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Thursday, July 13th



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We bring in our friend Chris haft to covers the giants for MLB. Dot com and down. In this season that has gone pear shaped to say the least by hearing a rumor this morning that. The giants are gonna do something big and crazy they're gonna get Josh Donaldson and they're gonna get John Carlos Stanton and they're gonna take on the money. I don't know what's going on in their farm system they they can get these guys but. These just a wild rumors from a fan base that said desperate for some good news. We think mostly. They are their people market for good news since then it's been a long Euro ready. And it's probably gonna get target field longer these next couple mark recruits. They're they're out there are no doctors on watchful. Had hoped this would people. You opened with two Ayatollah stuffed in a 162 games. They would beat just about president of the vehicle and any kind of movement the current year could have been put into action for awhile. So obviously so. It it's it's kinda thought you could do. Now you've seen both chief for years on and on a daily basis and these kind of a tough three B because he's always just you know vary even killed in mellow and Anthony's. He very rarely loses his temper. But you just wonder how taxing it is on and we know we had the the operation for a heart ailment in. In April and I'm sure a lot of people say let you gonna go to the hall of fame and I selected Danny Glover line from lethal weapon I'm too old for this SAS. Com party the party think he's like yeah. Do you think maybe vote she's like I can't go out like this. Estado a lot of left in me you award you think he has. I think which you sit at first there all lautner to hit. That the war a lot like this. He not only go to school. Really like he's pretty proud you know he's probably accomplished he really the only wherever he got it all they have. He really really go places and he's sincere about that but. Of course that won't go you know I would. 400 policies and or whatever it is you're gonna have. To do all certain to be between you know nine you know under losses. But yeah they he personally. I kinda which he stepped let's look at like I hear more. What could happen physically now he. Keeps insisting that he's you know he should know he's flying and note that witnessed the doctors say sport. Sure you watch it would eat and what you yes and if he keeps on exercising and all that let. It's still you know again it's from a guy who's going from my perspective because he's in every day. And sometimes an unguarded moments would be not so call or whatever you know I worry about guy. Area to sing you know a lot of fans. Giants fans especially. The ones you've been die hard fan since Tony tan. A look at Bobby Evans and made their coffers had they say he blew it you know you need a left fielder reed in get one but when I look at it. I think he Evans put together a pretty good team on paper he got Lance and Andy Brown most everybody back from last year. And then if you look at left field and if it was gonna be between Parker and Williams and they won World Series without star left fielder cell. Bomb in a way it's just hasn't worked out but I think on paper what he did look like a pretty good game. Yes it's everybody. Players together. What seven sessions on pitcher that's we're playing. Performing at or near or slightly. Which were chipped it out and winning your W Booker capabilities. Would that matter maybe you rod playing left field but. They didn't get that and so it it just turned out to be it has turned up more points. Not really too bad that ought later you know got injured because they're cute looking upon the contribution. In left field. Welcome that and he has them out around here. Index in the and that the last season. Ought he has and kind delivered let. That it ain't so many words you know at some point. You can't really. In the millennium took charge Ratner so. Let the native won as well you know you know. So the sport has you know. Born in the street taxed it would have to say no extra for a left fielder. Do you shouldn't either and so. No they did not sign did not acquire new regency in it in the car. Does indeed may preempt questions like that later. It's Cutler and acquire region in order or slugger ever. Kurtz. I wondered about political AT&T park it at the top like that. In their numbers are here taker you know the so what the giants or that your overpaid. Or you know offered guy worked more work. You just far automation are now on a break now I'm just kidding we're speaking with our Chris. Tom. You know the the Brendan Bell contract and and I've always admired the giants that they lock up their young guys and sometimes it doesn't work out they reward scooter row they give put on some money not everybody is in India. I hid you know they trade for transit Tommy just of them they lock him up I liked the ambition but. Brendan Bell. Ya gonna get sixteen million dollars a year year after year after year after year icon I think. That they would like to trade him maybe to the Yankees do have they have they eat half of that not talk to somebody at the giants of the day and it said no I couldn't be more wrong their loved bowel. They love the contract. I have a feeling in my heart of hearts they'd actually like to move on from around your thoughts. Certainly talked to talk about the winners law they'll move with loaded left to move them. A lot of people you're eligible. Really like is. It's game in decades that sort of thing. Recently would we walk there's other people organization would actually in swing board that. You you know. Oh you're so which you which you portrayed. Accurate you know is the impression you got there are people in the nation like when are people in the organization wish. Couldn't put my mantra Amtrak train that. You know so little. Or someplace like that some other ports. All of a law. I think you guys are. My thinking is here at Hollywood trade and if they could but. Firm here yet what do you think about what the replacement be although Crist. Crucial swing away that's when he had his moments you know would it look this slugging. The little league world. Mean maybe get a shot. Rick total with Chris haft or talk old giants and if I seven again. You know you mention all these guys haven't down years and I'm wonder about Brandon Crawford has back to back gold gloves and that. In an all star and in and day you know he's still you know drive and Enron's good. Did that to 25 averages is very surprising to me and he looked great in the World Baseball Classic I'll think giants fans are gonna use that as an excuse that that ruined him but. What's cool what's going on with the shortstop. Yeah. He I don't know what I feel no I mean although it's dated older injury. And fighting people that's burns play that woolly hat in the case with them. In the sit in in the past. We will be fighting. We're trying to place through. Some sort of ailment in this person important urged reforms that way. Now last 23 games here. In the so called first first trying to look like in Crawford again so will the interest in fuel in the second here let yeah that there are something. Something would step on the wrong in the first forest and then as you sit and talk about that that will export what happened in our own sink in. Who we are watching. You know the rise in the development of bones to pick the words he used great player like four. And they eagle at 220. So that you know he'd like actually act and I utensils news. We'll keep you want Utah in that. Room over. Nobody knows they. You know that you do there. Talking about. I was at the park the day couple weeks ago he had his first. A home run that come back victory but. I mean to read before the break he got benched for collapse of fur are glad SPN and of course Nunez is coming off the DL. Is is. Believe that the river cat who we. Would be tried to me it's the China due to deal. Would be surprised if the water that is part of you're gonna agent the local agency. In the season. You know giant the one who you are nothing. Here's a guy who could maybe they'll put you in the perfect. Perpich key to have to contend. With the play will their position. That's a lot of skills. School. The chart portrayed. On them with periods of reaching culture and they come. Now when you look at the rotation and news you know on entire block and put together pretty good start against the tigers before the break but. You look at some margin. You know still under contract for a lot of years and Credo has the opt out and that's the name were always hearing but. You know we just saw the cubs gig keen Tom he's controllable course Sonny gray is controllable Quayle's going to be a rental. But I'm sure the phone will ring at some point. What the giants do because would do the giants want him. To tell them. I'm not can opt out you say you know why it's actually not that bad of a rate we'd like to have you for a few warriors. Are to the giants not want him to hop down and what what's gone on her. Chart like people really do. Essentially. Part of the solution. Not the problem. They don't have a single a lot of our pitching. Toward that that moment that your two. Get that over parts that are at it and you know that don't have to go after her and make sure it'll. You're asked what he would lead the year we figured if you're you know. Our normal shortly Greenwood street. In the yeah. An average between one million in the world so Whitney unit that interest. To stay with you'll just sort of politically than. The you go. Finally act Chris when you look at down Milan senator of course he went on the DL at the ended Judy at that elbow strain in any. He got that PRP in in injection and I he's gonna start throwing here. Pretty soon and you look at you know the four blown saves and high. ERA in hasn't worked out like they that they thought it would don't work out a lot of people thought that of the avalanche some last year that the cubs would still be talking about a curse of the goat. Or something but. I heard him as a guy that. Would be on the block as well I just don't feel that they're already giving up bomb Lance and when they've got I'm locked in for fears or. Think there is some truth of that that they like to move on already. Think he I think you hit first first. It's too. Yeah time's about right yeah although with what other teams we're having seen the great. He hurt it any team that desperately desperately need to reliever. Want to chance on him right now at this stage. I think it's aren't that would not content with him and Weaver children. That they'll they'll give him that the you know he does it comes back years of your compete heater all tryout for 28 and now. You know. That do these last two we would see and so the opening period and to see how these drones. That's Chris haft giants beat writer for fall on Twitter at SF giants beat. Chris thanks for your time and your insights especially at this late are really appreciated have a great second now.