Charles Davis

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, May 1st
NFL on FOX analyst joined the show to share his initial thoughts on the Raiders & 49ers Draft picks. 

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He's an analyst for both the NFL on fox in the NFL network diesel mod TV all weekend doing a bang up job follow him on Twitter at. CFD 22 it's Charles Davis with Jolo and dams on 95 point seven to gain Charles good morning to thank you for your time we will begin. With the 49ers. First draft out for John Legend Kyle Shanahan do you think they did. Pretty darn well it would likely be here talk with the people. And they hack cab split opinion about it. Are you collect up blood pressure after a Bentley after having read a lack. And act that. Over there they're he'll cut it manipulated worked very well. On any way at all on the pick up ball. Rupert ball ball to them. Hadn't seen how are you kidding me able to pick a group opt regard the one that you'd like to get here. Calgary. Was the big car deal clockwork Colorado. Could remember. A Colorado. Albeit at all detention. What is the complaint as well liked him to pick up the air inner election got to beat maker debate about it he would be part of it. A repellent you. You know running Croat outlaw that. The peak yield war couched in and that new regime. And I think that you go get guys out cobble a lot of those things. You can keep the value. Are now that you've got in her coast Tripoli. The 31 other team. It could have been twenty. When he needed them at that urge Korean tire war. Don't take it had been there with a big old. Member. On sign it. Bet yet hole. Can't let go out and handed his crew. At a premium placed on after the cut on the alert anchor on the load off. Williams and Utah if you get what you hate. Our player Pete never let the team the people ever called summit that. I think it would hire. The draft as well George it'll I think them all back. The title of that file because. If you look back at the opted out and rated. Patrick DiMarco. It all back there. Lot of money on the ball well all back because the thinking people you block. Run decently. Block more. But he opposite gets on the back you know I'd like in the draft all the ball I really did. That people really question after quarterbacks. But guess what I would like oh walk up the computer to. Sir Charles. John I want to. See god bill. To make it street just one hit different. And get out of the ransom what was that if what was the deciding factor for Chicago do you think it. Did you think it was in another team that had in place the Carolina Panthers possibly oh Jacksonville does it. We're gonna make this trade is that you think that went down. They had the other had to be at least one other team involved on the get multiple. I think there were also. The Specter per Chicago. Cleveland at those extra click. And you know that noise that they had been making about coming out of court coming out of that would quarterback as well. Many thought it would manipulate their weight back up the work to get that second pick comedic at the right thing obviously. Jake equipment at a tech and upbeat about a year that he breached the grout did with bad people thought they would do what should make the right decision. They all acknowledge that you are second would come back at quarterback. I think that goes global at a Chicago like ain't that cool you want him. But gets why. You're asking price we already are already out the table for this team and get another price from the team and a net team what you gonna. I think I've read in the theory you know. Charles Davis joining us are not a 57 the game from NFL on fox turning our attention to the Oakland raiders of course Gary and Conley. Lot of controversy that pick. Off the top of what did you make of the overall raiders draft as it rolled out in their attention to the defensive side of the football. That was smartly and because you look at Oakland overall opera. Are eager to get there. I think Vietnam you know soccer ball what are the major change was necessary. Did indeed that the they needed again. And they've dropped that ballot for your account. And you got hurt it before I went to school at play ball and well Julie Clinkscale. Clean lie about the all that trying to I'd walk a noble the bad to be there are. Careful guy with their deal. I know that lie detector test happened I don't believe the raiders were the key bit administered it hurt and beat. They got on the result. They quickly need to create a cut out for trying to find in relation at that yet. And they'd be any major decision I don't think it may Chile that making. That's doing extremely opposite that it probation that was correct. You may question the judgment of conflict. Most of the draft you eat it and put I. But the determined criminal act is not going to be the final determination here that's their gear currently. Number. Which was 24 in the first round. When. It outside at the top one. So to actually get it that it would it would correct. It again right now for the accounting to be correct. Value in the 24. It would be interest because. Well you're dealing in Asia. And affinity with trap cal tight end. But the big deal on that on your game maybe a year they ought to flasher who played in the second round pick out of markets. It went really well go to that two guys reverend it means escaping me right now. That two bit three big reasons that you were built on. Covering guys. There also built that app but the raiders they want a bigger quarter. Now on election at that had the ability to do Jack. But it was Al jump on like make a corner and better way earlier that people pot. But they can it be entered those early years UCLA. Not the one clip flasher who needed one more coat pocket. Early you're you're you know like in. Keep your bull educator now. That they are again. I think you let it check picking up meekly in the back you know. But I between actor that and it goes. Up and be physical condition. That someone would steal little note taped in the current product but he beat date collection shore they've shot wide L. Our league and compete at linebacker. The one real progress in that optic larger Rebecca a lot to flash and dash. I think that helps and back well. Charles Davis who Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven the game now that the dust has settled on the draft. You think the market could pick up for Colin peppard. I think. What happened. That the draft settlement by one going re keyed in on those truly at interest in the it out the market Avalon a little bit. In net interest bookkeeper. So will outback goes. Someone not quite sure which is signed him beat port call on. I don't. Want sign. Peter Carter. Gupta goes somewhere and be back. Could be in. The right now so we shall see how that goes. You're going. On a lot the air out. He's an analyst for both the NFL on fox and NFL network follow him on Twitter at CMD 22. Charles Davis would Jolo and Gibbs on 95 point seven again Charles we know yet a busy weekend thank you for carbon out some time for us this morning. Excellent stuff is always and we look forward to catch up again soon. It spectrum and I'm going to talk with the you take care yourself at night and he. You know full backs are still the ball well and I think it'll. It got to convert there are captured the go to because that could be positioned for couch in any likes to run OPEC can opt. And I think with the bloggers out there that would benefit for acting ability that gap looked doubtful that leading without the belt their run game. He's a man beautiful stuff Charles thank you very much the good guys.