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Tuesday, August 22nd

Towny coming out of A's talk gives you guys some insight on this huge Kyrie for IT trade. Also keeps it in the family talking to John Dickinson on your home for Warriors basketball, 95.7 the Game. 


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Jesus Crist on this. On 95 point seven. Eyes and here's the deal game a random really long all we had. Stack everybody that John Dickinson is gonna join us and just snack. Chris Biederman who covers the niners for the USA today will join us in 845 will toxin in MA would Damon mark and nine the couch. Kerry Keating's going to be joining me. As a lot to get into the hoop. And then Levi Damien coming up here at 10 o'clock tonight to get into the silver and black very interesting in the San Jose Mercury news today. Predicting the 53 man roster. And there are some names for both. Raiders and the niners that you go really bad guys not gonna make it but more importantly. John Dickinson and JD sorry big game ran late night nobody. What's going on account yeah I'm not your typical I'm not the prototypical leadoff hitter but I get on base a lot so we're we're we're good to go I don't have speed but I cannot base a lot. Yeah you look like a four hole hitter but yet you're gonna be leading off tonight. Yeah buys I take my walks that I'll slap a few basis I've got to keep the line move and that's what I did I get a gonna keep the movement. So all the rumors were flying around about the Celtics and cavaliers and the next thing you know boom it got done at. A lot of different varying opinions on man is that they both did well on the train. In the one's gonna make out better in the long run Celtics cavaliers. And the eastern conference for the first time in awhile. Just got interest. Yeah really did in you think about of the Celtics with a number one team in the regular season. The cavs were right there behind in the number two and in the cabs obviously beat a minute in the conference (%expletive) adults. And advanced it to face the warriors but I think it's a good trade for both teams really and I find it hard to believe just from that. The Cleveland perspective first that they could've they could've got a better deal for carrier I don't think there was one out there. To take Isiah Thomas back in the contract year and I know he's coming off that hip injury which doesn't sound like it's going to be an issue but to get him back. Next to LeBron James to go for it. 41 more year of out of LeBron under contract before he has the ability to opt out and it also add. A little bit depth in the front courted Jae Crowder gave credit to good player he's been under rated good defender solid player. Big part of that Celtics. Team these last couple years and and their success yet you throw him in the mix. But they get. Pick coming from the Brooklyn nets that the Celtics on the could be a top five pick. Next year depending upon what Brooklyn does he saw that worked out for the Celtics this past year. Brooklyn ended up winning the lottery given that picked the Celtics in the Celtics ended up. Shipping it off to fill the kofia. And help them. As well so there's a lot of different. A lot of different things. That they can go. Yeah that go for the captain and short and long term. It through the celtics' Eddie you have to say you got better me carrier to better players than Isaiah Thomas. You add Gordon Hayward was gonna take a lot of minutes. They. Ed did the Celtics think they got a lot of good young players. You know Jalen brown from callous somebody that's on their roster they feel like Al Horford around. Days they also have a tape as well as the dad that they want it taken. Ninety contain and then number three they're a good spot both young and old and that you carry for two more years so I think both teams. Actually got better in this deal and it gives the cat to Anthony blown up next year it will probably. Yeah nasty get Isaiah off the books you can get LeBron op the books. And you could have the top pick. It kinda in an in some ways it works or the Cleveland Cavaliers. In multiple aspects of this. In other kind of hopefully setting themselves up so they won't have a big all of LeBron leaves but right now like Vegas. This didn't move the needle for Vegas the cavaliers is still the favorite in the Eastern Conference. Yet I think that's because of LeBron team's first and foremost I feet and the fact that they they still have LeBron James had any added. Up players that's a good rotation player in in Jae Crowder along with Thomas Thomas is the stopgap Thomas who the dad can score a lot. And really you could say that offensively he had better numbers. Then I agree Irving did last year and it can't sit opposite viewpoint look massive chip on the shoulder he's all always got a massive chip on the shoulder. And they'll be in the last pick of the draft going back to when sacrament of selected in the 2011 the last pick. By the way the senior that carrier ring was the first pick of the draft and now they get traded. In a package for each other. From that 2011 draft some interest in the air but. Isiah Thomas wants a Max deal and in he's made a point to say that he wants upwards of close to 200 million authors. Next year so he's going to be a motivated player I think in the regular season. He added maybe can carry you through. And help you on nights were where LeBron wants to take that off but I do for its head and it. In this thing. Carrier and a much bigger problem for the Golden State Warriors. Then Isiah Thomas is just based on size and point Carey's been so good against the warriors. At finishing in the late game baskets inside the Christmas game last year obviously game in game seven of the files. It's fascinating because edit the Celtics are better than they were. I think he could make a case that the cavaliers. In the regular season are better than they were though the matchup with the warriors. May not put Canada in as favorable position just because they no longer have carrier in the for a. John Dickinson witness here are not a five point seven game it's the Chris Townsend shell and now as you mentioned Kai rearing is again it's been in the finals this is a guy that's won the finals he's got the hardware. How I feel like they'll how this went down because a big goes down this way and Cleve land. Could this go down again in Boston. Now well he's got two years on the deal and from everything I've heard tonight in in red and just kind of following on all it seems like he's opened its damage that that's the other aspect of this thing that makes. Makes it makes sense for the Celtics. Is the fact that they were gonna have to make a decision on it it obvious next up. So this actually reset the clock. And the one thing I don't think any wanted to view at all. Was maxed out Isiah Thomas is 200 million dollars a year for a five and eleven. Up point guard it's it's when he died carrier ring and 25. Steve got youth on your side two more years of the deal. And if you're gonna Max out carrier that you're gonna do when he's 27 years old that's almost the perfect Max age. If you think about it 27 to 3132. Would be that that range in which backs the guy out right in the heart of its prize I think it makes sense for the Celtics in in that respect. And used diabetes he's. Data clutch player he's talented scorer this is more his team now along with Gordon Hayward and Gordon Hayward the guy that can. Differ. I think a little bit and you're count on that if he was gonna play when Isaiah Thomas I think it's gonna have a feel with Thomas got now in Boston. Then it it's kind Reid's team. And it's Gordon Hayward team. And you know it's almost the best of both worlds for piracy he gets it via. A big piece he gets I'd stick it to vote fraud wire those games going to be incredible of those teams. They're faced each other opening night county in Cleveland it's the first aid in your. It's the force anybody NBA schedule for the entire year is Boston at Cleveland with tire carrier be going back. The faithful broad gains include one after carrier ring requested a trade and it's a rematch of the conference files and it is it really does get. The NBA could not have scripted. A better. Scenario for August when that gate and did you go to fast forward to October 17. And that's the appetizer for a here on the West Coast before the warriors get their rings. Against the rockets at oracle that very same night in Libya have been a lot eyes locked on the television sets it's that oracle for the warrior game that I. So board's views and pandering. It's Obama's that he would. I think it absolutely is because it's even and look you can give the edge of a broad. Because he's LeBron. And it you'll like Thomas who's out the it is if he's healthy he's gonna score mean he's gonna have a terrific year you would think. Playing alongside LeBron James but it I really think it's a pickup in the east I know. Now the odds makers steak while caps are still the favorite. Look at Celtics have a lot of young talent and he carries 25 Gordon Hayward when he seven Jason paid them with excellent. In the summer league and he's only nineteen Jalen brown wanting. They feel like you said they got Al Horford. Ended look I think there in a spot where. They're gonna be really get him Brad Stevens is really good coach and I think he's gonna get. Maybe aspects of carrier ring scheme may be able to use them and exploited in ways that. That we haven't seen because he's always had to play second fiddle to. That LeBron James I think it's a terrific deal for the Celtics I really view on how to get to pick him I don't agree with the odds I think it's real close. Maybe give the edge to the cap for next year just because they still have rob. But the Celtics are gonna be a force to be reckoned with and it's amazing county. Mean they're two best players the Boston Celtics the number one seed in the east this past year. Their two best players. Were even on their roster when Nazis and edited the spot for the cavs. Go back to the end of may it's amazing their two best players earn our carrier ring in Gordon Hayward. These two teams are gonna beat the crap out of each other because if you believe what we were hearing too where. Carrie got to a point where he didn't speak to anybody he wasn't getting along with a anybody. Window at least that first game when he comes back to Cleveland. I can't wait to see how physical that's going to be. Yet it's unbelievable that they think you get guys were on one end of the rivalry didn't move to the other and yeah how about Carrie goes back to Cleveland. And hourly caps fans get a can agree in. He hit may be that they get shot in the history of the franchise made in history that city. And we all know the Cleveland history about winning championships whether unions. And the heartbreak for him from last year the World Series. So their heart rates and in the mid nineties it teams that didn't win the house was always so that the browns where they would. Gag it away the end but angry hit. The only championship shot in in modern. Cleveland history. And now he's villain number one and it really is it's great drama and the other thing here is that policy become. Absolutely beloved in in. Boston I mean. Forget the company added he took that town by storm on the scoring be in the sixth man initially when he was starting job and all the fourth quarter heroics that that he had. He became a loved figure and and although it didn't ever really. Appeared in meeting the 88 was gonna WiMax or die out like that. You for the Celtics they. It reminds you almost that Belichick moved county where in the guy was so great for the franchise but it's like boom that the better option comes on. See you later little work carrier ring guys at banks but we're moving on were not gonna Max you out. I think for Isiah Thomas who helped recruit Hayward the company Boston. To think that he was gonna need stayed there long term it's funny there's also about I think it's obvious yet he always. Fights and put themselves in the position to be. You know top. You guys on the team more Boston's case may even their best player but regardless of all of that everywhere he's been. Every team that's had him as always not you know one. He's not really the franchise. For the ultimate goal and I think the Celtics that's that's got to via a tough pill for Thomas to swallow somebody did that probably thought he was going to be at Celtic. Maybe for life really when you think about it. That was one more year left on the idea one that Max money and Al. Wiese and that openers about the east mar organic that are going to be. Once it's getting real real real. Yeah name the year. The only thing they need just to wrap it up you need it like forty. Because that the other teams in each. If they could just play like every other team. Go back and forth you know quiet off and and it plays somebody else at play in Cleveland the place somebody else an eagle at the plate you know it they could play half the schedule. Didn't get it every week at 5 o'clock in the game on a Thursday on the West Coast if you don't play more because. Now three or four times or Robert maybe it is an advocate for that's not nearly enough. Body. Parts market down. We're gonna talk about pulled ten chill 49ers. Some names a year ago. Really that guy's gonna get cut will talk about right here Chris downs each 095 point seven again. This is the Chris Townsend show on 95 point seven big game. I'll sleep got controversy in the UNC. John Jones tested positive we'll get an economic near the top of the hour plus McGregor Mayweather. Is going to be a good fight where's it gonna be the bearded lady. We will just have to wait NC. Chris Biederman is an outstanding job covering the San Francisco 49ers. For the USA today and he joins us now Chris how are we doing this evening. What problem. We you tell me quickly on the flight good fighter bearded lady which won't let me. Oh man I'm actually gonna spend all of Saturday moving so I'm on our maturity or even be able to catch a that I'm gonna expect. Floyd two probably knock about what is let when not McGregor plays guitar province sixers. Yeah about an. And I don't think it's going to be Yemeni there but we'll see albeit spectacles of this game coming up. Pretty big for some certain players. Have been hearing that it's a mod Brooks could be on his way out. Take care being out of Florida State the former second round pick how many. This game for wits niners is certain is really big for them. To whether they're going to be on this roster and. Yeah I think Ahmad Brooks is probably the most notable ones just as he's been started the last six years on and Palestinian admitted that. In after Saturday's game the night use competing with with Eli Carol for that starting job and it's interesting because you know it. Shanahan talked a lot about Brooks in the spring and mentioned how you know he was in good shape beneath and thirty regions are generally well. And early in camp worked got a couple days options and they are sort of its practice better days off and then all of a sudden. Outcomes and then he's competing without restarting reps and you look at their salaries and say well reps and is gonna make six million dollars this year if he reaches all the incentives and roster bonuses or things like that electoral storm as murky dealings in making undertake. And in the same laws if there isn't really that much drop off between Harold why not they've five million dollars 49ers and via local cap street's next year. And you know there are obviously could be in the market for quarterback or. You know any any number of free agents so. That's certainly one tank dirty Mike you mentioned. He's starting and played well to me seems like a good fit playing defensive ends Newport three but it. The 49ers obviously draft solemn promise and he's going to be starting eventually. So. The 49ers seemed really happy with with his progression particularly after missing mean RC's program. I'm I'm interest in the Q what happens at quarterback with with Matt Barkley conceded that they're backing up right where I'm. Barring injury and I'm pretty certain quarters going to be the starter Brett. The question becomes you know peppered wins that pack of job which in the wake up right now based on the efforts to produce being in a moral teaching for training camp. I would say there's a reasonable chance that that the niners only to keep two quarterbacks. And navy you know about the only thing potentially keeping three quarterbacks as if peppered. One that backup job would just be Bryant wears injury history. Many don't want this season going completely on the two. You know he's suffering leaders of both obviously you know you lose two quarterbacks. In Indiana collier your match it regardless of organizer wanna develop their team. And the only way they can do that really is where Islam. It is with decent quarterback player competent court. The other guys is genie award he. As a guy or expects to start restate Ian he had a way to. In practice sessions and supporting McCain openly July he's gonna answering injury in the an atomic 49ers are taking it slow with them. And they're expecting him back at practice tomorrow will be in the patent Palestinian women talk to arms and somebody. But he said he anticipated ward getting some pretty intensive work outs with position coach chip athlete which indicated in a news. Some football specific workouts not it's you know that the typical stuff with with the training staff on the side field. So there's a chance what makes his debut in and he was really important position that street street Guillen and met new single my easement that they want in the electoral. Which is obviously a big gap so yeah doesn't look orca that on our coach or five guys mark pretty well so. So what do you think about. 49ers head coaches you go from Harbaugh to Tom Sula. Does it ship Cali now nick Kyle Shanahan. Engineered time around Kyle so far what are your observations about him. What he seems really even yield down to earth. He's honest he's willing to expand on you know talk. Expand on answers like talking in the media in a way that may be Jim Harbaugh certainly out there Jim Harbaugh are treated. A lot of information about a team like you know war secrets. Men and their Sundays were our row would give the median not once say anything of use and you would completely one engine. How Q&A about one player and you'd start talking about another. And he never knew what you really gonna get Jim console. One of the best public speaker he wasn't. Built for the press conference setting you really nice guy. And he was one of those people where you know he if you talk to own pace of faith you know abuse saying. But it when you go back and read the quotes. And pinkie was saying it had been really make a whole lot of sense Chip Kelly. You know to count it was it was an interesting got to cover used really Smart. But chanting and mean it sounds like everyone's throwing the same direction he's he's he's much more on that incorporated and talkative when it comes to media. And I think that's kind of an extension of John mentioned and others that they're seeing European mandate sort of around the team that after. You know that the PR issues that they had in recent years whether it's you know Jamar right issues with the media or. His all of the top seed pop off field rep that he had at the end Jim marvelous tenure. On the budget consulates stop and you know the organizers want to reinvigorate their trip. So that's why you have you know John Lynch doing so many interviews and and being so candid and outstanding at the same way it. The most notable thing to me about changing hands is hearing the players are. You know like there's of the term genius has been loosely thrown around sort of laughingly about changing it depicted the way he. Looks at plays in meetings and and breaks down to a vote for opera and and be sent. Players he goes into each position. And what. What the responsibilities are of any given player. On any given play and then sort of talks about things for oracle topical standpoint. In a wide these players are doing it instead that is what the players are too. Obviously talk to it so that some of the guys and just daily talked about it a little bit. Basically it's really neat to the coaching staffs that that they've beltway. Over the last year's I think that the positive. You know we'll see how that translates to on field production. I expansion and going to be a really good schematic guy but he doesn't have the most talented roster certainly that have the most talented quarterback. In the biggest question may be on offenses aside from quarterback is what the option one's gonna look like it's going to be good enough. In the run regardless of scheme are they going to be able to run the ball like being need to do. To be able to set up play action. And make things a little bit easier for Hitler but I would stage Cheney and his is off to a good start from where the 49ers were the last four years. I would patient hands. But his temperament seems he seems really out and it sounds like communication are open all as players. An and I think at the positive and entering its received. Yeah how long run I think it's gonna end up being a really great hire for them Chris I always appreciate the time we got to hook up for a beer soon. Yeah so here. Actress theater at a remote USA today niners wired is a great job about it. Both the raiders and the niners with USA today as they do a great job break now both these teams in future information. Never good when you test positive for something you're not supposed to have in your system. And is this going to be a good fight or is it going to be the bearded lady the circus we're gonna find out as we roll on right here on 957.