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Wednesday, August 23rd

Towny talks to URB about everything going down in the NBA trade cycle and gets a chance to talk to former NBA vet Antonio Daniels.


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DG DG dot com studios in downtown. Yeah. What time is that novels around five we are back for another four hours. It is the Chris downs and show and with me tonight. Not going so low Michael Irvin is going to be let me for the next four hours we got Antonio Daniels gonna join us. Longtime NBA player now works for fox sports Oklahoma so a lot of lot to get into at the NBA obviously at 730 a buddy Jim Coles a more round. NBC sports Bay Area at 830 Levi Damien we are supposed to last night's. Editor in chief and lead writer for silver and black pride. And also as the nation healed joins tonight at 905. Enos heiress is herbs man crashed with fan Grasso be here at 930. And David Lombardi now another guy now the athletic will be here at 10 o'clock says Daniels 730 Cozumel or 830. Levi Damien 905 cirrus 930 and David the Barney at ten herbs how we do and and I are. Am having the best time already am blessed some appreciative and I'm winner uncle Toni man how can life be much better to also. My 49 birthday I am that guy I do you make sure everybody. Within my sphere is aware of that you don't have to give me anything you know and say anything you just need to know. I have no problem with that. And you know I'm well I I love how well you're talking about that because you know what. When it is your birthday it is sure special dance lesson and I Maryland my mother was alive. She always said it was our birthday because she gave birth to me so. I'm always that's do today's happy birthday Eric and you know I'd. Herbs are geared jitters appoint your life you need to think you'd see forty. You know what it's funny you should mention that and also your mother my mother rest in peace passed away when she was 49 and so I've kind of been. Dreading in a strange way. My 49 but now that it's sheer I'm choosing to flip the script and celebrate it and celebrate her slope to steal a page from your arms book. It is our birthday today so thank you very much except on her behalf as well. So well. Happy birthday Arabs at school. Thanks would you give your kids do anything special or they always do yes they had because they knew I was give me garden tonight my beautiful bride. Made sure that we had a birthday dinner last night got pick up my favorite food from downtown. Livermore and we had the German chocolate cake that I show love and in this morning we had the rest of the German chocolate cake with candles. And they greeted me with a whole. You know balloon. The mylar balloon the happy birthday sign and I asked for a zero gifts whatsoever. But it's they they knew that I would accept this exception I've been looking for. The skeleton hoodie. Did the lead singer Tony when pilots started wearing back when they were nobody's. He doesn't rocket anymore and I've been trying to find it like everywhere ever since I was made aware tornado touched. Couldn't find it sold out even went to the European web sites sold out. My daughter Jackie somehow found it so Jacqui Natalee and my wife Kelly gave to me and I am very happy. You have written a rocket today and people I've been surprised at how few lame comments have gotten about it. You know let's hope money. As when your younger in your father would always say I don't want anything don't get me anything right yeah it was Chris Nancy it was his third day. And I was like that's kind of sad it's weird as you get older you start morphing into your father in his right for your birthday it's like let's spend money on sun announced. I've got every position get old cars of Manningham money. You Escobar I would ever tell you why it's you sit there in sync with somebody's gonna get me this but I liked that because I know exactly what you're talking about. And have affected you got that happy birthday so. One thing I want what I want to lead off with tonight it's weird last night. I have to coach Kerry Keating on with me for a long time we had top hoops in awhile and then what Matt's I'm its earlier today. With him I got that quick fifteen minutes with him today we start talking hoops. And just. The pass ever since the trade went down. And and listening even to more stuff today. It's like herbs we are any warriors bubble and it's a good thing. It's really like the rest of believed. And I mean everybody they still don't get. They still just don't understand. It. What makes what's happening years so special I think about this we're about to start the NFL season. I mean we got niners we got raiders armories are doing raiders pre imposed. And I can't get basketball off my mind you live or in August and IQ I'm starting out my show with loops but I'm fascinated by this ever since I start talking about yesterday. But were in this bubble. That it's like they they truly just don't get why the warriors are so great. And they still want to believe and what I like to call is hero ball. Everybody is still love because of a lot of journalists who were covering Michael Jordan that Eric earned their fifties. And they remember that is the greatest error whether they talk about Kobe Bryant they talk about Allen Iverson and they talk about Westbrook today. They still. Are in love with year old ball on the acting carrier ring is going to the Celtics he's going to be the man and it's his team. None of that is going to beat the Golden State wars because they're not built like that maybe just maybe. They are built in their own special way nonstarter thinkers as world not to remember it. Their really their mentality is more mentality of the team in the eighties and not the ninety's and two where we artists. I agree that completely. I don't know the rest of the league doesn't. Doesn't get it doesn't understand why it's working for the word for what's working for the worst. It could just possibly be that they realize how rare how unique it is and that it's been it's gonna be and you're not gonna see two teams like this. In the same generation this truly is a generational gathering. Of talent not just on the court but on the sidelines and in the front office and so their answer to that is well. The next best thing may be trying to stockpile as many all stars. As possible and have as many quote on quote killers I believe that's what you're referring to the guys that just. They wanted to dominate the ball they wanted to dominate the game they wanna be. No ads on their team as the guy you can count on not just as the buzzard is a shot clock winding down. And the busters coming but throughout the game and the only time the warriors. Who again they have they have a chemistry they have a combination that just is not going to be matched any time soon. They've got killers put that don't have guys that. Feel the need to be killers throughout the game went when the shot clock is winding down when the game is on the line at the Marianne. That guys with killer mentality stepped and stepped curry certainly that got JD is certainly that guy but. Both of those guys are also unselfish players and don't feel the need to illustrate that there that guy throughout the day. It's a beautiful thing to watch and when you go to the games and you see the way they played basketball together and then when you see. The way they are off the floor we'd use words in the past couple days whether it's been matter it's been a coach. About not only is the communication great between these guys. But there's a lot of love between these guys and it shows in their plight shows how they react to each other op the field. And I just go back to even LeBron James or certain people who don't like LeBron James because oh he's gonna pass in big moments. Everybody Steele as a prisoner of that time where they think that there should be one guy. And then he gets out on the floor and he's the out the dog and everybody get the hell out of the way. I'm gonna win this game when I was talking to Jamie our producer earlier today. I sit Jamie you realize. A lot of people love that kind of basketball and I know what a Larry Bird and you were Herb Thomas at you let the group. You know a lot of people they think back is Larry Bird is one of the greatest shooters of all time and actually one of leader he's greatest attributes. Is he's known as the greatest passing forward in the history of the game right. You think of the showtime lakers they shared the basketball you think of the Boston Celtics they shared the basketball. They didn't play the way Michael Jordan in the bulls' point. Michael Jordan in the bulls were probably a defense of team more than anything else and I think the goal of the people have for Kobe Bryant as he was such that killer. It's like the way the warriors play is very similar to the way teams played to great teams the way they played the eight. Saying it's interesting because as I was reading up on the trade in the immediate aftermath of it. I was asked by the Susan Mercury to chime in with a column and so before I dove into you know giving my thoughts on and I wanna see what other people were thinking in the immediate aftermath and somebody was writing about. If from the Celtics standpoint. And made they made a passing mention to. Even from an organization like the Celtics. Who have had offensive legends such as and I I've I was sure I was a few Larry Bird in their right I mean he's he's one of the most iconic Celtics of all time. The guy didn't use Larry Bird as an example he used John have a check. And Paul Pierce and that's because they were strictly offensive killers in your right Larry Bird thankfully especially as time has gone by is recognized for. Not just being held a score and he certainly was that but. He wasn't pass first guy he was the best passing forward of all time and maybe still is there any could rebound he did a little bit everything go for loose balls. This is an unselfish player he'd fit in very nicely with he's going to waters in fact. How Mike can you imagine the and and you know is verging grow up with a three and Newsday they didn't take the reason he only took one game if Larry Bird could play. In a game now where he could take ten threes a game. And is passing and the reason why I kind of got into this is freedom mean knowing a little bit and finding out some things about Tyree in the way he reacted. And the way he was burn embraces. Even even during the finals he was burning bridges with that franchise. And coach Keating release point he did he didn't get to here last night on this plane. So we explain how. The way players are today the way they switch AA AEU teams the way they switched high schools the way they switched colleges. It's just a completely different mentality and as I'm everybody and I'm listening to everybody just raised the Celtics. Because of course it's easy to look at it say. Harry's been the NBA finals. Retirees won the NBA finals he's made the big shot he's 25 years old. And then I started think that you know what. These kind of. He's covered jerk in a lot of ways. And two years. His contract if he goes to the Celtics while he's going to the Celtics he does the Celtics. And does not win an NBA title in the next two years which Vegas has already said. That that that this trade hasn't changed evening that the cavaliers are still the favorite and the Golden State Warriors are still the favorite to win at all. And the next two years of he can't do the Celtics. I'm not gonna be shocked if he's now out of Boston. And then all the people come great trading day which is he still will be looked as a great trade. And all of a sudden he goes to Boston doesn't get what he wants and two years says I'm out here because that's what his generation is now all about. Yeah I think we need to be careful on judge inquiry into in the he's a bad guy he's jerk a gay or your. We're taking that from but we're also taking some people at their word while completely dismissing. Others for no particular reason other than one person put that you know perception out there first now we've heard that Tyreke. Wants to be the man he got tired of playing in LeBron shadow in and if that's the case and yet he's a jerk that's the most disappointing. Then you could ever hear from professional athlete especially. When that the you know. Maybe greatest player of all time certainly one of the greatest players of his generation if not the greatest. He is he's an unselfish guy like she's fine with Calgary Jack in thirty shots if need be but. There's there's now as as more time went by it's been a month since the word of carries trade request came out. And there's now about three different scenarios that may have led up to that one of them being. That their receipt trade in place it was a three way trade in this is the most recent when we came out it was going to net for the caps. Eric Bledsoe. And Paul George. So you get Eric Bledsoe Paul George you're the deal was done. And if the deal was done then you have to go ahead and assume that LeBron gave his blessing to the deal somehow. Some reason it didn't work out and what we're told the reason it didn't work out it's because while the Bronx it would would that that's a good deal I don't think anybody. Would not do that deal you get Bledsoe in Georgia in exchange for tirade that is a good trade is good this Calgary is but what the owner wanted what Griffin wanted. Was to say I'm gonna do this deal if you promise to commit to us long term. The Bronson no I can't that doesn't mean. He was that doesn't mean he wanted Ty re out if that was the case and word is that. It got back to Calgary there's a little miscommunication. Was like the kids playing that telephone game and soak Irene took it as. LeBron wants me out in so within emotional and maybe a little bit immature reaction from 25 year old who's probably been pampered little bit during his lifetime. You know he said well I think if LeBron want to be out then I want out too it's almost like I'm gonna break up with her before she's gonna break up of me so that's one. Possibility if that's a possibility that's a lot easier for me to swallow it in in terms of what I think of carrier ring. Then him just saying. I didn't wanna I wanted to be the man on the team even if I'm gonna be the man on a lesser team than the team I'm on right now again that would be the worst thing. The professional athlete can possibly say where is the other scenario legislate out that's perfectly acceptable to me so. Again I'm a long way of saying I'm not full on buying. The cat every year renew its bad guy because there's too many. Possibilities out there for why this all went down and I don't know that were ever going to find out because LeBron certainly isn't certainly isn't a mission in light on it. Well. Or us in the next two years yeah we will as there's two years to figure out as he'll hit 2627. Heading to Tawny aids. What kind of guys this is what he does in Boston what he wins and Boston what he doesn't win in Boston. And and his reaction then signing another big deal does he sign an extension and is he now and a hot some Morales will see what the Golden State Warriors still look like at that time they should be still pretty damn good. But if you're a warrior fan. You know still hiring in LeBron. Words that do low. And you put love in there whatever there was Cleveland with Tyree was still the team that you just kind of went maybe just maybe. But now separating them. And bringing in Isiah and I crowd or whatever but Isiah doesn't play defense it's like his work and you go. Once again nobody did anything this offseason that should make the Golden State Warriors ever say I'll. Yeah I mean one of the points in my column for the Mercury news was that. Before the trade it was the Celtics and cavs in whatever order you wanna put it obviously to sell to the number one Siebert cavs survived the east. That those are the only two and two teams really. That matter in the east and after the trade they're still the only two teams that mattered now I would say I. I feel like the Celtics got the better of the steel I think the Celtics. Are better off but what it really was sure there oil anyway were like we you can say for now yes for now exact impact is of Tyree like I'm trying to spell out. Here's a guy that went to the finals three straight years in San I want out here boom if things don't go the way he wants in Boston. In two years he can be out here and the best thing for the cavaliers to protect their behind is target net net that nets that could be their top. No I hear you and and look the cavs did well I don't think either team in this lost. But you take the other other pieces out of it for now and what you did basically is you had to swap of pass first. Really good offensive point guards. Who have serious defensive deficiencies a lot of them are rooted in an effort I think both of them have the physical tools would be good defenders. Clearly Thomas has the disadvantage with a slight but I think that could be good defender too if they really wanted to be they just don't wanna be. Maybe it's because expend so much energy on the offensive end but. Thomas averaged three more points granted he didn't play with with LeBron and he needed to carry more of the offensive load but I don't think it. I don't think it made the cab significantly better right now but I agree reviewed Tony. That pick could end up being huge and if they're looking at the very real possibility and they should be that should be preparing for I think that's part of what this move was. For LeBron is imminent departure. They're set up pretty well because well. Thomas is 28 years old three years older the carrier serving that pick is a solid pit Crowder is a good player the twenty year old Croatian senator. It's been stashed away in Europe but Isner already did that take a crack at the NBA he may be the sleeper in this deal. The calves even without LeBron if they do if that pic does turn into something. At least the coverage not going to be completely bare when he does sleep they will have some pieces to kind of try to rebuild. And last year. The bad part about Oklahoma City and Golden State. Was that the first game was here. There's a big difference between Cleveland and Boston vs what we had with Golden State in Oklahoma City. This is going to be the very first game I know season. And it's going to be Ky are greedy. Coming to Cleveland and and the dynamics different and I obviously having our first look at Oklahoma City golds they've been here in the Bay Area there wasn't going to be that same. Vitriol what ever. What the yes I got a lot needs. It will. I don't know how will play because Tyreke didn't hit a huge shot to help you when an NBA title of the biggest shot in Cleveland sports history I mean he ended an epic all sports. Heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak. Title drought that's what's so. All right this I mean there's so it's a DeVore right I mean it was a pretty quick from icon to pride in like a heartbeat. Divorce is ugly and he's going to be coming back in and you know what that scar. That's why I remember this is October 14. This is right around the corner there's not going to be any time demand anything Michael that sparked there's going to be no Stan. This is and these people live about this before when LeBron left for the heat mole like at this. Well last time that the first game of the year which is starting well before Halloween gone. I can't wait for this this is this is going to be physical. Yeah it's can be great image which of those two teams played each other more frequently what they have four games against each other during the regular season. Yeah I wish it was like eight or twelve or sixteen I'd like to see these two teams. Go at a number of times but look we always have. That series Eastern Conference final I'd I'd still believe that those are the two teams. Bigamy and getting beat going at a certain depending on what happens in the regular season of all parties are healthy. Heading into the post season and that's going to be a fantastic way to end the Eastern Conference playoffs switches. You know just it's a warm up to get drastic by the worst in the finals. The united at least the east will now be interesting. As last year is more interesting though they don't was before this trip happen not I don't see how I explain why I I'll tell you why because. We always knew Cleveland was the best team whether they are going to be an ambulance cedar. Thought it was it was a no brainer we knew the Golden State Warriors were antsy economically cavaliers. No matter what seed they were in when Boston got the number one seed we also that still going to be great clincher now it's going to be a different deal but. Well maybe not Vegas still has Cleveland as the favorite but at least we know when these two teams if they make the Eastern Conference against each other. It's going to be a full on fight and even know they're both going to be dog meat for the Golden State Warriors in at least it'll make that put it this way. In Isaiah stays in Boston Tyree stays in Cleveland they plague and I don't think there'd what do you think television ratings would be I think that television ratings now with Cleveland. And Boston the way they are. It's gonna be really juicy. There's no question about it and I tell you I really do you think right now. This trade made the Celtics better than the caps I felt like the cavs and they proved it even though I know Isaiah missed part of the the Eastern Conference final the bulk of it. I thought the cavs were the better team even if Isiah was healthy. No question about it now I have big time questions in fact. I think the Celtics right now are better for everybody stays healthy I mean a Big Three of Tyreke. And Hayward and Al Horford who's very underrated in my opinion. And you got you know. This much talent as they gave up in that deal. It wasn't like hugely impact full talent at the Celtics gave up. They've got a solid Big Three. They've got a decent little bench and they're young and their athletic and wanna Danny Ainge is priorities. Has been trying to create a roster that plays position as basketball. Horford doesn't quite fit into that he is a four he is a traditional four. But the rest of their roster they've got a lot of guys who can switch out and play a bunch of different positions. I really like the Celtics I think. This set themselves up well and I don't know why anybody would not run away from the phone when they hear Danny Ainge online too because. He's getting over on people I think he's underrated GM. Antonio Daniels. Now covers the Oklahoma City Thunder longtime player in the NBA. What kind of game does he expect when they tee it up for the first time we're talking about Cleveland. And Boston and what would it be like playing in a game like this. All of that and so much more Antonio Daniels next birdie on the first thousand trio now to five point seven a game. In the long time player. And now doing television. Around the Oklahoma City Thunder Antonio Daniels joins us tonight and. How we go. During the Olympic sport we're doing great you know we've been talking about. This trade. And it it's this is a basketball gods it couldn't get any better that the first NBA game of the season. Is going to be. Cleveland Boston Cleveland. It would be like if if you're playing in this game what do you think it would be like. Man that he used at the right way MBA connect anything. You know the moment that carry being to be traded and all of the different. Reality TV here soap opera and in the end all and now below. The Boston Celtics make trade for. Every. Or you get an eclectic. Album and rape and economic NJ crowded park on pay. There aren't committed an act partly being going to. The idea that Craig gore back to put. MBA connect sort of getting better and bet it would be great ability great way to start if he cannot. Antonio war when you first heard of the trade are you thinking. I refer Thomas More where you. The other parts I mean it's not insignificant. But everybody looked at this is just it's easy to guide trades to superstars who doesn't happen. And to. One may actually on my eyes and you know we talked about torn island and because actually. To. I'd come back wanted to put it. One then I'd like clinic. The ability to score. And hi YouTube on the average per. Went. Diving. One. And they're caught. And now. You. Like to me like. But like one. Baltic. And the banner in. And not like cleaning and marketed properly. Arming and the. I don't think that's drop out of all drowning wow Antonio Daniels TV analyst for the Oklahoma City Thunder also serious X and NBA coast and then I want to ask you this park is this the part that bugs me. Is you have this success on a team you go to these finals you whip finals and also had you wanna leave that. Our critic guy is that TU. The wrong. Now. It would come. Right now upon. The clinic. Wanted. Would basically being. Particularly. On. And go jacket right. At. He brought a week. You see now. Think it would be seen. It got. In the eight. Incompetent. May have been the play. And we're not. Right and not have. There. We. Can't. Including and we're. Full and giving out again and again. Attorney how many different stories have you heard it in terms of the Genesis of carries. Request to be traded because I've now heard three with a most recent being. That it wasn't on him at all while a little bit of a that was on him and I'm sure you've heard this one supposedly supposedly there was a deal. Witt Griffin had worked out the owner that had. What was its. Dubs are Gilbert not Griffin Griffin the GM bailed on Gilbert it was his son Eric Bledsoe and Paul George we're gonna come and a three way deal. For tyra Irving and Irving heard about that and knowing the deal. Was basically approved by LeBron now Gilbert one of LeBron to say. Yes I will stay long term if you do this deal the bronze sit uncle with a deal but I'm not gonna stay long term somehow got back. To Kyra read that it was just LeBron was okay with a deal. And much like you know a high school boyfriend girlfriend situation. He wanted to be the guy breaking up and so the emotional reaction to hearing he thought LeBron wanted to mount so he said well I'm gonna go up first. Can't that would go yeah you know and. What you are super. NBA you don't need to rebel without having some sort eagle texting. If we give it till about. Being on your 20/20 think you're now you've got to find out what upon. These. Are. You know we think we had a great year and not you know one on. Election. Not. Fit well wait. In it to me you know a bit more. Future not an today. You know we got an. Urban matured and maybe. To take the leadership grow. Human. Grip anyway you know manage. Edna a man and not. Being apart. And it hurt he. He went quite. The thinking. To gain. In the are. Not. Even get the future want to hear. Don't wanna be. Out what. Clinic made a pocket. And now. I want to put you in a time machine and bring you back is that as a Golden State warrior where the home of the Golden State Warriors. Whether it's what's happened with Oklahoma City whether what's happened with Houston and the trade between Cleveland or Boston if you're on the warriors right now would you be worried about any move that has been made. Yeah I mean it and keep what. And it changed the whole landscape of the the now you want nineteen. Individuals in order you know. Whenever the paint. You came out more. On. Now make it. Look how cute it hurts like. That cannot advocate chemistry that can be. Potential. 08. Shoulder problem. In BP. Ought to Oklahoma City. You did great mu arm. Weight accordingly are brought to cut. It. Did not want it didn't directly. We know Kevin it would count in green and we are. We get we. What. Would work. We don't. We don't know. Well. Important to. The. But. One count they have at all they got. I'll work it. Out. Antonio you're fabulous viola you know that the nebulous is trying to bring some energy next time I'm worried about she sent it down. Hey if you're crazy we've got all the senate now we've got all this NBA here we are world clock and basketball on August the best very. You know what it. Did. Well. Comical but at bat to club it. Technically name in Google YouTube or new York and I can't see. Them. New York you'd want to welcome they want to welcome. Again I'm a little bit. Some. Important he'd. Rates up we'll talk to use and continued success. Or. Thanks Antonio Daniels out. It was gonna very analysts are on you a couple things. That he had to say right Yonkers downed Cincinnati five point seven yank. On nine. Five point seven to. Would Michael Irvin and I don't wanna hear something happen in baseball that's never happened in the history of the game. It's pretty amazing and it's not a good thing. Right the best part of that energy you know. Is I couldn't even get that question now yeah no no no no I'm talking about his team Oklahoma City but now. And it's it's an arms race now the law though. That I don't know I totally agree. Is Irene didn't wanna be. Sitting there holding the bag as he said but the way he was able to get traded this year. Wouldn't he be alien traded next year the same way. It just seems in the NBA now if you want out you're going you get out. If you show your displeasure. Lesser Carmela. There have a tough time and Alan. While preaching sister I just. I don't think teenager behind the fact that he might is going to be an impact player for any more than one more year Michael if if if he was Tony five years old they'd be able to move there's no doubt about it that's why I'm saying that I just don't think anyone's thinking that he's. Look ice I think he is stage. A solid piece on a really good team right now but. Kenny carry the load anymore I don't think so not for full season and into the playoffs I think he's a good number two or number three and I think. May be by next year or the year after that he's in number three best. See the problem is he doesn't think wreck so it doesn't matter what he takes two other GMs think. That's why no one wants to touch it. You know if Carmelo Anthony. Was the guy that we seen Olympic basketball were everybody it's so funny that when he plays for the next told pariah. When he does the Olympic thing what's he been on three Olympic keys are investing fastener man I love him knees crying he's the greatest teammate he's the best guy they call in the leader. It apart if you could say I want. Carmelo. I want the Carmelo from Olympic basketball I want nominee GMs I'm that guy. But he gets back on the mix and it's all about him he's a ball stopper it's now. Mean it's in there and there it is I mean on on the Olympic team. He is kind of that he's he's DOJ rally he's the guy who's gonna take people who haven't been olympians before under their wing and say here here's how we do written. In kind of you know leave him by the nose I think if again. That's the type of role that he's best suited for on an NBA team but because he's never been that guy he's always been. The big dog that's what he's thinking he's going to continue to be and that's the disconnect is GM or send. All you've got left is that Olympic guy and I don't think that he's willing to accept that in his own. Let's go to Josh and Oakland Joshua workers downs GO. Ecstatic at Akamai. More so there to do off the off the court. On the court gave which he able to control the ball Borger amount you know I Evers like when you are out there and get. Not being at all being straight Roma after you hit big shot organization. You know what in the trucks each org. Page you know and Ambien it would say outlook. Actor or outlaw it. And dictate what you know what Orton patient in order to parts say what you. Are the liberal he came to their lead. And let's. And in. And com. Totally look up. Port you're. We're here what are carrying out what they reject it and Bennett and met you have to. Organization and the like are telling him your heart. The deal are. Taken out explosive politics in it come back. Ever been telling you everything is so were we a lot which engulfed I just put it can't fail the. Are much and count your bureau relationship. To move on now on age that they eat play. Miami Heat play the lead it to Dana. You look at our current he's at our board meeting didn't know troll. Take and a full count that it came away constructed around and change. What people say let the situation we're gonna win at 00. That ought. Actually at. An outlook and situation. Where. Got fortunate broken out on the way I meet all our old. Or even to hang out we ought to be faster entrapped in Dayton accord actually gained in. In his LeBron guy like LeBron got tryst and pay. He can't. Get the problem we do along with the between it and so when it. Bland and make it easy being you know all week. One eagle one. Which goes up Obama late into and not break out and. Before it it's right about that he didn't keep need to explore and play on any. I'd eat. It. They're all hip op I'm not no I am not going. In and out archery. Although it's. Not world nab got uh huh yeah. I hear all day and they've for the phone call. But as a young man has when he five years old and your plane with a guy like LeBron James who it is a pass first guy in a lot of ways. When you wanna be the man you want a score a lot of points you wanna play with somebody like that. But let's just so at the other line. You wanna be the man. It's nice up and Michael you you've traveled this country. There are no other sports fans like new englanders. Is a whole different ball game. And leave her you're gay people this way when you're at duke. And here at Cleveland. You're getting your ass kissed whining for salmon. Now welcome. Now welcome bill place where they don't do that on a consistent basis. And you want to be the man you want it all your shoulders let's just see how the next two years ago because the Boston media. And the Boston fans. Are nothing like people in the midwest. This is not like San Antonio Oklahoma City does not like Los Angeles not soft like we are even out here in the Bay Area. This is as hard core is hard core gets you want to be the man they're gonna hold you accountable that's assailants the eldest two years' work. To where all the sudden he can be a free agents when he salmon and and we'll see if he's gonna stick around long term. I agree with the completely about the the Boston fans point which underscores how remarkable was that you know even before. That you know gut wrenching emotional ripped through the Eastern Conference playoffs in the wake family tragedy. For diet Isiah Thomas he had already won the hearts and minds. Of Boston fans it and that fan base does not give up those organs very easily you've got to earn it I mean this guy. He transcended Boston Celtic lore with what he did in the post season but even before the post season. This guy I was much beloved but again I got to defend can't read here I just think. They're too many voices out there they're too many agendas you've got what Brian went horse who basically is the bronze caddie he's gonna put out whatever LeBron wants whatever. Perspective whatever narrative LeBron would like to be the prevailing narrative wind horse does that form. Any works for the beast for ESPN at least the beast for now. I just I cannot seat. In I'm giving congress the benefit of the doubt I'd just can't see any elite athletes. Being dumb enough to take this stance that work told. Hi retook with the cavaliers in saying all Gobi that man on a lesser team. Because I wanna be the man all go be on a lesser team. Then this team with the LeBron James. Just 'cause I want to be the man I'm just not buying that bit somebody when they brain and elite NBA talent actually took that stance I can't buy that. Some. Thing in baseball happen that's never happened before. Baseball wherever Tony ears for a 120 years I say it is not about it next right there on 95 point seven a game.