The Chris Townsend Show 3-12-18 Third Hour

The Chris Townsend Show
Monday, March 12th

Kerry Crowley of the Mercury News checks in from spring training about the outlook of the Giants roster.


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Ayers did. Chris Townsend shell on 95715. When I'm doing a 100000. Show here on out of 57 game he covers the San Francisco Giants. For the San Jose Mercury news Kerri Crowley is live this year Kara thank you so much for taking the time from the valley of the sun. Yeah you know it it's tough to get away from the pool and you know stay out of the and Ing hate you. Now that was always my thing go and have a spring training after like five innings and then went all the mightily guys commands yeah. Let's go tee it up but. Of course you've got to pay attention what's the biggest thing so far if there is one major theme coming out of the giants camp in in Scottsdale what was that day. I think he's been pitching gap right now that kind of building up because when they went in the spring training with a huge question mark but so far. Chris Stratton and I've blocked it really solidified their spot the back in the rotation they're still being shaped by Derek Holland and not roster and by he former Rangers pitcher. And then in the bullpen they've got a number of guys who got a lot of it and if global mark or at the -- she's strong outing. And I had a blowup today but it patent that he put that under strict plan that the light doubt they'll aren't Tony watts and the jacket by him at all though coming along strong and so I think it's Jack Epstein could have better pitching depth than most people expected. Carrier kill here and you mentioned the Lance and and for me that's the key that's a guy that I pencil infer for forty saves every year and I know he was pretty embarrassed. From opening night on and he was heard most of the year. Well what's that I mean we don't put too much in the spring training but it obviously is it's better to look good and bad what have you seen from the giants closer. Well the changeup looked good so far that could get pitched on the breaking ball but also look through it but so are we only single income grow into out the giant the slow played him enough all by design. He had it there during the amber to alleviate their growth later Ingram until you gonna be a question mark in the month of April and promptly and come out that many until. You try to walk back to back gate agent Rihanna war games. But I don't expect him to do you Gavin got stale than their store be questions about how mark only going. To hold up dirt ability wise but that stock looks good you'd encouraged by that he had a little bit of discomfort but the giants feel that natural coming back. On the surgery go so far all sides are pointing to a strong return to mark Lance. Carrie grill infamous thousand Mercury news joins us here on the Chris downs and united by a Symbian rates that'll. And with me tonight talk to me about Stephen Dodd here of the former Clemson star who had. A lot of injuries last year but he had an hot can't be easy young kid he's 24. What are the plans for him if he continues to stay hot here in the last couple weeks. Well I don't think there's any question anymore as to whether or Stephen Tucker the center fielder the future absolutely is based on has performed this spring. But it keep the center fielder opening day the better you are right now are still go and salad because he'd only had forty court after the Triplett. But he needs a little bit of course the name some of the best game to come and get minor league pitchers and so we're not quite sure he can do it. Every single day at the Major League level with Austin Jackson being silent Bob Eaton Greg are blocked go looking strong so far and spring camp that giant trucks will play doubters. Oh Bible that a Major League and make sure he's completely ready to go. By June 1 July or or whatever they target that when he's ready. You'd absolutely on fire and can take over that that appealed Joba did she steps that. And carry this is the first camp since this giants mini dynasty started back and Tony ten where you do not have rags. As the pitching coach Curt Young comes over eight miles from the east to take over what what has been a change so far you've seen from Marie getting too young. What the ticket different that in the spring camp I know that happens every year but just young spoke between what I've been making sure that they're. Trying to hone in on their breaking ball that that's what it can't keep wants more differentiation between all these lighter she wants. The changeup to have a little more bite to them. And he's really focused on making sure the guys off speed pitches are heading into your best point and so I think that that's one of the big differences that we could see that your. If the giants staff is going to be effective. They need to use their breaking pitches more effectively and young certainly try to get back yelling at the beginning it. Well as Rick mentioned Curt Young Nelson thought about Alonzo Powell came over from the Houston Astros one of the reasons why they brought these guys stand. Is because there's so familiar and analytics and they understand how to. Implement that with whether it's the hitters for the pitchers. Has that been talked a lot about his back in the past the giants never really want to be known as an act as an analytical franchise. I think all the giants players and expect that there are a lot more cotton than having analytic wearing they're being sat inflammation bit. They wanna have backs best Q but it's not necessarily the driving force in every decision at the guy kill a to all the plate. In a certain way or do you think he's going to be certain that I don't think that the analytics are going to creep into the game so much tighter. Overcome by thinking about it and I just think that there are they like having access to more information it influences. More their decision whether beyond the now under the plate at a more help to them and they'll you've got a lot though pal and her young. Kind of play a role in implementing some of those analytic and some of those trends in public got with different tips that they can take advantage out. One of the hallmarks of Bruce bushy who's going to be an all fans Sunday is that when they bring in new guys he is a very. You know welcoming atmosphere it's it's almost seamless the way these guys that in that you bring in huge stars that have been with one team basically the faces. Of the the rays and the pirates and Longoria. And McCutcheon how have you seen those guys fit in and and hasn't been like they've been on the giants for years. What I think one of the most important aspects of first OG ability to eat out there for that's given and the present the sponsor OC well out because. I'd like Edgar McCutcheon a guy like Evan Longoria. Are seamlessly transitioning Buster Posey. And I hotter and the Vatican bomb garter to a certain extent. Are helping influence that transition quote the other big guy to ever what looks too and caught out as that leader spent their belong here. And so you got nothing advocate and say about those two guys they've had nothing but great things to say about him I think is that they see buster welcomed the men and he'd want them. A part of a club out in public getting one can help the club win then it's going to be important for the rest that you follow suit and that's what's been done so far in Scottsdale. So when you start looking at their outfield obviously bring in an Andrew McCutcheon and Austin Jackson's that salute spots solidifies you and senator right. Then you got a couple spots open pants is going to be there last year of his contract but he's 35 years old. And Mac Williamson and has altered is. His mechanics at the plate he's killed at this spring Pelosi is like 27 he's got to be close to run an ad options what you see a little Williamson in the battle for left peel. Well they Jarrett left field situation going to be very intriguing because that you bet our pants will be there on opening day but will he be airing gained 81 will he beat your game 16. You are like questioned how the giant still out lap steel MacWorld and that had a tremendous spring so far but I'm still. Up the mindset that he'll start the year in triple I start pot. And the Jack is bring them up that they need an extra pat never got the looks that left it was Kershaw they're not hitting prospect. And play lefty over the past year in the minor leaks changeover in spring training last year. And shot the at a baton leapt into power vacuum Platt Hewlett and at the end of the even if the giant wanna build outweighs the other. Why every day and the that they you get a guy who complain into the future and a light up on a pretty consistent state. Yeah I'm Shaw was almost a marlin a Stanton with a bouquet that trade as well. On the right now it's opening day in you are the skipper who is your lead off hitter Terry. Thought that Jackson and that's only because their fate in Clayton Kershaw and it it was a right of the picture I'd say Joseph and I but I really deepened that. Upper perky to and play matchups that your Austin Jackson. Hit lefties so well last year to about 350 on base percentage over re 88 get them and joke they act guy who just get on an order back and atop the lineup. West left and it hurt when they deemed patriotic pictures like it's even going with Joseph X followed by Brandon belt you know it. Kerri gray stuff we truly appreciate it labeled police oddity of down the line is ordering every day in the San Jose Mercury news. All right before you get. We have before you know that we're gonna have the Bay Bridge series and then. It's going to be time to get it on. The thing about this because animal have opening day for the the days will be well Thursday the twin capital BA day game that. Now not just because we have or the flagship and on the game and it's the fiftieth year show way coach Connie this show him in the show it begins and the throng. Of Japanese reporters that will follow them look like the throng that follows tiger around on a golf course very exciting press. Gas. We Soledad. Back in the day I Matsui landing pages. I mean it's amazing they wanna just followed the guy I hope he's like metsu Levy's Manson is really probably he might be the most professional rather recovered. He's set and I I don't know what the word Hong no means in Japanese but he started every sentence with hum. What does Han all mean every sentence and I told we will watch for it. How unknowable Obama. On no. And with great respect as simple why don't speak Japanese I wish I did so heat. He would meet with some. Every game even like you didn't play for a couple days he mile before every active free game after big game. Wouldn't evident daddy got to sit there and take the questions and and you never want to like get at some point you have to think guys really today. And played three days. It is very humble he wasn't there rather than matzo the giants had she oh she shouldn't Joni or the blues shades he was kind you'd like to go clubbing. He was more of kind of like that the rock star dude this younger till if you're writing gonzo it's one hammer onetime Iowa I walked into the stadium from the players' lot. As you know the press we go on the same line and mats who was walking in front of me as orange jeans I couldn't believe. How like it wasn't like he was belated but that like they hitch in his kitty up and I think how many times in his knees operated on. And I thought this has got to be last year just watch him walk and be as last year but just fun I'm glad that massively came out here. And I'm I'm really interested and deceit. It shall Leo Tommy can be either real deal from because he is it it is going to be. Automate instances the you're gonna have to change basically. Think about this for one player. You're gonna change your lineup. You're gonna change your starting rotation. And you're gonna do everything designed around one guy. How good do you have to beat when you already have the best player in the game you have Mike trusted as player in the game and yet. The angels have been absolutely peripheral. Through any kind of success and that's got to be kill on Artie Moreno the kind of money he spends and not only that Tony. They have you know an Angel Stadium that right fielder is way high up. They have cut that down so funny can hit home runs easier they'll lower defense. At Angel Stadium but you're right six man rotation and was he was with the Hokkaido Nippon ham fighters his schedule was this. He would pitch on Sunday as he'd have Monday off. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday DH. Friday Saturday off. And then pitch Sunday so three days a week he had all three days a week DH one day pitch. And we we may be cool it down in the NBA we're not cool with that may easily baseball but that's with the handling and in Burris is is this is a sport where you play every single day and if we're gonna pay you. So right now. Right now takes me back tool. Will we talk about you drastic guy he comes in what works for all sports right. You draft a guy he comes through your system you drafting guys on your NFL senior basketball team. You love everybody until they get really pay so right now because of Chinese and I didn't huge loops. Yeah you try this out the six man rotation we'll see when he doesn't pitch. For when he's gonna hear it and you know all of and other again they're getting their ordeal what they're going to accommodate the player the best they can. And think about this a way that is here now Megan 200 million dollars a year and a appealing sit in the fine anytime cell we're gonna lie you out their plan every day. And our buddy Keith law the super scout for ESPN. He has that. Article out key flaws cactus league takeaways. Show way out sunny falls short. Of huge expectations. That game which I believe will be. AM. That entire. Policy of the entire nation I'm sure their people in Japan that hey baseball are emerald jobs but I'll say at least half of that country. Will tune in and Mike Scioscia I don't care who's pitching or what's going on or who's healthy show way Telekom A will DH. Now if it's scary Richards has reopened they start Woolsey he's you're gonna be two or three. In the rotation that already flawed offered you know last goes well cell and it's 5 AM in Tokyo. All eyeballs are going to be hum Hilton coliseum. Listening and again invention ran knighted by seven again. It's gonna be. Boy you know it is going to be exciting just to see yet. But it also might be the right time. Because we are now Ole. Not expecting you Jennings out of our guys anymore as Chris Sale let let all of baseball last year. 214. Light a third innings he led all based Nolan gone through 215 or more so praising lesson last are we expecting. Guys to be. As bruised vote he likes to say or hear he's are going to be Dolores is routed via horse. You like you know we a lot of guys standards of your own fifty the horse retired and left money on the table Mac and on the chasm that horse is about to be taken out and taken to the glue factory. But. It's a situation where this might be if a guy's gonna do it this is going to be the time because we're expecting less less innings. And he was so Smart and all those National League teams you like cows -- gonna pitch and hit wanna be on a nationally team you have to be on an American League team. What's really. Going to be tougher for Angel fans is watch and our pools play first base a lot more. Because I don't know he's seen him run lately. I ask Albert. Lower than Bengie Molina I think right now right. I think right now you smoking in the forty EZ. That's not sand much I just say I agree till finalized you guys out if it's going to be resilience and go forty yards out I'll say let's do this I think you'd take. I'm money on yet ideal ever attacked those say yeah okay and play for team USA one of the best players ever. To knock it to the big gimmick Henry's morale is home plate thing where he was gonna get called they are a USF star. Com years ago I did some shows them and he was in the cardinals organization. And whatever you think about forces a guy he's tagged told me. Pool holes is the hardest worker. He's ever seen mission and are what you think the guy is the first filly lastly he'll put any effort and the angels just wanna refers back. At this point that and it's at the point now or he gets a ground ball it's Barry Bonds he just starts jogging he knew he knows he's not gonna beat it out. Sell they need all they want is one title out of him if he can get his home run stroke back but. Yeah you're not you're not paying all that money for eighteen home runs what you want out I'll repulsed daughter that you walk or not you want forty and a hundred out of him you want. Chris Davis numbers. We have you know referred to Japanese Babe Ruth. The numbers that she wants sorrow the numbers say I mean if you had a guy. That's going around there Ernie sit in 25 plus home runs. And let's say he's given me X amount equality starts we've often wondered what would that guy be worse what really is a guy worth. If he can hit the middle of the order. Because if he's DH and yeah me is if pujols is not there right and if pools is not their pools have played first base. He can DH so he could play every game. Actually hit for himself. What would that kind of player. If you were legit as a starting pitcher and legit is a hitter. You're basically making two salaries what does Zack I. Worth. A cycle all knocked the first man ever to be all pro at two different positions. Patty but if you pay that guy. But this is pitching and hitting thing data well and good pitchers making over forty million and a good hitters may get over Tony million by the way I just looked up our pool halls the last four years. With the Anaheim angels or LA Orange County Motorola com. How many. Whole home or how many total RBI do you think he hasn't the last four years with the angels. It's probably around 400 yeah foreigner and forming an arrogant margin over let's honor and fire every year averaging our young baseball reference right now yeah. OK I want you all the way down to a salaries what's your read the ages and the salaries and I think is if you're given me a hundred RB I don't care what you're sorry us. But just wait for the age. Well this is great radio some kind of click on the right it's a lot. Talk of Emma the thing is it's Arnie Moreno on there's not you know they doesn't care who play a luxury tax if we asked you. I respective. Well. You don't I don't like. I understand people love when they see their owners spend money when I don't llama owners spend down money has done money that's not a dumb it's a hundred RBIs a year. It's not done yet he's thirty he was 37 years old he can barely get out of a car and he still get a view a hundred RBIs. Yeah. I into your money in our parents spend another places he had to get you more value but is now under it a modern one Armey. Out of a out of a power position what's so AS. Do you care about a PS when he does not his OPS with 672. The out awful so means he had a Hahn of opportunities. The other he's still. He's still get a hundred are about everything about we deal with now on sports is about efficiency I know but are now. Not being very so basically telling us Bill James say now that's reality you can obtain a guy far less got the same who's gonna give you honored RB I when he as a huge army are if you if you add this if you add the amount of opportunities gig chrome it yet the amount of poverty how much you make you made like thirty really need to make that two players. But airline up. Yeah that's what I like even make that a player and a pitcher. That's like when assess for us got traded they said hey when you put Gomes and vote out there their home runs match assessment a so you're not losing any thing. And that didn't make any sense. I just saying that I think the money on pulls back to this point has been well spent. Because there's no salary cap now you bring in a salary cap I'm with you that's too much. But there's no sorry cap. So how many given the numbers does it's just fascinates me how bad. He is. He has three has four years left and he'll make 27. Million this year at the age of 38. 28 million at the age of 3929. Million at the age of forty. And then as last year. He's got a thirty million dollars he's gonna make at 41 years old. And I said to this point. It is money well spent now if he comes out and he's broken down and he's like what we sought amounts to in Oakland and let's say gives you. Five home runs and thirty RBIs then yes it's a colossal. Waste of money but not yet okay and then. And when his career is over yes he immediately I love you really goes the hall of fame and I you mean I love these you know what. The dream it's it's like. What I look at leggy young Rick tittle. And I say son why you play in football. Why because I love it you got a little size and yeah. You play second here at both safety. EC got a little athletic ability. Albert pools. When he is all said and Don and he's made over 300 million dollars. They're then gonna give him. 810 year ten million dollar personal service contract. Just hang out that is left. Out as the price of doing business. That. We're gonna play a million a year just to hang out I applaud the player and his agent I do wanna be agent yeah I love that you may is that 41 years old. Guys it's been great thank you for all the money I have generational wealth it's stupid my family will be rich forever. And then now for the next ten years is gonna pay me a million bucks a year just to hang out. He has since he's come into the league ever used 21 years old anyway for 37130. Only. Three times in his career or is he under a hundred RBIs one was 991 was 95 the other one was when he was hurt and play less than a hundred games. Yes those numbers sound ridiculous at age forty. I'm Hussein if they if they won the World Series last year. You pay a fork sometimes when you sign a giant contract you want one moment you want Edgar Renteria is home run. You want Barry Zito are showing up. At Saint Louis at Cincinnati and elimination games. He got paid his contract was worth those two games re injury is entire contract was worth that one home run. Sometimes that's all you're paying for and you what Marlins base at now the giants in the playoffs when he hit that that home run I'm just saying you. You'd you'd you're not pay any if you watch him every day you go what a waste the money what a waste the money they do that and they when you a ring all the money is for that moment. But. They have a wandering and and a sniffed it that's right and then I think about this is one thing I wish he would answered. Because I've often wondered. If you win a championship. What does that actually do for you financially. For a franchise like right now Houston Astros because they won the World Series boom or the Philadelphia Eagles 'cause they won the Super Bowl. Or the gold is it like what does that does that Carmen in your era. We can see it with the warriors in the giants their printing money. You remember the giants kitty corner to the stadium is now bowling Alley that place was empty. And it was an extra giants' dugout that just so abilities and the line was around the block. For two years straight. You look at the warriors the warriors are printing money that's what a championship can do for you ECB walking on the street would astros' bats the ultimate Johnny come elites front runners. All have always been a hell you were found the last rose when they'll lose and hash tag last round. Well I wondered does that mean it's 400 million I don't know I've that are Manning is it has a lot 600 but if you're starting Brenner and not everybody is I can't believe I'm quoting him he said the only reason you should get into the hold the business of buying the team is to win that championship not to make it a mom and pop business how many sure o's have we sold. Now just get that rain it ain't a thing without the ring girl it's always easy when you're in the number or market makes the most money to say that at a I'm. Yes path with whom I have BS networks I think we should also been my every legs and goes year's site and then Marv Albert most of us want to tell you this. There's a team in the Bay Area that I'm gonna stick up for there's a team in the Bay Area that I think someone needs seconds. I'm a little and look set with either you're not sticking up for the same team. I'm a stick up for this team somebody needs to step up and say enough is enough. Is these guys. These guys were done dirty. And I don't like it. He's the crews towns and show. 57 big game. You can bracket. Re Iraq I got your brackets drive he okay. I'm always understood that twelve in the five of the twelve there always beats a five or not more than once. I don't like to take Davidson or Kentucky. South Dakota State against Ohio State. Now New Mexico's stayed against Clemson the out that might be mine that's the one where's my winner winner Clemson is. Best player as her New Mexico states from plan really well. And then. Murti stadium's West Virginia another line and a hug you bear it and but I you know I can do to sock out I went with a mountaineers now on I am not officially filled it out and the reason why is because I'm so upset that my Saint Mary's scales are not in the last date that's mice that's my school. I went there I played two sports there I graduated from there. So do I get San Jose state then if you get. My stealing and I still think your tails now you can have them meet me and Matt mail goes not a Gailey there are gaels dammit I. Now here's the weird ending very dig Callahan yes the calendar the weird thing is is that that's my school and they they don't they I have no complaints about the knock on a K a way to. How are you rated in the top Tony and you can't make it interment has. 68. Teen you got to remember that that did determine our that the Cisco the AP rankings carry. AP rankings are basically what have you been doing the last couple weeks so if he sees same areas has beaten UOP. And at Pepperdine rain and Loyola marymount and then you see that another school like Syracuse has lost two games and Guerrero. I do think OK I'll go to school has a nice record and on hand but when you go to the attorney. They don't care about conference that's why these stupid people from US seat up and we finished second in Arizona finishes Arizona State finish is not at Arizona State beat 20. One seeds on the road it was early. USC was to win six against teams in the tournament. They don't care where you finished in your stupid conference it's about who did you beat Saint Mary's had one win. Out of the 28 and that was at Gonzaga in Spokane has a huge went for a it was huge win for us CI. But that's it sell as much as I want my gales to go I'm not gonna sit here and cry about it when. Their nonconference schedule is San Jose state literally ha Har heard. Back you know you Bea a cal cal was monumental leap back yeah. Habit even you scheduled these teams cal was good. Or some decent well Davidson right they. And so I don't Dayton so that unit and the tough thing for me what I don't like. And this is what we learned from the Boise states of the world and TCU in college football. Is that you can sit here and say all that say oh we didn't have enough big wins. When the fact is a lot of the big schools from the power conferences they don't want apply am well that's just say this is what's hard that's my rob they don't wanna come to Barack gonna take on our Gail. Don't wanna come to Moroccan because Moraga is a high school gym that's not work the timer the money for them I saw it's a nice little cozy place I like college in the ice the call games there on Saint Mary's TV in 1987. And cheated and you know we did we had our production truck paid by the Disney company how's that for spoiled us now that the Barlow girls went there to. I had we have some cash going on out there and not like my high school enrichment a player that has dichotomy those trial different. Probably a little bit yeah now from war and our uniforms and even match and high school. By what insight did a few years ago is they started playing real non conference schools now you have to get them to come to Spokane but here's the thing I'm not mad at Saint Mary's. I'm not. One of those Gail fans saying why can't be like and zag in Spokane there's nothing going down but the rent and Bulldog basketball in the Bay Area. What does saint marys and our psyche for sports is a pro town we got to baseball teams two football team is basketball. Hockey if you're gonna care about college basketball you're gonna go account Stanford first then you go to USF Santa Clara Saint Mary's she's not even in the top ten the bear there's no way that in Morocco you can build. A dynasty they have the Australian pipeline in kangaroos bouncing over and I think that's great. But you can't go to the committee and say hey look we beat Harvard. And a relay and what else did you do you lost he did he make it to the final one year. In your conference tourney so it pains me but as a realist a look at the gales and like he got nothing to cry about. But my problem is if I wanna know if I really wanna up my schedule. I essentially have to take it in the shorts. There's a market for a couple of years yes view you basically have to say I I gotta come to your school every year and you're never gonna come to mind right now and that to me. The teams. Get credit for that. These other schools that are in the tournament of the big conferences get credit for that right they get credit because they don't travel because they're gutless. And cigarettes and me for same you've trick you try to tell me at a 68 teams they're not one of the best 68 teams in the country. Now because you how you think they camped the Ivy League champion of course they can of course again there are a lot of Italy conference but I like it there are a lot of Italy conferences they get automatic berths. But you're right about now are now Randy Bennett could have changed this he could have changed it and traveled. But here's the thing went win now might I was a kid Saint Mary's in Santa Clara believe or not we're national football powerhouses Saint Mary's had just won the sugar ball senate Clark had just won orange ball on this is something for Notre Dame fans other new Rockne is a coward because Saint Mary's a senator Claire tried to play them every year. New grimy did not want to lose to another Catholic school so he always refused to America to play for them and New York City in these other. Places I usually don't shots of new riding Aaron Gray right there Israel into the rocky can eat a bag of blacks and so can anybody else who went in on this kill our anybody else went to Notre Dame can kiss my sheet they think they're superior to everyone else is like SC people. But when you when you look at the gales now all. You have as you say you got to take in the short you gotta say look we'll go to duke will go to North Carolina will go to Syracuse you don't have to come to us. Because we are gonna get good and we're gonna beat a couple of view and so now we go to the tournament we're gonna do what like that's the Sun Devils did. Don't look at our record don't look we're we work. Look who we beat we beat two number one seeds on the road that's the only way you're gonna move out of this mid major category I sat there the shark tank. Last year and watched Inzaghi a man handle eggs savior which is now a one seat right in front of my face. They have a legit program out there because they've put everything into trying to make it the number one thing and if you're gonna drop football. Like the gales did yet again then you got to do everything you can't cannot just be happy with. Oh we got 28 wins against Harvard at Saint Mary's head football. Yeah that's what I play for you George. This state is 23 and ten. Davidson is 2011. Kansas State is 22 and eleven when your conference tourney look at Davidson here. I I hope you're all with me Gail fans in here upset by this site listen I'm not snubbed again I'm not happy but I don't think it's a snub. I'm not impressed totally taken on the ninety. I'll take my gales know who Louis planned a ul southeastern. Louisiana Ali are now raising occasions and by the way stepped periods last game ever as an amateur was that making a million in the ninety when Davidson lost the same owners. The last time he ever take a shot for Davidson was in Morocco. Reality out here assess. I was here for a guy drafted soul would that be post San. You know Allen now and 89 personally don't nine. I'm sure ever being on crock alive and when he eleven. And that the panel wanted to trade Monta and staffer Andrew Bynum and I said the one time or implied the one time in my life I was right I said stepped Kurt is on tradable and the panel laughed at me when I said step curry was untreatable well let's face it. Memorable Weaver. Debating that bat one contracts for the four year contract on you don't need to give it to. And he hasn't proven he can stay healthy I mean there were mean every single time the guy even came up a little bit lamp. Time for God's sakes. That's got to sell stock Comtex like 95795. From the four away counties in their lives here on a gala lawmen were all pretty upset Nevada and Rhode Island thank you came to us for non conference and Bennett denied it we didn't deserve a spot at all. So it's another Gail along the agrees with me you guys on our failure to let us know oil were real fan. Six feet. You know it's funny somebody telling them they'll go went there and I had a Mon ago they were both go always go state yeah I'd always like all right guys who live there and I love them but I didn't go there and I like our environment. Yeah I've never done this thing covering them getting into the tournament one year to this TV thanks for women alike contest of the time. Mayo goes there early this whole Saint Mary's stuff fine thank your cheek list. Now that's funny that was my second choice. She just stay ask I've actually played football at Chico state back in the -- they and that's one missile had pioneer days that's when you could like. Drink yourself silly it's probably get that they don't anymore visited that's like one of the places I have not ban. I Chico State's fantastic. And then of course you got it's really good thing that I never made it up and down the road nor I think you have but college were Aaron Rodgers went to some people say. Do you view whatever when I heard. That back in the days that would have then. In the eighties. That they had the bars where you get paid cover charge and it was any coin any drink. At Chico state. So I'd pay three dollars and I can go and I didn't get any can't here's a penny here's a nickel I Lan you know it surprised that. Stroller reason Ira I didn't make it up there's like good thing there's also does. I don't know most most college campus and you know do that I cal poly some of some asthma I've played us all the articles. The Chico's whose one of my favorite moments was aren't my aunts my brother and I are going to my cousins graduation news like younger than us we went down and we wanted to just get severe reform went over there and we are gonna spend the night on the town there. And I ordered two Beers and I give the girl plain and she gave me eighteen dollars back. And I'm like Peters earned dollar mark this is going to be at that this is can reach Ron Paul. Let's get it all alone in San Francisco both bidders are 899. Plus tax. The favorites wanting any CAD it's Shiite eight to eighteen back to clients and I was like sell you know that I tipped her like three each on the New York like a rock star. A rich guy I was in general gave so I don't recall that. Yes she was she was the kind that next you know the minute you wanted to drink she had a right there for an. It worked. Now did work. Not just for seven to most college campuses around California Arizona Nevada Hawaii. She Joseph is not lawn. Never made up there have been a nice little outdoor amphitheater by a stream it's usually really hot up there and I always have been a big fan it digs fancier Nevada. On big fan I'd always wanna go to the robbery. I'm not Sierra collagen Rocklin now Sierra Nevada the up and appeared yet you don't have Rockland and LA Monica I'll have one complain about Chico and then they didn't have a visitors locker room so we had to get dressed in the gym on the actual court. For football. CO like. What are we travel traveling team was fifty guys see a fifty guys like getting dressed in the middle the basketball court has kind of weird and surreal but I do remember it. And how to be hot as you know I am an early. That would rule yeah at getting dressed stay on the basketball floor to get ready to play a football game. Definitely would seem kind of odd did you ever do Halloween it's armor.