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Wednesday, October 11th

In the last hour of the showTowny talk to Chris Herring on the start of the NBA season, and in addition Brent Brennan San Jose State Head Football Coach! 


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Point seven. His town and show you know we love to have him on the program widely Jay z.'s head coach my football team. Fred brown and meg go to San Jose state joins us here on nine to five point seven a game coach how we Dylan. Under a great news. I'm doing well in the old belie a trip I used to remember. The hall of Famer Sam Ferraro mild baseball coach whenever we go to Hawaii would always say. Gentlemen this is a business trip and we'd all sit there we kinda snicker under our breath Miguel. You bet it's a business trip and business is good because we always had a fun time. Gone over the island obviously football is a little different what's it like taking your football team over and take on Hawaii which is always the late game in college football. You know ID yeah you gotta battle all the time different thing there with so we've always been tragic I think we're kicking off it. I don't know 8 or 9 o'clock our time and than the other man who trip and that all the challenge you know I think everybody in the world. When they go to Hawaii kind of relaxes like oh yeah I'm on vacation but that can be any part of vacation for us we've got too much work to do. Yeah I mean it's one thing I base while you're there for quite a while you're there fur earlier there for like two weeks since you guys are gone and to play a football game. And it's a game you desperately need because obviously lately it's been tough for react. We had our rival last week in Fresno state that didn't go your way what is it like for you to keep you know keep the message going despite you know that losses are starting to add up. Well you know I think that all the challenge of it right and live in the game obviously the really hard thing for any team you put it comes time and effort into it your kid works so hard. And not come on top is really frustrating but you know our message did not gonna change continue to work your butt off. Do the right thing handle academic people and wonderful all pilots get to work. You know one thing that I was tell people out of the tailgate last week is you know. It's gonna happen to everybody that you end up with a really young football team and young football teams usually get it handed to woman it's pretty much any college sport. When you're young you're gonna struggle but the good thing about young teams. They get to become veteran teams and you keep data back to your mind Bonino it's tough right now but these kids are gonna grow up in front of our eyes. And the next couple years things are gonna be different. No I absolutely agree that in that you know that one of the positive you take away from the experiences do you look at that and hey. Or run a bunch of freshmen out there right now and they're fighting they're hailed often and all that and other learning and so they're getting no viable wrestle at full speed. Real we'll all read the Euro overtime stack and help them build would be better players as we move on here. And I'm sure it's something that you see on a consistent basis because of me your college football player you played UCL AU ever being a young guy. Making mistakes I mean. Do you go back to when you played and then of course have been coaching all these years so when you see you've got you know I. That is just I wanna say a rookie these kids aren't that's just a freshman or sophomore as a young kid mistake. Oh yeah I mean and actually that I laugh at myself all the time does that what it is was at that stage of my life. But I found you know hurt for our kid but definitely some of that you know some of those things that happened for the first time. Or getting used to the speed of the game. You just try and help them understand my Qaeda is gonna happen weight faster than you think it is so make sure you're giving it all you got when you get out there. And that sometimes that you know when you die young some of those left and you have to learn on your own. And so there's been an update now there's this fall so far. Bremer and de go to San Jose state football joins us as a spartans are and overtake on the rainbows on Saturday night always interest angle late game in college football. Well actually had two late game Stanford's gonna be taken on org into that too late games. Regarding the Bay Area teams and you mentioned speed of the gain all the years covering the NFL it's the one thing that I immediately stands out. Two guys going from college to the National Football League I gotta think it's even greater when you think. There's a lot of kids you play against and high school they're not very good. And then now you jump to this level to where now everybody is goodness we'd best be going so fast for these kids. Oh they did that it didn't end and then. Trip in part about that is. Lot of times a young players kind of revert to what worked for them on the high school level. And you're constantly trying to keep them like none no. Everybody here was the man at their high school they were they do it in the whole area that everybody was talking about every Friday night. And your no law you know you're not that guy anymore. And those that feel a little is much more even and so that that's a hard hard braking some of those habits for kids are used to kind of in providing. Or are you doing something the wrong way but still get away with it and high school when they get this level they have no chance if they want to Iraq. You know one thing that coaches always talk about football every level it's turnovers you've got a win and turn over battles. And unfortunately for you coached. Not only turn it over it just seems like every single time we turn over the other team turns it into points. No doubt we have had. An awful run turning the ball all over it and you know that unfortunately it you know a lot of those are self inflicted a go wrong route a bad decision. But that pat. A sack fumble you know help like that so obviously got something that we hear. Spending and insane amount of time. Attempting to remedy you are simplified scheme or. Give us you know throws in and route that we feel comfortable where third or those kind of things and then. I'm obviously trying to shore up the pass protection. Would you bet on pretty good most the time this year so. But that but those who think you work on tirelessly because you you know that one of our. One of the pieces of our plan to win it winning the turnover battle and if you don't you know you have no chance. One of the great things about your job it's teaching and molding young men on the field and off the field I know you're doing a great job with that. And if I wanna give them some positives do some positives you see with your football team because there's always going to be positives and a season. You know that this kid come to work every day and they've battled to the end and every game even now when the score didn't look like it was in in their favor. You know they're they're giving up all they got up and I think you know the other aspect that they've continued it. Build on and improve on you know last semester we had to hide in GPS the football team never had here's how they stayed. And they're continuing to work really hard in terms of study hall and go on the clap and yes Larry Chris if I get I last checked so let me so I walk up there and watching kids walk and it is fun to do a little bit of the panic when they realize that the head coach is there waiting to make sure their own clap and sitting on time and send in the first heroes but. Amid a really good that way. And down and then they've been really involved in the community here so I think. You know that we continue to build the program economy in the way we we wanted to go. I'm confident that we continue to give them good foundation had young man and I believe that would translate to good stuff on the football field. And I may be another positive your kicker Bryce Crawford became the second San Jose state kicker he kicked three field goals. Of fifty or more yards and a career as he got out believers out fifty to work 51 yarder against Fresno. That's pretty big league sell because we've had some good kickers. No question he's a great kid he's a really hard working kid he's taken very seriously he's all doubt their town on the ball and the RCN N you know I go on my. Afternoon run need out there are getting kicked by itself you know just put the tee and a bag of balls. And tip off of it is you know you you've fine if you're around for long enough you find that the guys who worked the hardest. Are normally the best players who didn't sound so simple but it's really true. You know they're the best player I've ever coach were also the guys that grind it the harder and practice. Worked hard in the off season it is just didn't sound so cliche but is so true. And right is one of those kids. Well one other stories about San Jose state Hawaii it's one of the great stories in the history of college football and I wish every San Jose state Spartan really knew about this story because when you look at this series. This series is tied 1919. And one with one cancellation. The San Jose state football team arrived on December 3 1941. Of course Japan would attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941. And we after that would declare war. I believe almost every single person on the San Jose state football team but lawn. Enlisted to fight the Japanese. In World War II it's one of the great. It's one of the worst moments in our country's history but I think what a great moments for our football team. And for our school that all these young men that went over to play a football game they've played a football team that. To play him play a football game bullet Dana Dillon was sunk the bigger they kept fighting for their country. No question and you know we've got a video big kind of tell that story that we're gonna show the guys tomorrow night. And then shattered our if you need Friday after practice. We're taking the team on tour of Pearl Harbor so. Yeah I think it bought them for them to get a little bit of a history lesson of close and personal. On the funny but you know this generation their history really like last like six months. You know like it's really. Kind of has the modern technological age here they were in it such a small window of late news and history for them. And so given them chanted. To go to the tour of Pearl Harbor in get low new perspective and hear the stories and how candidate stated involved. And what happened there that day I think is gonna be an op it's going to be an awesome day. And we loved doing stuff like that right any time you know let you mentioned there were teachers and coaches and anytime we can. You an opportunity elected to teach and educate our young people we're gonna take advantage of it. I hear you may need a special assistant for this trip I know this trip well if you need a little guy around like he key. Coach I tactic quick bat and be on the flight with. Levy also never loved that we did we you know may we did you have they're culpable played on Saturday night. That would agree pay college good luck I love the fact that you're not missing the message you're grind in and out that's what our team needs. Good luck due in Hawaii we'll talk to next week. Thanks appreciate yeah me are not buried. Dad coach is awesome and how about that story Dow's more than good it's one of the great. It is now back to the Chris Townsend show on 95 point seven game. We'll get more into that. But it truly is one of the great. Bay Area sports history and Bay Area sports stories about history. Where is San Jose state football team. Went over to play Hawaii December 3. And then as we all know day go live and Anthony. December 71941. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Our football team was there and I believe every single player belong enlisted in any military. Too flat and on I'll get more into it tomorrow own research a little more I don't know Val join the navy here and probably the navy but they all join and said we're gonna fight they stayed there and they went on five Japan they've spot. In the Pacific so no next game first Kurdish or is Null and that's why they're 1919. And a lawn. And a cancellation game and think about that being a college student. And you're on that island when the Japanese attacked. And any life seen a video stuff is scary. I can't imagine. A hole dead and you dirty dealing with. The war that's going on in Europe right. I am excited about. Germany you're tired in about a handle the area around then this is in access and leave all I know all of them anywhere it's a world war. Yet the footage that action scenes of the actual attack in the movie. Was it Ben Affleck I think. Pearl Harbor. That I mean I'm sure are better it's not exaggerated I've heard that it was actually. I mean that's Marley that scene is not uneasy guys jump about boats could there on fire. Jumping to what they know certain death. And I hear that it was actually worse than the way it was depicted which is why can't match. When they say war itself. In any of the those immoral war to war or won a Neiman targeted at about. Desert storm raining over in the Middle East to clean game when you Vietnam the guys who were in the first wave of votes any time you're storming the beach Normandy beach is the one that we all hear about there is getting shredded it says they know they're going to break there the sacrificial lambs they know that they're gonna be. Mean you're the first line of defense thing you're going to get shot down more than likely. They know that don't have so we'll talk more about its it's a really cool story. Cannot desks. We're gonna have a great gas slows for you tomorrow. Funny song just said town I should start every San Jose state segment by re no listen gas on tomorrow. Backpack. There would you guys text that in you suns on. Larry Michael the Redskins play by play mammal sock Redskins niners. Jeff Dini pro football focus. Will be here he covers the 49ers. Baxter Holmes has done this really cool story about Steve Kerr. The war years in basketball and you'll have Roxy Bernstein. A man or against Stanford on Saturday night 8 o'clock kind of the big deal that's going to be good when Baxter Holmes by the way phenomenal man. Barack's your home like a Baxter who should be of Boller that's sounds like a great basketball player named Baxter Holmes. A pulse. Or he'd be like yeah. Action hero I'd be good since Baxter Holmes. Oh no they're bringing an end Baxter Holmes. You know you've got problems you know who you call Baxter Holmes. You know who else is a good man a lawyer and I love him men one of the amidst Baxter Holmes. Marco De'Angelo. Strong entered and Marco DN so be here from wager talked to give us some winners. Tomorrow will be a good show tonight was a good show. Do we ever winner of the the text. At the Al horrible taxed to airliner Tony well. Terry why you have to learn well we're figuring that out who's your favorite San Jose state kicker of all time. Joseph Nedney. Mary Joseph Nedney jet lag Jon and would school the other former San Francisco forty niner former editor. Break bread with him or. Classes I guess I as I I'd sit glasses what's that Joan and her. Good dude I like him on the air. She is really one held a guy and you know it's really cool. He's another one you know kind of like from my era another guy Jeff Garcia and join now and you know these guys who grew up hearing got to play for the niners. And their family got to go to the games like the stories. You know jazz parents and family and Joe's family being able to. Hang out parking lot he's singing about like it seemed you grew up. Laughing. You now get to play for that team and then your family gets a chance. You know we've seen it whether it's DL I think eight it can grow at these bay we're seeing it right now Marshawn Lynch and the raiders. We've seen there was some nine piling Crawford with the giants by lending giants you talk about gays I insist Sammy Knight Bob Melvin means anybody wears a badge of the a's right does he grew up he really played for the giants. Bob Melvin was a you'd think of what Bob was drawn up the a's are the best team in baseball there music cal guy he grew up a huge jays fan I mean mean something for him to Wear the uniform so we every have hometown guy is. Get to apply. For the hometown teams and how that not only affects them but everybody else. Why isn't it brand Crawford's got a little picture of him at the stick and SS pretty cool shooting bad. Shooting one year in the bay examiners when his hometown team that's cruel. Tomorrow's going to be good. I that's right every everybody else I got to hear me everybody else and here and did not yet you be everybody else on the well and other shots. The other shows this what we got dawn in the morning so you wake up tomorrow morning you wonder what's going on Jolo on did pop old be on at 730 Dontrelle Willis will be here at 8 o'clock. Joke thighs man not these men Joseph thighs men will be here. At 830 Brad Evans at nine the warriors dance teams stop them by 915. And then sky any will be on eleven David Lombardi intend thirty Mike wise and 1130 topic show the good doctor earlier Schwartzel be here. At 1215 John Morrissey at 1230 linking Kennedy at launch the same we want eerie scene seen it too. Damon Bruce will have Steve Kerr will be on at 4 o'clock yes of course are the on the Golden State Warriors you know what that means. Steve Corel be here every single week Dana and Jason Lott comport 430 to forest Buckner the one nighter that really should make you excited. As he startled like he has a shot to be dominant client yeah he's gonna he's already dominant player of the year 5 o'clock. And end Charley casserly former GM of the Redskins and you now seen him on NFL network will be here at 6 o'clock. One more baseball game to decide made it. What we're gonna see aren't they on ALCS and NLCS. Mats up against the Chicago Cubs. As Strasburg to sick and go oh no no no now. Strasburg was able to go Strasburg was dominant. The other thing in Xena EE they held him out. A couple of years ago and looked like the biggest mistake. Well it was a mistake I still totally lust but tonight he went seven innings and he went seven innings struck out twelve and not to not run. He was just money in the bank I don't know his shot maybe it was just today where it really was on but I unrealized his changeup was sick today. He'd that is in Greece had got all the way since San Diego State I have. I'm not noticed him featured as much his fastball curveball change and he's got that slider set cutter slider and he's got at all. That's one thing he's had it all but you know what when you have at all. What do you got between the years. You have that ability to rise to the occasion when it truly matters and then of course our two friends Ryan Madson Shonn do little closing it out there. And and not a game seven but in game five. Any and I go back to Washington. It's great stock this gray does a great time a year we got football we had baseball. College pro football hoops is starting out as a war is multiple off on the seventeenth. And disarm the I don't think there's a bit this is always my fair as we start heading into fall this is my favorite time of the year it's all happening in the real quick. Division series would you like to see go to seven games you go five. Anytime you can add me more baseball on good the only problem man as we can only add so much time because of whether the I would like to see the regular season shortened that's not gonna happen so if your time not adding doesn't mean as as you look. Reining in Boston today reining in Chicago we've had a rain now were not or is starting to get. You know deeper in October. In he had to some point to where you have to worry about whether yeah and some people say well that the easy answer is to start the season earlier but the other. Another area where earnings season unless you started sneezing season in Florida and Arizona spring training sell. The one thing you could do if you shorten their re either season but the owners don't want to lose the money. And the players don't take the pay per. You'd have to shorten the regular season and has Manny search I mean the one year was September 11 where all the sudden the World Series win ended November and that's when Derek Jeter limits in November played your ear ear roll the dice was whether they time. That is gonna do for the Chris Townsend show with Michael Irvin will be back tomorrow right here from seven to eleven had a great night everybody.