The Chris Townsend Show 3-12-18 Second Hour

The Chris Townsend Show
Monday, March 12th

Mark Medina of the San Jose Mercury News stops by to talk about Steve Kerr's town hall meeting on gun violence. Townsend and Tittle also pick Mark's brain about Klay Thompson's defense.


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And those guys you're listening to 9570 game KGMC. FM and HT one San Francisco Steve Kurd today in Newark California. Some 500 people participated in a gun violence town hall featuring. Steve Kerr. And congress Mandy now press row Connor and his paper announces name. And an activist who graduated from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school and Parkland Florida. Where the seventeen people were killed by the match either. Of course because of what apple with Steve and his father he he. Is somebody who embraces this and not not everybody. Would embrace something like this it's like he is taken it upon himself to understand. Who he is. And how he can help. And for people who don't know when Kerr was a freshman and Arizona his father who was the president of American university in Beirut was taken hostage and executed. And President Reagan remembered talked about doctor occur and what a tragedy atlas. Some look at your Bay Area students asks warriors coach at Steve her for a hug he happily obliges its just amazing what this man we'll talk. Mark Medina from the sounds a Mercury news coming up here. At eight wanting. Ani a coach that I mean. He's get along the great situations. That's just the way it is smooth. What the way he handles himself. As someone who was a player played on high caliber teams high profile teams bulls and spurs won titles. He then a broadcaster. In a general manager. He's been through at all he's seen at all. And just the fact that I don't know how many coaches there's a lot of great coaches there's a lot of great managers. I don't know how many people give it as much as Steve Kerr does overall. Well that's the thing to Chris is that. I'm not usually interest that it in political talk. From even politicians I wanna hear it but. He when you eat you don't need only to politics that are now I'd just sit and listen I have my opinions I don't wanna argue with anybody on where the other is just a waste the time. But I listen to him let's Nepal but it's funny his turn higher the same age so as Mark Jackson rock classic 83 from high school. And I do I I I when he talks. I'll always wanna hear what he had to say we took a quick little Steve purse story just about his humility because everyone I talked with the warriors loves him from the the garbage man all the way out. This was probably maybe three days after they started their first camp. How is he not route goes in downtown old Oakland. The of the Delhi I'm outside of course their practice facility up there in the marianas partly across the street. I'm IC I think it does Alden who's Mitch he walks in and I'm thinking and issue seven foot tall I'm like oh yeah that's the warriors their practice and how they got me open camp. And these sorts of business yet its. Sudden three now and beliefs or. So Steve Kerr now Mena says Steve Kerr walks by he doesn't know me from Adam and a and I said. Take coach and he went and I said good luck this year. Because already sits down he's like thanks I really appreciate it and I'm like holy myself much like. I didn't think you're gonna sit down I'm thinking but I like yeah anyway good luck in any kind of realizes like all he does our conversation is like okay well thanks. And he goes inside now the story of an over. Because they in my sandwich I go to throwing my rapper inside and he's like hey any waves goodbye to me doesn't know who I am I'm in the media whatever. I'm like oh my gosh that's like the nicest guy I've ever met in my life. And this is for and he hasn't changed. And they always talk about family out there earning as MVP trophy you talked about. Bob Myers has his friend in the back issue lap times Chris we hear that all the time all were family and extended to wreck. I believe the warriors they actually are best friends it's weird how it works that way. Well that was something nets a and I told this story quite a feel. Quite a few times young assignments and Ira duel in the parade you know we're anchoring now pray you are part of that right where he's someone I was a Christ like at the earlier you threw it to me a couple of times so we understand thereafter you know they all get up on stage. And we seem you've seen on ESPN and you only see like the highlights of it and everybody gets up and talks are but he hasn't. I think the one lie one we've watched recently you do you think about. With the San Francisco Giants may have won but. It was amazing to me pal Steve Kerr will first involves Bob Meyers got up. And Bob Myers had a personal story about everybody. He had about all the players and coaching staff they head coach the owners. And then Steve Kerr got and it's you wonder why I think what's so damn long and Steve Kurt got out. And he had something to say about each individual guy and that's where he realized that. These kids really love each other there's something special soul we talked about well maybe the lawyers need a break from each other for the most part I mean sure there may be. A relationship here in the air but for the most part. These guys really care about each other we want to play this for you here's a little bit deceived her and Newark earlier today. Spread gun safety awareness even when these mass shootings don't occur. You guys are gonna start what should within the youth movement to make this a priority make this the number one issue. For the people we vote. Quote form and an art emirates a democracy right so the people in power work for us. So we wanted to make. Gun safety and gun violence issue. Our government passed to come from us and it can't just feet. Felt a sensational ones it's got to be the entire issue of us. So hearing that there are a woman who told LeBron to show up and dribble. Yeah and KD I wonder if there's anybody saying shut up and coach I'm sure there are people out there is saying shut up and coached by. I got a whole different thing that the other thing it that I think people don't realize in the media's. That's exactly the Fox News wants you to do. Fox News once you do on your sports station. Promote their product they don't care if it's negative because they are winning this you're talking about how I didn't say which network that's why they have. Highest ratings on everybody in sports and even Kobe brings up they Oscars but that's exactly what they don't want you to go to the White House like the Astros did today. They don't like is that plays. That plays to them and entitle great. It's amazing to me now. Really that one cable network it's even if it's really changed the way we did sports especially from the television side. All the television sport ESPN he's just give us sports honor now we're here is heavy on each other about every single topic and really who created that. Yeah and force like fox is the Baghdad back to Steve turn. You know I. If you're gonna have a super team. And you're gonna have a modern day super team. Made above these millennial why athletes. Who are a little bit different. You know I am Bobby Knight Rehman these guys opened on the floor every single game right and practices and on shares I don't Yankee he's got date. He. He's the perfect guy for this team I know they've Los tour Roland there's going to be panic but there's a lot of guys are hurting real long way to go well we don't have a long way to go but. And of course you're worried about the number one seed and we can zero care about the number one seed we'll see. Once the Western Conference finals turns around but for a a coach. That has to deal with this team and press the right buttons what this team. He's he he's the guy. That's the thing that I think you and it's funny because sliver last year he brought up don't you what you just said malign meals they don't pay attention. And just this year talking about how pay you need a new voice coach your cells no offense Phoenix Suns. Talking about terrain mine at one point this is her first year together this relationship they had where he came over during a timeout and issues around side. Incur ripped and you call yourself an MBA player you can't tired and shoes what are you an idiot. And then drain monitors like he hit a shot he's like my shoes are tied now coach but he knows. That's something that you can't teach as we I've are working in TV and as manager of the did not work with people they cinema away twice to like I. Are people farm camp. To like learn peoples that you can't it's a very very. And touchy thing to know which guy needs a kick in the butt which guy needs an arm around them. Now as the thing that Mark Jackson and bogey and bogey and hated them these it is Alomar Jackson said no lots Elena I didn't have a nightmare last night and and sleep on my shoulder wrong all. And so Kerr has that Genesee quarrel and I can't say in English I don't know what it is but he has it. And that's why that first parade. Or drama set worth my rock. The rookie head coach Kurt comes out there and we know how drunk he was over talking runs through at least load on the float because I guess current headlock confront everybody. You and a title you need your coach in a headlock. Well you have the ability to to play with. One of the greatest if not the greatest player on one of the greatest teams of all time. You have Phil Jackson video Downey plays won the grade organizations of all time and Gregg Popovich. You get the chance to be GM. He he really has had I mean the only thing he hasn't done it's what Bob Myers has been a player agent and he is done everything. He's seen and college scene at the pro level he's now coaching me he seen it all. And that is always the biggest thing how do you adapt. To what today's athletes still linked. That is I think is a legitimate question. For Jon Gruden going into the season. How was he cool idea how does somebody who's been away from it or somebody who's giving effort you know because these guys I think we've covered this for a long time we he's seen the change employers. There's a difference. From the player today that I walked into the clubhouse and when I first walked into the clubhouse years ago things are just different he understands how to work these guys and. One thing is is communication. And treating people like men. Or if your duty coaching a team all played like you'd like young ladies you know you you can't treat them as children you Campion mark and that. Analysts say quick Canada out of a total for about Gregg Popovich who this was years ago. And hours of The W. Hotel here in downtown was walking through the bar. And republics is Aaron Gray T shirt this and among self sound and a beer. And some sailor I go a coach I would never use the warriors a sit down and I said I am you know I always wish you got the warriors job and it does know me from Cain. He's like sit down here for a second. I go audience I got no one to talk to anyone we just thought well basketball. Is that a beer despite a total regular down to earth guy and that's how Kirk time approaches me well hey Kurt you just named all the accolades. The rings as a player and a coach whether it then the highest percentage ever for free throws and threes. He could be a total you know alive. But he's not he's a sell. Out sometimes I think he's even too honest. And apple put is players and they need a new voice and all that but I don't think there's ever thing where you can ever be to honest. By the way the hole has Richard Sherman help the warriors. If there is no Richard Sherman. We need saga about the Golden State Warriors and his two losses. No it's not a matter right now now about the injuries. Will be back into it tomorrow night tomorrow night I don't know but not to winced. Tomorrow will be a beyond the arc and then I'll be on from 82113. Out. When you have this goal on. It's so Richard Sherman we can't avoid it next segment and Nolan is ringing in advance. But that's always when we talk about the number one seed talk about flip on the switch but obviously right now at the Golden State Warriors wrong. Okay. The fact that Chris Townsend she'll. On 957. Big gain. Yeah and adjoining SE covers your Golden State Warriors floor at the San Jose Mercury news mark Medina that is here on the Tristan the show retail witness tonight. We do marked. On another go to them wolf one dollar in Minnesota yes should learn about basketball magical life. Got back to the very today and want to go to lectures called purge Steve Kirk talk drove up from social issues yourself. Number never tall mobile the warriors. No doubt about it some 500 people words there. I just tell us what it was like how emotional what you felt being in the area Newark memorial high school. Yeah. Periodic kind of reminded me of an exception of Steve Kirsch press conference because he's been. Pretty outspoken about gun violence in the flash you're fortunate because there's been so many. In a mass shootings in the past year because of his. As true with his father being gunned down. Back in the eighties it's something that he once always speak out about themselves. It it was a very interest in conversations with Q and eight session wore suits and it was American of yes some some easy question. You've heard Steve Kirk talk about a source weren't you stand and what the solutions could be and and reducing muse. No mass shootings but they're also pointed questions. With some skepticism you know bring it up. Just the fact repair our. Has been gun control measures and Chicago but that's still there and you know pretty violent city in terms of the about a crime round. Just different things that have decided that maybe legislation isn't the only solution embassy Kirsch credit. He made it clear that that's what a partisan issue and he's really open to all work. You know debating certain saying. All of the spirit try to solve the problem but he was really. Trying to speak to the students and a curse them that that number walk on thing in terms of urgency as they have to get out. And be involved active way to get out of Topeka that is the only thing in his view barrel. Produce tangent if there's more voter participation and take it. Yes fiercely for both the local local state and federal level but there was. Totally cool thing that pierced you kind of talk more depth about an issue and street fashionable. And Margaret chill here in and you were just talking about you know how you're always on a plane and one thing that struck me. Well with Kerr and of course the message was important but. I always think when when do these guys have her in a moment even breathe and I look at staff in the off season in. You know he's set up parry stash your man game and then he goes to China and then he goes to China with the team and enclaves going to China. Do these guys ever efforts take a day off I mean they ever get that sleep more than four hours a day. Yeah they basically blow for our day and without an off day particularly emphasized today fiercely because that goes a long way torturous. Rush recovery and I have to eat it helps with injuries. But your point you mention are a rural interstate and as far as how they spend an additional marks. On one hand you would think today they have four months of time but I don't relaxed but as frustrated missed an agent MBA at. This scheduled unconventional where because these guys are such global brands that they have a lot star power. They've had a had a good probable orbiter ams where. It's about like they go to the gym and practice in the morning and demand just because they're dawn. With practice that says that everything gross if well armed just hanging out or whether they have a lot of median order calms you media obligations. Meeting with business are urged to keep community appearances and I think. That's the thing that's been. Helping have been at the challenge this year that are either try to take full advantage of all the the marketing and branding opportunity is a tub war. Bought tomatoes kind of also critical plug the hole because it. You know in the finals for three consecutive years. All that kind of have a cumulative. Cumulative effect because they pat haven't really had much of a chance. Two completely shut at all but I know from experience like it's one thing. Again a few days here very you can. You know recharge the battery but it's a much different thing if given an extended period of time in a few weeks or petition. So really just on water and they certainly have had that putt because they're so busy it's. A lot of attempts to get in erupted during the options. Mark ready for the San Jose Mercury news joins us on the Chris downs and show united front seven gaming Eric tittle and with me tonight. And I sought on Twitter reach waited the article it's something that we have talked about it's about Klay Thompson. And Klay Thompson. You know people who don't watch every single game don't pay attention to it as much maybe just think he's a great shooter he's in the three point contest. And he's won a couple championships and easier great player but they may not know how good he is defensively. UN dress that I'm sure it's going to be in the paper tomorrow. Yeah I could elegantly prepared for tomorrow at ten capital when Mac. I think frustrated the warriors the past two years that they see Klay Thompson maybe not until we have surpassed a federally they have. Got to drill on 300 dollars pretty good but given the fact that play has such a predominant school or rural and his job is to. Try to find some way to slow down he is really. Half talented point guard that can score a lot of points. Think they can use the most consistent. And fulfilling that roll back yet the most difficult hole Cymer. I think it befuddled people around the organization. That befuddled people frankly around the camp yeah it would have talked to coaches. And different can doubt that I get a big names. At all to an MBA all the country to him I think that period. Bid to have been thrown out is in get an unassuming personality you know generally seek the limelight even. The fact is another factor he's known literally get scorer. You know basically coming out the second heard rolled up to par because the orders of somebody dropped firepower chuck Currie. And Kevin Durant so. I had to play Thompson when I talked with him kind of downplay the component any studied at some point Coca award is not too concerned about it. Boy I talk to his dad Michael Thompson former short time later he made it pretty clear that. This is definitely something on his populist because you is where it up at a very young age that establishing. A really good defensive game and can go a long way and in terms haven't been successful career I think it's. That award as he tried an indicator of validation should speak about the success. Mark when you look at the fact now with the wars a double game spine at Houston for the number one seed I think sometimes we get a little bit. Too obsessed about the warriors proved last year it didn't matter where they were planned on sixteen and one in the playoffs and yes you'd rather have had to get off on the right foot or talking about one that single solitary. Extra game that game seven if that even. Goes to that saw not saying conceded at this point but I do think it's funny how people act like if they don't get the number one seed they're done or something. Yeah it's all relative order laden have a number one it I think. It's as nice to actually source of motivation but I think what each team at half weeks fully illustrate that. It didn't and number one party of number one priority are committed sort of these guys are healthy so there is a concern. Had a valid concern okay. Al suspect and held up her ankle holding up. All obviously he's the main Guile the team but I think as you see these past three game that it provoked. A real eye opener that really showed how valuable David West and country look bow our reserves and I know that Steve Kirk doesn't matter surely get hung up on the package production because he knows toward your shirt pocket have you bought. They've finally been out of sorts about the issue got brought up obviously don't help that there are also without court bell and Patrick call. But they've been kind of Balfour are good they're having Jordan bells and victory is new but you know for a while with the previous record dream may help fine. Paula because obviously doubles all the former library. And David what were able to hold the second unit to gather yourself. About it obviously the priorities are not points or what if any of those guys back. You know even if that are fallen behind you so I understand they know that if they are mortal in the NBA title and I think emotional favor. They're all there obviously hinges on how halt these staff talks. Camby when he comes back then if you can avoid. Another record shoving it got to the point orange external wonder should. They're being concerned this could happen again that's principal work times already this season that he's had an issue with this tackler. Yes sort I was gonna ask you about where the rockets with a win tonight over the spurs won all nine to 93. As they continue to cruise. You know we remember back when every single game we were worried about how fragile staff Currie was then for years just kind of an Iron Man. Are we back to those fragile days. I don't my board back there is fragile days yeah are the warriors have termed his ankle a two week camp which is. Consider a whole lot less smiled that they don't sprain an ankle. On the other thing you have to keep in mind as when he tweeted original it involves a few weeks ago and Atlanta when he stepped on. About club actually just put. The warriors trained staff determined. Uttered differently about that. He didn't aggravated the previous century that he had when he explained. It and of course New Orleans in the several drew an injury that kept him out. For eleven games so. Right now we don't know to what extent stepped might be out even longer he can be of value reevaluated. Tomorrow ball with a possible lead out. Maybe he comes back on Wednesday against the lakers maybe he took out more but I'll when there's an expectation that he's going to be at all. The same amount of time and he was already aware of what he missed eleven games block I think Hillary is the wonderment and have. How is circuit to be another game without a lot of work gather another week or even if it's not a serious. It's serious enough that they think got to shut him down Mac game and have a missed a few more days is them. It's one thing to have that happened earlier decision and want frankly he's a regular season games don't matter that much the warriors bought. What if happening at the post season to perjury that's entirely different story. Finally mark when you look and we know guys have been banged up we're just documenting now but it almost seemed like the last two yen to lawyers were like OK Katie got to score forty in Cady is like OK any scores are pretty high and it's not enough and you look at the queen cook in. You know on the late night game he's he's taken that to the whole thing gets I think any of us got to block that shoddy as lean and backwards so he's not really any in Clark he's more like an issue Smith. Is this just kind of one of those things like everybody's heard don't make a big deal out of it do you think. Man a couple of guys are out and the warriors are they're just not the warriors right now. I guess America to both. The edited idol worship three healthy all starter show as much as it hurt so except her and Audrey will dollar David wasn't org well Patrick or in the lineup. A lot of teams that have real startle him so they should be able to withstand that that being said it's two games. As against two really good opponents the Portland trailblazers. Minnesota Timberwolves are usually are likely going to be in the playoffs. And I know that. In a Minnesota relatively speaking have taken a little bit of a doubt aside because Jimmy Paul or. I've gotten hurt but it felt like these two losses were again. Watery contented himself. I ordered come out will be applied went. They're gonna escalators writing it does illustrate that. Kevin Durant might be playing really well Eddie has brought a camp beyond. He's gonna get points every single game poise that's for Kevin Durant does Jesus score. But I can't get to the point or she is taking so many shots you took 32 shots. In Minnesota the other argument I made only a lot of problems and usually. Kevin Durant actually pretty efficient even when years get an up and he was gonna get up a lot more without staff what. Perhaps could be balanced or perhaps should be guy in other shots and I frankly don't think as much as he was gave up I don't think it was to ramp. Coming up percent. I think it was a combination quite wasn't in the shot and frankly. You know outsider blame on Norwood really producing and elsewhere offensively have resolved I had a little bit of that. Second quarter on that came out of nowhere was sixteen points bought. Other to map. The wars basically have to have a better supporting cast and they're capable of doing now remember when so screwed up for eleven games. They want I had 20 and they did that because they've played. A much more balanced offense even if Kevin was having a larger role there was balance on the team animated they ratchet up defensively. And I don't think you've seen that kind of intensity the past two games. Good stuff is always will be read your morrow and the San Jose Mercury news we'll see on Wednesday night. Are pretty mark Medina from the San Jose Bergen is the anti about Kevin Durant and staff went out. He has combined for a 116. Points on 37. Of 79. Shooting at. You pick and a supporter of the lord maybe get a put it out. That was one of the first things we talked about him when he came minutes like one of one of the splash Brothers is hurt now they have KD. By that I have Cady and that's the thing though it still wasn't enough. In the last two games and you mentioned the lake show that thing about this Chris because. When you look at the the cavs playing the lakers. Solid bronze in town game and sitting on the sidelines there. Todd Gurley. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bonn no. You've got the CEO from imaginary came in you got Jack Nicholson you got LeBron James financial advisor guy name Paul whacked her. It did is that I just sort of think it's a fait accompli that he's going to be a Laker next year I don't I think he's done in Cleveland I don't know what else he can do in Cleveland. I don't know about Paul George coming to. I just think it's too much to resist the pull on as much as we in our cal made that shirt is one of the great tank tops and NBA history I think it's gonna be too much for him. To just not go to the poll of LA he's already done Cleveland twice. Well. I thought at the minute it came out. That he bought a twenties three million dollar mansion. Down in Los Angeles. I know he has a lot of money then they can afford a home anywhere. But heat about the type of places that that that's where you he's OK he's just it's still they got years for their college right. Is a few kids and he has lied or maybe modern high school that he's got some younger kids I mean this is where. Model likes living in Los Angeles San another house they bought this other house when he thought that when he and I got to see that that's a place you raise your family. You know bias for a weekend get away now not 23 mil while I give you 23 mil any city where do you buy a house. 23 or there's always some cities you can't. How does say and that's the word you are not and not here not here not here. Rick there's only few places a year you're gonna have a speech 439 'cause I'm not buying in it's 43 like divisive among hood Texas. I'm not buying are actually I don't think yum and get a lot of Robert I don't how than all hat no cattle big hat no cattle Reagan's big hat no cattle. I guess you know what you would be really cool and once announce the live their full time right right now attack. Remember a win Jeter was doing his last year and was an HBO or somebody followed him around. And he had that place at the 2000 trump tower some might baton it was amazing. To have to be at top of one of those skyscrapers in New York. And I've seen one is no friend of mine is is parents had won here and it was like a six vendor B you those places in New York a whole floor where you have the whole floor like like the elevator says. Twelfth floor Townsend liking at the twelfth floor you're coming in my flow wireless set and Arnold plays some third of Folsom 124000. Area so it would be like to win every. Would that be great to get the exit like to go on fall the spraying of and that's your spots and if I had to 43 million after buy it somewhere. I'm Alan and ally. And once again and all of their full times and meg it's called him out there being accorded the to have a full public will as he is you column flats but there really home sales floor sir. It's funny is I was in Manhattan in December I walked past trump tower and the security around that building now it's like Fort Knox. You're not getting anywhere close that building with a car bombers. Just let you know so you'll be safe and trump I appreciate that thank you very much remains. I'd be in the Euro file I am I'd buy the chateau in France. I just that would be at an old shots so our castle. And then idea fifty cal machine gun mounts not know if I do that but have some idea does that sound a hold of fruit from foreign. The castle you know what worried me about a castle I was a young people have castles ghosts you freeze your ass. I didn't sales go live on Blarney can I Italian castle just see my aorta Shari I chateau. A little Paulus. Now call it down to that a college downtown abbey so you wanna be outside a Paris sent. I'm a little bit again maybe in not not in western wind well would the wine country. Well if you wanna go to Loire Valley or two. What is or go down that way I'm I'm more my brother being may be and in that. In all sass a love that because it used to be Germany. So all the towns have the fox that I care that I have timber houses they'll German names like read their Strasburg read it and that Kaiser bird. But it's France because after the war of 1812 which we call the Franco prussian war. You know what we're putting people asleep now I can't you know let us ankles his cousin Terry was. A coma like school on a until moved to to France are working on new. We go to champagne. And our ruler and champagne. I remember years and years and I talked about it on ally remember years and years ago you text me and I can give me calling mechanically opened Leo. Rick I need help on the video games what do I get these kids can't otherwise I don't know month. That's and I Brody is all out for us now. So Rick. Is a show. On a network that I used to work on we'll work there at the same time you were there for years move and on this network you do a video game show yes. And video games in a way over the years had passed me by Aggie you know I was used to have like all the E. A. SPORTS games and everything from but this systems that I ever so archaic. And then also now have kids and now its Xbox. Well there's one guy I know who knows all about video games the great rig totals some direct. I got twins they're five years old and expires at what do you get a yeah yeah I've I guy I got the recommendations. There ego and it doesn't always have to be sports now. We have his singing games the dancing games we've had a a bunch of his but I but I am with you on LeBron. Yeah he's going c'mon I think it's Al I think there's. I could be a weak link between him and magic right now I just an all points. To. I know we all want to think he's chasing Jordan in the championships was to me is always. You're never gonna catch Russell anyway yeah at this point. I can see him in because. He is that he's a star. He wants you LeBron at some point is gonna start thinking about himself after basketball. And you think about yourself after basketball a lot times you think about New York but New York has been such successful when it comes in the NBA for all these years. You know you don't you go only Indians star in LA and do some stuff and LA ME that. And live their needs point three million dollar mansion really kind of sets you up once you leave basketball. You think it was 22 million an instant she wears 23 he said let's make it 23 for good luck to cemetery next. Mr. I don't have a these courage but it's still a million dollars I didn't want to go back to Cleveland second armor arguing with guru at the time here because he thought it was a great idea and I said that the people Dan Gilbert all the horrible things he said and the fans who burned your Jersey even though you didn't cry your way out of town. It is like Katie you fulfilled every minute of his contractual obligations. I didn't think the people clearly deserved to get LeBron back after the way they treated honestly. So all he's done Cleve there's no reason for you for him to stay. And I know they made a nice trade. Even though they help the lakers the council help and don't care about the latest that is wanna win the east. They got some good young players they got faster they're they're set up for at least some. Life after LeBron but we know. That the cavaliers. Without LeBron. What do they have they have cragey low. Getting shot over by Jordan they have majority the big man Doherty and North Carolina now does NASCAR. You know funny is that I'd take a summer school class at cal in the eighties doctor Harry Edwards sociologist sports and Kevin Johnson San Jose state thank you you know he played there. Did the John Carlos Tommy Smith and also some parties. But that Kevin Johnson was in my classes Summers will class and that he didn't he showed up. Well he did until he got drafted by the key clean cavaliers but I had been I'd just been in Cleveland and 86 and I said. I went by the Richfield coliseum that's on the middle forest and he went it is. He had no idea and of course Cleveland ruin that too they got rid of Kevin Johnson before jacket. The cavs they just without LeBron what are they kept the cavs are nothing organization. I've been to clean. And wants. Once. I hit it was in the middle of the night. My brother and I in my parents it was like our last ran the Baseball Hall of Fame you know. It was our last kind of family vacation we ever had. Because we're not long after that my brother get married. And we stop off in Cleveland in the middle of the night we got off applying. And orders squawk around the airport and we're like. Oh my god it's like we just went in a time machine and we're back in the eighties. Everybody look like they are. They dress like they were still the ease. The hair was still like the eighties everybody's white to any analyze where how are we it's like we stepped back into Depeche motors' Saab then. I went on the only person in the history of earth who went to Cleveland for spring break. Innate talent I'd be true yeah I saw Chuck Berry concert in the formal power does that make me sound a hundred years it'll. You should treat leaflets urged Burke ever because I have free ticket. Who cares. And for spring break into the pro football hall of Famer who carries the there are calls for streamer it was either that or else a branding. On many Mike Gillis how my other choice was pulled goal and a and I act or hang out by the CNH factoring Crockett someone to get a Fort Lauderdale you want to go to Cleveland by the way I've been given. One of the largest stacks of paper. And they history. In. To be read while or on the air gas so I've got I've got two things one is going to be a power rankings. And why is it's interesting because it includes staff. The other line is actually from pro basketball tot they have projected. How all the teams in the last. Are going to end. It's decreased towns in Seattle. On 957. We're gonna head to spring training coming up here as an. Nine Swanee we'll check scam of the San Francisco Giants. And Kerri Crowley will make his debut will. On the Chris Townsend show hundred totaled 900 the president of the eyes. I that was a different crowd that's a much different Crowley. May is that Crowley can we get causing. We get that in the other room nick you've got twenty minutes or if Canada US. Barry go all that's. Aren't you got did she'd sock to the dead and you get our roads are right so ESPN. Came out with a rare. NBA. Power rankings move which is good talk show fodder always. These are rockets obvious or number one what's curious about the Golden State Warriors and by the way the rockets are party won tonight against the San Antonio Spurs at home. 109 a 93. The Golden State Warriors at number two in the power rankings. Our eleven and six. And averaging thirteen point two fewer points per game without staff curry in the lineup this season. He's an important player Kurdish. Wow that's. I you know what that's that that that's easy. That's three till everybody that's all right that nobody can break it down I mean it's. And hash tag fat. You have to score more points than the other team if you wanna win as well everybody knows that by the way on the text line but the Gil Crowley love our. I just you know love the Penske auto cells dot Comtex 195795. Guesses you we're the best since we brought an. Powell is on these days and snuffed out sharking and Ozzie is. I'm sure. And he's 69 going on 93. Is go Lewis also because the population that I can a call on the stunt you know it's also work. But the one that really gets me is these projections. Now because it's really interesting because. You basically have three and a half games of course teams played tonight this came out before action. But you basically have three and a half games separating Portland the number three seed. And news go all the way down I mean all these teams are right next to each other and what about that the separation now Portland. It is actually the three seed. That you're right it's Houston its Golden State and it's everybody else. And it is no joke about we may not know who takes on Houston who takes on Golden State told a very lab. Asked dances these we will not because if you talk about sixteen games back the clips Denver Utah on San Antonio Austin San Antonio now seventeen they lost tonight. But if that if the plows were tonight it would be the Los Angeles clippers' number Lou Williams fifteen a fifty point is that they're yeah. It'll be that LA clippers never that was supposed to be like the niners and the Seahawks those arrival rate alas a decade of what the last three years. Because the warriors stayed good in the clippers have shed their talent. So where we are right now as we look at this who's playing right now the trail blazers are playing right now and everybody else is done here are your one through eight. Right now. Houston. Golden State. Portland. Oklahoma city New Orleans. Minnesota. And the LA clippers. And van right now at eight all tied at 37 and thirty. Utah. Denver. And sandman. And they got better without him. And of course the unit brought out of February and what was was unbelievable ordeal for like 36 points a night on average. It's like it's the wrong time to show that maybe you weren't as reliable as they thought now they still Mikey of them I know the you know bro wants him to stick around. But who would have thought we all the I think they lost like three of their first four after. We cousins got hurt you go there Don as you just mentioned New Orleans is fifth right now they're better without cousins which makes. It's this weird so pro basketball talk has the projection for the rockets being 64 and eighteen. And getting the number one seed over what they project for the Golden State Warriors. At 63. And nineteen. Cents for the rockets it's going to be a coin flip at the end of the season between use and gold's safe for the Toppert in the NBA. I've put Houston on top. Blob of album off the Golden State Warriors warriors have. Have by far easier schedule the rest of the way than the rockets however they also care less about getting the top seed. And more rest guys down the stretch such as Corey was his ankle it would doll with a wrist Kevin Durant will get some nights off. Coach Kirk cares far more about getting Iguodala Jordan bell. Back healthy Danny does the team's playoff seed so they project number one will be Houston number two gold stayed obviously. They got Portland third Minnesota fourth. Oklahoma City jumps up to five. And then it's just edit a host of teams that can be 67 and eight. And here's the thing as I said when when marquis or mark Medina you don't wanna concede the top that the seed in the last but. The warriors have 810 and a half game lead. Over the third place team the warriors can rest everybody and there are still a lock for the tenth season as you said Katie take your Katie just taken a complete. Night off we've already had David Stern warned the bulls about this but now they're actually tanking. Because the warriors last year or they are in San Antonio they're play there. David stay stern is still read it Michelle Bowie Kuhn said he wants to speed up the game. Now so you can never they arrested everybody in San Antonio than what they do they went like seventeen and one after that and it's like look we made the right call. So they could give drain and clay and staff and Katie complete night's soft and they're still going to be a lock for the two C. So that might be the way to go is don't say it out loud to lead. He hack his Houston hey that's the thing about Houston when you when you start to look at their box scores it's not like they're joining at this. Uttered grind into trying to get back Brandon. That has gone compliant. Early fog every everybody's doing their average I mean like Hardin denied hardens and averaging 35. It's like 35 point eight Reuters switches that route 35 points a game. Played 29 and I. I mean batteries and played 31 I mean they are not grinding their guys to try and get this at all. And raised to get to San Antonio now about that 9697. The last time we have seen the San Antonio Spurs. To say where you were in 9697. A long time ago. Well and you just think about when you're lucky you get the number one overall pick in one comments the admiral an of the time it's Tim Duncan. The warriors got it and it was between Joseph Smith and I made diets and Stackhouse and of course are where would Joseph Smith I mean sometimes you get them one overall pick and there's just no Andrew Luck that draft. They pulled plucked out with two of the best big men of their generations and then. They had. Who was it said Tarkanian was the coach and before that. It was a John Lucas they've when they finally got problem it's and that's a returner and merited enlightenment first. I don't like is it a light metal item like his military Stasi got from the air force and that is the yeah he'll scream but he needed a guy like Duncan Ginobili and Parker. That they were okay with a guy screaming in your face you hand out like kind of mentality they have them buying in and they held it. You know we look to the. Schedule and saying you know playing a schedule game. It's not about how the scandals going to be tough but they've kind of really is mowed through they lost that game in Toronto but. May have just pass all the tasks and now they've got a little ratcheted up the clippers on Thursday night. The mammoth three game road trip New Orleans Minnesota Portland so when you look at the rest the way. It does favor the Golden State Warriors for the number one seed is just wall to ten today keeps showing up night after night after night getting it done. Well Houston than Houston have been Houston's best team on the road and Houston's the best team and home. I mean what do you do this is the fact in this not smoke and mirrors I think we were all kind of waiting. Like the Kevin McHale day isn't hard and allay NA against some to go wrong nothing's going wrong right now knock on wood for them at her body's healthy. You just look at the splits. At home they're 46 and six Golden State at home Tony six and seven. On the road their Tony 78 orders or Tony five and nine they are really really close it's just a couple games and of course they've won two out of three. That's why whoever won the west that's the real championship right there. That's what I thought when the ravens. Can the coliseum that they operators whoever won that would beat the Jason CO horn Kerry Collins giants in the super ball sometimes that championship game is the real title maker. Loved it. Paula the number one time we ever saw that paralyze Zach cowboys niners and the ninety's you new rules are. The AFC could win the Super Bowl there blown out every single year consumer spending Tony Eason and David Woodley. Each EE ETV and you go on up against Stan Humphries Santa that's a eastern time about buffalo does San Diego they had no shall mean you know who want this it's eight letter Steve Leon we're lenses they're go to the Super Bowl and Alina. Yeah and they're gonna win big. And that's Kana. Can you sir see your enact carrier will only problem going to be off for awhile. I mean awards came back how fasten those awards come back on the Cleveland Cavaliers after that trade. As fast as David West assists. Let's sit by the way dream on leaves and an assist Wesley is them and six assists. Do you think when you look at these and go up you don't even know that Toronto has a three and a half game lead on everyone else because we just were looking at the Celtics and we're looking at. When with a cap turn and on and John Wall and then jump ball gets hurt. The do people realize that Indiana. Is the third seed in Toronto was one do you believe that the Toronto Raptors will play in the NBA finals begin arming anybody does. Save money morale. And their 285. At home. I said you who has the best record home record in the NBA. Five losses and a lot of people wouldn't think Toronto meant well I just at it would you say the Toronto's gonna win the east. That's the whole scene like Lowry and DeRozan but no I don't. Is not the playoffs and then does things like it's it's it's like OK yep put your money on it right I'm not he's I mean. I would have. And I would be shocked if I lose that that was Cleveland again. Cleveland is I think LeBron. Flourishes when there's chaos and sometimes I think he creates the chaos himself. He likes to lead he wants people who like to be led around him. And that's why Tyree was like I know I got a ring here but I wanna be the alpha dog on a wanna be the beta cat that's why I think it is a fed of fed. With the lakers next year because I think they will buying and they will allow LeBron to lead them and that's what LeBron likes it. There there there's some truce through some players were hurt. That's what keeps them golly that's the chip like BT talk about the guidance dumbed down Richard Sherman you know I mean that there's certain guys. That they love. The chaos the uttered just chaos. To Wear the complete opposite of like what you were just talking about the San Antonio Spurs. Like all the sudden for the first time. Kai carrier ring once a lie a lie Leonard. All of a sudden you have chaos there and it's like. We shot and San Antonio before. On America isn't this like the perfect little run utopia down the middle of Texas where nothing ever goes on and they do whatever they want their perfect and also they have little blip on the screen. To our other guys and think about Los Angeles to. Whenever they've really really big and good like it to showtime lakers actually had social media. Now the stuff magic was Dolan there was a lot of stuff going on what that team. It's hard not to be in that town. With everything with all the different things you can do. If you have a lot of money your celebrity. EU can have a lot of fun down Southern California. And I think it will be a fit for him and you talk about magic he's already been busted twice for opening his big mouth and tampering when he didn't even want a camper. But you look at Brandon Ingram Julius Randall. Caldwell Pope. These guys will be ready I think to take the next step now IV knows lifelong warrior fan that I do have a lot of shot and Freud when it comes to lakers suffering every time the lakers lose I get a nice warm feeling. Because.