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Monday, August 21st

Towny gives you guys a full hour of Niners and Raiders, and a once in a lifetime segment of Buying or Selling! 


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Let's fast. Fight left in them. Since it has nothing to do with the golf course. So it looks like somebody hacked a bunch of celebs phones. And I don't understand this. Why people. Take nude photos of themselves. And send it to other people. I mean don't you know that if you do that ache exist it can come back on Jan. So I guess a Lindsey Vonn the Olympics year. We used to date Tiger Woods. I guess he sent her a a new photo of little tiger. And her phone was hacked and I guess this website. Put up the photo. And now Tiger Woods. Has hired attorney is about to go after this web site. And you better take it down. I mean that that the nude photo of a guy really Nat and I am really that big of a deal but. When you got Tiger Woods is money and you got his power and he's coming after via yet he's gonna get it. So we'll see how this works out. The hacker reportedly broke into bonds phoning gained access to work photos. As well as a new itself the woods had set to the Olympic skier when they were dating. Win in doubt. Don't take naked pictures. Aching come back the Hong-Chih. So when in doubt don't do it. All right so tonight it was a awful football game but something happened. There was eleven Cleveland Browns players. Who knelt in a circle during National Anthem. Including the first Caucasian player to do with them Seth devolved. Along with ten others. They know what's. And they said they were saying a prayer during the National Anthem for this country. There's a movement gone folks. And it's not going to stop. And and that's Michael Bennett. From the Seattle Seahawks. And I had his agent and Marshawn Lynch is agent Doug Hendrickson my buddy went to college win. Had him on but Michael Bennett said. You know when when when white players start doing it oh well here we go. You don't see a lot of different things throughout the season. Players are using their platform. And they're gonna use their platform whether you like it or not. And I know I didn't show the other day where I was like I mean deer really care. Is the National Anthem because I had to bring it up. Because IC so many different people not honoring the National Anthem on a daily basis. When you're when here at that went whatever the next sporting event you go to. And the national at the start point and at certain people get up and stand up and take their at opera whatever. You also look around. And turn around look up and see peoples in the line to get food. People are out the parking lot still drink it people in the club level still drink it not honoring the National Anthem. And it just came to me the other night. Because everybody's acting like oh my god these guys are doing the most disrespectful thing. I thought to myself well. What's more disrespectful. I sit in the last night club or down tequila shots before kick off or the guy who's trying to make the point that this country needs some change. On the football field making a point making a political statement what's worse. Guys when shots in the bar where the football players. These guys you know the guys doing shots in the bar I don't care at the National Anthem gone. That Timmy is worse. I see broadcasters all the time in the press box. Having conversations. They don't stop what they're doing his. When you're around this every single lick it's football's the once a week sport. Right once a week so people take it so seriously. But when you look at baseball. These guys who work in baseball. They hear it every day. They they they hear the National Anthem every single. Day. That's why I'm seeing prominent broadcasters. Prominent players turn broadcasters. For all these different teams in the National Anthem is going on. It's just such a routine for them the deal will be in the back in the press box carrying on conversations. They don't go everybody's national anthems on that and let's hear from my buddy Doug Hendrickson won the top NFL agents. I asked him about there's a movement going on in football. Well there movement going on right now it's cooled seat because you get catalog our. Regular coach Jim brown and all Ian. Who interviewed before it careened into the guy. You can't really creating change you folks thought in what and create up quite. Can't do the same thing that the social media now abroad have more followed that and then the cop. But he's got a lot of power and then we'll that the right well. For change and we a lot of stuff go on like Michael Bennett says a lot of you know oppression and and hate and bigotry and being like I think you cannot walk around the players duplicate them. And camp look at them at pay out of reaching certain things. I've clawed Marshal on it and got it all like guys all the rest again in this war what has been adequately believe it and do the right front. And that's an American thing isn't it. That's when people look at it especially when they look to cap Bernanke and they said. Alice is so one American. Now. Standing up for what you believe and and trying to make change. That's American. Do we deal in this country. Doug Hendrickson the co president of independence boards and he's been an NFL agents since 1999. And it the year raider fan eleven to death disease easily won the help Marchand hit with the raiders and made that happen. But right now there's a thing going out there hash tag stand up for love. You think about football. And you think about football players. And there's always been a Nagin of light on on how things are mad was some football people. In the back these guys are actually at these young men who. Make good money. Lot of love a fast lifestyle. Now a lot of these guys you know. And their Taiwanese and have more money name never had before and I think it into troubles a the fact that they're not getting in trouble are now standing up for a clause. Is far better than what we've seen in the past right. Let's go to Mike in Newark Mike welcome to the Chris Townsend jail. Chris. They live. A in my. Thought about it earlier orders at your body on the agent. But an Arctic shelf these up and I'm in the name actor and a place where I work it was like I could tell you something. Guys whatever aftershock there cat around on BP. It's not an option and it. Cilic in the public relate. And it. You're too quick then it's obviously. Years you know I mean eight yeah I like called double times it's hard watched. And I say that you know it's. Is that that guy you know it's been I mean not let them you know dirty pictures opened the you know and so watch. You know I'd kind of like outmoded or younger people I'd get back. She and at what copper belt and you what at the end that you got a secret or now it's now wouldn't it out so she. Shipment the iPad and an. You know. And but. It was great county might not mean I do acknowledge. Dot ups anyway and the real quick raiders you know the gay yet. Or actually not currently the opposite effect and that they. You know but that trend now I know it's pre season but now. But there and stop and you know what mark I worked out so much of Asia and beyond rock you know. I really. I mean you guys just. You know and Eddie and went one other quick it's not me acted out wanted to but by the route talk about it. What are the real honor work on these cute topic for the raiders would have rode out. Yeah I had had you feel about the news that Donald pins gonna be showing up tomorrow. All right Ted Elliott and finally. Finally county but why. You know but apple. Now that that all well well that. He play. Lot of it is etched I mean I'm not in its early really early hour. But you guys are well what can tell what what what he's cute opera. Appreciate the ball on the deal. Now Conley. It's not withdraw with a chance. Something's wrong. And melon bond rule I mean these guys. They need help in the secondary that's why they picked these guys where they picked him. And they need help they need help at linebacker mark L lead does not look like the guy. He may be some day right now. Just let's let's do big form. I mean when you're when we're sitting here saying. Oh my god the draft picks the draft picks the draft picks. If you really wanna be a team that's thinking about trying to get to the Super Bowl the offense no question. Looks like a Super Bowl offense. I mean it's not Vance. It's opulence is going to be explosive. It's going to be a lot of fun. Now so far obviously as Mike just said it's three seasons now you wanna flip outlet will see in Dallas. If it's another poor performance. You know. You got a guy paragon of sit right behind Ken Norton junior and Ken Norton junior in his defense it's out to a slow start. You conceive Brawley Ken Norton junior being relieved of his duties and paragon taken overly quick but still it's about the players. You know you gotta have good players. And you got to pass rush and you gotta be able stop the run I mean. They gave up a 117 yards a game on the ground they only had 25 sacks lowest in the NFL secondary was bad. John Smith yeah I'm not gonna be shocked if he's not eerie another have to eat some money I'm not gonna be shocked. Miami defense. Maybe just maybe. As we've seen this before and I mentioned this on Saturday night raiders extra point. We have seen some teams. Whose offenses were so explosive. And they were the key the key having an explosive offense. To help write your defense. Is you've got us corporal. You score early. And any other team is having to play catch up the entire game. And that was the thing about the greatest show on turf. And now is nothing about the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees. They get a couple of touchdowns outline new. And next thing you know. The other teams avenue to one dimensional they're having that your trying trade scores with the and you don't have the kind of firepower. With Kurt Warner Drew Brees and and those groups those offenses. In May and it's it's no day at the beach man it makes for a long game and these teams. But that's not the raiders were last year can they be that this year maybe last year they were the fourth quarter comebacks they are always having to come back. Garrett Carl last year 74 quarter comeback second most of football in a Matthew Stafford. So instead of coming back at the end of the game. They need to come out and start scored some touchdowns to help this defense now. And then that. If car in the offense. Can dominate the ball score early. And analyze how this defense to pin its ears back and just go after the quarterback as. Now the other team's going to be grip in and they're gonna have the fill the football that could help them now. But when you're sitting around on him the best you know you take Apple Mac and Bruce Irvin the best guy you're seen as Corey James you're like. C'mon Reggie relief. Perry Riley off the street mean you're starting linebacker last year. That's crazy thing about the raiders is that you got a bunch of linebackers. You GM's a linebacker had coaches linebacker your defense Gordon it was a linebacker. Why can't they figure out this position. So why the defense is guy that you know. But what what what do you really expect. Leno clone Macs going to be yet. I'm not sure other recipes is gonna work but maybe just maybe. This offense. Can really help out this defense and we can be looking at a situation and a lot of that's gonna have to do with car. Car's gonna have to not cart came out at times last year early in games and was not good. Now we saw on the spree seizing Amy came right out he was fabulous. If cart and start games hot. That's going to be good for the raiders. Just analysis on this report today that it's owned by he could be the odd man out on the defense of Lonnie. That's the thing about that's the thing about football. You can be the bell the ball one day and then the next day you could be out. And Eddie banner goes hopefully this kid out UCLA. Is going to be able to. Really helps solidify that defense of lying but Trey Yvonne Hester the seventh round pick the rookie is actually look pretty good. And any the neat a lot tree was Darius late nom yet he's a guy I mean it could be a point. You know maybe just analysis time on this. On this defense could be. Could be in question. They're gonna need multiple for this thing to get fixed. There and get any multiple guys. To really play big Mario Edwards junior asked to stay healthy and has to contribute. You can win in the regular season as we saw last year. You can win in the regular season. With not a great defense in a high power offense. Decorators to twelve and four. But when you get to go to. Post season. If you're not playing defense you're going to be in trouble. But maybe that will be the one thing Marshawn Lynch can help bring. As a chain mover to keep the defense off the field. Batavia is Murray was a guy that won many look like he was great the next minute he disappear. Maybe the consistency. Of Marshawn Lynch in the run game. And it's the same thing for the 49ers. You know we start out that showed tonight would burn Glenn talking about the 49ers. You know they are given up a 165. Point nine yards a game on the ground last year and document there's a reason you're to a fourteen. You know both the both the raiders in the niners are probably the niners they don't have a high powered offense and they don't have that data on the great quarterback. The both these teams that were going to be looking at this year. We're gonna look at both these teams that they had they gonna do how they gonna do yet. Their defense is off the field. Because of their just didn't gouge in the run game. That's not yet the raiders let niners gave up under 65 point five I just ahead of them permit area and that raiders gave up 117. On Ingram. That is no Bueno. No Bueno whatsoever. And that's they had scratch her. Especially for the raiders now. Our relationship will Hoyer and Shanahan this offense can be better and and at least just don't turn the ball over the for the raiders. You got defense of guys. And I know that ride Jack Del Rio last year awry because I interviewed Jack Del Rio every single week on the silver watch out. And I just know talk into on talking among off camera. The fact that his defense was was was was get beat up out there. It pisses him off. Easy defense of guy. His expectations are his defense to be one of the best in the league and when they're not Del Rio is not going to be happy. And the last thing you wanna see is a championship caliber offense. Being brought down by a less than stellar defense. The window of opportunity. For the raiders. Is now. And these next couple years. So the draft picks have to hit. That they got to be able to stop Iran they got to get to the quarterback. Because it's not a good sack it's not a good secondary. But also when you're not rushing the quarterback now. Even if you have a good secondary. This league's offensive coordinators and quarterbacks and wide receivers and beat these guys these these these people are all too good. And again Missouri set up against the defense. You're you're already at a disadvantage being on defense. This game is set up for the offense this game is senate delight at the scoreboard like a pinball machine. So you already have one arm tied behind your back. And now they're not getting into the quarterback. Even if your secondary was good one on frenzy be in trouble. They've got to find a way to get two quarterbacks. Make them on easy. Is it going to be Alice is going to be Vanderbilt who's going to be supplying the pressure. Up front. That keeps quarterbacks from having the ability. To step up in the pocket that was a problem last year. As the only guy get two guys in two guys get the quarterback that was it well you're gonna anymore than that. And I like to play more of a concerted defense well. In that's not working and you may have to bring a house you've got to do something. But I really do you think you've Derrick has romo's great right round was like I got something that come near camp is Derek come out. And fiery guy and he was a little bit all over the place to start games. Wolf we can get their car like what we saw in this comes of the experience and he's he's one more year season. If Derrick can come out and play the way he played. This past weekend. That is going to be good for the raiders. That is really going to be. Now there's something it was interesting things that we saw this past Saturday for both the franchise in the Bay Area. I tell you what I did a run defense going to be better for the niners it's got. But they're not gonna be on the field. For as many plays. What I Hannity. The opposing teams rush like 549. Times against their defense last year might buy yet on voted on more than anybody else. But their offense on Saturday against the Broncos. Put them in a bad position. And their defense faired pretty well when CJ Anderson scored. On the goal line on that was worked out. The Broncos had a hell I would Trevor Ximian has been named the starter for the Denver Broncos. As Paxson lynch. Got the start on Saturday. Night Ximian is going to be the starter week one. That was the thing for the niners that I know people killed in the kill the offense and killed turn overs and all that. But that was the thing for me is the defense their ability to stop the Ryan against team that's gonna be run or at Denver Broncos. So I thought that was pretty. The offense for the raiders would mean the raiders offense is it's. Now a cook. And you have the building with a tight ends the wide receivers. You got the two young fast backs eagle Marshawn Lynch. If your defense of coordinator right now. Going up against the raiders. If you're can sleep well that week. As you're looking at weapons. All across the board. And you're watching a young quarterback. Jest get better. Your car for the next exit many years is going to be one of the best in the Lee and number four is gonna Kerry is franchise. To a lot of wins. It amazing when you have a court acknowledges everything changes. And when you don't have a quarterback how miserable it is. It's like always searching for the holy Grail you have that quarterback. You got a shot the way and had a shot to the playoffs got a shot at the Super Bowl just got to in the post season if you don't have a quarterback. I you're gonna be doing is talking about it trying to find one. That's all you're gonna do. We're still buying or selling here on the Chris Townsend show naturally on I five point seven game. You know every once in awhile it. I have something to eat. That just makes my nose. Itch. And I don't have allergies I did it must be something. I'd be solved and I'm allergic to like right now money noses on I hear like I can't stop scratching. It's like the worst. And know why it happens we every once in awhile. I don't know does that mean I'm pretty bland dinner tonight right. Hired the worst. More importantly it's time for some buying or selling right here in the grandstands and selling. He five point seven they. Makes me laugh at her all the barrels what do you got her early treatment and you're not hearing him. That is not a good sign. Can be tough doing buying or selling currently we cannot hear you. Oh. As I had a I'm I am buying or selling collection for him. Buying or selling you never taken a picture. Of year. Tear gas. And sent it to somebody. I am going on the Tiger Woods. I am never. I've never done that. I'm so thankful. That in my crazy days. It's messy college's San Jose state all of crazy stuff we did downtown San Jose. So glad we didn't have cell phones. I can't imagine what it's like for you kids because I am I at this point at 1034 at night. I am thinking the audience is a little bit younger right now. I. Everywhere you go everything that you do. You've got somebody. Who's got a bomb waiting to take a picture of of any idiotic thing that you deal. And that that that would scare the heck out of me because it I mean. It's like you have eye is on you all the time. Not to worry about that market is. The only time I go out of bodies and we're gonna go out have Beers and like the other night. After raiders extra point. I was driving in. And there's this club in San Francisco. That. It's it's a trip. What it's it's right across from from NBC sports. And the pac twelve network it's right across from there. And so I was leave then. Whatever time is like midnight when I'm drive combine. And this place is packed. Its trip because. During the day you would even know that's club. I during the day you'd have no clue. When you're driving there light out Thursday night Friday night Saturday night there's a La main. Go and one away from the door and a line going the other way. And you just think. Anything that you do when your in a club like that there's somebody gonna have a phone on somebody and have. Sent some pictures. It's just crazy. And and and now. Celebrities having their phones hacked. I'm just glad I didn't. I'm just glad I didn't have that opportunity to make those bad moods. As who knows. Man I may have done. Thanks may take an effect of that taking pictures of yourself and sending him to people. Then you're never gonna win that one you really really are I remember the fight it was like Monta Ellis right. When Monta took pictures of his junk listened to the employee was light. Might running joke was don't ever open up the tax Monta Ellis. And that's where we are in this world. Our first real look at millennial athletes. You know he's seen dream on dream. Fight other guys in the NBA on Twitter. It's just a different world. Like we Keeney even snap them and I know I said this a match Simons a couple times when we are doing warriors wrap up. I can't even fathom leery Byrd gone after magic Johnson and her doctor JUN after Larry burger. Whatever player Kareem Abdul Jabbar on Twitter going after you know whoever it insists he had a it never happened you had never ever happen. Many Joseph Montana on a Twitter. Joseph Montana's and a Twitter beef with Dan Marino. Never. Never. But it's it's different and you watch yourself. Because the amount of people like that can't accent. Doug Hendrickson was cited about you know LeBron James. Has more Twitter followers in the present in the United States. You know a lot of things can get you in trouble. On social media. Especially when you have so many followers. You got to be Smart these brand. You are a range and he does not drain Mon green second round pick in the NBA. Your dream on durable Rand. All of these guys on the warriors and and really all these guys in professional sports you have to manage your boring. It's Smart. A lot of pressure to. Know back in the day you know always felt like you do you could probably as an athlete leave. And be protected. And go off to where you wanna go off and you had your spots not talked to guys. And you know back in the day. They had their they had their spots like if you're an athlete you're human you're hearing oh you're on the star athletes. There is a bar where you can go win and people knew unique take care. It wasn't that I got you. All take pictures of me you can go somewhere. If you were a giant in a year and eight. There's a place in San Francisco where the guys can go on B guys there's a place is an Oakland. You can goal and an end and the owner in the place they protected now there's no protection. Now everybody's looking for that that shot now everybody's looked and looked into gets. So that's a warning from uncle Downey has here's the other thing for a lot of you out there. And they are not supposed to do this. Employers are looking at all of the year stuff. These employers are looking at FaceBook. They're looking at Twitter. They're looking to see what kind of stuff you're doing you know they're not supposed to do it I know for a fact. So everything that you're posting everything that you're tweeting snapped chat whatever. Make sure your on the up and up because. Future employers when you're trying to get that job and you have that opportunity. You're put in debt does what you put it up there it's out there. You can't take you back. I know somebody didn't get a job. With eight organization. Because that organization went and looked at their social media stuff and they went up more not iron this guy. So you may think it's on you may think it's cool Air France you get no lie senior and read tweets and you get all that. Well be very careful what you put out there has you even edit and at a young age need to start you need to start thinking of yourself. As a brand and your brand is gonna look like going forward. It's not that may be cute and funny. The later on could definitely burn. I'm hoping. We're gonna figure out for buying or selling I'm hoping I got an idea to make it happen right here on 95 point seven again. Yeah. Now that's good Chris Townsend shell on 95 point seven game. Didn't and I think we. I'm remarks. Five point seven they. Earlier you. See every Downey. We'll worry. You Meebo sincerely believe you ready. Buying or selling you've taken a picture of little early instant too long before. A 110%. Selling. And don't have the rest again that you got buddies that DO. I plead the fifth. Get it. Shot Smith. Will be on the raiders' 53 man brought more roster come week one buying or selling I'm mind. Elise weak line. I use your same week one week. Yet because of the money that's still there. I'm gonna say that guy Imus used there. Now we 234 I've no idea. Week one against the titans. All line. Next. Daring Connolly will wind and defensive rookie of the year. That's a selling that he's gonna get on the field. And it's whole thing is years. Mellon bond Lou Conley these guys got to get on the field they need to help the secondary. Needs now. Hey you're going into the third pre season game I mean after this you know this you know the court game is kind of a watch. I got to see him on the field acquire everything about him winning any type of post season award you know I'm sand. When else do you number three. Khalil Mac will win the MVP. The first. Defense of and VP winner since Lawrence Taylor of 1986. I'm sound that big time. You know Lawrence Taylor to me. To this day I would argue this. Is still probably the greatest football player personal. As Lawrence Taylor. Lawrence Taylor committed an on that. Tampa Bay Buccaneers team that didn't win a game. And still been the best of what he does. Because Lawrence Taylor lined up on the outside. And there was an attack collective blocking him there wasn't tidy and then there wasn't a running back. And and if you ran away from him he would just chase you down. Lawrence Taylor could have been the best player on the worst team in Lee. She like a wide receiver quarterback her these guys need. First all the offensive line. If your offensive line staying within your quarterbacks in trouble than your wide receivers aren't going to be mean. Dairy unit general has to work together. Lawrence Taylor sat on the outside. And San we're gonna come after you like a bunch of crazed dog now he was on a great New York giant defense obviously in a Bill Parcells. But. If you ask anybody that played against that guy he was a line man wrapped in current. And he was coming from the outside. So when you're on the outside. It's your against the tackle a tide and a back and he'd be all three. So is little Mac clone Mac is gonna get held me on this act he had on Saturday he's getting hell. I guess we live in a world where. It's a quarterback driven league. And it anybody's gonna win the MVP on the raiders. And Mina before getting mad kids were going to be immediately. It will be number force on south. Next and last but not least the 49ers defense will finish in the top fifteen overall. Currently. Your 49ers frank. Yes and it. Are you buying that. Now some amount. That. Painless I'm given the ray I am given the niners rocks. Odd. Watching it back today. Their offense put them in some bad situations and I think the defense kind of kind of held their own. And Ruben Foster. I'm interested to watch his cute line then he looked the part I mean he looks the part linebacker. Like we could be looking over in Oakland on way pass on this guy why because we were in the shoulder problems. And moment and then. Armed standing you start looking around all these guys I see them being matter. If it's. Right now we are in Tahoe right now curly. Right now what is it 1053 at night weren't child let's say this words what it wouldn't be open money Annapolis at the sports book was open. And you and I had a few cocktails. I really think I would bet the niners. Win total I'd bet the over. I just have faith in Kyle Shanahan. I think he's going to be terrific add coach I love the higher for the niners. He's the best tires since Jim Harbaugh. And even opt in the other opt cents. Well they got screwed on the pond Nat that hurt them early. And and the one interception. But just their offense looks it just have to me after Reid because I didn't get to see the game on Saturday because I was working and but the next yeah I got to read the paper Mike hunter killer on the niners. And I watched the game at MIT and he does that matter to me it looks like not. Let's I mean the motion an enemy that. They look like an NFL offense I I think they're gonna win at least six games I would bet. They're not going to be two of fourteen and give me three and thirteen the coaching is gonna be good. And there's going to be player movement I think it's going to be a lot like what we saw with the Seahawks and Snyder and Pete Carroll. They're gonna go out and they're gonna they're gonna bring a lot of different guys and until they find the right guys and that's the Smart move people it's the cruel world of football. But it's what you need to do and has not a bank early on last deal. You're gonna have a problem there's a big rotation of players coming in and out if you know the ultimate goal is to find the right guys. Absolutely have stated. Keep the rotation going nuts and the nature of this defense allows that go along guys a lot of opportunities which is fits this group personnel perfectly. Because Harbaugh inherited. A Scott McClellan prix track ball Scott McClellan had some good drafts. So basically Mike Singletary as much as we'd like samurai Mike is a great player he was a boob is that coach. Nine and I end and people forget I used to cover the niners I did a TV show for the niners and it 49ers pre imposed on the radio. Singletary was a boob. As much as what a great player he wasn't a good man I do believe was a good man. These as these argued coach. Harbaugh inherited a team that's counts. I don't know how much talent is there right now. That's that's John Lynch is job with Kyle Shanahan to go find that town that tell you what Eric Reed looked fabulous in that first quarter. You know Navarro Bowman. Still psyche comply. Mes had some horrific injuries but he still comply. I did it they've got some talent. They got a lot small wide receivers but they should be OK. A lawyer I don't think comic million. Mean billion employers they just don't turn the ball over. And hopefully Carlos Hyde and finally become that guy did everything seeking can be and I love Williams at a Utah. So I think the niners gonna squeak out some victories. I mean look at their division. I ain't. Grandstand. Milligrams. Even though the rams acts and it's the raiders deepens when bad but the cardinals you know companies Seahawks are still then. Are probably. The gem of the division but. I think the niners can win 56 games. I believe that. Coaching Ameen. Coaching place. In the Smart coach that puts you in the right positions. Score some points. For God's sakes they just literally killed that defense last year. Philly is a defense killer you don't have that problem anymore. All right that is gonna open quickly quickly quickly hold on we got to. Into tomorrow's action. As him again tonight email really quick and tell you what is going on here tomorrow. On 95 cent in the game. Our ID let. Do we need. What we have currently I can't where's my Danny prize. It's not coming out. So I won't be able to time I'd does get a note that a Chris downs show I'll be back tomorrow at 315 get you ready for a ease an Orioles and then we'll be back tomorrow night. Taking all the way to 11 o'clock fox Sports Radio to tell it to. Joseph lo Indy ads check him out every single morning right here on 957 game from six to ten have a great night everybody.