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Tuesday, August 22nd

In the last hour of the show Towny and Coack Keating finish there Warriors conversation. Towny then ends the show with Scott Miller from Bleacher Report to talk MLB. Enjoy! 


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On 95 point seven. Seven and again coaches here. And you're great I ask because scouts believe you know you've coached against a lot of guys in the league and I've been wondering I've asked a lot of people listen now that we've had this massive trade. You know it has anything happened this season this offseason that if you're the Golden State Warriors. You go well that that that could be a problem. I wouldn't say for this season but potentially for two or three seasons down the road I think the move with the removal if you will of Doc Rivers. Out of the executive chair back to coaching exclusively and then obviously dish and Jerry West removing her from the warriors chambers and bring him down a Southern California. That can't be understated and in I would say it dead in the wars I don't think that changes what the warriors do I think that that has been made him in and Gerry obviously had a a lot of influence and how business was done and as we talked about earlier the united about Bob Myers success and has his approach I think. Jerry West probably asked Bob had a lot to do with that. And I think. If as long as he's at the clippers and with the clippers. You'll start to see your transformation and I and I think the first was not being universe really fight to keep CP three there. Not that there's much that could've done that but picking up some pretty good assets ouster from the rockets. And the building a little bit of a foundation in aviation is yet they handle the transformation. As Blake Griffin gets older the under is the makes and this isn't Yonder in Jordan pretty soon. They're the ones team that we kind of like to joke about there is one of our jokes because they can't beat two wars that talent wasn't there there are a little this functional. I think what they just hired about one you guys over the last year and a half. In this scouting staff and their operations Lawrence Frank is now elevated to oversee. They just had too long time guys Gary Sachs and others that Gerald Macke is leave. Gary Sachs is a long time scout. Boots on the ground type guy with the clippers organization for a long time Sheryl Mack and has been a little bit of a of that combined if you will just move around the NBA but now back to some routes that he started the New York Knicks and their front office. There are things happening if you really paying attention it's going to be circles Emmys solidified him to have a chance to move up. The slogan it's taken two or three years to get the right roster because as you mentioned before even though Paul George move. Even the Chris Paul move. Even the jury vote or move it may be out of all of them I think the one that we're probably gonna see in oracle the biggest change in how we view our opponent will be in Minnesota. Minnesota really has a chance until we know really has a chance kind of put it here on the four that are not used to seeing that may creep up and being that tough for. Denver still has a chance to solidify itself as a playoff team. Top six or seven in the Western Conference glamorous allow Western Conference teams because we are in the west of the wars in the Eastern Conference because of the image before. It's basically JV league on the other side of the coin now. You don't think Nigeria last when he got hired I resign military lessons on the clippers went how old is Jerry West. Like I had to look it up. He's seven B nine years old now when you interview on I he looks great he sharp. For him obviously I mean he's even set I really didn't want to leave the warriors but and that's home for him Los Angeles and makes it easy. You know so for Jerry west's. Will he have the time I mean how long is he gonna wanna do this I know he's no he's a guy only wants to do was works like it's either happens Phillies. Next season is here trying to take down this Golden State warrior team that we all think. Is going to be together for years now and they're gonna dominate this league for years he's going to be eighty years old. Yet the legitimate concern and obviously something that we'll find out about pretty quickly because of symbols after one year kind of assesses the damage that he can't control. Or he's able to put through good you know threw three good years he's obviously a basically sail off into his retirement Southern California all helping them they have a Honda people can't say how many people. Are in this front office right now for the clippers it's if that's a new moves them if humanity. They went out of their scouting staff and they hired guys left and right you know cover regions dollars in overseas. I don't know there the biggest. Scouting that but I know that that is one of if not they use a lot of voices there is a lot of eyes watching prospects as a lot of I don't know that led to Gerald Macke in his. I think was moving up towards an assistant you know world actually in the way they had to move hierarchy in Gary's sentiments in the long. Scout on the ground for them especially the West Coast. But the dysfunction. That's not the at all on Doc Rivers put it's very very difficult to do what David O and being gun deer actually doing. This layered saudis requires you to be exclusively the coach. It's hard to have that control your running yours. If the personnel directors the assistant or maybe in the GM with the operations director while you're trying to coach the team I think. The weighted these these players need to be coached right now I need to not necessarily column but have relationships developed in the mall novice who likes the for instance. I think it takes away from your ability to kind of operated that operations level correctly. And it just causes this function which results and exactly where the clippers have been so. Ruled though how long to your point how long Jerry's going to be there I think is now Lama Rome when they're gonna give themselves I think for every year that he's there. After the worst start to kind of maybe three or four years down the road. That's the time where it's gonna start I mean if he's there three years I think that third you're gonna see the clippers start to rise. If he's on he's there anything less than that the word is still winning. It's just all for naught and nice paycheck as a really officially retire. There were so many great players that we watched in the ninety's. You know you think about the guys on the Jack as you think about Barkley Emily Tyler Stockton and Malone. Reggie Miller you could talk about you lean yemen's army guys are going to be hall of famers where they are hall of famers I should say. That never got a ring and all the reasons why it's if you were with the rockets you're you're getting beat by Michael Jordan. The only time he had a really had a shot as when Jordan was playing for the Birmingham Barons in the Chicago White Sox organization. And a lot these great players are some of the greatest players they didn't get a ring. And I just have a feeling that's what we're entering right now is you have these guys like a Chris Paul. I don't see how Chris ball gets a ring. At his age where he is where these guys are because we're years away from these warrior players being out of their pride. That the former players the older players especially the ones are now in the media. They like to use the ring as validation for your career. Because the ways they went about it and the way that they've seen those ratings they're really really had to earn it now that's not taking away from. The current time and you still have to earn that. But it's a different structures in different ways of going about it the different different era it's it's a different game. There there's that we've talked about this ad nauseam throughout the last couple of years and especially this year with the world with the way the warriors are playing there's no setters anymore real. There ourselves. There's you know he's there's some circuits they're different type of senators. Put it pretty much a senator that's based trampling on the perimeter being skilled player first that's what makes again like surveillance even three had its David West has become a lawless Gaza. A rarity. The team is different Sosa it is I would sell lack of respect but does a little bit appeal court I'll look at these guys like. You couldn't plain error is only a handful of guys that I think that the old guard looks that now says okay. But I still think drama depleted and here he could have played back in the sixties he can replace him with with the Russell's Chamberlain's it's just that type of competitor type of player he has. But the skill type guys the guys that are our ball around this Chris Paul's carrier ring yeah Isiah thomas' we're talking about. They need the ball hands that's how these kids are coming up now outside of that individual traders and they're working on a team sport. More individually now than ever before. And all the things we've talked about tonight about how these players are being molded and they're being branded in the social media and at the trade and collective bargaining having guys move. Really boils down to do is CC today Andrew wigand's signed the alien extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves and then turn around fired his agent. And it wasn't because he got a bad deal it's because apparently according to reports that there's tampering going on in town new ways. Agents taking commission lose positions as agents now. Mean that's a big dip when you're talking about 4%. You know thirty to forty million a year. And it says it's a change everything is changing towards all of this money being available and all that money starts as we talked about you guys. Work out guys we job I'd say it when I got that UCLA I was shocked agents are always there. LA's opted for them there around all the time we do work estimation ever you know keeping him it but also keep our relationships with them. But all of a sudden there's this rise of what we call Oro quote workout guys. Whether they're or that really matters ball handlers are they going creates. Make guys within the gym by themselves. How many videos had you see it you know you have a guy like bill McKee LeBron that one again today on news who has campus. Snapped chatting himself working out with a workout. This is a team sport that's become individualized. In the way that players are getting good for the sport I don't know what's good for this world raw and again. It all boils down to what's the end game winning the championship as you mentioned. Well it just makes it even easier for the warriors in the warriors. I would say that Jolie really understood this aspect of it when he said that the real light years ahead he may have been talking about Mormon business side. Where there all the tennis retreat center at the time obviously he may have had an idea. Good players coming through populace coaches he probably got feedback from Bob how the whole thing we shipping now. Where with contracts with the roster have been depending on how this conflict shape though. But the light years really is as you mention how they're getting along and how those players are respecting about me accurate championship. Parade and you have your your your most vocal outspoken leader dream on green the first thing he does turn say. They can someone give this guy the credit is right that the yen. That's huge genius on his part for business reasons but I think it was January and the fact that. They got things are light years ahead and how they're treating him that players they have they can overcome some individualistic things while still allowing him to be individual. China clay Durant goes in India staff does his thing overseas. No drama was don't because those three guys dominated what they were doing their offseason but guys are able to be individuals. As people more than and they go hours players in this organization. And when you think of the key players for the Golden State Warriors when it comes to management. You know you're gonna have your scouts you're gonna have the guys that are knee deep into the metrics as. It wasn't last year was the year before the the warriors won the top metric. Organization and all sports but. As you've mentioned tonight when you look at Bob Meyers was an agent so he seen it on both sides. Steve Kerr head coach has been a general manager it seems like the top guys who made the decisions. Our guys that have been there and done that they kind of cover everything. Around the game so they understand a seat. You have your scouts and you have your people your front opposite people who really can delve into the metrics but from that the people person aspect would select business still is. About personal relationships. They've been on every side of it if you look at miers and current it seems like. They know they know how to put out any fire and they know how to really work with a every one of their players from a communications standpoint. Yeah MBA in general news and says fuel and cyclical in the sense that they kind of mimic each other and protect each other how many times this year coach you fired. That he goes to them as not. On that happens in all sports were. Coaches managers personnel guys go from one organization to another after being dismissed or fired. But I think it does today in in this environment the ability to have some the other side won. As a former player. It is an element Steve uniform player and successful one in his own right. In ways that he was fortunate to be your objects in the year round pop it in the championship. All time requires the player. Probably use doing him more now any other time training to be an actual coach he he's probably the first one it's please. Let's have a practice and coach is former player he'd probably himself a former player is coaching. Coming a please use a handful of guys right now. Work in the NBA interns and now all of a sudden people hours or are happy with them and become assistant. Video in the be on the video coordinator. Personnel scout. And it is slow ago the latter the point where there's there's a lot of guys that are this is that eons now potentially there would be general managers. That it never played. And Beverly coached. Which has been pissed anyone off the organization. It is the engine fires did the job that they had well we're almost in the arms of the systemic positions. But I think in the end the day it comes out which are people doing where you. Like Steve her guys like that's success right before there are positions. That makes him that they earn. Good and bad from that. What would needs to be this to be successful in its. It's a great position for us in the covered. I can't imagine being a rookie doing and other ways some spoil that since my rookie season in the media was it as varied as that continues in different ways. But I you have an understanding of how the rest we were. News when it comes out of some workers and talk. It's very it just does with those results that the oath that is why that's happening. Because of Warners are intact and it's only unit get better. With the move up to chase obviously looming three years from now with this team the odds on favorite for a long gone attack looks like we. You know for future. And that's Canada we've talked about experience and the people who were calling shots inside the organization's. Now that is you know paid about football and LA it was able to do in Denver and now John Lynch out of nowhere getting the job with the San Francisco 49ers. I when it looked. And actually yeah collar help me with this is a there's thirty general managers in Major League Baseball. Only one. Ever played the big league low. Only one. And the majority of them did even played Minor League Baseball. So this whole she asked. You know years ago the belief was yet and it played you know. Yeah I had to have been there you've had to compete at the highest level to understand deceit to build it. And now we're in this world. Metrics and analytics and we like to call Saber metrics in baseball where. If you go look. Like the leading college. Of general managers of Major League baseball's harbor. You know Beckham today mostly guys who are general managers and every went to college they play in the minor leagues employed in the big leagues now every single guy. Is from some fancy Ivy League type school. And it says the shift is happening and it's happening in all of us. Ports and other best managers in baseball former players victors. Unfortunately. Baseball. Who's a Republican or offseason and summer I Yemen last semester plus yet and I and it's as I don't cute little bit more reports are kindergarten through more the youngest one. You know I still think there's something about management by former player and a coach level. But certainly in a ticket master class off simply based on preaching pays wires and you know why numbers have become because it's more static. It is please basketball but even numbers are creeping in the maps while the point where it's paralyzing some coaches and teams as well. We're getting too caught up in the numbers in the availability of this technology to give us these numbers and our fingertips and validate what we thing. You all about it about you know the numbers vs the field after Africa furious after the relationships we've been talking about understand major players. I think I think the worries of an acute zone balancing that out it is. Know what's gonna have more access via analytics. Where we are yours silicon Alley to invested in years. In the country now the world that are you know at the Beck and call for the technology companies that want to be involved with the warriors whether it's video overlay weather's. Longer than they create that comes up with this yeah I'm sure that there's someone working as it is meant to try to work up the latter borders organization. Trying to create some new opera that's in valley what they do. And it's something that no one's ever heard about it and in the words will kind of own as the Ronan meet this guy the next great thing that come along. Whether played or not it's it's an interesting dynamic that that could be yours. The next ten years. As we get more more technologically inclined all across sports not just basketball baseball football. On that line. I remember will only add Mike Brown on earlier this year when NEU is taking over as head coach Steve was deal with the back. And I remember asking him weird championship plaza. And I remember asking him saying you know what all these numbers that are out there. You know they devious stacks like Joseph Girardi one time was high about the manager for the Yankees. I mean it's like a big science book right like your old chemistry Booker biology book in college. In hindsight you got a number for everything it's the same thing in every single sports now and it's I asked Mike is it. How do you know what do you use what not to use the windy use it and he said you know at some point during the game we've got to get that out here minding got to you got back. You you have to managed to gain and if you're just thinking about numbers you start losing the flow of the actual game in front. Did we just have a Little League World Series were to win three straight pitching changes left the right. Alternating. Match ups in Little League at voters are 1000 literally. I threw the championship game I was in a pitcher I would just one of the better players. We want fifteen to fourteen in all I had to do is make sure that I threw the ball over the plate and hope that he struck out it's one of my teammates wasn't about. Lefty righty matchup it's trickling down to the youth level right now. Think the point that might make it figured out that feel as humans in the flow of the game Christmas in basketball. The fluidity of it in the movement and constant changing. Much more so obvious in football and baseball has always been dominated by matchups. You know because their numbers that support them whether it and whether it's left and right handed. It's I mean how many ships you see now. Wave with the use these in the past you know the video is available technology is well the breakdown there. I think for basketball it's unique in the sense that the game can change so much. Not just with an injury your medium matchup for a out count. But just how teams are playing our guys are plain and you know trees as the fast game and shooting swamp or pork you can stand out. Lot quicker use it and disseminate that coaches amassed well maybe baseball particularly if your performance by that game. Yet 345 shots in three minutes potentially basketball so the ships and happening quick. Point being used new app that advocate view bouts while that win that changed the weather's substitution or timeout. Or just as you'll see Steve do this all the time in almost. Watch and all these games almost call the plays in Iran for clay if you watch the game and you watch the wearers in particular. Just feel physically needs directly need to it's. He's got around his elbow and now. Plea for clinically come walked music in three years short short junction on the right side. You know that they happen in their bags you have to have a feel for that. That was one thing I thought that might in the great job of this year Mike your particular. Mike in trying to all of that is exactly what Steve would do that because you involved with Steve calls for some of these guys. Way back to the rare accused Nazi call please mister clay. I thought we saw this because he's so more pick and roll action on ball screens between clay. Our staff and maybe when Mike was coaching that we did all year when he was coaching. So I think there's it does feel a personal note that coach and so that will be the 1213 music micro. You passed that. I think it is tremendous that I think there's no better. Right now. You are while opens its help in another run and long pop under games because it's on special watch. Errol you said to me as we were working together championship plaza. Were you said the one thing that Steve did he he he at times saves this team from themselves now. And they know like the he knows what it's time to say all right we got to stop this we gotta get back there and you mentioned you've seen. Well I remember setup there are discussed during the games when they are really rolled asbestos of those third quarter that we saw all year long. And you literally just kind of through your hands up through the time out the crowds and frenzy after victory and he dismissed around. These guys is that their mess around just out there plain meaning and sometimes it's added to their detriment became the point where they are a mess around and not play well. And I think that's worse the best thing they got a little bit of a security blanket. That's when you see Steve called a timeout. He wouldn't call timeouts at normal times that the average and we see what you expected or you hear the announcers say time for time matters indicated TO. I think he just. He development and and they do bill does this sense of of security that he was in a bail them you mentioned and we talked about. Save them from themselves because they're playing so well Christmas with QB on the roster it became almost a necessity because. He was again over coach him usual let him go out play you're gonna let staffing is being played drama do with the attitude that I think. No better example of how that was implemented. Then with JaVale McGee. Because at the beginning of the season they had no idea what to do with him orders sure they're gonna keep room. They believe they kind of shifted and how they're using their five man with a lot less post season running the before I think they these initially intended to run the four guys on the floor around whoever the five man was the ball in the post committee couple steps off the post. And you can't guard all four of those guys but those guys especially David West all of and is Gaza. Pass off that the cutters are open threes and we call split in where there. Making actions between two guys at the elbow where you're in the post guy has the ball. They haven't used that but went away from as much I thought the reviews that lives on training camp. Where do they'll just became this etiquette throw the ball up to be Cayman space rebounder and Odyssey shop locker got to put the low block and it's an it's an amazing shift after going through season with a certain way you play. And then it's just that to a guy like JaVale McGee it just shows how good you it is my. Brewster on all those guys and tires that but obviously the players. Like yours know those currently have and its been now when he's back. And I think about JaVale McGee I think about my next question for you it's. Is it shocking what happened to him this off season we'll talk about it right here on the Crist now to show 95 point seven a game. Now back. A decrease towns and show on 95 point seven that the game. It's now in the. The top two little. I like it. Finally Scott Miller. Thankfully they help. It's it's coming up here acts 1045. You know I. I'll tell you what. I could not believe. That the lawyers are gonna start October 14 why I was so used you know it was asked. Her Halloween. I mean it start early this year is gonna come quick and that helps the team obviously helps and apparently he uses. A lot of talk about. The schedule what happened last year and Steve obviously made the biggest move in the middle of that crazy road trip. In sitting the players at San Antonio on an ABC game. There is none of that this year they've given them enough of the break tour all the nationally televised game should not have players sitting out. Joked it's almost where you can go through their road trying to have a five game road trip. In the beginning of January where the bulls are like the third report came you can almost you're more where they're going to sit guys against the Eastern Conference teams. Depending on who their plane they don't have a lot of bad road trips. They do you have a long stretch of games at home in December we should set them up nicely for the January trip. The earlier start. Probably betterment of pre season games are kind of pointless at this point. You know you're playing through games are not gonna go down to a balanced schedule ports one through thirty visas to who statistics involved in that. It would make sense now with all the players shifting to the Western Conference. To have one through sixteen seeding but now require the teams playing the same amount of team to San about a time that's just not going to happen right away. But this shift tells me that the commissioner of silver's flexible enough to protect the product. Well a big problem is arena sports you know because you're sharing. Your sharing wins. NHL teams ears share slipped on the concerts and everything so that's always a tough one. But we talked so much about Al there's no way they're bringing in the band back together and. Back to guys amaze him we three season a little bit before the break that. I thought for sure that the length that it was taking Jabil to come back and there are a lot of financial things had to fall the place to see what was left. To sign the rest of the roster. But I am a little surprised that a team didn't sign Javelle. Just to keep them off the warriors I've it is obvious he sentiment among the league that he's not as valuable to other teams that use the warriors or maybe you're just consenting. That he's gonna go back their play in the same style and take commitment to using him to two and a half million dollars. I thought he had played his way to get more money and maybe one of those teams you mentioned that wasn't well struck in the front office. But even the ones that are just to get him off the team I think two bills got huge value to the team and he really bring something. From a shop locked in perspective but also from an offensive perspective he has the short burst dispensaries on the floor with the top four guys. Cady now receive drama stepping way where he becomes an asset offensively just by playing above the rim plain that doctors but now low. And run the floor rebounding bases. He's really found himself the exact position needs to be in to be successful. And there's nothing wrong. With finding your spot. In your career at the right time. On one of the greatest basketball teams in now I mean. As much as you cannot hope he was gonna go get paid get that big payday. And as you said some people look at and say well he's going to be more valuable there than anywhere else well. My guide here at an opportunity to start collecting rings and if he doesn't one more year you think that plays a bigger difference. I think in my I wonder if they'll put the value on him and maybe sign him for more money year after that this is probably David west's last or go round I don't know how much more shoes in his tank. This team to take advantage of him and then they're gonna app development of guys lately Damien Jones and guys like Jordan bill but it is drafted. This past years so you're going to perhaps of some of the followers if you will those three headed monsters are going to be changing a little bit. Is going to be change Gore's going to be. Little game rounds he'll walk on on your party's gonna have guys move around move on they the brilliance of freshly play with their big force so. You know it seems like some bills Brian and obviously absence of juices tank and you know you want it seems like he's that he's a nice guy I think he's really. For all of his false that it may have been exposed to a room quote by Shaq in in all of the stuff that one I mean through and exploits of beam whatever Shaq but he was I think he proved otherwise he's earned it he deserves it seems that he's worthy of it. You know time will tell he's able portal again this you know rain is paid years later. And. You start thinking about him and another season like we had last year. You know your first go around in the media and this is what this lets you can't. VA I got PGA Carlos and I'll get a joke my spree well and that's what you did you kidding me. As I mean if there was ever a cast and the right time no better time for me cash and so if Javelle can do it I figure I can do to. And I and for you will from the standpoint of being able to bring I think that's one thing I've always enjoyed and I think we need to do this much more. Is seeing it it's one thing seeing it to a player's size it's always great seeing it through a coach's eyes as you see the game different. I appreciate it's actually quite entertaining but also educational. Toys. It attached the NBA coach a multitude of players as an assistant the few his head coach had a chance to play professionally. All operas of two point 25 guys events that had a chance to play in the NBA some making a lot of money now so for just a cup off. It's been really using could be on that side and now see how it works how it operates. But they wanted to make you look at college it. When you look at college first in the NBA you still value colleges discrete product element announcing that it isn't. Well I'm telling you when you watch from NBA lenses palace looks a heck of a different attitude this year's though. Excited about it look at sportsman of the year of hope week's panel important. Obviously on TV and certainly united seven games agreed creator. Certainly rated arrive again for the next year. He's the coach Kerry Keating coming up we're gonna talk to Scott Miller MLB com list from Bleacher Report a lot to get antsy right here on the course thousands show nighttime point seven again. Now back to decrease Townsend show on 95 point seven big games. Well now joining us on the Chris sounds and show you know he's one of my favorite we love having him on every single year what doesn't this guy do he's the national MLB columnist. For Bleacher Report turner sports. Serious exam MLB network radio analyst. Any also does some work and a box ward San Diego around the Padres the great Scott Miller is live this year on 957 again later on this evening sky. Baker our reporters and you. Well I got it Sallyann. We've got some interest in baseball let not only what one wild card does but what two wild cards do you keep so many people in the minds. As the Yankees are out there that twins have gotten hot add and no we're here comes the angels here comes the Texas Rangers. You've got literally. Probably 78 teams that if they can get hot they've got a shot at one of these two spots. Yet in the thing is you know I mean in the American League it's like a race to shoot it's it's almost like the first two. People that. Finish or 500 Oki you can be a wild card it's pretty interesting out trapped while cart races the American late. It and illustrator vote that is. Minnesota Twins right before the trade deadline they acquired makers and also their rotation for the Atlanta Braves. It then they were a West Coast trip to the Los Santos for the doubters that there were up your world editorial column. In the San Diego and down. Today. What I'm like a six game losing streak so then at the trade deadline they had little thing I'm mayor Garcia trading him that the Yankee. And they trade at their clothes are branded Chandler who Washington Nationals. So they they basically became sellers traders start or trade at the closer. And as of now they got the second wildcard spot and then the same thing. The Texas Rangers matchup that. I mean they you are registered to be a lot and doctors and yet they still won't walk are so it's it's an arrest. Well now about what's cool off the record while should. And the Kansas City Royals who have sold many guys who votes eventually could be free agents when they got off to a bad start this year. You had to be think in this championship core they're gonna have to break it up but they didn't break it up. They kept them together and right now they're just the game map that we not dangerous they can be from the wild card spot. Yeah and I find. It hard not to look for key indices for micro or simply because. I like you would. School board we're rather than what they say okay well on course dollars. And Keenan didn't go forward and say that everybody knows they've got doubles players were going to be free agents this Warner. Yeah not for their sort of like the stock has doubts and faster. And so change. If you know it would have been easy for them last winner. To say look we've got to be proactive. Because we've got all these reagents that we can't afford that shall we gotta be proactive in great some of them even stealth. The royals. There's is that one of the more special groups of players in franchise history. They let us back to back World Series and in point fourteen point fifty. And we wanna keep on the other people want out so they did better in an April might look like steak it looked like April may. Royals got a really bad start. Can look like okay they're probably about being sellers in July import no trading some allegiance to the instead they. Finally belatedly and you know. Hand took off and leave it took first place in the America which central. And dollop on the senate and become buyers in you know they've they've added some players they have some pitchers. Answer we'll see what happens but you know I I'd like that that whole attitude is in Kansas city of what you know pursues special group. We're gonna give him every last chance trying to. There's a terrific teams this year and it's you look at the years that Colorado and Arizona I know both McConnell we can oil right now because the Dodgers are so good but their number one and two wild card. But there's a lot of good teams out there who do you think when you look at it right now is built best for the post season. You know I think. You know I'd say in the nationally you certainly have a look at that. Crackers I'll look out one thing. In the batter's great right now one reason there are so good is because there. You know they've they've yeah they've got a couple money in their payrolls bigger than most other should 200 whoever it is. But the way they've decided that the war in that role. Instead of not only 80% evidence of real force powers. The other pain that you guys basically workshop in Dallas but you know instead they'd like that Greinke walked a few years ago. And now they want a pretty well after about mr. Patrick is it was chained. You know another 25 billion dollar purse and one back. So they elected to do list sent a whole bunch of pictures for about ten or twelve dollars year shall. What that gave them was. You know like Richard what was so great ballclub a couple of you know last year first apple last. We bonded at the age of 36. Yell out well that came out of Atlanta system. It has worked everybody's got. Washed. But what they've done is is they they created an incredible mom and aunts really why there's there are chipper I'll respond so. They're they're built. Over. Why it is long is some of those broken out injured pitchers hold up in the direction which is choir on the disabled list. So they need him if clinker shot garbage Kerr shot the ball over they can. It's their help and I think. There that he could be in National League major tech workers grow it now. That I didn't think myself on in Washington Nationals. On laptops excellence. Moving from Montreal. Back close won twelve of the record Major League should stoke up now to sort out what. Yelled again back row but lecture. Stephen Strasburg in yoga and other acts Oakland athletic. GO having where you're really really under rate currently our. I'll if poster here. Help he would pop strikes back over they can take on the doctors. So I think doctors and in Washington. Indian man in the National League and American way. Column in a league knows that kind of back up but I think you know right now Austin. To Houston might have. Something to say about reports that. By the Astros were you know they're they're. There they look for right now mated relief at anybody. Oh July and so. No Woolsey if they can. Poultry yeah but it straight ought. Scott Miller from Bleacher Report joins us here on night at five points and the game and I saw the list of guys that are going to be free agents after next year and it's oh my god it's Bryce Harper too many mature Otto. Josh Donaldson as you mentioned our buddy GO Gonzales. And even Clayton Kershaw has an option heat get out I mean the names on this list is a who's who and that thing that's and it's interesting about. The top two and harper. And that shot oh. Is if your gonna have to shell out huge money and for a long time the good part is majority that you're buying up their prize. Yeah they're also on that's that's the it is our report secrecy about all of those guys. No question about it problem. You know Bryce Harper's what you know he's he's been around for four like yours still like 2320 or any child lost one tree it would force and yet they got. Oh well a lot of pride. You know that they're they're gonna record a lot of money you would think that way you know a Europe that's whenever. You know I can touch accuracy is sort of the Miami Marlins just counsel. That group you know led by. Of course Marshall and Derek Jeter means Jeter yelled gold backed group that they're good indications that they look to trade you Carlos staying. And I bring that out only because I am not a thirteen year 325. Billion dollar Bil I mean this sounds insane. But I have well and executive open effective coming Tuesday which I think is an interesting point. You look at the freeagent what are your talking about price are permitting Schiavo. You tell you look at what those guys are gonna get you look at the veteran Mike Trout out there when he's gonna get. And Arnold may have a bargain is strangers that's now. Injured Carlos stand a thirteen year 300 point unknown dark and ugly or thought about price our break or cocker valor. Which outrage be there to yell at marvel Burke talked about shopping stance and you know within the next two years he could be a market. Well. At a and it's just unbelievable let's end on this as the Oakland Athletics obviously decided time he younger trying to build for the future. Hopefully we're gonna hear about the new ballpark this year Ryan Healy would two more home runs against the Orioles ideas and 23. We're seeing a younger team we're seeing a more athletic team how do you like the direction that Billy Beane David force. Aren't taking this franchise to and we've also seen them get into the top ten rankings for their system and even as high as six and all of baseball. Yeah I mean that that you know are cheaper operator Michael climate that is going to be limited financially at least until they unit that ballpark. Yeah that simple. And you know you'd young players. And young talent you know. It's inexpensive by definition you can't have a and that's what teams across baseball they're rebuilding they're trying to do you know you look down San Diego they're trying to rebuild. They've got really young. Everybody looks at Houston Astros that it when they just tore things apart a few years ago and and basically. You know they lots and under 600 Serb gains for several years in a row until they they probably got it right some people think that's the way to go I don't know welcomes that opportunity at that point oh article wall sticks up like their Purcell we're yours robot. You know billion dollars billion they've always been pro active in trying to you know kick start the next. Building or rebuilding stage rather than law a while themselves in this situation. Where they keep all the stuff goes to law. And there are in the big did not conform and now your stock hit a ball and seven years rebuilding old. So I think the young talent you know a third baseman Eric brought up earlier this year. You know the kids you know you mentioned unity you know it it's good there. Are eight or walled old. On hole. Yeah these wall stadium solution. Because I know hole in on I probably voicing frustration that life experience. All over alliance saying that. It popped a look at old one especially for me for an actual. Level. Because there's just Everest it's two years or so it seems like you know the merry go round stands. Bought two players get sent away much more hours and then that. You know pop albums are really really good manager I think what most under workers union. And bit you help or hinder you basically having. Bill Burton. Not only every spring but about every other year in July and August the second year. And it's it's it's just really hard when you except in order to weigh trade players and you know whoever it is. You know if anybody patterns and political cause you know your property can be on the trade block release and so all clear stated they'll. Or at least agreed to that may be that he's so great young players they acquired in all when will media be greeted goal comeback. Scott it is always a pleasure to have you on what you bring to our program. Continued success when they're hitting you have gone and we'll talk to you before we get to the playoffs. Look forward to a quote secret here. Yeah Ascap Miller what a good duty as he does a great job all right tomorrow. Joseph lo and did they got Scott Bair they got Michael's silver they got Gary saint Jean. Alex Pavel niche and they and Damon tomorrow's gonna have John Clayton lynch on Salisbury I'll be back tomorrow are you ready for a baseball. At 11 o'clock that's scheduled for the Chris downs and show will see you tomorrow right here on 95 point seven a game have a great night everybody.