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Monday, March 12th

Towny and Tittle talk more Richard Sherman and discuss Legends of sport and sports leaders.


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No put played Samar was our conference. Never got to do that but college and then number our was fantastic and it's got a tax lineup Halloween it Chico as epic 98 pastor at good times pass tag good times journalist a united front seven a game up for a KG MZFM. A and HD one San Francisco obviously the big news. Coming out of San Francisco when you are a secondary. And day hearing 22. In opponents' passing yards you know I got president is now hi I thought there are more like 28 but still left bottom third one any second hand opponents' passing yards and ranked 24 and interceptions with just ten. Just ten. Richard Sherman is gonna be if and it's there that the big ifs for me. Is really not whether. He's going to be OK health wise the big if is win you have your surgery. And when you when he hurt when he every hour surgery when you can come back. Because usually they say it takes the other certain injuries much Lou and arrest these guys back as fast as we possibly can get him back. There is settled on a rule of thumb it's gonna take a year it's gonna take eight years so for you to beat you again and he did this in November. So think and number was like yesterday the gas think like August and you know start early strap on and on August when he start planning games. Next you know September hits. And now this is a contracts and that that might be the good thing too that the way this contract to set up you might not feel obligated. If things aren't going. Swimming Ali. He may need a little extra time and not now that you don't have all that guaranteed money as an hour organization makes you feel better you meet. You may need did not ration into action. And as much as the drop blow thing is fantastic. Think about the division he got Russell Wilson. Is very efficient quarterback he got Jerryd off who in his second year under Sean McVeigh. Looked like a guy who was worth being the number one overall pick. And then today he thing I Arizona are gonna draft you know may fielder whoever. I 987 FM in Arizona reported today that they say the cardinals have offered Kirk cousins. Five years a 145. Mil 29 million per year which will be the highest ever though also prost. Amy G. And nine indeed million guaranteed. So then. That's another quarterback and Larry Fitz he'll come back for another year if its cousins so. Do you need dvds yes now do you need a pass trust they've taken a pact called offensive lineman in the first from the last three years. This year it'll probably. I even if you have not you have Sherman you're still gonna probably take a corner or back or what of Denzel ward is that there. Would you do it again as the award are rope wants Smith are to remain and as you take a backer DB. If you're the niners. I didn't TV. So you take on the war because to mean. Right now we're where we it's rush and cover. That is the Keaton yet Iraq she got to cover right and we do know if you'd I don't care how good you are in the secondary. The way these offenses are with so many wide receivers spreading you out if you don't get to the quarterback here in trouble. 32 alive that's when you start coming up Tony fourth interceptions. 22 opponents' passing rating. I mean that passing yards this is say that's that becomes the story if you don't get to the quarterback. I don't care how good your second you can only hold on for so long thing and now. The precision. The timing so fast everybody me what are we preach with the quarterbacks now get it out as fast as you can. You have to be able to get that pass rush on somebody or it's going to be. You better scoring a lot of point. And I know it's funny when we won't. Thought about Jimmy gee it's like will now he needs weapons and the niners took some of them minor they had 400 intending Sauer can be and how did you EG. Locked up a couple of the guys but I have a markings Goodwin and all that he went through last year as a nice little piece of business that I think he earned that money. You know what he showed again. He's gonna stretch that sealed and he is gonna stretch the field and help everybody. And when you have that Natalie they have the money richt got the picks. In 96. Raise nine as a right now yeah nine picks you know let's our cab money you should be able to. Fill the needs and then with the draft feel your depth. To really be able to say you know what we will. We're gonna be a competitive football team. More than just thinking about 886. RBC 15 an erroneous thinking everything's great but things change one all the sudden. Started the season then. Everybody's outgun and Florio you're not the high honor you're the hunted their gimmick and a B. Is that they're kind of a little bit of a darling team right now would you say yeah so I don't know Jimmy taking that. The niners lightly but they have enough money and have enough draft picks where they should be able put out a roster and should be combative. Is it is good is LA right now noble city. Derwin James the strong safety at a Florida State who people say the next Eric Berry if these bash in the next Eric Berry then you want and so let's say. You look at the corners. With the niners right now and you look at the safety you're right Eric Reeves gone. So you look at heart and you look at war and if they're healthy. Derwin James would you address would you take journal Derwin James over Denzel wore the safety over the corner. 'cause you get a great safety. Like Ed Reed I mean I'm here means is that ball hawking safety that doesn't and this kid does have the ability to come up and lay the water out great in the run game but what I'm thinking about it he of that ball hawking guy and the way that I mean look what Charles did you know an old man with a bad shoulder. He is still so good with the old man BM bat there in the way Camden positions so. I mean if you get that special safety. And those guys I mean look at the leaves him vulnerable promised we would arm around her neck but I about the Lisa bloom how good they have then at. You gotta have I mean when you have those kind of guys second stay in the middle and get all those picks and laid it. Lay in the what is now what used to be obviously brilliant about run support get the interceptions. It's a zen. It's a dream spot. Ala and and as fuss is about C wood as well because now last year with the raiders especially the his arm was hanging by a thread like Brandon Inge I mean he was so hurt with that shoulder. And yet and on the nerd who doesn't hit the bong at the game on the nerve with the binoculars. Out watching everybody. And out watching Nnamdi Asomugha pretend to be blocks we wouldn't have to get in and tackle it was a business decision I CDBs. Diving at lake beside DB. At Minnesota dive and miss that guy know I want to tackle Charles what's in that his old age within MVP and a ring. Putting his. Head in the middle of trouble. He was not going to play honor percent artists have mad respect for Charles Woodson. I'm not I have mad respect for Charles Woodson and that's your favorite toys were army I'm gonna give you a little rich. I'm in Peru visitors might fare there and if I don't know what are Indian Wells does with the marijuana now. Memory so that I still smoke every blue moon. The NFL knows. Now yes he would. This matter respect he didn't have to do that he put himself and harshly because he wanted. He didn't want anybody is he didn't want to watch him to watch film and say you know life you've got to it's like wide receiver with alligator arms now on I know on getting hits on my shall catch it. That that is brave Lewis. Ray Lewis came out I saw monolith. Might think Colin Allard. And. Howard talked to somebody else and they were talking about you know the reality is. There's only like three to 5%. Of the guys total on the roster three to 5% who are their because they love it. Because it's like it's who they are men. And I say you know I don't that's pretty sad the date. It was I let a lot of these guys are are like the greatest athletes write freedom of the biggest strongest fastest human beings on the planet. And a lot of these guys are there on talent they wanna make the money they wanna get a lot of guys don't wanna play a long time because of how dramatically it alters the rest of your life. You know we forget. That a lot of these guys have been playing high leverage college football for all these years you go through all those hits and high school Leo through all those hits in college. Now you get to the NFL your body only. Each individual he has some he hits them right so they talked about like brown three maybe 5%. So sick about that you take your entire team meeting about the entire roster of an NFL team. And there's like 3% of the guys were truly here because football. Is who the are it's what they do and that's a Charles Woodson even though Charles you know I had the winery going on in we want to do television the a lot of different things. Yeah he he's in net 3% and that's why he's going to be in Kent Ohio. And the other and we have a mutual friend that we were putter for a long time Mike McLaughlin yeah and no one played. More games and have a staffer he was the starting center out of Leland I when he was a freshman. Plenty of cuts on their Leo and I channels and but he went to high school my life there he told Mike told me wish him on the on the farming out numbered in my told me. That playing for years at Stanford every game. Was bat because it he did his knee in the guys he played with a Heitmann Chandler. Because that kind of get to the pros you said it would have been better for me if I became a starter is a senior because. All aware and care it big time college football every single play talked the raiders dropped to Leon Bender out of Washington State and he passed away like really early. He said Leon Bender onetime picked up on one hand and slam them. You know assist in your in the trenches. Every game for four years think about that where Jerry even learn the stabler risers underneath. Yes. NSA in Al. You don't think about that about because we always look at rookies we talk about the rookie wall. Why does the rookies play in the NFL and and that's one thing when you interview rookies when they first come out and I remember I heard Joseph Staley his first camp and her interviewing Joseph Staley. And his eyes were like so big. And he was sorry about man they're bodies these are grown men playing for money and everybody's everything's faster you always hear about that's one thing about football. That all these guys tell you because they sit there and you can say. Well hey you're stepping up planned pro football now legacy and immensely in the SEC in every game I've played from a 100000 in every game house on national television so. But it's the speed of the game that's the dramatic deal right and Joseph Staley who I remember Joseph Staley just big guys just don't set but. B Jena High School senior. And then play in big time college football as as a freshman. My god did did. When the raiders drafted Tyler Wilson not Arkansas fourth round pick Reggie because a great pick he was the highest draft a player who was cut by the way. I went in and out and Alameda when they broke camp. And I said exactly what you said hey listen I know you played in the SEC. But they always say the program is so much faster and Tyler Wilson would be right and the guy and he said no it's not. I said it's not faster he goes now it's the same speed is just that everybody's a little bit better any act cut. So maybe that that's a that's something to do with the way he was fussing about how many snaps did he ever taken the NFL zero. Now activist Chris tell us in jail plus 957 the gain. Nearly got Hillary in zeeland has an idea that if I've sent an. Paired come already be here and that doesn't work but drive and he gave you a you know he gave it the dole moving up slowly college track given the deal calls try as when you get rid of it right. It's look it's men it's ten some thing I can tell a look at interface it's. I go to my good friend Rick Perry can interact. I couldn't care less radio doctor Rosen Alex so I don't this. You know we could play this game I'll quickly. Let's go to Eric in Los yet Eric welcome to the Chris sounds jail. Oh quickly come out it certainly still your email Chris owned radio. Dot com now. I've kicked iPad you're never my comparable to walk OK can I cut a road that these close games you side. Yes that's that's email no longer works you can email me at C you're ready seats towns and at 957 game back up. I can't just did not put that in my particular anyway cheapest they allowed. Great pick up the ball programmers out there after graduating from Chico came down and went back. The Bay Area and was always amnesty effort. Fan and I don't think they get much notoriety here in the area. But we had one guy that we're keeping an ion was a wide receiver freshman and was Richard Sherman. This terminator we used to refer to that because she was not a very good receiver. So we decided to move them into a deep deep. He led the team in receiving as a freshman. As a freshman and sophomore he did not do that mark Montgomery came less than he does need to. Yeah so they could matter DP in his junior year she was horrible I mean we had a nickname for publish terminator. Because he was told all this guy you're playing and all this receiver all you know whatever he debt. We've run bubble screen plays and you'd be running all the leading to begins a lot of play was behind it were like Richard her well. Well this is what he was a fifth round pick deed you read the scouting reports he said he had no burst no fluidity and no coverage skills whistles from professional scouts and none of them that woody have to pick a color cover of Madden as Moya and these are rich. He you know he did what people say you kind of quiet calm you've never quiet calm on the sidelines she's. Put on a show and everything he did get better though his senior year which you know might attribute Qiyue. Give me getting a little bit better in in getting little help here where you don't keep up with people because. We're season ticket holders and we don't go. Bush term credit error. When you get burned on plays and when his senior year get a couple interceptions returned for touchdowns. People used to turn around and got up front runner you have called the terminator again. We've gotten well whatever you have no big deal. Lot of guys show. Thank you Wear green every share they you know what he brings about a great point Chris because. That stadium. In Iowa I worked a stadium during the 94 World Cup this is the bowl of failing to track it was nothing. Today there was a monstrous stage the danced I show these over and over a hundred. And the super wal there if you went to yeah I'm Mary do you like a big gain their view over a 100000 people there. After the big game they actually if you look act there or some are wrecking balls. As soon as the fans got out they immediately started turn nothing down. The what they've built now is as beautiful you can be on the concourse the grass air blew up it's beautiful. Jim Harbaugh brings BCS quality teams there and they still can't sell the building. And you thing is I always believe. That if you're a Bay Area resident Barea get more excited for count because we kind of feel like doll is our own. Stanford of these guys from Long Island. And Florida. At trial over the war and IO the other all these valedictorian is and we can't relate to him. And it's just there's something about the bid and and and people get mad when I say this but it's just the that's talking in general terms that thing about the entitlement the pomposity. Nobody where Stanford gear that didn't go there because you look like an idiot if you walk Ernestine forgive people like pouring cal gear because they think Leon Powe. And Marshawn Lynch. And dead you know Jabari burden. And I just think the Bay Area embraces cal when it's good and they don't embrace Stanford when they're gonna catch. I help out on this globe that the here's the problem. There hole on nine leaves. And let everyone run their mortal there weren't the only schools. Where. Truly it's an international school people com I've multiple friends graduated from marinade. People come from everywhere Islip new party of their all the time and they beat Dutch Jews and shocked I've been to reduce class double legs you can me. And there on the peanuts on under our share so. But everybody's not from there so it might best friend went there and when I got to see her. All of her roommates Nolan from the Bay Area. So all these people when they graduate they all leave that's their biggest problem. To where cow the majority of people go to towel I would say a huge percentage. Are going to be from the Bay Area or from northern California. Plus Powell out so is. It's spelled out is not a huge slice and I just think the public school thing. People relate more to the public school kid in the private school Osama public school kids not like yourself I lie 'cause I don't pump I was tool. K through it and really my my my best friend whether to use from Richmond any went to Stanford used president of the SATs. And it's funny because I go to those frat parties. And I never seen such crazy alcoholics and I thought why is everybody so crazy down here any set thing about this all these guys are inheriting their dads hedge funds. They have to get four point knows. Or they will be the absolute disgrace of their family and my other under pressure that I don't even know about to be a success the takeover daddy's. Hedge fund you know go to Stanford not to not be a big success. I think it's beyond its that is the do they sort of a. I am I I'd ever remember running into him I just remember them going into the San Jose state. That's me now as me so yeah I think it about Richard Sherman now. It's hard to believe. That one guy could change things so fast but it's the position. It really doesn't shock you when you hear it Richard Sherman got on a conference call earlier today talking about Jimmy drop below. Are you on the weak but it urged what you are an incredible and reported you get our. The next leader and all they are aware of what do you are up toward a so leadership. Out of respect between April our merits of the Altria and and you don't prepare you read. There's no doubt. It just wasn't happening here I think the thing that that that first got me when I heard that everybody. That one hot teams as we saw the year before the raiders. We're the hot darling Tina people were betting on in Vegas for future bats also became the 49ers. Analysts still there Shanahan was still there the change was Jimmy drop well then and then the fact that there's no doubt the other teams in the league. Day they installed him woody woody the little bit he did in New England. And then they saw this and I see Richard germs get at this he's not stupid ill zero point your career you think Gillick got a little time left you need to go where their. A quarterback and look at those Mac quarterbacks do and Romo and Roethlisberger I'm from our oil. You know it's funny how I found out about the trade it's not like you know where were you and Kennedy dash it's not that big but. It was going with Halloween Ryan and it was the day that the Dodgers. Not eliminate that lost the World Series there are a lot of good things for Sharon Cisco but I was doing the 957 tour. The virtual tour of the warriors is stating. So I was there with a bunch feel from the station herbs bond can smother people. And all of a sudden you know Vontae is from the city all the sudden he just screen tilted his phone but niners got. Well all I went home my gosh I can't believe it and I'd I say congratulations I shook his hand for a second round panic. And I thought one is going on in New England right now. And here's the thing the whole article by software version. Pallet Jack left the meeting demoralized how could you tell you the same phase easily demoralized both guys were right when it came to that meeting between Kraft and Belichick. Spell check wants to win games we want to have that guy and and crash like look. I'm not gonna pay him. American franchise the guy was a backup he's got to go the plan was he would be ready one Tom Brady turned forty. The only bad part about the plan is that Brady was the immediate authorities and they got to start all over again when another guy. Yeah us and this any year really just figured out. Whatever you want to believe. What do you do if you've got to get rid of a guy did you not get rid of Tom Brady and you know I'm Robert Kraft I'm not either or night. I mean this guy is meiji yummy we mentioned a championship when it does for you put on a championship. Quit. Who is Robert Kraft before Tom Brady showed up just the guy who sold cheese. I mean he turned that guy's family Mary had a ton of money he made more money. You're get ripped it would be. They know what happened with Montana and the 49ers. Joseph Montana. Basically has nothing to do for the most part with the 49ers social to the delight Clark think his senses. Old seem a little bit about blood there there you know that last game a channel six he's not shown up excuse about his son's game where he had a couple days to get back here Mina. It's obvious that. Joseph with the EZ go. He's fast he's pissed you chose Steven Lee Daniel does the retirement ceremony in the Jersey and everything but he's not coming around it he goes the more giants games. The need is forty niner games. And I think you've got to know that if you would have traded Tom Brady. It would have been like that yes and what you want for your family. And your kids. Long term is that Tom Brady when it's all said and done Belichick you won't care he'll be Donnie these old grumpy guy. You want Tom Brady always be there to be exact guy so then what do we do with grapple oh okay well. You don't want to come back and hunt yeah so you wanna Matta the AFC. Where it didn't wanna send him as far as you possibly can and their team and align right you ought to send him kitty ploy in Japan is error you wanna send as far west as you can possibly get him. Well LA's got they're both LA's other quarterback Oakland has are quarterbacks Seattle as a quarterback. And just so happens that his buddies kid is the head coach at me if this all really worked out perfectly you put in the NFC's the only has seen every four years. Or the Super Bowl and that relationship that crop hasn't Brady count our minds me of busing Coby. That's the bus worship Kobe and Kobe said. You know I don't think I want filmed anymore Philly are gone you know but I don't think I want Shaq Bernie Marcus people give Shaq credit instead of just me okay Shaq you're gone. And Kobe played every minute of his good they retired both of those numbers what eight and 44. Or the last game when he he shot fifty shot but it's I mean that that's just what an owner falls in love with the EU and owner falls in love video that was bus and Coby. Yeah you have those certain guys and a certain franchises where you want that guy to be apart of your franchise forever look they've got magic front end the damn team for God's. Chris smallest here run in the team. When you have that franchise guy that you love. You want him around forever so it was a Smart business move. And then now for the 49ers. I mean he falls into your lap. And you have a situation to where people dramatically change the way they feel about you to Wear free agents now look at you and say. We want to be there because we believe he's major belief. I and it's it's funny because a lot of times you look at the situation and you go well. They'll talk about schools like never my captains that I silent Iraqis because Denver has good schools buried in a very easy just that I sign of the giants because I wonder when he didn't they offered 51 million dollars more than. And the Mets the Mets offered 75 and Rick Peterson is old mentor and everything and then the giants Camilla 126. You think Dion and Ken Norton. And rod Woodson came to candlestick as they really like candlestick oh great stadium they wanted to land now. Give me that ring. Here's John clay and the professor the hall of Famer on earlier today here in 95 cent of the game on what he expects from Sherman. That they would because it made sense particularly knowing that it's the same defense that. The Seahawks have and they're obviously trying to get some young cornerbacks in and ritual would be a nice fit because again he can help teach a lot of the guy. The ad that plays a huge part two where you feel. You can do under Robert Silas defense. There may be little terminology difference but it's pretty much the same difference you can walk right in and feel comfortable. Let me ask you this because as former college athlete yourself. The curry you can come around. Through and then apparently you bring your grandfather retro I don't know I air. I was dog grab my grandfather her. A father as a MVP. When you come in new program as a freshman. And that there's seniors and let's say probably three or four or just can't shut the hell up and they're always barking orders. You quickly find out who's the coach is pat. And who's the guy who is really leading and it's very rare that the guy who talks a lot can can back it up can you remember guys we've central booking Oregon your baseball team. That he came many thought this guy's a leader than you figure out. He's just a horse's ass because with the niners. I'll bet you not every DB. Is happy about this like I gotta do what this jackass Richard Sherman how much a lot of them. Maybe more than one isn't happy about this Yasser. I continued to names of guys that were very good players who were both drafted Georges loud mouth guys and put people down. And it was like they were the pat but when he came to actually leading the team. There was a guy like Jason bug we had nephew who grew up in San Jose area and grew up Bayard baseball you'll know that name. He was the leader that there's there's certain guys that. They are about. The front of the Jersey and not the back of the Jersey the back of the Jersey guys they sound great they'll look good at. But they can't leave the routine they kick everybody to buy and and I remember they have double reality show on the MLB network and Kenny Williams got to stay it was the Chicago White Sox in and I remember the name of that but he got to speak in front of the team. As they were having some problems and he talked about everybody Paul on the same rope and since that day. I'd love that saying. To get everybody to pull on the same row. That's what you that's what the leader you talked about bosses talk about leaders leaders get everybody going in the same direction. Those and that guy doesn't have to be he can be very vocal. He doesn't have to be the most vocal guy but there has to be that respect. Not only would she say no more importantly what you. Do you rank and shuts that thing Sherman can still back it up by the way Kenny Williams on the sideline. For the play at Cal's former stare what and the the father of Kyle Williams who's kneecap against the giants are the former Arizona State punt returner ruined things for today. Alex Smith was gonna be they here over the game against the saints and then all that deal. Yeah. Here's John plains not about the factors that help Sherman's decision. It's worked for a couple different ways. One I think Richard was being on the West Coast he gets to come back to the LA area words he was and college that works out. And then secondly it's a chance to play twice against the Seahawks. Special little bit of vengeance. Alike factor. I don't know does this mean it's just I like the factor of whatever the contract is. He's that type of guy that has such a chip on his shoulder. Then he's gonna make a decision I get to play against the Seahawks not once but twice I get to torment them I love that. And think about a guy who coming out of Compton and remember the story about him is like oh lead in Guinea breaks he got an a merit. He's a great student affairs a degree from Stanford is well. He was the state. Hurdles champion is a fantastic athlete. Our it was a big story a staffer when he came in any of this is our wide receiver and he led the team in receiving. We just heard that that call from the one staffer fan who he was it was. Object of their derision unfortunately. Again he's had to prove himself on this of the things you now you a lot of people I mean you just had a fellow NFL player and Joseph Thomas call you out for being an idiot being your own agent. And day getting what he called a getting crushed in contract negotiations. So there's no little chip form right there chorus. And you can Colin at triple A I'm 57957. He has triple 89579570. Vinny Cerrato used to work for the San Francisco 49ers in the front office also the Washington Redskins he stuck by Jolo when did and talking about players. Not having an agent. If you're an executive you don't wanna negotiate with a player. Because you know you are you talking about compare apples and you know and you're talking about acquire home you know good agents they don't tell everything that goes. I was negotiation for the player we got the part of that saw so to have an agent I I think it beneficial especially you know I leveled got. I agree that this is it that guys store here. They Serrano no that was that's gal that you sort of us in there and elect in 2011 on the college football show the former scout in an Italian name. The load savers on cameras on now every city regarded as a good guy won Super Bowls look the niners anyone wanna with the rams now Vinny Cerrato was with a 90 yeah he's spins. And then he was after the 49ers it was a Washington Brad Bryant I agree with him on that that that one is not the I would wanna negotiate because you're gonna get down to the nitty gritty. And that's where you brought this up a little bit ago. You know probably the relationship. Between Sherman lynch Stanford guys know each other. Respect each other hey bro. We can get this thing done UN me it's kind of huddle up here don't have dinner was Shannon go have dinner with Shani. And meet Jan York in years for rog and as Gloria but Dan it just becomes too Stanford guys sit in a room mutual respect for each other. On hey listen you're coming off the Achilles probable while we'll give you this with a chance earned this. Because if there was. It is a situation to where there was not the relationship but maybe not the Stanford connection IE get that done. Well at any negative points here and I think a lot of jams and who never play on the professional level there's loaded GM's announced this'll get respect and they can do a good job but. There is something about when John Lynch walks and he's got a super boring on he just got hall of fame votes. He doesn't look like he has one ounce of CT enemy looks like he's finally got went to Stafford to play quarterback remember. And it never has a safety kind of Scott frost value as a catcher on the baseball team great athlete. And what if say what if he's not there and what office per rock because askew like is hitting coach when chili Davis says. Who was great from both sides of the plate you're doing it wrong. When Ty van were Leo tells you you're doing it wrong and you go who tell you there's just something about this guy actually did it. One of the greatest signs ever in the 1991. World Series. Between the Braves and then lands was a sign that says Chile gives us the runs let's go through eight and our. Are you or I 957. Well yeah go ahead. They they are all why it that a little spots are too much thought but Richard Sherman. And color you'll structured manner and there are a lot of unknowns. What would this help is gonna come back you know bounce back but there and there are pop window. Malawi you know it that you want to get back at Seattle so could this year in this next he can be and a contract are structured. Could he possibly a try out. For Richard Sherman in a more long term. Goal. With even going to be coaching. Or if you don't like fire you guys and I'd get that going in terms that might want term vision but got a Smart guy he cannot yet birther thing. What would be perfect rent metallic paint like long term like invests and really. Exit side matchup on so they're against Seattle. Well I. From a standpoint of football east toward denying he turns thirty this month the right he's he's a march baby. It's my birthday and there's him audio turned 46. That's solely on and is through the young man no. Any event. Lose things and no idea really hint. Victor Conte and steroids now. Tower of power Arrigo. One of the great slowdown songs of the seventies I feel like I'm tee it up on the back nine rank. Really year Don know does that. Got nine holes last year if I'm not on the front nine or not waxing or waning time I'm released I'm released I've ordered at the snack shack. At the halfway point. If that we you can look and for the cart lady now and I mean I I I'm teeing up on number ten I think that's that's the bottom line. And I've totally Austrian a solid thousands what if you're a hole he says about his future night. Keys 29 about to turn thirty. An act in any of these guys mind that. Do you still think you got time why he's he's got it right and it for me eat. Near him about Peyton Manning can be hidden eight to ten million a year whether it's going to be fox it's going to be CBS or whoever is it. I mean Richard Sherman. The big hang on a couple more years make a couple more million he's gonna slow ride on good TV set for the rest of his career. Of course and by the way Penske also stuck contacts and I'm 5795. Someone says that Joseph stark is related to Ringo Starr I don't know if that's true or not but he asked Rick are you related to why it's at all. And this county related to Pete Townsend. Now it's Greg Townsend here's a way as say that sounds of the guitars and Lulu yes of course I Greg Craig sounds of the raiders is my cousin the slogans saying. But there are three people one doesn't work here anymore but he still around our our friend. Three be able named after I was named after Rick Barry. Brody result named after John Brody. And guru is named after Darryl Monica that's laced their disposal that weird way electoral a lot of and you were named after Chris speier. So away I mean that one up. Yeah but the first premiered the first three are all named after Bayer athletes and now here's the thing you know our friend Rick Barry's Adam married after Chris fire. I had written very. I've interviewed him many times over the years and I've talked to. Now and he's been a sweetheart on the air but. When I was in college I saw Eric Berry and Eric Berry of course have idea of an abrasive reputation of being kind of you know I'm not a very friendly that jocular pretty jovial guy ran. And that is an accent but. Oakland airport one time I'm in college I see him waiting. At the luggage terminal as the luggage is going around the horn he's all by himself and I thought do I go land and I I'm going to end. So I walked over and I said hey you're a innocence saying hey hit said hey Ricky Lee he put tilted his head back and he rolled his eyes like. What did I do to deserve this rabble and I said funny story actually. I was gonna be Roger. And you were rookie with the warriors are my talent toward game he thought Rick was a cool name so we changed direct because of view. And all he did was gnawed at night but I tell you he was thinking. Go ahead OK so. This is Rick Ted you're at the airport is Rick till the airport. Hall of Famer Rick Perry now. You are telling him that you are named not Roger but Rick because of him. And you know he was sink an in his mind I wouldn't. Exactly does only a five hour set up for that but apps apps apps that there is this I told him that story years later. But this is really cities that was a nice thing for your dad you have done. And it's still kind of complimented him a little bit. Sell the out so three of us here while bro he's you know he's still doing than a's and sharks over and NBC that named after big Turkey at apple with its. Adam Caplan stopped by earlier attack about Richard Sherman and what's he brain from a standpoint. As a veteran. From the leadership top midsize. Smart enough to get any better that leadership is gonna help them and they need to position other very young team and this is a team that really needs leadership especially on these. I don't know we talk about size but after what we just went through as Sean Smith media have the size. You can't run Sean Smith impressive. To stand next to went always the bees elect Philippine Canon five foot six and here's a guy and I'm 62. All the dvds are shorter than me now and this guy was taller and me I'm like why I love this guy. And they got a from the cheese they made achieves a weaker at all seem so great looks like Tarzan plays like Jane and he's going to the pokey. That was. But since you know let. This is still young football team when you know the 49ers staff and and leadership when he's starting about what they're gonna need long term leadership wise. And act and really that I can help you out the fact that he can come man like like. I think Navarro Bowman is a great comparison we mentioned it earlier. They or Canada and I don't lie does it doesn't steam. Ruben Foster obviously was their guy right then and I don't know how I played the Navarro in the locker room everybody loves Navarro Bowman. But you're kind of getting the sense that Navarro Bowman was. I can't play anymore you know we know the injuries and he's not. So when he was out there and you decide twelfth pitch if you look at Oakland boy needs help they need help everywhere offensively right they need help everywhere but it. You don't bring a guy in. And Lisa Navarro canned for the right client and right client right can't top right price. Could be. First down second down linebacker for role in the middle and still help in run support. That's why you. He surprised he was better than I thought he was going to be. And I in this thing that he and Sherman have. He's they have respect to these young players because of who they are and what they have done and these young players wanna have the resonate and wanna do with these guys have done in their career. When you start make him pro bowls and all pro teams. So then Navarro Bowman had that respect in Oakland is no question churn is gonna have that Walken in the niners' locker room. And earlier talk about trend bulky and term balky by the way did do some good they got to a Super Bowl and almost wanted but the Navarro the Navarro Bowman contract extension. I remember I said it here on the air people relate niner hater. No it was the dumbest thing I've ever seen the guy missed the entire point fourteen season came back and Tony fifteen still had another knee injury. He had three more years left on his contract. And then. At. Balky gives them 44. Million dollar four year extension with twenty million guaranteed. I guy who was banged up and he'd you know it doesn't look for tremendous and a playoff game when he got hurt. But a guy is under contract for three warriors. You give him a four year extension through 20/20 two so the new regime comes in. They a look at that contract and they throw open their mouth they don't care who you are you've got to go at that point. It was I still don't understand occurs. That day one. Live from the ABC sports desk in New York. I'm Chris Townsend. Case keen M report earlier this corn to CBS sports. Case keen am reportedly agrees to a deal where. The vikings. The Denver bronco. Yeah stood at Lincoln curator Fanny saying good and and ESPN Adam chef there who said this on my show years ago we so I guess he's the first one to have it. I just did because. The future updates here from the apps soon so this came up the phone won the NFL's top free agents this cycle is suddenly off the market. As quarterback case Keno has stated his intentions. To sign with the Denver Broncos once 2018. Free agency officially begins on Wednesday. Keen amateur that's reported early by Adam chapter. His chest he's on he's goes so can't Keenan thirty led the Minnesota Vikings deep into the playoffs last year. Pretty damn good year. And then now that opens up where does Kirk cousins. While Kirk cousins if he wants basically the best defense in the NFC. With fantastic weapons their digs rude all delving cooks going to be healthy. Minnesota is this spot now not Phoenix. Minnesota is the spot for cousins on you and. Year really put in a situation to win. Now I don't have a chance why championship now they can case seen them all time as the starters money an eighteen. But then you very wet it would you see the cardinals or offer and how much. The station down there was saying hotter and 45 mil ninety million guaranteed. But he could take less Gordon Hayward took less to go to the Celtics and anything can happen. In the trees have turned on 99 guaranteed it in my beat but it he's already got his own private island and his own private Marine Corps he's rich beyond his wildest dreams 99 Islam does he wanna rebuild. What does what of the fight game 88 million guaranteed wow that's a whole different deal but they're gonna get it or not what they're gonna get close. Playing golf in Scottsdale. 99 guaranteed. You know what these guys everybody in Minnesota lives in a bubble anyway they're all underground. Well it's awful my 'cause Amazon and so my cousin has a vikings season tailored you got friendly affair gallery type something like you know it was on Super Bowl Sunday is like minus six. It's miserable their privacy these guys don't care of a land of 101000 snowman if I say if it. It is if he if you retaliated just about a football decision and money sequel there's no question you're a Minnesota Vikings right. And is it Phoenix is gonna take some time. And you got the at the rams there the vikings I mean the Philadelphia and Nicole's pick them apart that. Minnesota defense is tremendous and they said weapons. All around for Kirk cousins. Check one check to check three look at all these weapons are you with me San there's no way they're gonna trade falls. And so least deadline now I don't think there's no way if somebody comes in that's stupid enough to give you two ones. I think you have to jump on problem is your quarterback is so on the man and it was a boom brutal enjoyed here's the thing you compared RG three but she got the ring and you have Lance let's say when you don't want the insurance now because if west doesn't work out in the me and I was two ligaments if it doesn't really work out. Yet still got your ring I think if somebody comes and went to ones you would have to pull the trigger. And they like sudden fell to as a back of Paula they had them and that's a thing I want to say about the niners last year I didn't understand. The CJ about third pick in the third round I think you either draft a starter graft to scrub. TJ about third proved to the niners that they have a decent. Back up quarterback which most of all teams can't even say so bad actually was another nice little they have a tough son of gun. Who can win you a game if you have to and CJ about that are. There's not embarrass you and I mean. Local we learned on Christmas Eve two years ago now it was over my man in. The minute that happen and it was over. But. For me was pulls I hold onto on and I away and I in know that Lance is back 100%. And then there's always going to be a team. Those looking for quarterback. Especially at the deadline. They'll be somebody looking for somebody's gonna get hurt somebody's gonna have you know the longer you hold onto on. You can get you can be even more formally if if if Carson wrote because we don't know of course once he starts he's. He is that I don't they say he is but there's no way and it goes back to like Sherman is injury there's no way these trees take like a year for you to really give back. And you're absolutely right they can just wait till that deadline and left falls come out there and falls is he's going to be as famous maybe not ask the close to services Ben Franklin in that town so how about this. The liberty hill. Yeah I was back there for the army navy game right when the injury happened that town every store had whence jerseys and their like were down so what was the date on that. Do you remember I was December I think of her own Pearl Harbor day having a December so December 7 somewhere in Iowa I just did that Pearl Harbor here done that. Yeah pearl harbored and now I know you are visiting I have an idea of the Arizona wow that's deep you know that's the number one visiting spot for Japanese newlyweds. The further honeymoon they go to Hawaii and they take up Pearl Harbor. I decide about how deep it was an American a new breed of Japanese Hulu adds and my dad was stationed there before was the state actually he's in the navy. And for it and it's funny because we went back as a family like an 87 all he said nonstop for three days all they Monday. But unlike dad what do you think. I had to be down there are so. Full think about think about his value to. About what his value will be after all the Super Bowl stuff and let's shake his hand these these and it's like Sherman's deal it's really takes like years so let's say wins is not hearsay December. Am around December 7 there's not he's not gonna be ready so what six holes comes out leads yet says. 56 in our some might you know his value will be after doing all that Super Bowl. And then getting out to a hot start as a starter what he'd be worth on the trading on the trading block he he worked well. But the only thing is Norris and I say that I don't want to give little comedy out. Is football teams. They want to have their guys in camp it's very rare for big football trades happen mid season. I'm the biggest trailer last year's Trent Richardson can he learn the colts offense in us like. Usually a quarterback is not gonna step into another team and take over. As you know baseball shortstop patty play shortstop in this town. You play shortstop Wheldon nothing's changed a. One big trade was long time I was Eric Dickerson that was like the one big big big name guy but you said droplet traded some. Yeah and remember how long did it take before they actually let them they took the training wheels off and every came in at the end of that game and threw a touchdown and a and that loss. And he didn't start again so was an on his docket. He's undefeated at a I really believe I believe. Richard Sherman's ever lost a game of Levi's stadium. So your quarterbacks never lost a game. And your new free agent cornerback has never lost a game Levi's stadium. I know it's a stretch that everybody's standard as everybody's undefeated right now it's the end of this year how Ole subbing is so. Easier. You're gonna remember this tomorrow case team him now with the Denver Broncos. What do we can't go tomorrow here on 957. And a game. I was loans and credit as a pulling a theme all right Joseph lo and as Michael Silver at 7 o'clock. Daniel Jeremiah 730 Greg profit 830 Matt Bowen at 905. Or public gets up that are going. Bob is gonna be up early hours afternoon delight Steve Weiss Ross Tucker. Michael Lombardi and then Damon Bruce we'll have Charles Davis Brian balding hair. And the saintly one. Garry saint Jean and then. We'll have beyond the arc. And then I will be with you from 8 till 11 o'clock he'll be by yourself. At the eighties facility their new offices so I'm gonna beat you do over there really by myself. But I'm and indeed like the only person in the building at 10 o'clock I'm sure they were an annual thing and I'm sure Nolan will be there to be very lonely town Leon I'd advise and again have a great night everybody.