Bruce Gradkowski

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, September 12th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Bruce Gradkowski (Former NFL Quarterback) to discuss  Derek Carr and the Raiders organization.


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Bruce almighty was born December this six week thirteen at the routed pines. Brees threw three touchdown that's injured Greg Obama called the first two and game winner Louis artsy with eleven just seconds ago at eleven curator. And all three touchdown passes came the fourth quarters the raiders came from behind to win that game that that would make it's a sweet respect as cake or generator. You know that intent and I went back to Western Pennsylvania he's now there coaches high school football in a former Steelers so we are thrilled to have our good friend Bruce Gradkowski. Back and Bay Area airwaves and the yet in the leg with and by to hear 95 point seven game how are you my friend. Mayor Greg your meal bars over here. I'm to strap it on again thanks for had me Greg. You know. It's been awhile that could be at W. Had a bad game. Is summoning memories was that they the same trip I remember going in at a Friday night and your mama. Was there with the pasta shells and she fit our entire team and I said they're driving at three helpings please let the same weekend that you went there and lit up the Steelers for three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter Bruce. Yeah that the same weekend effect Google home cooked meal from a mom you know but if he. Ballot that night the raiders we got in town Friday wouldn't wait till Sunday. My whole family. How they usually do big Sunday dinners with the family there used to be a lot of people and they sent it out. At our hotel for all the players coaches. And it would appear camaraderie thing you know we got him late Friday. You know since we had some time to relax a little bit because we have played till Sunday. So I mean you know I just. I I truly. I love my love my time mountain Oakland which you then it was a it was a blessing for sure. And it was so nice spending time in your mama she reminds me of my mama you know the pasta shells laid nanny again I have Mori Eddie he looks it's in her in just yellow in it I just it just spoke to who you are as a person. And I was thinking heard a lot. And your whole family really what you want out in the fourth quarter tied it later rabble talk about your time with the Steelers got to play for the Steelers but you're from that area. What was that game like for you owed to lead that come back to the raiders were very good data and to win a football game is funny your family papers. Liberalism into one mean now is. Minimize you know my favorite they have model light besides my three kids you know border and of course my wedding but it. I'll bet it was were special and it's going to in the Pittsburgh you know this is my third eight in the dealers. I was 02 before the game you know what a terrible price 0% five and our search and I'm very bad performances in. You know of course as that league as football players were always compliment you know we don't think we're gonna win but I never would rent it. And that wage so early especially you know Mikey because like you said my whole family there brand. So it is a special night in one of my favorite pictures that I have. It took a picture my dad and sisters there rate by the reverend our fans my dad at his jacket Oprah went with a number five operators to her eon and com you know so that the coal moment. And you know that's why it's so cool for me it's the way. What the raiders are doing great now you know because like mr. it's all operator or greater. I love. Keep up with you guys have watts in its successor heaven now. Yeah Bruce Gradkowski joining us from western PA high school football coach and an update on what he's still in there. I joining us sunny afternoon delight with pop and -- in 95 point seven a game so tell me about your two years that you played for coach cable 511 TO nine year. That the 2010 years and now on to fire him after that year but you know eight made I think they went six and now in the AFC west that your T if memory serves me you are also there which JaMarcus Russell. A high kick that male love because of the big throwing arm that you wound up playing at. A lot those two years should just talk about being around mr. Davis trying to help jamarcus gets through all the issues he had as a player both on the field and often. And play for time cable overs. No great like we know a lot of these. Players are great guys you know they're just you know you know that's kind of what we're jamarcus was so young and mature company and right out of college have and so much success. And he'd just delete it sometimes you'll know how to. How to go about how to be professional models work in com in in toward the end he did have an open mind. You know I'd like do this thing and it. You know little things. Well I would tell me that this do you injured at the Q your first morning near collapse when the leaked. Just have to be around. And now so you know offer to market you know like at that indicated that wanted to do it but it is like we've seen now I mean the hardest thing. It's it's hard to beat consistently do week in and week out that's why it's so much respect for. Meet corporate there are doing now we eat or young guys these secret conferees. Roethlisberger. Air Rodgers got that have been doing it for so long eight Manning. Our eight and that you know it it's hard because this figure for so many years. So it's. And then it as part mr. Davis director or they're true blessing to be able to get to know if he has passion for the raiders. His passion for his players. Com. You're you're going in YouTube so mentally Smart you know what outrun you would come and it's very every evening now fox thirty gators work out. Analysts don't matter that happened around in the tournament we talk about the game plan in. You know you soul in do you know he loved the so is he white. Mark Davis has done in. You know brought around Reggie McKenzie and keep it great separate McCann abuse is doing on the Jack Del Rio course. It has been exciting it's the in you know mr. Davis is broken down. On some island because no leak. What mr. davis' jumper or raiders. A perfect game of football you know it is tremendous so could be around mr. Davis for those years. It was a true blessing and some now all be thankful for arm it's one of my greatest memories. Former raider Bruce Gradkowski joining us sunny afternoon I was up and Vontae here in 95 point seven a game. Derek RQ you mentioned in the a couple of times without prompting and it sounds like you're obviously very impressed with the young quarterback what what are you seeing it. From what Derek are doing right now in your speech overall what you're seeing from the greater offense generator chambers. Great I love keep up with the quarterbacks in on I've watched their car throughout his young career so far. I've been impressed you know an outlaw I love seeing him continue to grow. Are they key east seems to be agree cute works hard. Com in its about time the raiders that sprint out quarterback you know and it. A long time can't exist in a Rich Gannon and it's key that their car thought about. Armed capabilities. Sources arms strength and hackers the mental toughness but its gains marked as well. And then he's surrounded with good players you look at outside the mart super Crabtree lead in the leading receivers. I'll inventor cocaine that would at tight and another weapon. You know you bring Marshawn Lynch back in the most importantly I'll say is that though lineups fraught I played with Donald and in Tampa today. Com into Q what that offense line is doing because that's where start that start not ostensibly and eat sensibly. And that's what made in this shop and go at that awkward to line. Com so it's good to see what they're doing. Like at that of course it's you know Reggie McKenzie and Jack Del Rio lead that charge there. I'll buy it but it's cold season you know like is he now my old man getting out he's still there of course he's hurt this year by. The young man Giorgio short step this past weeks and outscored the C well. Restrict casket joining us sunny afternoon delight with pop and not to hear 95 point seven. The game. ESPN that cap came out with they're they're poll. Today and it's a little bit silly Celek college football we're really matters. But they did do it I was just intrigued in light of how good Kansas City how a well Kansas City played the of the night. And what the raiders are doing and they had the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ranked number one in power rankings and they you know they they beat the browns better than the other rounds in the opener that's a tight game. Marrow so what what what I know you're very close to bed after you left the raiders you went to the bank goes for a couple of years that finished up for a long stretch with the with the Steelers both playing and you know we got hurt a little bit your behind men and young Landry Jones if you look at tape a top level of the AFC with New England all the teams in the AFC west and in Pittsburgh where where Heidi is how do you gauge the top of the AFC whispers. Well you know and and I'll start or and I loved it he's Steelers in graders and HE championship game by. I'll take it step back and I think you know of course here to look at the New England Patriots because of the rain chance. Bill Belichick what he does in New England. Such a great coach and he has the weapons around and it starts that franchise quarterback Tom Brady. That you have to look at the Steelers I mean what they've done in the rockers that they had built so far. Ostensibly be sensibly outside about the viewers to start up front in the solid top line. I've led by oil producer mark he's county. And and the weapons around and what the late yum now. Antonio Brown now mark Davies Bryant back. So as I think he's power rankings come out of quirky look at different. Quarterback. You know order comfort and Robert Byrd those guys are good again. Love because they've they've done it before they've proven themselves. Armed NIC like UC campuses and that that's a good Opel. You can't Haiti. New England. Oakland Raiders I mean that Tennessee Titans were good football team and that balance to win this past weekend for the raiders. I'm so that's always great steppingstone to certainties now right for the greater on so there's a lot of competition I mean it looks like Baltimore rate and it did have a strong defense is here they've Joseph Flacco back strong healthy. Arms so there's going to be a lot of competition. I think it seems that there's rattled off for good be restraint that ASU infancy. Pittsburgh New England all the raiders. So it'll be exciting to keep it. It it it's cold out it's a wonderful you know it still works real early on the at a policy console also a lot of power for keen to play catch up to it. Biloxi in the Pacific state. Burst at Burress how many years did you play with Antonio round Pittsburgh. Out of all this particular interest. Four years. So although volume there. Yeah. AJ Granger of Julio Jones but. Speak to what makes him him and what it's like to be on the practice field was him because for smaller player. You can't press the guy he's so quick off the ball is straight line speed he has an out speed and an animal feeds the best that wide receiver in the game and at a I don't know who's better than him what what was it like to play with a Antonio Brown. What I think great it's it's his work ethic I've never seen a guy work so hard. I mean you either guy after all practice he's gotten harder ball from a machine he actually he has gone. Ellie witnessed her. Miss him out there to be cracked it worked out like. If guys in Spain. If his work at it and ball catches and issues a 100%. So it's colder beat that. Really work at it. And it shows that while there are so good you know I think all. And complement he'd be so while they complement each other. I don't think he'd be would be the receiver is without banner and now there would be QB is about medium and it works so well together. Robert HB strain to it he would facts little ball so good to throw the ball. On attack at ball. That it's been impressed with his work at one of those guys that. Every day becomes more party developer day opt. And that's what you like if he superstar. Brett put yourself in Brian Hoyer shoes because you guys are similar in terms of were you guys play for numerous changing their yards kind of bounced around and had to compete for every team you got you know when you're playing quarterback he had to compete for jobs stuff like that so just got to put yourself in Brian Hoyer because I don't know if you ever been in a situation where. You knew going in it's you will be the starter. All season long with Brian Hoyer is agriculture and the season from a forty niners. Yeah I think I think bright colors and a great situation. I they eat out around the little ray at the start a year give the guard there at some good moment. Outside that he's been a great situation being in the house an and it. Bill good report when they were and Cleveland to gather it actually started that you're up pretty well. Later on that year it and online order which I didn't agree with that decision at that time because they finally at and insert yeah reported that. So he brings back. You know camaraderie with Allison and I think with those two bratwurst and and no outs as well report what you want ostensibly. Epic council and it knows what Brian Hoyer brings to the table means it's more better and around the league you could make that decision. You'd be careful with the football protect the ball. And that's what he wanted I think for counseling and just starting out his young right coaching career. You want a quarterback you can trust and I think that's what Bryant or they're wearing and rate now is he going to be there forever means the OE. I think he's Mercury now he's good for you here I mean I liked by our technical. Make your uses. Some more quarterback. And I think that's what. The 49ers need right now. Restrict cast your joining us from western PA and the death in the light with the pop and bunting or 95 point seven. The game Jeff Garcia's you to join us tomorrow he enriched and a football hour and Jeff the former niner quarterback resentment Mayo grows podcast today guys and he was talking about justice Stephen the reason I bring an approach as you played. You know an outside zone stretch run game which I'm cable when you were raider all the complimentary. Quarterback movement required. And it just it would Wear it Jeff Garcia was two other medio go from NBC sports period kind of the podcast is just sit. It takes a little while for this dull work it's a timing based running game got landmarks you gotta hit. Just talk about it for years experience being in. This type of offense about how it all works out all marries up with that in a drag that side and underneath and have a different clothes receivers. Eligible it at different levels just how long it'll take to get this thing up and running to thing. Yeah I think you know outstanding and really worked at a court accused it's all timing. At all ever all working together. You know it's like an orchestra unity you have at your center left or right tackle all war in sync with one another. Quarterbacks receivers on the same time. Timing routes and things of that sort. It'll take some time I think it starts with the quarterback and I think that's what. And help them take it I'd jump started this. I was with Jeff Garcia and weird Tampa Bay or Jon Gruden so. Your apple hard time the mark paper so it goes like how many ways group will call oh. Because you're in the huddle. We typical green right way at night to rekindle that our game. And then also need to get a bullet remember you can check retreat yeah A rail or something like that so. Sometimes diplomatic post to let me play well. Kill kill kill you gotta go to the second player at rice as the whole deal. Shall update our audience of we will share them a chance to trial played at exactly the devastation. Just yours yet. Update the audience and Alito and some broadcasting for your alma mater in Toledo and you went to the broadcast boot camp here also coaching. You're being a father so what what he's doing he's dangerous. Yet some staying busy week if that baby number there are big number actually July 2 we have a daughter she's a war. And then to borders on east to Roman and then Lincoln too mottled and lilies are oldest of four year old man. It's not the man and it's been able to spend some time but it's also went like sit there we go rocket that's where my colleague. I'm doing there. On the color analyst urban radio. Further gains on an interview with and I do some stuff with the Steelers. In Pittsburg. And I'm a palpable locally with high school age you know a couple of local high school here. Because I've been in their shoes before so some oh. What they're going through and calm and then young kids now it's high school full borders not unlike. So it's so exciting and they are still so. You know well if there are so innocent minded they just want applicable because they love you know that's what I allow the an educated older because more more like a business so it's cool to be involved their behavior like at a couple restaurant. In the Toledo area called socialist and have a pot this company in its work so. Greg a broad order at all right now so we'll see what's next. Many shall I get busy color history all young kids in Belgium and try to do the broadcasting and businesses they sound like together under. Role do you can sleep Bruce. Truth. I'd I'd try. I plan I have would do white some doubt I'll make the excuse that I have the lead with our four year old. Because I know that two month old gonna get up in the middle of the night so that's gonna argue apple might actually. And it's going to be Shia at at eight thank you all the time whenever I see the black and gold the Steelers game and highs back in 2000. We view. Giving great efforts are raiders steelers' championship game at. Again like so many times say they met they every year in the seventies should be great to be of their rekindle that revelry SOA. And to keep your number look keep texting and package yet throughout the year my friend thank your time. Yet that's Craig did he get Antarctica. Thanks Bruce Gradkowski one of the great teams only a reader for a couple of years but he used to glaze. His personality would that guy you.