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Thursday, August 9th
The Preseason is here and the 49ers are taking on the Cowboys at Levi Stadium. Kolsky and Urbs fill in for Uncle Towny and give some insight on what we can expect from both Bay Area Football teams. Jason Cole of Bleacher Report joins the Chris Townsend Show to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the Silver and Black and Red and Gold.

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I don't studios in downtown San Francisco. Yeah. This towns and show. Most men Mac schools the alongside Michael Irvin. What he would confuse you set a high into the Mike everything worked in and then you have a look of panic and I couldn't hear myself I couldn't I couldn't tell I'll want to my domain the volume. Was right there. Eleven the best time for it and we're done that I. The best time to think that your line in football yeah asks footballs air. Thank goodness. Cannot it was a long dark summer. There really was and how about the the activity that life here at 95 some it's migrants are coming here. Get ready for a nighttime show and it's usually ghost town a lock in today and pop. Why in the studio. The junior yeah area and I I do I watched bears football that I. Talk I lost my biscuit how was my I didn't really put in the basket today but now hopes her. How many series do you put Arafat a few. And there are some penalties there was some bad protection. You know sort of what do you know it was rated preceding game one for him on how worried about I'm just saying and I got to turn on my. Bob Knight TV percent A does its NFL game pass but I got to turn on the stuff right. Your dad I put on my favorite football team. And for at least ten minutes there were some starters plan. There he goes out what we're gonna get tonight I mean I think that's what niners fans again to do right at this very second by the way keep us on your radio and for the niners on your television they sent out. On my. Twitter timeline if you wanna follow you can follow him at the Kohl ski I think you might beat you follow me at big herbs sports or should why would you watch why would you listen to this game. On the radio when you can watch it on TV. Turn the volume down and rely on us for your audio entertainment that would be the best of both worlds were watching the game. In listening to us now we're not getting you play by play when you update here and there. But no beyond just lay pre season football and I played doesn't matter what we can do for you is. Reacts. To the broad strokes moon. And also more importantly I think you know look a lot of the stuff. Some guys you wanna know about our game plan tonight one of the biggest disappointments. Hinckley then perhaps the biggest disappointment I could possibly have had coming into this game is the absence of Fred Warner. I really wanted to seen Fred Warner artists an airplane you heard yet what you had a chest injury but he's been practicing. And for some reason was his chest injury by the hour. Yeah that's a good question. You think it's. Think it's ribs out of that pulled muscle I don't know I've never heard chest injury before but he's one of the guys who might possibly. Fill in for route while he's out correct. More right he may fill in for review may be the starter next. The alongside crude and out over the long term are on the bright side you will see rube tonight. That's kind of this kind of odd to me. But I guess I needed to play in pre season when you're suspended the first two games yeah. Yeah but it makes sense I mean the guy's got to stay sharp he's got well then great I mean I think the goal is well and. That chemical would any discipline suspension in my mind should be. A rehab situation essentially rent and you're not gonna suspended for the two pre season games because that's meaningless and you wanna have. Meaning to it and and have some force behind it but at the same time you ought to force him away from the team for six weeks. Which in a lot of case I mean I'll think Rubin fosters the grow best example of us but a lot of cases the closer guys can state of the team when they've had some trouble right. With the law or what had viewed the batter so enduring his actual suspension during the regular season as he allowed. Around the I would imagine he's not okay so I imagine those are two weeks he has to be away from the city we can look into the details suspensions that. More importantly. We actually get to see both of the bay area's football teams on display and a at least a little bit it sounds like Arnold the raiders have spoken this officially do we know of the raiders and officially settler car will play. When he does like Canada I mean obviously we know Jimmy rob -- taken field right now and it. Again we make a great radio company meant to you or forty and higher pre season action but. I guess my question on both sides of town on the way expectations are set right now. Fans of both teams have high hopes and and frankly. Fans of both teams I think are gonna be pretty demanding from a results perspective this year which. You know at least for the niners you would not mean you have said last year I think. Anything on her nine and seven is gonna be considered a pretty massive disappointment on either side of the bet. So. What is it that you need to see from your squad in the three season. To make you feel like things are still headed the right direction we're still on the right track here. A playoff season as possible for the playoffs the goal on both sides of the bad. Correct and given what biggest laid out is the over under for win totals that's where you get the expectation because everybody knows that Vegas is damn near correct every time so if they say. Eight and a half or nine and a half which is what they've done what these respective teams niners and raiders. And if you're looking it's like you said nine in seven I mean that's it that's a quantum leap from where I might not sound like it numerically. Because they had six wins but it. That Jimmy is it quantum leap for the 49ers and I don't think there. Alan there's any question nine and seven would be leave but also. I I don't think people would be ecstatic over it. Like a leaf is the bare minimum yes I agree and I think that that's why I asked the question because generally speaking. If you know what your team is. Fuhrman if you are highly confident in what you're team is in the NFL. And how that happens less and less as time goes on but for instance the patriots. Bill Belichick made it to tantrum. By a no one's gonna freak out over an ugly loss to Washington. Today. Is the patriots know what bail right. In this case and I actually the same thing can be said I think on the other end of the spectrum if the bills. Get a big win in a pre season game. No one's throwing a Super Bowl party. Because there are terrible and we all notice. Except the most blind faith bills fan for sure that would generally say it sure. And Soviet you know if you're looking for things it's like many of them Bertie quarterback who. Tweeter racist things and isn't even supposed to be a good is gonna do something crazy and your your hopeful for. Flashes but you know what's come. With teams like the niners and raiders I think you. You're looking for real signs of what's to come in the pre season even though we all know that the results don't matter the scores don't matter. You know. Jimmy grapple of throwing two interceptions in a game doesn't matter. There are things we're going to look for. To try to figure out. Are these teams headed for ten and six in a playoff run or you know. 500 or below and sorted the disappointment first up bite your tongue to meet you throw in two interceptions I I'm just saying we wouldn't worry about the count a in the pre season. But your right that would never happen. Joseph Williams is somebody that I'm fired up the wac and big name he's on my list and in general. I don't know how much we'll see if Jack McCain and you just pay back I'll lot of money I don't hopefully he gets a series and in the diners started the game on defense for those you were worried about it Tom. But where we are not seeing Fred Warren and I am unfortunately. Frustrated with meant by it mortgage through bought it. I think Joseph Williams and Matt breeder. And if McCain has not playing much. Those are sort of the two guys I think you you project to see the most right now redeem most or ahead of Joseph Williams on the depth chart and I mean that probably is. Mabry is Megan this team room no doubt he's going to be he's gonna have a serious role I think he's probably the number two running back. Probably in all that I ever wants health. But Joseph was the guy we've heard a lot about for somebody who's never taken an NFL snap. He's someone at the niners won out of their way to hold on to. Despite knowing you was not and apply them. And third round draft pick I believe on a running back is relatively. High that's pretty good draft capital you're not looking to just. Throw away. And I think he's got a battle on a chance to make this roster because Ramos third is a known quantity in a valuable special teams players so. Can Joseph Williams show enough to earn a roster spot and and maybe more of the point earned some some actual carries during the regular season because that I think. One of the interesting things embryo looks different than McCain and buddies a similar type of player. Mostly succeeds on quickness and on pass catching and and you know creative use was how he was used last year and and the niners don't necessarily have the stereotypical. Three to four yards and a cloud of dust guy. At all and I'm not saying that's how the footballs I'll play that way anymore I get it and but you would like to have one may be more traditional running back on the roster and and I might just being old schools at the wrong way to think about it not. That that's right way to think about you know what Williams needs to do is. Tonight and I'm gonna assume that he's gonna get a lot of run a throughout the idol Henry previews and as his time to shine now he's gonna have to show that he can and he's gonna have to improve on special teams to prove that he can implant on special teams because. That makes you that obviously increases Girardi versatility is employed ability. And the other thing he's got to do besides show he can play special teams and play at willingly which a lot of backs. Who were studs in college they don't wanna come out no matter what circumstances. India's special teams guy and air quotes because they've they think their above that but he's also got to. Like you said he's never played an NFL down yet he has this wrap. Of put the ball on the ground there you know ball security was an issue in the poke in the pre season. Last year and he needs to show in this pre season that is no longer an issue. That and and look for a guy whose desires been questioned if you wanna see improved go hard in a pre season game. And that show us what you've got he's definitely on my list I got a whole list here. A niners and raiders that I'm excited to see Ian and I feel like I wanna see things from. The players who if you will will will will likely be the X factors for these teams in determining. Is it the Goodyear everyone's hoping foreign predicting or is that another disappointment is curators list full of defensive backs. There are a lot of defensive backs on it but let us sell it 8957957. In a phone number we had Jason Cole. Joining us to talk football coming up at 730 of course covers the NFL for Bleacher Report and a U 8957957. In. The tech side is not 5795 let us know what. Do you want a seat from your football team in the pre season opener tonight for the niners tomorrow for the raiders what will make you feel good. About this team heading into the season Michael's Michael Irvin on my front seven again. It. Now back in 957. Big game. We are. Jimmy drop below 2018. Campaign is under way. Looking pretty good so far he's still the greatest wherever three targets it's a good way and already by the way update Jimmy drop below undefeated wash update still undefeated still undefeated. So wherever. Ever wake me up when he's not undefeated anymore because until then. He's ago wake me up winning the next best player river's board I will say this Gerry McCann is playing. And so I would add him tonight things to watch list and I think we're gonna get the what David did ideal test drive on their new our beat. Am so far mixed results. Tonight at during the break somebody throughout it would be very Shanahan if grapple have been through a single passage to pay enough enough enough trouble congress and sneaky sneaky now but he has passed than it has looked pretty. Good I actually believe it or not. One more talk and things to watch in the pre season. Gravel is not my list. There. Well I care. This game three he BM analysts myself finally I saw five regular season games of him. I got a good sense of what he's capable of staying healthy again it just stay healthy. Stay healthy and do it again in the regular season won both sides are actually scheming them like adults room. Because this stuff a lot of it's pretty Vanilla a lot of it's just working on timing. You're gonna go out there with a couple of goals it's not unlike. A spring training outing for a pitcher you know worried about earned run average in spring you're worried about is my changeup. More in the way I wanted to about the process. That's how I feel about Grupo. And car for that matter economic raiders missed them or should he be running some of the guys on my list right now. And if any you people out there wanna win on your favorite team. Matter operators in 89579. If I said it is a phone number. You can text us at 95795. But I'm just curious what are the things you're watching for what you need to see. To enter week one of the regular season. Confident that your squad as a playoff contender confident that you are going the direction you want and not back. Towards six and ten again. Here's some things on and on his list the running back competition so we talked about Joseph Williams but. I wanna see McCain and and Breda and Williams and most stirred and everybody wanna see the whole bunch of them most during Williams especially. Especially Willie either the for question mark Trent almost heard I think we know is a mostly. Mostly a special teams guy. And good. The question he's not really gonna be a party running back rotation if things go well and so the question is. Does Williams show enough that you feel you need him as party running back situation and I think if he is. Good. Ernie if he's. What you hope here is worthy of what you would that look the third round draft pick and and voted. Stuff we've heard about him over the last season and a half. Well then I think he will be a part of the rotation but he's gonna have to show it 'cause he's right now very much on the ball and another thing is the sort of backup backup slash potential slot receiver competition has Chad Taylor. I think they would like to be that guy. Right now. Sharon Taylor are available. And a per for car owner and I know he's recovering from offseason back surgery. But I get the impression not too long but for right now press on and good win. Those here Bryant there obviously top two receivers right now but. We're just as the game has gotten underway we've seen to what is now I'm gonna forget his name already Richie. Somebody Richie junior Richey James junior Richie in junior. Victor Bolden still here Alter Robinson is still here Kendrick Boren. Is still here the Bourne ultimatum then you'll be the decision is candor born on the roster and I. I direct I apologize for the two hour ultimatum as to never let her daughter deserves that no I did. The Aaron Herbert is around and then you got the kid Dante pettis but for me. It's that third fourth receiver either filling in for Trent tail or right behind Trent Taylor and I'm interest didn't do any of those guys specifically. Tennis Robinson and born are the guys that interest me tender born did some stuff. Down the stretch of last season. Altered Robinson. Is a Shanahan guy rob and had a search cats for he has incredible speed button. Size and as a potential deep threat he's very interesting but doctor pettis was a heck of a college receiver and he's. Going to be on the roster. Because third round third round draft pick for best. Second round draft pick and is I think in the niners mind the kick returner of the future. A record setting kick returner in college. So. Watch I guess punt returner more than kick returner. And little bit about. So I think that is where they want to see him but can he stepped up as that third or fourth receiver Chris look at third receiver. That's going to be the regular the three receiver sets horror the norm in the NFL now and and Kyle Shanahan. Will get a fair number of those out there when. What do you foresee for things gone on here does not believe they have a franchise quarterback they're gonna toss a ball around. Including two running backs but that third and fourth receiver going to be important to this team. And those are the sorts of things that make the difference between aide Natan tenant six and that's why the precision exists right that's writes so Donte' Petit show me something. Step obvious lock I'd be a deep threat. I thought Jimmy here to the people. Awaited took care of that I'm here we'll see about. Wilson. Jimmy GQ do you mean I don't think has the right side of the offensive line. Because right now there's man I've never heard of playing right guard because both. Joshua Garnett and Jonathan Cooper are out. The name to meet him again the name that's actually starting I'm not even shores on the depth chart. In fact I'm fairly sure in the auto Mike person that's stewardess. Just some person starting. Africa relations chart no way might person was originally listed as the starter but is not actually starting. Look this up guys. This is my point I don't even know who the right guard it is. That's nuggets are now and the right tackle is of course the first round rookie Mike we're going to. So I wanna CNET the a couple of runs to the right that we saw in the first series. Not a written. And it's a tough spot for mobile and she. You know you thought you'd have a next to Garnett who's not exactly Alan Faneca but he is. He's been around a bit at least. He could pull Alan Faneca so here's my question to you you've got the Skype has the rookie much going to penciled in start. Yes but not like I'm just depends on what you wanna see as much as possible and typically. You know I can send somebody out for. With the second team and be the only guy who's been getting first team reps with you know going out with the second team you know and I mean to you can see him more. Then the other first stringers that you kind of know you've got. Is it possible that my going she would stay on the field when the second team takes over just so you can get more reps in the the staff can see what he's got more. I don't know if that happens and increased fees and higher herb I'm sure some coaches have. Different ways to go on about it but I would imagine some coaches are no if you're starting your were the first team you leave the field when the first team in the field and that's that. That is in question with the lynching because certainly I think you'd like to see as much as Posner. But really bad news not Solomon Thomas has just gone down last year top three pick unclear. What little girl or not we'll keep you updated of course on not what happens there. Good news though we got Jason Cole on the line Jason covers the NFL for Bleacher Report didn't. Jason of course we're keeping an eye on the niners getting ready for the raiders but I'm gonna start you would be very simple question of the day if I make you decide which of those teams you think has the better season coming. Are too broke yet. The good news hello. The new. Who you talk liberators. A little clip. There. More secure route or recoup the under your car. A little. I think there are harder but there's so that they have been better yeah. Current spiritual or political terms were all put Kurt Birkins Seattle's certainly on the down partners. Are. Colossal moment there are going to be pretty important. To Peru and so so I was yesterday. Here you can't predict what the court on the club over the operators could lose by. Glued to their burned a little Dershowitz of energy and Google predictable. Stable part of the most expert. Jason is is there give me one thing with the raiders are significantly better. Then the niners at this point and giving the other side of it to anything that the niners you think are significantly better than the raiders. Well it's very wide receiver and a publisher and no wonder the rigorous. Pretty bad beer and thousand troops have now that we are here that are marked. You're. I was fourth quarter daughters so I think that's the order. Walsh from Oklahoma. Important offered. All the scholarship program brought her to repeat it true star. On the foster's group to rhetoric. Awards should get those guys out there. I would say that the foreign ownership plan more consistency from polluters hooker historical. We couldn't stop people looking out there or were they they stomp over there is terrible. And Robert. You mentioned there was you were talking to Jayson Cole Bleacher Report of course covers the NFL. That niners. Pass defense I guess doesn't get nearly as much flak as the raiders but. I I'm not convinced it's that much deeper than we we just saw Jimmy ward get burned who I believe is the starting nickel corner and just in general they got they had a pillow Witherspoon who's vegan Richard Sherman who's was good certainly yet at one point but. Why are people convinced that the niners' secondary is any good given that we have really seen much from these guys other than Sherman who we don't we don't know how he's gonna be post Achilles. Righted yet you don't go there to work out. Look again at about sales to Ford motors. Are really a difference where you couldn't have a little bit and made its. Probably they're clear your white player will ever but yeah I didn't really matter that does that make a great. There are some of at times to recruit we're sure. They're last year so. You know like I just don't see much with the operators. Like who generally accurate pass rush apartment. Near where it. Crude skippers who have been. Intersected very anxious to go out there. Nobody the question is whether any of the young guys Gary Connolly Carl Joseph if any of them have that upside I guess would be the question. It is theoretically they do know for certain Connell the one until he's slightly incidents. You know if you brought the drought last year that are are derailed I thought he would conduct plug and play. Guard the draft last year keep that weren't completely off. I. You've got copies it just sort but that's how out of so. Do you really can't play I don't. Carl it was a yeah the monster bluster and no. Water. You know some time pro bowler but I just don't sit there are certain George Soros. Or you don't know where you weren't recruits. Towards the water scrimmage is that Iraq yet they're not at all. There's some disconnection. And the week of sorts. Jason anything less from the playoffs for the niners it is that a disappointment. Colin nearly broke up that way. Talk of her car or shouldn't we be the I would say that the bill but it would be good mix of Burress progress and but I still don't see. Those stars on our troops. And include them grow up or crystal don't know. What where spew such a bit reporter. They had to do that with subtle warning that didn't contract. Always feel very small sample size so far public entity. Now. Arbor other guys around here he Cerro carrier skirt or just generally are what our you know speed. That's relative to how some. Ordered arc. There's no ruler general darker. We're fortunate what it would work when it was or whatever you know there are inevitable release. Pretty cute McRoberts and do market. Given Matt. It isn't and I know he's neither of those guys anymore if you ever was but it. Is it out of the question to consider a phone call to Dez Bryant. It's probably regret is the proper that you got you beat which secured dozens of birds. Certain that it should that was what Kyle would work. Yeah oh yeah. No attempt to certainly there're. They and he was I. Want to chance you can get some upside towards year retreat. But Bogut. I'd. I wouldn't want doubts were dependable where he wouldn't run culture of that little. They'll overcome more in the meantime want and you reap to get a better players and we're gonna take you chips are regarded as probably. So our military should conclude that. Against those bird being threatened. The hospital to discern okay. We're gonna force in addition one on one matchups. In order to create matchup where he's clearly just because one guy who just can't repeat them. Auto routes. Just little ball up to a nuclear OK maybe you are a picture about to show the following. That I don't that are functional and Kyle are. Jason you've been around the league so long let's let's go back over the net the raiders side of things. Or one of the more laughable story lines ever since gruden signed on for a second term. With the raiders is that that leave the game has passed him by a while he was up in the Booth in my countered that as well. He had unlimited access to front offices coaching staffs. If anything I would think that doing what he did for the past two years would would make him better informed where do you stand on that. I open group and while there you go to understanding of Mexico so who. You know. No public solid live. Joseph Gibbs came back and look it's a little way. And just. He's had his first option of your talker Gregg Williams scored OK what are your you know. Like what are the things that have happened last 67 years that I haven't really been paying attention to it. And you know it got so caught up in the school coach football and go trick or appear exit of those anyway for a one time you include. He knows all the old Allred to that I want to vote on them let's follow with Jimmy Johnson recovered the ball he came back. It is secondary or work. Loose. So look we just being. Extension of up opened it didn't take similar post here. Just can't Sox. It works going to be in the hours when in need to worry about. What stupid thing your guard is doing. Or why you're not lined up correctly wouldn't crack the place of content grotto where. Why it did end up in the right spot all the extra current. The okay you probably bit less without the money talking about in. Well throughout the money terminal and little money. I to talk about it. With no pressure would know loving this stay up until 2 o'clock in the morning and get back five. Got a little worried about. What stupid things Porter did last night. Or without worry about why didn't want to divert spot. Report he groups who want to hear what sort of recession in the pivot chart the words they're dark. In order. And it clipped one billion dollars a year you don't do this for twenty years. I'm doing it just who won't work as a threat became a head coach yet so there have only lost 56 years. That puts it in perspective Jason Cole and a fellow columnist for Bleacher Report joining us and that some are and quickly. The rest of the NFL really in fact just one other pre season game which had. Two of the most intriguing rookies in it and they both did their thing is say one Barkley first the ball. The very first carried just. Broke right through and then bigger mayfield 200 yards two touchdowns in his on field debut. I guess sort of how do you rate those two guys is that possible on Barkley is decide that he may be as good as any running back in the league this year and then with mayfield is. Is he really in the starters competition or is he pretty much the back up behind Taylor no matter what he does in the pre season. Well I'm thinking morally. Week. We'll round the last Saturday in which among the podium there aren't darker. The girl wanted. And Barkley for sure I'm amazed you're still question mark Furman. This will hold all right yeah I'm not red and white to walk him indicate and the Barkley absolutely. There are gonna promote searchable and side. What Google doing various opening. The planning of darker but the target such an hour concert much. What would clearly going to be a big time player program. And now Libya or some of the big competitor under Dick crucial problem you are under pressure that you were all. Prepared but will understand Reverend. Wright and Barack. Fact we wrote poetry so we'll Butler and confident. Wait till. I think you're gonna have a chip start but it soccer Biddle sucked out of the really important that should do with this would include or partner who waited. It is important. Girl gone. A rebel without court. Poetry to hear it here when people want including one well. I mean who is caved in on certain political jar of surplus. To Luxembourg. Most coaches don't screw it and how they. Broke through local super slow you're gonna win some games. To revive so local ago. Wouldn't veterans and should make people believe that there's so more leadership forum but predictor start winning games I think you have to do that with a better. And then as certain Port Orange or out of runners. I want to clue what. Okay we're not moved owner in order. That would make the move to may feel. You say tyra we really appreciate you do you know show. The jury awards the next stop. On your time on love Ireland is over thank you for plan if we are. In big cities and gold covers the NFL for Bleacher Report we always appreciate the time and things bunch thanks Jason well I. Yeah that's that speaker mayfield mandates that would between hard knocks and a couple of good pre season performances. Were going to be hearing a lot about that young gentleman long before he is actually playing FL snaps I would imagine put your star had on this yes is he going to be legit NFL quarterback. Yeah I don't think he's necessarily going to be elite guy an all time or anything like that he's a competitor any visa playmaker and I believe and that sort of gimme gimme a company active com. The CIA and Alex Smith where he's good but not great. I think it's something Grammy maim more like an Andy Dalton and does. And decent has the potential to put together really gay games below others got a little more that. As Jose clock. Then Eldon there's some two baker mayfield that excites you even if he doesn't have you know. The Peyton Manning tools to not let madame John immense though way about it we got two pretty good quarterbacks around here. Jimmy drop below Derek Karr. It given that we've seen three niners go down to injury already did you wanna see these guys playing in the pre season do you even want. You are starting quarterbacks on the field 88. 957957. Tex I was 95795. Let us now should sit the QB is just just didn't. During the padded out wrap my ball or rapid weight to the regular season where you wanna see him on the field. Michaels you Michael Irvin and manifests and again. In 9576. King. I. It's easy benefit in. For the 49ers junior Rob Lowe walk. And trip free for six passing. Sixty some quarterback rating and it's over being completions were not his fault as 707 says this is our body bad sports. But or at Jimmy while he stands on the sideline take no chances. Yeah take that route are put him out there at all. You mean. Yeah I think that's three's all you. He minute you mean even on the side death bubble wrap them on the sidelines if you're if you're that I put him out there at all Booth with the offensive coordinator ago who is the offensive coordinator. That would be Kyle Shanahan well. There must be stated there's got to be one and he agrees to Seattle just like to have won over in Oakland but we all know Augusta I'm coordinator there is external some. Now stronger and why no but I know hundred coordinate our Ed Olson right. That got it brought back if they never should Lego yes that's my point rally even though it isn't incidence is gone maybe a shed probably should we both should. I'm gonna fix that or you don't have heat hasn't had Kyle Shanahan does not have someone death I know we calls the plays you guys. The question is whether there is titled I don't give us that have been vital fifteen so offensive coordinator. In San Francisco. How many teams don't just out right don't have a coordinator on one side of the ball or the other. John McVeigh that's right. Grandson of I believe. John McVeigh's the offensive coordinator for the niners yes. Not Sean. Who not Jeanne head coach by the way Los Angeles but John. Breaking breaking news while I was heading in her while we are preparing for the show apparently athletics. Got another closer. Yet we are talkers aid is coming up later on this evening when. Julian Nick Williams joins us like him he's he's the writer for the athletic yes I MA Julian Mick Williams fan Brooklyn moral. When you know more about him and I'd I mean I'm not stalking him I just think he's good news just looked at his Twitter onshore or offshore that's all the while she tore. But it okay. Free season. Lot on the line for your quarterback whether it's drop below or car. You put them out there. 'cause let me just read you a list of forty niners who have already sustained an injury tonight. Solomon Thomas defensive linemen were they head injury of some kind George Kindle. Hopeful fees tied into the future shoulder injury. Matt Breda. Hopeful. Number two running back shoulder Garry Gilliam. Backup offensive line and went down just before we came back from break. And unclear how serious any of those are not overlooked too bad it. Client. I mean what if you lost met Breda for a couple games just now moon. That's one thing if you lose drop below for a couple games well let me tell you were watching season best third and you wanna have grappled. These are conversations that we and everybody else who does what we do you have every single year right. Welcome because pre season football. Presents a lot of issues. It does and and there is a sort of tight rope you have to walk. When it comes to NFL pre season of enough playing time. To get guys ready. Enough. Field time to. Have all the timing right to have guys in game shape. To have the communication at the level of needs to be to execute it the NFL. You need those wraps. But every single rep is an opportunity. To change your season with a name out. And as much as I've heard CJ bastard has taken considerable. Steps forward in his career progression instilled ice not an NFL stardom under center. Is non NFL starter. Joseph Williams is in the game away one of the guys. I'm gonna keep it good I got re watching his scheme later he's my favorite niner. All sector for. Yes. I'm really pulling for the guy like his back story I like I just. I don't know how he could be your second favorite niner game and he's never been on the field before but I am I'm glad someone's behind heal all strategy god let's say they saw far it. He is in diner in their wrist just just the fact that there is fist pounding on the table in the draft room because she ran believed in Joseph Williams he wasn't even on the draft board so it Shanahan believes it and you believe I believe I believe in Taiwanese oil base now we're a believer. Lurks you know no doubt in my mind Beatles. Kamal legit no no metal. 707. I wouldn't put Jimmy G spot on the sideline and all put him in a beautiful luxury box catered. Let's go to Jeff in Livermore wants to talk a Little Rock was a Jeff. I got swallowed talked about and we did the video and brought it up. Here's part of playing in the creeping into a number of patriot and move and I don't think there's any reason for Brady. Could be in the game that couldn't be modified by and according. Yeah you know maybe in the days certainly Brady doesn't certainly Brady doesn't do we in the game there's no doubt about that Jeff so it's a. Little different with a drop below and car but I know you've got almost as much invested in them so I'm not sure I'd play much of amid fanning in a go ahead what's your question. It. Also turned down under in America you know marathoner radio now and then what's your question. Well we're here it's appropriate then in here that is nitrogen economic big supporter of poem and I am very upset that we got rid of yeah but they did what they did. I mean. If we're talking wins and losses I think we said it if the miners and not over 500 there's going to be a lot of disappointed people if we're talking about garrote below specifically. When he got to talk about individuals statistical goals. Now I think you just I I would put his symbolism this I think and I think. I think yeah you're paying him like a pro bowler in not there so make the probable than not that hard. It's really not that hard to make probe of dare car made the pro ball. There Kirsch started the Pro Bowl last year and you had a terrible season by his standards cracked. Now it's people drop out every year so that's part of it right but the more often than not. You know those four quarterbacks playing the weekend before the Pro Bowl never ever show up at the Pro Bowl at least two or three of them are going to be guys who. Have to come off the roster and get replaced correct at least be a replacement. I. I think both of these quarterbacks. To the brits pro bowler bust is it not. Oh yeah there's no quick look at the contracts they've got they've got Pro Bowl contracts. They are they've been designated by their organization is. We're gonna go as far as this guy takes if this is it I mean Derek Karr is. By far the best quarterback may have had any long time we I mean can we say that about Jimmy gee it sure his five game sample size. But we'd a thick. I think we know that their cars a Pro Bowl quarterback we suspected Jimmy gee is based on what we've seen employment and like you said he is literally a Pro Bowl quarterback we we know yes capable of that obviously he's on it I mean Derek Karr is the east and at least twice rank he's an established upper half of the league quarterback like I think it was. Think that's problem probably fair although there's a lot of good quarterbacks and what were was that your that was with rear butcher boy when they came out when his name came out with a rankings of all the all the starting quarterbacks. And they had him in fourteen years. Mean. And Derek Carr and Jimmy G Derek Karr was I believe ranked twelfth out of all the quarterbacks Jimmy G. Was ranked thirteenth they were in the second tier and that. Sounded about right to me yeah I've got that article frontrunner and now we can. Tier one it defines as a tier one quarter wrecking carry his team each week the team wins because of him he expertly handles pure passing situations. And they give you Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers tie for first Drew Brees Ben Roethlisberger. Matt Ryan Russell Wilson. And match Stafford this tears this thing is an absolute Jo Stafford you know along with a guerrilla rivers. Carson whence. Andrew Luck this is absurd tier one is Brady. Brees Rodgers and that's it. The other four in tier one right now this is all tier one. I thought there ranking only had Fortier weren't on sorry are not your right. Roethlisberger is last year one Imus the headline for tutors or here's a tear to Ryan Wilson. Stafford. Rivers. When it's law. Newton. And then car at twelve. And grapple right behind him at thirteen. Now. I head into Shawn Watson and a group of young guys as well. Read the definition of tears here's what I would say about this. If you don't get a year from gore Rob Lowe and call. At least as good. As what the lions get format Stafford and Phillip Burton and those charters get from Philip Rivers I think you're disappointed so that's that's like you're down on Philip Rivers I think you know he's old considerably better than most of the guys and a second here. If I make you guess what he thinks Oliver did last year touchdowns and yards. 27 touchdowns. And 28 actually. Yeah actually it's actually. Very picks 4500 yards 28 touchdowns ten interceptions. But I think.