Chip Bowers

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, September 12th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Chip Bowers (Warriors Chief Marketing Officer) to discuss the Rakuten deal.


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Chip welcome back to the afternoon delight with pop and Daunte here and had a five point seven again I loved your speech of one of the command with that. And it just jump in and tell us more about this landmark deal you guys made. Well popped up on the first of almost bankrupt meal there appreciated big fan of what you guys do it's been an exciting day. As you can probably tell by deflected my voice has been a long day but it. What we're excited to be able this year there and does that a work in progress here the last couple months partnership and to get a pretty quickly but. Lot of times you find a good partner by good people and it makes a lot of sense noticed that it wasting time we wanted to get down to brass tax your partnership that look like it. Ticket Dottie or make it not in the chairman otherwise. As Mickey has just been so supportive of what we're doing for partnership perspective fluid from Japan for the announcement. You know what airline with a brand that also because it's so that he parcel on a global power and it's a wee we wanna be able to simulate a lot of what they do globally and so according pretty unique position right now as a team and as an organization that. To be able to work with a global brand was really part of our strategic plan. Glad to come to fruition. Yes since the NBA announced this this past year that they would allow these patches you are you call him badges about the heart. To be placed on the Jersey I think the numbers fourteen of them and I'm corrective teams that are doing it. Yours is a company that's based in the orient Japan it's not a United States based company day they are tech company affecting adding they they bought fiber diet vibrant iPhone attracted ten. Fiber to tell me about the the choice to Chaman rectitude. Overt American based company and their their reports as far as the money out of if you can divulge exactly what it is that. In the cavaliers got ten million Unita get close to double so tell me about the financial arrangement of the wreckage and shipman and why did you pick them. Yeah Bob that you're right at the fourteenth in the eighteen to announce editors the partnership. We. Had a couple of all the books that were finalists late in the process of thought we direct you to make a recommendation to ownership development of the direction the got a call from mutual friend. Hours brackets and wanted to make an introduction racket and it had some. Conversations about as a brand. As they talk about their American strategy. Globally part of their strategy or sports that are table outlines that the Barcelona as I mentioned before. They're looking to do something in the US. They talked a lot about the thought it might be too late to the the process it. Thankfully there were time it within a week we we sat on the map where it's Tiki and his team and but he got into what the partnership might look like. You know Beckett talked specifics but what it was reported in terms twenty billion dollars. Is that number is that you know we felt we could probably get for the patch. We warmly more focus on the branch of the people in all candor that we were the money we've turned out. A larger partnership opportunity to have more years of more money on the deal. Really because again that it stated it about the people we wanted to what I'd like it deals there about positive in optimism there global brand. Every other dirty Paxil the duck with the company's that was headquartered in that particular city. If you look at the other Indian markets we are trying to build our brand globally therefore we felt supported strategically aligned with a global brand. They have local interest with the date in one of the racket companies. There I didn't partnership wreckage and has offices here in the Bay Area as human to fiber is a tremendous. Communications applications that will allow us to communicate with and around the world. Which is. And no brainer you think about the type of people you wanna be associated with the checked all the boxes. It's reveals surprising to me because it Arctic all the sudden you know wind and NBA announced that they would have these Jersey sponsorships. Miles already taken a lawyers' movement some Cisco. Silicon Valley. Forty minutes on a roll this sort of slam dunk I'll speak and maybe we'll move on a Jersey to to an international and its is a Smart move but I can just imagine all the cause you guys got adopted as I'm sure you are some didn't. Offered millions and millions of dollars into prob gonna got a better deal. Well but today you know it one of the things that we thought about this we'd take about arm of December Cisco Jason Bartlett's. The fact is we are to have other technology based partnerships and some of those have been negotiations that we pitted two for sometime. And we felt like it that the leopard opportunity. That we wanted to create with the depreciation. The tech sectors you know as every ball being in tech companies are getting in the news spaces everyday that we were actually looking outside of the tech sector for partnership that. And you know there was a lot of interest but we're very specific and united brick walls that I talked a lot about the responsibility that we have will be after the NBA. To where we are as a brand right now to make the right decision in the and we felt that. You wanted to do was accompanied. It's gonna. Activate the partnership effectively that has a vision for what they're trying to accomplish. We wanted to brand that was recognized globally but also wanted to be hungry enough really put the emphasis behind the partnership here North America and and so we felt really good about their plans for our partnership papers that and I think that's what. Partnerships all about I think both parties were big relief part about how to capitalize on the all the time it. We really impressed with you know how they thought about the opportunity and certainly the press for the people's specifically. Use the CMO. Chief marketing officer here NBA champion goes that Aureus chip for hours during a sunny afternoon delight with the up and Daunte here in 95 point seven a game it's hard for me there and think this September the twelfth do you go to training camp a week from two they actually media days a week from tomorrow we're going to be at. The wreckage of performance setter. To do the entire show there on media day coming up. A week from Friday so. Any update at what's going out which a senator and then adding anything new as far as ORACLE Arena this year as you guys go back and Ayers defending NBA championship. Well take that are going to. Extremely well we can not be more excited about where we are in the construction process were still time for a late summer 2019 opening. Our construction team is working really hard. You haven't they dig it out ticket out we're now pouring concrete around. The that you building debatable would be the parking structure. How will probably are going vertical was some of the skills and infrastructure here in the next few months so. Really excited about that there plans to come together nicely and Lotta people do it that you don't work to really be able to pull off well really visionary project. In terms of more you know you can speak directly pop you've been there of course the last six years that you wrote Peter Paul achievement. Every year we take additional investment capital arena but it is really important that we continue to do that in the people that invest in our in our organization and and and it is a brand that that starts first and foremost there is typical of that anybody that. Had an opportunity comes to worst game we wanna make sure we create the first class experience that the date company expects so. About don't beat the new ladies cited in the building. We've got a lot of new fund partnerships that working on how we activate those always have a after the and Dark Knight type I think that they experience not just in the that you've been in the marketplace at all. Our friends but it that are common on a five set the game and certainly wouldn't be he's forced area. That did Carrie at fault a lot of planning in the cup exceeded Zoellick. When you've got adapted to eighties in became draped on clay in Andre in the like you know we've got to. We've got a pretty appealing product right now that we want to get as many people as possible close to it and it's gonna be another full year we can't wait I can't believe viewpoint that media days only just a week away. That you can imagine effort their countdown clock group as. Panic trying to get all ministers of the biggest support to make sure ready by the start these. Bob everybody out and that's how about the trip to China chip and I were talking about racquets in AA you know company based in Japan. With a warriors go to China and that I have referred to them not just America's team right now I think to the it team in FC Barcelona however soccer team in ought to mention it. One of the real global our brains in all of American sport international sport so watch that trip could it be likely you guys go to China. Now we will be there are seven. Seven days that we leave around October 1 return to commemorate playing two games one mentions that once in five vote against the Minnesota Timberwolves. I'm really excited about the trip. You know king size the sisters in need to efforts Cisco Ehrlich you know to beat their three years ago. Have played the lakers. About foresee it is now go played the lakers for a couple of games. How much has changed his supporters and we prepared. The crowd were working panic will be each and every game in the you know thousands of people waiting outside to just catch a glimpse of Kobe Bryant. And now details of her do that we're gonna go to a game everybody there tickets to fly off the shelves but it's sold out both games already. What we very able state social media probably vote count and other things that we're doing to engage or Chinese fan base. That people can't wait for step think maybe Canadian rescue crew to get there. Winning two championships the last three years of being a three finals certainly helped that but. It's an exciting brand of basketball we give those guys all the credit for topic of our brand globally. It's part of our own bowling effort the racquet deals certainly speaks directly to that. So exciting heavier or your thing and it worked for the warriors are just love the warriors Israel to chip hours thank you so much for your time congratulations on this landmark deal. Revenue thank you just chip out CMO the warriors.