Chris Townsend & Ken Korach on the 4th of July

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, July 5th

Chris Townsend and Ken Korach talk Bill King on the 4th of July holiday. 


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Should introducing me. The most interesting man on the radio how big ball or shot collar come player he's romantic. Sicker then a snicker everybody likes happy endings I lose romance. Easy eloquent. Orator and portrait sometimes on the Downey's got to be a little wrong candidate and and he knows his sports I source says there's smoking weed right now let it play out it's the twelfth man. Your. They are you kidding me crest. Podcast I was really you know on Monday and now. Are you ready Bernie is based on on fourth of July holiday is the voice of summaries of the boys. I'm here Oakland let. Also the author of holy Toledo lesson from bill Cain Renaissance. Man of them might be great cane or practice with a scared. Happy fourth of like my foot break Chris Townsend how are you doing today I myself that I'm more big big league for. A first class you yeah it's very clean no notes it's really very professions that the game that you got to step up you know you. Yet to do that not been at somebody asked me because everybody says what do you do it and how does that all work it. And I write I can't remember. I would honestly have to go like back into the ninety's the last time I at a fourth of July off. Our business mean something to work and be in baseball fourth of July will. Oh it really doesn't mention this on the broadcast yesterday Chris and for those of us who worked in the minor leagues. These are huge it is because in the minors you have your biggest crowd. Like last night the national team is triple a club that virus after the game. They had the largest crowd in the history of their stadium there the answer even down in the low minors and single label on I was working up in runner park in the eighties. These were picked days it was important families would come out your Barbeque you have acquire Roche oh. And it's really a big part of the whole tapestry of the country effect on the floor. That's funny sad that because. You know firework not I can't do the show from here I got to go home because I can't hear the callers churn but not far from my house where I live in the south bay is the San Jose giants wrestle as I was doing a lot last night. I can hear the fireworks going on at San Jose mutiny a place rye playback with San Jose state that they are absent fireworks last night for the ball in a vacuum your hate is a Pritchard has forced them Ferraro down there's so I mean it's. It's not just something that. We talked about with the big leagues it's really important in the minor leagues as well you know what new. All out on it and do a project wing youth basically say I wanna honor someone who meant so much to me. I know how much effort and time you put into this book. And you did it because. Not only do you respect. Or he respected bilking you loved the opening and a lot of love when you read the book you can tell. How much love that you put into it. What is it gonna mean to you when you're there in Cooperstown. See bill finally get honored the way he should have been. Hotter years ago well we would have to preface it of course it would have been great if this had happened while bill was still alive correct and you could be either. The place like Cooperstown because it is incredible love with a team of based on. His regard for his deep regard for the history of it and it's not just me you know Chris it's. Fans in general of the Bay Area people who grow up with bill on the raiders in the warriors and the Christmas week is fans who had this incredible emotional. On attachment to bill and revered him for all these years and that was one of the things that in courses family awfully in his daughter's going to have. On the acceptance speech on the 29 on this Saturday in Cooperstown but. I kind of compared to little bits of it is the bill passed away because when bill died as you know it was now. It tremendously sad day in emotional day in the Bay Area but the outpouring of love for bill we can all feel it. That today in the shocked that he passed away in 2005. When the news came down that he was going to be the recipient of the for the word this year was almost the same in terms of the attention. And the outpouring of love except for sadness it was jubilation this time when people realize that goal was gonna take his place in Cooperstown. You have done. Baseball basketball football so you're one of the few that truly understand it's not the alt three year difference. Just the way you go about it and the art of its. And for a man to be able to do it at the highest level of Major League Baseball NBA and NFL. And to be great at all three just tell us. It's very rare it is I never. How right I never thought it was difficult doing all three there was something I aspired to do from the time in my first government for a job in broadcasting so. Doing all the freedom he was was not that difficult. What bill did was incredible because of all the travel in the overlap with a sports when you're doing college sports like acted in when I was doing. College football I was working in the minor leagues of the season in the minors ended around Labor Day so that you could just focus. On the football the thing that was amusing about bill was doing all three concurrently. If the mutually level with the weight of the seasons in the way they would overlap. And he was running all over the country to do games. He was doing you know he would do a football game on a Sunday after run somewhere to do a baseball game on a Monday night in and it just spoke to his incredible energy. And the passion that he had for doing what he did because he loved it. Mean broadcasting the bill was likely air that we breathe that's how much you love doing it and the other thing there was this really stood out about all of this the quirky things and all the things we've talked about was that he hated this week. Those when these guys that he felt he slept five hours of that a four. That robbed him of one extra hour of living his life so when he got older Ernie felt like yet asleep a little bit more and luckily. If frustrated because he wasn't living during that time he was sleeping. So. He added incredible way. Unlimited amount of energy and I think that's one of the things that helped him get through the schedule on the doing all three of the Major League teams at the same time. Gas like he had a private jet late for a nose at him he's an hour Jim Nantz. Right right exactly it got I think the one thing that really you know I get to meet him a couple times but I think the one thing with your book and. When he just really research he was really really bright. He was the most intelligent person I've ever known. On the most voracious reader. I'm the most passionate person in coarsely. The full spectrum. In terms of the interest that he had been as I said it is memorial Chris all those. Interest all the things he was involved in Canada. Kind of a textured it was broadcast because you knew when you were listening to bill. He was more than just a guy that was a baseball announcer or whatever he was doing at that. Particular time so. He was deeply involved in all aspects of life of his life and everything he did it. Even if there was sitting down having a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper he devoured fat because there was a passion on with everything that he did. So. Just kind of give us an idea what the plans army nominal wanna heavy on. From Cooperstown which is what the plans that the days of people going back there because. I've done before it's really really cool it's like like yeah ultimate baseball dream to get the hall of fame and an. An ant to do that weekend you're gonna have the players that are going hand in all these different fan bases from these different teams of course there's going to be that special spot for now. Personable that things have changed now in that this ceremony honoring bill with a for the world and clear Smith who's receiving the spinning toward the writer's award. That'll take place today before the big induction. Which will happen on Sunday the thirtieth so bills award com on the 29 which is. That kind of niacin that they're separating its of that there's focus on those awards. The day before the other thing Chris is that the baseball gods with this scheduling. Smiled on us this year because the is a poignant auto of that week. And so my wife's coming out she's gonna fly out rent a car. The is have a that you literally they view around noon on the authorised him it's one is amendments on we're gonna drive down after the you know through upstate New York. And they go down in Cooperstown of the full day on Friday through into the hall of him on Sylvia party reception that night. That he has been involved in Sandy Alderson of course this incredible. You know the love and regard for bill all leaders they were together here there's also been involved in the party. And they'll be members of his office going and some of the old guard to go from which would be great because bill was hired in 81. When the hospital which took over the ownership of the club. And the incredible pairing of titans in the Booth. Bill I'm on Simmons a huge yacht in fort street analysts joblessness at from a book you dislike the but the merger of Ford and Chevrolet or something or NBC and CBS this it was it's. Togethers so that'll be Friday night and I even. I think a lot of though hall of famers who played for the is going to be a minute Julie Tony La Russa I think they'll be there. For the ceremony on Saturday because you look back over witnessed really isn't in movies have a lot of former players who. We'll be back there for a run for the Sunday for the induction I think they'll be there for the ceremony for bill as well. He's of the game brought to you by electing to and sweet San Jose airport you're doing business in San Jose area flying out of San Jose airport may trees stay with their friends. At the key to and it sweet San Jose airport about this. Just win I mean right now power and at a time. Defense or Iran as a mega make all the plays defensively. In put the ball in play offensively a little bit more that's can't corps act for God's sakes it's the athletics and the White Sox coming your way. And don't forget on a fourth of July ought not to EU after the ball game.