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Tuesday, July 10th
Chris Townsend talks NBA Offseason with Ben Dowsett who just came from NBA Summer League.

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DG DG dot com studios in downtown San Francisco. None of these. This game ran so long. It totally throw off our whole the car park purple planned for tonight. So all coming up here likely is gonna stay up late. From basketball insiders. In Dallas it is gonna join us coming up here at 1030. A mile partner rebuke was a very interesting article today about who why Leonard. And yes they are talking a lot of coli in Las Vegas will get into that. And then. No we're gonna have Kerri Crowley at 11 o'clock who covers the giants for the Bay Area news group in this lousy Mercury news is the giants are shut out tonight by the cubbies to zip. We'll talk to him coming up here at 11 o'clock and then John Dickinson who stop by. And now we'll hang Ellis tonight we'd love Evan JD now we get new a lot of different things. With John Dickinson the first or clean up this Alex in Union City we know you want to get on here on 957. It actually. Line don't worry more. With sub Lionel I have you his. Alex in Union City but go ahead line. You know to look out a couple of days. Yep that guided it didn't go right you know and who act that may mean. I got into the baseball god that that right now I mean it's it's our story and bring to say hi it is it's not. Add it law. That would staggered but it all happened so quickly come back in. Think it's been used in the good team but you know we're good good thing to do I mean and laughed when you actually have bill say that enemy we've been trying to. Well like 500 built there what we're well 500 now I would want them coming you'd been you know. You come back tomorrow in another way in. But somewhat in theory I know what a lot like that note why can't they have like a playoff feel. Because there have been in this race and a couple of years but it had need it lasted came to bat like you know he's from Houston player like. I bet that they don't like things need to game that we get economic we need to aim and our players and and it just it just looked fantastic man action cannot be playing it needed oil and can be like. Michael play. I. Think. I'm not SA playoff atmosphere but you know I'll say Lionel if it means something now and and obviously. The eighties have now. Yeah they've shown everybody. That. Hey these guys comply so the Astros coming in new hey this team is this not the team weaving taken around. All year long to remember the last time. The case on the Astros they slap them at the coliseum they want so the a's won the first game of the year against the Astros in the house of roll off eight straight victories against them. So they and David and beaten up the gays and all of a sudden here come the scouting reports because I don't what happens is you got all these advance scouts. So they're looking at these days is there heading into these series. And the players and coaches or get in the had the advance scouts notes and realize and Heyman this they seems different. This taste seems pound and people there winning games late they are winning close games they will. Lot of home runs the back at their bullpen has been absolutely deadly. So now when you go into a series with the eighties you know it's no joke. Yet not adapt that that I need you know immunity at bat that in my about form. He says you know they'd been here so and they are that it without a doubt is that in the late green. I hope they keep that out. You know gone all are very strong and rhetoric that it was a local. That did call appreciate it. You add downer tonight because the angels as has vanished off the Mariners nine to three outta gained another game a lesson. I believe the Mariners no matter what happened tonight. I believe the Mariners are gonna come back to the pac. I'm not saying next on trying to be a homer. On sand neck as I believe. That the ways they've been winning. Is not something. That you sustained. It's just not. Winning so. Many one run games. It's it's fantastic for them that they've done that. No question. Which are not sustain them. You're gonna start losing some one run games. And all the sudden like I said it's about how winning series. You keep winning series. It'll take care of itself. There's so those series are going to be against the Seattle Mariners are you still have games left against the Seattle Mariners. Yet take care year business that's that's always the thing you've got to take. You can sit here and you can watch the scoreboard all you want. You've got to handle your business. For example let's sort on the giants. Giants' loss tonight. Dodgers loss there's a chance to creep up on the Dodgers as the Dodgers loss of the Padres for a one problem no. The they won five to three. Is a very close division right now. Everybody. If you really look at it since were all early on July 10. A lot of teams are still in this thing. You know it's kind of like we've been in this. NBA mole eighties. Are not similar as we are we gonna this is in VA. NBA world right and not everybody was really paid attention to baseball and all the sudden. And are at where we live. Also the warriors are done. Drafts done free agencies here now we looked up to my what's going on while the a's are really tough division. You know that the giants here. There's there's still and it. Despite their horrific. Record on the road. And these games coming up. Are fascinating. Because there's going to be six games between DA's in the giants. And I'm Italian after that last game. Coming out of the all star break when they play three in Oakland. After that game I know I'm really centered on okay. Water or the days and what are the giants. They could split and then maybe we don't have the answer. All are one team is gonna dominate. And that's gonna turn the other team and her rethinking. Who who they are going to be at the trading deadline. Six games and it's eight psyche they could be. More perfectly put right there right it's like you're got to get three games in San Francisco. Walt ought to break. I think I'm back three games in Oakland but he six straight. Games. Attitude same market where there are always gonna be a rivalry in a two team market there's always going to be a rivalry between the Yankees and the Mets. Yankees can big leaguer mall they want but it's spirited. You know it's really spirited in Chicago I've actually ban to Wrigley Field for eight cubs White Sox game. And they don't like each other. And really for the first time. In recent years. The Dodgers the angels. Kestre years dodger fan look at the angels like are you kidding me. The angels. Many angels you know week wintertime with Frank McCourt. And all the struggles. With the Dodgers and the angels won the World Series. Does several World Series and how long long time. The angels have had really good success but now the Dodgers have been on this run so you don't. I've actually seen the commercials they actually do some pretty good commercials when they're gonna play each other because you've had two of the premier players in the game. We start talk about Clayton Kershaw. And you start talking about the great might turn out so they've done commercials together it's actually pretty cool. So that's happens when you got a two team market. Embrace it it's the vast we get everybody we get all the great players all the great players come to town. You name it that guys coming to the Bay Area. So are we might get into a little bit later. You may seem to happen in with the Yankees and any Orioles. Manny Machado. Who's on the trading block. And the Yankees supposedly really really want him. Manny would shadow hit two home runs tonight against the New York Yankees. If you're the Baltimore Orioles you just let all thank you Manny. Got your stock is rising because you know he's seen its right front of you you're look at added this kid's got all of tell the world. I'm not talking about an old man who's gonna be a free agent. I'm talking about a kid whose tour money five years old. 25. What you like right now about a kid like that. Is you bring him and annual whilom. Georgia did you bring him NA I mean that supposing there's. What averaged seven teams whatever you wanna believe Red Sox are interested. While the big boys are interested. You wanted to bring me any good shot only N. And you wanna romance in. And so when he's here. Wherever their sins. You'd get to see how great it is to play here. And then you say this is where wannabe. Does these guys got all the money in the world means you're talking yankees Red Sox and in Aiken pan am. Whatever. 300 million has every 250 million what do that they got it. They got that kind of cash. I had no problem the guy making that kind of loot when he stony five did you buying his prime years. You're not you're you're you're not buying in mid thirties. You're buying the prime years. So that's why you like these deals for a Bryce Harper that's why you like given Trout even though Trout took a contract that. Whatever hundred some milieu it it got way more. That he had no problem given these guys that kind of money because you're giving amend their you're digging them in their primes. And guys like this still be good at 3233. Where you don't like paying for guys. Is one they're 35 and beyond. You wanna get guys in their prime. Let's switch gears. He is the deputy editor for basketball insider he's an MBA writer Ben Dallas it joins us here. On the Chris Townsend show night 57 game bad how we Dylan tonight. And it's the same thing whether it's not an MBA or talking Major League Baseball. Because these are the two sports with the guaranteed contracts. Paying guys when they're young and in their prime is great it gets real scary when you're paying guys in northern. Going to be in their prime. Yeah no question about acrid I think that something that we'd begun to see a little bit more. Years in the NBA. We've seen teen may be. Kind of looking at goes back and contract but even we even had an example that summer look at Chris Paul in Houston. Everyone expected Chris Paul get a five year Mac. You know being he had a grip and the players association helped negotiate EPA that allowed him to get paid all that money and so on so what. But I think we audit the rockets were partying and on. Not have a map to your or on perhaps art in make them concessions elsewhere in a contract if they were gonna get it here. I think beside it a compromise are still got a good deal of course but I think in the past we might honestly you just kind of being the overall arching like Iraq if they're just. Pony up the whole thing in the year but I think things are becoming a little bit more cognizant Allah you know which really cost to be paying that I'd cheat dollar contract they're like these that are guaranteed well inhibit their. If you. If you're running your team. Is there any way Carmelo Anthony's Asia could sell you on him speaking of someone who's got a lot of us. Tret not a lot of tread left on the tires. To be on a group not on the scene that it had real NBA title operation now. Com op and I I don't need to be insulting Gurney thing like that but I do. I do think that I'm more a mallet a productive player or an elite NBA team on actually had passed. I think that we. Has seen on actually even. During a brief period when he is willing to kind of dejected game and adjusted war. He really what an effective and got it last year in Oklahoma City. And then you make comment that it'd be in the and indicated that not only. That was bad kick but you really kind of what happy playing that ball. He really haven't felt still think he can do more may have a different impression of a belt and and with all I had no problem guys being caught but it. I don't get the NBA without being extremely competent and elk not to be realistic about what you are in fact it Carmela and it ought. He was which huge problem defensively for Oklahoma City particularly in a playoff that judge absolutely just went act in every single possession. Probably the biggest reason why the law the first round of the gap last year. It comic in trying to wind right out now they're really not much cartilage that unfortunately. So then let's go to coli learner and the story to us it's like all the time the story takes a turning goes. Another direction in which you just did not see coming in. People are learning more and more I mean the whole thing about him going to new York and basic beans stashed at the players union. To where there wasn't really much the spurs can do about it. Great Popovic flies out to San Diego to talk to long Manning the whole thing is just dysfunctional. And then today we're learning. That call why Leonard's agent Mitch Frankel. Basically the only big client he has is coli Leonard. And there's teams that obviously are interested in coli but he only played in nine games. And you want me to trade for this guy. I have a lot of questions that I'm gonna ask but this Rich Franklin is critical is not a guy got a lot of GMs really know. This sake just get what about the moment. Yeah you know there there's no question it pretty strange and definitely as far as whether or not quite healthy. What you're saying there what Rick the court Scott in his article today on Bleacher Report it that absolutely huge issue right. It is I'd seen GM excuse me. Can't. Realistically and major act that for a guy like why they're still can't beat you gotta you know chronic. Quandary that condition that's gonna potentially played and heard you know years into the future which I get. I'm about this crop that it's been suggested that that might be equally as you at a sacred we really have no right to. They're so much information coming from so many different side that the thing that strikes me the more and more I hear about that you are without it an NBA normally block that it over the weekend talking to when he people out there and just. The number of different things you hear from different people. Whether their calls should situation. Quite removed from the situation it just it obscure nobody can have a central idea really what happened. You even look at the main reporting that two primary reporters out there will shams on. It's very different information coming from the big talking two very different people in the situation. A point. Until we see something really concrete which we really haven't for several months here almost treating that all is not noise necessarily but it. Would we be skeptical until we really know more because there's so much like. You know when we saw that ESPN report to where they is they broke it down on the timeline of how this thing has fallen apart. And as you sent a chronic injury something that could. Always be bad for him for the rest of his career. You start to wonder okay who really has the leverage. If teams can't get the information natural health information on coli. This co why apple averaged. How the spurs have a player that no one knows about I mean they make they have any lovers like does anybody have leverage right now. And that you're absolutely right because it's almost impossible to help beat it and Matt probably depend on a lead on. What they what why really walks. Do you know we've heard of course it's the rumor got out early on in the situation where to eat you know he's telling everybody wants to go to the lakers and that's the only quite he's gonna go. Next heat index off CNN that they're really not much point in trading for him. I've heard that that may not be I don't want to make sure effort that that may not be at much of it you'll break it we maybe thought it was. Now we're back into the confusion they aren't sure exactly what coli can help you want so we don't even know what you want but how do we know. Whether he had every job. Or what did it spur up lepers because they of course what they wanted to bring him back to get inside the super Max contract about 290 billion. Appear that pocketed pumping that happening at this point in your right it's one more confusing situation that he'd recently. And I do think back that quiet representation maybe a little bit outside the normal NBA circle that we don't quite a bit verbal. Then douse it deputy editor of basketball insiders joins us here. On the Chris Townsend show yet and let let's throw this Spaniard to right so. If let's say I don't know I'm a GM from whatever team. I call RC Buford of the San Antonio Spurs. RC Buford can't tell me if he's healthy he doesn't know because he doesn't seem a lot. Yeah you know you're right Matt sick you know that the inside the bit light on help side and then the. What collide Beatrice in the resigning got an accurate article on added notes. That that it wondered aloud whether he would retry. There are something that probably wouldn't be too concerned I think there are you consider a perfect situation where even if the work what happened in word doc what are you going to go for LA next year still might not be the worst thing ever. That led. You just can't do that you don't know whether that I even going to be able quite an elite level for next he suffered the quarantine them enough that could be really good here. But quiet is to that trial rappers actually out here on right now it did make that example on the I think the raptors they've been rumored that they might be interested in doing something centered around a martyr and may be another piece like that that they send them where to Margaret has. One more year contract and Kauai don't. That interest in gamble for trial right there potentially make themselves the power in the east now no longer out on that can potentially make a final immediately this year. And they need to calm and quiet stay even if they don't really pitching in the Golden State Warriors which you know who knows what it that would be the agent. Even if quietly and Mac it's great for trauma because then you basically are they're rebuild or we figure that. I'm here next year or two now. Everything just said here though all the parts trauma don't know what they held the UE coli latter makes you who can get under the we gonna cut back it up Kate what the point right. Yet satellite when you look at what we're dealing with a bogey cousins is like the warriors are like hey weren't good bogey. Unita rehab. And when year 100% ready. Whenever that is November December. January February hell they even said march you'd come back we'll be ready to go. If your team trade for coli Leonard. EU need him to play pretty much maybe not right away but he's got to play a lot of games Florida. Absolutely he's got to you know. Will that make no mistake I seen it like they're my best at what might Toronto example just that you know hypothetical here. There's no question that they'd be one of the dominant team in the collide to come poker what. We get to automatically assume their law could fine the Boston Celtics are gonna be really really good next year with carrier Gordon Hayward both coming back injury. The Philadelphia 76 are going to be really good which then an individual be getting another year. Without indicate unique why helped via early if possible to get that team jelled together key trait form entry into everything make sure that schemes work well. First year coach there in nick nurse. They have to work with there as well when you consider all those things you're absolutely right there really isn't any other team in the league besides the warrior. There are back catalog of basically just saying hey you know what finally out you can pretty much come back whenever you need to add you to our roster mr. Walsh are. Eating out did you learn anything down a Las Vegas. I would you know you learn what you learned several things here and I can't tell you a lot from your got them of course they don't like you know George bell looks. I'm not odd that indicate to me it's up or you distracted but got I'd get shot the ball particularly well but that's not really something that I aid per. A huge amount of stock in its summer league. Especially for guys like him were getting very different shock that summer league and what they'll be getting during the regular season. How look at what the other stuff is that they are doing can do everything else really well blocking everything in sight getting punished. Steele getting a lot of it actually app in the ball really well. He got got to get one hour. On the pride. Anything else from any other team any player they you know that guy really stood out I know grace and Allen out of a big game I think it was today or yesterday about being released. Stand out for a. Yeah great and are great and had a good went to the stated that are back in Utah summer league which I also. Attended a lamp on Utah David Jarrett Jack junior the fourth overall pick from this year really stood out to be on the one of the youngest players drafted I think they've been young player draft and probably the youngest player summer league still eighteen years old. That I absolutely. Weakest player quality has really great thing on the defensive and he shot look a little weird but it goes in if he had the offensive game that it looks like he could potentially develop here I think back it could be it too it's our league. How was your wallet leaving Vegas. OK I was in Iraq now. It would great it would I had a positive Vegas strip for the first time and likes to refer to hear that. I'll go and see a body trauma from the jug and it upset about a blackjack and we did well so great. Isn't that a great I mean it's like itself. Like you get to Vegas in your fired up and Jiri again leave ms. bowl or it like this is a great trip so I'm happy for you you got. One of those rare ones where it's like this is a great trip. Pretty much not. Grow up that. Good stuff then we appreciate it we'll have gone against zone. Urquhart a marker in Dallas it deputy editor for basketball insiders you can always tell any airport. You can look at a guy and gal pal is their trip. You just look at. Did you see it in their face. They may have that. It might be at the airport thought. Still haven't got bills are you know. Slots airport are UC people who look like death. I mean gas and you know hung over and the naval lost. It's like the worst feeling ever. Hung over can't wait to get on the plane and you know the money that you've brought is gone. And I've told yeah. My late father used to stay. They didn't build those places in the middle of the desert where there's no water because they lose. You may get him once and awhile but the majority of the time there are going to give you. But that's the thing about Vegas. That's the thing about Vegas. You put any event in Vegas every show up. Parents are about it last night. You put this summer league in Milwaukee you put it in Portland you said Utah where some people might you put it in Vegas ever gonna show up for some really why. There's you to hang on Vegas. You put an event in Vegas. You know you build it they will come you put it in Vegas they will come. I gotta talk about the school wide thing. It's just it's fascinating. It's like it it's like yeah. It's like one of the worst. Public sports divorces. In the history of sports. Chris downs showed 957 again. Quiz helps you gel or not. 857 big game. Our roads are very proudly from the Bay Area news group about the giants beat the shot up so nice and tough night for mayor of days nausea athletics lose an extra innings. Giants shut out at home. But both clubs here and it. They are in it on July 10 no question about it. My old partner Rick speaker had eight. Pretty interesting article today on Bleacher Report. I don't know if it. Clarifies any dating. Or makes even more confusing. Black water a weird just overall deal this that is and I understand it's San Antonio. Some warrior fans. Might say I don't care but for me it's just. It sports business. And when you're watching someone who's this high profile of a player. And just watching this. This relationship. Just disintegrates. And where does it go from here. Like this is something that now. You know you've heard the different things I dollar San Antonio traded under the last in San Antonio all do this and San Antonio won't do that. And then this is how collide feels and Kauai wants this up are now he does want data miners all those rumors going around. And then this happens. Where Rick comes out and says Mitch Frankel. Cole why Leonard's agent. Has no other significant clients. And only has been representing Leonard the last couple years. Okay. Why is that a problem. For example. The day the a's had their number one pick and they brought him they announced it the two guys that sat up there. Scott Boris. And Billy Beane. And somebody asked the question about pay get this deal done how tough was it and they both just laughed. And you know Billy's like I've been I've been dealing with Scott since 1998. So there is a long long history there. Between Billy Beane and Scott Boris. And if you look like Brian savient Scott Boris really get any you know GM has been there awhile. They've had to do this this is not Boris Meno. So they can talk to Scott. Well if you have a guy. That has only represented basically Cole why Leonard. We'll quietly airs on clay for one team. You got all these other GMs. Who were out there. Who don't know this guy. So you'd like to be able as a GM to call up an agent who you've done business with before. Like let's say when Bob Meyers was an agent. You can column Bob you know Bob's a good guy. You know not every agents got to be straight with me because they're gonna do what's best for their client. But you can actually feels some things out and be like hey Bobby I know what's actually going all the player. You know what actually and I mean a chronic injury how bad is it can only look at medical's we have our medical people look at them com. I guess you wouldn't be able to do that because. He's still San Antonio's property. But I wonder if he could if we're talking trade if I'm title RC Buford I should be at least sees some medical's. I ain't. You your Collison guy you've never YouTube probably Gary and talked to before. And all the other GMs have probably never talked to before. So it's not like he has he has one of the big wig agents. Collide he's got so he's got nobody agent. Jesper varying just further. Just making this more confusing as this thing goes on. What's he gonna do. How do you make a trade for a guy. That nobody knows like it does say Antonio really now. That was lot of questions I had forbidden. If your GM who's interested in collide Lennar and you call RC Buford say all right I'm interest it. Where's his kids help that. Is he IBO light to start the season. When's he gonna be ready to play. And I bet Santonio 'cause wins Antonio. What do they even know. I'm sure they know little. But they know everything. Their peoples said he comply. Why people said. He's very he's still has pain. Is not right. So. Got played nine games. How much you're gonna give. Up for a guy who played nine games last year. And there's no trust anywhere. You don't maybe trust him you don't trust his people you don't trust his agent. Because obviously appeared GM and you want him long term. You wanna be able to call this Mitch Frankel. And say all right if I trade form that. Would he be interested. In staying here in Philly would he be interested in staying here in Los Angeles. Gupta reports it is our player of the Ryder put the clippers. So it is so out of this so much unknown. For a guy who's such. Revered as a great player but did candidates who played two time defensive player of the year. And you'd think it here Evan if this is if coli Leonard was a house. And you put up the for sale sign. For this house. You'd think everybody would come Collins right. You'd think there'd be it's not people you'd think the majority of believed not everybody because obviously. Your situation may just financially not be right but there's other teams you just all be like we want this guy. But according to this article buyer react. Everybody's cattle like well I don't know what to duke is no one has any information. It's hard to believe that something like this not only just goes on. What is going on in San Antonio. Maybe one thing at this is like I don't know the Cleveland Browns or the warriors back in the day. Now some strange stuff went down at the warriors back in the days strange stuff has gone out the clippers. There's been certain organizations. That have been just dysfunctional. Well this is a dysfunction this is a dysfunctional situation. With an organization. That is not dysfunctional. How do you trade for a guy you trade a guy you got no clue. Yet no idea worries that. And then you start to wonder. Is this the kind of guy you want long term as anybody thought that once you get past stats. After he's big and through all of this. Is this the kind of guy you wanna say face of the franchise. That would scare me. Out I can remember the Ryder that we had on from from Las Vegas is like he was like. Now think his name he's like we sure he really wants to play basketball anymore. Here's early seem like it. Is his heart totally unit so early trading for this guy are you getting a killer. Are you get a guy that has the desire to do everything you possibly can to win an NBA title is that what you're getting. Are you getting a leader. Are you get a leader of men. There's obviously something happened. With him the head coach cam and his teammates. When the warriors took on the spurs in the playoffs. And he was nowhere to be found. Because there is that your team you show up. Put the suit on and you show up and support your guys. I mentioned has multiple times you don't have to worry about dealing with the media everybody goes to a podium now. You can just after the game bolts. You can hide out somewhere in the locker room or the media can't get the he'd never have deductible. Did anyone do that. That's when my spider senses starred on there's things train wreck. This thing's a train wreck and people want it's not to Popovich about it and now looking back on it. I have known all this when that Syria was series that was going on. I would realize that Gregg Popovich. Truly had no clue. US ABS and us. I when he was saying. Topical ice people one Ryan. Does yours say go pop and HI you're not gonna get the truth and he is as I wanna deal in now. That's now IE it's damn it sounds like. Popovich was not at all. Josh and us. What you saw was what was really on on. Cool I was in New York. Collider was at the players union. And when you're at the players union your being protected by the players' union. He was like in witness protection. There's nothing you can do. The feds got him. Can't tell you can't you can't boss him around. Because if it's called why what is said. Yeah I am going home to San Diego on a do all this is San Diego my people. But some point you've got a contract you work for me and you do you get your butt back here to San Antonio. But. I have that feeling.