The Chris Townsend Podcast
Wednesday, October 11th

Chris Herring, senior NBA writer for FiveThirtyEight/ESPN  was on the show to give us insight on the start of the NBA season. 


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SPM 538. Valmont quarter ad airing underscore NBA Chris how we don't and I. A great career a well we're no good it's funny because you're the home of the Golden State Warriors and I don't know if you made the trip to China. My color and I have both done the trip to Japan with the Oakland Athletics and I can tell deal. That a lot of people from our station who went with the warriors they are all dragon right now Stuart eleven gone. This last game Friday. The tune up for the warriors against the against the Sacramento Kings you have a lot of guys dragon have you done that trip to China and back. I've never gone. I I kind of wanted to balance contemplating writing on the longer. About the timberwolves then because they're over there for so long. And so little American Media makes the trip let them. The figure much bigger opportunity broad a bad luck if you heard it but they do every year they're they're here. But not that I thought occurred comment about. Just how tired the team looked to be admitted because jet lag from long trip back. You know when you look at this season from the Golden State Warriors perspective what are you looking most forward to. I mean. Last year they were great this year I think they could potentially just keep scary I mean that they. That's very obvious after the wait two years ago I ended that they want to quite go further away in the record I don't that's don't expect them adverse circle that the caller yeah. But I mean like accused in a futile and only lose ten or eleven games. Just because if there hope the they they really don't have been the polluting very topical off opera watcher anyway. You know they were still adjusting to impose a really great player joining me in Belgrade to keep fit perfectly. But it still takes a time when period of adjustment. Really. Fire on all cylinders and then after a while actually got to corollary to what we don't act and you're. I think that the routine where that at age also perfectly together. They still have guys that are totally at their primary course still political odd. And good barrel only wanted to keep it at their best should be an orderly put it to you all of the course and maybe a seven game series so. And unless somebody gets hurt I think this material omission one that I'll running away. An and I think that it'll show during pregnancy even more than it did last year. Chris and in my opinion part of what makes this team so fantastic is that they will be able to weather the storm that would be an injury to one of their big four. As if you wanna call that but. Having said that which of the four. Would hurt most for the for the portion loose for an extended period of time we saw what happened when during got hurt not so bad. You think it would hurt even more to lose a guy like courier or maybe drama on who provides all those intangibles. I think looting curry would be huge hit for them I mean there's a part of that team that I can't go like it'll work. Correctly. That courage not there eat and the one who really break defense is where. You know defense has break all sorts of rules you remember the the first game or two of the finals where Kevin Durant had. A straight win path to the basket and a fast break situation because. Jack Smith hello Roger Burkle and we're about current quarter are very well. And then that historic and we're like the deep and literally does appear the way it took almost two because operated. That's an unusual rat and forcing you to eat a guitar contorted way that it shouldn't. And so I think that you know you'd the other thing you look at that bet that if they caught it declared. Every single player on our roster or shoot the ball better. With that occurred on the court which are on the on some level and the seem obvious but I don't know the other are player can say that I could literally every player every. Regular player of the rotation shoot the ball better attendance I think that's how do you how much you state to look more bodies are great pastor. There are guys that entitled that all you have. Some money than that there you obviously have great month. Luke Donald quite court at times it would follow the really good off hand manner Durant can held the ball but nobody really replace the current does. Offensively oriented I am and how far out he got hit 35 or forty feet. I'll coming across at courtside I think he'd be got a can least afford to lose you saw that they did very well career. Andre Agassi even I'll that they dream under the guise that they would be quite a lot about defensively but I do think they have enough talent. That they could potentially figure that out if they had to go. A month to month without Dre Bob I think they could do that more easily than they can look and not having curry especially in the final good we've seen. All they've done when Kurt not only healthy and even when he's playing it not only helping get really compact and open. Chris Arizona's airman Chris Townsend show 95 point seven again Michael Irvin would best tonight all right I don't care what conference. Other Tony nine other teams if you had to pick one team who actually could be the biggest threat. So the Golden State Warriors what team would you pick. I only. I would have looked Oklahoma City. Actually which. On the surface but do I think they would beat them now I don't think anybody can beat and I think it would take. Oh really serious injury to one of those big or from Golden State to even really make a conversation. But what they wanted them they get hurt. I think Oklahoma City become the real threat because. They were. Unable to score last year outside the Russell Westbrook. Now they had two really good scores wanna fool moves pretty firmly in his prime in the others they re just tackling that problem. But the thing that Oklahoma City had going for them outside of just Russell Westbrook. They have about a killer because I think that their defense to be the cops on the NBA that's here. Depending on how things shake out. And basically they capped a whole core intact they obviously got rhythm couple people. Traded. Can exert what settled into the big loss that you are commodity but anyway. And and obviously getting rid of all would be boat to get. Could be able get called George but I like that in a lot now you've got three guys. They can really score to a cold now are going to be only freed up. And he could argue that all three of automobile over Montreal and about half of course so much especially ruffle. That the port so much talk and Xavier Carmelo Anthony there who are the legal spot up shooter we don't really see them in the Olympic and at all. And you've got under Robertson there and you've got Steve and out of there you do get a lot of players that he met that. Really well there I think I had I don't think that they would be. Golden State and series. But I could see that shaking out where they can really scared them all but I can't so we'll see I don't think it Cleveland's here I think Cleveland. It kind of a weird stuff lately that they gave us down the Carolina situation right now. We'll go into it being a starter manager Eric Schmidt and chipped up about bad. I don't like the way that you mr. and they got out and I don't think your quote well for the last year LeBron potentially being able procreate to. Crystal and let's go back to the wars drew quick of the three most prominent new comers I'm talking about why you SP and Jordan bell. Alternately for Tony 1718 who has the biggest impact. I don't know actually I wouldn't normally played bell but I mean he. Is probably the guy out of those three that kind of practical the look forward to most especially on the and I kind of feel like what that he would. That's more what you're gonna need they've got enough offense would always be OK defensively though who stepped on the foreign become an impact player a difference maker at programmer near the rim would opt out of court he I think. George bell actually is part of a big factor there and even from its first game and probably you could tell that he heat along. They're going to be good that we're back in because that I personally have on the other orbit. I think they'll be fine Caspian and Nick Young will fit very well. But I think toward bella actually end up being more compact full time because of just the role he's being asked to follow that normally have a whole lot of back up. Big fitter are solid defensively development be. Can be good because he just struggled lately provide but I think he's more their current law. On top of the near term ability to protect grown. How did you feel about the MB extension. Now I mean I'll play that's when the number poppy you're like how much you do it and that's why. Now. You know that they understood what the 14846. Or whatever all of this is 46 point size. Couldn't be serious when you first saw but then you know that did that like anything but these self start to come in all of it already see that it. It continued on and playing a certain amount and then that aren't that makes way more sense because look if he's healthy. The deal make that kind of keep helping you to work that he as you look at the numbers last year he was the best rim protector in the league. I think among got the protected there are dependent more than five shut the third game last year old guy go like 40% gramley ever eat something like 60%. When you're that close circle you vision equipment prepared they basically were the equivalent of best defense and only put you on the court. But he only played thirty games 31 games. And though that the only 31 in three years and so that the bigger that you can't commit that much money that somebody circle cup play. But since that's part of that contract commitment their triggered that contract pretty quite certain number minute. That's our number in it makes a little bit more sense that they had and I understand fundamentally was. Look at you're gonna basically backed the guy why do it now if worst comes to worst and you become a restricted free agent. And other can go off from the Mac but you can dispute and they have magic cloak that was what I didn't understand but then there are triggered now that the off. Their course from the play a certain amount of and that this would actually Smart on their part to do it curly rather than play because other people to force you to match. Other contracts are now but very quickly you got yourself and put it. I didn't play what those specific pressure opening at 10 o'clock it makes more sense now but it did what I curse odd at first I didn't understand it off. Chris we've been asking almost every basketball expert NBA expert that we have on this question. Now I ominous and try to ask it correctly because I've confused some of the experts women let's assume that for the next five years. When we're at this point in the season the warriors will be the prohibitive favorite to win the championship follow me to this point. Okay the sixth year let's say it's not going to be the warriors who's it going to be. But that's not going to do what they've heard that I could. Who is the next non lawyers prohibitive favorite. To win the NBA championship and let's just hypothetically say for the next five years. It will be the worst predicted to win at all some tea and eventually is gonna be predicted to win it all based on what you know about the NBA and in particular the young rosters. Present team gonna be or is it impossible because Georgia is so good these kids are on middle school right now. A ha. I don't think the warriors will still be the team in six years and having met cursing and all that. What I will I think that there were between the calm the mind. One I don't think we'll get it done. The other guy a little bit of a timeline issue but Minnesota has the team that some of the mind. Got up on the young talent not agent I'm committee don't big expensive well. Which a lot of people are gonna question what you love it and you're waiting and someone that's got to figure out you know how to play a complete game and I look in my defense. I Jimmy Butler becomes a question now becomes six years from now he's 33 are great for. Maybe even 35 good side I think he's somebody that. I he doesn't quite could be back online while those guys but the pin lock on interstate. Daddy you know they've had an injury problems and if Bob was on the another RT a bit in that ma right now there's Milwaukee. And that record in the Coakley got out of conclude Como. They have Jabbar Parker married that she made it out there. But some property and because these very averaging twenty game when he got hurt last year. A backlit Middleton is still relatively young Malcolm Brockman is one rookie of the year. And and felt that fatigue that I think. You know if LeBron does decide to leave Cleveland and for some reason that he. You know all of on its head and and for some reason text to go to what are confident that they have to ease what is so much easier. Milwaukee I would they have a really nice opening now because there couple even. There are more veteran. In terms of Iraq or Toronto firm and often have got their. Are not a incredibly incredibly young. What were heard and Gordon Hayward not beyond the sky or it's not old but he is not. Is not carrier urban agent so Milwaukee would be the first in that look at let's say they've really got a lot of really young oh that he would. Yeah I've been particularly big deterrent which virtually three. So that that in that I would look at and say you know what if they can had a couple more pieces here Kirk I'm back laughter a little bit. Figure out kick in kipper got long term that between that I really like that the kind of seemed like that but I'll. But today's NBA all around player that can kind of below the Fredrik thanks so that's where I would probably look at Minnesota you can't count them out. Because they and they have caught it in the town too could end up in about a heavily. True 34 years from now once I got the gold states are fatal. Can you just imagine in China six years from now there is going to be in box earned T rules jerseys. Dark era. Yeah yeah polio case grey stone after a drought or Milwaukee or even. If I said I don't think Chris thank you so much for the time now is awesome stuff. No brought electricity.