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DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. This isn't it. On the showdown Michael herb and we also have David Lombardi it's been. Milestones we have spoken David out event. Do we have days have been very well Tony well here. Would cover in the niners' they don't have also been some concerns him well. You know bode well. We haven't had. A lot. Yeah. Hello yeah now bay Ayers. I area now on let's. Let's lead time. I'll I know it. And a couple of years normal but real. Girls heard a debate. For. Saw come on do liners about athletic now hi. Dot curators eat it but now it now all all miners belt that Pablo Sandoval came back. But not. Spent pondering a little bit of everything right now locked in on the court niners. Great access memory a year scampered to average obviously what you did for your alma mater was not. Was fantastic so let's talk about the San Francisco 49ers I have a prediction. And I don't know if you're gonna agree with that or not. But I'm gonna compare Kyle Shanahan. And Jon Lance and I think what they're gonna do is similar to what we saw when Pete Carroll and John Snyder took over the Seahawks. Weary day we're just bringing people in and out they may be the most transactions. In football for like three years I mean. More than anybody to finally find the right guys. I think that's gonna happen in Santa Clara do you agree or disagree. Well you know I think that great comparison. Just because you look at how the scheme the 49ers guardian well. You look at at the defense it's the Pete Carroll being sent to the one that he actually. Perfected in San Francisco under George Seifert and the coordinator. Back in 1995 and then took within the Seattle won a Super Bowl and the niners are putting him out there same or skiing you know the Leo at structure. And that you know really free safety centric Earl Thomas obviously meant that position in Seattle. For the 49ers now all the personnel moves are centered around making. That Seattle like scheme works so I agree if you think. Think that that Pete Carroll comparison. Is that really good one or what religion Chan are trying to interpret that got. The six year deal that they've both got does that speak to the confidence level. In those two guys and detain them or is it just Jed York conceding. That he's made so many massive mistakes and it's gonna take a long time to fix what he's done. Eat you look at what they inherited what John mentioned couched in an inherited and they had a Heatley replaced over out of the rough there's so. I think that you know that in and of itself. That action bear market completely cleaning out acknowledging that. I mean did this. Really really sunk ship last year that means that they that huge turnaround that are so I think they YouTube can't expect any thing. Too soon obviously I think that you know they have been surprised with a win it here but I think that. When you look at the reality of the situation for the port matters that are probably as one team. Somewhere around there right here 2017 and the six year deal in place because. You know that I note the PR Montrose that leveled brick by brick thing. I think they you have to take it one step at a time and I think that contract. It definitely reflect the vote that because I think there is now it meant that this franchise released on. If the workload. David Lombardi joins us here on the Chris Townsend Shelley's with the athletic and we're breaking down the San Francisco 49ers. You look at two guys that. You maybe surprised you may not. Two guys that may not be on this roster opening day a mod Brooks and take care Dane what do you think their future on the defense and being on this roster we want it. Ali you know it all a lot of that is. Contract's up to computer you know when it comes down to mark Brooks you like Errol Lamotte broke all that we. I'd do to make up a lot more money it's about. I think that's gonna you know really comment. Into play here especially according matters are rebuilding. Well we got Kyle Shanahan. About that position battle and the other two guys salaries Egypt really want to make sure that they're both getting reps like Errol art the last game. Brooke's gonna probably start it next week at that linebacker spot you want the you know just look at this purely in a football and send end and excitement gonna make them better this seat and so whether or not whether. And you know other than the contract that could become part of the decision making prop up the normal. First time dealing. With its front office so we don't really know. That creepy and another thing is different ball cuts are going to be it in a week or the fees and Wear out the roster are doing in the downside to that point. In previous years are going to be really interesting to see how all these they're made. That being that if you got me personally. I think mark Brooks is going to be on the football game because according outlook on the apps they've. So it it's it's one of those situations where. I think you keep them because it's not like they're up at the law there. David let's hypothetical let's go to week four of the regular season. We all know Kyle Shanahan is an offensive guru. And at week four. Just before halftime John Lynch defensive guy. She's something on the defensive side of the ball that he's been kind of biting his tongue on a little bit Nazis had enough. Do is do they have attacked her relationship where they'll go down the locker room at halftime and talked and not just Kyle bush obviously the defensive coordinator. And say guys what the hell why why do we keep making these mistakes. Or will he will he know well enough. Address if you're gonna address it at all address it at practice not in the heat of the moment because I would imagine is competitive as lynch is. If you wanna dive right in and get it fixed right now. I guess I get an up and up here from alma mater. Stanford up earlier lynch and that. Calm cool collected stamps for guys go I don't think that you would be gone down and eat out. For a ball we yeah well. The heat of the moment stuff. Does happen and you're not sure he's going. React and the spotlight in this new high profile job I mean he's been brought out. Recently and it at all it in the former player I think you saw. That you know did go back a little bit further out of 49ers a former player got a running the team Jim Harbaugh would only coach in. Aunt and a lot of people criticize him for letting it at a competitive former player like drive influenced by the decision obviously it's a little bit different. With a general manager but I think that probably one of the challenges right to restrain one well one. What one when the time comes but I'd think that would ensure based on what I know program so far. Based on his demeanor and his relationship with Kyle Shanahan I think at that he's going to be good at navigating by. David it's funny you mention about all Stanford guys just being a model of come Portman me and my good friend Tiger Woods were just discussing that very fact. At the fact that. The tiger Aladdin that I'd everything you know being the main thing. It was are. Just Josh union. You know kind of piggyback on herbs not on the Tiger Woods earned the naked pictures he's been making ours drug problems her any of that how easy Tammy. I just want to piggyback on. Shanahan. Skated. He has been groomed to be ahead coach we obviously know the offense of mine in the play caller. But the key being ahead coach. If you've got to coach the entire team and that's where we've seen great coordinator struggle because these stills and too much. Great coordinators have become coaches they spent still too much time on woods the ball. What do we seen with Kyle being at someone who not only manages the offense let me just the entire football team. Yeah I think that's a great point because. That's step into you. The head coaching world that boat skipper wicket you have to beat these you know the key you got the delegate responsibility. And if you get too tied up into one player other. Then you know we're very often that beat neglect in the job overseeing everything. That's what we have a real problem in this 49ers are right now out and did hire competent court look at it. All that on his own I'd even like thinking around that so. With a young yet yet I think pretty crept up front that that local bank but yet but it sure they don't forget to suck in the world. Now I think that you've done a good job defensively where you basically mate Robert Pollock. Head coach of so you have base is that what if you coach kind of system. In Atlanta that is what couch and I am told that he'd be you know he pointed out that. We have opposite in Atlanta and Quinn was at coach but I was basically that had. Head coach about all that but that we Wear light up the responsibility. To make sure that you know echoed what. Going back you know it when you have that coordinators not when your bloodstream quickly control of that. But it's as though the wait for him to be able to cut that back. And actually delegating responsibility out I'd just take to keep the pan out and then worry about it. Any normal on the defensive side it's kind of sleeper for you David that maybe if you get a whole lot of pub right now but but you see him quietly. Leaving their mark in. And have a lot of upside that we don't know about. That the guy who wrote about earlier we can rent a girl which is gonna be really interest income meet. Up undrafted free agent. He'd come from Saint Francis little small school small town Pennsylvania which. Actually that division one at CS school that these notes that on known that John Lynch. In an interview on the radio shortly after the trot so the division three school by accident could he wasn't reliever. Familiar with or that kind of run the draw play at Piedmont now. And 1818 interceptions throughout college just tremendous in Danks. Of course against much lesser competition at saint perhaps that but I'm tolerant go to Rome. Went to. All that up OP able yet to kick in Boca game. So all of a sudden teams you know but it really interest that that nobody drop them because they're built very wary. That you know small school pedigree that yet. But operate what Coke or crack that some benefit specially last week with Jimmy award it'll hurt Jerome got the art. And an integrated out really idol Patrick only Erika Reid grated better on the 49ers defense. And it just look like old ball players that belong on the field he would hitting our right spot. Jamie ordered back now. To have Jerome is not the starter anymore heading into week three but I think you're gonna hear that Pakistan. You'd see Yemen and and you say that's a ballplayer right now people on on this Biehl. And you've got to contribute to that picked agreement man roster one way whether it's not because. In aerial special. David Lombardi with the athletic joins us here on 95 point seven a game it is the Chris Townsend shall and Brian Hoyer. Obviously has relationship with Kyle Shanahan has had issues staying healthy. So far has had a pretty good camp didn't look all that great the last pre season game. For just you what are your expectations. For a lawyer for this season. Well you know. As long as the ball doesn't. It out in a way that we saw last Saturday and I kind of I would think that look like a career. Make it but I think. You know something. Greater about the expectations surrounding Bryant or long if she doesn't out. You know kind of freakish flee bad turnover plays that we saw. On Saturday I think that you know we can expect them to be a pretty good quarterback in eleven on Saturday. In fact you'll qualify for five on play action item is so that and that the people culture and Jenna and not until. He was running back the play action passing offense. Even though the 49ers were on the ball effectively so I think that you're gonna have a guy who managed the game. Good luck can deliver you know solid efficient football he's not going to be spectacular I think you'd be efficient. If he can avoid. The back gas that we saw on Saturday and only one of those attributed and well. It'll come out of turnover out of an aberration. In in that regard I think that we can expect. Or the equally efficient quarterback in but the system. What kind of broken play capabilities disorder. Yeah I mean it he's not. You know a lot kind of guy athletically that that's the thing I don't think he gave that there is the right thing that culture by quarterback. Is that pro style and a they're both from the big and if you look at that there. Where I think those targeted 49ers wanted to quarterback not a matter order order first obviously pattern that you can I mean she. Who has coached the runners before obviously on Archie at Johnny Mann well. Neither of those two jobs actually ended up well we're Kyle's. And RG at the at a one. I think the chairman and all will always want it. Approach out guy who. If it isn't necessarily you know going to be that guy escapes and run around a lot but you want guys that run play action on the medal and right. Make sure that that is the continued terminal on. David good staff good job and he again looked gorgeous figure would you throughout the football season. Yeah great topic here. David Lombardi right here on knickers down and show and with the athletic. Just like our good friend Michael herb. Everybody's with the athletic tanning wired you. That's good question what he had to be a writer. Yes that is a requirement in fact that's the whole. Appeal of the athletic because so many web sites and media outlets are going to all video. That people are kind of forgetting that the written word is important in some people actually like to read that's what the athletic is hoping to keep. And that's can throw me it. Whatever. Once again apologized for insights when you're done reading after college now and out done right okay yeah. Saudis did you read writing papers used to rent it. Now the only thing I was good acting college. Well at and I was back in the day when we thought computers were something where you tie it spell checks and print it out now what that was our computer right. Imagine how much more time we would have to go out and do all those super important things we thought what your doing if we have the computers out of bed while. Ernie won't say it almost out ended up in the gutter lot quicker fighter had a computer back in the day if he had Google. Google is you know how do you feel about this town. That your kids are allowed to use. The computer. For homework I don't think they should have to write fiction mission have to look it up I don't know maybe it's jealousy. Yes yes yes all. If I I threw out micro fee each. Not too many B viewer warning college right right here in time of the eighties. And and hiding it they're told that nineties but. Micro beef was what we used to look up everything in the library well let's not even notable. The library and we've got a couple right here and there Jamie you guys know what micro finishes. The rivers did you ever heard a bit. Never even heard of young nick hasn't. Woods it's a pain in the ass like negative it's that you noted negatives right hurled photographs. It's great it's basically in negative of a newspaper page you have to go to the library. In skin threw for five hours before you can find it. Rejected on two and Al Davis fires Lane Kiffin type machine. And then print it out. You know Auburn had urged her out. You should you say you lost me a newspaper. Micro free range a flat piece of film containing micro photographs of the pages of the newspaper. Catalog or other document. And nobody anymore now what. Closure last year of school. You know everybody under the age of thirty just heard you say momma go dog face in the banana patched. That meant nothing to them. What was your last year and US app. It would have been 1991. Oh that's yet so I you know I was like the very last generation went to school without the inner. I'd like I like just missed. Pure night club. No hit it. Forty candidates. I don't hear thank you it's is where it's coming to an end I've only got about a hour and 41 minutes not that I'm counting. So I'm happy you made. I'm happy I mean attitude by there's there's little doubt there about five years ago couple hospitalizations. With pancreatitis. Battling those demons one day at a time I continued battle four plus years sober. If you need help give me shout on on Twitter Howell find you helper all give it to you directly it can be done. No doubt and I can tell you this having known you for a long time. That's being honest. And sometimes you look yourself in the Mir. And you need to realize that you cannot do it alone mean and alcoholism. Drug abuse happens and everybody's family. And someone who's gone through it someone who has. Be it. If you do after we run that ad here all the time Michael's honest contact Michael he will help you we will go out of his way. He knows which are going through he will help peel. Yeah I mean like like ours tell everybody at then in my shows if if I can't give you the help directly. I will find the help that you need because you cannot do it alone and in a while I know where your group you know what you meant by it when you say that I've beaten. I haven't been that I'm I'm I'm beating it back every single day like when people ask me how much time so where have typically yes there have today. Because it's it's it it's a daily battle I mean out consciously I don't think about it it's not at the tip of my tongue work. You know I I've I have so many tools in such a great support system. That it's not front and center but you know there's a saying alcohol and whatever your demon is its cunning. It's powerful it's baffling and if you don't pay attention to which is why I write each PHH on my hand every dated remind me to try to live. Honest positive helpful humble if I don't pay attention to every day that might be the day. The demon bites you know gets up and invites me in the past it cannot be done. Alone and I and I don't wanna bore anybody when my story everybody's got a sensor itself but this team this thing can destroy lives they can could destroy families. Destroy careers. So I appreciate you giving me just the opportunity real quick because it's not my show tonight it's a crystal and show and so I don't normally have the opportunity. To do my little 22 spiel and adjusted more than twenty seconds thank you. No I think the thing the days that you talk about that helps you so much that a lot of people don't have and that's why they may need someone like Q. Is that they don't have the strong support group they need to find that support group they need to find. You know when you're going through alcoholics. Anonymous you need to find that sponsor that person you can rely on. And a lot of people haven't done and that's why as you said. I may not be old Al Pia but I can find somebody who can't. Right in I know people that have worked with the literally. Hundreds of people trying to help them get sober and I asked one of them. So basically what your batting average what's your successor it. Any Saddam that a thousand men and like every single person states over. Should know that's not realistic I have stayed sober it helps me stay sober that's why you know it's it's it's a community it's a fellowship if if my approach. Helping you doesn't quite work. There's thirty other people. There have been through the same thing and maybe have. Thirty different approaches that might just work for you but you gotta keep searching got to keep trying and more than anything back to what you kind of started with. It's about accountability I mean I know it's cliche that. You know it's your going nowhere until you accept that you have a problem. Cliches exist because. Their rooted in truth and if you're not ready to say. This thing's gotten elect I need help then that helps not gonna come and you're you're gonna be worse off than you ever imagined. Very shortly. And then you have 365. Days until your safety. Out of that. You know what though. I don't mean to be this is I hope this doesn't come off as sexist but I don't think men. Sweat the numbers as much is at least the women in my life they know thirty is a big game deal forties a big deal. I don't know a lot of women who have hit fifteen yet. But thirty and forty were certainly big deal and they're they just weren't for me were they for you. I didn't have a birthday affect me until this last one Warren went only got a 45. Oh like 45 it was system 45. It's just your closer to fifty than forty. He had just had a lot of likes like. New found responsibility. When my parents passed and I got a different house and now my brother and I got to run a restaurant I mean all this different style surge happened to me and Mike are my top 45. And you know when your dad dies at 69. In your mom dies at seventy whining you start thinking my god imported I mean he's is right that was the first time I ever really because I've gone through all this crap lately. It was the first time I went. Four. Yeah I mean like I said earlier this is the only this is the only number this is the only birthday that I ever really thought of Bowden. In Europe kind of bugged me a little bit because my mom passed away 49 that's really young. So when I hit 48 again I didn't triple off 48 but I'm not gonna lie in the back of my head I'm like. Am 49 is coming up soon it just. It means something to me I don't know exactly what it means but it's significant because that's the number word my mom had to say about. Most importantly. It's an app Ebert and where you today it is I'm numb I'm the best time and I know that I'm gonna get my head to the pillow. In any safe and healthy way and I'm gonna get there because I got great friends like you support system like I have at home and again care. Emphasize that enough if you think you need some help you probably do hit me up. But on all that positive note I'm gonna bring you back down the Sports Radio level and she's buying or selling right here I'd let my game perfect. At the verdict day at home me. Permit me and he CA home all right for me yea. Now. Actually decrease towns and show yeah. On 95 point seven big game. It is now time. Flying horses out. We didn't down to come the general. He five point seven they. We can hear it wow yeah. I just got a reduces. Two of. On my birthday. Here. I'm out of here by the way. Is that is is Jamie ready ready to go or Israeli. Border area I'm doing the first one by alive. The first one really cast let's hear it I have a stat. That should make you go out. And by the Ohio State buck guys as winning the national championship this year. Buying or selling. Sell. Her cell I'm a Michigan man I'll always sell anything that involves Ohio State winning anything. Can I have nothing to do that Michigan or I love harmonic. I'm all about making money. Are you ready for this. Here sixteen years as head coach. Urban Meyer. Has only had two seasons. Where he's lost in the post season. Both times. His teams came back the next year to win the national championship. Your sample size and two Victor. 20012017. Beta for now I'm saying they've only missed the playoffs twice so they only have a few sample size for missing the playoffs are coming back and nobody in the vernacular at all times they won the national tea or art or losing losing entirely and certainly that is normally James he wanes every bowl game. The only time meet several possible gain the next jury comes back and win at all did you just call huge gains yeah it's sent them my email so anti gaming whenever. Well it's better than. That's an I guy. So and 2006. He won the national title with the gators. The next year lost the apple one ball. And in no way avenge it. And then and 2013. With a Ohio State he'd lost the Orange Bowl and came back and won the national title game. Imus started out there are right Jamie number one. All right number one Jian Carlo has hit 25 home runs in his last. 41 games he's now sitting at 46. With a little more than a month ago. Jian Carlo will hit sixty plus home runs this year by eight. Or say. I wanna like that so dad. I wanna buy it so I so wanna see how baseball is going to react. As we cover editor as we lived through it. McGwire. Sosa. And bonds we know all those thing entertaining. What would baseball do as the number that people's lives here is still wanna say Maris 61 and 61 is still the number. How would Major League Baseball cover this in Giancarlo is sniffing 61. I wanna I just I want to buy it just doesn't wanna see how baseball handle. I'm gonna buy it just because that guy is on fire right now and I just don't see he's got a cool off to the Greek. But I don't think so much he doesn't reach sixty and while we're on the topic that number and what exactly is the record. I need to dig it out for you Tony but I think I founded on Twitter user brilliant article done about what is the real number. And why is it that number. Is certain people and it broke it I mean it broke down all the numbers it broke down 73. This 66. McGwire stuff. Well whatever he and it was seventy NU seven. They broke down all the way down to and it ultimately decided. That the true home run. If you wanna look at it for every possible angle is Dave Kingman 37. Ridiculous that's how crazy the home run talk kids do blew my mind. Date Ting in 37. Being integrated program and I'd never threw. I was gonna add this real quick Alabama and this is two days ago as a plus 245 US sees a plus 775. In Ohio State the plus 800 Tony. On the betting for the national championship moved. I mean my sample size firing. Well in my buying or when my dad okay all right it's just a factor USA judge in Kobe Bryant's birthday as well as mr. king's birthday and he turns 39 today. And with that being said Kobe Bryant is a top five player of all time high. Or sell. Self it's my birthday get to go first so sorry Toby sorry mom but I even tweeting in today's saying happy birthday to us Mumbai at. But top five. You did indeed if I did. Cursed at and and what he responds. He DM do me with his personal phone number and said I didn't realize we shared a birthday let's get together also in the plane no way I didn't really happen. No he didn't respond to me how is pretty disappointed. Top five it now can't do it. Selling not eaten club there I wouldn't say not even what it was what it does change the top ten. I would be really. Close for me given the number of rings. Given that he was two way player. If if he was a little bit. More of a playmaker for teammates then it would be easy for me to go talk to end up because. He wasn't that that's what keeps him out of the top ten for me. I understand that Kobe Bryant has agreed that and I understand he was great simply like. I actually had any same worker. I had this. Conversation. This year one of your partners guru who is a he'd let those hero ball Kobe Bryant may be the definition. In those six NBA finals that he gets its credit for. And it was four times he's shot well below 40%. Italian accent the stats right here. Gap in the 2000 finals he shot 36 point 7%. Is that good. In the 2001. Finals he shot 41 and a half percent today when it rings in either of those in 2004 he shot 38 point 1%. In 2008 you shot forty and a half percent today bring. Knowing now and then nine he shot 43%. And lastly in 2010 shot forty in half percent in the final. And they want rings and all of those correct. Yes they did then yes Tony that's good that's all that matters is the jewelry you know I he scored a lot of points. As he took in getting shots does need to know a lot of she would you rather have him shoot or Rick Fox. And herbs they did lose in 2008 to the Celtics so he was five and one in this finals. Well I am sorry in the pistons well in Boston and new line you want or anesthetics that are either not whenever she wanted to if a guy by the name should act now that. Do we have anymore. Yes we do all right to the Dodgers should have pulled that Rich Hill after he threw nine no hit since Shah. Also our cell. Sell. Your grown man you're on the precipice of history. Given the ball until he says I don't want the ball no more. One mare's shall I still haven't up in front of me July 2 1963. Out dueled Warren spine in sixteen innings. He got 48 outs and the route 247. Pages. I am selling. The guy has a chance for a no hitter are you kidding me a chance for Purdue game and no hitter you're at take him out on my. We've gotten so soft it's disgusting I hope we're ending on no. No no one more way more and I have a personal one right after to be real quick we're going agent. My last one and I can behind on the eve finish after and Donald Penn has ended his hold out. Oakland Raiders have the best offensive line in football. Lie herself. On buying. You look at the raiders the sacks they give up basically nothing their ability to push. And this year at Marshawn Lynch who's gonna hit it to two with Washington Reshard in the speed in the smaller backs to go Marshawn Lynch. I have no question. Is good design elect cowboy fans that come after me in other teams on the fact that you don't get to Derek Karr I would I would buy that. I'm gonna agree returning just to move this along faster to make sure I get mine in. What does art. You don't have to play in this torn town and Jamie and nick. Buy or sell. Tommy knows. Who were talking about when we say come through can. Combine that. Jamie how's about that tells Downey anger this all the time they think they're twenty years younger I believe he's gonna surprise you and say yes. Johnny who's come from candle. No hello. You're really failed us downing and haven't seen it here's the thing remember I'm a commuter. I've got it to her to speed maybe death is yet to meet if you listen here rejoin music gym right now. I'm. Just saying. I know like you said this is what he does I guarantee lied nobody be saying hey. This guy what does he do know is because I listen to more radio I'm a flipper. And I draw at Arnold's got 3000 miles on my car so saying who's the guy what does he do I'm not good that. But if you say what is this I know what it is that makes cents. Sort of you know Kendrick Lamar is. Yes I heard the name that's come through king to sort of as an acting well placed up and up to you by notre neck. Yet can come through canning like at your fingertips. I don't really humble. Yeah the knee and hand and by the way this goes resolves genres. Like agony in the car at my wife and I know the song like my wife is alt country. I don't know exactly who the artist is an alum of the song she'll literally country near a little bit rock and roll she's on country and I am about everything here you guys are that. Osmond has warnings. Not the tongue not to Townsend twins Altman twins. This is officially gone off the rails. Like Marie Osmond back in the back and there are easily connected pretty good these days I was just consider a candidate and now nothing wrong with a cougar actually she's beyond cougars she's like a Mountain Lion. That you should grant you how. That's an actual mountain lion in the studio. We're looking at Marie Osmond right here on the first downs and ship. Chris Townsend show on 95 point seven game. Herbs. Tony do you read for the re wine pollen so ready. Where's my sounder. It scared the hell out of me. Antonio Daniels longtime NBA player now. Covers the Oklahoma City Thunder and he's on exams serious. NBA channel. And we taught him earlier tonight this is not. Just to demand for. Not that you got to. Think what. They actually. In my opinion that we talked about it stone on and be ready to. Go. Got great actually better to me. So now I'm saying I don't think I've atomic come back wanted to protect. I think it plummeted 1%. Likely they got better. Gotten we can talk about curbing. Government did ability to score his ability to finish on the coveted 26 point game. You try YouTube or on the united bank. It that got an atomic averaged thirty point gain and don't like it electable again. I think they. Don't want the individual the standard and they get caught multiple but it now admit that. Eager on the block and not in the top ticket well he may opt to like this kind of pop out. At the lifeboat and one guy. Topping that one part. About the block and a better did at the end of the event not likely going. It must have it properly interpret currently serving an apple is better the network and it stayed in the. And he brought it tonight and I remember asking him the question did anybody do anything. If your Golden State or you don't worry about. And yeah. Jim pros Amare our friend from NBC sports Bay Area in California. Who covers the Sacramento Kings we asked them. The NBA becoming a year round sport it. It's interesting it seemed like the last few years we've been titled what they've got patents in the way it went Kevin Durant leads Oklahoma City we go to golden. Late we say that we need to move a big advance or I believe. Money on the table in eagle brand new situation. And we think that the bigger critic. And cheered for patent that immediately applied idiotic individuals huge battling Gordon Hayward going at eighty going. But you or me or you audible like why we're here being. Getting traded in guys being unhappy guys aren't we there yet in war and in Oklahoma City go after guys from Indiana. Immediately the time you're you're right now honey it seemed like the NBA is now twelve month. A year sports. I feel like you just picked out on because he says you're right turning. I don't know that I applaud you have the best radio laugh even when I'm listening in my car it's infectious I laugh when you laugh on the sheep when it comes to Terry's life. I appreciate that it is your birthday Levi Damien stop by covers a raiders talked about. Donald tens return. Slimy absolutely like leaps and bounds and not even just depth at just the fact is all the time. We have what I AG that aid out to the even. You want to make sure. Yeah mark on the route came at the right tackle. And then country can suddenly jump on lap. Which is not about there's all India and that but it's you don't want that one. Right tackle when he reps in practice and it happened pre eaten well the war. The position he's supposed to be a ticket. Not I mean I'll be fine. Yep but this week at the right tackle position that I was concerned and urbane. And what you want to put at bats or indeed have. What your practice time and gain experience you precinct in Q before that real. And and we had herb and. And yeah record book every quick quick quick quick what movie when allergies and. And iron. And do need her and. You're my car. Yeah hashed Jamie dude where's my car Ashton Kutcher. And then and then Saturday Chinese food drive. And via the woman just keeps asking over and over and there and and pan and he just keeps ordering more stuff and and finally gets mad and beats up the little box with the I think a baseball bat. Dividend that your drunken college days journey. Now any drive through shenanigans. When perhaps you her name he created passenger vehicle yes. It's Scioscia for me. There is it I remember my bachelor party Jack in the Box got so angry at us. And tonight we we tried to order like sixty talk shows us and answered screaming at the lady and then they just they just flat denied this and then. We couldn't go anywhere. We're in this van. Because there's people in front of you behind yet we got straight denied any anywhere we came up biggest close the window. That's a lot of power if you are a fast food. Worker late at night you've got a lot of power over that van load of drunks. We ordered likely that we large 64 tacos not 63. Net 65. We just did on net. I kitten I'm gonna talk Nobel. We're not working out together tomorrow now that's what I hear us it's about to tweet that out what are you in my head. Checked my email it to us it's a little bit bittersweet because. You know I love me some guru but I love me some uncle Tony to in about a fun night turn and got neck after jamiat. Count me. I've got the thought of the towns in twins digging on May very good night maybe it's just has done bit my birthday maybe. Maybe I'm gonna need a change of scenery tomorrow. No lol when did this are gonna have Dontrelle Willis they're gonna have great pop they're nabbed the great Barry Tompkins on varies a super guy you're going to be on tomorrow guru from ten to noon Rich Aurilia RJ bell an adult oil will be in studio. And then. We're a group with pure and I O'Donnell. Nice that's a big Frontline you guessed that's what are we going 6466. 611. In the studio at same time that's nice. Bonds' name ends tiny tomorrow from ten to noon. There gonna have Sam naymick Brice Butler. And then Damon's gonna have bills average Ian Rapoport. David force got there and then I'll be on from seven to eleven. Giving you more of these shenanigans that I do every single night. Our writer the evidence showed tomorrow and I'll be back from 7-Eleven have a great night everybody and happy birthday Michael I consider the best Jennings. On 95 points and the game who may make who.