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Bleacher Report NFL analyst & former NFL QB, Chris Simms, joins Bonta & Tittle to discuss his good friend, Kyle Shanahan as the new head coach of the 49ers and preivew the upcoming football season. 

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Look at France with Kyle Shanahan who might Bryan has basically talking about is Chris sins of the Bleacher Report metal analyst of course former NFL quarterback Texas Longhorns well Chris thank you so much for German republic shall we army captain on the light and five were seven games could speak with UN just got to chime in almost comets and what your thoughts was when Matt Ryan came out and said that about Kyle Shanahan. Well listen I think what you what you just read him they a little more expensive then when you actually figured out immediately that that was my case like that actually say it. I didn't think it was necessarily. Or demean. Mean to your new head coach outstanding it and now I don't think he should revisit the situation I think there's other ways you know he could've maybe worries that. You know the way it called played also got Matt Ryan in the peoples laws well. And updated guys I really don't even understand that first of all my personal pot and let the Atlanta doc and all that. When the gave up five bodyguard in a twenty point lead I've never seen unit averaged eight scrutiny. Mortar Danielle and a top defense and as well as well say that just because I've been around in about my whole life. I've never seen an offensive coordinator held accountable for her managing the game more than Kyle Shanahan but he and docket I mean. The New England Patriots did the same thing in the bird. No one would be blaming Josh McDaniels they would be blaming built Jack because he's the head coach damage act. Portal for some reason. Kyle. There's there's that. Regime leaders against Kyle in the world but like that it takes so long before he became head coach. Because his background speaks for itself but. To me is where it's confusing. 500 yards total offense 25 point lead. There are things that option done differently in the last got the game but last time I checked it that ought to stop them in the game and tell. The off but the court didn't want to do and how they handled situations so. That's where I get fired up about the subject that you could tell. I don't get why some coaches get blamed for something. But some players get blamed for other things and then we go. Let other coaches and players get away would that that might my big issue. Chris I couldn't agree with you anymore I agree with 200% there. Because he was what diablo the falcons did all season was be aggressive they stayed aggressive that's what brought down to the Super Bowl they kept their foot. On the gas pedal people were still looking at 831 mark when erupts when 128 to twelve. The party free minutes is a block that plays a touchdown but I still hear people say all they should Iran bought there are one day they realize that having Coleman. Was out at that point he got intercourse Alex Mack was planned with that big leg injury I mean it's just ridiculous at this point to keep talking about and blaming Kyle Shanahan. Yet really and I think you'd YouTube hit right really mean that that the big thing first of law. You know take a bond agreement he picks up they eat picked up Donta hightower. First thought going to be a touchdown like I heard you say people where I mean every is going to be a wide open game going to be over. Other thing is even if he did get in the way the become the fact an incomplete pass the biggest pop the ball away there. They're gonna win the football game most likely mean it's going to be really apartment that. New England got the ball the twenty yard line they got the short field they scored quickly doctor and that gave them the opportunity to come back in the game so. Yeah I don't really understand it. Did the continual blame of Kyle Shanahan. But regardless hey I think a lot of Kyle whether it might find or not he's one of the best up at the minds in the game there's no denying that. And I really do expect good things from the campus fiscal 49ers under injuries and his regime. They Chris it's Rick Phil here when you were doing the raiders w.s who over CBS and you got your first look and they silver and black of Lamar Cooper you couldn't contain your enthusiasm. And we were right there with you that you. Said this is the guys who might have been not and the hall of fame. You as you said you've been around football college in NFL your whole life what what is it about him that separated everybody else from the pack to make you think that. Of course first modest evaluating them you know is that I and the lead in Atlanta as a Bleacher Report you know I do the draft which is a great thing because they're really get the dive into college you know college development. He was special electorate on the dome Alabama but I think. What even up that even more of what you're referring to as I'd like you know Bleacher Report I went out the training camp but the Oakland Raiders and what you see him in person. Just raise the bar even higher to where I went wow like. The first thing that jumped out to meet with the quickness. There's a line of scrimmage I think that the thing I looked is that what that's like special quickness that's like Marvin Harrison get off the line of scrimmage that type of talent. I see the kind of walker he says. Really there's no negative to his game really as a whole other than he got some lapses of comp concentration pecking. People bought because he's looking to make plate after the catch too quickly in general but. Of article put my money when healthy is in the conversation for what the pot best receivers simple they're really phenomenal runner he got speed to beat you. You'd deep and really put the ball in his hands. I mean almost never that the first god make the tackle he makes people miss in space and that's really about about. When you're one year with the Broncos those that own nine the raiders weren't very good and I hear but you knew when you went to Oakland you're gonna have to face. The black holes as a two part question what was it like coming in wearing out bronco uniform and Oakland. And number two do you think they're gonna have anything like that when they go to a new city. No they're not gonna get that. Same atmosphere in Los Vegas when it's going to be a bunch of people from all over the country who just dot com two or three picket. It could they spent 5000 dollar to the poker table and at the polar. And now there from Miami Florida but they got broad broad ticket that the raiders game in Las Vegas. Now there's going to be no atmosphere compatible that you're right I was with the Broncos that was amazing probably been one up back in 2004. A we came out there when I was with Jon Gruden AK Chucky. Is an interesting experience either stayed the nation is unlike any other end. That they had that sell our unlike any other but at the same time I'll say that it the worse stadiums professional sports. The locker room in the coliseum there in Oakland Palestinians worked on the high school locker room guy in north New Jersey so there's certainly how. To be something done and noble and the second part of your question there. Well that was then what was it like you're facing the the black hole learn as we would say a donkey uniform. Yeah a lot he had got to a you know the one thing I like about the raiders fans whether I was with the Broncos are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mean they handed you the same so it didn't that middle finger they told you shut the hell opted out of town. But you know I would think I got done playing an active around the raiders RB huge fan of Reggie McKenzie Derek Carr a Maurice Cooper Khalil Mac. And of course. Beat the team itself the Rutgers football is better when the raiders are in the mix for the playoffs. And I'm extremely excited for the team this year I I hope that you got to turn the corner kick that next step in today and into the playoffs and winning game until. We to report NFL analyst Chris says and holster descends on the left call podcasts are very good listen joins us here. Greg publisher after delight fraternal bonds until 95 points of the game let's look at the other team in the Bay Area and back to your friend Kyle Shanahan. A there was a big report yesterday I don't know was validity it has Chris book. There was a report to say Carlos Hyde may be cut in training camp now aisles looking at the numbers were Carl's Heidi used to play in the pistol. Even at Ohio State in high school he's always been in the shotgun and splits are astonishing here when the quarterback is under center Carlos Hyde only averaged just three. But he's in a pistol shotgun five point two yards a carry we know cows and the zone read quarterback will be under center he'll run and gun. But it's Carlos Hyde actually in danger of getting cut in training camp due to the new system here didn't run risking his arms as well. You know I have a hard time believing that really at the end of the day I think qualified is that how that running back in the eighties he certainly starting caliber and a now money back in my eyes is yet at the exact. Style well maybe Kyle Shanahan has looked for work and running back in years past no I think when Kyle. Get it type of guy in there he looks where you know that happened colemans who you saw last year did that compliment to the body Freeman. I'd show Williams who was drafted this year at a Utah. Which are more like slash yours right guys where you know OK that stretch out the zone if you'd see you'd see the whole. Secure what the ground and usually work two or three speed at wide through there in front for a seven yard touchdown. Call pot a little different from that damn point. He's a little more physical type runner he's a little more. You know he he's gonna make certain jump cut and goes I decide meeting more than a collection and usually like the running back position I think Kyle will coach him and really help him get hit the scheme and I have a hard time believing. That he won't be it will be on this doctor because look at the running back position for the San Francisco 49ers. Third there's really nobody. And hang iPad on our trust other than call of god I hope he can stay healthy your stack the ballot. And I would even say that I don't really care where where he wasn't it and what we're nationwide. The often the last few years that qualified people drop that it had been in been buried yet and had a lot of talent around them yet a lot of how to help in the pass game to loosen up the looks problem. We're on the Pope also of the old ban act pilot I haven't got that deep subject to deep conversations about it. But I have a hard time thinking he won't be on that roster. You talk about the passing game in the last two years for members at Torrey Smith at number one receiver we note issues Capra can off its line. The turn over and for and the front office in the culture except. Cain is passing game with now Brian Hoyer. Your personal mark he's gonna one's going to be lined up opposite appear on in and of course Vance McDonald gave an extension to. Season ago. Can his passing game loosen up things were Carlos Hyde and Tim Hightower orange Williams Ito. I really think it will mean not only in the genius positioning in front system in general that can help out the offense we don't but. I mean look you just look at the numbers build a cop out shooting and passing offenses what the Blackberry eight active when he's off the according to Houston Texans under Kubiak some of the things he did with the Washington Redskins the Cleveland Browns into the Atlanta Falcons. This is going to be about ball and the 49ers have had in law. Long time not just we're optimistic that maybe the Mike Shanahan days since the the days of Bill Walsh child with special place called me from me at short patent Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan is the three that often the minds in the game right now. He is very creative in finding ways to get explosive pass plays down the yield two receivers and yet you guys might not have that like goat to two Rollins had the talent but. Mileage on the ability to spread the ball around whether we would go into the trap of Benjamin that the world. And I think really Alter Robinson getting in their mark he's Goodman with a guy. Got IPO goes on. Yeah I mean Brian we're out of the long term effects that you guys know that. But in general partner I'm sitting here thinking that that softens we'll be light years better than where one. Under Jim Harbaugh which and don't you guys Jim Harbaugh and dunked it does that put the best team and hope at all that quickly on the field. And that ship Cali. Refused to go vault at the end of the only thing intently he called an organ of the intently he called and build up its effort does go. This is a different animal couch and it creativity formations and everything else he can throw out. No more questions for Chris Simms when you look at John Lynch you call Jed York and said hey consider me. For GM we put so much and he wasn't a scout he's never done a draft he doesn't understand how I. Front office work but so far the Cali got over on the bears in the draft or the trip this key thing. Everything seems to be very bright and this guy is so charismatic we know what a great player he was. So on the one hand are you surprised that lynch has seemed to hit the ground running with no experience and number two it is this make you think hey I know football maybe I'll be a GM. I know I don't pull off I don't know if you know GM this ridiculous and that we arrived at that you got me going now the subject. But that I don't like I'm capable of being the GM Berkshire. I don't a lot of I think like a lot smarter than a lot of people eleven teams right now I just out now willing to go try and do that word is my career justified need at the other problem. Don't lecture John now layered John Lynch a borderline call in type of player. You know those guys get handed note that the jobs where somebody like me let electorate is stellar career. Now I have to work my way up the ranks forever and I wasn't willing to do it and I want to be around my kids and my families alike got into the media business but. As far as the talk with John Lynch being. You know qualified to be at G yet I mean that ship. Total mean. He could be as bull crap about what that is I mean I don't know what you mean I Am Legend and that would be able to figure out how to fix this outing boards. I. And I kept on Alley no I mean John Legend ultimately technique. It looked like eight gave warned that he nobody went and looked like Symbian right he goes would say he's been. Which middle linebacker Ruben after eight K Derrick does so to me all the outage at bull crap talk by the media and then Shalit. Front office and that Alex is now the player coming in infiltrating by. My area I don't know what to do so that's my take on like guys I think he's more than qualified and I think you're in great hands that. Chris since here NFL analysts on Bleacher Report also holes of the sends a local podcast. A Bleacher Report it is funny because people dismissed John Lynch being in a war ruling would timber. Want to the scouting combine taking notes would John Elway and being around their guys very very Smart but I want to move on to the general NFL owner who had a season here. And it seems like this is the patriots. The Toulouse. How can I mean how the heck did they add bread and cooks toward already explosive offense Dion Lewis James White we know about Julian have a big rocket he stays healthy Dwayne Allen and he had Stephon Gilmore out of buffalo I'm Brenda flower just it was in talks with the patriots and he still Terry Butler. Hold a deep who's gonna touch this team how can you not go pitino one and win the super ball ran away. Look and I eyes out with you you know part of the first things first like I've talked about the on the ice and electrical podcasts but I appreciate the plug there and making video the Bleacher Report a lot. First of law. The NFL how. The stop doing trade. With the New England patriot than Bill Belichick kept their one weakness yet down to build ballot Jack. At that he doesn't always drop out well and you could go back. In its history don't recent history part on the line he got hot and the second and third round but now I understand problem out he's in the air bradys and there. But forgot where people broke out injected him down the greatest coach of all time in my mind. The one because he does that the value making college players and would you trade with guys. To get branded cooking course immediately you're playing right into the wheeled out to build telecheck because now he's getting to see these guy he got that. Branded cook scored easily stepped on Gilmore again and that felt hike talent he knows that. Aptly what they are at that point of their career instead of protecting the actor. The NFL draft so that would be my first thing. You're right it that the start holding themselves to the standard of the New England Patriots forget your division. Forget like all of the Baltimore Ravens that we got to try to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers out. You're not commonality at the and let your holding yourself to the same and the doing the patriots are. They have gotten better they'd won the off season. There I don't even know what else the a team like special law that's like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Oh Baltimore Ravens people we have seen go up there and not be afraid the tightly and maybe beat them. There that area but it Bill Belichick I tell people all the time I worked there for eighteen months and when you're around him that did it it is he's a brilliant man. It Bill Belichick was on Wall Street he'd be running Goldman Sachs people all across street he just a brilliant. I adequate margin and he has no family at home so grinding for eighteen or nineteen hours today is just the wait like for him it's not really a. Christians will get you out here with this one on one look at the NS zero quickly who'll represent them in the so I mean early on I know it's early we have Linda got a training camp yet. But I'm high on a New York Giants hoping to Dallas Cowboys are for big regression and receive up all the turmoil going around with their franchises is a circus over there the Allen about as I do think will be a playoff team again what's your breakdown and Tennessee coming into training camp Chris. Yet I had Pickett say it is a comedian when you look at it it is up for grabs I'm with you though as well as the New York Giants have you made me pick the Super Bowl right now pick in the giants and New England Patriots I mean the giants' defense we know that was special last year. The secondary is really good if not what about to pull off they added Brandon Marshall tied to the receiving corps to avid editing room. They can promote missed their first round pick who is up but nominal like Jordan reed type of tight end so the offense is going to be better. The giant on the team I look at today. I don't think the Green Bay Packers are worth a damn but as long as number twelve was at quarterback there he can make anything happen and I'll say that Atlanta I. Probably view as far as I think that playoff caliber team I didn't take it step back because they want the biggest weapon and I think Kyle Shanahan. And I do think doubt in the NFC south gotten better this off and as well. He's he's now calling plays that I had to be an adjustment for sure. That is that the adjustment to make that one team I'm looking at that you know we all know is lurking but if they can just get this one area that. That's Seattle Seahawks if they can get there often to line and run game going. They had a top five running the offense simple block from 2012 that you doubt that that team. And last year they drop all the weight on the 25. Would help you brought the world that they can get PGA pros say they got some good offensive lineman of the off season they get ago we. No they got talent on defense. They are key. Team I would look out and work they'll vikings they have now been caught into local one credible. It can contribute on the opposite on the Barbie in the other team I'd watch out for because they have a Super Bowl caliber defense. That would be the I clicked on the end of the you talked about the cowboys the other cap would be good but I do think they take it like step back. Chris may you got me ready to run to wall right now Matt Dickey so much for time today your immigrant publisher Arthur delight. We could ask what are. Elaborate you'll love it thank you have a. No I certainly has great stuff for Chris sands NFL analyst Bleacher Report also wholesome it sends a left co podcasts on Bleacher Report. I join us here immigrant publish joy and delight.