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Tuesday, August 22nd

Towny interviews Damon Martin writer for about this upcoming fight Mayweather vs Mcgregor. Also Coach Keating joined Towny to talk about everything Warriors & the NBA. 


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This is that Chris Johnson's show. On 95 we. Now they USC game and Martin's. From USC dot com joins us here on the Chris Townsend show valmont footer at Damon mark David thank you for day at a time tonight. OPEC would much rather they are appreciated. Well TMZ is saying that. John Jones has been stripped of his title then we're hearing that Dina lied saying that's not true though. There is a failed drug test before we get in the fight on Saturday what's going knowledge Jones right now. What I can push on him because it failed joint. That was given on July 28 what they've reported by it or the result. Obviously didn't come back until later. All right at the Altman what was called children of all which is an anabolic steroid. That we go sure. Why should the title yet is because. It. Due process in the poll situation he can dispute that blinding you can have at all that there are eager to arbitration what you shot. I'd say you know. It was a tainted supplement. You know the polls popular past the play out a little bit before they could potentially shoot over the title and handed back over the data or create by. It certainly looks like it's gonna head that direction now looking good. Are either too little ball until it was actually continue to. Work pretty much only triple black market now. I'll get into the equipment it's still possible that your body pretty sketchy but will flow. It's not looking good aren't doing it now they'll. Victim without giving him a chance to pick itself but it's certainly not a do look at Egypt after all that another there substance. A year ago now a year and obvious back winning gives the huge knock out announced that the public once again. You ads are really bad luck because you know covering all these different sports we know that theirs. There is different PEDs out there and when you're taking an anabolic steroid. That's going to be so easy to fine and it's passed I mean you get I mean he was doing this. And it is if he did take this the right you're an idiot of course you're gonna test positive. Yeah and can hit it ridiculous thing being expensive new situation where he's such a while life. It was only you know previous. Having been hit and run accident that the call to the final in the first went out George Tenet last year. And that came out you know yet that you aren't a year ago. The important become kind of a cautionary tale. Mark or so much talent you know in my opinion the greatest talent. That the been mixed martial arts. Any just can't option while on the clock and it's just another example. Think about it but it was not attain its supplement company bought and and the outlook that was to happen. But the important part of it is we Johnstone to your living. So you can't take those chances you can not. You know kit supplements to be here if you you know promote. At the that you know what I restrict for a fact that they're saying it. So you know that that that situation which you would treaty to know a you're you're positioning as well the book because of death among audio chipping don't want examining. You'd like flying that the action that not picky you're going to be you know. Situation. Yang hit the nail on the head you should be more worried about it than anybody and it's a shame on you. If this is it tainted supplement we get dean remark from USC dot com joining us here on the Chris Townsend shall I have been trying to get everybody's opinion on this. Especially UFC guys. This wide on Saturday. Floyd Mayweather Connor McGregor. How do you see this why do you see this being entertaining by a good lie or exists is going to be as I like to say the bearded lady the circus. The opportunity port to be good and the ambulances. Because. I don't know if you let me get beat by what Mayweather. That goes out there for boring by you gotta go up there and try to beat what I mean. Department doubt. Because Floyd Mayweather is that much better in the year that you are out there. And making Asia the lautner and I think what they would get a lot there. Took up about what Mayweather you gonna go out of the pocket whether. Is the big question but he can't make it interesting comment. Doesn't it what warring party had at one I understand that boxing a sport but I just can't believe to honor goes. So I'll let them they'll do well in Atlanta law there and make it boring fights though. It may laps all ground that is only part of why are out there and make it interesting because he's got a lot to look for the knockout cookie chip out box when Mayweather. You know. Each yet out boxed well they wouldn't. That's what it can actually go out there trying to knock at her grow and that will try to. Few years ago dame and I said I would never pay for another Floyd Mayweather fight began I will never pay you right out like I am so older I understand his greatness. But it's boring. And I understand it's a sweet science and I'm not spin and my money. Anymore and I think about I want to at least see in the very like that leap. I wanna see a greater roughed them up a little bit but the question is will the wrath allow him to do that. You know I think he well because of the in the business is that why argue that bit on that we have a question last week it. You look at it through street that you were worried that is not appearing at merchant are actually. A lot. And good instruction much more than he does physical. Traffic and all that with the fight. Which. That well that the situation. He. Commitment by jumping. And quickly buyers beware out clinched and when he on the part I'm sure you know how to make or break apart. Before they do. And where you stand back if you want to up like that Griese actually trying to. Because disappeared in the that you were. Out of the middle there a little too. Just where he could. That wouldn't be something that backs out manner between him television's street. Because he's not typically the daughter who's gonna be it'll be action. There well karma. To be looking at something like what it to be happier the way it will auction you'll Connor. The bigger stronger dot. What would agree because he. Used that advantage and it. And that's a better guy than what he got a lot. You know I think about training for a fight. And then also the same time trying to learn how to box what are we hearing from a graders can't how he's been progressing. What you are part of artwork com you know. You know especially with the spark that strategic all the mollen analogy. What is that you know year's wildfire. You are now that probably sound odd considering the popular bill ought match but it looked like he wrote on Japanese look for the knockout. It's gonna be technical is gonna be that it cannot get the kind of treaty. But ocean when you watch what he apparently looks electric utilities as you know. Shop they'll grow as coaches over the past week all the media for. All act as well what did you actually network Carter not. Not going to be that guy and get bloody shoot a guy out of congress candidate going out there went in hole puncher and he. He's planning or combinations and look into the finished. And I think that's what we expect what we hope not quite content. Katrina that's why years and to the popular just simply out it would no one on the war and a little public can do it again and he's here to. And the auction electric. Potter a boxer you apply. Out there and looked at why weren't they weren't so that are out. Let's just say he does the land that one punch wo would that do for the USC. Well you know. That situation because it'll be the and a win win even harder Lou despite the way you straight to the by product out there. A outlet. You know in the foreground you get it to our transition just the mockery. I've could be. Interpreted. Into water supplies well well let me. The twelve rounds in no way because. One can say. He would not play that ship abandoned the actually and that much if Carter actually knock down what it is part of what you need a pipe. You were in prison because. It's not easy to transition martial art we've seen people try to do it it's usually with reasonable like utility. When the data center and got beat pretty. Good war. It content out there actually knocked out or even here. In that program like that we'll win McConnell at Oakland pretty USB because what on. Now energy that is not the exciting world. The bought Europe as generalization. But Marshall. What. He thought there. Or even Asia that. Statement. Yes like. You have ceiling has to gain and boxing really only has to lose. Yeah. It became instantly you know. At that well. That would argue for nine. You know an eagle. Still well beat beat any Pacquiao DP can tell. Me what your. In Holland legit boxing match against triple cheat. The would not like Floyd is coming out of it and get yours attire. These are past that I'm going to. Junior's. Retirement age forty that's not that there's a lot of good fighters out there. Are a lot of heavy. Lot of a lot of auction so spot in the order so. This is not what went out on the if you probably. Anybody right now immediately on that they'll be considered. Our eye ear at a casino right now when he got to put money on something what outcome would you put money on. But my problem that the guy. Shock the world more arms and job at that point I thought out what she could do feel what you can do it tried to. I truly believe. For that much lately is that they talk I think he. Eke it out well to Mark Eaton routine and do you know. Not a problem because you're on tape on. Intimate. But I think it was willingness in the work he's done that in Jamaica. And the opt out that the economy. He's. A great. I think about that money to put money out there in the end it's likely. Is this one million. But there is something about. That I thought and so I'm not in doubt that he. Sure but I'll be shocked because they're not helped would they would vote for. Dana great stuff really appreciate it we gotta have you on again. Enjoy the fight. Damon mark USC. Dot. Com. Will be a good night or will it just be a really bad show and we ball gets suckered. I got to work anyway but it all gonna get suckered you lose your rights you now. It's the count scary eating. Joining me here as we have a lot it's not about as today's action but if you add to bets that the USC guy has said. I would bet we'd better odds obviously hammered with McGregor right let that last night at a USC guys than it. He thinks it's gonna go the distance this guy sounds like he thinks it won't go the distance. It's going to be good or is this gonna be another sham sounds like a lot of influence from the the hype that's built up to this. Which is basically all it is in my mind I mean I see this as being. A money grab in there's no denying that both guys and a few others are gonna get rich off of this. You just hope that from the spectacle of this sport. That it's respectable enough. I I haven in the beginning didn't give. Connor a chance at all and not that I really do now and I don't follow it as much but I watched the show time stuff and who can avoid it now it's all over the place. There was says the safest endeavors on Floyd. Because it's a boxing match it's not USC Matt's ID. I tend to think that Connors aggression will give in to use some sort of potential. Push the envelope of at the Q when his instinct to come back in encounter after the ref tries to get into neutral corner. When he possibly thinks he can throw a pick in their eyes. I don't know if he's got that's which he seems so wired to be so aggressive and you're voicing he's going to be aggressive but to boxing match you've got to go to the boxer. Yeah I didn't think about that that you make a very good point. When you get into the ring like this you have instincts you've been doing this for a long time your instincts are to do step out of that. Other than box. And then up all the sudden he kind of loses it. Now maybe it's maybe this say bad deeds. Yield a that the muddies the money in the bank it's not gonna cost them any money as you just mentioned it's it's you have season tire you gain in. Boxing's in parity to lose so really is all on Floyd to make sure that he pens his part of the deal to be the greatest boxer those living right now. But he is kind of change you leases rhetoric as change and who knows if that'll hold we've seen that before where it's completely defensive end. You know run away run away run away and they just be surgical with visits to the point where you just out points his opponent. I I. I tend to think that at some point this is gonna get a little nasty you know early on no price contract just beat the crap out of each other and and one punch and get it over with. Honors me in his four rounds are under deal. You know it's always it's it's it's greats if it's a great theater and I really enjoyed that the banner back and forth. And I'm curious to see if we actually do get an actual boxing match on Saturday night as opposed to just. Overpriced way to spend the couple hours waiting for sometime happen. This speed that up my biggest thing will be speed. Does he get there and just as we've seen Floyd be so much faster than everybody's reply. To where the greater can have all the aggression and he can play the top guy he's the bigger fighter he weighs more. But once you get in with that speed I don't know how you for. How you prepare for that kind of and speed and employed senses early on this guy's got no shot I think he'd be over quick. All these tactical and obviously has great pro war you know Floyd proven that time and time again. And that's something Connors probably never seen before even though he claims to have have roots in boxing and threw his USC career. And the as you mentioned Downey I think the speed that that Floyd has not to just get shots in when the when the door of the window. Slightly open tonight and think that early on. This probably is gonna McGregor. Leaving a window open that he was able to get away with against USC opponents that boys get a fine. He's gonna get a good shot if they did talk I'm talking myself into really thinking that void will get that one shot and that. McGregor may not be able to recover from because of his speed and speed is what's beat. And even though agreement tries on some goofy that before work can switch in that any any as soon as he tries to switch his front foot. In the middle of of any exchange I think Floyd exposes it and puts them on the campus. Kerry Keane because joins us here on 95 point seven a game it's the first thousand shell. Shocked by the trade today in I mean our yeah. That's not that it happened I'm shocked a little bit that it was just an Eastern Conference but these are basic to teams are gonna be in the Eastern Conference finals again for all intents and purposes. And now they've pretty much is still owns insuring that that's gonna capitalize really don't like it as much for the cavs I. As much as I like it for the Celtics in terms is to hear what happens to the roster in the ability of the coaching staff. And the team that these guys are now around to elevate their games I think that Tyree will benefit more. From being on the Celtics than Isiah Thomas or anyone else who benefit from him being on the caps. You know the thing that I just can't get over and having. You know knowing somebody that kinda knew what was going on with Cleveland and whether it's true or not just to swear that kind of injured Pryor he ended up being in. To where. Here you are with your teammates you know three straight years in the finals and. It ended really bad to Wear it didn't seem like he had like any allies. In the building. And it 25 years old weakened city or talk about the talent we get city I'll look at the big shot against the warriors in order player. But. If you're this big of a pain in the ass Tony five years old. It doesn't really seem like he has those. Leadership qualities. I understand he's a great player but man. He you're going for your third title he can't get along with your you can't get along with anybody in the building that that that that that just has some type of alarms for me. We we brought this when I was with Irving guru last week. Anger brought up these point him in the cents a including drama and in the top ten list this out kind of branched off. And whether he belongs in that anger is one it was old frame on May be the player that he is because of the team he's surrounded by and that's an obvious statement. But to put him in a top ten type list but today. You know one of the best ten best players in the league list and in the point I'm making is. Now these players nowadays are rooted social media loyalty. To a team loyalty to team mates to an organization. Is very fleeting. And I think in the case of cannery. And I I have a early I would say relationship or friendship with David Griffin and seen way. Just seeing him Wear it at the finals when they were in oracle is news you can tell it was on his face like it was stressing him out. Whether it's dealing with Dan Gilbert weather was having to appease LeBron is making sure that the move that he made. Mid season to elevate Tyrone Lou after letting David black ago or whether with this carries situation especially because he did bring up. Towards the end of his tenure that he was in the middle of making moves to kick batteries shipped somewhere. Probably maybe for a little bit of better deal at the time since it was earlier in union and also pre draft. The loyalty now is is to your social media following the loyalties through your brand and it's easy to hide behind that. But it's also easy just to get up and go. Used to have to go to where you're drafted make the best of it. I thought back the pastor reeker and I think that the teams that are winning Isaiah which was about the pistons obviously. Michael with the bulls have Larry with the Celtics and magic with the with the lakers any one of those four guys in my mind who have been. Though that that great of a player Andy on any other team but they dealt with what they had to deal with and they were loyal to their team and that team got better around them. Now these players nowadays are going to find where they can go in with other guys it stems from them move eyes moved from a year. College transfer rate is that a ridiculous all time high right now you go to where you it and based on how you're going to feel now with how you're going to just from where you law. And I think Hillary was privy to a lot of pain in the fact that I think that the route via Cleveland after the and I think Harry protected himself. Regardless of all they the ethics and the ability to get along and not get along I think from a business standpoint from ability to. Market himself and be on a files type team. LeBron leaves at least we will have to this year Celtics are the odds on favorite as long as he's there they were in and then. And and the new kid again the gap from duke. For the next three to four years to in the Eastern Conference whose Eastern Conference is the JV. So they got the best team he went from the best team to it's going to be the best team. Getting a sense of being the horse out of town because my feeling is the Ronald via major market probably on the East Coast of nine Cleveland next year. And you mentioned those guys from way back when and I always kind of laugh that was like to throw it out there like in the EU just you can't. You can't quoted in your mind is now an easy drain mind go after guys on Twitter. And it is we do know before they became really good friends bird magic didn't like each other. You just can't imagine Larry Bird and Magic Johnson going back and forth on a clear I. I now it's it's it's amazing how it's changed me in and how it's made them accessible. But it's also expose them for what their weaknesses may be. Because they're being raised mine is dale behind this curtain where. You know the general public men that the not not to the celebrities in the professional athletes and everybody knows and follows that the general public can receive in this now. Uses it added as anyways she'll talk radio ever removed call kind of which were they needed to say and they would hide it back at home again on the phone and they revealed the suit they wanted to say whether it was you know. Smoking Joseph from from from Brazzaville Conan you know first time long time or I just get on Twitter and spiritual one said. On FaceBook if there which ones says that sometimes it takes. You know an interest in turn and you kind of get to your muscles on late at night used on an answer to wanna say. It's created an unbelievable situation in this league along the collective bargaining agreement for passages make these one year moves everyone's basically making one year removed right now at the very highest level the best situation a lot Kevin Durant. To the intermediate guys or one eventually get to that that situation while Paul George. Although magic may have screwed that up from there is to get to this situation in LA real time also. But it just think times and these guys are basically have all the power now I mean maybe they're getting paid that way if you put those positions that have that influence but also that ability to go where they wanted to go to where they're gonna feel most comfortable. And for them hopefully. XE you said something that's really really interesting about this generation's guys we got to unit that the coach is living here care aching it's Chris Townsend Cho will address all of them as we're talking about this trade and how does it affect the Golden State Warriors on night by point seven a game. He was talking about the big trade. Well what you like mice bred here tonight against the little mr. don't want any euphoria I got the man. It's like I've gone all out for you coached very intimate that you like that. The only issues thought yeah that's out the vote I you know what I'm thinking as you and I actually help party live from me like three minutes on my hand through my house. I mean I could be. How do you just come over for basketball season we wrap baskets they may believe that Stein in a year or two out of Africa there. Last night if there is this scares me what you were just talking about and and what the great things about you who is. You know EU being Natalie the coaching levels scouting level you know youth basketball. And how these guys are being trained. It's kind of very strange to where movement to them is not a very big deal. Unite the wall a great things about the Golden State Warriors are what makes the Golden State Warriors just not Gallup but the fact that these guys love each other. Care about each other play hard for each other. I mean we're getting into this world in the NBA where where is it really don't. While I think the warriors. Not just in what they've gotten accomplished and are potentially about to accomplish. Here even before keys her rival. It is the weighted structured and and a lot of credit obviously to Bob Meyers and his curve for cultivating that. And they've fallen in Q but also have drafted. The right guys they've done the right work obviously extreme comments that. Play claim might be the ultimate sign of that I mean all the things that he does all the things that he could do. And the things that he shrivel to do this year's finals yet still took the track to help the team win and relished in that. And it took it on the road celebrated in grand style overseas like a champion really does. It's something to be. Now it's up it to be and beat and I think it's not just the talent that police trying to catch up to. But the makeup of the structure of the team which is very very probably even more difficult than just amassing talent because that counts going to be tweeting on. You know one or two or three year deals and now they're just coming together for the purpose of trying to catch a team. We've already ahead of them and equal if not better talent but way ahead of them mentally and emotionally. Yeah you think about the Golden State Warriors only talk about it it's a copycat league and all of sports we can't copy this because every one of their guys. Truly outperformed where they were drafted. It's not staff Pete not play you mentioned drain mind you've even safe justices Healy Harrison Barnes and every one of their guys they drafted. And it being way better than where they are drafted him he retracted all these guys are Beatrice staying. And you can put teams together. They've now won two titles in three years three years gone to the NBA finals so like. The first game of the year taking on Houston. They've got to learn they've got to learn how to play together these guys not only learned how to play together at bringing Kevin Durant the burden on the title with governor well. And there are a great position now to have learned from these last three runs in three. Pretty distinctively different ways obviously the first one that I care about. The chance to defend him in the slip up and obviously the point a lot of different ways but still winning 73 games prior to that. And setting the single season regular season record but then almost going a step further coming back with the addition of Canadian. Things have to fall your way but when you're doing things right. You know with the old adage about that the lock in the opportunity now all of a sudden the success comes with a or work in between I mean there. They're they're finding themselves in positions where they're managing it right with the with the afoot on the on the present with tonight towards the future. And here comes Canadian they're able to add him and now they almost goes sixteen you know. He knows and now they'll put themselves in the position where they wiped out what is pretty much an anomaly of the year. In between the two titles with a chance to beat the odds on favorite for at least the next year to. It's very difficult an expert team is just so you know it's okay. We're gonna grab LeBron we're gonna put him with the you know the end of the of the Dwyane Wade's career maybe Carmelo whales all go to New York program and other guy. We have to get four guys now because used to be buried. And now it's four because streamlining player becomes superstars of their own right obviously with comedians that. It becomes even order it because I think the more you added just trying to wrote talent together. The harder it becomes. You know LeBron and in sense started this little bit by removing him putting himself in position although I don't know how much. Chris Bosh really is considered an all time superstar but it worked the point. They able to win in Miami. Now you have this happening with the warriors. I don't see it stopping anytime soon and I think the point that we've started to make about where it starts and now you it is. On a huge teams doing this but now they're starting to do everywhere. The potentially going to college together for a year and that's not anything new with the weighted they're going about it these kids although each other now. It used to be we grew up you go to camp in. You'd be regional you'd be in your town or yours CD maybe you know buster training ago a couple states over to a five or can't. You would travel the country. Very use internment as much as they do now and you wouldn't be grouped together represented in your country or your region in the USA basketball event. As much as they do now these kids. Somewhat get to know each other better but as we mentioned before the last great. They're not only hiding behind the veil of social media but their quote unquote creating friendships through social media. Where they really don't spend a lot of time at each other but they get to know each other. But there Twitter whether Internet users that chat with each other or their messages of their. It's it's very fleeting and is very fragile. And I think it's it's the point you made. One of the reasons why adults the size the town and the way the words go about it I don't see any team we have seen him many times in the current structure. Well and. Even think about Cleveland deal like this deal to maybe protect themselves if LeBron leaves because the pick that they're gonna be getting is going to be and that's picks. And that can actually be a really really high pick if not the number 10. And I think it's unprotected silly elusive nets knicks that's seem to kind of perpetuate themselves and all of these trade yeah you can put the NBA loves that assets and they love to leverage their future with the future. So they love the caddies say okay we have all these breaks and liquid and he's had in his hand and could've done with all the Nixon and this is what he ends up with. On bought all the moves are made he bought his movement Paul Georgia's move on now on the line. That Brooklyn perfect it and being potentially better down the road than anything that Isiah Thomas or carrier ring can bring. From a mental or physical standpoint. You know there are players coming down the road right now in high school and they use that have a chance to be you. Much like this draft is produced now generational type guys in the Euro is gonna have three or four guys average draft. It's just a matter where they come we just saw the 2011. Number one predicted trader for the 2011 number sixty pick. So the draft really is becoming a more more crap shoot. And coupled with the fact that we just talked about there are very few teams. That are handling their business from soup to nuts from their scouting to their personnel their operations their roster make up. I've I've never really seen maybe you can attest systems and seen some NBA maybe more than I have since I've been coming out of college. This synergy between coach and general manager. In such and such good shape as much as Bob and c.s are I mean they're really seem to be hearing for each other brace at the files in game five of his. Matches because of Steve's struggles and when he came back from within Baxter but I think there's really genuine friendship there I think they. Understand her on and on and and are on the same page like. A team like the clippers and when you have revolving doors of yams and and assistant personnel and vice president guys. That trickles down when there's that synergy at the top and the personnel level. Eventually the personnel that that group of masses get splintered too that's why I think you see the same teams. Winning almost all the time like you just tell you my time covering teams in the Bay Area. Where their time about what analyst Steve Mariucci were Jim Harbaugh with the San Francisco 49ers. Dusty Baker with the San Francisco Giants. The run ins Billy Beane had with his managers. You know all of my time working in the Bay Area. Really the relationship. That we have seen. That's why there's this love all their now when you win it makes it a lot easier there but I think a lot has to do it Bob Myers. The only watch Bob Meyers get up there at the parade. Had you ever ever ever seen it GM geared up at a championship parade. And go down the line and have a personal story about every single die this another thing I think why can't replicate what they're doing. It's just so special the run that thereon I mean you talk about. Look at issues of Krause. And and filled jacks that are paying. It's like for some reason everybody with the warriors has been able to check their ego to where we've always seen that doesn't really happen. I don't know how much. Takes from his time UCLA. And obviously having been involved in that program myself and on the influence that coach wooden. When the player when he was around he was forsee was around and ours are certainly wasn't bombs on campus. But one of his famous monsters was it's amazing markets accomplishment no pointers against the credit. And I really look at Bob and even in the times we've item on the show we did a draft show you see him in the hallways. He just he just has this this. Normalcy about him where he is operating at a pretty high level he's done the right way to learn as an agent. What it's like on that side of the fence and I think that's done wonders for him to to deal Angela Park police. On the other side never release he. Any players or agents. Coming out with an anything negative to say about it even in Avaya in a day like today where there are sources everywhere. Anything you do is gonna come out if you want to get out. In the you don't really see again and again the winning does protect that. But but I get the sense that obvious security what he does obviously has a great job. He's executive of the year but I think a lot of the moves that he's able to make our our me a little bit more seamless by the fact that he has relationships with these guys. I think your true I'll that it's just I have to have a relationship with Graeme on clay. And surveillance Gaza because on the GM I think he takes an interest in what these guys are as people and I think those guys appreciated because. It all comes about back around. And he he made deconstruct the veil that we are talking about tonight. That social media avail these guys are growing up on that false sense of security of their brand and almost forced them and Steve does a great job that's their right. Have the fortune of being some miscues early practices this year and just to see that things that he approaches the team with before they hit the floor that are happening in the real world I mean. Steve and Bob are almost the ultimate combination for this team. And I think you see a lot of respect for him back and it doesn't hurt when have a guy like that obviously Katie tanner had net charge in the way that they handle their business is well. Vegas has spoken about this trade will see if the coach. Agrees with sin city as we roll on right here in the Chris Townsend to now. All the Golden State Warriors and I five point seven game. Now back to decrease towns and shell. On 95 point seven game. Here and I. Variant. And I think a lot of people coach are saying Celtics won but a lot of people want to be paid. Both did well but the Celtics really won this thing is you're gonna 45 year old who's an NBA champions of the big shots. In the big games played great against the Golden State Warriors including in the one year being the Golden State Warriors. But Vegas still hands. The Cleveland Cavaliers as the favorite in the Eastern Conference. That's all LeBron. That you can take anyone put them on that team mates though read it as long as LeBron the Eastern Conference. In my mind account will be. Healthy which you know a few more years left them obviously the Celtics values. Hi re more than Isiah Thomas gave a lot more at the tents and allow more of what happens with that Brooklyn. I still think if you just look at the trade itself that it will benefit the Celtics more. Look at the way Brad Stevens coaches. What he was able to do resonate is not forget. It wasn't like Isiah Thomas at the level of productivity. It's a Metairie edicts. He did you abilities that goes back you that is coach. Hughes walked. A unique ability at that size that put the ball in the basket area and fearless. But it completely different players and those attributes the Sherri and I think Boston in particular Brad Stevens he's what you was able to do with Isiah Thomas. They're they run their posts have been running their posts and I've posting news as they pass receiver. In the opposite that is shooters in the corners he's helped comes off when it was running off those cuts users who's so we. Running opposite I've post pre usable ones. And users using the screen the pop back English. Remittances greens those guys in the corners. Office with setup for his scoring is ability. I really yours Hewitt Brad and is that Como where you'd allies. The ballots. Every little bit different I mean that the shooter. But it better clutch your queries obvious you better finishers. Bigger. The effectively meet the toss up you know Isaiah and Ruth would be. Viewers. To leave alike is the it's a he's he's please feel scores the coached sports for the top scores and others including top news scores and no one's core. Weak point in the trees scores the use them. We actually created the Internet the party. Lose. And we called rule over the world football. Years ago whoever he wanted to use pretty. A lot of lot of steals put in terms of guarding the ball in and having your help position. Scorers the is not required you do an amendment that forces put the ball in the past you. When indeed Kevin Foster was rated that as. Levels so. In addition to see what happens I think they opened the season with each other. They're the first game of the year so it won't be able wolf find out from the from the first the last day of the Eastern Conference files because I. Fully expect these two teams to view their battle now come face the warriors come June. Well that I end and it and it and the animosity that's going to be the real animosity that's going to be there. If you believe in what we heard. About him not talking to anybody during the finals of one of them do that anybody didn't want not the coaches didn't like I mean he. He was burned the bridge. With the cavaliers during the finals three after the finals is doing it during a fine. It's in this legitimizes his egging on of Stefan Harrison Barnes wedding. Of the mimicking of the bronze famous snapped shatters degree in the day after the finals in his right back on the grind with the bald head. Hold the phone his face so. Carries deftly put himself in a position where it's kind of produce on a different level now and like you said we're gonna find out. We I think amateur it's the same night I don't know what the warriors and rockets and off the check the schedule the same night but they are they playing double header back to backs we will watch both. Game so we're getting the first night first first date first game of the NBA season. Is going to be cavs Celtics. And then right after that we're gonna get warriors against the rockets so we're gonna get the look. Of the new rockets to see. Obviously doesn't mean anything because of what San Antonio did the Golden State Warriors in that first game where Evan Iran you know but it's juicy. It's really really juice you know like it. Could make the end of the seasonal more intriguing when those fourteen of the last four standing as well. And I think the musicality that game is going to be incredible. Yeah immunity well Isiah. As they'll try to prove through Cleveland that he was worth it in stereo try to prove to a Ron that he was the guy I mean it is so mes story lines. Just in those two teams alone. Now obvious or looking forward to writers throughout the CP three and James Harden. Then being pretty firm and then in two ways about it wouldn't let him unseat the spurs just yet but lost Popovich and Caruso around it. Rock it is certainly put themselves in position for all the offseason moves the biggest impact the biggest change the plus side from last season to this. Yeah Anna and I know always looking at the the warriors glasses it's like a cat. Nothing and that it is. That's great made its rate it'll make the lesser count the level of one of their whole life I mean that it's not it's not like. I kept asking everybody this offseason and you can hold that but I'm asking a lot of people in the offseason as moves were being made. You know as night has anybody done any thing. Anything. That is the year of the Golden State Warriors you actually stand back and you go. Well adds interest. That might be a problem all lets you answer that next right here as we roll on its approach it. On 95 point seven a game.