The Chris Townsend Show 3-12-18 First Hour

The Chris Townsend Show
Monday, March 12th

Chris Biderman of 9ers Wire joins Chris Townsend and Rick Tittle to talk about Richard Sherman's contract. Chris also describes the landscape of the NFC West moving forward.


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GG GG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. This is that Chris towns and show. It's going to be good line. Four hours with my guy Ricky teeth right here on I 570 games Chris Biederman from the USA today is gonna join us. Coming up here at 7218 mark Medina covers the warriors for the San Jose Mercury news and H one tonight. Is a San Jose Mercury news night. What some pre us as they like them my older brother spent Christmas column creates real summaries and from the south now from Richmond. That doesn't sound like now it is this is kind of a southern thing feel like what Sheldon on yeah they Kennedy and I can get some of the rich town are you. Richmond's got a little country and is well you know that's just got a little bit if you were Ben Nelson brown hair and all it's all rednecks out there. As my people went to high school and a but I discovered your open go to. USA. Kerri Crowley from the sales emerge green is also join us down from the valley of the sun covering. But it beat writer for the San Jose Mercury news covering the San Francisco Giants and that's we got. Peerman seventh warning Medina eight warning. And Crowley 920 and what. Ariza you know we're gonna start off the show tonight. But I'm a good old different because I've actually gone behind enemy line rhetoric. Earlier today at 5 o'clock I went on would Dave's softy Mahler up in Seattle. And there's something that you know taking a wake is Richard Sherman. Is just he's a polarizing figure there's a question about it. And this is a guy they absolutely love do you think. Of what this guy did for them the way he perform he's one of the greatest players who ever played for the Seattle Seahawks. And now because he's come into the San Francisco 49ers. They're all over this guy but it made me realize something Rick. Is that Seattle has. A complex. And Seattle's he never really been relevant. When it comes beautiful city great city during comes sports. They never really been I guess you'd sonics way back when there's an adult size of mayors are been good or is it goes Seahawks. They want they eat and they so embrace or want to embrace. The whole our rival the San Francisco 49ers. They relish in it and I can tell we're laugh and I go how about this Sherman coming back down here. Has revived this and it's more free you will then it is for the Bay Area. Yeah I it's kind of like for years that always talk about the Dodgers giants rivalry and dodger fans would be like why. Who out there in thing about the chance to the giants were relevant and then now the giants have won three World Series the last seven years. That actually is a real driver it was always just north going to south they tried to bring it over from New York. And yeah fans will get rowdy candlestick. But if one team is good any other team is lousy it's not much of a rivalry it only works when both teams. Are actually good and we know. If you're Seahawks fan you might be upset the people burning his Jersey this is the guy the broader ring to your town that doesn't have much relevant thing about the Mariners they're to have a pennant. They've never been to a World Series you talk about the Gus Johnson sonics. I barely remember him at my age they're trying to get a hockey team right now and the the Seahawks put them on the map. In this millennia they put him on the map and so yes they're getting they got their money's worth out of Michael Bennett and and marsh on some of these other guys. I don't know how you burning guy's Jersey like that except when you see hash tag Sherman the day. And France are like whatever but if you're up there in Seattle that is a punch in your nether regions. Yeah the Seattle mayor's the only Tina Major League Baseball who have never been to the World Series this is it for them now I mean AM that's. But you know I think it yet and it's very unfair from a standpoint of you released him. You guys had a contract together. His total of eleven million comes up that's for ju negotiated. You want him to take to take that he is wanting to break neck as he negotiated his deal. And then now you're gonna release of a people burned your Jersey let's not forget since 2011 this guy's the most interceptions. The most pass passes defensed completion percentage against him as the best passer rating the vastly overall number one since 2011. And it got me thinking about the last time. You'd think as someone whose sole the hatred. I think some of this may cause I got to talk to him when he was at Stanford and then we we watch last Stanford football is also you know we we love college football both the united. And so every game pretty damn interesting how these are taking over the pac ten pac twelve and that is Italian Harbaugh and he became a very good team next another 200 BCS games. So I remember like in Sherman so I didn't necessarily have this hatred towards Richard Sherman. But when you start thinking about a guy in a rivalry. I think the closest thing you tell me and triple A 9579570. Is one oral her shy as there. Showed up as a San Francisco giant. Vat Timmy would probably the closest thing I could think of when a guy when you talk about a hated rivalry. And he's about giants Dodgers going only back to New York come over your 58. Would just no holds for for for a whole I think group aero whatever you want coffer giants fans there are two guys he couldn't stand. Tommy LaSorda and oral Hersh nicer. And when all her size or showed up it. Normally when guys switch uniforms is not that big a deal oral didn't look right never look right never felt right. I don't overeat to see that was Sherman but that's the closest I could think of when he talked about the San Francisco Giants of the San Francisco 49ers was when oral church Eisner showed up any giants uniform in that clubhouse at candlestick and it felt weird. Only thing about that is was he was kind of washed up at that point he would have smears with the Indians I think until that time. BI think about a guy that was hated. Other fan base cells they know our front our Buddy Roemer now ski. Believe this is about staffer because armor he came to Stanford he was a big story coming out of Compton and no one did him any favors he got in on mayor Ed he was a great student news a high school tripled up champ triple jump can't champ he was a wide receiver there ever. He let them and receiving as a freshman I'm armor when he switched to DB I thought the time they asked him now he's saying it was his. Idea whatever was. He always struck me such a humble guy like if you told me who will be the biggest loud mouth cover of Madden guy I wouldn't have said to him in college. Did he strike you as humble thing ever. That kind of player doesn't play at Stanford. Yeah this if you think about throughout their history since I really didn't get around it since the early ninety's. That kind of guy doesn't survive down on the farm that's not what they promote that's not who they ER. And so yeah the fact that he did BP became so outspoken but that's how many times we see that. These nice kids. You know nearing college or they're in the minor leagues and they're good guys. What the greatest stories ever is Dave justice to my old buddy Bruce from a gallon. Member Dave justice came up when he is like eighteen years all at the Atlanta Braves. And Dave justice after the interview thank you sir thank you so much. Fast forty years later did Jay Dave justice dealing with people in the media. A whole different game but yeah it's amazing what happens with guys when they get the money they get the same but you know I'd. I mean the way he has played it I always I always I always like Richard Sherman out like this flag. Yeah I like the slide too I think growing up bride did in the seventies in the Arab momma jokes I liked all that smack talk you know it's funny my my own personal storm or interviewing Kong governor today and for the draft. And I said Delaware here in rumors that both the niners generators or Anderson you. And he goes oh sir that would be such a dream sir thrown Cirque yeah I think it's not saying he's still not polite and this is funny was almost like the the best ever though when it comes to that is when GO Gonzales called need to thank me for having him on my show. I think that's the first time in history an athlete said thank you so much for having me on the show after the show is over so yeah that's always fun to have account. Why half yeah I don't think she is gonna calling more probably. Things changed when you get our contracts. But you know what that ad is a thing not only are you getting a guy that's coming to claim a similar defense he wants to be on the West Coast. They hear what you're getting a guy with a chip on his shoulder. One of the reasons why he signed his you know want. Those SOB's cut me. I now want plan twice. And I wanted Turkey on the fifty on the air you know what. And you always like when you get a motivated as you mention like Gallagher bill Roman now ski do you get that guy who's motivated take on his old team. Mary you said Ramos told us it was all about Ian Gold easily give the gods gift to line backing we don't need you anymore and he said he called Al Davis thing with. Nested Davis I'm on I'm bringing you a championship. That's how the conversation when of course just were very very. But not exactly. But that's where were Iraq. And he's he's going to be burning and he's gonna bring some serious wagon this is a team that needs some help because they send these veteran help of that young secondary. And you're right he wants this thing this C out all you can talk about how lynch is a Stanford DB himself and all lap on felony for the people who didn't want the niners have played a rob bloated and keep come wrapped in cotton wool. I'm telling you right now if he doesn't win those last five games chairman does not look at the sorry nine Ers six and ten was probably the lowest they could've gone. For a guy like that to commit to a team when he said I need to go to a contender such another bonus about playing her apple. Oh and nine and irrelevant talking about are they gonna get the first pick in the draft. Where's it going to be to Cleveland Browns whose gonna sink to that do you wanna get that quarterback that quarterback could be in this draft and all of a sudden you get this guy. And you've is ever sense he is shown up. Price the biggest change has been a change in Vegas south they've been the darlings down in Vegas bout what we need to find out which is really the key we talk about the swagger. We have talked about the chip on the shoulder but what does he actually have a laugh. Yeah. After that Chris Townsend shell on 95715. Boy have things changed for the San Francisco 49ers. You want an example here's one warrior is dog Henry who was sitting on my laughter. For what two hours. Now half a lot of things have changed since our old I don't Dewhurst and obviously there's a jam Tom so blood Chip Kelly. Chris doesn't show on 957 we are rigged to settle with us tonight Ricky T Chris Biederman who covers not only the Golden State Warriors. But also the San Francisco 49ers. For the USA today and he's what is how we doing this evening. I'm good at counting on the gone. It's going great yet a great article today you get a niners wired dot USA today dot com. And I love a five things still Knoll from Richard Sherman about joining in the 49ers I think the number one question as he's had held a career. But the big deal is about to turn thirty what does he have left in the tank. Yeah I think the 49ers are hurt kind of still eager to it to find that out too and I think that's kind of spelled out in the contractor. If you look at the Peco for the contract there they're confident senators and there. You know his his base that they're they're different bonuses for being healthy credit I'm training camp starts. Yet two million dollars or the roster bonuses are for game playing bonuses. For being active street skipper of the speed and so there's there's a lot of things organizer can you. Awarding that contract in an ethnic and their rhetoric future. This time next spring if they don't think. He's worth the money into it he plays like you know little crow quarterback spent only thirteen million dollars to see that. Which is maybe a little bit below market rate for that kind of player so. All it really you know people are talking about how Sherman really didn't sign a very good deal it sounds like hearing him talk about it. And hearing him. The fate that you know the key guy. He he kept the lines in the loop because the raiders blew open and both those teams competed in him that they were gonna last organizer offer. Armored saint but the Seahawks who he gave the first regular you don't do so. You know this is a deal that signified the piper at the 49ers are taking in the fact that you're coming up it was a very old. But relative to hurt you know I'll play quarterbacks are a lot of really good op like we're back the thirty. So. Yeah I mean if if they don't if they don't make it if he doesn't make it work them that and they can move on next year and I imagine they're gonna draft a quarterback. To keep it going going going forward. Chris trick total here when you talk about the contract and you got the the all pro tackle in Cleveland Joseph Thomas publicly. Calling our Richard Sherman for what he says is a bad contract that almost never happens with. The old quote man Massa with another man's money but some of the terms used in his tweets show Thomas said do you feel really vowed. For Sherman it was a case of ego. He got quote absolutely crushed. And that he said if you really want to bet on himself he should have taken. A one year deal in your minds did the niners get over on Richard Sherman and take advantage of a naive person. No I don't think so I mean sure Germans that. Did the niners contract what about opera for evidence that it took so what you're you know but he signed a San Francisco if things don't work out. 28 in the 49ers can move on without. Without knowing of anybody going forward so it's an Internet and so what you're you know any any spanking on himself and and I'm not sure you know I haven't seen just honest as tweet today at our current greeted Adam let. I'm not sure Thomas knows what it. What the other offers work they're they're probably isn't a giant market for for quarterback. You know coming off a big injury. We're turning thirty years old like I mentioned so. You know without really knowing what that what the market help for Sherman and the fact that so. You know a guy who did a putter search. You know exam for alarm just because because agent that and clearly need a bad deal for him. I'm in the deal you know the 49ers final out of these contract they don't have any real bad burdensome contracts spate they haven't had any. And I can remember in innocents per Barack is taken over that role of chief contract negotiator so. I think this is in line with. Which is what the 49ers typically do. And chairman of the super competent Chinese betting on himself and he thinks. You know I'm gonna be you know protect quarterback in if he does he. You know resell public enemy's enemy thirteen million dollars in his contract you'll will be guaranteed next season if if he makes the Pro Bowl so. That something that I think chairman it is betting on himself than any super. Super competitive guy in and he's the type of person you'll see all these slate against children and you know just keep building that chip on his shoulder and and I think the 49ers appreciate that Ben and I think that's what artery or a sports match. I manage to stoke the flames of the niners in the C ox right or no question it's gonna be back and I start thinking about. What's the best for Richard Sherman would now with what's going on in Los Angeles look with a key utility markets Peters along with Sam Shields. Signing with the Ramsey got true main Johnson that's going to be out there lot of rumors about him in the 49ers. If you pick up any let's say an elite corner to go with Richard Sherman today and also help all the young guys what does that do for your secondary. Don't make them pretty formidable I don't know that they're gonna make another big investment deter free agency yet. Quarterback at the I regain our testing chairman has probably gonna be the biggest one I think. You know you hear the reports that there is their final sprint Orwell the cart or for Carolina it was an all pro last year he's gonna command probably 1213 million dollar two year. So they're not him that that's going to be a pretty happy right package there on Allen Robert Serb. The receiver from Jacksonville that going to be a pretty hefty price tag in and I think they really like Terrell Willis reporters go to the guy who. Physically has been local college Germany study German a lot. You played pretty well over the last nine games last year what are so I think they're pretty happy with wit it yeah idea where there's been an I would imagine that they're gonna draft. You know rated quarterback in the second or third round there's there's Carl Davis from Auburn is another long are press corps guy props like Sherman. There's there's the kid at a Virginia tech red and trade cent. Who also tall and lanky. So there are some options 49ers could look at and in the second third round that maybe. Aren't gonna start right away lecture an electoral winners but already there that. That might save them from needing to invest Speedo whatever thirteen fourteen million dollars. Hear what you know 28 to thirty year thirty million in guaranteed to get somewhat torturing Johnson went. What they might be better apps using that money on a receiver like Al Robinson nor were injured or well if they really want a short yacht and what. Chris when you look at the division now of course a lot of niner fans say hey look at the rams look how abysmal they were in golf almost look like Abbas and then. Taken the world by storm a little bit maybe immature when they've faced the falcons in the playoffs but you know coaches the air offensive defensive player of the year just fantastic team. Selig a graph below he won the last five games he did say may be only the Jacksonville game. Wasn't kind of a garbage time game but. You look at the the division. And you've got Seattle which is kind of like saying hey I. Our errors and here. Our dynasty or whatever was I got one title but that's done Lynch's gone Bennett is gone Sherman's gone. You look at Arizona who are gonna make erratic cousins will see that they do in the draft a QB but. Are you look at the niners as may be a second place team can niner fans dream of a wild card. Yeah I mean I think. That if you look at it like you're the jaguars don't when he sixteen or 313 and then you know they they ended up taking a lead in or part of its title. And like I ran like you mentioned be Eagles were 79. Before winning the Super Bowl last year so turnaround can happen and I think that's one of the things you see in the NFL now that. The salary cap has exploded like it has been in 2011 that the Catholic and a 120 million dollars. You had general managers. You know rightfully so at the time if you like from popular like our overspend free agency because they simply don't accept there's any value about what cap exploding. A 177. Million this year. And expect it did increase by you know tendering dollar increments are so go in order. Teams have a ton more freedom so so they can do things like Jack or they're black policies and when what they invested heavily treated see it. You know got. Eight people yea it was one of the best corners in the league again and collate it Campbell who was the defensive player of the year candidate for most of that he's another guy they got to create and I think. You know if you get the right guys. Doling out some of these big contracts and necessarily are being as you could turn around. You know middle lane. Six in 107 and nineteen and soot into a potential you know playoff contenders so you know I'd I don't know the 49ers. Should it should. I mean I think you know Arizona without a quarterback. I don't know how good they're gonna be a competitive they're gonna be Seattle certainly take that back it that they can't. Replicate that the eat sensibly thought the last few years and and I think the 49ers and if they have a Ganassi should be able to go to political career so really I mean you you when you talk about 818 and and ten and sixteen is really just talking about him all players remember that I could see them in the ball bounces right here. And he could be on the right side of that division titles so I don't necessarily. I think the foreigners can be there I don't know I don't know as far as predicting it will see how the Osce and the draft goes where. It would surprise me I mean if they get our area coral island. And you know they perhaps somebody who can rush the passer. You know a bit all these guys in it takes. The next step in their development they got a really strong work class but here. If all these guys get better at the same time and in the general together and they could it could mean they could be like to the remember last year and they're not winning the division and no it doesn't it ultimately gonna come down to a unique or upload how good he is. And and if he plays like he did last season and maybe the 49ers haven't peaked in a little hands. And you know we'll see that it this season long that the law student blogs but Lotta substance though. And so happened that Leggett but I think there is the major thing in the NFL back east turnaround happened pretty quickly. I just because of the salary cap reality is that at all he's in looking at. No doubt about it Chris great stuff we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon. Chris Biederman from the USA today yet go to the website did a great job cover in the 49ers and kinda reminds me of when I covered 49ers years ago and was kind of towards the end you know Ron Amadon of the concussions. Jerry Rice was hadn't over the raiders. And they're just tends to be a reality like. Of things got to change and that's really where Seattle is right now where they. For all these years a legion of boom in their defense and now they got guys who were injured they're not sure that's gonna change whether they're aimed to be able apply a other lose and all their big time guys on defense they've struggled with their offensive line. Pete Carroll Pete Carroll's like what's 6667. Years old. I think so even though he does the enthusiasm of a guy Tony years younger but they about it Tony they. At least got a ring they should add to the wasn't pro I'd barrel level calling that pass on the one yard line. And yes it happens every team anything about the dark days. Of the niners. And after Seifert left and and then policy in. And two Dwight Clark put ansari cap column and Terry Donahue comes in and says we're gonna lose for a few years and had Dennis Erickson I mean just this parade of clowns. That's why when you look back can you say. Did we get anything out of it and that's when you come out earlier about Seattle they've thrown away king Felix's career. Is like the marquee pitcher top five pitcher and now he's in his last season as swan song he's never pitched in the playoff. You know and that's why I think when you see Richard term ago it does get their crawl a little bit that he's coming down here is and I don't think a lot of niner fans. Are two fascinated with one of their players going to Seattle I mean it would would you think so. No idea that it's too mean. They've got a little ITL all cities have a little chip on their shoulders or from our Richard chairman and a look. I think Seattle because Internet from a sporting standpoint. They've always kind of been overlooked as to where people really don't care. They had some runs you know when they got graphene a young A-Rod and you got the big unit and they took down the main keys. But there hasn't been chilly times there are national story because you're always. So far away they fly more than anybody else football a bass is back in the day basketball. They're just kind of irrelevant a lot of ways and all of a sudden. Seattle with their debt twelfth man and they're feeling big about themselves and I think they're the kings of football all right and we're gonna take on a niners let's face the niners. For a win we grew up watching football this is a franchise that won at least ten games a year for sixteen years. They're the class fifteen out of sixteen. Won five Super Bowls you know there they were the patriots for the patriots it was an unbelievable dynasty in Seattle's Ghana. You know they are in the AFC west sound area so they love the fight they love that they had a good team. They had another historic franchise the battle. And you think about me this for Seattle it because who really was see all those years in the AFC west. Eight the Broncos consider them arrival of the raiders of the charges that she's now there's that team in the Pacific northwest was Steve large and gyms or. Yahoo! and those Ephron Pereira fake field goals black women I think and raider fans and our fans are united in their hate for the Seahawks because I still think of them as the AFC west team. As us and all those years. Of the guys you mentioned thing about the twelfth man thing about this. They pay the Seattle Seahawks paid Texas a and M a 140000. Dollars for a five year contract to use the twelfth man. How lame is that you're not only stealing from us what we guess you're not stealing it's not yours and then you pay them a 140. All the knowledge of those get from a call it. I I I tell this story I can't remember what year was you've been down rookies and Allen and there's those nights I got off work up bodies in there it's Monday Night Football and I you know who the Seahawks are taken on. And wakin. And ask to be like eight of them on their brand. New. Twelve jerseys. Some of bomb had like the fake I Blackwood Z dock on it. A couple of them had actually see hot gloves younger green it's like they became theirs is is there anything worse than the brand new fan base but you never a year he never. Never miss a (%expletive) them off back there. We never heard of you. We ever saw you you were never around and all of a sudden you guys have all the brand new gear and act like you're the kings a football obviously had a very good team won a Super Bowl as you said. Could've won a second that they just became like the most. Kind of annoying fan base is one thing I steeler fan base or cowboys because it's been their for so long you've seen it. It's just what pops out of nowhere and the number twelve Donald twelfth member on Wright is a flag before every game. And their pipe and in the noises say it's so kind of faith. And they imploded in the sky dome before that are in 1981. AFC championship game the Seahawks should be generators twice thing here. Dave Craig who's the NFL's all time leader in fumbles threw three interceptions his three for nine for three picks he managed to throw an interception of Matt Millen whose hands were taped up. Like Oscar dale hoyas. And at the that's how bad that game was for them in the raiders would go on once rule fifteen. So the C docs there their struggle with that but you know look here get a guy. You're getting guide if he key if he can't if he can earn all that money. This'll be steel this'll be announced its. If you're a niner fan day you have to be fired up enough so balloon because nothing the loses and then you can do the old new and you and you now we've got your guy I'm sure at first she kind of think oh I hate that guy if you're niner fan of course you hate that guy. But now he's on your team I remember talking to a giants fan. Who hated hated hated Barry Bonds. And he said I'm not gonna lie to you when I heard we signed Barry Bonds I was over the moon why would you be right now the best player based. Well it's it's it's old you know always always take for mere competition that's the Yankee way. And you start thinking about the last who's left from 2013. In had to look this up gone capitals left from the 2013. NFC championship game. He had Joseph Staley. Daniel Kilgore. You've guy Garrett Celek. An air greed is probably not he's gone so we're saying is Staley Kilgore and sell like. Basically only have three guys let you talk about how things change I'm looking at a forty niner fan and I right now. You look at how things change delicate remaining nine non knowledge I'm looking right over your left shoulder the. None of these guys he didn't mean that they've been battle. Alan the Seahawks for the majority of the guys on the team don't you remember those days. You talk about the juice of the rivalry which goes back to college. With Stanford USC and Pete Carroll didn't score a run up Baigent and that was the whole what's your deal what's your deal what's your DL. I know you are the one on my Euro ugly you are I mean and then he dropped and then of course Pete Carroll got the hell out of dodge green US she was gonna go and probing. I know. Yeah no well I didn't know it all no clue Reggie would want us or chaos. No no we did yesterday said he said I mean I. Yes he said if he knew the allegations were going to be true they try to stay. As you know like this is that you failed with the jets he fell with the patriots and he said he was never gonna go to the NFL again even one B three strikes and has all the Sunday Seattle Seahawks is a good job it's been great car and you know I. He made the right call and he definitely made the right call and I don't think it. Joseph Thomas. You know that players should not be commenting on the players' contracts. They shouldn't be stressing on Twitter I hated it as as we talk about Biederman stay away from another man's money. He negotiate the contract he got what he wanted and he signed the deal. Yeah and electronic graffiti Richard Sherman. How you responded. To Joseph Thomas and he said if this from Joseph Thomas the first three was. Joseph Thomas L pro tackle you really feel about Rich's are of this is clearly a case of ego getting in the way of his pocket book. He got absolutely crush on this contract while working as his own agent and Sherman replies. It's actually a case of believing in who I am as a player. Also coming of a major injury but I appreciate you input he met off there I believe so but you know what else this is a guy who graduate from Stanford. It's not cool if you spell everything right. I I've I've found that when athletes like you give into the man if you spell everything correctly or punctuated or capitalize or use any of that I've found that. If people aren't stupid. You think he doesn't notice that it says coming of a major injury of course you know. Does that or maybe like some of us we script typing our iphones and does it send it should step up. At a time is that Japanese young. Parents but you can delete that we can do together at the bottom line is. I hear you say and it if you're Joseph Thomas and say hey if you want to bet on yourself just take the one year deal. But you know fear a football fan. What you like as a football fan is you like flexibility. And you like is knowing how the game works you want flexibility with two players. And eat it and when you have a deal like this. If you're forty niner fan and you know if Richard Sherman plays his ass off he plays great plays turn off 39 million. If he doesn't he's gone and you don't have to worry about it it's a win win for your franchise. And your give that guy can you can't say it's like Dion. I mean you're you're you're giving a player. Who ruptured the Achilles tendon in November. And a majority of people say this is a year long thing what kind of like you know with a bad ACL they always somebody. It's the don't have good science is the rehab is great everything it's still it takes times I don't know what you're gonna get out of this guy who knows. The whole thing about as Peter was saying that he called Seattle game last refusal he talked generators he talked to the lions and they said we can't match. I humbly and it. It happened it happened so quickly. You remember when Jim Harbaugh. Get on a plane went back east to try to talk Peyton Manning becoming in the niners' and then he denied it while he watched from a car he didn't aided and an auction of now what he did he flew to Miami to talk to the dolphins. And as like all you're gonna do that then they came back and they made nice. I don't think this thing was done like that I don't think he's called the raiders and operators like and I think greater struggle to get more money to say that your. Socially all gave a first for fuel just say like I wanna come here and they I didn't they got in the building that and give up let me ask you this Chris. Let's say it's not John Lynch who played the game at a high level just missed out on the hall of fame he has a ring. He has a ring unfortunately for me but. He's also Stanford got to play DB. If if Richard Sherman drug jumps into the building and it's just Jett and her Augen. Does this deal get done are how much of this is John Lynch mr. smoothie. Who like give him a lot of credit here. How much is this is just the way things ended. The away drop below thing through the belief that that and trust me chairman Kyle has an idea he was playing against you this year. You start thinking about the belief and awareness for I don't know how many times he's seen and only nineteen turn into a darling. I'm bowl and nine team is now a darling team and a lot of people's eyes. I need to save lynch I think a lot asked do Kyle Shanahan I mean. That's one thing chairman talked about knowing that he believes in Kyle he believes callous as that they had a dinner plate collar zone. Just a wave of momentum has turned around for this franchise long way to go what it is pretty amazing how fast it is changing. No it's funny coming into the segment you've played the voices of two coaches that I didn't recognize those votes voices and then you said it was Tom Sula and Kelly. I did not recognize that's how much of an impact they had on me. Checked all the boxes no that is. That is that Thompson limb you know without news. Edit it. Trent bulky that's true okay. From marquee OK let's play name that forty niner organized chaos. I don't come on really. Just telling. Its Jed York. Now I don't know shed York's voice and kind. I don't know the facts. That's chipped. Christian counseling you got it in front of view. Do. You base it. Jim Thomas still look boy you see you don't know what a year. Did you always good and you know that right now from the famous breasts covered three editors and I that will I just remember. It was cozy. Who Jim goes more than probably the friendliest guy on the planet the least. IA you know threatening guy and the media. And Tom solo was a deer in the headlights. But no I don't remember I I talked to both those guys while they were a year. Are talking the Chip Kelly down that day that they'll realize during the draft I was the the niner guy that night for 957. I don't sound of their voices you know who's happy marriage of chairman. Play at the Golden State Warriors. Yes he's increased towns and yeah one not 57 take McCain yeah you know line. I'm gonna save the warriors for the top of the hour there we're gonna have mark Medina coming up here date wanting. Something really cool today so if it's another one of those Steve you're gifted speaker gets like nobody else. But the reason why am I am ma. O'Connell little. OK Wendell. Okay. Reason why I know that envoy as us Peyton Manning. That is very good yeah there's more famous than Jim Thompson look that's more famous than news that's. The M through in. I don't know tourists and yeah obviously urged them. That's the best Christmas present your have a sound board it's my fair having collect in the stuff. And it's like a three years so I look to the Seattle times has you know he's got to check what the other guys are saying chart. And you know only ended up in the Seattle times. The GM of the raiders Reggie McKenzie and so basically this is from Peter King. Late in the process when Sherman and the niners agreed on most of the incentives in the deal. He got back to the three most interest in teams Seattle. Interest earning enough. One of the first right of refusal on any offer and so Sherman called John Snyder. Chairman Sid Snyder told him and incentives are a little rich for me. Sherman called Reggie McKenzie. Who said he wasn't going to have the cap money to compete for him. Sean Smith. Cut and I going to jail furry ear. X partial new house cut cut and we should explained Sean Smith did a plea bargain he. Beat up his sister's boyfriend who had been abusing her yes but. You know he'd almost killed let me jump up and down on his head in front of a million people there's no way he can win that case unsaid if you keep fighting you go to jail for awhile. If you do plea bargain you go to jail for a year or so multimillionaire. Is going to jail for. A year and it's and it's it's a horrible story that so two cats today for the raiders new house and Smith but Reggie McKenzie said. Didn't have the cap from for an you know that is. S.'s Jon Gruden does not want another hot head and that's why crowd not going to be around that's why lynch is going to be around he does so that's not a junger and type of player. But wouldn't you say also not a lot of crap on the deal about his words I about the excitement this is bringing but it is again able to get guys a static. Is absurd guys Achilles in November he's going to be thirty deaths those signs. Normal any. We trying to buck the trends of history don't normally always work out for. Athletic guaranteed money is almost nil you know and that's what guys sign on now is guaranteed that's why. When you look at Erin Donald and you look it hello Mac the last two defensive players of the year. They will be the first ever non quarterbacks who get forty million a year and whoever goes first is gonna kill us solar gonna wait. And that'll probably get at least sixteen mil. Of that guaranteed Richard Sherman we don't know any of it is is is guaranteed it's on some of days so for the niners as you pointed out. It's a win win for them if it doesn't work out they can bail on if it does. You get as you said in a special Sherman tweeted himself statistically the best corner of the last seven years. And there was seed Detroit lions' Matt Patricia the new head coach obviously was a defensive coordinator for. The New England Patriots and Bob Quinn their GM both said incentive package too rich for Detroit's blood. I don't you know it is a nice way of sand Nan yeah IE you know what it's. Let's say well what what are however you feel about his personality. A lot of people who played the mobbed him and loved him as a leader to now after Wilson but there are. But the defense of guys the defense won him a Super Bowl and he was a big part of that your fifth round pick so. It's just took me a lot has suddenly dared to just look and act on we know the history with the with the Achilles it's just most most athletes. And now he's had Bo issues with both Achilles. He had some yeah he had some loose bodies it's a bone spurs open and now my second album by the way but yet some loose bodies removed from that. But listen the niners are completely stupid they're not gonna give this guy what was it three to five million dollar signing bonus. And I know that's chump change in the world of athletics in the real world free of five million dollars a lot of money you're not gonna give that to a guy and less he is cleared. And sell them look to the Achilles doesn't look like your cover yes there have been guys that have come back a 100% healthy from an Achilles. So they firmly believe. That he's going to be fine I think they wouldn't take this risk if you look like complete damaged goods here. The reality is a football. Careers are so short. You just can't really fall in love with the guys that you have I mean if you have a quarterback. It's going to be either a long long time you're gonna be good. But for the most part of it is a guy like Jerry rice's sticks around that long very very rare if just you're gonna love the guys you haven't you just have to know. There is a short window with all of. These guys and that's why if you can play in baseball you do something that Biederman said and we were talking to him. That the salary cap all it's going to be a crazy 177. Million well. There is no sorry Kevin baseball but we know that luxury taxes that 197. So basically you have a 197. Million dollars to play to paid way less players. Then football does what I 177. Melon you probably think maybe eight to ten guys are gonna get 50% of that money anyway. So if you ever as Denver Dave Winfield drafted in three different sports if you ever have a chance to choose baseball not only has the longest career but it Peja the most per year. Or Chris. There might be something to what we talk about lists. These guys in their age and who they are you know one point Michael Bennett. At what point it is skies of Manning asks let's get rid of them Pamela got a columnist right here from the Seattle times. I winced at Sherman's air against when he said it was a privilege for the media to talk with him. And that will miss him when he's gone it's kind of a scathing piece. We know. There is that any mention you know maybe Jon Gruden looked at it and sent as agent there comes a point. To where. Your great player your outspoken player and they look it is a look at this guy is a leader. The leaders of big part of Michael Bennett Richard Sherman. And it comes a point where your skills diminish. And the outspoken leader becomes a pain in the you know. It's funny how things change me you look at the niners Rubin Foster has natural leadership abilities the way you know no most rookies come in and they keep their mouth shot. He came in and he was leading that defense. You look at how about one Vernon Davis called out Michael crabby for being a diva and he said I know I used to be in the diva around here. So yes players do mature but it's kind of the opposite for pitchers or because he's the be all quiet and humble. But that's the thing about Richard Sherman though that I he has my respect. And that is he backs it up. So many guys pocket and they can't walk get. He talks smack and then he shows you a stat sheet that says he's the best in football since 2011 so all got to do is give respect. Yes I I I think it's going to be fun characters these guys like this journey defined. And when you have enough and and that's. The thing that we all hope for heading into this football season. Is that you're not gonna see what she saw last year. However how however you want a stand how the season ended both teams are in the playoffs. And if you want seats some on the fifty down here though I have to get in some Cahill. In the south to adjust to the San Francisco market. No Turkey or massaging and on to the internal weighting if it's like tofu Turkey or organic. Meatless Turkey. I don't know I've had some good times come on back at it and you really don't leave I stayed as a fan yet. I did packed all of a championship. Modano McLaughlin and middle coffin Goulet and all those guns I was on it was years and Roxy and I worked the B outdoor game the sharks and the kings we did a three hour pregame show right here on. 957 went on the for the Copa America. Never niner game though and by all I want to the Super Bowl or what was cool but it's still. I'm still trying to get out of that parking lot by the way they built it in the middle of a business park with the help no concept of getting in or out. There is a way there's a couple lazy now they're pretty quick. Yeah helicopter and now death you've got to know. What are your your oral the only you've got to be a local there's ways to get out of their click. I can tell you this appears season's regular Nia parking and outlawed good locked. My favor was was our Rick when you get down there again your parking pass go to gates seat. I'm pulling in gates' C is an internal gate I need 45 dollars to pass me. On how to I get my parking pass. Play your hazards on and run across the surface of the earth to get it I was on my favorites. And the other one was where's the worst on the front office no one knew what that meant they what do you mean I go trim balk his office and all of yeah we don't know if that is so I found it eventually but none of the security knew it was but I love bless them are doing a great job. So. It's gonna be fun to watch him come to town. And to watch him and the Seattle Seahawks as you know what's common. Once he gets here. As we've learned about all the dirty little secrets of the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh and a feeling we're not gonna get all the dirty little secrets of the Seattle Seahawks. Now it's going to be here it's going to be a little Russell Wilson. And kind of his outspoken and you know religiosity. And everything everyone Russell Wilson to weeded out. Pace off fifty shades of gray great movie and like all his church followers basically fell to Haiti's. How dare you say that was a good movie in any end to sell my bad. I mean a lot of people look up to him and not just as a quarterback let's as being very pious as well. So I'm not saying that's good or I'm just saying I mean that's if that works for him perfect right every every American a judge anybody one way or the other. But just hearing about how. Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson did not see I'd I am a lot of things. I don't think there's a lot of Seahawks who see eye to eye with him because you know when you have that kind of lifestyle. That's really far different from a lot of these guys in the NFL it's a completely different lifestyle like day. The the and we see it in baseball where they have their church services on Sunday and I don't know people's religion are mourn Ackerman Downey maize road on religion or anything it says. You can see where a lot of football guys a lot of young football players are not living neck kind of lifestyle. And when you have somebody who is your leader and he's the quarterback and that's who he is there have a hard time relate to that. It could be a wherever that Pearlman book boys really boys about the cowboy is on the white house on the plane that flew behind the plan muffled the site girls they said Troy Aikman John note genome a check. Went home after practice and they were the only ones. We're from but he'll sleep two rookies felt pressure that they had to join in on the shenanigans. Story of the White House a house set that players all put together put their money ends of at a house ago when the extra curricular activity there. And Irvin is in the hall of fame basically almost. Slitting the throat of the guy who wouldn't get out of the barber chair with a pair of scissors. Lot of fun down there. But that's the thing Jimmy we're getting off on a cowboy tangent but Jimmie Johnson was like. Do whatever you want but show up on time and work hard and they can play and a very switch because he said do whatever you want and needed to practice. Continue to do whatever you want. Now. Those days you got away with that kind of stuff we we now live and as sports world where. He has some polite tag on Ronnie gets out quicken and everybody would be all over it he just can't do anything like says age is really. It really is and go back to north Dallas forty does that how they protect.