The Chris Townsend Podcast
Monday, August 21st

Towny sits down with Dave Doyle to talk this mega fight this week Mayweather vs Mcgregor... In addition, Towny chats with the legend Bip Roberts about the A's future! 


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Saturday. From MMA fighting dot com and also Yahoo! Sports he's an MMA expert Dave Doyle joins us here. On the Chris Townsend show don't forget bit Roberts gonna join us at the bottom of the hour how we don't tonight day. And do a great group. They're great criticize Dylan. I'm doing good and I'm just wondering this Saturday are we gonna have a fight or is this is gonna be like the bearded lady at the circus. Yeah we're gonna have a spectacle aperture. You know I think it might be more more along the lines of out of that the that famous example recite here and our little world news. Mohammed Ali fighting Perasa Antonio a Nokia about forty years ago are back maybe even I'll call litigants under that giant in the solar now but. You know it executed on Saturday looking war. A they'd all Ross sporting event in Iraq or get it but if it you watch your spectacle that. Will probably also be talking about two years from now you you know get that do. All you brought up wrestle mania three I remember like it was yesterday at the Pontiac Silverdome. When Hulk Hogan actually. Body slammed Andre the Giant the reality is under exact kind of jumped into his arm to help them out I actually had a whole code and on my show. Any written both of his pecs when he slammed him. Well you know what I mean and I can help a little bit. That's why under on that weight that is gone up by itself right. That's probably open bar a little bit more action in currencies that in creditors'. Well they've talked about the gloves the eight ounce gloves coming does that an oil well what are people saying in the in in a world about this fight and Connor McGregor stances. You know I think I in the amber and good luck supplement boxing perspective they're gonna there are completely different opinion but. I am and it just a little bit of people aren't threats were jet back to common McGregor has got here you know because. It. The USB obviously it's become very very popular show that at staying on our laps we gained twenty years. But never on the wrecker. Emanate spider reached. You know it Floyd Mayweather or hey you know. Good outline all the grade. Boxing champ it never reached that level of esteem at the public holds. You know that is the real legendary boxers or may I. You know there's. Are you on him and they well might not want it and I think you gorgeous little crest at east there and I think it Carter's case you know he. Nothing to lose in this situation. Ain't going to make ridiculous pay check the current beta you'll see it be equal the playing. Rules you know. If you're with great care and it's it was summary what were the fighting an enemy by. Carter waited pretty handily let like Ottawa coupons but. Mick record one dot eight professional boxing match under his belt eagle in there fighting. Are deployed rules so. He and let. Looks like a complete idiot in this life on what's in a respectable shelling. You know I did you just go back loans at a prime minister on caught on tape so. At night then at the start of the weren't there. You know people that are press writers here. MM eight fighting that common Yahoo!'s sports Dave Doyle joins us here were talking about the fight on Saturday on the Chris downs and show 95 point seven a game. Nate Diaz who's from northern California I believe he's actually from Stockton who beat McGregor. As they boxing background. And he took down McGregor does that really kind of scary for Saturday. Not necessarily. Mean you know I you have to keep in mind that. And boxing stances in an element made by art different art bought into an enemy fighter different statute that. That it did a you know that a boxer actually out in the document because you do. Had a one of Boyer your listeners there was that technical stop by. You doctor you have to approach your part just a different. Angle because you're also looking out for the takedown in the and it ripping out not out really doctor there's no. You know I I wouldn't read too much in Nevada and the fact that they yet pretty damn good. It's MA boxing hat boxing's not gonna Leann and boxing has everything to lose in this life. Yeah I agree. You know and I hope I don't think. You know it in. Despite his. Resonating with the economy and fan base in the boxing fan base because. Partially you know locked in and have been trying to earn my burned by Mayweather won many times. It is interesting. Yeah outside the ring his flights. Tend to be boring unless you really enjoy. You know defense work in which case he's about the world but I don't IE you know I don't get the sense that. That though the boxing fan base is really warming up by eight. For a site did not read and others you know what what does that mean a great Floyd Mayweather yet but it barely get it you know record. Implied if he did it beating someone never. Plot Russell like for public record meaning. Yeah how much did did this Macgregor have any boxing background at all. It gets jerked it just in terms of you know boxing is part of your training injured Iraq law. And MMA fighter but he's never competed in a professional or amateur. Boxing match but it's. You know hit it going to bring all owe a lot of money to the Nevada. Coffers so they'll they'll sign off on pretty much any of the right crushed. Media we know all about the pat and lectured about that Dave Doyle this year on 95 point seven a game. Where when you think about. Floyd Mayweather and the fact that. No one's really ever been able to hit him I don't care what age well wait no one's really ever been able to hit him. How physical do you think his regret is bigger than the Mayweather are you. Allow him to be physical all of Mayweather is this going to be something that the rap is really gonna have to make sure that there's they're not the type of grabbing or anything coming from the anime guy. Certainly. That articulately. Like that best case scenario for how quick comment McGregor. When this fight I'm not saying he's going to by any stretch but it you know if we want about that route yet he asked me this dirty like he'd. And possibly get away with. You have to work within time the the framework of the exploit every gray area in Eaton you know in the rule in. Getting close and grapple and you know even like you know in Auckland in on the scorecards soul. You know aid if you. Kick warnings to the point. Point deductions on file is not going right up to the rhetoric disqualification but not getting there. In hopes that that sets up a lucky knock out. Sure congress record that effort that bastion of winging it is cute basically. You know try to keep Floyd are balanced by a by exploiting every little loop on the rule book and it would be you know we'll see early on my refereed. I I wanna see that I you know I mean. Which would you just said earlier about Mayweather I'm one of those guys that would buy these fights and then by the end of the by when he wouldn't get hit any win on the scorecard your like. Why did I. Why did I get duped. Into buying them right again I mean I understand you don't wanna get it that. If bonds and that kind of money I wanna see two guys go after it. I would somehow some way like to see economy greater at least roughed him up a little. And you know what that. Absolutely and also. In our gloves try to I mean there's a little bit as well I think that boy. What is that you're really mark a lot of ways and he knows that. You know that the the scent and not about making the play it out while which in Syria are going to make too much different legendary. Using lighter laws you're going to hit harder and you know that that ups the chances of a knock out. But by throwing out there making guiding it on. That yet that AA. You know maybe we'll actually end up on the campus looking at the lights on. And the thing about Mayweather is he's so fast. What candidates she and do you think McGregor really hasn't obviously im amazed different meaning here. In all look at appliances you think he can sustain and stand as the. He's taken some wicked shots in the you know I don't you know but would never get it. By the world class boxer it just it is entirely different levels these that. I don't know I don't know the current. You know that. Part of the appeal there. Are you shocked that the ticket prices and may be the interest I thought the interest was gonna be so big. It seems to be not as big as I think we thought it was going to be. Quite a again I think I think otters that. The mixed martial art well very very excited about businesses. It is the biggest rat that ever happened the boxing community quite rally and it. And I do think that there were. You know back out there that week long world or they're gorgeous. Too many things that happened that it turned to many people off. You know there's McGregor making comments that were considered. Racist but on The Who has. They would have been homophobic slurs on and on it may turn out some of the some of the public you know I think by the on the weekend arms around my name is giant that it was equipment right here Monday. We can around. You know I mean a lot started yet there's not heck of a lot else going on. I think one of those things like sliding well on sometime and pick up at the last minute so. Yeah maybe not the the right time and I think. Well yet. MMA fighting dot com and also Yahoo! sports' Dave Doyle covers in many joins us here on 95 point seven a game. Yeah I got to do raiders cowboys pre season football on Saturday night I bombed a mind. Should that may not but you know. I haven't looked into it and they were still beaming at the raiders game in here and lots and I don't and air much. Left it at the operators armored. Yeah we're actually just talking about that Al. How is Mark Davis was test. Mentioning to Vincent months in your who works for the LA daily news about how he he still feels as the rams and chargers you live in LA right. I live in Los Angeles yeah you know. Well what I can judge is there's there's there's a ram Rampage that that. Pretty strong and overlap. The raiders are still pretty much can't in this town and absolutely no one wants to start there at all. Yeah I just I don't know how that is gonna play I mean their plane at the soccer stadiums and there's basically zero interest. In the chargers in Los Angeles. I've literally been what nine months and now are blooming. A city million people up literally seen one person I'd much or outright seizure so in. Right now I think. The chargers are kind of like the new clippers and now at the clippers like these. And that's now. Activating get a dime San Diego now others in abused the doorman Los Angeles it's. We'll see how that works for the chargers well let's let's just play the game. Let's say McGregor gets the one time let's say McGregor does not in now let's integrator knocks him out. And Leon's what will this do or. I get. Do you have season legitimate MM is legitimate but will this do for the fighting world actually said he Mayweather go down a McGregor win. My god. You know 888. May if mitnick record that the biggest part about sports and I mean I got to come. First first USC fighter away and you know Q2 lake last championship to the same time. Coming in and knocking off Floyd Mayweather like keeping it right to. What ever he wants from there. You know I would definitely do a rematch for you earn more money. They were may Carter you need in a trilogy fight bigger than ever it would. Legitimize the US for another step fixed that are out there. I'll look odd thing you know I don't know. Too much damage to boxing. Just because locking arms so long it's been so you know but like. Couple hundred years of history. Certainly would it would watch a lot of Mayweather is like issued on the toilet but you know he's still got. Great fighters out there that people are interested in and I think they would walk back and forth but it would back. It's a source it's not a lot of black guys are right I mean it's basically non critical and it's probably. And it's it's it's always survived its you know I hope it's gonna be a good fight. I'm not expect I mean. What do you think deep down obviously you know. So much about UNC and about MMA and and so much about boxing how do you deep down think this is gonna. I think. Mayweather. Takes a position. I dole and I you know I I don't feel like a went when he gets an epic Mayweather is going to be too concerned about legacy to go out and try to like an odd or are doing it or lose news. You know that the he'd need to see how certainly but he fights on New Year's idol back in the B. Particularly sharp by opening of the good enough to be someone who that wrote the article for and caught a whole lot opera. You know that then he gets credit for meticulous about getting credit for going the distance were Mayweather but again I don't. I actually am I can't be like Heitmann I'm not expecting it to be an exciting ones orange. When you think it's gonna go to distance. I don't. I'd actually elect the record the record to prove that he's you know the AD wanting help you. Is Dana light. Thrilled about this. Real but. So the thing about her that in order to oh this. Partner because it fighters and their contracts that they can't. Compete in other combat sports organization on the contract to be your speech so the sector and yet to lull. On the bypass that is that. He did the US getting about a third of may Bob McGregor shares. So for the U as a businessman. And business. The USC is going to yet. It'd somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty million dollars from this which is. About saint caught it. Yet. World one of their better talent paper used in all they do is like. Stick out there and get the check they don't have to deal with the commotion at Mayweather promotions. At peddling at showtime and the paper view they don't want to deal with any of Apple's co promoting this and and they're getting a giant check it. You it. Seoul. You know from the our respective like it there than not too happy about this. Well good stuff David and it's actually a good fight we got to have me on again next week. Absolutely they trap me. It looked it aids oil MMA fighting dot com also covers it for Yahoo!'s sports. You know I actually called some MMA events. And I think the thing that I eight. What I respected about it as as you gets. You get to meet the guys. A lot of these guys are you're gonna have the martial arts guys or you're gonna have former wrestlers. And what I thought was really cool is if Europe. There's quite a view of events that I did a lot of guys were college wrestlers former college wrestlers. We you've got to realize. That we and your career in colleges over. The only place you can go and still compete. Is the Olympic Games and compete for your country. Well that's only a very very select group like that certain guys from Iowa honored in other really great wrestling schools. So I remember I did that one of the MMA by did you doubt that tot she palace. In the more California that's why I'm the one guy who knows exactly where Lorenzo Neal is from. So basically what you do to get the little more. If you go all the way down I five south. And get off or their parents ranches. In and you know the drive on on going through the valley there in California you get off of that exit. And he had about 25 minutes east there's an air force base down there. And the more California and a built this casino the touchy ballas and icicle lights there. And won the fights I did. A guy it was a really accomplished wrestler. From UC Davis. Can't remember his name long time ago. What the thing for him was like you know I love this sport I've been wrestling my entire life. Because. It may just panic activists. Bad rap and just really bad nasty guys and it's just so by alienating none. There's a lot of guys these guys are terrific fighters and if your ear and an martial arts. You know where you where you gonna fight where are you gonna compete. This sport popped up. And gave guys an opportunity. To continue competing whether your martial arts guy or your wrestler that's what I learn. And it made me appreciate the sport a little more. I you know for boxing this is this as NASA this does nothing for box. See I have a feeling. You're gonna get into a ring with a guy that's so quit. And you're gonna get a couple shot Mayweather. It's a couple shots wobbles and and then he's gonna smell blood and I think you know some. And I think you could be pretty cool it. Yet is McGregor is gonna happen is as Dave just said McGregor is gonna half do. He's gonna have the market up he's gonna have to trying to physical and for him. It's all about one shot. One shot. Can I get that one can he get one clean big shot on Mayweather and will it work. Does the rest the time. You know if it becomes after from and that the boxers just so fast. And these punches or just below mumbled and he did seem a greater share the wobble and Alison Floyd's gonna pounce on him and I think he goes down and he goes down cool. I thought that was. I thought wow he actually thinks it's gonna go the distance. If this thing goes the distance. I can't even imagine what the points are going to be like. If this goes the difference Floyd is getting it installed and needs crimes vs displayed not getting hit in will be a joke. The boxing has everything to lose. Boxing has nothing to gain of four men ploy Mayweather wins. On the cards. Or Floyd Mayweather. Wins and a knock out this is just the bearded lady at the circuits right. Now at the bearded lady gets that one shot and knocks down Mayweather my god let's start Connor McGregor will be. In the sports world. I don't know how many people reeling O'Connor McGregor is here and in their may obviously you now. But when you become a star. You become a star and people like my wife know your. If my wife knows who you are she knows nothing about animation has nothing about the USC. So we've mainstream. Knows who you are that's when your star. And if he does go out and win my god will he be a star he'll be a star stars the amount of money he will make. You know he mentioned like Mohammed Ali. Now there forget. Watching the football life of football lifer at thirty for thirty I'm Lyle miles radio. When Lyle als 80 put the whole thing together to fight Mohammed Ali. Yeah I it's it's when you get in you know when you get a honoring what these guys. I don't know how you can simulate. The speed. Of Floyd Mayweather. I mean Floyd Mayweather has made some of the great boxers. Looked back. He makes certain guys look bad. And how do you train as I mean I'm really not about it all that much. But I think Dave can hit the nail on the head it's you know how you deliver your punches. Is far different weird USC fight because when your punching your also thinking about getting a guy to the ground. You your punch them and then you wanna give him down. Here he asked your stand on your feet all time so you're going to be launching. In Europe punches have to be a lot shorter and a lot crisper and a boxing match verses come after a guy. And then get him down on the ground. I don't know how I'm gonna watch this thing on Saturday but I am going to watch it. We will have raiders against the cowboys will be the third pre season game. And we're gonna watch Derek Carr and they're gonna watch that whole thing from Jerry's place in Dallas but I do wanna see it. You have to just I mean what if I mean if this guy somehow polls the ultimate upset. This will say I mean who knows how big the neck mean don't have to be a rematch. Is influence has deployed loses. Which we don't think it's gonna happen but it beat guts. It's going to be I took them lightly I didn't really train I didn't do this could be Floyd's first loss. 49 in line. And then we'll have. Whole. Rematch. So you just got to watch it just in case. That's the one thing. In but it's a fight. It's one punch. In the India one clean one on them. Woolsey. Where it's not jar by a bit Roberts coming up here and the thing that if you didn't hear a.'s top tonight the thing that. The thing that really it just upsets me. The amount airs. This organization chest has not played good defense and a long time. And it's just not you're going to be a good team you gotta be able to pick up the ball you gotta be able throw the ball and. You know Chapman is a terrific athlete he made it aired tonight at seven already for him it's like. What is the deal with this team and ears. The athletics have played a 125. Games this season. That a hundred hairs aren't. A hundred. And their lead in the world mean Nolan even close to. At what point does access to bring everybody down in the organization. When you just can't do simple fundamentals. And that's one thing that Fries me all the time when you got the big league level. Well they haven't played big league defense. I guarantee. I guarantee. There are multiple teams in the minor leagues right now that play better defense in the race I guarantee that. I made the joke how you look at some of those teams in the college World Series this year. Slick they were defensively. This team to play better defense in the markets in instill as a problem on the ball the first times. Where he does an Atlantic colony short hops the first baseman Yonder saves them. In its patents majors. Are great range. Pitchers made errors this year. Outfielders. Out you can't grow so. Where break and a little deep pants get better on. Our all star and you see him on today's pre and post game live. On NBC sports California but there's always a lot we can talk about with the Roberts bets there I don't know what a night. A bad one going home and object will Mantilla I'll. My suit up and ready to relax a little bit. Before we get into a little baseball are you looking forward to the fight on Saturday night. Really I am I am because of it but what Paul and people go back reform debate about golf swing and it. What route labeled knock him out of our. We've got to McGregor would knock him out but you know pop achieve that particular Saturday it would go back. Yeah it's. I just I just. The fighting world like the box that's a no win situation if if he beats McGregor it's I really is supposed to be McGregor. It immigrate or actually somehow lands almighty god is gonna make boxing or. Well true QB like you know be in a major leaguer and you happen. It happens sideline he can beat it strike you out you know sometimes you. Battery out. And I think that would happen Saturday I don't see. A professional boxer and to a goddess shrine to become a boxer were in a couple of weeks I've historically. And before we get in baseball more for yet how you feel about the silver and black heading into 2017. Well we're not only lead in the dark and gotten an atmosphere. Like that are that they in my stomach and the spear of greater and so when you have him. He'll get the ball you go to Egypt for this report why you news too old bird out right so bad. Of the wood would get that back Leo it's just another weapon. That seems apt to prepare warned me not about Derek car Amaechi and it got continue to get better and better yet coming up at entry by. The other night he looked pretty sharp me. They have. Another aired tonight for the athletics they have now made a hundred years and now under and Swanee five games might not tennis on. There's too many. That is wait a minute somebody's apartment key plays. You know when they were being played but never seeing but lakers are being made. And tonight on other players have been made but it wasn't made it turns around and bites you in the butt but. You know a big dream match. Mark and now growing pains. Now these young guys have to learn how. You know what with 162. Game schedule you've got to come out focused every night got to try to make epic played best chance. The time that happened. Oh yeah a lot of heart they don't give up they want to continue to compete. When you watch and Clady played a lot of energy. And so between two looks pretty good I mean somebody's died out real athletic ability. Which you are not guys who comprise. I look at it Lola averaged eighty guys that the power. But you know we just have to wait see in it is when opening where you are young player equity. You know you outlook on how to make adjustments and they can or stay in the big league. You have to make those adjustments on the lot from Simon and an application vaguely happy in the back and AAA. Will not only were you a terrific player you've also coach. If the a's came beer instead bit pattern we fix our defense what would be your advice. I think you know I think amok and run like bringing out there early workload we. Try to making hand better. Keep your footwork right I think that number ones that could work initial Europe may keep the Audubon Clark. And once you get that would work. And I think would work when you watched Chatman away. If you have movement what law is to strike zone so when the bought it you army and that's why he has such great grades where that. Somebody's got that is you know let play it teetered and capital re mapped right. But Chapman of the good good model watched. Don't even I'll be really understand how cute he movement what ball in the strike zone and it makes them greatly and he's always. And policy like the ball it was right he's sorry and humbled to let you are on the and so that kind of what I would really needed to make sure that he never did keep to keep alive. You make a lot of clay. They're Roberts the former all star joins us here you see him on eighty's pre and post game live NBC sports California. You know all Barreto being so young and so green there is a belief that said Larry who went deep again tonight. Having a very good season he could be back next year with DA's deal like that idea. Well I mean you've been look at least I know what's out there operative Lee in bowl attic or Clark double concern. We look at all these theaters right at the cup. And Philippe on how weak swing a bat you know grains may be down by. A happened and the line of employment that you can make make up what my driver and rock so. You're a veteran guy. He showed up this year helped me and that helped the out year. So I'd give him the benefit of the doubt rattled not ready to get loud. You know option. So. Until redolent gradient and the revamping of Colorado where you know again we talk about why the fight. Sometimes it makes it art in the ball well now the glove and he's still young. Soda pop ups and downs that go with that and so did allow that you can count on. Jim I respect your next year I really don't have a problem. Well obviously. This season and is. Over for the athletics they played a hundred Tony five games or so far out. What do you wanna see. From this team may be a particular player or players what does that Roberts wanna see from here on out the last day of the year. Well I think I'm Ian we've got complete they they don't give up their young and hungry they want agreement basically they want to play every day. They want approved the use of these should be here and with that. You don't if you got quick. And I think that a good sign up when you're a big lead them and they don't go away. You know 7% of the time got talent and you get down but I don't think that would these you come out every day why die. The inequity we get the job done. You know when you when you watch them play they run our you know take that don't they play at all those the when the bought it. They're doing everything they can't get to the next race so often about work and effort. And if you give that effort he eventually will turn it around and that he will become. A lot better than what it is but we have guys who don't run outline. Really don't take it that seriously. Know what David Ball game it is kind of catch him like it over and over Baghdad on route but what I see with these young guys that they compete for nodded. Whether they winner Lou they go out there and give it their best effort and an and I thought wobbly on the they who have the talent they still have a lot of learning to do. But I liked effort they bring every day so if they continue to bring that effort. With the ability to make adjustment because people are happy that as we move forward they'll they will become better to. That's a hallmark of the Bob Melvin team they never quit. How is the cut off man doing this is that something you and I we did the hot stove league showed together and talked a lot about your training device in your training device is second to none. Absolutely I think you have been greater things like that it will help you beat a player at the and right now it just came back molds the great war. Pre orders increased. Now the web site and and take a look at. But down right now when we that we Abbott on the OEST it. Note the Apollo like came and it is beautiful. Really what I see. Now there's the matter of actually put nor are there and bring them all here because allow. We get a multi year. The one that the couple that we made in a couple of on the field right now. They you're platitudes. And it is amazing how much yet but as so adorable because we went to college in that RB equipment bring out. You you put it have you not on it so it is done really well and I don't hear any bad thing about it you know that the one thing I was trying to dig route would. Was there any downside to it and the one acting here in what kit to Bellamy they wanna buy more they wanna have more on the other ones because they don't like. With happen 23 maybe four on the field they get more work in an ever chance because repetition as well. They'll maybe give it evolved and extradited kept it not get under the ball and so they're getting better. Lightning quick and that's what you want you wanna bring got the speeder as patent when it comes to. Plan a higher level or did teach in the game of baseball and is being done the trick. We'll explain what it is. Well what it was that. Actually at a opt in so bought one and on down with a balky and went back. That'll stop and they'll take a while bait ball well about it simply go to them in the back of the book but in the backed it up okay into which Alba so you've never stopped practiced. You never stop work out and if you have an extra practice. Or you know yup they give you extra work you don't have to call extra coats out extra player and check out what you do the cut off men now that what. And inducted to the point where maybe you'd seen me in it instead of twenty reps you get maybe 250 reps which means that within five minutes start to get better player. So you gonna teammate sports dot com nets teammate sports dot com to get the cutoff man bit Roberts guaranteed this'll make you better ball player may get some for the days. Well. I think you're doing okay as far as you know when I'm there. Every day trying to compete I mean you know I hate to keep bearing because we know air they hated it on paper and at least in everyday and saying. But talk about the air update. I've got a lot to upgrade so you know right now. If you get cut out many young player is gonna help you become a better player because you wanna be pop monitors partners and we down and play game. And it summed it up and that if you end up investment to a I guarantee. The player you will get better. Did you are the best my man albeit snatched. Eight job. I appreciate it man you that you have read day they. Lap I'm I'm a bit upset on. We got all the things that right now. I'd go bear out. Now that you know what you're prepared me and you get up and down but he's estate any apologies they Betty you get it in in the race. And we look back. Out no regrets and that are you want that at all you can ask war. All I won't be able to do is go to teammate sports dot com and buy your product that's all I care about. I thought about do. But I'll know more people understand and we need you in Spain is gonna make you better play. Or column where it out of Britain. On Alameda he made solemn and it is here he used as being and now I'm really proud of him because you know he has a testament to what is particularly important. I did not I buddy all right you. Bit Roberts yeah it does a great job break in the game down. I know Ervin I've talked about it when you sit there and you watch a game with the new years and I've done is pre imposed in line back on Nancy is Stan. You learn a lot from this guy not only eighty point highest level is terrific player an all star but as a coach he's coached the game he knows it. He knows it as good as anybody. I just saw business. On the USA today web site. It's operate easy. It's the money that some of these guys are gonna make is insane well thought about a right here on a five points and the game. Chris Townsend. USA today web. As any they look to the free agents. For 2008 team. In Baylor and a oh Mike. It's. It's crazy. Some of these names. These guys gonna be hitting the free agent. The free agent market. Number one. Bryce Harper. Beatle Marty said this guy could command 400 million. Number two. Talked about this and a.'s top Manny Machado. Mean anemic shot now Bryce Harper. If they don't pick up his option number three is Clayton Kirsch job. Number four is our old buddy Josh Donaldson. If the Red Sox don't pick up his option David Price. Craig Campbell's number six. Charlie Black men of the Iraqis who is is talent it. Now Daniel Murphy will be thirty orbit this list it's like Andrew Miller Brian Dozier Andrew McCutcheon. Our old buddy GO Gonzales. Zach Britton I it is jest. It is unreal. The names are going to be free agents after next season. And we always keep seeing these. Record deals right the record contracts. I mean. What are these guys worth. Nearly trying to figure out you know when Derek Carr signed his deal what does he really really work. And really what Derek Karr is work to the raiders is more than the money they're paying him. Preserve any and to be the face of the franchise. And are paying him to be the shiny toy when they moved to Vegas. Is in Vegas you gotta have the glitzy got to have the glamour if not nobody's gonna care. That honeymoon will go real fast. So he's worth more than the money that the brain. And you start to think about OK where these guys are going to be at this age to where curse John Donaldson and these guys are gonna be in their thirties. There are premature Otto are going to be just really entering hard to believe just going to be entering their prime. Can you imagine. Me somebody. Whether it's the Dodgers. Whether it's the Yankees whether it's the Red Sox. Hell who knows maybe it's the giants. Somebody's gonna offer these kids it's such an extra. And that's why you always wonder. Now how how how more kids not looking at this may be our because you baseball's Mosley is static good infusion. Lot of people are so afraid of football right now tumble you'll. But it's not about. Harbor could sign a contract of 400 million guaranteed. 400 million guaranteed. And the great thing about these contracts. Is he you're not the you're not buying these guys into their forties. I'll law Albert Pujols. Or. Alex Rodriguez. You give these guys it's in your deal. Which they're gonna want something like that when you're buying until they're 36. And hopefully by the time they're 36. They have a ball not that much. But that's where your worth more money. Is your buying up their prime. Your bind their prime years. My. That the money these guys again idea is just insane. Absolutely. Insane. But that's where we are professional sports there's a lot of money to be had man there's a lot of money you just look what we saw all of the MBA. And that's when that's the thing too about baseball. There's no salary cap. There's absolutely no salary caps he can make. Is much I mean if Mike Trout really wanted to press the angels which he didn't he got a nice contract over a hundred million freaking out way more. That's not who he is it's not his style flurries while like him he's lost the plight. You have to be a highest paid he has after the threats of free agency he's gonna go back home he's from New Jersey to play for the Yankees. He's on an ice contract and I mean just a nice contract hundred plus million. The might mean the motivation. I can imagine. You get that kind of money it's just it's got to just change everything. And not everybody can handle. You know tucked herbs later on the week as you know he's good friends of Barry Zito the the money the contract. Barry could handle mentally. In mass to him. Because all of a sudden people stop looking at you. As a athlete and they just start looking at you as a dollar sign that's all they can think about you're that thirty million dollar a year guy. Are you the 35 or forty million dollar a year guy that's all they think about. And for an athlete to make that kind of money and to be able just put that behind him that's something pretty special. Has now you're getting paid big dollars and people have those exit meet people start to have crazy expectations. You got to hit a home run every game every got to drive in around every game and you have to produce you have to deal. We have decision making 35 million a year you know Clayton Kershaw right now. Lou I believe just threw a simulated game pouring simulated game but when he. Doesn't have the back issue and he's pitcher for the Dodgers people look at and they expect on any need to go throughout a shout out every game to me to thirty million near. Not easy I mean the money is great and the that the money so stupid. You're setting up your family for generations. Generations. I mean it's it's it's guys make 67 million a year. That's like nothing too Major League Baseball team nothing's six million rats it's not that. To where back in the day remember that time when Rickey sign and he was our highest paid guy and o.s can sake go and. Who got up there Kirby bucket got up then these guys are making like four million a year knows why Nolan Ryan. Nolan Ryan was the first million dollar a year guy. I about a players sign him for over 400 million dollars or are you kidding me. So. After next season. Gear ready. Too bad the a's don't have that new stadium up and they get apart there's a Libya lie. A good players. That are going to be out there and they're gonna make a lot of money god bowl less than. Imagine that paycheck you're making thirty million year 3035. President and meet. Him. I can't even imagine what that contract would look like. Insane. Something happened tonight on Monday Night Football. It was a lower level game. Cleveland ten. The New York Giants six. Can you imagine man. You go to a football game get charged full price for everything tickets parking you name it beer hot dogs. And the game was ten to six a pre season game. But that's not the big story coming out Monday Night Football will have that for you and John Dickinson as we roll on on the Chris Townsend you know 95 point seven again.