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Thursday, March 22nd
David Lombardi brings home the show for us as he talks football with the dynamic duo. David gives his thoughts on Richard Sherman acting as his own agent and the bad-blood with Crabtree.

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Direction and focus spot. You're listening to 957 game KG MZFM and HT one San Francisco let's end on this. DD Juneau today is very historic in warriors history you know that. Why aren't there this might. Be. One of the greatest days in the history of the warriors. You're ready. March 22 2010. Is the day Crisco and decided to sell the team. Well OK yeah no. We did tidbits there are mostly about why he'd be most important day of Gore's sister. Back in the day that it clearly quickest or actually by. This protested that it all started better at it you know it they ownership group. Along with steps in the two biggest change agents and to what. In what has happened with this what does branch that sought to get it did come back. I had great stuff we always appreciate having on will see you tomorrow added oracle. Thanks Connor Connor would turn out to San Francisco chronicle I mean when you. I understand Rick bearing in the warriors won the championship toward these championships that they just want I get that. You think an end not to take anything away from winning an NBA title in the seventies. But doubtless you know it was on tape delay at six in the NBA wasn't then what it is now and I don't know. Notes even these two titles now not to be dismissive about two titles in three years to that's a tremendous accomplishment. But. What's more important any one title or changing the future of the franchise fundamentally to where you'll be competing for titles on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. If that they didn't happen. Which is 2010 today this anniversary I know at first you're like forty talk about what it would when you really think about it. This team was never going to do anything whatever is gone they're never gonna be good now never an end. Here's the thing about setting up sustainable. Success is. Every one almost any sports fans rate if you in a conversation. Give them the option listen. Your team can be really good for the next ten years the next ten years. You're going to be in the playoffs every year you're gonna play for some titles you're never gonna win. Zero wrecks. Or your team is terrible for the next ten years except one year were you when a tight. Almost everything and given that choice on paper is taking the one title. No anyway Alienware wailing away we will Elaine. Give it to me again I'll say in your favorite team because I am I gonna play this reversed his. You know I don't speak Spanish do that again your favorite team my favorite team look like they're mine. Doesn't matter let's Sam owner dollar player owner OPEC you get to be. None of this is for fans talk about your for your hands yes if I give you that option as a fans you know you're a huge let's say San Diego Chargers fan. The only charge them a guy and I'm I'm time you and I human right the San Diego Chargers of your youth. Could. Over a ten year stretch win a Super Bowl and stink for nine seasons moon or. Compete. At a high level playoffs every year. Go to the Super Bowl couple times never win. Lou most fans. Would that on paper choice take the title. But in reality. That's a miserable ten years. What we really want as fans I don't talk about titles what we really want us to be entertained all the time. Okay how about this have a competitive team all the time can I can I. Here's how I would take the chant the no matter what I NBA pistons fan sure sell its ten years. The way I would say I'd take a championship. Is if that championship was in the middle. Klein. But I if I won the championship and the first year and it's nine bad years you're going to be but here's what I'm really saying even if I did you three champion like let's get a number were everyone's taken the title I think you've got to go to championships seven garbage years and three titles right oh everyone's gonna take the titles Arnaud and I. Point is over there at ten year period the seven years you stink. The whole fan base is miserable. So yes you want the titles you say you want the titles are really what you want is a team that competes every year that as a I can't. It's every I got I got a damn that's what the warriors are now I got a gas line your ointment Boca I had an organization. I got an organization that. Was in the playoff I just. Air and let me tell you something and I live. In the hearts as you know. Of the 40 wait I live literally. Minutes from the shark tank he. And what that that in San Jose Sharks sharks mean everything in. That's right but here's here's the problem is what do you say were in the playoffs every single year and at some point. Very recently. Their popularity eight mean they get to the Stanley Cup final. The popularity amongst all my friends and I San Jose Bradley ran. They got tired of never went in the title. I also just got a text from a friend that says you're describing the giants right now but that's my point is simply that. We actually get much more entertainment out of a team that competes every year that is true and we do out of a team that wins a title every now and then put the thing is if you never win the title you get to the tee you'll eventually get sick of it yes I it's a tough question. Why realistically. And maybe more importantly for getting the fans for a second. For the health of the franchise. You one team that's in every year that creates excitement every year that has you there every year if the sharks had been good. Every year and in the playoffs every year would they have the fan base they have now. I'm not probably not what you're you're born 81. OK so I meant throw it to you as a Chicago native but I wish her older. I don't everybody's. Still for a mere area. Cherishes the Chicago Bears I sort of five yet no I'm too young so really experienced it but I experience the afterglow so that's that that's the pain it's like and there is such disappointment that it's. And really did get an easy go ruined so many different things but. Or wasn't buddy Ryan's ego that well he moved nine a ME DE whenever you're CF 3030 where Dick asserts taken the endorsements from the players you know is gonna go downhill from there. But the thing is you thought it was there was it was when he didn't give Peyton a touchdown when he guitarist that was awful that's the beginning the end that's the if you have that magical team and I can just think of a couple of getting the bears are he would 84 tigers. What a great baseball teams of all time in using these teams that just win one. But that team that what that that's the team that for ever. Everybody remembers so react. Years later he hated that you want it then and deal waiting for next seven years the GOU always cherish that team but if you're in the playoffs every single year that's awesome and usually that only happens in the sport were most teams make the blouse. Right Basmati. I guess but it's very rare that. You're a football team or a baseball team that continually makes the play out this written in my lifetime we have the Braves and the patriots. Now I know I mean it's it's a rarity that is so I aimed. You have to it's if Simon owner. I may take that ten years of success because that's putting a lot of money in my car it. If I'm a fan. In if you never when I mean think of all the people. Think about your White Sox fan base think about the giants fan boys. Let's say this is exactly the point. You know disengage that fan base is this what we got one tie until we began I had the rest of my life basically you had generations ever sought tile Cobbs and never saw title. Denver ain't never ever ever saw one. I just pressing is that it's depressing but in the grand scheme of things it's like. It's a depressing thing you don't actually spend that much time thinking about well if you keep winning. And then you can never bring it home and you keep losing in the playoffs. You start. People start looking at she's not as great winners anymore yeah ice like like the original. It's like. It's like the Braves. I really did not want to hear Mike when you have a when you do something for the first time. And boy a lightning needed the second time well what dinnertime what are you have a mind butter and we've donated time and it's just not saying. It doesn't give me I didn't get it this same I can't think of any particular thing you might be talking I don't know what I'm talking about I'm just yet. Like the first semi and a great rim vice stake a half hour rabbi shore and then the second time we have the revived verses like the tenth time gather it by. I don't I think it's just to have the euphoria that one time. And I think that the giants in 2010. How many people showed up here to San Francisco for that. Parade. If that was the only title they ever won. That was still they would be talking about 2010 and our incredible. The Larry Ariana write your member big that was on as the millions the first time is always uniquely exciting but sometimes subsequent times are better. It's scary fast is a quick game. It's going to be a quick game. As I did it this that he fair it's not go to overtime to guarantee that definitely not. Nick I don't know. Championships man. To win it I mean that. Experiencing the warriors championship last year you know that we had on the station and being right in the parade will Stein and Simons and I we anchored the parade for house like seven hours. And we were right in front of the main stage and just to be there to watch all that. And experience it. Israeli all the highlights in my career. Yeah it was it was just electric it was special it was wet what it meant to everybody and all the people who were there and it's the second one but still. It was just if it's a mole and I will never forgets. So yeah. Or the Playhouse every year's school but never bring in the title home I have it's a tough one is every. You want to be successful agree you want to know. Short only means something it's the sort of tough one that 28 out of thirty fan bases and kill four yellow area that's the thing is like we're talking about all of this from the perspective of of teams that. We and all the time but don't quite get over the top most teams don't whenever how about our new guy here who's a Mariner's fan. So yes on nice bring nasty stuff about people up on the air and their first day at the station Q what's your full name. Somebody's got Tommy in my air it's gonna help. Jeff gold just gold as a bright young man who ruled. He's a special guy all you loyal. Argument trophy oh by the way I wanna give the trophy just for being a mariner fan. You know really earned a trophy in December of 2011. Ramsey Christmas grant same Chris. Well I have news. That's great Harbaugh sound card I say Christmas grabs it. I think about the Mariners they've never been to the World Series. Yeah the stuff the last time they were in the post season was 2001 did the longest drought right near the longest drought in professional sports Jeff great news. Ichiro is back buddy at. Each hero. Back has great eyes and still fun to watch. Lola you do Jeff for a title you know I it. Forget ask who have seen titles. I grew up we're Rolen and yet you grew up Chicago Bulls every year. We got to figure out what would Jeff do for a title 'cause boy he is desperate. Chris Townsend shelves along 95 cents and gains from coal mining beyond. Or something special is going to happen and moments. You've been listening in my show. You know there's London's Chip Kelly yeah that I've talked about it but I've never had it. And we're gonna have it for you usually end. Jim Kelly said something. In me is introductory press conference. That I've talked about for a long time it's my favorite we found it grabs since Christmas not that well welcome not that. My friend. We're gonna find it. It's good. We're sure of the look. We are going to have it by early David Lombardi from the athletic he's gonna join us coming up here at the bottom of the hour Bogut. Have a lot to get into yeah. Are you wanted to say specifically what we're gonna get into now I know it's going to be niners yeah. Lowell NFL I sure hope so little. What's going all of these West Coast teams can be at this scheduling situation and a I agree. And Jeff gold joins us who is new rule. To the radio station used to be at our sister station live 105 is that correct. Does not return a microphone unfortunately. Utterly that's not part of day one training. Maybe there I mean I'm I look at and welcome to the game thanks. So why did you leave live laurel five where he probably have women listening. To now just about to do. Respect or women listeners I'm here for him even if Cook County is not. Well you know sports is awesome our opportunities and you know. I can just sands space sports is awesome is a good answer you like sports and we don't care who knows connect your personal question for sheer. I end up with a mariners had to worry assured him or you just the sad former seat the Supersonics sent. No I'm not a supersize and all. I became a mariners fan actually at the Oakland coliseum when I was a kid. At the big eighty they know that's where you'll never English. And we may fight its look at. OK so I bring you on because. As a mariner fan. You have the longest drought sports says existence you married him into the game and are meant the World Series. Chris regardless of game six in the CS and you have the amid a play out since 2001 which was Wanda arguably the biggest choke jobs after warning a 116 games one series all year. So. Here's a question for you though though the question goals key your question. Which question the championship question ul why you heard the question would you rather over the course of a ten year stretch stink. Except for the one year you win a title. Or you wanna just be in the playoffs for ten straight years in competitive every year. So even if I don't I don't know because I don't know what that wind. I think outing is like Japan now they'll I don't know my dad is a White Sox and he said it was worth their respect your dad is your dad listening right now I helps out a mr. gold. You're good men and White Sox fans are good. Good people because I want you to notice. You've got the third base your entire life you never gotten home ever I don't know what it feels like you don't. Won a lot of games that one time now one time we were really cool yeah you're you're on third base EU are feeling great fly balls in the arrows ready tag you can you can see home plate it was fair. As you never gotten home plate that was the mountain. You share you sure you wouldn't take that one title and take on top rusher is now see the that's title starved Seattle. I mean this is the point the question is I think most fans. Would take that title when you asked the question. But what they're forgetting is the nine other. Our years of enjoyment I wrote we never went again as long as we are. Excellent coach Dick has been in an office super seed you know that's Jill just to live like Dick you've still got to watch the Mariners in perpetuity is still winning for how long I guess he's already had nine bad years and I know he's had nine pretty good years I mean a market now even nine managers but over a stretch. Or greet every year everyone else and more times. That was a four year stretch ruler over thirty years every iron five. That was ninety say on turn up early 2001 eight reds young gay rods out walking through that regularly when Brittany we won ninety games one timed and make the playoffs that's. That's in those early 2000 there was a stretch in the early two thousands when Ichiro was at its peak when. The Seattle Mariners were among the better teams in baseball for four years settlers had years that the king bill. Have all the good at C I just think of Edgar Martinez torture all are singles way before that. And hey where's your dad yes there's there's Akbar the oldest person in the news in the past shank family you know kind of guy am. But some football guy. I got it I thank you Jeff I appreciate and welcome to the family thank you thank you for me I've talked about this for a long time. I'm a football guy that's got a guy am I am awful long gas. To a sixth extra points up America is also had a good straight here. While I say it lets you out what you don't lose you don't talks about the 94 strikes still there's three fan bases Montreal. Seattle on the White Sox. And two players. Matt Williams and Tony and Tony Gwynn. He had Tony Lincoln at 400 and Matt Williams could broke film run record -- potentially frank Thomas Frank Thomas on a pace very close to that winds at that point. Knows that. You leave Frank Thomas alone in I dare I love the bigger mix here and then you know and ask your lady she's insulation license at. You know the commercial. What are he's Tampa now. He's got beer and a male enhancement yes he does. Is bush before we get to David Marty coming up here in just a few minutes if you haven't heard bad news for the giants bad news for the gazans first up the bad news for the giants just some margin shoulder MRI when every hear that. I just think. The elbow album makes you think that tube bots. Shoulder there isn't a Tommy John for shoulder it's just it's unknown right it's the question of the unknown it's YA. That's why this quiet thing has been such a buzz because Ellen can figure out what's going on and that's always more frustrating deal he'll come back from a Claude. Theoretically. Could. This post for a from shoulder. And he's been so adorable thing about this 200. Or more innings every year for the last five seasons the only other Major League pitcher in baseball and do that Major League Baseball pitches that. Is Max Scherzer that that's pretty great company. But to have him Matt does he's the one guy other than Madison bomb garner has quiet so you feared in real blow or the blisters. No one guy the you know you can guarantee you know massive number of he's not under pike he's gonna have he's gonna give you innings. But the shark was gonna give you the innings we do. I believe. Have results. From that MRI we have there is Wayman. Hope the whole time. Live from the MRI office of Jeff's a margin. This just stand. Her the one and only Henry Schulman of the San Francisco chronicle Jeffs a margin. Will hold. Start the season on the DL with a packed coral strain but it is not as bad as feared and they do not expected to be persistent problem that's not his rotator cuff thing he's fine at this packed it's chess correct they're saying I was five oral muscle and not the rotator cuff however you will still start the season on the DL which means probably. Derek Holland could be sliding in that starting rotation so I played this. I say and act. Now. If it's the rotator cuff which is in the Mac not the front. That scared yeah that's like with aging pot being sat down with basically the biceps. Which I've had the by sentinel tendinitis not a big deal. Good now anyone can speak to pitcher injuries and and Paul Blackburn. Strained forearm Allen's still scares me that's scary but the MRI came back no damage. Okay we'll see how many times. Maybe I'm over exaggerating in my head but I feel like over and over again. The pattern is. Strained forearm MRI everything's fine shut him down two weeks when he comes back. Forums soar again. New MRI unknowing needs Tommy to known for its second opinion wreck your second opinion what it seems like that happens a lot about the well Jordan news this time we're gonna do the plate Mitt the platelet. Rich they object cherry red Herring has yet when it's in the blood. Yeah I think that's the then Kobe used to have to go to Germany for. My dear dear Richards for the angels had a knees. To Seneca he had a lot of guys and they have that they Gary's going to be fine and he's out there and all of sudden. It's a scary sing in the world's whenever your pitcher out there and you know he's he's had this it's guy like I talk about a staff. With the with the ankles guys at their kitchen next you know he throws it. And here comes the catcher in the pitching coaches they see something that we didn't see an and all of a sudden he's walking off the mound here on it no. You I know all the. Depressed yet that's the worst because you are against drug cotton out now he got called Blackburn he's going to be at least ten days. These are going to be in the starting rotation show. That's our gut I mean that's outlet when when your talking about flying back from Arizona. For the giants or the age I mean to have starting pitching get is. It means. You gotta have the starting pitchers get it to the bull. And and that's one of the things for both of these teams is that they have. Eight quantities. Of starting pitching. But there's question marks about how good a lot of them can be on both sides of the day and every bullet you lose. It's a problem. That these teams are both in a position. Where a couple injuries will totally derailed the season they both both teams really need their full compliment of players healthy. Well and you know it's very rare like what we saw with the tigers in 2000 and alas it was twelve. Where they only use seven starters. You're gonna. Last year's two teams the Astros and the Dodgers showed us you're gonna need a forty man roster you're gonna need a lot of different guys are gonna have to help you especially now. M Mike fires led. The Astros innings pitched during the Ernie and pitched in the post season that's right. So yeah the biggest guy was a guy they only have for the last month and now you're gonna need your gonna need. Quite a few guys and that's a scary because the giants in the a's don't have a lot of guys they don't have a lot of depth. Both of them are pretty much up against it right now. I mean if if if another giant goes down at this point were not liking having a conversation about Chris tested think about that if another ace pitcher goes down. That's K Miller granny ever so yeah real I mean it. Are you ready either no Trevor technical experience I can bust out some old Trevor cane hill. Interviews are great years ago didn't do charter Cano Napa. That he get this think they're gone. The good news about Trevor Cahill is. With a sinker pitcher it's like you can imagine intentioned a good stretch even now what he can't reinvent himself as a in Arizona in and Chicago to isn't it metal guy yeah. But you're down stock commit an act now he's gonna do I mean they need they hired him to BA star and the China doll AKA. Brad Anderson. It's not a nice thing to say. He's so good he was so good when he was healthy men. It's a great what if there and Anderson as long time ago but it's a great he would if he could have been. A contender. There's a Gainey pitch from Boston mourners on 98 ounces Palestinians insist that. Never never Kabila's. Hang injuries and elbow and Tommy John and easiest to use think you know golden arm I don't want to talk about that anymore wanna talk about some football. From the neck. One of my favorite Stanford grads of all time David Lombardi what is shaken my friend. I'm doing great and I had had this same question that if there are five up and are. I even cracked the top 25 that they were never regret. Problem is my best friend Greta graduated from Stanford a girl that I grew up with so your always gonna be number two. All right well you know we'll blog ripoff by them. Then not the program can get canyons. Aren't my cohosts completely through Kirk cousins under the bus one night it was unbelievable. January due to an end here where John Lynch's sand. That was the guy I think Kyle Shanahan on it if we didn't get Jimmy EG. But oh what an audience though the whole time I kind of I think that. That it and never will pick would greatly. But you thought that access the count Shanahan. Pat with Kirk cousins and in Washington and then you know that there are all our key thing going not all are there ever really got. Fully unlock it but you look at Kirk are the numbers. In play action which Shanahan blog they're really good I mean it it just kind of one of those actually is well I think that. Given the history given what Kirk cousins and good. That always wondered what what people expect it I don't think there was ever formal link made until the day. But obviously it didn't happen and and Jenna and spot up from Jimmy Jeter go that direction. And yes see this is exactly my point if it's not that I didn't know about this or that I think this is not true that. Kyle Shanahan would no one of them it's that they saw the opportunity to acquire men with two career NFL starts. And decided it was preferable to spending money. On Kirk cousins I think. The fact they cousins would have been the guy says more about. How hard it is to flying to develop or even acquire quarterback than it does about the quality of Kirk cousins he says there. That edit that that's really true and and the sample site saying is that you know because you're you're committing a lot of money. To a guy who you know or injury drop locate now only has seven career starts. That's obviously a big factor in America but as they're at and that day. The best contracts are awarded to. You know future production and not based on production. Obviously apart to gauge and that's why a lot of the biggest contract promote the biggest contract will be given the players who have already proven something but. I'm if you are doing all right then you're you're paying for what's coming in the future and I bank account Shanahan pot up. From Jimmy garrote below in December and not only on the BO I think he bought up at this Bill Brown is on up in the locker room that today. This is the guy that we wanna pay I've seen enough to be able project future that that's what this guy what give them that 137 million. I've seen a lot and and I know I like it and I think he's going to be good for the niners for a long time that I don't know I like it this much the odds to win Super Bowl 53. The new ones are out. So you've got the patriots the Eagles the vikings the Steelers the Packers. And then tied. Lacks it's the Packers rams and forty niners. Our only or mean no one that to win the Super Bowl for a team no law. And David are you can't make for the niners. Yeah. If it bit but that's why I got up they give out those laws. I'm sure somewhere you can bet on it right where it that all bought the Super Bowl record the previous even the dot. I hit it and there you probably could've gotten good not a paid a unit that. Right after Jimmy eat first start last the number actually I think in England they have that could be you know they think they're called William L. Yeah the governor corner. Yeah who supposedly you can bet on any thing like you go walking in and add and they'd bumping and a dog and I think that our Rory McElroy is that. I wanna out of money because he came in when he looked like Rory I. My my I'm gonna win a masters before our our major or twenty why brand well you win the British Open. Yeah yeah and an anthem that they gave an oddity of the Betty the output oddity edit what ot. I don't know if he could you got an America but I'm sure at some casino on the world where you can bet on and I ought earlier operatives working no one. That that that that you might get back for anybody to be honest you know the spent appellate court or be right now. It's it's tough but they are going to win when when this week. Richard Sherman is is donates. Yeah he's one of two NFL players I believe right now who chose to do that Russell Okung being the other one. He's taken some heat for. A teen friendly deal bull when I look at the incentives he's actually dealing with. It seems to me like a lot of the team friendly incentives of us that sort of stuff that brought rock they put in almost every four on his contract and on the other end. Sherman basically puts himself in a position where if he's the Richard Sherman we remember he's gonna make a ton of money. So. Does this contract. Look to use different than an agent might have negotiated or do you think it's maybe much ado about nothing. Yeah I don't well I I think that they answer that question not all on both by actually I think there is an agent gel at the end and agent and our era. I think they're a little a lot of people like that. Like that like there's martyred in an athlete to me like that. Kind of you know. Merkel of at all on the side and say oh he got screwed by this deal because the shipment gotten you should've gotten an agent and in that case like that that chairman is getting. A little bit about about that yields are the criticism here goes the I think that general structure of the contract. It is totally fine at and Sherman is well we thought he'd be back that. You get some guaranteed money up front you right. This seahawk ambulance when he eighteen. Offered no guaranteed money out at this part of the contract though they condom without penalty bogeyed right about that that. He actually was able to get out on the side of that you all so can earn up with 39 million dollars spirited that this on the other side. That being said I have read some online at point out I'm want to in the contract. That definitely. I think. Sherman if he had a chance to go back right now and you know. Or irrational and probably wouldn't have agreed to a one of them is. That being injury guarantees so he. Yeah it he makes the probe all the all pro team. That makes the rest of the contract years two years in the year two years three much more valuable. Based on what Kyra that is if you make the crow all it will no law earlier in the these and right. But it won't back into the contract and collect next march or did you leak your beat yet he'll basically be playing the playoffs 49ers take that. Added on risk. Whereas an agent would have made sure that basket earlier so I think that some that you want this didn't get right but I think the general contract the general idea there he did get. You don't you're judged there offseason. Know how are you judging their free agency so far before we get to the draft like give it a let. Are great. Out of dividend pay for the 49ers I mean there and that they went out a lot of money but they are that make sure that they. Kept. I'm not money for for the future because summon up a break now coming out about tomorrow morning if you aren't look on the athletic dot com yep yep are. On the athletic but yeah the Google bought that he could Mayan Indians go out blow all the money. And based Carter with a 120 million and they have about forty million right now you'd about eighty million of it and that out caps these this year. And that includes the front loading. Grapple those contracts though. I think that financially they structured correctly there's a lot of front loading and it's created B and they went out and make up player they feel. Bit they're system particularly well it in and jerk McCain and especially at west ridge Burt especially. Shanahan got his the first to tout guys'. And he didn't. Don't blow a lot of money on the on the big names like injured nor well everybody audit but what earlier it reported niners because they're looking person smaller. More versatile tile interior linemen so I think if you look at it that way. I'm and you look at the fact that Shanahan as proven that he knows how to ski in my around persons file open. I think that that people are gonna come back carotid about a year and they're gonna say allow. Gerry McCann and at least they'd tell you that here he put up huge numbers because I think that Shanahan knows what you're doing when I come off on this side of the ball. We got a little more on Ruben Foster from John Lynch yesterday but. Obviously there and wait and see position that if you had to handicap it and granted none of us know much about the legal side of the case but. Do you feel like Ruben Foster likely to be on the field to start this next season. So and then nobody knows we'll pan up so going to do what really ought to be. In in the media and all the commentary on Twitter is that everybody is writing as a according and it taps. Planned for some inevitable suspension of urban austerity obviously gonna beat this a bit. How does anybody know him. That he obviously gonna be suspended you look at the case that'd be you Elliott were not chart but he is under but then you go around. And you look at can't determine Brock you would never suspect them by Italy but we just don't know how Roger Goodell and delete operate. In this new age ever since the new personal conduct policy. And a place based client that mentioned the quick game or about the violence but that they'll need that and a belt which purity team. I find that. He deserves that six game suspension but he was culpable met the recommend Roger Goodell and brought off the urgent and we have no idea. If that's what Roger Goodell going to be useful I think it and we talked about then. And it'll be irresponsible meet the guest either way right now because I don't know that they'll be there. Let's send on this years ago Bill Walsh and the 49ers were great on the road no matter went no matter where they went let. The reality is for history West Coast teams going to the east. 1 PM Eastern Cape top guys bodies say 10 AM to have to be hit at 10 AM. The last three years West Coast teams and that's an area of the winning percentage of jets 377. These next league meetings the West Coast teams they want at least get rid of at least one game. That starts at 1 PM eastern time make it or you think that's gonna happen do you think it's fair for the West Coast teams is saying hey listen. This is totally a competitive advantage against us. Why I don't back in the day in college football and you can't do it anymore because. Because they TV is to schedule really dictate so much of it but back in the day when school were able. You more their scheduling and the West Coast in Nikko is back. And Jim Harbaugh actually did it looks and her back in 2000. Eleven I believe or not he doesn't and so yeah. It is that they had a play at Wake Forest in 2009 at 9 AM at the well eastern and they lost the game. Not pretty close one there but they obviously blame limited a bit on that I'm change. The next you're awake or static hot tempered Harbaugh made sure that game was scheduled at 8:30 Pacific. PM. So so that a valid like. The very opposite of the problem and a ballot that obviously everything they're erect at that and I haven't. And the 1 AM windows so. There's no way or. Where this could be you know schedule fairly I guess I would say per cricket big East Coast team that come late late late on the West Coast to go to work that way out. I'm I rather the mechanism of the league work but you mentioned but winning percentage at really low right there and I think about it. Not a parent thing Cooper spur the key West Coast eat it up the wife back quiet and. My second favorite Stamford graduate David Lombardi mommy athletic read them the athletic dot com we appreciate what I'm just so all right guys thank you. David Lombardi from the athletic right here on 957. And I know for you yeah and you try to calm on Richard Sherman's contract yes Ira and the examiner. Today. It went on today in the examiner in the newspaper yesterday. On the Internet move my thing was Sherman is this. I don't think this is prescriptive. Right the the being your own age and part of it which is what interest me most is as far as whether he's worth it. You'll find out we just don't know. As far as him being his own agent. It's a fascinating idea you can understand why anyone would want a putt that. One and a half to 3% that they're paying to somebody else out especially violent that's a lot of money if he plays this whole contract that's over a million dollars. So that's a lot of cash that he could potentially be saving himself. I don't think it's prescriptive for most NFL players because most NFL players frankly are not equipped to do this. Look Richard Sherman is very different he's incredibly Smart. We know he's a Stanford graduate we know he's one of the more interest in people listen to speak because of not just his energy but also his intelligence and thoughtful miss. And he specifically. Made this choice to get rid of his agent and then went and did research he wrote in the players Tribune about. Looking into union. Data about different contracts in the process of negotiations and he was prepared for this. The analogy I made. In the column is. I one time got into law school a few of them good ones because they got a high eight score. I'll address you by AI once I got in las well I didn't go hosts Marty's martyrs but this is my point. You don't want me as your lawyer. Heard it you I don't want you on that wall no I don't you want that all you do know why I mean as your lawyer Chris yeah I. Media almost went to law school one time bush. I don't actually know the intricacies of the law I don't know how to defend you. If you're accused of the crime Richard Sherman does not mean walking into a courtroom he's a guy with a wealth of experience a wealth of knowledge. Very intelligent and to this point. Bad contracts negotiated by agents all the time so there's no reason to think that a nation would've gotten a better deal here even. And I understand what David saying about certain smaller. Minutia of the contract that might have been different in that may be true. But in the grand scheme of things if a guy has the wherewithal and the intelligence in the know Hal. And feels comfortable doing this I say god bless and save that million dollars man well he's been against some sort sample balls different because of the cap and all the different things you trying do wit with the contract with all the their roster bonuses. And and you start to look at all the different things that you trying to manipulate the cap to help your contract or like Major League Baseball agents will tell you. It's say standard contract that I've I've kind of wondered why baseball players haven't dike has. The contracts pretty standard and you can negotiate a main real what's the real big negotiations. And that she needed to get a gold Glover batting title and all star parents northern assists 50045000. But really the contract for the most pine. It's a standard. Why especially think of like up our all our member. Back in the old Italian poll's few days we used to have Craig Breslow former a's reliever Lance Martin Zeno smartest motivated and baseball yelled once they graduate and PLM yell graduate and I like that. Especially casino he's a relief pitcher mid level of pride never had a contract over couple million dollars 3%. Let's go along way in the long run and and why don't. When not if you Smart enough if you study it enough now I also understand if you make in a hundred million dollars. It's not worth your time to study it let some other guy do it that's fine too. We have that percentage like if you sign. And Alex Rodriguez 250 million dollar contract every releases so yeah. Million dollars I you know it I don't know why people care. Right why did I I never understood why more talk about Richard Sherman and he did his own contract. I had the only thing that I I do understand and other professionals. It's they're looking at it saying okay. What you sign or affects other people that always happens right. So I could understand of other players feel he didn't get the best possible deal 'cause that's always liked. You're comparing when you train go to deal usual Richard Sherman only signed for this I can understand that for Iranians and bird the media why the hell do we care. About his contract what he's making who negotiated it it doesn't affect. That's well also with the NFL like. Reported contract numbers are so different from what guys actually end up getting paid ended guarantee there's so much complicated stuff going on in the air that. I'm not even sure I buy that from other players especially when you look at this. Yeah there's a wide range of results because of the incentive structure but this the guy coming off a major injury at thirty years old that makes sense that he would get that and I think. He made the decision. As an informed. Negotiator. To give back on some incentives in other words say hey if I am hurt if I am not. The Richard Sherman you're hoping you get here are some ways I'll give back to you that he probably got higher incentives on the other end as well worth he is good. He does a little better than he would have if he hadn't given back in those you know on the other side think about. These contracts. Where. When their sign Ely allowed back got a boatload of money and it's so back loaded right and the guy in every and sees that money and that's what that was Ilia. What is the signing bonus what exactly is guaranteed so that really mean. Some guys design these extreme contracts and they never even saw clothing can't cap earnings dill. Now that was a bad negotiate contract itself but that's it. Yes you know you look at the money he never saw a lot of money none of those guys nursing women he wouldn't when he signed it we are you can't critic wouldn't see a lot of Ndamukong Suh is supposed to get what 28 million this year to 48 million Mumbai. Yes or else get cut you look at the deal at the beginning. It's not always as good as you'd think it is when it's reported in the paper years and money there's so much into it. And if these Smart enough to do it by the hell does anybody care yet not don't get it and. And then again if he's Smart enough to do it and he's comfortable within a special. It be one thing if he came out of this saying well you know I feel like I should've gotten a couple of but no he came out of this saying I got the deal I wanted and what makes a supposed to do. Supposed to negotiate the deal you want an agent as your employee. And I think far too often guy is. Let the Asian do the business of we're gonna get you the most possible money and luge track of the fact that this is my career should be my decision he's my employee. Rich determined enough to worry about it was a great article that you did so thanks buddy fantastic. I yours for tomorrow's lineup that I am Jolo. Lo and did put the game on they'll have Kerry Keating on I don't know what time Shaun Livingston will be at 915. This saintly one Garry saint Jean at 930. Signing guru will have studies body Travis like move GM of the hawks at Santa Lawny. And Marc spears at 11:30 am sure there anti about what happens Sacramento. Lack tonight no doubt afternoon delight Papa Monta Sammy make it 1230 rod Higgins at one and Larry Riley it sue I Higgins Damon Bruce show tomorrow Anthony Slater 320. Joseph Thornton about 4 o'clock Rich Aurilia at 535 gonna retire at the shark and the shoulder and I don't know what it's gonna happen. But Dominique Wilkins is going to show up. It's sing WW which could be warrior your warriors warm up which would be meek signing and coach starting at 6 o'clock. Eighty if neat shows up during warriors warmup I expect that it sweet photograph of him dunking on you and coach can you mention. How much taller he is the main yes I can't imagine and it's delightfully hilarious thing to picture outlook like a ten year old boy next to him maybe have a Mike pick you up. That's gonna do it for the Crist sounds a show with Matt Coles game will see yet. Literally see yeah we'll see you next week I won't but have foam that we'll see you right here on 957 game coming up next. It is the best of 9570. Game would Gionta Franco.