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Wednesday, April 26th
Former NFL Safety now w/ ESPN Fresno joined the program to share his initial thoughts on Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders. They also discuss the NFL Draft and who he thinks the 49ers/Raiders should take in the 1st Round, including whether it would be worth it to draft a QB early. 

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Jim Morelli good friend the program former NFL safeties now doing tremendous work ESPN radio in Fresno follow him on Twitter act came more rallies would Jolo and did. On 95 points and the game can't it's great to have you back on the show let's jump right into it Marshawn Lynch to the raiders what does he bring to this offense. And how much can he contribute to this team in their quest to get to the AFC championship. Bigotry back so that you know anytime you bring somebody with a march on mentions it period. Big game experience you know Super Bowl championship experience. Guys take in and our mop he's been quite last year at liberty carries the year will work. I think it. It's a move that helps you. A look buyback though with two young running back Galactica bury that he could still very specific role. Give you one of the best short yardage back and read and victory and it got incompetent and no really bring them back from presidents to an opt in that is led by you know. A young quarterback who really drag the they'd go to a leader. I've got a look at the cut yards and a guy and could really great debt action experience to a young running back room. Cam how much insurgent fans have about the time that he's been off and also the limited impact he had in his last season in Seattle where. His motivation factor may not a banana. Cab anytime you have back. Thirty clout to take it bought it and you know film. Although on the pedal you know who appeared to not really beat trip. That he did quite the and then walk away from the game you but you know Marshall at the end. Oakland is the he grew up in Oakland back and play your own LP. And declared an old campaign mode been. So bad for those law. Finally turned the corner and you have. The opportunity to help them. Get back to global won the super Marshawn Lynch to return the law immunity code to be. Committed and dedicated to open the raiders in whatever way and try it would to dribble. Cam didn't talk to your brother mission. Modano is still me in it was a fit to do and we'll all be drunk. Now if Marshawn Lynch put it at the ball on the one yard line. Three years ago when Super Bowl. Ian thanks in. He would then played at different route to see a different role for Marseille lynch Hewitt continued probably play. Because that's that big if there one talked about that if Marchand what I got the ball they probably one that's admirable it Marchand what is that the ball he called it would have played more than seven games. So how much has that effect should be rages fans the hopeful that he's gonna carry on because now he's playing for the team that he desires a plate. He's a native Oakland is this guy gonna be inspired play and play bay. Yeah and though it's been you know he would score on that clear it would have made that much of the different suggest that at bat. You had the best short yardage and back in the yet though who want the ball on the one yard line. It doesn't get the ball that you quarterback goes to pick I think from that point on Marshawn Lynch. In Seattle heated truck that leadership there anymore because that. And Hampshire. You know you got some conversations why did it make that call it strictly a personal call. New England you know had a box you know that was wanna wanna eight that's why they call that place but you know Marshawn Lynch probably. Others and debate. Want the world to be in MVP and not need to get really keep the ball late recorded on a touchdown and you know get all the bad. You know to a European not a oracle was up although I think. Go through that situation. I think outward you know the next year we're going to be in Seattle let him walk away last year it becomes Oakland. He's going to be there Marshall. And I'll be as effective and fortunately in New York but that apple are challenged. One of the cup and do you know ever had. Apple because of Al-Maliki. In late movement. You know and that. So you know you might be 20/20 five area and gain guy but he could be 815. Very productive caring guy here and oak. Can't moral former NFL safety now at ESPN radio in Fresno in Jolo and dams. On 95 point seven a game camp your building you team from scratching you starting today you have two options with which to go. When it comes to the quarterback position. Option ain't Mitchell trip this get a North Carolina option beat dish on Watson at a Clemson which when you taken. Cool. And pat are aware that you are ago that are cart out with a report. The report date equity you guys. I'm gonna blow with the guy who's added and it for a longer period of time at a high level in college and that is keen. To a national championship and that's the child Wattenberg both these guys out blogger Jane. Both guys you can pick apart and at evident that why he uttered better than. The latter day. In addition a lot the stared down the state of Alabama. Did the trip two years in a row and little and last year. We'll be able to make a play 12 left to win a national championship. I'd compete. That he would not go through reed progression against state pro out each and that Alabama run. And by the appropriate place to put the football. I'm taking back over you know a guy that's what you need to physically might be a little bit. Superior you know by. Stealing you know so to speak but take the dude who who had. Camp awesome stuff as always thank you so much for your time into the draft tomorrow night we look forward to do it against them. Bombing has no love baby.