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Wednesday, August 23rd

Towny and Urb talk Giants and A's in thir hour of the show, and end with the fight of the year! Mayweather vs Mcgregor


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DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. Yeah. I forgot to tell you what my daughters wanted to. Saying. I'm I'm listening tomorrow and give it to me give it to me it was a hair and herbs. Now listen payers they want the same make sure he now serves because now they've thinkers like the funniest thing in the world. They want to say happy birthday. A law. That's so sweet of them out there again. Now there are eleven in the past that should degraded should tell him thank you very much and it's just not you know radio colleague. You know. Flipping open the playbook what are ado here I really do you feel a connection. With the Townsend twins I feel like getting that first towns in chewing joke right. After they got such a big kick out of my name. I think it really created a special bond that can never be broken down. And Matalin and wanted to meet its value. That year creepy sweatshirt. Sounds cool. OK I am going to tweet out a picture of it. So she can check it out is she on Twitter your eleven here among Twitter. Nan. OK well when I can show the picture in the morning. When I take them to school okay he said town and I think that is creepiest lectured sounds cool all right I'm gonna actual relatives lecture right. Yeah I am a zip up the hoodie in I'm actually gonna do the rest of the segment we did. The skeleton hood on and then I'll take the picture and you can take it to them in the morning and she can win that. Matty is that they were talking about Matt and Matt Matty you caller ready. Matalin we collar man you know I've got to Natalie and we caller well a lot of people color Nadia I collar the scrapped long story only me. Ebert about acute. Now. This pre season game. For the raiders coming up there which we will have Oreo. This is a game. Where. Defense needs us. Deep panties start on its biggest game in franchise history tell me just say hey that. But. You know the offense and now getting Donald and mackerel doctor Levi Damien about it. I mean that just allows. Your. Basic debt. Marshall Newhouse can now back at right tackle with the doll Alexander. Tackled David Sharpe I mean you start. Yeah your debt on the offensive line makes you feel great again but the confidence is not the worth. At some point we're gonna need deceit. Or there is going to be a little panic button. As the defense Jared block. I cared got has been awful. Monotonous game against the raiders. This last pre season game against the raiders it was it was like. What do they do well and do we need to start preparing ourselves. For each week it's got to be an old fashioned shootout to win. Yet there are some people that are suggesting that I still think anybody that's taken much stock in. What happens in a practice game is going a little bit overboard but there's no denying addition protest. Some significant questions well how about this. If I hear via you know it's pre season but the fact is they're having the same problems that they had last season. Seen game time I'm sorry got distracted I was trying to appease Matty with my hoodie I I apologize it's unprofessional. Oh mine is I'm saying is I understand and you never want to. Go panic mode in pre season but if you're having the same difficulties. And you're seeing the same issue right. That you had last season in this year's pre season when he met all off season to fix it. There's alarm what Levi Damien a year energy lead writer. At silver and black pride. As been nation how we don't and I believe they are. And a pretty. Well before we get and I think that we're a well but the one point you know great to have Donald and back let's start with that we'll start sort of positive. Talk to us about when you bring Donald and back. Understand as a veteran guy and guys don't wanna go through camp now will Reggie give more money I hope so but just to have him back. And to be able to move. New house the right tackle with the doll Alexander also there just the depth of your offensive line got so much better have in the big comeback. I mean absolutely like meat and bound and nine inches depth at just the fact is all the time you we have what I HE 78. Now that he's been. You want to make sure I mean. Yeah mark on the route came is that right tackle. And then country can't eat up an old collapsed. Which are opposite wall India that but it's you don't want that why. Right tackle when he reps in practice and and reach the well worn out. The position he's supposed to be a ticket. Not I mean I'll be fine. Yep but this week. It's at right tackle this net always that concern. And urbane. And what you want to put at bats or indeed have. When he practice time and and and game experience in the precinct in two before that real. Levi this doesn't really have a whole lot to do and what happens on the field but it is. It's about precedent and I've been hearing from a variety of media sources. Witt the raiders as long as he got his budding camp. Which is the only time they organ and discuss anything until they get camp but if he got his butt in camp. But they were going to forgive. The daily fines that typical holdouts kit now I've heard that that has happened in the past in fact I've heard. From some people that say it's more more commonplace. Then you might suspect but. Boy it that she likes you wouldn't wanna give out publicly because what's to stop the next. The next guy to say well I'm just baggage of the camp and I gonna hold me to fire. Well I mean. I would say it to the other side you ought to get out there at that you have coming goodwill and cheer you like you know. We're not gonna be bat and record gonna beat those guys. Who who I knew quite definitely that it. A new thing like that I need you might or somebody who you want but you can't be. You get one and that is that here that you're not cut throat yeah not bad thing if you're like okay you will forget that and and hopefully they'll get you. But it didn't bat. All factors that you. You know where we we dealt with you in good shape even with poll that said you come back. So that we can work something out what you hear we will try to work something out. And in the hot seat and if you look at the situation which there are you remember. Like after the it would bang for the bat. He told him. That unit that is done it is at Burress. And they didn't get right to it. And within a couple. Garrett was a public about the fact that he would like you know. Old. In the draw was done it was my you know the open. It happened and the other element and out being dragging him maybe dial. Maybe you know chick that indeed here and it just happened happened yet way I hope it you know it well. Now we have some young secondary guys that we haven't seen yet or dying deceive but I want your impressions I know it's only two pre season games get the cowboys is Saturday. What are your impressions of the defense so far. Not good I'm good yeah I mean obviously there. Stated that the tree seed and they're kinda work and to retain their trying some things out eat too much away all the but as you said hey they're you were seen as saying that things. And you could you could tell that they wanna get back and are more work and burst pre game. Today they kept the hell out most awe almost all are gamers but first date they didn't. Were in the back in because they all need the most work. And you expect to be a little bit maybe a little bit improvement in the back. And it just wasn't there like that. Hole in the Anthony plug one hole and opened up dot net would work. Not he was Schilling basically I think it. Issue that happened. Back in there and then keep it here again and cover. And cover their proper yeah eastern. U. You. There are signs. That. You that I can look pretty heated issue. I bet you can glean pumping on the law. There are not ignorant and pat each side in the week and try and make it better eat it that you. There are issues there that are. Levi twelve and four last year at the raiders appeared to. For lack of a better term. Skip a couple of steps in in the the normal progression. From mediocrity. To joining the elite and it they did that in part because. Dare turn the offense worse so damn good Lleyton games continues captain comeback. Now. I say another defensive problems which tells me it and I don't think they're gone away I think they're gonna be problems all year long. And I can't assume that car in the offense are going to be able to bail them out as frequently as they did last year so while. Ice either raiders being a better team just because the core group is together longer and the offense can't get any worse I mean the defense. In the worst I could see them being a better team with a worse record than last year that makes any sense. I mean that that were were calling it that they're better. Ernie and that op I think you look at that and surely our last year. That make a lot of com. Yet that it. Seven game winning drive. Light come back and you are actually total eight. Being where they came back from at least six point out why the and I think what you eat this year is. The op and will do more of putting the other team on their heels. There will but he won't be that much and he acted here oh come now. Dale well they'll jump a little bit early on it because. It. So hot about about Matt but in the end. It there will be some time at which it will. You know that you can't rely on you can't go and every even thinking that are gonna come back in it and gotten it yet though. Whether or not gonna be a pull out and will probably end up. Resulting in the odd couple you'll win. I'm glad you brought that up Levi Damien joins us here 95 point seven yards 995 point seven a game is Chris Townsend to now. I was site about that in the post game you'll look back at a couple teams that they have Kurt Warner. And the greatest show on turf. And I think it Drew Brees in the New Orleans Saints to Wear their defense is were great. But those offenses got out on you so fast. It helps your defense make the other team's offense one dimensional one of the reasons why. Derek Karr had those 74. Quarter comebacks last year one short only of Matthew Stafford who had eight. Is because the raiders offense. They didn't start well Damien Emmy when you look at it car came out they they did they just weren't singing itself. If they can't get out boy. Nick could really help as deep as porous defense. Here's what we outlook. They played and people well that much anymore when. I was really into it and you deal with it at that point in the draft maybe in the middle route to get about it beat that. And you look at these other they're always the albeit genes that have good defense and Bogart epic certainly that Jane did you drag it drop the team. The detective on the team at. Really great office because that makes the other team ops and desperate and they make mistake. And that when you get those bad point that you want intersection there. Woke up forced fumble it like that at turtle essentially. And that's why don't he can survive they put that big yet utterly put those other teams and desperation and all the rest of the game. Edit edit truly Matt efficiencies. We'll be a little bit. Come to fruition that it. Levi not that a mark Cooper's been a disappointment in any way but when news coming out he was said to be the most polished and NFL ready receiver we've seen. In quite some time. Is this year that he finally busts out lives up to those crazy expectations. Well we've seen him about them. Mean he waited I would that you used to edit the year today like he's six great expectations that note great yet but Asian. Usually think about in terms always potential there always what did I write the whatever they do it because of you that. When you get well and you know. It worked there were secret about the fact yeah. Where is you Wear out dragging his feet app. And knowing where. We put it. Okay. Any. He's been all of them albeit now focusing on is. I'll grant that but one thing you're known despite it's got great but he doesn't happen take Auburn that my. Football and getting it you're not gonna stop clogging up the vendors fighting for those ball and the if you look at what he's done and improve the area. Bet you thought he would have right from the start. Yeah every time he'd been working very good at. I think you bought the one most active guys you'd need as much work is at it. You look back like today. Equity talked about how hard worker what it would it work anybody. But he does want to attack and guy who picked up so quickly and it kind of put it in his body and made that get major I think my. Ability. Q when eat that it might prove that he can edit body quickly. And even an actress situations. He can still perform the way he wants you so. Based on practice what you seen him do and I've. I have full confidence that he get through via aggressive. That that. Ability. To separate it out he want. There are trust him more but even when he's not open and throwing the ball he will get. And I think it DH IV you know be a vigorous seemingly got to be able to catch and run good routes. He would have been really really good of the get it on those two things catching the ball I hear it's important for listeners. I do that it had to put it again I just because AB that are out Obama two guys. You know we got to look at. We didn't get this whole heck of a lot. But I want tee and and I don't know organs and now but how do you envision. Marshawn Lynch and Jerry cook out and really change this up and and making arguably the most dynamic in the unit now. Well would she rather simple really you look at like hey look at Murray was able to accomplish behind it. I. You worked really if you run that. Years there were trying to which you wonder why the decision to do. Those. Can't put it back and and you do it pat green and you put that behind mine and you have to be forced that. And then you have your coming. And we need to do look at what the war. A lot. With. Jerry. Jerry like all row. Deal and let your back. At lap time. The war and so on. That. The Jerry. And I'd. Opt out. Levi who's a raiders defensive coordinator in 2018. And you've got to make it let bill but got. That's a that's juices. And maybe. It may be in the first X amount only tuna as elite I think he's so much for the time we truly appreciate it. And actually got. Now I mean don't don't don't be shocked. Is the defense gets out to a slow start especially with all these road games start doubters. If you see I I won't be shocked if there's an early change. Owner they're happier with Ken Norton junior they're finally they they just stated. Afresh and advise your perspective there's contention there. Whenever you bring somebody in the look over guys back it's really the it's howling what are your dynamic to speak. Yeah act and demand documents like Elvis Mike there's another guy like sitting outside the studio. Just look at us. Wait the whole time ago Allah take your job this way and he's a sit there looking. Imagine that he's right there going Sam. Now creepy looking dude got his own headphones and everything their wireless they're JBL. So I just end and I like what he had to say it right there about. You know you don't take too much stock in high in the good. We can't take stock in some of the bat. Yeah absolutely bad is it is still lingering from last year. Look when it's a question mark a clear and bold question mark the minute the season ends and throughout the off season and throughout training camp and heading into. The only pre season game that you know were told we can glean any significant information from the dress rehearsal the third game. It's it's it's a big problem I mean it's it is done that they didn't do more to address that to me by. Maybe that's you know the level of confidence that they have. In the offense and I just think it's put too much pressure on the offense and I think it's counting on them to save her but to frequent. And you're also tonight Natalie a lot of young players and Evander knows mark now lead the area on Conley. We'll be mil on Jack and national Lonnie I mean these are all really young guys that word. Hearing at these guys are gonna really help the defense. And we know. You know even college guys that can get out to a hot start we know there's always act kinda. Sure even trade on Hester like they get to that certain point where they hit the wall. They're not a lot of this these guys in this draft who are real high draft picks to be starters and play well. Sure and if anything it all works out then them being young. Makes the raiders look like geniuses and that'll be you're really good thing but if they don't over perform. Where they were picked and if they don't live up to the raiders expectations and live down to the outside doubters. Then that. Then they're just young and that and that's a problem. Active there I think with the 49ers. The 49ers were gonna see a lot of what we silent John Schneider Pete Carroll to go over. In Seattle may wielded the power and Internet time is a two year two to three year stretch. Nobody made more moves players and players out in the Seattle Seahawks still they felt they got it right. And with Shanahan lynch having that kind of power. I appealing we're gonna see a lot of that sentences and I don't think that's a bad thing I think CL showed us. It leads to a team as a chance to win Super Bowls. Right. And the thing is if the young guys don't pan out relatively quickly. It it puts the front office in in a tough spot because then you have to make that decision. Okay this group didn't pan out. Do we try another group or oh my god that approach is flat out doesn't work we need to address this through free agencies are trade. It's going to be allow it is going to be awhile. The most important game in franchise history tell me. What is now the Elvis won this wake no doubt about it. Week three in a phone calls Tripoli not by 79570. You don't look good here you're screwed. We're all gonna die. You might as well just you know you muzzle pack it and your man crash is coming up here on the Chris downs if you really yes. That's elements coming and that's. These athletic Justin Timberlake. Yeah still it's knicks already here. Jamie is already here your I don't have many Mormon crisis yet creepy stuff proposed earlier to. Yeah I'm I'm comfortable with the don't. Eight is you're comfortable. And you look good and that's. Dose heiress our body. Yeah fish ESP and The athletic. Does this rank for best hitter in baseball. He's gonna join us right here Chris downs it's. You read and understand there. Okay you know zero joins us here on the first downs showed 95 point seven a game and you know how you feeling tonight. If you lose a perfect game. And then he'll lose a no hitter in the tent standing. First guy ever Rich Hill. To give up and walk off home run to end a no hitter to the first batter in the tent idea Phelan. Now I by the private bank the good start and say you know what I didn't get hurt if it. Now I think I think since your beer lover you BF you deep right now. I think he's just looking at all of his digits and sin no blisters it's all good period. It you know epic epic game and violated bankrupt post season and but you don't know. These are known as but he'd probably drop. About moms who put. That Geithner is more on the mountain that they got hurt them. You know it knowing that Kershaw having heard asserted in Europe Graham Belfour. I'm gonna go at him. A Al Gore's site. With the Dodgers are starting to come around Ballinger just went on the disabled list but he knowing Packers I was going to come back. Who do you think right now is the best suited for post season applies. And do the best in the post season knowing what we got a month little more than a month ago. The daughter's birth the but fielder. If you wanna go the old Tiger Woods against the field that's fine. And I mean the one thing that doctors that is in the Benton daughters in the regular seat and that may not benefit them at much quote beaten if their depth. I'm not one thing that we've seen with team before that have you know I think that's one thing that the repeated that the past might you know Michael doesn't work in the playoffs. He's talking about how he had you know very good twenty that men and he always tried to have a no holes he'd. And and a lot of depth. The doctors and subways are doing that they have far on that either guy who can not a good being up front offices and they they know you guys debt. The problem is that once you get into short season that that matters what you're talking about who your aides who you're number two. Does Rich Hill have a blister. Who would you number three and that you go up against the nationals. And the national happened to be healthy that day the national don't have anywhere close the thing up. But it didn't happen to be healthy that day talking about Strasburg server from. And and oh yet you Gonzales. You know waiting in the wings so you know I in some ways the you know it's part repel the and and everyone's helping in the national update pick those. Over the Dodgers just because they have more star power the short series. That matter more. You know we're talking a little bit earlier in the program about the job that Dave Roberts is done. In Los Angeles and in once upon a time giants fans felt real good that if push came to shove. And it came down to managerial wits Bruce vote she was going to be Don Mattingly. Ten times out of ten now I don't think that feeling exists anymore not only is Robertson picked a better game manager. But he's done a remarkable job of handling the personalities and egos. In that clubhouse and and there are a lot and I think that. The most significant thing is that he's got yelled shoot week playing team ball playing Smart ball playing disciplined ball I. I don't know that Dave Roberts is getting the credit he deserves and know he's going to be probably I would hope he'd be runaway manager of the year. Winner by. I don't I don't know if you can get enough credit for what he's done that team. Yeah I mean I would like that the vote thirteen peca and and see you know a great series between the two I think budget on about. Package managers two out one thing that it may be a little bit different now light of these would be personality got right now. And in on about it came it that he. Really have to manage to the media you have to you have to do I think that maybe how he got we got side. Never you know never say about word about the player get out in front of these these kind of perceptions I think maybe a lot of times that perception of greed. You know management stuff but we didn't have to deal with it and that I think one of the best in the Robert it's how he met. Really great no their great name knows what they're asking give them a quote without getting in trouble. And about to pop pop vote. It actual you know actual person and I got it might. And then the game yeah I mean he's really on the total packages that but I think you know it can be an error I think look he. It also regret that on the united you know I was afraid that question about a proposed legal ball and perky athletic. And you know I think on some level votes you probably able guys but he didn't tell me he looked me eye and he gave new. You know I gave me a couple good quote about it that the view that I can charter. At the right. So you know you know I think Bucky is Erica he apart at the really good speaker and he knows. All the rules and he's really good advocate sometime and all that you may wonder product that all about personnel so. I think they're both of them that matters. Yeah it's amazing when they have that core four in the bullpen. Bruce was held up as. You know maybe the best bullpen manage her of all time in and out of those four are gone he's being second guessed it removing makes which. Just underscores the notion that we all know that spend time around the game. On and on a daily basis it's about the guy that's releasing the ball up again it's deciding when you go in. Yeah after the ball striker I think a good manager can be when the aura about her trip. Over are these are victory yet I don't think it's much more not so it may you may really feel like that span when. You know you pretty token let the guy into law not the one thing would it be the starter into law and that. They give up a home run them very inning and much of the game. But that decision is not a do you want to you know not hours. And not his fault ul as it but the. And let's not forget the one thing that saved or traditions that someone has to manage all the egos and that is the toughest job. I'm the manager Enos there's joins us on the first downs and united five point seven a game looking at the American League wild card race. Right now you got the Yankees lead net by the arena happening yet the twins and the angels at an Al lair. I got that twins have gotten hot I mean their tray aired street traders starter they treated their clothes are here they are back can't. What do you think yeah handicap this race with the twins the angels the royals the Mariners the Rangers. Yet it went terminated I think they're sort of writing. Buyer bought the right now he's really figured something out in the star that. A lot of people predicted it would be I'm not sure that over the full speed and he's not gonna keep doing that sort of up and down streaky player thing because you don't like outlawed. But right now he's he's put the team wants factors you know. Yeah metaphorically and and and their their own as far as he's gonna go. That said. When I look at that game just like. What we are starters at the at it what it would it would in the book patents. I feel like at some point they're all back at the royal at least. A team that is recognizable as a royal team cripple. Bob you know in the mayflower contact and I think they have. Little mini run left in them so that oil overtake the twins and the angels you know that well to beat 500 years maybe a little bit better. And the fact that they survived the Trout out. I think. Speak stood back with a little bit in depth on that angels rather it you know it's not. All the stars that you know the route guidance stepped in and and it could be in doubt the acquisition of Cameron made good on the I think that's a good team I would I would take probably that'd be angels and Orioles are the 22 right now. I was gonna say that's got to make you few real good about their chances that they were able to hold before Trout out. Yeah I think it yeah I think you know call out Kelton got to go on again. That you. Got enter Haney back and now as one of the problems. Going up fraught with debate their their starting rotation he'd be out in what you know care Richard went down and he went down. You know they've found some guys to have to patchwork of the other road and back. I think they've got you know at least a couple guys up front they can keep it going. And a lineup that that Mujica. Let's send on this you've variously down at peace on drilled cotton and his fastball is a lot of people were excited about his fastball changeup combination knowledge breaking stuff not that this year. Would be an interesting one for him he is really really struggled his last start was good. But he is really really struggle what have you found with Terrelle cotton and his issues. You know. I don't have the biased against short pitchers in the market stroman the great pitcher needs you know it talked about. You know and. I'm not. The problem is he was that six foot six dude and he was thrown it. Really far out front and actually looked like 91 night two people for a long time. And that's how it stayed in the game though. Content kind of the opposite of that recount short armed the ball didn't quite get it out there it changes in 93 mouth are trapped ball intellect and ninety. 91. Which is in today's game below average so I think that part. Of what's gone on and in the also he's kind of a command not control guy controlled command guy. I think he throws generally toward the middle of the zone. And doesn't it really great at picking up corners. And so you'd seen it give up twenty home run. The combination of the fastball being with a bat and that he's. Plot the factories are going toward the middle ground. I think that's been the main commitment problem I'm not sure that you change. Did Bobby in he's not gonna start off like Tim Lincecum to Mexico. With a short guy who. Didn't have a short to pocket. It. Though you know I don't think you're gonna be content do determine trick but it he. Improved command you know I still think the that the building blocks and chains to post a good slider cutter and it took. And with better command he can come out. Undo that problem. You know gives up as always we'll see out of the ballpark as you know. I amount. You know sayers and grabs man transpired. And also with the athletic. Herbs we got to figure out. Is this going to be one of the greatest fights in the history of the fight game. Or is it going to be the bearded lady at the circus we'll talk about a right here Chris styles until nine putts. Actually Chris tells. Five point seven. I'm never triggered came out and said happy to be here for the most part thanked a lot of people. And then Floyd Mayweather. Had this to say in his opening statement. One thing that you must you don't. Want to sport of boxing. In about combat sports. Remember. If you give me. You must give to take it. So would that be NCA. I don't 47 opponents. That I faced. On a forties have an opponent that I face is the only guy breadwinners. All he's either he's as scared opponent is scared guy this year. Listen. That's how much shape. Nobody is walking me down. It's called smarts. Score had an IQ. Scores haven't patients. I was born a fighter I would die of heart. August 26. He's gonna bring his best. He's not going to be easy carnage it's not easy. Remembered. That yoga Barmes. Could no logo bombs Shane Mosley had bombs. And all those guys opponent in and all the way. One thing about me I got to Greenwich and but remember this the same way you give it you have to be it would take. It. And and Connor McGregor. Responded today were. Everything you know. Although I don't know what the hell he said right there I just go at it here's Connor immigrate here if you give it you must take it. You know I've come true Sheehan bone. Yet had a Shan Mon balance on your cheek bone. It'll conclude that. Here I mean that's the game like home from so. If they can say what they want. I've combed true. A lot Hoover. Than any of these have gone through so. We have prepared and I'm like I said I'm prepared for the twelve tree minute rounds of a lot of insane pace. Crazy Floyd I'm ready for that I just do not believe that he can he can. Give that so. Saturday night. Is this going to be a fight will remember for the rest of our lives whereas I've been saying here on the Chris Townsend show the bearded lady at the circus what do you think Arabs. I think they've they did too many press conferences that run at a sensible things to say not that they've been making a lot of sense from the jump. But yet I didn't understand. The bulk of what money Mayweather said and and calmer Gregor just responded in kind with a bunch and content of the zone I do like the visual of shin bones bouncing off of cheekbones. That was my main take away from those two. Will he be able to muck up the fight yeah and that's Connor McGregor I do is is he going to be is the rap. And we had a guy on last night from USC dot com who believes the Rapp who isn't one of those physical rest he talks more through the bite of the fighters. But is he gonna allow the musicality. And and actually coached team brought up a good point. Is when you get into a fight your instincts take over. And Condo graders instincts are to be a boxer move this instincts are to box to Dan. Or to throw punches to then get you onto the ground so really how is Connor ever greater as he's trying to learn how to be a boxer. We and he actually gets into the ring and the intensity is among the most intense environment he's ever been and how old his instincts react vs what he's learned now vs what he's used to. That's a great question and his instincts tell him I would imagine doing the hands are working to kick someone in the head as hard as you care and which is why I'm guessing now excuse my ignorance. I haven't heard any specifics about the language. In the contract is there are some sort of safeguard for money Mayweather against. Against Scott McGregor you know basically turning it into an amateur like he knows he's losing. All hope is lost. Why not round house kick him in the head and get something out of it and turn it into a true spectacle is their language in the contract it says. If you do that you lose every bit of money used to domain. Well you'd be disqualified. Reggie be disqualified but okay fine if you know you're losing already. And look at a Tyson knew he was losing he wanted to get his pound of flesh and ended up being an ounce of your Loeb. But what about on McGregor if he knows. That he's losing. Does he just say well I want so Matt this summit kicked him in the head with a round house. Now. I mean there are things you would think if that was in the contract it would be out there right. Well there are things that you can do and sign of a rainmaking get you arrested. Okay that's not so I mean that there are rules of you go be on the rules that are hurt somebody that they're being guys. At a soccer pods in the at a guy's been arrested I mean there's everything. Connor McGregor cares about potentially getting arrested for kitchen Mayweather in the head he would be a hero to many. If he kicked Mayweather in the head I just I mean as simple as it can get. Is there any sort of language saying. You lose coin if you turn it into the bearded lady that your thinking it might turn into. I don't know I I I haven't even thought about that I haven't read that. And Mac you can is Mayweather. In I have to like I had to writers on. And lie and both guys we have seen guys one USC guy thinks it goes the distance and I'm like I just don't see talent anyway near that you're asking go the distance. It's either. Connor McGregor has shocked the world with one punch. And he's bigger he's stronger than Floyd and somehow he mines laid who never seems applying himself in a bad situation. It's it was something all our Connor were grader gets in there and start to realize oh my god this guy as the fastest hands I've never seen him. And and that's where Floyd starts to realize he's got no answer. Floyd pops him a couple times McGregor is normal defense is don't work and then Floyd steps and it knocks him out and it's over quick. If it goes the distance and I'm kind of McGregor I'm think James boxing things easier this guy's undefeated like. Pound for pound best in history and I just went the distance with a that it happened. I don't see it anyway no way and if it does happen it's it says a held a lot more on the positive tip for McGregor. Then anything if if pick of the distance Mayweather should be ashamed of himself. May ID act doesn't have to Nate Diaz from Stockton who took down con number grader has a boxing background. That's great ideas not Floyd Mayweather right. So that's where it's like I just. At some point you can't. And people talked about this over the years in boxing I. When somebody is so lightening fast and even at this age for Floyd who's so lightening fast. The you just can't simulate that and then all of a sudden you get in the ring and you see it and it's oh my god in yes and I agree I mean. I said years ago I would never papers and a late night because you just cut it's just like it's. It's I eat rice cake right you buy into it there's no taste and there's no billing yeah you understand a goodie as you understand how Grady is what you just don't get the bang for your buck. I just got to be on for him to go if the you know he's gonna get that ring and his speed will be so overwhelming. He's gonna start dissents all I got this guy and then he's gonna wanna knock his ass out. And what if he gets overconfident though makes mistakes leaves an opening in congress girder dropped to I don't know about that granite jaw. That Mayweather talking about you buying that. Title had Connor greater knocks him out he becomes an instant international's. Home. Star. It will I ate this will be. This agility is I think even though it's to me based on the the rhetoric that's coming out of their mouth and and you'd like to think that. At least on McGregor side we already know what kind of guy Mayweather is McGregor relatively new on the scene and maybe some of this homophobic and racist stuff. You know maybe I'm not excusing and anyway. But maybe that is strictly to promote the fight and that's not really who he is again and still horrible to say it but I think. If if McGregor wins this thing he's already most people are if not open if if not privately been openly rooting for him. If you win this thing there's going to be a ton of happy people in nets including. Boxing. Eight touting it Downey so the over under for the flight. Is that if you wanna bet the over it it's of the over under set at nine A half. You wanna bet the and I don't have yet to have you wanna bet the over its colossal 125. To wanna bet the under two minus 155. Right now. He is I have to be at the end will put. This way moves put it this way. Yeah I'm thinking he's still the the USC is big is it is in some people's world it's still not a it's still a niche sport if content greater wins this. That will change. Now clearly we gotta get back into the prop bets but before we do that David Lombardi another guy who is with the athletic hurt or what the outlook. Mean plan. He then it's not everybody don't delude right now they're going to started to elude because everybody we have on now that the Atlantic all right well if you're getting some damn good writers is gas now put myself in that company on the Bronx but they are going after. The best of the best you see here they just signed to head up their national baseball coverage who's that Ken Rosenthal never heard of them yeah. Marty joins us next right here on out of five point seven games united by point seven.