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Monday, August 21st

Chris Townsend is joined by Vern Glen Sports Anchor/ Reporter for KPIX-5. Chris talked Raiders and 49ers before the start of the season. 


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This is Chris Townsend you know on on 95 point seven million game. John Jenkins will be year round and it. And between now plant and soil who covers MMA for Yahoo!'s sports got the big bike this weekend. And our buddy bit Roberts once he gets done doing television the former all star will be here. At 930 but now joining me is one of the best in the business and he's been doing it. At a high level for our real real long time from channel five burned Glenn joins us here on the Chris Townsend show Brno we do one tonight. And man at my pleasure you're kind of oh lead off the evening. Line of gas sport. You gotta have a great leadoff hitter Rickey Henderson taught us that so you're basically our Rikki Anderson a night. I just get on base at the Little League. Maybe commitment to lunch for second in scoring position. And an avid whoever comes after days and it may threaten leapt eight amendment act. The MMA guys gonna drive the end tonight. There aren't Europe will be art just did it imminent story. On a local got at least break seventy you know sunny it's. The he was say Bosnian war refugee. Came over the US. Each night and it worked his way up and he's got haven't actually our immigrant career started out or. Yeah that's the thing if. If you don't follow MMA you don't realize this but their big the Bay Area and especially the south today. Is a big hot spot for MM. You know what if you search far and wide YouTube but in this great sports market you can find. They're pretty good human interest story on any kind of sport out there that is for sure. I went up report realist in audience I should point out. This will be my last. Night by a seven game appearance. Mike current. Resident. Now let's go one on our orbit crossed out at. The or. Before we start talking about the niners. Got on the point this week. Well I I expect. I expect toward mailer but it took to win a mean I don't give. I certainly I certainly don't give your pellet chants. And in this one amended and make what I mean you. Just think about it if they're. If someone had been playing I don't know. So all the lights and and all this suddenly get a jump in and play at a baseball game preaching patent perhaps popular are having an agent just she just Pakistan. So are you out Eric writes. I'm I'm I'm I'm somewhat. Out of 10% intrigue on maybe. Maybe behind the plate but I doubt but it will have a cute you know bark. Unfortunately I got to work I got raiders cowboys so I got to figure out how I'm gonna watch it but yeah I mean I'm just. I mean it's like the bearded lady at the circus I might be interested to see it. I don't expect much I mean no one in the history of the sport as a really ever been able to add to hit Floyd man Mayweather and I doubt it's gonna happening so. I was working on Saturday night court we had the raider game analysis while in order to. Exactly and you don't like Billy Beane style where you don't lots of the game you wait to the game's over and then you watch him. Less emotion about it's why I wrote the stories and everything on Sunday morning. And I watched the game of people or kill and the niners with the one thing that I thought was really good for San Francisco. Is there and put them. In a lot of bad positions early and I thought the defense at least the first team defense they're pretty well. Yet up the first beat speaker was was was pretty good but Eric Reid got demand among bay. Theory they're reached that inning even even guys and maybe. Or string like like TJ Jones seductively. At Peta what Kabul you know the gauntlet to you the on the team. Ability stood out a little bit. I liked what I saw it especially from the start and that's where what kind of have been around longer to get it back it take a look at the bank and go. Just like you say it. You can't have rice starting at the ten yard line it is blow out your whole plate call so I mean we got. And in that game which nobody can shoot and way. This is just going to be based deepens into debacle and then all of our topic is going to be you know are up to tackle and up the middle and end you know. Kitchen sink in now. But the acts are part they are proper proper penalties like people who read a little of the priest accurately but that might be cleaned a little bit. Back in Arctic with united Garrett to counting words were kept peace and down 20. I'm definitely here's particularly worried I just thought they would move the ball effectively. In beginning to understand why that didn't happen. And I thought watching this game and seen the motion and and and seen the op antsy others turnovers I. But they look like a regular football team again they look like they they they have an idea there is something different about them. That what we've seen the last two years. I know. The turnovers weren't good. But they just they just looked better to me like all of us and I'm thinking you know what they may have a shot to win a few games and at least beat our betterment and porting. Written out. On. The Chicago shorts. Again it's. As it is now oh actually. You start a meal and cynics. But I expect to be competitive. Port can make in the third quarter. Was a chance. Two to win in the port court that. Port. Lots I don't want thing that I keep gone back to last year very Glenn joins us here. On 95 point seven again the last time at this residence he will be on ninety fives of the game. Break out a book 000 now. I still in the mean streets of the nine point 941. I mean streak. Niners last year gave up in 65 point nine rushing yards per game I mean we can talk and I and I agree we he had Bob Bowman look better. I think this Boston kid looks like it looks like the real deal Erik Reid was fantastic. But you can throw everything you didn't know Shanahan out Egan though lawyer if you can't stop the run. And you give up a 165. Point nine again it's not a matter all the other stuff won't matter. Eckert rigorous topic right supplement but I'm going to be one what he can't get 37 yard to rush you got to be able to run the rock. Got app Danica. And it looked forward. Next couple of weeks that kind of decision that you and I can't. Wait and see what the management here in it. Keep REIT I density Nikki. Ford. Is is is George kittles value more than and Matt Barkley the niners go with two quarterbacks. Go with seven receivers. And an intercept the rates. But boy you get the Terri not on special teams. Battle to get themselves at the ticket receipt that I can't what you witnessed it. The other one good thing I think that this this staff and for John Lynch is is they know they have time you know the last two coaches we knew. Well I'm I actually thought the last coach would have a little bit more time might have a lot of hope for Tom Sula but I at least sought last year. You know when he got that deal he'd have some time but that didn't happen. Two years to go to is both out this coaching staff in this prop has burned they're gonna have time. I think the best thing Jerry York what so the other night game knuckles as he walked five that was. Senator marlin post game interviews are the best injured were in Beirut. Step aside and let these guys that work the football people to the football stuff. And sit back and see what happens. Don't just don't involve yourself don't impose a widow just just just let these guys like they have time. You give them time to do it at least at least three years to make some map. What do you think your Kyle Shanahan so far. I like that he doesn't speak in as many cliches that a lot of other coaches do. I like are we actually tries to. Explain himself he explained I'd like Alec that back import that he has. The media. I I do I do like all that. He does just get a parent is operating. He Eagles looked like might might like Richards. My my my CPA. You know but that but he believes he's he's he's a football also marks. Are expecting I think the car you want is the 49ers game I know power is gonna miss him. I would. Learn. I'd I'd I'd I'd actually in the practices I'd I'd I'd seen the Christmas in the moves are that's in about the step. Some of the players any wetter now America I hate to cut the chase getting winner. Our law outlawed how long does he keep the locker. Could it mean to the locker room and the media shot blocker turned on yet been in Europe the door with everybody else says. Well I think it's going to be interesting for these guys is that they have a hammer right now with a contract six years and it's guaranteed contract. They're gonna have the bam all of the money. Right now they're gonna have to hammer so you're not pullen on the same rope is Kyle Shanahan. I got a feeling you're not going to be in this locker room very long. At least start. Dispute. Buy. It in and last year and last year and. And they got to start making some stuff happen pretty soon because you know looking at the attendance at these games and if they get off to a bad start I. You're you're gonna have another anti Levi's stadium. Well I'm not worried about the image in a wide as those seats are paid pork. Yeah and in each stadium you want them but one. Project and see him playing view that is that that that argument so socialism my money's money. I mean it looked yeah it was bad. But this week targeted rate for. Burn Ali's great avenue on continued success and good luck with the move. You Garrett man that it'll happen collect. Makes it the world to stop now or you move to. Ali app India. That's evident that we have been weed out some of the stuff I did that it has like sixteen years. We're out there and a new chapter begins next week. It's not somebody. Earned land channel five yet that's the line moving is off. We all know moving off but the good thing is like I moved a year ago and I lived in my last place for thirteen years. We still had and everything. I have twins as you know we at all there may be close. We had the bassinet we have to create ads we have every month looking in my wife's going really. We've got to get rid of this stuff. That is the best thing about moving. Is that you can get rid of the stuff the immediate rate even if he had the emotional attachment ego. Were removed and we gotta get we this that's got to go. It aptly the moving parts of pain it's always gonna be a pain. That is the one good part of moving I was thinking about what we just talked about was burned. As we are talking about these contracts that they. The contracts that lynch in Shanahan. Give them such an advantage what advantages. A tie in acts we continue writing on the Chris downs GO 95 point seven a game. Dave Doyle who covers an inmate for Yahoo! Sports. This interest in like pat how does the MMA world looking at this. And who's gonna come out. Better boxing or in their man. We'll get into that a little bit later. And also coming up here at 845. It looks like we have good news at the Oakland Raiders. Good news I'm gonna leave it back. Good news for the raiders coming up here at 845. So I was thinking about. What the niners. Have. That reminds me a lot of the Seattle Seahawks. And what I mean by that as 2010. Pete Carroll and John Schneider showed up in Seattle. And you remember. Seattle. Had just the most unbelievable. Turnover rate. They add more guys coming in and more guys come on out it was unreal. And you're either going to be yet Pete Carroll guy. For. Your gun. It was it was that simple. They had the most they had by for. The most transactions. Added anybody. And that is what I think you're gonna see here. With Shanahan. And would Litsch. Does this is the tank. What's different between the last couple of coaches. And what you have now with the 49ers. It is these guys got the hammer. These guys they're there they're not going anywhere they are in full control. Eerie either pulled on the same rope is these guys. Or you're going to be gone. They're gonna find their kind of players. And that's the way football works and what these contracts. You can do you bring guys in you don't like him you're not. That's it's not easy to do that in baseball it's not easy to do that in the MBA because the contracts that guarantee. Here you bring guys in you don't like it see you later. And you've got probably a good four years of goodwill. Before the York's are gonna do anything about it. And I know those seats. Are paid for but it's a bad luck. It really is a bad look like a honeymoon that honeymoon went really really quick it's it's been ugly and part of the reason is is because you sold that stadium. And Jim Harbaugh. He's sold both to gather. New stadium. And Jim Harbaugh remember with a shovel in one hand and a sordid another we're gonna build marrow that's a Karbala sand. Because that was a thing. Harbaugh was the face of the 49ers. So when and people are lining up. By those suites and abide those seats and you that Jim Harbaugh was going to be here for years and that you're going to be a contender for many many years. And hasn't gone so hot. You know Chip Kelly is just it's 88. You can't have your defense. Out there the entire game you just can't do that we have now. It's gonna work in college system for sure works in college because you're rosters are so big yet so much more depth you get away with. And when you're a place like gore again. And your players. Technically are better than the other team's players you don't really get that in the NFL everybody complaining NFL. And it sounds a lot I mean c'mon are very loved gen console but come on what are we talking about here. So I actually. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this how this goes. Cat as they do have a hammer and they should be able to find the right guys and be able to make those moves. But Kyle Shanahan. Has been somebody. Who's been groomed to do this. If you don't know the story. I don't know where he was. But he was a receiver in college. And his dad called up as buddy Mack Brown who back in the day we all remember Mack Brown did a great job of the University of Texas. And Mike Shanahan called my at called Mack Brown's and I want my kid to complaints warrior and learn from. Is he wants to be a coach someday. We'll help Kyle Shanahan just didn't show up how she enhanced starting for the longhorns. Get a read these are run. But they've been big chanting hands have been thinking about this moment for a long long time. Him being a head coach. And finally his time. It is now. And John Lynch talked about it on Saturday night. You know not only that tradition of the San Francisco 49ers but the fact that he played for Bill Walsh. At Stanford he knew all about the niners and Waltz and everything it's an attractive job. Let's see what they're gonna be able to do it yet and I everybody kind of hammered him. That really watch in the first quarter and into the second quarter. The one thing that I came away with was that run defense to hold a lot better. And it Rubin Foster kid out Alabama he looks the part than me. He definitely looks the part. And Navarro Bowman blesses our man everything that guy's been through it looks like he can still play. Did you just wonder when you start the only Achilles you start deal with a neat. At some point you just think on my dad is guys that guy's gonna lose it is a look like he's lost yet. And the offense put them in some bad situations. And the fact that they were able to survive those situations. That's a big thing for me because. Everything else is not gonna matter if you can't stop the run. If your given up a 160 bottoming still when you think about it the next the next team. Was the Cleveland Browns was the they work number 31 in giving up yards per game and that was a 142. Points out. I mean the niners keep up on 165. Point nine raider fans you know. Raiders weren't very giddy today gave up a 117. Point six yards on the ground per game. But you're given up a hundred given up over a 160. I mean shame on new. So that was the thing that I was looking now when I watched the game back it was like tough. They're not given up and CJ Anderson the Denver Broncos they want to come out may wander rockets do. And that that's that's the Broncos czar. And they were able to really run affect women remember that the one touch image CJ Anderson the on the goal line that go for around fort down. So I thought the niners for the most part yeah you hate CNET turnovers. But that's one thing that's been good about Brian Hoyer lately is that he hasn't been turning the football over. If you stop the run. And you don't turn the ball over. And that they might be able to do something. And how good is Kyle Shanahan going to be in his first year. I think offensively it's going to be far better than watching what you sell a Chip Kelly last year. And you're not gonna burn your defense like he did last year that's part of the problem too. It's not unfair mean they they got gouged but the reason they got out there on the field the whole game. Mean we saw that Philadelphia. Would Chip Kelly were all this and his defense. Is playing like a couple if you take snaps. I mean look at the 49ers last year this is this is absolutely cores. The amount of a ten apps running plays that ran against the San Francisco 49ers last year. They had a 548. Rushing attempts against them. The next close. Was once again the Cleveland Browns at 498. You look at some of these teams. I can Elliott who's the lowest here. Like the Dallas Cowboys they only faced a hundred and they only face 340. Russians last year. May about that. You have 548. Vs the cowboys at 340. Some of these teams Tennessee only face 356. New England only had 368. Green Bay 376. RE EU or get gouged. Yergin gab so bad. The left that. They are on an ovary they were just running through the 49ers last year. I doubt that is going to happen this year. Can they win over five games. Is right now what you're looking at some places. If you're gonna get that for an half you're gonna get their vote for the season don't. Shocked. Shocked they surprises a little bit by six wins. And and two and fourteen to mystery years. I baffled by its bad football that's really really bad football. And when you're looking over Tom Sula and again on mine god and you look at it ship gallon on again. I don't think you're gonna have that feeling this year when you watch the San Francisco 49ers not gonna have a look at look at the sidelines on oh really. Oh really. And you're gonna have some confidence. But there's gonna but trust me you're going to see a lot of movement. Yeah see guys come an end guys coming out. And don't take that as a bad thing look at the Seattle Seahawks. Exactly what they did you've got to find the right guys to turn this organization around. All right raider fans I've got I think good news. And also I have some advice for the owner. We'll talk about a right here knickers down the channel 95 point seven again. Now actually decrease towns and show on 95 point seven big game. Iron the former counsel all those are. I got my season tickets for San Jose state football. Very very excited. Meat loaves some college football. I can't get enough of it. I watch it all old day. Saturday. Yeah London's double the kids are still watch it all. Game and I taped games taxes are low college football is finally this is the best time of the year man. Football start up NFL college baseball's winding down before you know one of the playoffs. It is the best. Great news from our buddy Dick taper who covers the raiders for the San Francisco chronicle his sources say. Donald Penn. Left tackle. Is going to end is hold out. And returned to practice. As early as tomorrow. Seat this is the tank. When you're 34 years old not only does he wanna cash in which I don't blame him. I never buy a football football's a cruel game. Ida in MB like heavily diesel now I pulled out true. If I felt like any leverage to gain more money one last contract I hold out no doubt. In his to an Argentine knows that his teammates know that. This is his last big shot and a payday. But also here's the other thing. When you're 34 years old. You don't want to go through camp. As much as we love Napa. And I hope that I gave you that idea for the trees are sandwiched there at the Mary at. Where the raiders train it's unbelievable. What best sandwiches I've ever had. At 34 years old you don't wanna go through camp. You'll wanna deal with that he's missed the first two pre season games he didn't have to deal with debt. He's 34 he'll be ready to go on September 10 now. No question now becomes our Reggie said if I came to camp we talk well he's going to be camp time to top may demand Reggie help them out. He's a terrific player. Is going to be sports you're the raiders last laughter he loved ones acted just happen to be the one sack that broke their cars leg bit. You know when you've got a guy like Derek Karr and he got an op that's how good that Mike got. This offense. This offense could be stupid did this year. Now that the tide in position to be given you so much. Marshawn Lynch. The dynamic he brings as a guy that's gonna just continue the play is breaking tackles giving Burris downs. You've got so much fire power and you've got a young quarterback ready to legion the defense. The Davids is a work in progress. Linebackers asked rats the whole deal it's a work in progress secondary. But Iowa that offense. Is going to be really really good. I need Mark Davis to do me a favor. I need a little help because. I. Experienced this. On Saturday. And I think many get more of it coming down maligned here. Man it's just. We know what's going to happen. We know that the raiders are going to dates. That is gonna happen. We understand that and there's going to be people. Throughout. This season and next in the season after that. Who are not going to be happy with what's gone on and I know on an app to take these phone calls. Doing raiders extra point where people are gonna talk about the team. But then they're gonna also talked about. What's gonna happen. Sold and I see. Vincent monster in order for the LA dealing news. Was up here covering the ramseys get a break slide different studies are great sources. Like he was stopped and he was talking to Mark Davis. And he was talking to mark about the fight for LA between the rams and chargers. Davis says quote. You know it's kind of funny. They're talking about the fight for Los Angeles. And raiders fans have been telling me we already won that fight. And that the rams and the chargers. Are fighting for number two and number three spots. I. I just kind of wish the raiders at this point. With what's going on the political climate. Would just kind of go dark. We all know what's gonna happen. Again at 715. Million for that hotel tax. You're getting the most public money in the history of the NFL did it understand it. The business steal someone's gonna build the stadium you're gonna move. But until that time comes. Two to your loyal fan base here. To the people who care about you here. And people are spending their money as. We're wondering what's his first game gonna look like wells pretty packed. I really need is this really. Toned down I don't want us he. Owner or anybody else really bring out anything other than at the Oakland Raiders. You know it's bad enough. You're given away another home game and it's the New England Patriots. It's not like you're given up a game to the chargers are your given up the game down to mean you're talking about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Would be an epic game in Oakland and you're given that away. Again you're given a way home. So these four people who care so much about your organization. And they care so much about the brand. Well let's ease off on you know how we we've already won ally and you don't need to bring. You don't need to bring up LA. I know you're gonna try to get people to buy seats in Vegas I understand that part but just the whole talk of everything. Just gonna have be able to have a football season. Who knows what it's going to be like next year the year after that just this year. And we just please focus. On Oakland. The 2017. Oakland Raiders. And not talk about allying. Not talk about the fan base now may not talk about Las Vegas and a fan base in Las Vegas. Let's just talk about the Oakland Raiders because the noise. The noise does it mean Jack del real tight he does want the noise. You know I mean. People are going to be talking about we we we don't wanna hear that stuff. We just wanna hear about this team going for a championship this season. I mean it's bad enough the hole on here about Los Angeles. Yeah I mean I'd say let the chargers spleen in that soccer stadium. You wait the raiders are gonna take down over. What is that is at the New Year's Eve game it is going to be a party in greater party down in Carson. At that soccer stadium. Because the chargers are gonna be bad. Raiders are going to be good. And raider fans are gonna absolutely takeover they're gonna take over. Absolutely take over that stadium. But I I wanna you know. There are some people are really hurt minus. They're hurt. And I don't blame them for being heard it's gonna affect us all. The salt it's gonna take money it's can take money out of my pocket I can tell you that when this happens. So I but I is but more importantly forget about me I'm gonna be okay I care about you guys. Does all the raider fans that I see in the parking lot before the games and raider bill we're doing the show bill from a nasty and all my friends and all the tail gates I go to. This is that this is a hot button topic. They know the teams leave and they just don't want to be reminded them. Right now people in Oakland they don't care how big a fan bases in Los Angeles now people from Los Angeles gonna go to the games. In it in Vegas they don't care. They're giving this organization and their money right now. Let's celebrate. Oakland raider fans right now for the next couple years. Because for me if you wanna keep this region. How you leave it. That's going to be a big deal. How you're gonna leave because you know you'll even for the second time and this time for sure. Never coming back. So you wanna keep this region. Now I. I think it is handle it with kid gloves. And you're the owner this team if you're running this team if you work for this team. Yeah I understand you're working on stuff down in the desert near work and stuff down there in Vegas. The U should be outwardly when year presenting yourself and your presenting the brand out there right now. That your eat you're you're really thinking about the Oakland raider fans. And thinking about their emotions their wants and there needs. That's all I'm saying it. I understand the business do you gotta do what's best for your family yeah I do it's best for the business. You've made that decision. But now what I need you deal is care about these people who are so loyalty you. I mean how many people would have just bounced. Set and it be an empty stadium not these fans. These the most loyal people who won most loyal groups and all sports. I mean your divorce him for the second straight time and you're still shone out a ton of money for tickets. Let's be very kind of these people. Who wants to talk a little MMA. Is this fight on Saturday gonna be good for MMA or is it going to be good for box and we'll talk about right here on the Chris down the show 95 point seven again.