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Wednesday, July 11th
Kerry Crowley and John Dickinson join the program.

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That because you lose. At the players union they couldn't do that. Aids and to me it's it's it really is. Fascinating stuff you're listening tonight 57 game KG MZFM. And HD one KG MZ San Francisco. Our radio dot com station. Now joining us for a San Jose Mercury news in the Bay Area news group Kerri Crowley after the giants are shut out tonight by the Chicago Cubs. How we do on this evening. Well it wasn't very good and wanted to. Our second but without much. Yet got a far different from what. Last night where he had the dramatics of the walked off the end. Yet enhances Goran from first base on that crazy played on the right field line yet all kinds excitement last night and tonight satellite us. Anchor. There is much. A that. It's a real advocate. A government. So that ought all part of critical part of the get the equipment I think often they are. Actually web app. Well I'm glad you put it that way because. Essentially the way I'm looking at it I think it is fascinating. That we are gonna have six games to three before the break and three after between the days and the giants crosstown rivals. And your basically. Going to decide. How a year cross town rivals really get a view itself before the trading deadline so. That's me whoever does really really well pastor via a by air and if someone does really really bad it might turn them into a seller. Yeah well what what happened. But got. All Bay Area where it went like. I thought it would pick a partner. The paper you're wearing or a right to meet your belt and that's what. It. Is bad but yeah. Ought. It. All. They're cute and yet. Oh yeah. Big out here. If the giants hang around 500. And we start getting. The NL 67. Days from the trading deadline knowing they wanna be under the luxury tax what do you think they do. Really all that guy and want the right I. I acquire yet. Am. The bulk of the what quote it off. Or did well. Acts. Get the cart. Whether or. Not about a luxury act big market like. Try to buy out. Our. Belt that I ever bought a quiet. End. All of that but they can impact our act. That. You know what's crazy is we don't know exactly what. The number is going to be self. What are they the giants or somebody else can you imagine if you're trying to stay under the luxury tax line. You make some moves and then he ended. You calculated wrong and you're still. Better go and have a bit. What helped or a better. Way out what. What. Our lose and end. I'd put him on hold we'll get him back. Yet that's the thing. You don't know exactly. You know you see ads one night AI it's dwellers. It's. I Cameron is that it but it's a floating saying you don't now. If you try to standard as tax. As you wanna be a big player in free agency. And not get killed for it being a repeat offender being over that tax. And all of a sudden you made moves and you stay yet. You eat you didn't read the road right you're still over the attacks are you would these you'd be like. All you. Yeah me. Are you kidding me I got to ask about Derek Holland because. Do we have them. Kerry or fish are not talking about idiots driving under the tax you figure out of the attacks but then you find out at the end you're not. Yet you know they're they're running projections every single day to try to figure out it is so difficult to get in and what you got to considerate. Some guy to curb bonuses that your based on their performance some guys. Or go on the disabled list have to pay other players to take their spot on the roster. And so you can never be quite sure to Wear your. Derrick Collins six and a third one Ryan struck out aids. There's no way anybody in spring training thought they would be getting these kind of efforts at a Derrick Collins. Not much I mean this guy it's been rock solid. For the chart she would a stabilizer in May. One of their best starters in June and I get to July get taken out of rotation. And all he does come back with six in the third inning and right that keeps them in the game against the Chicago Cubs. And you know a lot people say hey Derek column what a great April he's not supposed to be starter. When you look what you've given the club like that when you look at the expectation. For Colin. Entering that speed you should spend have been such a steady force an achievement really wondering under under appreciated decked out for Bobby. I and it needs Tyrod Gorky Hernandez Mike gotta main. You look at his career and you look at this year they don't match up but obviously the lights got on his head. And Gorky Hernandez is really got it right job putting in the work you'd see every single day. The guy in the hitting KG out they're taking fly ball currently. And you work on his game in ways that are not sure you have before speech and realize that potential. You realized that he can play every single day there's an opportunity for him. In airports that got that there may be wasn't when he was with other organizations. And huge steps such appreciation for people. Regardless of whether it's sports. What realm of life of people who just take your opportunity to see fit and that's the court's term ebitda. Kerri Crowley from the Bay Area news of the sales in Mercury news joins us here on the Chris Townsend show. 9570. Game and Buster Posey is not gonna play in the all star game whatsoever that debt. Yeah I had been bailing them also see an end you know you would dealing with a variety of injuries. Spring training and Eric in an ankle ailment I'm hurting him. It backcourt right but. This hip injury seems to be the most significant and the one that it held them back. For much of the season and you watch his plate appearances there's not much of a lower app and Buster Posey. Is it good enough here. Where you do still get to 7280. What in the ball the other way but that's not meant for giants like that they need him to be number they need him to produce and be a double guy RB I guy. And they need to cortisone shot they don't get tipped to take because it did doesn't. You're gonna have the same about approach that you patent in June and that's probably not gonna get up for the giants in east either force that they tell on. And so they're hoping that this this cortisone shot but I'll take journey all star break in the raft really contribute to a strong second half. And that's something we haven't seen from him in the past couple years the past couple years. It's basically been a no show for power and I know people said well yeah never a great lineup around and it's like and a great players are gonna perform. And buster hasn't had a really good second half and while there. Now it happened and to be honest it's the where terrible position he played the catcher position it's extremely difficult for catchers to produce a pop in the second half but. They just want him to be healthy they want him. To have the opportunity. Q to make an impact at the plate in the second half because he's been so good handling young pitching staff. And so good wood paneling. A staff that lost Johnny Quaid it was lost just the market was without map but arbor. And so as long as they have him privately they'll put him back there but what they need it for him to beat a strong two way player but he was earlier this career. When you look at Johnny Kuwait oh. And it's like a single time he goes out you're gonna be worried about that elbow. What are people saying around the giants and their worry about that elbow on his long term health police for the second half. Well I think could you senator Barack it's going to be concerned every single time. He steps on the mound after every inning he can get questioned from the trainer or produced by OG or someone on the team whose concern. Out the Albert Johnny because elbow injury for pitchers should still go away over night in granite. He took two months off but they don't go away after two months. So they're gonna build an extra rest state Gergen used to calendar to their advantage in and try to maximize the Arctic that they get throughout the back app. The state that it starts but. You know and you know Lockheed Indy Johnny Credo pitching it's much it possible to reach its full potential they may just have to say. And look water for you out there we know you might be detained but were paying you a lot of money to make the start yarder do you. Give me. Well I mean the bullpen usage. Has been typical for this team over the past few weeks because you got so many guys you can't go back to back days regularly but I really do you think it's it's it's team work and make it to October. They've got a rock all couple and they got little net and Charlie Watts and that too lefty shouldn't get guys out they've got ready it's Barack. A guy he's shown up have been great predicting that got long relievers. In type blocked and Derek Holland who conceded in the air. And that they get Carter Strickland back and healthy babies up the closer but Q mark Malia and can trade off that the early innings. And you've got guys. Who can get outs and shortened games and got young starters like they do any of the Suarez and Eric Rodriguez. Unita pulpit and ride in October so if they do you get there and add that to Egypt are not convinced that they well. I do think that that's going to be accepted it. Pudge is kid how good day air. The flowing hair. That's below is tremendous. He grew up. You know it Serbs for ten hours something that he he should keep guy that's their natural. Our first I sought a leg cannot I wish I could do I wish I would have done that but. You know whether it sent a guard to gram had a gul and there's just so good about a guy who's out there are thrown BBC he's got the flowing hair I don't know what it is. All of it but that's because. You know baseball player that the very visuals sport and much like basketball your petrol onto the the people who look great while they're while they're making it the action and so that that's why people love a guy like Pablo anabolic because even bigger dude and he goes out there when he hits album that makes the sport look relatable and many leaks. I like project cute Derek robbery get go out there with its. Acting is slow and after fastball. And you've got something that's worth watching in and that's why baseball can be so spotted the character that it brings out. Kerry I am old school I get the San Jose Mercury news every damn renewed every morning continue to do what a great job we'll have you on again soon and I will see a Friday night when the haze and the giants are up and AT&T park. You know what it Siri can not wait for that off the app that the art. Take care Kerry yeah I'm looking forward to that boy Hamlet in port of that but. Two Florida Houston I got to worry about and you know what Jenks got to worry about the cubbies tomorrow. Win a series that's what it's all about on 957 game. There's. Yeah okay. Now captain Chris Johnson shelved on 957. Big game. Look west on a night. Do you have my dirty white boy here at eight. As a matter ready. Slowing down less urged the white point. John Dickinson is this year on the Chris Townsend show was not JT what's going on Downey could be Whitfield is always. Rather nicely with the giants times and NATO and what's going on. Do we have JD. What's up Downey. I cannot hear him. JD there. Counting us nobody. What's up buddy could not stop good you man I was a little worried it. I was I was a little worried because usually. I can't hear you do it and you couldn't hear me but we all figured out we got it all figured I wanted to give him look at a lot of different stuff. But I want to give in view this report our old friend Rick puke or had a damn quiet Leonard did you did you see that. You don't want with with the baseball game tonight I sought in it was one of those were right. I emailed it to myself the read it later but I it's I didn't quite get into it yet but now lies lately about formula open I cliffs now. So cat. So Rick sense that collide Leonard's agent Mitch Frankel. Has no other significant clients. So basically. These GMs really don't know this guy. So here you have. Have the rumors that coral quiet Leonard has a chronic injury. To that clawed its tender ends and this is something that can affect him for a long time. You've got. Basically. We don't even know what the San Antonio Spurs now because coli hasn't been really communicating with them. And if you're a team that's looking to make a trade. Winds. These San Antonio Spurs. You like to know from his agent and be able to trust is agent to see. If you actually had a chance to sign naming keep him long term. And it sounds like no of people. That our interest in tray end trading form can get those types of answers this thing just gets more bizarre. JD. It really is and it's it's it's set up I think a mono mono at the poker table between. The San Antonio Spurs in the Los Angeles Lakers because I think Santonio is in a position where. Given that Andy Nicol why islander days and it's over it's over for the spurs and Kauai Atlanta and he wants out and while they want obviously at this point. But to me it's about the spurs in the lakers at the poker table and it's and it audio trying to extract as much as they possibly to it and from the lakers. In terms of a trade and it just yet and act out like beat somebody else's problem. Let the history. Let the agent. Let that own goal let the bad goals let all that beat somebody else's problem put if you listen to the spurs right now. Because there's so much mystery surrounding Kabul by slandered. Because teams don't really know what he's mine is like. It it's hard to get a deal done in any form or fashion and that's one of the big reasons why you've seen this thing. Get stretched out to the point that it sat in the front San Antonio. It's do everything began at. You know operated Ingram or Kyle coups ma and a first round pick. And move on and let it be the lakers problems that would be my mindset but it is a game of poker because you wanna make sure you get a couple players. And probably a future first rounder for the guy because eight. Here's the other thing if you're trained to do lakers a you're San Antonio. Then he's probably got assignments with the lakers so that's not really a rental. That's the other way I view an affront San Antonio fund trade and coli letter that the lakers he's gonna sign with the lakers long term. So that means it's not going to be rentals so I'm gonna want more. If I'm San Antonio. To make that deal happen. And know that the lakers might be a little bit desperate to get him. With LeBron James it's all a matter of who wins and and who can call who's bluff when those two sit down at the poker table. Yet because you not this thinking let's take the lakers out of it. And your GM. Eight team. And do you call San Antonio. I don't really know what kind of answers they have four easily talk about leverage. You know co wise trying to use his leverage. San Antonio wants to think they have leverage. But if you really don't know how bad. Collide Leonard's injury really is and you're really not communicating with with coli and I doubt. This Mitch Frankel guy who's the agent that has a very good relationship now with San Antonio. I don't know what kind of leverage San Antonio has if they really don't know much about their play. I think the only team that's why actually bench in the lakers I think they're the only team you can all you can make a deal partly. Because upon another team if on the Celtics at the sixers there. Yelled at that Sacramento teams or whoever if not another team. I can't make the deal because one I don't know that the medical situation in two I don't know that if he is healthy he's even got a sign. So what are you gonna give up if you're one of those teams that's why can't put the lakers in a different category because they seemingly. Would want him long term. Regardless as long as the guy doesn't show up at eight completely damaged goods if he gets shipped off to another team. You don't know. It might feel like a year rental and if that's the case why are you gonna give up the game one brown. If your team like the Boston Celtics weren't gonna give up Robert Covington and and other pieces if you're a team like. The Philadelphia 76ers so so really I've given that the cloak. Of all all the mystery surrounding co Y islanders I almost think it takes. All these other teams except the lakers out of the equation. It is pretty bizarre and I mean how much do you worry about his injury. Has maybe he's played to a point to where now you really have to think you know this can be something that's chronic. And could to be some that net that that he deals with for the rest his career. Again I. That's why I'm not as interest at the Y islanders. As other teams aren't as other people in the media might be at this guy away at this point nine last year. Like nine games last year I don't know what I'm getting. You know you can read the medical reports that doctors can tell you one thing. But you really don't tell it tell you gave him in and get him in that your. Office and get them on your practice court adamantly training camp. Just where he's at. You really don't know so again and I at this market. For Kauai Leonard I know San Antonio at some point he's gonna become. Rushed to get it done before the season begins because I think it's just been it's been fractured the point of no return. But there may be a case to be. So at four. Teams want to see you apply a little bit before but it did make it Il looked like the guys he's been in. At this point before the injury in his career that the mystery makes this thing a whole heck of a lot trickier for everybody involved there's no doubt. Nodes and you just said something that I I I'm having a hard time. Wrapping my arms around like when you say you need to see the medical's. Well we have two different medical's. We have the medical's that disbursed to believe current bead correct. And then you have the medical's that call why these people. Seem to think is correct so we don't even know and it's your GM your play and once again you probably don't know this Mitch Frankel and trust him like. Who's now see a drastic. While and that's the thing county that's why the only way you're gonna know for sure if you're one of these teams is to actually to adamant and looked at a on the floor to any move to play. This one play does show up but it makes it. All the more difficult because we're the like what you see at a medical they're not trust this guy verses the team. Vs. Eddie depended. And that maybe you hire but the bottom line is the guy's gonna be able to come in and run around and play and be athletic can mean he's one of the most gifted athletes. In the entire league when he healthy but I just would be Rolla it. If climate gene AM right now. To make a move for I'm gonna spend a whole heck of a lot for Kauai hindered because you know what. You might make a move and he might be a guy it'll never be that same war needs that that are part of that after year ticket right. I mean eat our one year Rory missed what 73 games if he comes to your team and you get into training camp. And he still not feeling quite right doesn't think he can go months that the disease than a month turns into two and you gave up something significant to get them. And he's going to be a free agent at the end of next year. That's big trouble but for for teams that maybe think they're getting caddick profitable over the. This may be think of something and this could be a total possibility. So check this out San Antonio. And less less taking get something out the lakers 'cause I agree it's guys like the lakers are bustier. Let's say the lakers play a little hard ball they know they can get them after next season anyone. So maybe San Antonio out passer call call ice people say listen we can't move via and still people watch apply. So unique economy air. Prove that your healthy. Go to a camp. Do all of that. And then Denver didn't weaken movie but until you actually prove that you comply eight nobody wants yet. Yeah and I think that would be difficult for San Antonio to do with this totally because the relationship it's is fractured so far so that's not. That your absolute last resort. But I don't think it's off the able to based on the scenario you laid out where it's lakers or bust in the lakers say you know. Because if not the lakers you could make a case. You wanna see him playing for somebody else before this what you're gonna give up again. Yet if you're not give up those young assets unless you know he can be on the floor and it you know gadget. He magical why letter being treated to the lakers and LeBron James and he's any plays like fifteen games. Yeah and it gave up a guy like bring it Ingram who might be the next awhile Lander and that's the thing I keep coming back to as far as I like Jalen brown. When he gets thrown out there all. Spurs at one Jalen brown and the Celtics might consider treatment Taylor brown. General brown. Might be more useful players in quietly under. Or all. You know if he did the bullets for another year means that a player of the year which brand may project. A year two years down the line to be on par with what cola that Leonard has been. Already in his career so if a team like the Celtics want wanna give a guy like that up and if you don't you're kidding. The can't walk the lender you've seen. These last couple years and that that's why it's it's almost a little bit of a nonstarter for me if I had any team other than Alan. It is one of the most fascinating sports divorce is we have never seen it really is. Because you're dealing it's totally dysfunctional. And like I said earlier tonight vote but before he got here you're in the clubhouse. I said if this would have been like Crisco hand. And the warriors. Or like the clippers back in the day or like the Cleveland Browns I mean everything like he'd just. An organization hasn't totally dysfunctional you'd Toyota team. Yeah you can only understand it like let. This is this. Organization. Is at Tokyo's errors yeah you're right and this is the you know this. So often we talk about what's the end of the run you know what's the end of the team's run the end of the team's window army clearly that the spurs window indeed. But you know with their championship in 2000 at fourteen and it's been all warriors these last couple years and it's but it but really the Indy. You know that the fulfillment on the Kaufman. Eighties is you know haven't called Y islanders who was it guys it you know that the quiet superstar that either reminded everybody in doubt in the perfect spur. If that debt and wanna be there and the spurs would rather not have be there anymore that's when you go. That whatever Corey Coulter had. It's history that is the end of that error they were the patriots or whatever you wanna column the NBA. You know for the last let's say twenty plus years since instant Tim Duncan came in the league. It's over now. If you know it's over with this move it's the last piece of Tony Parker's Kennedy point for the Charlotte hornets. This coming year ended 20 lead. Is you may be coming back 41 Tim Duncan's been gone now a couple years so yeah the San Antonio run. Is clearly over at this stage. OK so law. Story. With the warriors intrigues you the most Oregon these three. Okay warriors strike a deal was stabbed Curry's future brother in law Damien only. Staff carries. Personal security guard is no longer working with the warriors. And Chelsea Elaine will no longer be working with the warriors. As Travis like is the owner and bring her to Atlanta. I'm an Chelsea like it's the biggest deal when you look at the way the warriors have been able to manage injuries. And recoveries. These last couple years she's been a huge part of she's been a huge. Huge part of that 89 and in players. Absolutely love Chelsea line it will love her attitude. Love the way she she works him in terms of of rehab. She she's known to be an extremely blog. Person like she'll just lay it out you gotta do this she got to not do this makes it real simple. Easy to follow elects. The players know that they're really gonna crafted to work and go about a recovery a certain way I mean she she. Got Klay Thompson ready to play in the finals with a look like he was for sure gonna miss a game may be to him she's been at the forefront a step for Curry's. Knee sprain it's going back to 20162000. At eighteen you get him back on the floor in the playoffs Kevin Durant it's really bad. Calvin back when he had the UCL sprain. In the bone bruise get him to a point where he can come back and help the warriors win a championship what all the the because of what it's not the warriors haven't had injuries. County the worst of actually had a lot of injuries. They just haven't had. This season Enders they haven't had the guy who breaks the way. Or pull those out in the completely worries gun battle lot of injuries. That we're gonna take some time. Time but if they were handled with the proper amount of care and the proper manner rehabilitation. They could get players back in a position to contribute in the biggest moments and Chelsea blade was a huge part. Get in those guys that I mentioned. Back to help compete and have this team go for a championship these last few years. Yeah and if you don't think it's a big position. Let's go back to how we start this collide Leonard and a San Antonio Spurs. And nuggets in other one and I didn't wanna be look at look at who they'd assign. I mean look at DeMarcus Cousins. You know company and coming off that really one of the worst injuries that basketball player can get. And have to come back from a ruptured Achilles and I think a big part and I'm sure the warriors knew that it was possible that they were gonna lose Chelsea Wayne. You know after the season ended head toward the offseason but I picked up big part of you know the confidence level in incited a guy like DeMarcus Cousins coming off of that injury. Sure it was the price point you can get them for for mid level money below average salary. In the NBA for one year but it was also the belief that the warriors medical people warriors training staff. Would be able to to do the right things to get him up to speed to be. As productive as possible for the second after the season in the playoffs so. I think even you know I'm sure the warriors could hire somebody. Extremely competent that's just another franchise operates. But I think just look at it how cousins it's handled here in the coming months it's not that aware with with Chelsea might not be around it if your warriors fan. Your initial reaction is scattered be and it's bet that fixed you know that makes little more difficult maybe eight to get him back to where he needs to be. I wonder why. Because like step says you'd trust inner. And Andre Iguodala says she's family. If she met this among. Why would she beat this this organization that's light years ahead of everybody. How do you loud transition like our old friend to tape her win supposedly to all the players she means so much. Yeah and that's a hard one I mean. That's probably an answer in itself the note that only sheik who could really explain fully indeed the only thing I'll say is sometimes just in life. You know you need a change in some people just ate it like to. They like to move around in and experience new things semi when when Chelsea when he came on board Amaechi was Jews they strictly. You know joining a franchise it was ready to roll and ready to deuce on the day in and you know maybe she wants to start. In a new city would it with a team that's totally built it from from the ground up. And and trying to experience at a meet some people that's just did their DNA that Tenet. You know move around in an experience different things with new people at different part of the country in. And sell abbey only she really goes at the forefront anatomy debuted it comes down to a a financial component. You know or an could just be you know people in the front office maybe that the that she's a little bit more comfortable around and I also think there's a case to be made of you know she's she's kind of scene at all but if you just look at the time that she's pivotal warriors I mean think about it if you promote the warriors. These last few years and you have literally seen. Just about everything you can see. A couple of championships. Lose it and it's half that gave the finals. You have the pressure of trying to get up want to star players back on the floor up rapture. For somebody in her position as well and to be able to get through and overcome it. You know you never know what becomes a terrain or maybe even a Burton. For somebody and enact kind of position. Maybe it's just about a fresh start and a different level of uh oh financial component as well. Yeah that's interesting John Higgins and there's no liquor sales showed 957 game. Yeah I EEE. You'd never know what it's like at the top and you've won you've done it you've got their rings and probably I doubt their rings me she's from New Zealand so. I'm not sure NBA championship brings in Travis like make user may give her promotion huge pay raise. Lot cheaper to live in Atlanta that it is in the Bay Area. But he got a wish trouble like his Odyssey she met a lot of these Golden State warrior players. But obviously they're also gonna go out hire someone is going to be very confident and can do the job let's switch over to baseball. Every single game with the giants JD. But you wind your three games over 500 or you lose to an eight to stick game over 500. They're really gonna have to decide. Coming up here and I have a six against the days. What do you do at the deadline who they gonna beat the deadline. I think right now on and we talked about the so well that last night I think right now they're they're in line that you stand. And and yet tonight is the perfect example they lose to definitely cubs they absolutely. It shut down by Jose can comment but Derek Holland made the spot starters they wanted to give Johnny Quaid owe an extra day. Is he comes back him from the elbow so they give him the fifth day in between starts and he's gonna start. Tomorrow afternoon so Holland had been in the bullpen because it too but he starters he pitches great. It's into the seventh inning shutout ball. And it was so funny now that you had that the play with with Jonathan Lu cry throw the ball on the line after the a's had the lead in the eleventh inning. Simultaneously. At AT&T park yet become we throw the ball on the third base line really honesty honesty elected to be the two plays happen. Within seconds of each other is I was watching the a's game. On the ipads in the press box. And Abby who literally the will cry play happens. And then nick ugly play happens apparently was trying to catch Addison Russell stealing thirty throws it down left field line that's Russell comes in to score. The cubs ended up at and other run. In that seventh inning. And they go on a win to doubt that the and I it was so funny to have those two plays happen and basically lose the game. Four for Paul the Payer he teams. With their catchers just seconds apart but tonight is tonight's what the John it's a bit. They get they quit last night. And you've taken well if they can come back and they can back it up with a another win. Then maybe they get on a little bit of a role but the difference between that the giants in the gazed at this point has been the giants just haven't been able to string. How a real hot streak together where they get a big win. And they turn added a three or four wins nine and what they have done it. Did you lose 34 row and they're right back to where they were so it tonight just really indicative. Of the team that the giants have been so far at 2018 it to to relate it back to the tree line. County I just look at where their act with the pack. Acts and being right up against it. And their rotation has got some veterans. And it's got some young guys that have actually stepped up and pitched well. That their lineup they've got some young guys doctors now but they're a little bit. You know war veteran with guys have been around him McCutcheon at. They can't seem like the quintessential. If there within five games and still it's right around three games. Above 505. Games out they just feel like a team that it says well we're gonna get Evan Longoria back. And let's hope Johnny Quaid on us and Bob garner can stay healthy. And let's just play it out and if this team want to win an 83 games it misses the playoffs by six or seven. Then hey it was a heck of a lot. Of a better season and you have last year when you know had 98 losses and and you eat goat trying figure attic in in the off season. You know last night handicapping it I think what we're gonna see from both these franchises. ID we're gonna see nothing at the deadline. I know the giants not on your plane that risky game of guessing where luxury taxes and you want you wanna make sure you're around Europe. Was CY DA's can make Kate is after. The July 31 non waiver trade deadline. Did in new waivers. And when you get into waivers. Now you're really taking on more money than you are. Giving up top prospects for a guy right. And that's where it should ace can't take on some money in Los Earl made. It did you that. For a player or two and still be fine. Yet that that's or icy his right now. This part. You need to give up prospect if you're a buyer. You've got to give me guys who I ain't are going to help me long term for media give you a guy. You got Albert a guy like destined Fowler like the Yankees it. You know that's it that that's what it on the eight you know these don't wanna do that obviously but I used what the a's have done the last couple years I apologize for in Iraq that yet but from an ace fan perspective. Think of the guys that the days have. Got back in some of the traits that they made natural cotton freaky bumped odds that a guy like Fowler. You know those are the types of players that other teams are looking for. That are selling. No doubt and that's why I write I don't think really much is gonna happen. Before July 31. But then I just think about is what happens Saturdays there's been people on waivers and they start putting people on laborers who make money. And that's where. That will be the question for me and whether it's John Fisher. Dave capital. Billy Beane David fours where that conversation and if the ace sustain what we're seeing any say okay weakened claimed this guy. And take on his money we really out not to giving heating up formally give lower level prospects and we really don't care about anyway that's where I see DA's. Actually being players and I really don't see the giants employers either way. Yeah I don't either. I don't think the giants are gonna do anything I that they may be at stake it. Unload. A salary and yup eight back basically. Somebody who's make in the same amount of money like a Hunter Pence is cat you know whatever a third. Or just about half of his. You know eighteen million that he showed for this year if if the giants get kind of players that fills a position of need that babies in the exact same position. That's underperforming. You know for that team it works just a total money swap. That I can see them entertaining something like that. But as far as speaking on or giving up that young you know prospector. Or you know some of the young pitching it's actually come up to pitched well for them. This year I don't see them do an idea that because it it's almost to a fault for the giants it's. It's they've been competitive. I think there's a belief within the giants. That this team has another gear that they haven't hit yet. Whether it's true or not and I'm kind of inclined to believe that this is what they are I think they are may be around 83 in team. And that's just what they're gonna be for the remainder of the year that's not going to be near enough to it to get a wildcard spot or when it division. Is eventually it'll they'll those teams are gonna push ninety. So I don't think. If you're the giants you almost have to look at it as. Well that it was competitive and it wasn't an embarrassment almost a stop gap year coming off all aware they were. You know a year ago weighted 64 games and and lose in ninety Yates I tickets yet they wanna go. They're almost not fully and go for it mode. As much as they are just didn't stay in it and make it interesting mode and then trying to rework some things bigger picture. Next offseason take it to have a better club than 201980. Can't get over the do you think if you put a catch and through waivers someone would claim him. Boy that's a great question I. Yeah probably. Probably. I think probably. If you're talking and after July 31 at that point. Let's see via third this is to be around. Former five million buck yes not a lot of money range so more narrow range for the remainder of the year yeah I cute that the team would do that. And McCutcheon. You know it's not just his overall numbers aren't great. The giants have really benefited from the fact they. You know he's been clutch for them and and he just he he hasn't been good on defense really for the most part all year that's one thing that's a problem. But he's he's been kind of collection EU she or have a guy like teenager McCutcheon you can UC watching him and I'd you know watching him this year and being at the gates. He really get a feel for. How you can do and a lot of teams can do a lot worse than having a guy like enter the couch and you know we. It just put up. Solid average numbers if that makes sense like the diets that are like next year he could make a case that the giants don't keep McCutcheon which I would think it probably won't. And don't get a guy like Bryce Harper in free agency. I can see the giants next year easily. Kind of wish they had somebody that just did what age were such that four that theory it through seven he went. Eighteen home runs in and maybe drives in 75 you know not great numbers but. When you look back at the end of the year. And you look back compared to what you wind up put in that spot next year you may wish you had a guy that his deviant. You know we are so into Bryce Harper is going to scold our Bryce Harper is going to be over 400 million and net. Well he's got the home runs and he can make a whole lot of contact and now Scott Boras wants to get rid of the shares. Because it shifts are horrible for Latino enters wobble wobble block Manny Machado tonight. As the Yankees are one of the teams looking to acquire him hit two home runs against him against them. You know what would you be shocked of Manny Machado in scoring a better deal than Bryce Harper. Boy that's a great question I mean not that's not the I think I still would just because Harper Woods is one of the faces of the game. I think you're gonna pay a premium for that and I think Scott bourses due out there he's gonna he's get it demand a premium for that. Oh no I I I think that I think you're gonna get harper windup make it more but not to yet. But shot it was a hell of a player I might be more interest at it in half which I don't find GM. That a guy like carpet so weird about harper there's some that there's some big diva issue. And just like he doesn't have the right mentality. Some things off with him. That it's hard to pinpoint. Terrific player yes. But there's just some then. Suck them off about. I wouldn't totally feel comfortable paying him the 300 million dollars I just not this he's he seems like he's one of those guys. Downey did that work somebody's gonna sign him. And were gonna look back five years and that next deal cattle like we are talking about last night even well you've got this guy for five more years and he's Macon. You know 35 million a year that Strobl. Well mess that they limit shadow he plays a premier defense of position. Shortstop and the minute. He loses. Whatever he has app what does schism woods once again it's. These guys which great. Is it your supplying them through their prime years but you know however long you're gonna development shadow you don't just move on third base that's think insight. A child I'd like look at how he when I truly look at value. And who is gonna age better. But China might be a better deal than Bryce Harper. Like the in the job doesn't already had a significant injury to go back a couple of years ago which is something that. He can't completely. Write off but now I I think. I'd much shot oh is. He's a hell supplier he he's a hell of a player in what's his willingness to play. You'll third base in windy do it you know you say well you just put a bit thorough yet wanna plates that are. It Ellie wants to play shortstop. And I think it's it's a scenario where the only team deals for him at a spot form obviously at shortstop. Although some teams may feel that one of the play third base you know if he doesn't it rate at shortstop is gonna wanna continue to play there even though. You know maybe there's not a better defense of option those are all things that teams and half the way is it looked at shrine. You know sign him to a long term deal or even treat form in the short term. Yeah I mean that's the thing right now it's like Baltimore. It Baltimore is doing the right way they're gonna trade a franchise player at 25 years old Derrick and again a boatload forum. And then Bryce Harper they're gonna hang onto home and if they lose them they're going to be left to hold on the back. Yeah no you're right about that and and you look at the Orioles to. It at your heels are email had their Ron you know they had a couple of rounds they are in the league championship series game made the playoffs a couple of times and indeed they did it. You know in those prime years where you don't have to pay a whole lot of a lot of money I don't think there's any shame in that you know we talk all the time about. You know teams and always can't get frustrated with not cited your guys and not only want guys to beat her long term this that the other I think really the formula. Is kind of what the royals did in terms of get a group of guys. That it can be really good in there fourth fifth sixth the years. Were the team has them under control before they become free agents and then maybe it's time. They'll let them go and I think if you look at the gays and some of the young players they have coming up right now that the team that's point so well right now. You know I think that almost needs to be the mentality if you keep that for six years or a couple of guys look at Giambi had the hot and those guys the a's cap them. Had a great run to win them. And and then let him go well and you know was hot as good with the Orioles as he was with the aids know with the obvious get the Yankees he was with the what the age now I think there comes a point where just make sure you have them for that five or six years in trade him at the right time and in a whole heck of a lot. What you do have them I think that might be the way to go in in MLB today. Right and I we even had an MBA greater honor earlier it's like these guys understand and we've sound like Chris Paul it's like. Why are you going to look up a guy for big money in his mid thirties there's no way he's going to be the same guy. And you just have to realize. That you got a bye guys and their pride and their mid. To later Taiwanese early thirties and then after that unless you have some live like a LeBron James. You might wanna cut bait. Yeah now I I think there's there's no question about that I think in May look at the rockets at. Any sign Chris Paul they lose a couple of defensive guys and other big free agents can be Carmelo Anthony when he gets bought out. With a Oklahoma City year gates traits of wearing its way if that means the rockets are not gonna be better for. Another year older of Chris Paul make it forty million dollars a year and Carmelo Anthony make it 28 for a year. You know when you're trying to win the championship but if you played so well defensively about your run in those guys out there with art. He now. As well trying to beat the warriors that that's trouble and other messed around a capella two or he's not signed yet and could wind up being elsewhere. All right JD great several doctor tomorrow night aren't just good Downey. Our own John Dickinson live from AT&T park elder for the Chris downs of show I'll be back tomorrow at 430. Did you ready for a's baseball jet Larry did you all start will join me fox sports' ray taken wrestle and we'll see you tomorrow right here on 957 game.