Chris Townsend Show Final Hour

The Chris Townsend Show
Wednesday, December 6th

In the final hour of the Chris Townsend Show, Towny talked to A's Beat Writer for the SF Chronicle Susan Slusser and AP Writer Michael Wagaman. 


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DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco this. Music. Little later we'll have Michael Ackerman on the program to get into little football gig and a raiders and chiefs. The drop below. As he covers the national football league for the Associated Press a lot to get inches were leading into. A big weekend the playoff picture and beyond reason to be excited right now appears Sampras is dove forty niner fan but before we do all of that. She's the best. Your target a's baseball we gotta have our days insider from the San Francisco chronicle on. Susan its luster joins us here on the Chris Townsend show it's been allows Suze and Abby then. A well I was good to those this news today you know we've been fighting this battle for so long for the athletics trying to get something have bent. Get something in Oakland gets something in free market something in San Jose now back to oak Glen. And here we are back to square lawn again it's hard to believe. Yeah it is I think you are legitimately. Surprised there you know particular kind of cynical about. That out from everybody in aipac to mediate today. It was really stunned witness in and I am not. The chancellor has come out in paper the eight. In in the chronicle and some other outlets so I think the election and let. Get over that faculty the student had expressed some opposition. But I mean it felt like that's. Fox quit you know at least they can present their case remain. You know that they captain debate is about the quantity critically the college district and currently out in regular. At one Italy that I'll out there and apparently that's. You know another night in an ox so. The Tampa told the chronicle later in the day today that the door is not close. I don't know what that means maybe that should speed train up. Joba got a big theater now think about will Wear Wear make up next. What is plan B. Have played well when they are focused on going to college say this that they at that completely. Now I think that's because they are trying to they would Brooke Hundley cart obviously date in the Hewitt of late. They know the pros and cons of both interest rates I think the feeling about Howard terminal let's. There are really you know a lot of stay there and it bit the speed dealt with it can be very expensive very time in May and that powers that would need to be loose collect railroad tracks the lack of transportation year. Yeah that play into that thing like that he couldn't read or incapable arc toward the locker which have to be. Turned background anyway so. In cop in LA county who talked about it a million times there are a lot of classes the one thing that happened at downtown. And you know day you'd be able to scroll restaurants and bars nearby. I think it's Smart developer could come in and help put that is sort of a ballpark village kind of there at that you know. A new development school up all over there. This is an area with tons of money. And lots you know I T or you know more. How they needed more development not less so I think somebody Smart could turn that air immediately desirable. Area ago for a game and put in baseball stadium I hope that's what happened I hope it's not into action gets discouraged until somebody out of the market. Yeah because that's when we starts things can get pretty Dicey right and that's where Adam that at a and I really don't want to go down there about we will Susan saucer. Who is our. Gays in sire from the chronicle also the author of a hundred things a's fan should know do before they die would make a great Christmas gift for any a's fans you go to Amazon right now picking up a bunch blazing take that. In other thing against Maine. Is here you have a Golden State Warriors who said Deanna were out here. Then you have the raiders who said you can't deal with these people were going to Vegas and I know for years. The a's try to tell bud Sealy. This is just not gonna work demand for it was a part of that too though and here we are again with Oakland it's not working it's like. It even know what to Sammy your you'll lose your basketball team we lose your baseball team and then now your football team and then now this. Yeah you know bad that this is very specifically the community college district rather than you know media Oakland officials say you know not. It Edgar and overlap on something that the that the board of trustees that needy college district the aids or taking a rich in. Announcing it right that they did not have but Lan port yet Horry. You know at least some sort of pretty good commitment that they would be able to get the land they didn't know what it would be at least from the community college district. Or who will be a straight up hill on the comedic architect. And that obviously we're now electorate that that they can get on land and at two pretty majors that when your. Park in about again mine site is knowing how are going to land and I think that would a look at my property. And that's saying that I hate to hear. And it happens in professional sports there's always some towns some Mora also wants to chicken hawks somebody's team. And what scares me to death. Is that this ownership group that win all man. And now could be a situation says you know we've been doing this retired and it. We don't want to build the coliseum site that's the only place left we don't we're gonna salad is there ever the possibility where you think seller to comment by the team to move them. It absolutely I would have to think that something meant that people should be concerned about you know it at its ownership of like that was our site. We were committed were in a privately funded stadium which they have that all along we were willing to put our money there and we can't make it work out well. You know that that we've had a date they have looked at you know this battle on time you know through all the process looking at very different places. You know we know the on the other hand I. I would say that coliseum site is a great site for a lot of Greek. That could sit up and culture to get that money back. But it still went that the vast market. In the country even sharing with the giants. And it better then. You know sort of the 39 and fortieth big markets in how to meet opposite that its biggest market in the country so. I don't think Oakland he's not been you know a bit more desirable place probably umpteenth. You know and their discouraged you know what they do it you hope that they would all the local Egypt itself. Yet that's the thing too is now. Now how discouraged. Is new York and the commissioner and the MLB office 'cause they signed off. On this site they said the days are meant to be in Oakland. Hash tag everybody rooted in Oakland Knight is Warner how New York feels about Oakland. Let's act and act that act upon people in the and the arc today and that a New York has actually only been really pretty. Supportive of the coliseum site to. I think they've felt all along like K at the other team to leave. Got a pretty nicely there you know we've we've got transportation infrastructure. I think MLB. Would love it right it could be up quicker which they obviously coliseum so. You know they've been have to get environmental impact report on that concept that they they could be it in the open running much more quickly so it and it began Moby and that stand point. We'll be like Alan. I took an epic at the coliseum. And very so. If the US. Made somebody and I'll beat you a bit I think in the public that it look like most practical and not that he could get expedited. So let's do it. Let's switch over to show Oreo tiny as teams. Today making moves to get international bonus money. To be able to give him more money. And their teams in the a.'s division and all of them Rangers mariners angels and then he got the National League teams yet giants got cubs again Dodgers got pod race. They can only give up 300000. While the angels. Mariner's a Rangers can all go over two million when you look at this guy what are you hearing has if he truly wants to hit. Any truly wants to be as starting pitcher how would he do that for national team like the giants. Well I play and then there in the field a couple on toll which is what he had that problem. You know it just. That money does not seem like a primary factor that guy now are I do not know him apartment and accurate. He's making a on endorsements in Japan and I don't think it you know the difference between 300002. Million it's going to be make or break situation. He knows what he's gonna make an endorsement over that and he knows when the time comes that he's done well it's going to be. There adequately compensated. It sounds like if people all the pieces together what you smaller cities like on the West Coast and may not had eight Japanese star. The lead at that I'm currently have a Japanese player and then he'd think about sort of his own personal history. Think he would like it might be kind of an yap at my apartment thing. Seattle makes a lot of sense that he you know talking about. He doesn't want to keep the patent Japanese are that eliminates and so. In almost every detail has had at least one Japanese are there with maybe the exception of him on. And a I you know he hasn't Caylee in Munich on I read the tea leaves that just seems like maybe at could be at. That spot he felt very calm. Our prices in the winter meetings are about to start so keep your phone phone on we're going to be Colin. The greats is susser right here once again author of a hundred things they Spansion known do before they die. The coliseum site. How great could it be. To the question news. Would you. Go to the coliseum site I don't not I you die hard you're always gonna go. Would people be attracted what would they have to do to make people attracted to that site. More than just coming to a game. I know there's been grand plans for the site before but none of that ever. But no that never works. Nine whatever works. Not convention center our hotel. Could you hooked. On the site of the coliseum. Could you put restaurants could you put bars. And would people go there would people go there when the a's are playing that's the question. That's why everybody wants a downtown ballpark. All you have to do is go a few blocks from from where we are here in San Francisco. And if you knew where AT&T is. What it was like. Bear before. And what it's like they're now because of pac bell opening up completely changed the area. I drive by it. In the offseason when I'm not going day's games and I'm not going to raider game are not going to warrior game. And I'm coming to our studio here in San Francisco. I I come right off the 280 extension I know right up dude I know right up to eighteen TI make a left and that's how I get to where we are here. And I've watched it grow for so many years. So many years. All the different condos and apartments and businesses. That's what these baseball teams want. They want that Citi Field that's what the Hayes wanted. That's what they thought they were going to get. For God's sakes we finally had eight timeline like a legitimate timeline. And in the rug and just pulled right from right out from under. It's frustrating man. It is so hard to build in California. Look at everybody rips the niners. How tough was the bill trying to build San Francisco. Asked the giants say now how tough it was. Got Tuttle was for the Sacramento Kings als lost their team I really. Hate. The rumors they're like these little rumors. No one the one town and I in nominee starting earn it again. And I heard this. So you went there was some point in the it started there is a little bit I got a couple different. Hey gotta watch out for Portland. I've heard that. That there's somebody in Portland that's interest in bringing Major League Baseball. To Portland. That scares me how frustrated. His Major League Baseball and how frustrated. Are the days gonna get. And are they going to be willing to go plan B. And build at the coliseum site. Tony basically would be trying to re do the area. And redo it around the brown what would be the new coliseum. Can it be done. Are the people. Who are rays fans. And Walnut Creek. El Amal San Ramon Danville. Dublin Pleasanton. They get a drive to that site to go to dinner they gonna drive to that site to have drinks are they gonna buy this season tickets. The people of Fremont. No penis. Castro Valley Hayward are they gonna do it. I'm not talking about the die hard 101000. That's solid d.s new ballparks are built on their built on sell out season tickets. Examine its value and this is so way it is very light or not the majority will buy season tickets don't live in Oakland. That's the way is for the warriors it's a way it is for the raiders it's a way it is for the games. Two other organizations are saying it's better to be out of that city then to be and it. Now lord the is gonna do. They put a lot into this. A lot. They put their ray eggs in this basket. And then this happens. The question will be will the fans. In Alameda count any. Santa Clara count me people in San Jose over a million people who a's fans of San Jose they gonna drive up. They you know can you build this complex it's gonna bring people. And you can build and revitalize the area around it is that possible. Does that might be the lab that that might be. His worst case scenario. The absolute worst case scenario is someone's someone's there are towns I mean all you have to do is look. At the Oklahoma City Thunder. Who the hell whatever sick. Seattle's gonna move all Lloyd a little Oklahoma City it happened. I big market team lost to a Smart has you know why. Smaller markets don't have as much the issues. Let's go to Dave and Martinez Dave welcome to the Chris Townsend chow. Thank you very much beauty in life beyond the current. It. Bet you we really great power you get the right art checks and all that what you get the right. Brains to put the real read into it appears no doubt in my mind you can change. The open call seems like lightning geek brief in place to be. Yeah well I don't one's not at risk losing our strategic arc of course but you don't get pretty close to you know Bart you. Yeah there are pretty pocked. They are there they're already spelt out I think they are Smart. Is that do people really. Bruce Morton's long. But the ball park so that people. Or evidence to Portugal Morse. The airport. Then to oversight. Because you're the best of all. That's all part here. I. I say. Details that this is not really bleak but I know. Doubt in my mind it would speed not great power energy try getting. Tunisia at all site. They could be eaten some success and it'll. Dave you just made a good point thank you for the phone call. They've just made a very good point. That's not it's not his Forte. Not my Forte on how to build arm. I don't know about our hotel and word gotta love restaurants will work. I can tell you I'm in the restaurant business right now I wouldn't put restaurant there. I wouldn't. I mean you know have to show me you would have to say okay. This is how it's gonna work this is our gonna fill your restaurant on a daily basis. A lot of people's say how great can BB yet it's never been done. It's a lot of big talk and but I can't I can't say. I'm not a builder I don't know I don't know how to build a complex I don't know I you do that. I don't know how Jerry Jones does what he knew he did know what they're gonna do with the rams down there that thing looks amazing. I had no idea that the giants would revitalize. Just south from here I don't know that kind of stuff. Weakened talk about it on sports radio and say all it could be this and it could be that. It's never been that. I mean right across from the coliseum is awful. I'm bot on all sides. Not good. I don't wanna be going to the games like when I did tell the post game show I don't wanna be go to get gas and AM PM you know the game PM on target about. I don't want to be their 12 o'clock uniter 1230 at night I'd now. So everybody talks a big game the yet it is what it is right now. Let's go to Fillmore Mike in San Francisco go ahead Fillmore. And county. Will point out load nearly took a group punishment Marshall opens sport bullet Bob May appointed by poker mop or what is I'm not it. Totally agree with you go with a giant before it kind got attacked bill or at Erie. Yeah actually yeah but why an air look like cricket control like. Not been without the year and they want the ball park you have the law. Say it out all these other. Read it and see pop up and being that interest Papa. Go. It back if they really want it to do not act College. Park. Or despite they would do it but I think like that air. There is still one appeal your apps aren't they if they would want to debate about it and I probably speak the whole air you know what I mean. Now I mean Lopez as you know Fillmore I mean my god. That what if you sent like a shot from above when they first opened pac bell park would it look like van. And what it looks like now my god it's like a completely different world. It is exactly now open like the ballot in op board working there maybe two out in the Greek. A lot mean it will literally do it at that are in it ended in a great week but it. And hopefully it can happen and Oakley Batman transplant bike repair and Coke mega money we stand at Oakland because more it is cheaper. Building. So yeah. They got. Yet thank you Fillmore yeah I mean I had that list fastest. How those Alyssa asks herbs. Is front page of the paper the other day of the Mercury and. Stockton is the fastest girl. Allaying and homes and people moving there and and and going up in value. Yeah Oakland is two they had it was Oakland and Berkeley Hayward and I think they are like fourth on the list San Francisco redwood city south San Francisco's on analyst. I hear yet I didn't. Man not doing this for years. I'm hearing this stuff for years. And what I told you years. I'm going to be going to games at the coliseum had set it for years and I haven't chased around the coliseum. Every talks about the always is a can be we'll win. And that happened I don't know. I'm not developer I've no idea nerd developing thing. Can it happen. And it's frustrating as hell we finally got an answer. We finally had a timeline. Like a timeline. You talked about construction and what are we backed him. And they build their I had hoped to god I. I don't. We don't even know in the warriors leave what's gonna happen with a oracle. What's gonna happen I don't know. If everybody can is really how works people play and oracle Lago played the shark tank. Now get the shining Hillary answer ever Cisco's everybody now they don't want appliance ever Cisco at the shark tank more than what have historical don't know. We don't know. We're back to where we started. Let's go to Rick in Hayward you on the Chris Townsend show. I should really. I'm going to be a little. I don't know them like it actually be out there out league or the arc you know there. It again like in the middle name. Drive it. Jokes and so you know. I'm not happy that he is now out there aren't certain the but it worked it wanted to put up ball mark was it won't work too much opposition. The route took too many don't know. And idle a lot out of the way and now now I have the pleasure talking about. Apt to be about and Mia and Munich stamper are. Augur well. You look at that point. Actually entered the wire partners doing the under thirty acres at the all in the bill. Talked to developers think it can't work at all in sight. I have one day. I don't de. Santana row. I workable price I like people there all China what in Nairobi. In a well. It had that yet had like the busiest I remember it was it was I illicit camera strip mall us. In the I was town and country unit had they actually the most had the busiest Chile's Kazuo was right across from the Winchester mystery house. And move our leaders it was the busiest Chile's in the country. It was it was again no. No I agree I agree to a general but what I am saying you lose it. It bit around the call in lately I think we're part of a program called. OK to. That call the law industrial. And now but all in that's a little bit. All well it all in doctor. So you've got no right across the street they do without. They've under ticker all. It didn't trumpet in the opposite. The property that the wife used to should I buy it number so. And you. Don't ball mark there is not a good deal. OK I agree with you Rick I really thank you for the phone call you could build but it's my number one question. If you build it will they come. Now back to decrease towns and challenge on 95 point seven big game. Michael Ackerman is gonna join us coming up here at 1045. He experienced a very bad game tonight from what I'm hearing. I disappointing I mean I'm I'm the I'm disappointed. I'm angry I'm hurt. It's just you get tired of it. You'd get so tired. I've told you three years. I've heard so much weird stuff. There was a worse appoint. To where this person was trying to reach out to me somehow got my phone number. Wouldn't tell me who they were they were connected to the mayor's office that they needed to meet with me. Meet with anybody I don't know you'll tell me your name are you crazy. Isn't All the President's Men which is a great book go read about it Watergate. Deep throat out there I'm not mess with somebody not meet anybody know nude and and how failure my phone number. Leave me alone. Somebody told me I've told this story for years under your phone calls. Somebody told me three years. Like the circus man the circus stays the same just the performers change. Always sang. Nothing gets done. Nothing ever gets done. They just keep pushing the boulder. Keep pushing the boulder. And only lose a little bit and then all of a sudden. Band new people come in to push the boulder. There's new mayors there's news this there's new GPA it and it is always knew people who steal from Alameda County there's there's always new people. Always pushing the boulder nothing gets done. I hope they understand. And that's my question is. It's easy for us to go of course she could build something great at the coliseum can and you and would people show up. Is that's what everybody wants. People want a stadium. Around stops. That people are gonna come and they're to spend their money. And they're gonna consume. Will consumers. Show a lot. Right now people date show up they park they walked in they watch the game become backed out relief. Can you build something that people from all over the Bay Area would come. And spend their money. And spend their money a year round basis. I'm Tony I drive by AT&T park the businesses around AT&T park there's people in these businesses year round when there's not baseball going on. Today actually build something that people are gonna go to that. Consumers will be there year round. It's easier to all Sports Radio stations say yes how do we know. I don't know that would happen. Are people gonna drives. You need people live around there obviously that's key because that's when things now as they built a bunch a places were people deliver around AT&T park so they can go out to those. So they can go like Mac could believe eight. Right across from countered that built the safe play outside really. There was nothing mayor years ago now there's everything he got that bowling Alley got Margie. Could that work. Let's go to Chris and Oakland you're on 957. Chris and Oakland Chris in Oakland. Chris are there. Earlier ordered all these corrupt you what are you hit it a little bit it's always baseball season we got the winter meetings. That's right now that we update you on the right. You know. I think people are overlook is. There's a lot of kind of creativity in Oakland and it lacks creativity with aids stand like epic would probably lead the Major League in. Homemade. Here. Or you know. And officially licensed products and I don't but Google like have it. The lack creativity in the top two people were in the gain. With a lot of creativity. And dedication to detail dating culture. And that's that probably. Would not. Definitely would not but I can't see that happening it would have built upon all hard. And are you. You know a lot of opportunities down there. That he can kind of say it was tested with those food trucks this year India championship. While there oracle that I would that would over really well. People like the idea of giving. Goodson for a decent price for the Eagles into the radio. And the post are Caroline looked beyond getting. Sub par food for a not a decent part once they get into the stadium. That could be doable partner structure and you said it earlier what you use activity going on open on. On non game days. Well it could be other than the stadium. We see that political arm X games. She Dayton that video casts the mavericks surf contest that he can park soccer game. Concert. Arm then the year by like I can see some of electric convention center. Could be operating year or certainly can be booked for non game you know he's he's in council weaker and days so they're two weeks. It could look at around the games or they just have although. Yeah I noticed that area yeah I I hear you crystal lands there I I I I I understand that. Lil people. Come and spend their money year round on that site. Seen a thing in as he a's fans who say yes well of course you already go. It's people who don't go oh are they now gonna go oh. You are ready go. I've got EU. Eager to go to games anyway of course you're gonna ago. Aren't the people who don't go now now all the sudden gonna ago. I don't know how we act I don't know how you answer that. Let's go to David in Berkeley Getty needed. Eddie Chris I don't. Well miserable. Well yes it's a real man Majoli I mean I mean look I mean via these questions are people called enter his. OK number one people like reality around or sporting arena. And around the air the reality of it the people who are saying they can builder had a history. You know this you know I mean like not. That is not an area that were in the old man at the cash or. What you want what I want to remember who would. Rather. Than 998. Yeah. We're out there when he'd be Staples Center. Not the down there there was nothing like. That go to annihilate it too. He took eighteen web. A sport print. What poll too too little bit like. This one. Way or not they. Don't out we got about eight. We that you catching up but Akers. What. I don't did not look occult in October 09 you get done out there. No I hear you David thank you for the phone calls is not the lakers Yeltsin ideally teens. You had the clippers you had three teams going into that building and it was right. That's right off 110 in downtown LA there is not done now there's all kinds of stuff but you needed all that to make it happen. This isn't going to be a three team deal let's go to Maurice and Oakland welcomed a 957. I. Think about it right revitalized. You know whole. Where eighteen part right now. You know that no doubt it will come. Up like pac bell park in part an up Mike. On it like that area where by rocket site area. Ready being developed. Public bishop went about that part of an patent that opened their Eric helped our development and how do you think that bad place. It would talk about. Well oak went in the development why why that's part. Epic scene like okay. All in one. Why helped develop the part of that vote. I understand that it's the question will it work. That's the question will it work will you get people showing up there year around. Is which you don't want to do and probably what they're scared Evan no one's told me this is all was said he built this ballpark. You invested all this money annexing you know you get the Mariners in town on a Monday night it's called me got 9000 people there. So you build all these beings at that site. Are the people who don't go now on a regular basis now gonna go on a regular basis. That's the question. I don't have the answer you don't have the answer. I don't know what kind of research they have done. It might be the only shot. Something's got to happen. Well I'd want my kids B can they get something done before my kids are in college can make it down before I retire for God's sakes. There's not been a good day. I got I got lags wags always makes me feel better. Now backs Chris Chambliss in show on 95 point seven big game. Now joining as a good friend of the program from silver and black illustrated and the Associated Press follow him on Twitter at BM wagon man. The great Michael lag amend wags. I hear you covered one hell of a game tonight. Oh. Yeah I'd like to say about that. California took it on the chin denied and about spite different ways. To a central Arkansas emitted. They should be dump. One that. Try to wipes and don't expect. Did a Scottie Pippen playing in this one. Yeah icing. They were down by one half. After minute after the Central Park tortured afterwards and they were like yeah what's gonna detour and we wanted to give this surge won't get to thirty wanted to get to forty. All the male bit. What did you think of the news or get to football the way jus think of the news today about the days and the coral to site. Patent. Shock saddened at the area. Sports because I won BAK. Am I want you get a new stadium. But not shocked because mine. Model all along others the eighties and and actor trading nearly college whether the raiders must pay. The warriors getting their new or structures go. Collecting show it or I don't believe. And there was some. That he. Down fully. Or whatever reason. Important it was just something. And yet you know it cherub like aches and all there 812 A in this basket. And she able like yeah I mean you know published this morning it was because I bet it was. What kind of moving forward and so now. Now well have to sit back and wait she where they go from here because. You know like acute mentioned earlier in the show you know that's something they were counting on him. They're they're gonna scrambled well and and you know where's Major League Baseball they do on an as an opportunity. To adjust it leaves the entire situation. So uncertain so it later. Parchment got effort racer. In the loyal. And it out there every angle right wind and law you know they had. Think the statement. Britain's. Let's switch over to football let's switch over to the San Francisco 49ers drop below definitely look too good to. I you see that this could be the future. What does she need to do the wrestle away for you decide franchise and instilled date him or sign him to a long turned contract. Mary. You know taught in forty different after the game that readiness to signing long term Baring. You know but it's like you know is age. It or just that good to her what. I think that in the 49ers as Staten. French right that something may need to evaluate over these last four weeks. What do I need to implement it more what you did. You know it in the pocket Eric I'll. Rolled all it looks like guys. Doing out there are a lot of arranged flamboyant or she could change. I mean indeed looks like he's not property. Remember a couple bowl. Yeah Aron mentioned are still learning bits and piece systems so. I wanna grow it as the couple weeks I wanna see you again dignity in the week. Get it into a little bit more. And then your respective. Okay that's what we have our guys that you are right now we have to build a program. Pubic don't have good and to black and have a good receiving corps. You're going to marry this guy you're gonna make your franchise quarterback you darn well better start what pieces in place or around him. To make sure that not only stay here but eight helped. Units wanting have a guy in there. That had it does. The skills to play the position but it is constantly brought an oil aren't wired like we shall some of the 49ers quarterbacks when earlier this year. But it doesn't matter really back so. I you know I'm confident moving forward that there that this is the guy. That the 49ers will it leash happen the next couple years. And you know then again it comes down to them building up the the peace or giving them some weapons to. Let's switch over to the silver and black they act Kansas City on Sunday. There's three different scenarios. Where the raiders can make the playoffs and win division when the division all three of those scenarios though. They have to weigh in Kansas City and they have to beat the chargers. Absolutely I mean I. Began and at the over the sixteen. In his candidacy this year I had achieved winning here and the raiders winning in Kansas City. But now obviously that change greater or your all and they're gonna get them. Check. Out there. In the middle. Now you have. A chance if they wanna make the policy of their one chance of making these well how to beat Kansas City this week. Have to be either. Dallas or Philadelphia. Most games are paying them skeptical about you know. Didn't change yeah it would match game I think the Key Largo in this because. They're getting preaching that reeling him in that will be without Peters. You know in every way shape it warms game of the reduction and on paper you. You know that they had not come bursting this year. That this is the ignition. And changed shake everything up. That final game. Very well probably be if not it could not already decided that will try to win the AFC west. And LA interrogate. Now it's gonna happen for years is gonna have a growing years was a big what's the biggest difference you've seen in the defense instead O'Donnell's take an hour. Now a little bit more active. Player that the cars are in a little tighter coverage. I am not rated it all gone now because they played Europe. You know. Seems that that aren't exactly world beaters in struggling Denver team and Eli Manning New York. I'm not written entry owed arm MacDonald savior. You know that this deal could still have problems again. Denver wins came when Trevor Sammy came in got a ball so I mean she that they they're they're a little bit more. Playing a little bit there. Or even get the eight sacks last two games bat in the regardless of your plane got a grip that that pass rush. And that true a byproduct of kind of some things are good job now is doing now. You know I would like to see that secondary better that you portray. And you know they made they get caught a break card pick up pack religion bronco future recipients were slow. Give Eli Manning they're going to get outs as well all four quarters. Emissions between the problem. Rick to a lot of things in the air so. I think we'll get a better read. John O'Donnell is decent impact on this team after this week a better read that we did you know the previous two. Wags are the best crack a beer and have a good night. Our job and Bridgestone invitational at the other do. I'm body take care. Michael lag demand is great job covers everything and we can go anywhere lags. I get is gonna do it for the Christa thousands show what we have tomorrow here on 957. Big game Jolo and gives from six to ten. They're gonna have Greg pop the legend Dick Stockton. Shaun Livingston Nate Burleson and Jim Barr nets. Then we're gonna have Stein mean guru. From ten to noon. And they are going to have Tim Roye and Tony Gonzales one of the greatest. Cal bears and tight ends in the history of the game. Afternoon delights. We'll have Anthony Slater leaking Kennedy Michael Lombardi Bob Myers and John Miller will stop by. The hall of Famer John Miller tied a little giants baseball's hot stove is hopefully gonna start getting not. Dim bristle have Michael's silver Steve Kerr Joseph Staley. Don't forget will be on after. USF don's basketball. About 915. And nine. Now rain fifteen. Ish. Bob nightingale is going to join us at 930. As rare really start break it down hopefully they'll be some movement does. And zillow to Connie and Stanton move were just all kind and this. Stahl load right where it is stalled so hopefully were finally get some movement Conan hot stove league and then a lot of pieces will start to fall. Sometimes you get frustrated in this job. Oakland Oakland Athletics police figured out and figured out soon we'll see Itamar.