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During the seocnd hour of the show Towny and Urb talk baseball and MLB history. They also sit down with Jim Kozimor from NBC Sports Bay Area.


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DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. Story about something I saw in 1995. That I thought man that's just not right. But and I think about what happened the night. Our old buddy Rich Hill you Rachel's been there and his career life's been good for him lately. Means blame for the Dodgers the best team in baseball he's made a lot of money now he financially. Is good for these good forever he's good. Tonight. I have the perfect game in in the ninth on an here. And then Michael Irvin he came out in the tent. With still a no hitter intact. And the first. Hitter. Josh Harrison. Hits a walk off home run no time. In any history. Of baseball. As a guy ever had a no hitter go into the tenth inning and lose it on I'll walk off home run. That was unbelievable and that's why they say every time you go to the ballpark you might see something that's never happened before and quite literally that's what happened today I know one of our colleagues was very very happy about that group room. Big time pirates fan and to help him out. As the perfect game was still intact. I texted him I sit on the Jenks is for you innocent in all caps per game perfectly imperfect imperfect game like 35 times. That works journey like ten minutes later it was broken out. I actually saw back in 1995. A young Pedro Martinez. Then pitching for the Montreal Expos. I was home for the summer. And the Padres are taking on the Expos. Member Joey Hamilton. I do the right hander who he matched Pedro zero. For zero. It was that big game was like. And it was great because I was going out after so it was like shocker do you relate to our game. Well Joseph Hamilton I wanna say gave up his first. In like the seventh the eighth and a guy you might now named Bruce vote Sheehan pulling him. And Pedro. Took his no no ended that tent he would get the win. But somebody would get a hit off him and I remember walking of the stadium that night on. Yeah that's just not right. The fact that he'd through unknown though for nine innings you credit for that and I people talked about that and you light up like this just gonna be like hey. A great dominant performance I mean that's when. No Pedro at his best and Boston number wise is arguably one of the best pitchers of all time does he was pitching. Right in height of the steroid era in his ERA verses the league's ERA. It's the widest gap in the history of baseball. But when he was the really young Pedro and had the last last fastball at the time to watch it was just incredible. And to think that you you had a no hitter and you lost that and any column I but this line. At least Pedro locked out of the stadium with the win. Rich Hill had a perfect game Vince still had a no no and he's locked in at a PNC park with no loss. It's unbelievable but still not as painful. Is Harvey Haddix back in 1959. May 26 she threw twelve perfect innings for the apple mentioned pirates and lost the game you're at that camera down. Well perfect twelve perk of getting it and lost paddy looms. Let me see Iowa used very respectable he was a three time all star even won twenty games. For the cards at one point I'm stalling. Until I can get to the detail continued tanning. Fill some space for meanwhile look at the details for. Well that is the win every go to like the baseball hall of fame and you start looking at guys plaques. And then they have really that probably the best thing Odom up black room. The best thing at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Is the time line. So you walk through this timeline of baseball. And it's they've got stuff. Dad so let engine legendary they switch stepped in and out but there's some stuff they never ever switch and I've been there three times. And you'll notice some differences but in the time line like they have cy young's license plate. It says seeing. 511. A lot. Z at 511 land so it's a seat number 511 and then the wild ride aside. They have these charm bracelets and Lou Gehrig's wife so my grandmother for when Mike Mike my grandfather played seven all star game so win. When you go to the all star game Ari played the World Series my grandfather played a 47 World Series they dvds charm bracelet for the wives my grandmother had these. Unbelievable charm race but Lou Gehrig's why. They have a bunch of hit peasant people the World Series they want think the all star game. They've got stuck in there that's just priceless. And you get to really see aunt for a pitching standpoint. Where these guys took the ball. No let's talk about bowl the lineup a third time no one was talking about a bullpen net these guys took the ball they're finishing the game and I stall enough or you. You stalled planning I've got I've got so much detail on this are probably give it to me to stop that'll try to. Keep it short so as long as I put the problem was that Milwaukee starter bluebird debt had a shutout going himself. So what's scoreless. Through twelve innings per debts got shut out not a no hitter or anything but. Haddix still has the perfect no grown except in the thirteenth. Third baseman makes and error. To screw up the perfect game. And then a sacrifice bunt and intentional walk to hang care and slugger Joseph I can't come to the plate and it looked like he had to walk off bomb. And Henry Aaron thought it was a walk out bombed so we kind of just bounced off that he thought the ball bounced up along saarc and he cuts across the diamond so there's all sorts of confusion. Since Babcock had passed him on the bases there and was ruled out and so was at cock that's two out but. The guy whose ground ball was booted for the air to break up the perfect game he had already scored game ends one nothing. Twelve perfect innings goes for knocked. I felt bad for Pedro. Well they are our buddy that Roberts broke up that Pedro no hitter that I saw faced 1995 at the old Jack Murphy stadium. It's I don't fat and like Dallas Braden was why Dallas Braden was the nineteenth perfect game and Matt Cain are now Doc Holliday was the twentieth and in Cain was a Tony first. What what perfect game would that have been back and what you was just 51. 159. All of this final line Tony thirteen innings one hit one run it wasn't even earned and he took the loss after twelve. Eight strikeouts and has only post game comment. When they asked if I'd I'm assuming the question was something about staying out there as long as he did. He said we're just trying to win the game and then he left in rumor has it that after he left the ballpark. Harvey Haddix spent hours and hours wandering the streets of Milwaukee by himself probably wondered. What the hell just happened register for your team innings without giving up earned run and only give up one knock him lost. Lawyer had no bar to drink his volley everything was closed as a went thirteen innings and goodness that is that's about as tough losses I think. It's got to be the toughest loss of big league history right. Well I'm learning from. Jamie that it's it would have been the seventh perfect game it would as good progress Larson's perfect game obviously post season perfect game it. You have a man and you know I. You throat twelve perfect innings. And we lose on and on earned run in the thirteenth. That's a winner winner chicken day you'll live that you never see that that's the kind of performance. Don't you think you'll via Mike the biggest losses like worst losses of all time. That loss. Like Vanderbilt in the British Open if you remember Marion center area I was. Those are the type the losses. You take to the graves. By the way god bless everybody associated. With letting forget about whether to perfect gamers think. Just send and got back out there for the thirteenth inning I just love that we will never see that again. And in the number of pitches. I haven't seen it in the history yet but I will be scrolling Donny and install it. That probably didn't have pitch counts very well now there's 644. I just found it no well as well as the game. I have the book somewhere I've moved so it's in a box somewhere. The game where marriage shall again responded to stick where they win like what seventeen innings there's a like that little bit and that's where mayor shallow can't gone. Hey if that old man keeps going out I gotta keep going now. Yeah it's and that was such a different day in and like said we're never gonna see that again one more thing I didn't get the pitch count for you Tony but in 1991. The committee for statistical accuracy in baseball announced that it no hitter would be redefined. As a game in which a pitcher or pitchers complete game of nine innings or more without allowing a hit. Complete a game is the key there because prior to 1991. Harvey Haddix was given credit. For perfect game because he threw nine perfect innings but in 91 with his role changed it mathematics is gem no longer qualified when he was made aware. The order of the greatest games ever pitched in history. No longer had a spotless record books this response I love this is old school to it's all right I know what it is. Not even now know anymore not even a perfect game it was at one point and then what are we looking at 32 years later they say it thanks for coming Harvey but that's. I don't know knowing him. I arrows one inning off. July 2 1963. Marriage shell out duels spine in a six team oh yeah I mean thriller. Gotta love Google. Warren spine was seventeen. Years older than all. At. All. You are bad at. If you had an eighty GM can as you know one marriage now was right this guy's going to be your star he knew magic GM in today's baseball. Watching his 25. Year old future ace going out there for a sixteenth inning. Even better would be if it was like at WBZ game. Hinted GM has zero control over like. Somebody else's managers sending his horse out there for the sixteenth. And seventeenth in your right those two guys. There's no way. Either of them are coming out of the ball game as soon as they see. His counterpart taking the mound yet again they're probably account I got to go out there. It's merit opera. I'm not even exaggerating for effect here and I do it all the time. 267. In the sixteen banning. Marriage Al allowed a two out single to main key. Then registered his 48. Out of the nine. On law workers come back to the mound. It was a marriage als 227. It. Home. To a 120 what 6227. It's unbelievable spot now the old man's spine Howell. Spot those holes. I mean it's it was revealed at this point right. So. Il he only threw 201 pitches again that's all appointees is more efficient. That's that's only the and he recorded 48 outs is well. I don't believe so because they lost. I don't read the whole article. All right well so Rosemary shell or. I've lived through 227. That would be correct angle so he had. Fewer than five pitches per out. He was efficient. The four point 729. For the start geeks now now now we're happy guy get get statistics. Don't give me started our I was telling Danny. For rising are interim PDA year system purely written work in the room again. A little bit it's it's pretty lonely it was just me and Jamie weird you know late night everybody bails out at about. 5 o'clock of just mean Jamie for awhile and then slick nick came and dream team behind the glass but yeah I was telling Denny. The only time I got to see my hero Nolan Ryan pitch was when he threw his no hitter in Oakland and I don't know how many pitches he threw but it had to be you know that it was a lot even though is only nine inning game I remember there being a lot of deep counts. And it it just reminded me Nolan Ryan I think at one point in his career. And I think it was when he was forty by the time he was forty he had thrown some crazy number of games. With a 150. Plus pitches and some like you've thrown 54 games by the age of forty words thrown 150 pitches plus you deceased. Winner we ever gonna see someone throw 151. Time in the future. Were not well actually guy NA stock today called me Evans and missing Brigham Nolan Ryan has he asked me said. Now that strike outs are lay up more than ever in the history of baseball ants by like howl lot. Do you think someone could sniff Nolan Ryan's record and I said it will not even close. And the reason why that is. Yes more guys are striking out when they're striking out because they're facing war pitchers. Nolan Ryan's innings. Nolan Ryan threw hardy to 400 he had the big curve ball at the changeup he's one of the greatest strikeout artists of all time. And other reason why he got all those strike outs. Is because he threw all those innings you'll never see another pitcher they have as many starts. Or have as many innings as Nolan Ryan there is actually no chance anybody. Will ever get to his strikeout total. In that 1990s no no in Oakland keep your 130. Pitches he walked two and struck out fourteen. And the reason I grew to love him even more after that game toning is the next day I written a game story. You lessons learned here one of them was that the reporter does not need never should. Tenet they're there gripes in their story but they did they made sure that the reader knew that Nolan Ryan made to reporters waited thirty minutes to talk about his no hitter. You know why he made them wait thirty minutes downy does his work and exactly use on his exercise bike got to get his twenty mile bike ride and that just made me. Love them even more of the guys forty plus years old. In still just an animal. After thrown a no no if ever you're gonna kind of may be taken Nidal for your work out no not Nolan. I mean that's why he had Earl Campbell fives and was able to just throw inning after inning year after year I mean. Hughes is straight up stud and he was you when he was the president of the Rangers. He was the only guy the only guy in power in baseball. That put to work this guy name Alan Jaeger have you heard that name he's kind of like you. I don't wanna say he's. He's different he looks he's a growing guru for lack of a better term rhino Zito worked with a one point. But he's the guy who says. Yes throw more throw more throw more throw long toss as far as you can 300 yards. It 300 feet if you can I mean there's teams out there right now tanning you know this. Their capping a long toss sessions. At a 150 feet they don't want and drawing getting longer and there actually timing them and not letting him go past 510 minutes wears his jagr guy. Who Nolan Ryan was the only one who embrace that. Type of mentality. Makes a very simple analogy he he told me one timer. If you plant in oak tree in it in that greenhouse that has a roof that's ten feet high. How far how high is that oak tree gonna grow. Ten feet right it's gonna stop right there where that where the roughest well if you just pointed out in the open. How far is how tolls are gonna grow you don't know it'll certainly grow more than ten it'll just grows long as it can go and that's analogous to throwing if you capped people. At the amount that they can throw in the distance which they can throw vineyard capping the strength of their arm. Long toss is the only weightlifting peach pitchers need it breaks down the muscle and build it back up and guys like Nolan Ryan get it. Young kids the Ivy League class in baseball now all an alleged they don't get it and that's why we're seeing. Tommy John become an elective surgery and all these pitchers on the DL at a very young and it's. It's it's an epidemic right now now when you start hearing about. Kids giving Tommy John it's such an early age in your hearing about it Sackett Tommy John selected look forward to. Well I. And remember. The name Tommy John. In now. You think about somebody like that that had to have the surgery but that was it. That was still a rarity of course if you got hurt way back and they didn't have the technology they didn't hear you were in college. In you heard the elbow he hurt the shoulder you're done that guys. And even from a minor league standpoint any kind of standpoint when you talk about pitching. We had never seen so many injuries. And really it's elbows shoulder something that. It's a whole different animal when your capsule goes you're done there's no surgery to come help you mean New Year's. But the amount of injuries that we obscene. Going from the guys who are the very best in the game all the way down to talking about kids who are twelve and thirteen. It really really is scary and they went and have a signs and never have to worry about it what to think about. You know my whole hype of throwing where I threw basically year round as a quarterback and a pitcher there was never. An off season for me in and throwing the football strengthens your shoulder right I think of all the innings that I pitch. You know there was every pitch count there's never throw count with the football. I just threw my whole life and and I was healthy now I didn't throw a hundred miles an hour and there's a lot different theories but we do notice. There's more injuries than ever before the more they worry about injuries the more injuries we have nobody can deny that are. Yeah there's no doubt about it it's it's a direct correlation in this whole notion that when somebody gets 200 pitches. There arm is about to explode is is just laughable all you have to do is look at the pitch count of back in the day when guys were true Iron Man and oh by the way. They're working in form and rotations not five man rotation. It's a joke we are busy being. Big strong man is a result they're getting hurt and that's why going back to Nolan Nolan Ryan why he embraced. Alan jagr because Nolan was old school he was a big strong man and he can throw for ever any thought well. Granted he's a freak of nature to a certain degree but. I was a big strong guy I could throw 200 pitches any game. If I needed to I've got a guy in my organization. Whose 22 he's 65. He's du 25 he's in great shape why the hell wouldn't he be able to go in fifty pitches to. I just still be alias sixteen innings for killing a thirteen inning Simien and a twelve man I still parades Hilliard is getting a no Rich Hill that's how we all star this year. Monikers towns and show Michael Irvin something happened and I'd Major League Baseball it never happened before where a guy took. A known goal ended he had the perfect game Vince at the no no end to because air happen in the night. And any takes the no no into the tenth inning and. Annie walk off home run and it and really if you think about everything that's been going on. Either a whole lot of bad luck for the Los Angeles Dodgers it seems like everything with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Has definitely gone totally way. This would really be the first thing that we have seen in quite a while that didn't go their way but. Rich Hill in these over the blisters. Disease is just wanna take her shot comes back Yu Darvish he's got woods got hill. Man as dodger team the way they're playing and making keep this rolling has won all stacked teams we have ever seen a villagers recently just on the disabled list let. Rich feels good people any of you hate the Dodgers. It's tough to root against a guy like this herbs has been through so much in his career one of those guys like to talk about. Our guys that when things haven't gone well for them. You know likes Massey when you've had to go to independent ball. There's people in your family whether it's your wife whether it's your father whether it's your mother with a guy united. Maybe this thing really isn't working out anymore and you need to find a job he needs you know fighting career yes. Or your name you gotta support your kids but his stick with him like Chris Smith we're dealing with right now at the days. You know these guys that don't give up and then finally. Get rewarded like Rich Hill. He's an unbelievable story now absolutely there's a lot of great stories in that dodger dugout to and it's start to Dave Roberts I mean. Don Mattingly were one of the reasons that giants fans always felt culpable. In that rivalry is because they knew and it wasn't just because that one high profile incident with a double trips. To the mound or Bruce vote she was going through out managed. Not not only on the field with strategy but with handling the different personalities and egos in the clubhouse vote she was gonna come and metal and they don't have that advantage anymore I mean Dave Roberts. Is unbelievable. At handling the personalities. And egos and that dodgers' clubhouse and there are a lot of different guys from. Different types of background to me for God's sakes he's got ya shield week. Playing Smart alert team oriented baseball for that alone he should be the landslide winner manager of the year Jim codes and mores covered the MBA very. Long long time and he now does. Kings pre and post game live war in BC sports California got asked him about the trade. And also how he views the warriors in this next season vs all the moves have been made around the MBA. Proposal join us as we continue right here on the Chris thousands showed 95 points in the game. The this counts show on 95 point seven gay. They note that like twins in him. I am excited about that how are the twins. The rough and kind of an animal that Europe. Jim Rosen Laura we've seen him he's seen everywhere. Whether he's too in the Sacramento being miseries do in the Oakland Athletics. Are he's been doing a lot of giants lately I don't semen. Enough. Potion he sees sports California. Bay Area he does everything and he joins us here on acres Townsend you know how we don't and Ike knows. Downey and apparently that are thank you so much and counting correctly you because you've been patient enough that had to cancel one. And you've been night and up at the back and I'm geared up and excited about being on with you in a manner. Hi we all know there's stuff going on zealots that's gone on I'm behind you whenever you can show up it's an absolute pleasure and we are so much to did join leaving cover and a lot of baseball lately but obviously the basketball world those is taking as the ice storm. All year a year before we get in the trade. All your years covering the NBA had ever seen an offseason. As big as this. You know it's interesting it seemed like the last few years we've been saying that it probably can't beat Oklahoma City. The goggle thing we say that we. Airport I believe. Money on the table eagle brand new situation. And we. Can kind of and this year it's happened that immediately applied to individuals huge battling Gordon Hayward going at. All. Org you portable like livelier being. Getting treated right being on the guys that are in war and in Oklahoma City go upper back from Indiana. And maybe like the time you're you're right on it seemed like the NBA it now while one. A year war. Yeah because I've been saying for awhile now that the NBA's done a really nice job of closing the gap on the NFL in terms of being. Note 24/7. 365 type of sport oh by the way before forget. I think if you even when we're not together on the air that team Australia WB she had the US war. Way back when because somebody's well hitting coach for team must talk to him two days ago he is the any texted me. He's gonna put it in the mail two days or should have that had. Soon but back to the trade back to the big deal I think the warriors look this this was a big deal and it's gonna continue to be a big deal will be bigger still. On opening night when they square off against each other diary and Isaiah. But still it's all it is. It is something else to fill some time until the next parade in Oakland and yet that the warriors privately are looking east and kind of shrugging their shoulders and may be laughing a little bit and decision whatever you still got no shot. You know what I'd like hey let me equate that's likely. In a weird way to get back in the end the ticket public attention and get it will be will be entertaining season. That we watch it was a very an entertaining play off until we got the final and again we're in the Bay Area it would spoil watchable warriors. But in the league baseball column team wants but for and 108 years a lot of people are going to be speak. The doctor didn't stop you loading the fact that. Not re voting isn't didn't stop teen what app that accounts in the NFL the patriot that the best thing bill. That not mean reloading people with the silver black and they've got a shot this year in the area in the should. But team keeper in the end. Of that Kindle and everyone thinking you know. Three years will ever came up for three years when workers start to be on the downturn will start to be linked. The get a lot of attention but they don't have many Keane who really kind of a battle to go after the champions and that's the one thing I'll not the end BA about because I think it would terribly on that are. On and saying playoffs up until. And Jim grows more joins us here on out of five point seven a game it's occurs Townsend shell and just give us like a team like the Sacramento kings' perspective. If you've got you've got this arms race which you're not into the arms race now how do you mean how do you feel if your standalone forward. Yeah if you look at it seemed like Sacramento an ending that middle. Vehicles around battled around modeled around right and that 3035. When cat or apart to law hoping to get. What pieces could maybe make the eight he'd only get knocked off the ground want the opinion is there a playoff team but I think they finally found a direction. Unfortunately. For the king. They found that direction and the Atlanta Hawks are in that direction of the Brooklyn nets are in that direction with that detectors are coming out that correction needs help fourteen. That are pulling back for the next few years. Hoping to win only twenty game and hoping to win the lottery. Only to retool so that in prayer warriors warriors we expect it we know we expect them to be on the downturn. That the team could start to move bore any perspective on the other hand. And that the that the northern California and having not about that a warrior king rivalry or bulking to go to the same pot and the McCain or that the warriors were down now wars crop McCain to wait it out probably the canes or you're the way but at least. County at least they pick the direction they admitted it to other bands and they can move forward with. Do you think the enthusiasm. In Sacramento is legit or they kind of forcing themselves to fuel. A certain way about the team because they've been doubt it's got it reminds me a little bit of the niners I don't know if that's the greatest analogy but the bars set. So low for the niners is to rue likes to say you can't fall from the ground it's like just just am lining up for certain plays is seen. There's progress and yes the kings rosters got more talented but. Does that warrant the optimism that I seem to be feeling coming out of Sacramento. Connie back me up on I want to heard eagle on Twitter acute. You'll rip job on king king and the kings player and he bit picture. The car owner did that by the way it worked out. If you did he went public enemy number one at a wearing a wonderful guy but public enemy number one in the 91 there. We couldn't Baird who make up about Sacramento king. Did you you know what you your perk monitor that while and not quite honestly it Patel that don't want it seen and it sounded they have banned. They're happy that there's the direction and they really do think a lot of these young guys are likable dot net how likeable guys. If they're gonna support of although I will be on it's you look at it 124 went back neck he could look at the. All right 'cause I'm gonna give you one seemed not name the Golden State Warriors. Here at a casino here at the sports book in you got to that one team and you possibly. Could take down the warriors. I whether it's in the Western Conference play house or the finals. Coming from the east who would it be who would doubt one TD pass. You know what I look at those reading. On. They're the NBC sport happening aggregate there and one other aggregators. The top five team. That will challenge the warriors ordinance in place for the filled with top bank. Instead the number one I'm still not content. That the addition of Chris Paul. Makes them that much better and all the things that off having it Carmelo Anthony at a point and end up being something that's on the watch but. I'm not convinced about you and others are I'm not convinced about Antonio they had Oklahoma City. I'm not convinced that just because they added Paul George that put them over the top. Really bought Celtic of the most unique team because they will die. They have young guys they believe it and they added Gordon Hayward like in the attic artery Irving. And ominously by world sounding a federal indictment the green on the ball and agreed congaree. What do you make of that the multiple. Theories that are out there as to why exactly. Nyerere being demanded the trade some people are saying you didn't demanded all some people are saying it was written in response to. The trade that LeBron supposedly. Approved but it was a conditional approval in the condition didn't give back to Cairo re so. It was kind of I used this analogy earlier about you know when when you hear your girlfriend but to break up review when you're young you wanna break up with her first. In so that's kind of what happened with carries its just there's so many different. Stories out there about it and it just it's made it's made like a lifetime movie it's just not I don't know what to believe. The beautiful part of the NBA. They love the fact that there are only if the out there. Because we can grab one was important week of the news we want a model. But the opinions we have we wanna Arnold at the same thing in the NBA if you don't like front you're injured a fine news story. But does he was trying to stroke carrier ring personal on the back side and now I'm going to be on currently side if you pro LeBron you're gonna find them at the port will run game. In the end of the month because they get attention either way. I mean. That the NBA has been an all all the sports every sport and he beat eagle I think the end game has the largest the bald Eagles. And I didn't think that guys like carrier ring Kuo hit the big jump shot and called in to win. A couple of years ago Brinkley in the first championship in what sixty or 65. Country Irving at the shop that one it will blonde get the credit for bringing the title old too old. A Cleveland and I think carrier ring get tweaked by I'd keep it tweet that. LeBron James looks at him as a little brother it would be bothered anybody wants to be a leader all right. And what an eagle take a week and Cleveland and lead in the op then. Or let him stay in Cleveland LeBron leave any year two in the leader in order on its own app. Cairo ringgit the net now what I I do think. Eagle on all sides is guilty and also pleasurable in these stories. The Oakland Athletics are 55 and 72 this San Francisco Giants are 52 and 77 and we're not gonna ask you one question about either of these bad teams goes you are saying. You know I've. I've on our broke up on the on the Internet I did here is that the local. Yeah I just so we're we're not gonna ask you a question about either one your saved. Thank you very much so I do appreciate that because it would be the talk about either it will. The debate all firm's own an acute back on. Time for giant ant because they etc. what do you expect in recent years. This time the world what the future could be. It can choose guide you're going to want children and act on one and. And England knew that the giants can build around he's giant and a those being back in on the board in the you haven't answered the other day mate is Blaine you leave guys are gonna build around for the future if he's going to be capable guy. Would blow pop album right cancer center fielder B flash in the pain. I think the reason brought to watch it on I'd say the cap real quick all I know actually and I. I'm probably on the levels pre acquire all you guys are probably the biggest baseball it's not a putt that game. That that might you'll baseball player. And by the way there's no may be attached to third base in Oakland Chapman's the real deal but yeah I'm off for both teams. Playing the young guys as much as humanly possible and and on top of that put him in situations for which they're woefully. Unprepared let's see who's gotten sacked its C news got Smart. Wouldn't you agree with that I think it into the night low that guys at the Dell and apple made it. Because he died right now what audiences about it and you can't go out and come back a little while later and I will be it is it is the dirty side. It's Franklin rattle it time or get Lowrie in the thick around it is the portable but one of the answers that I. Because the Bible forward to that I have young. On the future and I think we'll rattle could be one. All I know coast Friday night I'll be taking your uncles Tripoli nine 795 cent. I'd like cholera like oh my rent apartment building them in that. Hoop like they have a great night goes thanks so much. United you saint thanks so much and under very kind and agree. That soon those thank you rob can't wait. One of the goods good guys in our business not everybody in our business is a good guy. That guy is a good guy needs some of them and I think we need to talk about will do it right here 95 point seven a game as Chris downs jail. Now back to the Cruz county jail on 95 point seven. Now goes on at the point about the giants and about CA. And the one point he brought out. About the gains taxes on tonight the top thousand span that's. And I was time about the Nazis. And ignited a hot stove league showed their Roberts we talked about it I didn't wanna see veteran guys. Aussie the young guys I wanna see them get out there and if they have issues. Well let's see him work through it they have to go down and come back up meanwhile the most famous ones is going to be. Josh Johnson Josh Donaldson out of you know the Serbs was it like point 82. Was sent back to Sacramento. And called this is very showed a top college football on his way back this act. And then came back up and 2012 and help lead the team and it'll play out some of the great seasons of all time. So over the days I understand that for the giants. It's a different deal. Because what we found now. Is other teams. Do not value their key assets in the minor leaks. So there's going to be some interest dean. Moves that are going to be made it. And no one team that I've compared him to. That they really have to be afraid it was a team that was just in town and I recently at Alex bat doughnuts agree with me on this they have to be very careful because. You don't wanna turn into the Philadelphia Phillies that Phillies team that won the World Series in Los the Yankees right not to long after that. They they got old they got old fast and they haven't been good sent. They fell off the map I mean it happened and heart beaten Ryan Howard's Canada the poster boy the the individual you know embodiment of that whole thing I thought. But Chase Utley was done as well he's clearly not there yet that that was about his dramatic fall from grace. This is we've seen in modern baseball. And their audience that is an. Undersea because when that it's the days hired some things about the giants her debts you know there's some. Different opinions about going forward between mean. That and then head guy and and then president of baseball operations in the GM and say that they are not getting along with just. The idea of what seed you want is Bobby Evans. You know vs ownership. I kind of understand our ownership because herbs at some point if you're going to have to blow it up. I was thinking about that earlier in the year for them going you know what you better be Smart. But then you have to realize we've seen it now for the past couple years people are valuing their assets right. They're not valuing their assets of the big league level and they're not value their assets at the minor league level so I can understand. Where giants ownership may say you know I. We need to ride these core guys that helped us win a World Series rings. We need a ride this horse still bucks us. And then we go full re alone I I kinda like if that's what really 'cause earlier bear say at the at the trading deadline we could be. Adding we're not gonna be subtracting so clearly Larry and his group. Is saying. We know we're gonna have to relook at some point but we might as well give it is group one last shot but a whole rebuild has gone on. And with with the money exploding the way it is I mean we're talking about Bryce Harper there's there's a possibility. That he can get a deal worth 400 million dollars of the money is so crazy. That it it baffles me that teams are valuing the minor league assets because there's cost control. In their pre arbor you know in there are Beers. In and that's why a lot of teams will buyout guys are Beers split. It's that's the most valuable piece you have and when you see team. Like well the Red Sox about a decade ago and now recently the cubs common denominator Theo Epstein. He does value those young players that the Chris Bryant that the bridge those. I don't understand why all of a sudden with the money exploding the way it is that some management teams are going. Against what they ought to be doing which is placing more value on the young guys were yep cost control. I think the problem with the giants is now on things that are there they're minor leaguers are really worked there you go that's sitting they don't have one in the top fifty according to MLB pipeline and you know you go out new draft and sometimes you hit it sometimes you down. That's where. I guess I understand it the more of the body Evans thought about it. And the ownership it's automatic it is from what I'm hearing Zabian would not be opposed to trying to go younger like now yeah but. If this is a Larry Baer Bobby Evans gonna win this by eight. I can kind of see where they're going to on hey it's not a bomb garner. We're gonna hope to god Quaid O comes back to what he was. You know you gotta hope that enhances Miami's somehow get better than Brandon belt will be that. She stopped right there Johnny you're you're already they're already I mean you're speaking for them. They're already breaking the cardinal rule of elite sport management you cannot factor. Hope in your equation I'm a little bit shirk. But if if the giants think they can contend in 28 team with for the most part what they have on hand already. That's factoring hoping to about 67. Key roles on the team and it's way too. That's not in a moron I'm ninth and to on line OR I know what it and that's and that's where is herbs that's where. I was the first one in this market on these guys to beat the Phillies before you know. And everybody giant fans are like I can't Mike analysts as Dahlia. In Utah and I'm here have been to the Phillies. But. Since they don't have anything downstairs. They don't have anything in Miley system this is all they got. I didn't expect I didn't know who Ryder Jones was before the season started and now I know entirely too much about writer Jones for for my taste. Because they've battled injuries and all the underperformance and you've had. All these guys so anybody that was even worth a little bit that being excited about that was in the minors. Very now in the majors so. On top of the fact that the giants were not seen around the game is one of the better. My New York musicians in terms of big league ready talent. Now they're even worse because if you were anywhere remotely close to ready your all the way up there. And the reality is for Albany area baseball pants. The Dodgers. Are bringing up young stops and they're not going anywhere but Colorado Rockies nears the Diamondbacks. Three teams above you in your division are going to play out in parades dancing trying to on this on its stock to get the Dodgers got a bunch big league ready talent still down there. And that's the same thing with the Houston pastor if Carlos Reyes 22 years old out two days Taiwanese men. I mean. Everybody's actually you know the Asian players and I liked them but the Astros young players. Are not only there's more common there are Bragman there thirty years leading their team to the post seasons ago. I hope this is not the case I pre nine. But he could be a couple of years before we see anything special in the Bay Area again weekends. These other teams in both west and the last AL last. They've got young players and their winning the Rockies are winning the of course the Astros of the young talent but all of a sudden here comes the Texas Rangers the Seattle Mariners the angels they're all over now. Yeah in the agency is important you look at how did you see springer aspirin is 27 now right. Springer's only seven out two days when he seven Korea's 22 in springer's been up this is his third year in the big leagues. Who's been up since he was torn for maybe even a short while yeah yeah. So you got these guys who I mean age is important when it comes to. When you're talking about prospects it is spring is fourteen years so. He came up when he was 2.3 years old and bright and and by and Bratton and I think his point the very bright and you give me a guy who's making his big league debut. That 27 don't try to sell me on the idea of this guy being a prospect. He's not a prospect anymore he's either late blew more org is a quadruple play god if you're 27. In you haven't been in the show yet. You're really not that good otherwise. It the only way you're gonna be any good is if you're a big time late bloomer. Ole boy is time it's not some silver and black Levi. Damien editor in chief and lead writer. For silver and black illustrated. That Palestinian silver black pride of SB nation network he's gonna join us got a lot to get into how does names changed. With a big left tackle get back into camp you're gonna find out right here on I five cent.