Chad Brown

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 26th
Broncos analyst, former NFL linebacker, Chad Brown, previews the NFL season & joins the discussion on CTE's effect on football players, with Bonta & Guru on the Greg Papa Show. 

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It is an honor to talk to Chad Brown who's our radio analyst with the Denver Broncos was going on Chad thank you so much for joining me Greg publish show here many parts of the game would or guru Johnson. But say Hillis is here right into it. That defense in Denver despite a coaching change looks like it's gonna be strong. Again it's 117. I think it will be in the ground on. In my former college teammate after that you can go to the mark god recognizes that stripped of that team so by placing. The coordinators this year Bergen Joseph wood and has coordinator. Didn't do. Eric and they can't cute cute things are similar while we can a little bit. The bako secret Chattem the issue early gains last year there were a little too predictable. In the early on bookings so outside of that changed. I think it's still going to be the don't buy them back in the secondary. And Bob Miller to draft a quarterback. Right you mentioned Joseph woods who has been with the Broncos for two years oblique cause in the secondary mainly as you mentioned that secondary would bring Riley co B Chris Harrison. The key to leave TJ ward Darian Stewart they're gonna be solid as ever that is a tough secondary but Shane gray now. Spotlights on him he's gonna basically replaced DeMarcus Ware who is injured prima often last season. Chain racy ready to step opened the opposite of Obama because he can't rush the passer we know what he did. At Missouri then we can do ever really slipped in a Broncos and attract shangri looks like he's ready for breakout season her trap. I think he had the great great opportunity former. Pass rusher the job. I know how much easier job when. You have another tough question on the other side machinery will certainly benefit of a double teams involved there was going to draw. In the senate would result last couple issues that he's already Q. Stepped up to a bigger roll out to kill democracy wears used DeMarcus Ware going to be all sanctioned rape not quite that level right now. But certainly you can be a double digit fat guy. The Denver broncos' other going to be aggressive currently has happened in the past. Great advance. That is great is a Denver bronco defense is it's is struggled against Iran it times mainly against the raiders are a member of the Sunday night game in here. Arm is a former defense the player did that shock Q it. No it it would. For. As they did their loss. God who created treaty from the year before it it's simply a strong on. The deal will come back it's your call will be factored in Atlanta defense got a bit more. Followed. At linebacker position Bassett also help but I think the biggest thing is going to be. I definitely need more offensive firepower. To Korea a little bit of a leading. Bookings can't always viewed their running game it's no. Altman's late entry into ball. Luster off and being named where they work. There was no content where the dolphins. Aren't prepared to put the a potent offense into predictable about situations. So that he doesn't really going to be mostly Al. Despite a better place a better player won back. In that it got by Malta going to be helped by more often production. And more scored a girl. It Chad Chad Brown joins us here. On the Greg publish on any five point seven gained or to guru Johnson filling in for Greg pop on Vontae hilly you mentioned. The Broncos lost a couple guys who were. Malik Jackson was a big name that really left the season ago joined with. I signed up to Jacksonville Jaguars and and debris again. Dumont up to tackle for Cincinnati he's now in the fold Gil played at. The division could be theirs they're very easily. You know are on the vehicle we. Saw last year. The raiders are in your car emerged at the bash you know special quarterback and well. It's going to be a battle and you know majority leader a huge Internet blog last year they can remain healthy. In a lot I don't think you'll win the division actually have a chance to that's a big as an owner long way to go. It would be. Year and AS US the Broncos out of the question mark monopoly on the ball. I can be shorter or deeper into the issues such you know the raiders again there also will be our. How can that be and how much improvement community can Kansas City. Make a certain topic which now and it'll make a hell lot so. I think B block people here in Denver you know half straight debacle but they recognize they look at the landscape if he left that it's not going to be dearly this year. You're exactly right and with the new beef it's corder Joseph woods as you mention not many things will change and had 34 scheme they should be as physical they should be frightening in the secondary. As they ever was that the last 56 years let's look over the offense knows reported earlier today. By ESPN insider Adam chapter match ever seen me in will be the first quarterback to take first team reps Paxson lynch will get a chance to practice with the starters. How would the quarterback position play out the season from Denver Broncos. I think in the end it's going to into being hot and lynch and you know I'd at an earlier. In the feeder band later. Turn immune it is a fine quarterback. Bush he's very straight. Doesn't cross ball down field and really a lot of pressure on the defense. Was actually it's I had an opportunity to. Call them in games that you are all improvement you made them year to year you can make that kind of a lead from last year this year. I think early on these and probably in the morning that coaching job on him that quarterback job. What do number. Former play callers they have on that uncles all of staff. My record quarter it was a hot head coach of the call played. I think they'll come up with some creative ways you. A lot out and once it becomes a guy to be aggressive. But also you know keep it which means we'll howl as quarterback not too much pressure. Had not only are you a former player but to play the game at a high level when you see reports about CTE. Bob what what goes to your mind do you think the NFL it you know you could see pierce not having their kids sign up for football. I think it's already been you football number the numbers are down about director doctor can Christian. Across border cross country. War will use global and creek gold concerned are. Are. Heavy on her mind. These studies that have been headlines over the last couple days. I begin very very unfair. Study and the headline news. All particularly. On here to football these were all players who had. Significant issues. And so if you look at their boring as chuck aren't going to be something wrong what they're going to be like looking at now deliver. A hundred alcohol. Well I'm not to look at laborers well. You know it people helped obstacle that you aren't more problem I would just ask. The Gene Upshaw. Memorial golf tournament and open. Lake Tahoe couple weeks ago there were sixty. Former players all the same guys most guys for the long long time. And I betcha your ticket temple built the result would be be exact opposite of disparity that being applied across the country so. I'm not as beat GE did not I'm not denying that we have to continue to. Six steps to make the game sleeper. Make the Mall of America called with him well. I. I think that studies presented a picture that not. Really accurate. And end strains the issue in a wave that is unfair. You know football news fantastic. Developer. Only these values. That we admired and Americans that we admire as employers. Artwork talk discipline. Sacrifice Belle of the ball those kind of things. You know the game UGU and sport the mom to be would be scared for a little tribute to play football because to guide the plane to gain decades and decades ago. Out from the issues. She didn't deny illegal lessons. And not recognize that in a pill and also has taken should step. To make the games. Better equipment better tackling coaching techniques. How they're playing such as the better so when things are better than what they were directly to do so. I do think we. A week ago steps that need to be taken not denying. It he's got a issues I just think we need to make in the game safer and we the epic cultural. Will be worse saw. If all the kids don't talk more about one based football and die. These mostly boys and girls these incredible lifelong let that last far faster time on the. Chad Brown former Colorado buffalo former Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks and now analysts on the Denver broncos' radio side joins us here and Greg Papa shall. Articulate or glory Johnson and assist continue to conversation before we ship up back over to the Denver Broncos. I don't know you personally chat I don't know whether or not you have kids. But is that a big thing in your household if you did that kids with too little play football because we've been discussing and grew here he would let his kids play football I'd have to think about it. But I did play football and I don't regret. Not play again I love the game I love being part of it always does still be plan now and would you how how resistant would you be of letting your kids play football. My excellent albeit in your comfort a freshman at college lecture you play to his freshman year. In high school. In the end he didn't love the game. And book also talks to play. Why are covered true love passage work. But I had no no concerns. Complete well you know Fiji issue. In fact he never had a head injury all feel Okie. Got a concussion lean too far back cheer clap on the chair. So you know life has been ripped to. You know it all up like. Women's soccer has hired cautionary. It all yet no ones clamoring to ban women's soccer so I think Obama become fairly easy punching back. For some of us in the media. To paint a picture in the Arctic is not actually accurate. But to answer question mark on her desire to play after its. I actually would allow. My wife you know back will want to. Pushed him to play at all walk in an awkward to play out of former players are obviously difficult for your children cute. And step to yourself I recognize that my allies bought all the benefit that I talked about earlier. How he you know continue to learn those lessons to Leah high school you. What she looks in the play. And in our again. Understand. You know I want concerns. I would recommend that become a little bit more educated about issue. Not fall toward the sideline. And and see things as safe as they really are a game that definitely try to take huge steps towards domestic perspective. Can sport than what it was just five years ago the last two years I've done coaching internship. In the NFL. And the techniques and prepare talk the deference that coaches have to be trying that medical staff now particularly head injuries it's it's huge. The total called what is so. Things that are placed now to protect the players sometimes even from them so. So we don't have the repeat of what going on now all the players are issues of players and generation should not have issues in the future. Chad Brown break downs TTE and this is going to be talking port for many many years as we move into the future the let's shift off. Shift back over to the Denver Broncos and you mentioned you had caused and still serve. Mike cord formerly of the San Diego Chargers now Ellie charges and bill musgrave will be called to the quarterbacks up was he offered to coordinator and opened last season. Other soft drinks they're gonna. Go away from ad's only running scheme that Shanahan brought the Denver hitting Gary Kubiak of course ran in Houston and then in Denver they went Super Bowl fifty. A CJ Anderson is still around Jamaal Charles is rare look at four spot Dovonte Booker. How well this offense change from last season we're gonna see more powerful ball out of Denver more running and you still have the studs on the outside of merits Thomas and amend a Sanders. It's going to be but what those real kind of enjoy being used to talk a lot. All sort of life. Illumination for the last couple years for the Denver Broncos so they didn't have the lying and really run that zone blocking and so I'll be. Called their line up this year out they're able to get those guys are simply a new optical line from last year to. Gel together quickly. Durable these first round pick at all to tackle. Blog and count Colin from Dallas so there's a number of new parts and to get up to speed. The quickly you've got to run the ball early in. Quote young quarterbacks. Young quarterback that's for an event is running game two they can avoid. You know storage and bird slow situations and could find themselves a burden for our peace and doesn't know whether the war but also. That's going to be really important on assault and talk about the little guy on the all the coach. They've all been pretty creative in the past. Trying to come public schemes that can take back to Japan and of their personnel. Or Gary Kubiak would interest them you were on the range systems and I wouldn't have so how's it feel out. Played against the debacle look back to back a couple years it's exactly and so. For musgrave. Or Mike McCord a lot more flexible flopping don't look at how that they have particularly how well at all until one group jelly. Call please according to back. Not ask those players that into the bowl. Promote it to the players. I think will be a much more successful tradition. That ought to be. Chad Brown will get chatting here with this when I know you touched on the division LA chargers are sleep in our people our people were slipping on LA charges we do know about Mike. Williams are first round pick we don't know whether or not he's gonna play this year due to the back injury Kansas City. Last year's EC west champions is they lost Jeremy Maclin they may take a step back and saw the turmoil in front office. And then Oakland Raiders were hearing a greater country this is a flagship for the Oakland Raiders there's a lot of hype operation and assault but there's question marks on the Steve is so ultimately. When we look at week's seventeen. The first week and and NFL playoffs. Who will be the top dogs in AFC west I know it's early we haven't got to treat caveat but what is your gut feeling here about the AC west. Yeah how the caveat that obviously early pre major injury to partner training camp this. It questioning that'll probably upset the apple cart. But for now I think the popular choice of the raiders. That's got to be my number one choice and as well. That defense that it would cost them forward. Dare call it another step toward Iraq clearly. The hottest team. Late in the season last year two of their cars and pick it left off to get some beef and what that big offensive line up on them all combined are publicly that bill apparently let them go left copiers to. Do we more. Attacks more passing. Again kind of got in early in the season last year won that readers often cannot just quote the Broncos defense. I think that the formula that vote just on how physical response to pitch and they try to come up with schemes but they've drafted players. To be smaller. Well coverage kind of guy that defensively. And when you grow up only package would accept a lot. Denver Broncos. But there's very cute jeans and a bill that can adjust adapt to stop that type of ball and the record it that way. I feel good being that the clear leader when there's. Just made a lot of raider fans happy hour here in the Bay Area Chad thank you so must first round between the Broncos or raiders will be October 1 week for. At mile High Chaparral that you so much for your time this is a fun fun genetic. And certainly not god. You know all come back Oprah really got much. Absolutely we'll Duffy have you back on here and Greg puppet show Chad Brown former NFL linebacker. Rushing the passer and a Plattsburgh defense Lamar cardinals over some very very fun teams to watch of course then moved on to the Seattle Seahawks to two pages as well.