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Friday, June 22nd
Towny and Urbs team up to give their thoughts on the Warriors 1st Round pick Jacob Evans. The Dubs have quietly been eyeing him for quite some time and fits the mold very well. The boys marvel in Draymond's involvement in the draft process. Connor Letourneau of the SF Chronicle checks in to give Golden State an A plus for their pick. Urbs ponders if other teams are trying to duplicate the Warriors backcourt!

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So this counts ratio but not vice. My whole year out Friday night edition of the Chris Townsend show here on 9570. Boy we got a good one for yet. Connor and turn out covers the warriors for the San Francisco chronicle will be here at 930. My favorite TV guy. No one wears make up like this guy mark a body as from channel two sports anchor he's my favorite he'll be here at ten to 18. And then Chris haft who covers the giants for. Will be here at 1140. And it is dead along time. But there are times in your life when you have relationships. Where you may not be with somebody. For a YL but all the sudden they show back up and it's like they never left. With me tonight for the next three hours and taking your phone calls a triple A 9579578. Michael Irvin Earth's. How are you might. Friend I am having the best time Johnny and that's quite a welcome agreement's been a long time to it's we worked together and it's like slipping on an old Shu an old favorite shoot nothing or shoot journey. But you know what I mean it's just it's comfortable I'm looking forward to these three hours man with get it I'm more like a beat up clique. How or like one of those showers come cheap plot. Yeah. They he's still Larry anyway yeah what the hell yeah I'm that guy but tell you what it you know what we think about a like. We had to work together in the nude in the new building I was thinking you know what don't remember I try to make it happen. Yeah absolutely I don't know what happened. I try to make us think about I try to make it happen it's an uncomfortable subject county let's move on the score. So for again the warriors in the warrior draft pick. Some that I forgot to get into it where it Whitley in an eight stock and it's something that I've seen the past few games of the DA's. And I and I'm wondering how everybody's feeling about it. Finally we're starting to see these guys stop being in knuckle heads and attacking the ship. I'm Michael it might god if nobody is blind shortstop or Norris playing second base. Have a little damn bat control and hit a ground ball we saw today in both games I saw. When I see excited to gain in San Diego it's like finally we're starting to see these guys like always I understand launch angle instead. Asked in exit velocity that someone's given you an easy hit. Take its yeah I mean it if you're a big league hitter in theory you've got some level of bat control and when you say you'd like to see somebody start attacking the ship member back when Jason Giambi was an end. Big he called a bootleg bootleg baseball when they would shift against them. But dammit he would go to the opposite field and he would take those hits that they would give them I mean that's just as valuable as a walking as we know walking is everything. With the Oakland a's but Jason the only guy that I've seen that especially among the stars a lot of them don't want it it's almost like. My egos can take you hit if I'm gonna capitulate to the shift. India a slap happy guy won't guess what that gets warm base or give your team a chance to score and put the ego aside Jason did that lot of guys won't. And we saw on the eighth inning because Olson had beat to shift going the other way in the eight inning they didn't shift. So when he hit a line drive to the shortstop the way they normally shift against them. That would have been a base hit with saints day he's starting to show he can hit that ground ball to short. They had the shortstop in the normal spot he hits a line drive there and really it was a reason why the gazed inside the game up but I just want to bring that up just. You know there's always going to be adjustments you know I've and I think we can imitate it's a basketball. You know the Golden State Warriors won the urges blitzkrieg and everybody no one knew how to defend the three. Because let's face it for the most part these guys have never had to go out that far and defend. And what we're now seeing is the adjustment and now we're seeing teams and it's just not. I got Cleveland takes a ton of threes Houston to examine it stinks to take a time threes. Now teams are defending the three better than they ever have before because they're making adjustments. Right in in baseball like I said it's it's just a matter look at Brandon belt perfect example of a guy who doesn't wanna put. His ego aside he I've seen him at spring training I've been ten feet away from him in the box where he's working with the coach on beating the shift in I saw him repeatedly. Hit line drives where it would be. Nothing but air in a regular game but then for whatever reason when the game actually comes. He doesn't make that adjustment thing in your right it's it's screaming for an adjustment back that's what the game is all about. It doesn't matter the sport it doesn't matter the level. If you're gonna be a decent player and if you're gonna have longevity. You have to be able to adjust to whatever adjustment they've made you that's the game it's adjust to readjusted just readjust the guys who last a long time are able to make those adjustments. And it's it's a shame to see some guys who were actually wasting that skills that have gone the other way. One of the cool things about our show last night. Is when you have Kerry Keating knowledge of the coach he's gay you know he's been in the business for so long I mean whether it's. Coaching at UCLA. Boards coaching at Tennessee or at Seton Hall arias head coach at Santa Clara for all those years. All the coaches know each other right so yesterday Darren Sabena how easy is so associate head coach. At the university of Cincinnati Bearcats. Case Michael let's face it. A lot of fans need to realize that a lot of people when it comes to drafts and drafts analysis they're faking it. It's too tough to watch everybody. You might be able to watch film but a lot of people are just that they're reading these ears his strengths he hears his weaknesses. It's totally different when you bring nine. Jacob Evans coach and that guy will tell you I recruited him. I've known him since he was in high school. We got Amir to Cincinnati. He wasn't a top recruit he changed his body changes words it worth ethic he changed everything. And now he's is that so will we start talking and at the coast of you know you start to realize. This guy. Is perfect for the Golden State Warriors Andy told us that the Golden State Warriors have been around the University of Cincinnati scalp this guy for awhile. Yeah and you know it when you everything you just shed as you're talking about the things that the coach said about the player. You could swap dream on Greene's name in there in it would fit dream on dream changed his body he'd change in what he's always been a hard worker. But every single positive aspect that I read about I mean I had to write a story for many five Symbian dot com yesterday on the draft pick. And that the crux of it was that Andre Monroe was in the draft room and he wasn't just. A token appearance here in their poking your head in hey what do you guys think he was in the room watching tape clearly he signed off on the guy. And it's because he has so many attributes. That dream on green has and how can that not be a positive I mean that the lazy draft reports you mentioned. One of them said this guy's gonna crack. You know built the rotation what are whatever team he plays whatever team he gets picked by. So that that's just lazy that's not there either that's lazier that's forgetting that the Golden State lawyers. Our existence because I hate to Christian and streams right here but this kid is knocking a crack the rotation. This year but he is defensive minded he shot 41% from deep as it is a sophomore he dipped a little bit last year to 37. But he focuses on defense and as Bob Meyers said that's kind of rare for college got to be that locked in on that side of the ball not just on ball defender. But an off ball defender he also doesn't those for rebounding these are things. Bit as you said the warrior spent time at Cincinnati time with their coach the guy couldn't have been more perfect fit I think for the wars in Indonesia and other luxury they're gonna happen. Yet we every play that later on tonight as he is really because it's like. To have somebody that knows all about him and helped raise him essentially. And to tell us really exactly. Why. We are getting. And that is you know. They really need youth. And the EU isn't really needs to energize the veterans these guys have been you know getting here I'll have time they've been to four straight NBA finals. And that's kind of scary thinks I suddenly rises Steve Kerr Steve Kerr said to us at the parade he was like this next year is this next year regular season. Is gonna be really really tough and he was just flat out honest about you know these guys adding analysts and remain an act now. How do you motivate them. And many talked about changing the roster. And you change the roster. By getting younger. And menus young guys did you know it's like even the guys we work with these young guys are all fired up they they just fired right right. No doubt and you know Steve I think it was with the is the most recent interview would Damon Bruce. He says what he should admit a whole lot of sense I mean it sounds like the message she's gonna send to at least that the veteran guys that you have been through this grind now 34 years in a row. He says his messages can can kind of be like what guys can't get any harder than it was last year now we're playing with house money we may as well just relax and go get another couple. And is you know that sounds like OK it's easy to say where yet easy easier said than done. But I don't know that is easier said and done what how can it be more difficult. On the warriors than it was this season they really are you know what they've addressed every adversity. That the team could possibly face in their back and face all those again next year. I would contend next year's regular season is going to be easier than this year's. Well I'll tell you I know one way we can get their attention we'll talk about a right here Seacrest tells the show Michael Irvin. On 957 game. Now after that Chris tell us in jail on bond 95 to seven McCain. Having a Michael Irvin and has set already setting the best time I am having the best time you know why. Because it is county fire bulls Friday. Thumb like god how did without the right now. Is it drowned Friday. Guys midnight can't come fast enough I thought. That's firebomb a while I I enjoyed Claremont. What do you think the pick overall. I loved it I mean do you mean the draft overall are just what the lawyers got. Iowa authorities just I love it for all the reasons I said before I mean if if straight months download it and I mean Meyer said it was. It's unprecedented the type of time the drama and put in the the war room and he was watching tape them and when I first heard that he was doing I'm thinking. When coaches must have been exhausted I'm sure uses flatness comes all times but. Meyer said that he asked a question too on that you know really gave him some insight into how locked into this whole thing dream on was. They're looking at a certain guy. And he asked Myers are we looking for 82 game guys are we looking for sixteen game guys obviously relieved for regular season guys are playoff guys. And as they would go through different players and tapes. Dream on would say either you know the he's 82 he's an 82 game guy or he's a sixteen game guy and when it came down to this pick and it was announced and you know listen I got you the mad rush to. To research what discuss all about. Everything that I read in this actually dropped that in your article that are row for our website. Is if you take the scouting reports on this guy and used it he took his name out in you put dream on name and it would work because he's. Obviously very similar to dream on obviously not as polished as dram on isn't dream on made his adjustments at the highest level this kid is already. Ahead of the game he changed his body at the college level but. When you've got a guy like dream on who signed off on the taken so intimately involved that means she's got ownership of the pick which means she's going to meant to this guy. Very intensely how can that not be anything but a great thing. Yeah and I think about a dream model which is really no joke is the fact that. He will watch I mean okay is one thing studying it and studying film. But he actually watches college basketball he loves college he's how junkie he watches WNBA college ball and I mean any basketball game that's on TV health they'll stop march. And that's where we wind. You know somebody else is talk gonna be like a cap narrowly loose above and drink a lot I mean there's legitimacy there move on let. A lot on him watching it and the fact and it just goes to show. That win this guy's time is over and Connell a turnoff on the San Francisco Chronicle's gonna join us coming up here at 930. It just shows when his time is over. That he is going to be in basketball I don't know his front office. I don't know if it's gonna be as a head coach because you look at some of the great players. I mean he had magic right now run in the lakers and he's seen bird coached the pacers you've seen bird run. The Indiana Pacers you've seen great players sue. They got to be in the game Michael because this is who they are well. And I think dream on kid whatever role he wants somebody's gonna give it to him because the guy is. And you know both Kurt and Meyerson said this season basketball Savard. And like you should when he's talking there's some NBA players after the game he you stick Mike in their face and they're gonna give you platitudes and they're gonna read from athlete handbook. And when dream earned get to Mike in his face he just tells truth about what he saw and what he saw as usually things that we don't see average fans. Don't see and when I watch where games. I make churches that treat to myself. I will spend. Six to eight minutes watching nothing but drama and green because as much as we appreciate him now and I'm not suggesting he's underrated he's not people are already talking about it with. There's a potential future hall of Famer. But you can't really appreciate him. It as much as he deserved to be appreciated without locking in on him for six to eight minutes at a time. In looking at all the freakish things that he she's does in the little things she does it makes other people better defenders. Better offensive players he's he's gonna be able to write his own ticket in the game for life. Well let's say I said this last night I thought about it some more. And I still believe that. I think what do landed did last night with trade young and Kevin herder. I think was suggests just brilliant. Because if you look. This kid from Maryland is 67. And herder is a guy that has like the best shooting form at and anybody in the draft. Well who's 67 and has the best shooting form in the NBA. 67 that would be Klay Thompson. Can't trade young is 62 and is an ultimate athlete score I had Oklahoma. He's 62 still cannot pull off the suit with shorts too soon you know I think. Terrible. It's terrible. I mean the only one who can pull it off and mentioned he looked good in Britain make an hour talk to her producer LeBron James pulled it off I didn't like it. But he's LeBron there's gravity would being LeBron and he can Wear whatever the hell you want but not trillions not quite there yet. But stepped curry 63 he's 62. So as everybody sit here is still going after seven footers and 611 guys. It's the guys that worked for the Golden State Warriors. Who was there is they were putting together. The greatest shooting backcourt of all time. While he wasn't going after all the big men Travis like went out and try to replicate I don't know if it's gonna work. But he basically replicated the splash. Brothers then it's it's worth the shot and that's where he learned it from right I mean this is shrinks proving ground or training ground for the job that he's gotten down Atlanta. Then hell if that's the blueprint that you seen or work why wouldn't you try to replicate that that's you know it baffled me. Pitched it to the big men went first and there's actually talk about bowl mama going first in the pit cues like one of those guys who's a late riser. And their traditional back to the basket. Rim protecting enforcer type guys that. Have kind of phase at a game the past couple years is with the warriors do so when I see this sense. Make that pick I'm just thinking are our you know watching the leader you not seeing what's going on in the league. I mean maybe they'll prove me wrong and they will reestablish the value of the big man in the league but I didn't get it I completely got what Trevor cyclist doing. Lie and I ask is. I had Kerry Keating in my house last night and you know kick carries a locked in bio is pretty cool a second round guy. At USC for the hawks. That he carries this out for that. Kerry wrote a all the reports that draft this guy so it was cool beamer Kerry last night as he was definitely a part of the draft but I was like. What what why wouldn't you value what you're seeing like with the warriors and you know it's Connell it's kind of like the drug man. NBA people can't get away from size they can't get away from these still are addicted to sought. In I think also part of it is while the the warriors right now or the blueprint for success in the NBA they also have as we know. May be that you better shooters in the history of the game so how are you gonna replicate that army shirt train young is about staff size. The other kids about clay size but. You really banking on the fact that these guys are going to be able to replicate what the splash Brothers do I get wired donut I just think. That in part is why some teams are still reluctant to give up on the idea of the dominant center and you know you look at. Jo Ellan beat in Philadelphia he's a big man he can step out and shoot the three I'd like to see him shoot fewer threes and keep his ass on the block a little bit more but. With his success as they'd. He plays a little bit of a traditional center role I think. The people that are afraid to give up on size they see that and CC can still work in the game we're gonna pick the big guy. OK I mean let let let's just say this let's just say the hawks. They're not as good. But they're pretty good. With some point stepping Claire gonna get old mutinies and these babies they're babies right now. Yeah I made by the time the spark further you've done these guys will be prepared to be newswire aspirin I mean. And we're talking Michael like six these guys got like six years to grow into these rules because you know we all act. We all act like staff and clay and man not everybody was bragging about stepping clay when they were drafted and there was a lot of questions about clay. I was is that what is or isn't good enough. I mean. And there is a lot of questions about Clyde there was a lot of questions a lot of people down stabbed during a lot of people doubted staff -- the first couple years it was in the league when he had bad ankles. Looked like he wasn't gonna last in the league in order stuck with them ended up with the biggest bargain in in PGA history without a contract before he got maxed out but yeah I mean. Looked at it as talented as anybody is who gets drafted in the first round in the NBA clearly you can ball. But are you gonna become great nobody can really predict that you couldn't do was step you can do with clay. Mean with a guy like LeBron a guy like Kobe yet enter the league you know they're going to be special but. Claimed steps were not in that category when they came in. And that's why and that's why can't replicate it. You can't replicate with the warriors did because all their guys they weren't you know. They weren't the first pick in the draft aren't second pick in the draft they all outperform where they were drafted how often does that happen. Yeah I mean dream on his 35 bureaucrats second rounder maybe the biggest how many guys have been drafted that they that have gone on to be is great history month span. Mean I know on Hampshire the draft ran some guys her lately picks and there's surely a number of them but wow I mean to have. And the people that bitch about Durant joining team looked. This team was homegrown for the most part and they had reached the ceiling in the new when they lost game seven in Cleveland. And that's why I have actually no problem with either direction and the warriors going out and getting KD or KG. Coming here but. For that people tend to forget that the warriors. Could of won back to back titles with a homegrown team if perhaps remind us get down from game five. Let a little homegrown. Thank you. By the way dream and can even pull offs shorts with a suit he's tried to bad luck it is just not mean as I told nick mileage or sixty seldom are given more like that. I'm what if if like I was at the draft now's my son and we just feel like. That does not happen and you're not embarrassing the Stanley like down on national television the Natalie I just I just pulled it out. Nash. Back to look at the 2011. Draft. Why am I doing that. Just. All the guys that were drafted the top ten all the guys who were drafted. In front of Klay Thompson. Just go back and look. Look at the timberwolves did. Look with the jazz did look with the cavaliers dead look at the raptors did look at what Washington did. Sacramento king German through some names that there were drafted and critically Thompson. I'm looking at a right now Jim ever heard the one that grabbed both Massoud the same time that's funny Brandon knight's bridge knocked. This America the Alamo. Analogy facility closure that Tristan Thompson or Klay Thompson. I'm gonna go with clay and I'm gonna go with clay ahead of John Vasily whose drafted sixth overall right behind. Jonas abolish Eunice. And Enes Kanter was the third pick Derrick Williams is a second pick my job is teams drafted. Poorly now joining us he covers the Golden State Warriors for the San Francisco chronicle and I'm not sure can he pull off. The soups that is shorts. Like we saw tray pull off last night Connor is I don't look that when your rolled around NBA arena as you'd think you'd get away weren't. Definitely not. A home I am probable we slack they beat at a us MBA. About it attempts a bit like. Swagger casting Cuban thing that would make him too long. Yeah unfortunately. You have more quality time with them but I. My best hope it. Give us your great on the pick would you bank. I thought it was a holiday. Honestly. You're the guy who. I have been hearing. For a couple of weeks now that the that the warriors are really ion. But all the options that they have. There are 28 I think he just made the most sense because he's a he's a guy who. You know can comment complain immediate role is phenomenal. The parents where he can guard core positions. They even are. And he's he's showed it because well you disregard for. And it really nice long wingspan. And he really cares about these are some that. It was something that Bob Myers mentioned after the draft was at the college level a lot of it dole. Don't really have don't want to do when it comes to defenses it's when they get city MBA at the start learning that they start air and about it. But 1130 at that. He's a solid shooter now agree that somewhere he cannon group but he's good enough you know he shot over 37% from career. Lastly you don't winner I mean that's a bit of the warriors. Care about it he he was the best player I haven't seen that 131 games through. I've for the best record in. In not brand and program history at Cincinnati and they're the number two in the tournament so there's a lot to like arm as he and lateral. And Connor he was a key cog on defense that was rated number two. In the country Bob just I mean he couldn't say enough about his defense of capability of it. Everything you just said Connor and kind of supports my theory is too it's certainly not a quick coincidence. The dream on green was so intimately involved in this draft runup. And then they end up with a guy who you I did a story for our website yesterday and some looking at the scouting report on Jacob. I'm seeing OK take it came out and put dream on and then you basically have the same scatter report that you prodding that probably had Andre among coming out of college. Yet during a moment is that it worked out there eat school. Couple coaches that did Diana Butler and that might seem like. But pretty simple benign compliment but that's high praise coming from Caremark agreed to it as Smart about wired and when I've been around. He's not interested at about a lot of college where so. The thing about. And and that makes him special is its key key. For someone who's fresh and equality doesn't make a lot of mistakes. He knows what he's doing he understands how to read a defense. Years he facilitated a little bit in college Wednesday that an interest in about him. Is his sophomore year he was a finalist murder. Being the best shooting guard in the country in his junior you is the finals are being. About small forward in the country and keep in mind he was also facilitating while doing that so he's Berry burst because we know. This league is all about versatility at this point so he fits what the wars wanted to perpich where. Con Ella turn O joins us here he covers the warriors for the San Francisco chronicles of Chris downs show 957 game we have Michael urban with us tonight. And we learned yesterday from Darren so vina always associate head coach for the University of Cincinnati that the bearcats we had a mind. After the picked. And it's one thing you know Connor we don't know where the lawyers are scouting we you know we're not tracking him. But he told us the war years had been down a Cincinnati quiet quite a bit so basically once we hear that we knew this is the guy they really wanted. He felt a lump and they were able to get the guy that was that guy on their draft ports. I mean attitude about senator yesterday as this suit that's when it came out but you so gullible waited too. Discussed in if you look at it. Everyone at. Had kind of been in discussion. Board that when he picked everyone that had been projected of the remarked Napster would mention the possibility. What is available. You know out that'd be great and now. Everyone else will bill looks when you ain't so. The pilot had their picnic and their pick winners obviously Evans. Connor I heard they were looking for a second round pick try to buy one like to have a couple of years consecutively I understand I'm lucky pharma GM and I get a phone call from Bob Meyers took him by a second round pick him I'm not taken that call. And I'm sure some teams looked at the way the Chicago Bulls discuss savage over the Jordan deltic. I heard that they were in the process of trying to make a deal but the guys that they were targeting got picked before they can make the deal do you have any insight on who those guys might have been. I don't know exactly who we're good at some guys have heard that they were high on him through and it looked on earlier Matt's background work. Savard Carter I don't know West Virginia I think he was one of the first couple pixel respect around you loose. Arguably the best defensive. Point guard it taught about all last evening at her mind and Patrick Beverley that. Or is it like is tenacity. And then modes crater a really athletic potential pre heat at the next level. Out of two lame. Man. Gary Trent junior at a duke who's a great great shooter armed can get on the floor right away just into the shooting ability. Those are three got a note it really lagged in all those stats are pretty. Quickly in this thing that is interest in with how about how popular threats things went last night was. Yeah he needed it didn't sound like you Burnett that they're reluctant to look. Give him a pay baker curb or have personal check around picked them he said that they actually were about to close deals couple times and look at it happened it. We take up the boards it was more but I mean paying. More than anything. I love the three Indy I think is here I shoot threes and I've played defense hell if I was an MBA player. I'd like to be Jamal Crawford and I'd only be a three guys you know I don't even play DF. That's. Ever come up. Or hit her yet a lot of story at his death I'm coming off the bench and I'm shooting and that's all ideal I you know last night we're trying to debate all right. How our roster got a lot can. I just after speaking with the law Loney. At the parade was almost like we were saying good bye hey thanks for the memories you've got to range you went to three NBA finals good free you. He's got that steals that that defense of Lee on the switches that you play smaller players his offense is only gonna get better. And then you think it JaVale McGee knows I'll call it the same thing but that last night they were trying to tell me and I think these guys are going to be back. If you can Von looney JaVale McGee where do you think they're playing in 2018. Yet those in the two guys who better depth on the big that you expected from me those two guys that are close to 5050. So targets that are. I will say that I think go on let me I don't pay him market value I have some people. Today I heard someone alerted oh he's gonna live eight billion arsenal they've missed. What you are you talk cuckoo who told you that now he's. Well aren't you worried that he'd get a two minute closer in the read million dollar range. Which. Isn't really that much more than the 2.3 million that the lawyers can upper hand. You gotta wonder. Is he willing to pay you know. But you under green channel that. To. Stay with a team that drafted him and keep building on. One he is well he has that the warriors. Or duplicate a few extra dollars I personally don't know com. I I I I honestly think if you could be at this point the material McGee I think it's gonna come down to how the rest of there are using kind of shapes I mean see it's one of those situations where. There isn't another. Athletic or any page and that they can get on the mandolin but that it really late. I could definitely see them welcome him to bill back Armon minimum deal I'll be in the post that I don't think they're gonna. Put that on the table so little bit later and free agency just gonna wanna see how things shape up a little bit. Pick on or before religion bounces talk a little bit this summer league school that they've got. Significant minutes I mean we can safely assume that the younger guys they didn't get huge minutes are going to be either but what about guys. Like looney like I'm here Patrick my cause intriguing if you go to some early for the third years Jordan bell going to be there what's going on. Yeah I think you're gonna give macabre optioned back to to go he wants do you have it some of their best players apparently each the past two. Summers and you might consider going back even at its sister a couple games. Just to get continue to get back to their rhythm because you have. Barring injury it really didn't play much impact in the western finals. So I could see him play at least a couple games. We already know that Norton though and damion Jones and Dick Evans are going to be on the summer league teams. But the teams because don't forget they have to summer early. Out of plane in Sacramento at La experiences here. Those can turn. No other back to back so they're going to be in Sacramento. Won there. July day third through but it and there are going to be and now or drive second to and an integrated. Got great stuff we always appreciate it in basketball is a 360 fives will be colleague and soon. Thanks Connor Connor would turn up for the San Francisco chronicle. And you know us. I hear this summer league stuff. And they like golf Vegas and I think Vegas summer and even Vegas summer it's a billion degrees well. And I know your inside and I Wear shorts with my student Vegas in the summer. So I talked this kid today he just got back he's I guess I was a 113 elect Obama. Canes it. Sit by a pool at 113. You jump into the water it doesn't refresh you might Fermi. Vegas for me is a football season time. In English you've got ice cold ministers like covering every square inch of that pool Amerco announcement. There's now and mortars like pounding drinks during the Dana Kennedy out. You'll do it and return to marketers I'm not soft on 9570 yank. I. Is that Chris Townsend shale well. On 957. And pain. In the difference between me and you might go. Com about a foot and a hundred pounds. I was singing something completely. You work a lot I work sparingly. Now things Sony endeavor and that. Yeah. Had a fastball I did not now I think at some else can remember that I just offered to pay for nick. And coal to go to Vegas for me to watch the summer league you would never do that. Now but if that's the earth. Yeah you're enamored Udrih migraine. Yeah I just respect the hell out of his game he's he's literally created. But an opening in the NBA that didn't exist before there's guys that got drafted last night because of dream on green. And I'm enamored with Klay Thompson. As you should be so line. Now let's see you're fascinated by way. Dream on green bean in the war room and scouting and going to the drought in your fascinated by him. Charting applying to top below the best program models and did not vote and if as Steve Kerr says and I wish I was glad it's Andy Klay Thompson. Did do it doesn't care now I'm kind of a big deal I seriously a look at that all I had to. Was putting Klay Thompson. Combo. And even the New York Post I'm Michael the New York Post has a whole thing about Klay Thompson. And mr. Graham models. They're playing in soft all they've rated a boat. There's pictures all over the Internet. He didn't care and in I know he's he's Livan. He's live in the life he's followed some of your greatest advised you know the advice of which are speak don't you mirrored. Don't ever get married in the minors but it I can't believe you guessed it we're on fire together right now. I'm me everywhere you look and you go all over these web sites Klay Thompson. I mean. A he worked as you know let off he's single. He's got buddies he's got the models. And why would it mean this is to the Victor goes the spoils right there's no difference and it's based on that bring everybody tried to those who shade on this. There's no difference what he's Dylan. Then let Joseph nameless was Dylan back in the day in New York or making man all you go way back when these guys. Just Nolan really knew what these Annie Joan at the stories of Joan aim at back in the day you let your New York City to Jason Giambi army keep the local he was living kind of life. The vida loca. I mean why not I mean I think it's really cool dream monger ain't. And I mean I see another career for him I really did right remember in the game. Where's Steve her. Against the suns didn't coach and dream on didn't play in the game and how like he had the suit on and he was only do it like he was there actual I'd go to the team. Yeah. I mean he's he's a basketball junkie of basketball some bought all that stuff clay is that too on a certain level but clay is not. Is locked in to basketball history among clearly is who clay is as you mentioned but he's put in the work. He deserves this you know you can't do this type of thing. If you're not a stud if you're not a a top performer and that's what he is and some guys decide I'm gonna take advantage of it this way some guys decide I'm just gonna lock myself further into the game. And make sure that I have a place and mention it that's the route the dream on is clearly taken. But by the way is Cole so aptly spotted at the one difference big difference between what plays doing. And what Broadway Joseph and what Mickey Mantle we're doing back in the day. Even Jason Giambi there were named Stu grant models back if there were there have been involved but clay has the added benefit. Under mr. Graham models Joan name it didn't need and cigar and now he didn't he just muted. The fur coat and calamity have been a fair guy wore pantyhose and when I thought it was hot god bless you. Guy wore pantyhose in women's flipped out over it. He's he's Joseph name it when your nickname is Broadway jell O you know how good you gotta Golan have so my main. And you know the thing about these picks. For the warriors. V.s the picks that you be mean at some point. The young guys have to carry this torch of the bench to keep this run Roland. Yeah absolutely Brooke. The picture at the warriors may get the luxury. Of bringing them along slowly and well you know the draft scouting reports say. That this kid could be irritation guy in year one. I don't doubt that he could be that on a lot of teams I don't think not only do I think he's not going to be irritation guy over the warriors. I don't think they drafted him to be that this year they drafted him to be this when maybe. You know stepping clay in. The core guys right now when they start to decline that's what these. Last couple picks have been about that's what this pick is about it's about the next wave in trying to make sure that by the time. Their time comes. Look at the guys they've learned from. That team has the best chance of longevity. Then any other because your mentors are the best players in the game right now. This is gonna get Ryan know they're they're no doubt I mean in look Connor said he says he's gonna have a role this year. I don't know how big of a role but sure they're gonna work command they don't. There are draft anybody with the exception may be damion Jones knowing that they're gonna sit the bench most of the year but they brought new when they pick Jones. He was a project it was can take a little bit of time. This guy's got a project she's NBA ready. Well Anthony case later last night. He had a a video and has one thing his coach parents of the you know who joined us last night on our draft show. He say this guy plays defense in his gag blocked shots and then after anti Slater just had a bunch of these clips of he blocks all kinds of shots he was blackened shots near the rim he was blocking three pointers he was blocking them. At the free throw line I mean this guy has a knack for blocking shots and that's the thing I'd Ron Adams the same for the draft is. Whoever they draft. This kid's gotta be able you're not gonna get on and you're not gonna get on the floor unless you play defense you have to be able play defense for the warriors. If you don't play defense you can't get on the floor but that. That's why it goes out certain programs. To certain programs Michael. I mean that's way ever since the husky bear was there Cincinnati. Is about mauling tough guy defense states that this is their style. Their blood urea that's their culture and it's very similar to the worst culture except the warriors also have oh by the way. Three the most devastating offensive players of their generation to go with a smothering defense that the bearcats like to play. Afford to see him how I mean. I can't wait to go to Vegas I am going to Vegas I'm paying for next flight I'm paying for Nick's room I'm paying for anything Kohl wants me to pay for. We're going we're gonna send back gas at two you're gonna know way more about Jacob have been thing you ever thought you would by the end of the summer thanks to create vulnerabilities. Three of your dog today is not we're gonna figured out here to be working vacation. I like it by the way. The 707 is adamant about this in it to the point where is his region on the air so our notes real this is from. Of course the pentium system context 9957. 95 leases you guys are spot on about stepping clay but mark my words nobody saw coming was Donovan Mitchell. Lawny Walker's the most NBA ready player in this year's draft hot take 10100. I love heartache when a warm. But sorry I had to do is go to past drafts like I did not just. Clicked on 2011. NBA draft. And. You've got. Okay. The year big carrier ring guy who kind he went number one. Klay Thompson went eleven. Cole why Leonard what fifteenth that San Diego State. To recall value paired term I mean. What are these guys thinking you know you start looking at these evaluate yours and the guys that they're drafting high and your time back guys. That basically you've got guys taken in the top ten before Klay Thompson and they didn't even have an NBA career move. How did you draft somebody. In front of Klay Thompson ended dude didn't even play in the NBA. Because you didn't have the logo. West was around when they picked when they pick playwright. Correct okay. That you know I know a lot of people think that Jerry West impact on the lawyers is overblown and because he's the logo we like to make it a bigger thing than it is. But it's real man I mean that guy had significant influence in the draft room. And there's no denying the fact that they've drafted incredibly. Well during his entire time with the team you can't ignore that match why. Look at the clippers germ mess right now. But I really trust him I I think that they're going to be on the right track sooner rather than layer later because of Jerry West. He's the reason clay is with the warriors he's a big part of the reason not the only reason but he's a big part of it. You know part of the problem when you when you. Go to Wikipedia with a guy like Jerry last. His damn career was so long so varied. Try to whose parents and yet he joined. Meese going at the knowledge on May nineteenth 2011. The logo you don't pump yourself just as you have an Internet connection. Well no I guess I remember I said he was there on that like as a Mike in my right here. May nineteenth 2011 west join the Golden State Warriors as an executive board member. Reporting directly to new owners Joseph late given Peter Guber. The Earl also came with a an undisclosed minority ownership stake in the team who I did not know that neither. In 2015. The warriors won their first championship in forty years of championship. Was the seventh earned by west while serving as a team executive he earned his eighth in the 20162017. Season. And of course now it talks about being with. The clippers you know I.