but it gets this. Sharks. Won. Are you kidding me here adding it to Ty Norris trophy winner here defense and all the players you've got this was a move. Monster or across the monster terrain for the San Jose Sharks who thought you know what church talkies I guess the person a pre season game is October 3. A bushel boy you're gonna need to make it down here to my neck of the what. It gives you some sharks gains because they're going to be one of the favorites Peter bower had this to say which I thought was fantastic. We have a chance to win the Stanley Cup not many teams can say that when the season starts. And a lot of different things go into that. But weren't positioned to do it to do that now and there's no sense not saying it. Love it. County I am hockey illiterate some gonna lean on you and Cole Reese the board up so that you guys can lace meal this year. I think this should be ice yet to release me posit you know what. Hockey. If I I don't claim in a grown up on the frozen ponds in San Diego and then spinning mile. Entire adult life here in San Jose it's not like I've played a lot of hockey but. I can tell you a sport when it's lives. And just the sound isn't hits in that hockey is eight phenomenal sport it's that sport. That unfortunately. Because that we grew up in California. And we didn't get. You've got all these kids who've been playing hockey for years and now I'd kids drafted. In the NHL who who who are from California. Guys like you and me our size we were perfect for hockey it would be angry like I got a couple buddies. Who moved up my one really close friend. I'd Dave Jennings who now lives outside a Detroit. On this kid grew up playing hockey. How people obviously are not huge you know you can beat 59510. And it's a perfect sport for had to go in San Diego and Detroit. Matsuzaka got no grade but don't you it's NEA go to San Jose state. And then and then Wheaton Maryland so he's worked Romero an entire career he loves I mean he he loves the seasons he's got a you know he's one of those guys got a huge house and I'll let you ask great that you're in the bullet that's a thing is like Detroit sucks but everywhere else I guess. Outside a Detroit's beautiful. We have a little update here Lamar Jackson is in this game for the Baltimore Ravens. He's really feel he's in the back. Up he's glad now wide Flacco still the quarterback they are running a designed play. For Lamar Jackson right now the first round draft pick the 32. Overall in the traded back into the first round to acquire him and it's an air mail pass by Flacco. So you made it come down and go to some sharks games take you to come down yet. Once you go yet not yet. Yet you Danner has announced he's got. You get so hooked into it aides is that crowd is Jess intuit. The people down you know where I live that should should I mean charts flags are up year round everybody's got that signs the shark's territory. I mean everybody down here in the south they absolutely loves the San Jose Sharks in the games are. And what's great is you go downtown there's a bunch of places you can have dinner drinks and you walked to the arena. I'll show you butcher boy you've come down I'll show you a good time already the other day. They have a third New Jersey right now I think a different company took on the jerseys in the there are a little different like the stick itself is turquoise repeal I guess technically not turquoise team to my friend I mean you got. Of bells Dean Cain chair and earns an. Market were the last sickening that got so much talent he's still got Jones in between the pipes it's going to be. It's going to be exciting times in you know what there's nothing wrong would have an expectations I was like when teams do that I like what it seems that say this is what we're. The windows open for us now. We're we're here to win now. And that's what Margolis. And that's something I learned from Bill Romanowski. The world announced he always taught me what appeared if your goal and that's what he did like about Del Rio. It is it your goals to win the west well once you accomplish your goal then why. His bill learn coming in from Boston College a year forty niners. Bill learned that. The goal is the super ball. That that that's that's what forty niners play for they play for the Super Bowl and of course still roaming ASCII. Comes rolling in to Santa Clara and he wins you know late in his first two years they won the Super Bowl so bill. They'll thought. Go to the Super Bowl and is totally do every year it it it it period Brian Young bright young first year 94 comes right in from Notre Dame and wins a super long thinks I'm just gonna be back here every year and then it never gets back. I know it's crazy is crazy so very exciting time for the San Jose Sharks that was just a tough loss for the days. Sixteen games laughter plain horrible team in and you lose. On a night re kidding gained a half game on both. The Astros and the New York Yankees you now lose a half game. And now you head I guess they got a YA. I guess a flight pattern is going to be a little different because you got to fly around the storm. Other hurricane hurricane Florence at their head to Tampa. And I really think butcher. That the eighties. And the rays can look at each other in the dugout and you're basically looking and Amir. How so. The organizations are so similar the issues that they have are so similar. Their strengths are so similar. In their own divisions. If the rays and the rays were playing in other divisions. They would probably win their division but the problem is BA is that the Astros. And the rays have the Red Sox and the Yankees. You know I saw stat today Italian I think you might like. Was since 2000 and wander too doesn't to the a's have had eight. Different ninety plus game winning seasons. Eight this should be the ninth if they accomplish they need I think they need one more win correct. To get to ninety. They are at. EEE. 89 and 58. That didn't tens since 2000 something I mean that's pretty darn good I don't think the rays are on that level to be honest with you I know we. Everybody even narratives you know the days are constantly rebuilding. Are they don't want their winning 99. Times in a decade. I get varies credit doorman at the end of the World Series gap and they have exit just like DA's they've turned it. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. Yeah I mean I was you know something that we we we we brought up last night. You know they did and that's gonna be the tenth time today the razor in the postseason in the Billy bean there. So here's the stat Korea only New York Yankees Boston Red Sox in Saint Louis. Have one more night in the game seasons have had more ninety win plus seasons in the Oakland a's since 2000. That's pretty incredible. That's pretty crowd relax that's pretty elite company I know they haven't cashed in in the playoffs but. Mean that tells you that even though they've had some down cycles. They definitely load this thing back up in eighteen years to do it nine times and the giants haven't done that they snuck in as the wild card in even in. Two of the World Series year he couldn't fish know what you could convince me that this team was the best team in baseball they just got hot at the right time. Yeah I mean I mean the giants the giants three World Series. Are such an anomaly it's unbelievable. Brooks Conrad make a black. There's only one guy knows in the lineup for authoring. Buster Posey that's it moon. Yet three different closers three different center fielders. I mean you just go down the line like if you go back in history you look at the teams that won multiple championships. You can go back to the Yankees of the late nineties into 2000. You can go away and to the Toronto Blue Jays won two in a row. You can go to the big red machine won two world the aids at 13 in a row you go way back follows Yankee teams. All those teams had cores of players all played in those World Series yes and when you look at the giants. Yet crazy things like Travis Ishikawa. Cody Ross A you are those scooter now you have all these different rosters might have said. Only one guy pitched it all three massive bomb garner as a starter and only one guy played all three say it it is an anomaly. And he got the rains it's all matters but it is an anomaly. Those giant teams I respect because. They were home. We when you don't make mistakes. And you're used to playing close games and they haven't terrific bullpen. That works in the post season play here and never gonna rate any of those teams. As even close to being one of the great. World Series teams of all time high not even close not in the lead there's such a disconnect between what the giants have done. And which is phenomenal and what the warriors are doing would you agree I mean they're totally different we're talking about the warriors the Golden State Warriors. As one of the greatest. Runs in the history of CMBX whereas the giants I feel like they caught like in a bottle three separate times maybe. 2012 team I think they got off to such a great year but when Melky got popped. Com date. I had a conversation today at the coliseum that I think butcher is absolutely going to love. Right here on ninth by a seven game. And. Turner. It's the crews counts and Shia on 957. Big. Oh yeah Natalie get the butcher boy a list tonight coming appeared 835 Dan Miller and who's a play by play voice of the as. Is it just seemed both these franchises. Are talking about must win and we do. It is a must win for both well yeah. They picked up yet out I was thinking about a from the niner perspective though Tony well I mean I I I gotta think of the true Detroit side to I'll play the Detroit side. Okay. I can't we get to remember other joint practice between the raiders and lions was so good were you there. Okay I so it is really cool by the way is it yeah Abby says. On one field you've got Detroit. Offense going against raider defense. On the other field you got greater offense scored against Detroit. And at school because you're not you know when he got to training camp in nudist. Watching. Basically. You know the same guys. In your own teammates. It gets a gets way more spirited once you bring in somebody out of course new new blood to go up against so on one field you got Derek Karr sling and it the other field he got Matthew Stafford it was it was it was it was a lot of fun but. Now let's talk about how great lives for. We NC greatness from either the lions or from the raiders. In week one every new coach was oh and seven but I wanted to I was thinking about you today. So. We had a little a little pile up for some sponsors over the coliseum today. And I was there with Chris Giles the CEO low. And interviewed him and then. And then now fans got a chance. Sit and ask questions into it and it's funny butchered these guys I mean they're really Smart like they're talking about with the new ballpark. They're trying to think of what what is what's a baseball fan going to be like and want the next morning years nothing about right now. They're thinking about the future as we know the future is lot of people don't want to be tied just to eighty seat where I sit in this seat. We like a roll me like the look around you liked it from bars different places to eat the food trucks have proven that so that we are. Having this conversation before that happen. So interview gruden runner or the coliseum I'm just sit there. And a couple fans come up or talk in and this one guy works wore the Sacramento River cats look at. The Sacramento River cats who are the affiliate the AAA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants and used to BA. Yeah and I think. The Sacramento River cats are realizing they made a big mistake. Because they do not the case. And they wanted to giants. Well. Fired from this guy. Bailey sold out they used to sell like every game and they win it. So like. Their affiliation with the days. Will is. 1999. To 2014. Tagged. This nominee conference. Date they won it they won three titles. He had different ways but it got class titles league titles in 12345. With DA's. Conference titles they're 1234567. With the case. This sell out like every game I guess only three games are sold out to share. And many told me. Yet senate is some look at their tenants and they would be days. I he used to be 11101210111000. They did 1010012345. Straight years. This last year they only had eight. Now and year directly correlating. This success and lack thereof of the giants farm. To their attendance numbers not to do with the population being dramatically different in Sacramento over the last years because. Of the mass exists of a big area of people to Sacramento. To get cheaper homes and things like that like that there's been no big seismic shift. For the Sacramento area in the last I would say five to ten years when you agree. Yeah there's a lot of Bay Area transplants but the thing is. They're not win and needs to win. Another not only NN. And they got bullet the big bad giants and their big fan base and would do them would do them wonders and it's hurt them business wise. And many went on to Tellme and this is where I was thinking vehicle. He says. Anywhere I can't remember his exact title I don't wanna give it up anyway but he was like. They've gotten nothing in the system. The last time yes the I could've told you that. I thought he was gonna sit there and I love them butcher boy it was G Downey need to get him on full time today. Not out organized I. At the they got knocked them. They've got knocked then they lose today. No they didn't lose say because they didn't like silly little bit elicit the off day they weren't favored now well but I'm sure there's at least two or three injuries because you know that's that's usually what happens I. No not even playing you know. Pablo probably had you know a deep Fryer incident at his apartment or something like that Greg I'm definitely sure someone got hurt and somehow. Yes so. The number we every last night 56 games under 500 since the 2016. All star break. They're claiming they wanna win and build the same time with him. And not take from a guy who works for the Sacramento River cats he says there are all they were awful they've been awful. And there's nothing common you know its interest in as I had a conversation with a guy from Fresno Obama. Maybe a month ago and he was talking about how when the giants left Dallas huge bloated. You know down in Fresno because they had supported that teen for such a long time. And I believe the Houston Astros were there I don't know if they're still there but they got to see some good sleep could be baseball. Because the astros' farm system as we know was low it. Yeah absolutely loaded cell looks like the giants a kind of screwed themselves on both fronts not. Yeah ouch I I is when I heard that today I just started laugh and I and I got a year to retire about it last night like. It what do you do like it's like if I wish I could be I shouldn't be in the world I wish I wish I could be in the room and there's Larry bared their spines Zabian there's Bobby Evans. And I I wish I could sit there and all I I'm really curious to see that the planet since they thought that. At that you've got all this money tied up in these guys that can't stay healthy enter in their thirties you've got nothing coming from your minor league system. And you wanna be players in free agency. And you haven't landed a big fish. When it comes a stick since Barry Bonds. Invented. I had nothing to data at a hearing that was. That was about him domino and then bringing these data on to the staff no one ever talks about that one Downey. They put his data onto the staff as being coached in the first base coach. And he was dust these boys like it was more than just coming home it was like. He got full control Dina and I mean like there was so many different parts of their own Paul betterment and you know what Larry Baer deserves. Tons and tons and tons of credit. But Peter McGowan is the forgotten man when we talk about. The giant steam here bringing bonds back building the stadium Peter may gallon deserves tons of could of of respect that's why he was there the bond's retirement ceremony. No question. They Taylor. You know it's it's how this thing all got screwed up. You know when I first moved here to go to college is when they're trying to move to sandals that. Camera so ever just go and an option. Ataturk Tim Clark County bad stadium proposals for Santa Clara County in 1977. They had a stadium proposal for Toronto before the Toronto Blue Jays were an expansion team did you know that. No I did not know that yeah Google it and you could find the old SF chronicle articles about how the giants were gonna move to Toronto and this before the saint Pete stuff in the ninety's and and before they wanted to move to Santa Clair at all that it's. If they were so many different. Blueprints for different stadiums a crowd they work. Seven now I skills against a Tony I'm telling you I would go to candlestick game and hop between nine a dollar. One dollar you can go out and sit in the bleachers one dollar. One dollar. And I can't make this up and you could see it basically anywhere you want it. Now hi I thought I spent a lot of time there for two and one dollar can you believe that it was I'll never forget. It was a Saturday. And that's allows the weekend guy on their flagship station this is really early in my career. And I brought my wife who was then my girlfriend. And so she had to shorts and a tidy up is San Jose lied lied bing team. Our own narrow fourth of July the only place in the united states of them all maybe Seattle but from there it's like the only displays the the fall it's a lot of edits right now is something reasons and Jose. The far you're the fog would roll that's our neighborhood of whatever it is out AM next not having to buyers slapped her. But but but but but I hated that applies is win was it's the most admit it. I I can't say yeah there's a time I looked over because I have to get moments there actually I actually did all of you notice I did the last giants. Post game show ever candlestick against the Dodgers against the Dodgers correct it was a dodger series they had a I think the last game was that it was a big game in the errand that in the end the night before was at the last quote on quote my game and candlestick. Mab the pit are. Asked about the pain in my garage off the show you that picture and yeah Bob sergeant who's now at the nine yeah Larry Kruger myself we did the last giants. I did 49 years I get out kinds of forty niner pre and post game shows there. And I can't say air shall Donna drive by a lot of one look over it's not there I had a message on now I do I miss it all the time and that's when all is not Lisa worst. Three seeing this for I've never ever be in there night. For easing it did suck for baseball buffer full well it was perfect like Tony it was part because October and November the first week it was. Gorgeous out there about eight feet high. I'm it will put this aid that's why they reveals how hot it is Santa Clara. There are niner games that were smoke and glass candlestick yes one of the hottest game never went to I almost passed out my buddy Anthony to a rock. Rocco shot after that god had a heat choke in the parking lot now he was party for three days straight. And I'm I'm telling you Johnny it's hilarious and he was so hot out there were and the Cleveland Browns. And I'll never forget it because Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards Linux. Derek Anderson in the Brownsville and south tub and we work who's a 110 degrees out there swear to god. The good old days well that's the thing it's like. You mentioned Peter gallon. They had one foot they were going to say PO Dave jerseys yet they were out here they were absolutely. Out of here. And Peter A gallon. It's funny how he got pushed out but. Everybody should if you could if if you are a giants fan yeah that's a guy that you think forever because of it wasn't for him. Basically the show it to be playing at Tropicana right now no doubt there's another name that everyone forgets about it if you go back to the 2010 World Series videos when they he ended trophy over. Remember Newcomb the bow tie guys remember the guy with the boat time. Yeah Newcombe he was a part of the organization and I never heard exactly what happened. But the rumor allows you know Larry barrels of war hold this guy got a trophy before you get in a year I don't know wonders should detection that trophy first well there was. They are so there was a power struggle there and eat. He had no problems spending money on baseball on eaten yeah Iraq like a you know that's and something to happen in a and Ian Ian I mean they pushed two different guys out. You know that's hard to do but it's a lot of weird things that happened over time that organization. What about the Dusty Baker releasing this taxes in his tax fraud situation after you decide to not pick up his contract in 2000 until. I mean date people forget about that day and now dusty is now back with the organization and you know there apparently everything's. Peachy keen but there was a time there where they they looked pretty bad in that situation and I still between you need to county I got so much love for Dave forgetting I still. In the I felt the way he. Dave for getting one now it it just didn't sit right with me. It really did not talk that he deserved for what he gave to the organization what he means to the community San Jose all the way up the route through the north bank being a local guy being the guy who who put on the black and orange as a player a guy who you know shined up all these pitchers and they had all their great moments under his tutelage. I felt like day brigade deserve that last moment in front of the fans will be given a standing ovation and he still hasn't got. And to me that just. That never sat right with me I didn't like how went down you can move off the guy I have no problem you move an awful but I think there was a right and a wrong way to do it felt like to me at that time instilled. Today I felt like they did at the wrong way county. He it's. He'll get his due he deserves it don't you think. Yeah it is due. Yeah I mean all of those guys. When they won three World Series for God's sakes and now flare and but you know I. At some point. And we don't know philosophies. Ads at US. Re jedi was always good to me because he's friends with my old baseball coach the hall of Famer Samper RO sandals in oh okay. So so so you know down near bay knows each other I didn't soul. Reject it was always super cool to me because he knew I played is as they say no played for Samsung he was always really nice to me and he's a terrific guy. But there's times when an organization feels. There needs to be changed their needs to be a different voice their needs and that's where. I'm not gonna be shocked if this is Bruce coaches last year I'm not going to be shocked at all I'm not either. But it just. Again I don't I don't know Manhattan you can move off of Al all these guys you are entitled to we moved off from Bill Walsh and in this area right. We moved off of Chucky they traded Shaquille way at one time you can move off people but I do think that there is a way. To pay homage to what these people have done for your franchise because the amount of money. And equity that they built up with the fan base whose boat she specifically. And his staff. Like it's it's it's un quantifiable would you agree like with the giants war and I know the stadium has helped but what they've become since he became manager. I mean he he deserves so much so much credit and he deserves some sort of a role with the organization. If he determines that he wants to stay with this organization wants to move on to coach the angels are coach someone else totally fine with that but there should always be a job for Bruce poaching in the series go giants organization just like fully based alas a job in just like Dusty Baker still has a job county. Yeah I. I was told that. Warriors make like ten. To eleven million dollars somewhere in that range from one playoff game. Okay bit. Think about it you got over 30000 people for a baseball playoff game ought to get a bit over there AT&T rhino you have me rocks. For a playoff and so I. I just wondered the giants in those three World Series. Runs how much money were they make an amateur amateur they make it a game what did you say that some friends that the the people who own a couple businesses across a stream almost peace with. Those plague you wanna talk about who's raking in money on playoff night. Pedro is peace but almost those places are printing money actually twenty and now. Now joining us see is the radio play by play voice of the G Troy lions Dan Miller is with this here on the Chris Townsend show how we don't have night Dan. I am doing well how are you guys we're doing well and we US open Napa for the the joint practices right with the raiders were adept. Yeah I remember Jon Gruden they're talking about how great was and then all of a sudden we want comes out about this team and it's so hot. Yeah about who saw me it would go to war. Well let you know it it's hard they're get a gauge on where each team is when they're going to control workouts like that in. You know there's ninety guide there is opposed to the 53 which are going to be taken out so. Our outlook. I think. Nobody saw. That honesty my life perspective. Nobody saw that coming on Monday I mean why wouldn't they guaranteed there were gonna win. But I don't think anybody saw this gene the 19 games last year. And what can you replay that all we could suggest seeing orange fire with a rookie quarterback making his first start. Look at 601 ever throw in the NFL. Nobody saw forty inch seventy government so I think we're all. Very interest ridden what this thing it'll look like a launch on dated to give us an indication it was battle won all sports and society as a real trouble. Dan house watch in the game Monday night right now I'm looking over Matt Patricia and I said Lou. Reminds me Jim consulate in the sense he just doesn't strike me as head coach material I know that's me stereotyping them. Britain is that a critique that you heard in Detroit regarding map to prove Tricia and do you think that he is head coach material is she presidential enough. To be a head coach in the NFL. Yeah look ammunition that there would not single floor Monday night. This bill would like to say you know that there's major problems spirited like that in order on network at a report about. So players were unhappy you are actually were tracked this sort that circle. But I mean look at our back Jim Caldwell a lot of people said Jim Kolbe didn't look like a head coach and he never showed emotion on the sideline. And then you know Jim Caldwell won eleven games his first year here in battle winning record three or four years so. You know you're out Al capable person is by the way they look on the sideline I think all US happened on the field. And that can indicate where this team did it and you know. Connection where. He is due to head coaches and brought can't tell you that two years now and say he was great hire or two years now say. He would McIntyre colony no longer here. That's actually sort it still has to be read but that's what this one gay and that that circling around here. As Stephen stokes tossed it to say okay. What's going on here and that's why I say there's a lot of people that are very anxious about this game coming up on Sunday if you're misty shell. Yeah the five year trend for your lions. 2013. Seven wins 201411. And 157. Then back to back nine win seasons. Even though we have a new head coach well what are the expectations. That people of Detroit have for the lions this season. I mean not an expert in the trend that that you talked about first. Jim Davenport seemed to really tricky historically. Good in terms of each match. You know one of the one of the top rushing defense is the received since the merger. I thought they didn't match that that's what ultimately cost them. In the playoffs that the region that there was a change would that that they were told a good job of beating achieved station. What he Ching this speech sixty games where games there were maybe your slight underdog they don't want notes and I think pop queen and we came into new general manager give a lot of energy and don't do any chapter coach who was here in Jim Caldwell. I think he's good you know what any evidence can get me over the top and Matt Patricia was solid regarded trauma that a new England and then there were excitement here that that he about when we're gonna be reunited. As they both come from the patriot system. Expectations. Well I think people were hopes all. That this team and 19 game last year be able to take the next step this you're the schedule. And I'm not a big schedule I think that you were intent that include stand but the state so that you really wanna look at it is stopped. I think. Alliance stretch that they they eat. They hope for the best player you don't likely based on what they've seen in the past this year the worst so. I think expectations will probably be mixed depending upon who you're talking troop. Again we go back to this nobody. Felt that this was forty age seventeen she on the wrong candidate even gets the New York Jets. And what a shocker on Monday night so what are your expectations were I can guarantee you'll be watching that. Dan you know I I really do love the the skill set from Matt Stafford. But then he got banged around in that game on Monday and how. How is he physically. And why has this Detroit team not built a hint offensive line around them. His last running back to go for a hundred yards Reggie Bush like six years ago why is it all on him. You got bit they tried I mean they're they're such drafted you know you've got chewed up one diplomat offensive line. You have that you try to create its own that are sent to slide another. Are relatively high tech grad glad that the crowd at a slower. That's all I mean they have put a lot of ascent into that thing and then they shot leader bluntly Osce a trap to carry our jobs in this sector around so. I mean the story this year. You know find out whether or not they can run the ball boy you're Portugal won but I will say they have made the effort to do that and yeah. That you get beat up in that game and wouldn't you all on eBay and certainly are looking knows you have to well they didn't get. And data security operative line is typical to protect that what it would be sent to just sell or not they're not worried about the run column why. They did this seem head then. You guys have been doing this wrong and now they're chocolate head coach which working coach what he would do differently well almost opera. Coaches they wanna make a one dimensional one stop brought. Well for too long. A lot of doughnut or other G had a running game. And they've been good at what Serb war actions that he's entertainment leader brought in football. A lot less Matthew Stafford would be more. Because it would mean that they have running game. Deacon turnaround I had somebody and expect something good that happened. That just hadn't been the case you're a long time there whole thing this year it will be chased. Again look at the assets and they've put into trying to build that offered to acquire put together a back field. They had shot I can't guarantee it should work. But man it is to. Go to war which everything that put into a dispatcher that you say. What are we can take out why he let it keep jetlag and very good guard down Cold War are collapsed last week injured hasn't practiced yet this week so he did not play on Sunday and that's problematic. See it on both sides I've been reading some of the staff as we and you we're gonna have the honor Henry in some of the stuff about the forty niners both sides are taught about how critical it's only wait till. But how critical who ever really easily who -- the stadium lead I stadium with a loss it's gonna be not good. Yeah I mean. I was soccer Rickie jumped French Lauderdale you guys knowing the X in there and uttered yeah it yeah player for a for a lot of talent. You know we talked about it look. This like you're not like. Somebody just punched you in the jaw. And you need to stand up and say you know what I'm in this fight. Or here you're not going to be around very long I mean this it is. I don't think the 49ers got truck the way alliance that now not send them have a sense of urgency they do they lost to a good football team in Minnesota. Why I think you cure a lot of then that it grew to try. You put it Archie did you put seven weeks tree chipping and you put forth preceding games in. And not what you wanna come out show people that you wore soul it looked. Think both teams should feel that way it should be urgency for both I think we all know we're purely to restore routine he had a sell out her typical to recover from. Put more than any saying this is what you do this as I need to find yourself professionally. And just stick it on the Detroit side forty X seventeen is that the way you want to find yourself per person did this gene need to win. They are quiet the critics. Exactly true. A look ahead a week and knowingly committed actually sort of let it get easier. You got to handle your business right now find a way to just called you a little bit and get away against the order not looking at record probably think a lot of the same thing. Yeah you know DO we'd like to have a lot of fun Tony and I and one of the funniest moments that. Niner fans and had in the last fifteen years was the gym shorts. Jim Harbaugh back slap game in Detroit like what's years ago what what are you guys think of Jim Harbaugh and now he's the Michigan head coach. We do people still think he's just a jerk or how how does Detroit view Jim Harbaugh. Well it depends on your soccer soccer Michigan State than it in the Turkish socket a Michigan fan com. When he came and then. There was certainly I hope spare he was committed lit this program up. It'll probably an Urban Meyer did they at Ohio State and that that Michigan track it was gonna be among the power players in college football and that. I mean he has not beaten as probably beaten Michigan State launched. Yet to beat Ohio State yet and he just lost noted they keep. Soul I think years. Two bit litigating very impatient about what's going not a wish it would Jim Harbaugh. All of these spark to a lot of equity to be shore I think we die hard to step certified believing him but I think a lot of people start to look and say okay. What do we really have here. Because the scene that you have to be you're not actually being in that district this figure Jamar well it took one on the chin against Notre Dame. They got Wisconsin coming up they got. State cal and thought they got Michigan State cal and how are you you need to win some of those gains that seek to establish where you are the program will always saying. This got what the savior from Michigan sent when he walked in and it worked out that way yet. Opera Michigan State and then look at it and say. That's straight here OK we've beaten two out of three years and we've got that a program and stay right now so much worry. And that's what you'd expect both sides to deal. But the pure Michigan fan are you wanna see more attitude him into and something that lit up the building that he had when he walked through the door. It's party fans must just be loving I think it hit a better. It is. First part strand. Let the door everything about our law you know coordinating the open going over even eight and Billy leash satellite can't stop like that. Played down the middle of the team does well good spirits remain at the rivalry is great that they're pretty true. But if you are Spartan fan. You actual lead loan. She Michigan. Built up and then knocked out and frankly to this point that's without. Hey Dan great stuff now we'll see you back here in the Bay Area on Sunday it'll be a good one niners and lions have a good flight. Thank you appreciate all enjoy coming out there nobody taught. Nice dad Dan is a great job with the Detroit Lions Ballmer if your lions fan at Dan Miller fox two Downey I want to ask about drain monger. Now he's a Smart guy he was love in the anti Harbaugh stuff that is great remember that back slap Jim Schwartz Harbaugh. Are you kidding me Liz I you know I. I like Harbaugh I think until well I've always liked Harbaugh has. I got to kill couples sideline game server for Stanford games and oh yeah did you get to talk to lump why I like Ariza went there that this isn't bad. If you eat healthy universe is the right now I now. Yeah bills Stanford after buddy team Henson Walt Ayers ran the program into the ground you can't win here he comes in insurance Everton up. Our Stanford lost to UC Davis the year before. This Danny taught your diners and killed three straight NFC title games and a Super Bowl on believable you know those boys went and come. Bob Melvin. That's right you know what I did the morning show one time we had Bob Melvin on. In it was the day after he was like the bald guy remember he was like a first base coach he was wearing the the full outfit and he had a plastic glove and I said yeah. Bob a Lindsay who gave Harbaugh a green plastic glove he didn't have any Wilson leather ones and hanging around him Bob Melvin. Was last legal day. Jim was dead serious with that outfit in the tucked in Jersey and everything and I'm thinking isn't maniac. Well so. Little inside inside. Bob Melvin so the last game for Harbaugh OK okay put this way you're eighteen when he honey we have Jed York you know eight is afraid of hug. AT&T park there were times that Karbala Liz. The wicked dug outs are downstairs. Now Harbaugh is basically in the a's dugout during giants days. Like an NN of course that that would have gone out. There no big deal so Melo is win. Harbaugh. Like Derek they're they're like they're talking about if my raiders' schedule. Somebody in there's rich guys all over here. Somebody's got a plane and once a year they all go back to Michigan to see game. Melvin liked my hell yeah I'd go it just depends on you know what the deal is with the raiders but. You tell me. So essentially what happened in that last game. There are Michigan people everywhere. No that was in them the head coach's office this is you come Levi stadium leave niceties of this is the game we're Jad walked onto the field balled in the suit and gave them the backs lap hug and Harbaugh had the look remember that photo that iconic photo yeah yeah the freight L you know Michael Corleone any photo so. Melba watched him take off the niners now. And the Michigan people were there. And the Michigan people were not going to let Harbaugh out of their sites. He changed. They grabbed it put him in a car. Straight to the airport for Ann Arbor in a private plane and Melvin watched the whole thing. That's incredible. Like they were not can allow anybody to step in another an NFL team to snappy and and take their guy in the area and nobody was get no Harbaugh they were like surrounding him I guess they're like his security. If it was crazy it was last really. That's on evil and I thought you know I mean. He's nuts. Tony he Davis only great sound bites you off how he warned the seventeen pairs of khakis. Against the Green Bay Packers in the frozen tundra remember that we have like Doug that cat he's on top of khakis on top of khakis coastal areas. He EE. Where the soul or. Other we're gonna build this thing. And I are sets the date bait and switch there because. Anybody's I you know I don't it's not a team that went and got niner tickets right of course edit what are they sell a new stadium and Karbala gap. New stadium and Harbaugh. Which supposedly behind closed doors heat is awful the deal. Will Dhabi and look at them. He's insane really he would scream at people I mean you know as Jed York would sack organized chaos. Now yeah we'll see. It is you know whenever someone says it in the easiest you can add to Greg cliche well whenever anyone says it. It is so true it's so hard to win. I think they are on top of the world on top of the world or five yards away from winning the Super Bowl. And all just imploded. Run that Frank Gore left run that cap break left it's it's. Don't even start accounting please don't start and then NN. He's just think. Of what happened after he laughed and how bad it got. I mean. It's funny that you compared with Patricia says. You earlier I don't and he liked negligible now he didn't helium as. Yeah actually reminded me in out to me look like down the sideline. I'd say he's more competent coach as a coordinator. Now not to say the gen console is not a great defense of lying goes yeah he was never coordinate generic coordinator I mean that they've made they've made you liars. For Mike Singletary. Did spend time Sula that you go what. Are you thinking. It singletary. Literally said that god would help him come up with playing the game plants. That's what he literally said and I remember there was a very distinct difference but it to a he had a cross party that something good would happen and when are balking and get a marker and a whistle. And good things did happen because he designed the not to. Happened you hurting me like there's a big difference between the two singletary would have the headset on and you have the microphone in the actual ears what are you be listening they'd be on his neck or on the top of his head. He had nothing to say during the day because he didn't sit the game plans he. WB only thing he did. Was tell Vernon Davis to go back to the locker room and then you know I. Afterwards he did all I won't ever know yeah can't do it can't Wear Wear them I mean. It's just. I was there. And that rooming candlestick when the media when. Every question. That was asked. To Mike Singletary I think Stan accidents ma'am I Oca a when he said I need to check the Felton he's tell guys are sorry he said like eighteen times it was sad. It's like. As you guys I got checked the table where were you watching the game. You on my favorite pet singletary moment as a season ticket holder at the time. He calls time out were planning Atlanta Falcons brings the entire I've never seen anything like this in all my years of watching NFL football. Acting gig calls timeout you see all sixty guys all that different people that are on the side job people sirens are counting your Roman and there's tons of people. Everybody comes into this huge circular tunnel okay. He calls his time now he's screaming on and on over everybody's walked out this is coach gene. This is coaching the very next play Roddy White went 85 yards for a touchdown. I can't make this the very next black it is time. For a little buying or selling on 9570 games.