Brian Baldinger

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 19th
NFL Network analyst joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on Kirk Cousins' contract with the Redskins, how the Cowboys will handle Ezekiel Elliot's situation, and Michael Vick's comments regarding Colin Kaepernick. 

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Twelve year NFL veteran who's now a terrific analyst with the NFL network. Follow him on Twitter at balled the NFL. It's Brian balding year we Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven the game boldly thank you so much for your time this morning I bring it to a few times in the Philadelphia press box back in the day I know you know Andy Reid. And I know you know how he runs his operations. What's your sense of the Kansas City cheese this season they just fired their general manager they traded up to draft a quarterback. Alex Smith suddenly finds himself on the hot seat. How dangerous is this team compared to years past. The team on the got a lot. You know are all out there can be unseeded this year just. You know look at the quarter dropped to start a lot of judicial years. Talk to coach what can burdens we woke. Mediate and currency jumped that number and try and does belong. To a well. You know Jon Gruden the quarterback Serbs are pretty pretty court. You know Indy track. And you reach all they Jon Gruden. And that's their problem. On dark secret to who saw yields reached partial. I know when he's going to be ready. I know you played postal. Can't you can't beat John Dorsey contract situation. In what neat yeah I know has between John again. It is simple written lobster. You know we did not play well first record an expert and law. Opera became back. You don't need a complete game the it didn't use you know who's going to be. Like their premiere he just went that you're. And music is the raiders and chiefs then in the in the division with the Broncos being the big question mark because of their uncertainty at quarterback. Given what department did not continue to could. Are quietly doubled a lot of really good players or there. Make excuses for the record laptop years they've all you are you injured or key spot. You to guard they trapped it. Even. In the land can really play a drop in second or rob. What you've played a dark car. They got a chance you really dynamic. That's a result Cho all want to Condit play you're oh to open in Norman. No dark red meat saying you know got a lot. Contribute to Deborah I'm caught sooner or. That deep threat to restore chip which Albert eat and so. Did you work is going to be the most competitive division our national football. Well you can agree to more not just that it when you when you think about. San Diego when you look at the raiders both those teams seem to have their quarterback they know that there are going to be their quarterback. Alex Smith may be looking over a shorter maybe he won't get replaced but. He knows it that pressure is going to be there. Who in your opinion you talk about the quarterback who went who in your opinion still have who has the better quarterback in this conference. In you're talking about Sanyo competing. Is there a thread that you know you can CC Andy competing for playoff spot or Edith same just being able to compete in general. Well I mean your car now. Like court vision they either. Com three years old oh social policies that. Each year in who knows we do get hurt last year what did you or local would have gone in the playoff loss so. Car you'll go there. You all calls and well I mean our target is to start and what it in the dark as well BP send Bart. And you know I expect in the throat or start to this year. Owner Henry the real deal we're Arctic. I'm saying that it is a leak. Competitive edge and top to bottom I don't know what it pretty well what she saw OJC. Cheap twelve or record your nobody can beat all or did you go to PR. Dog eat all you know as well so. No way to promote good when I know that there and Diego is going to be player there's always. The NFL network's Brian balding her joining Jolo in dibs on 95 point seven game. All the this show we have yet to be able to refer to the charges as Los Angeles we noticed you're still having that struggle as well. We've given ourselves an over under of week one do you think that we love ya calling him LA. You know maybe they called our student. I felt like I hope that our com wherever you are so. We're. Probably lower than in other quite well so we'll go to war. Or law. Speaking of something the rest of the AFC would like to get out of the system the New England Patriots stranglehold on the conference. Many feel will continue this year at some point. Tom Brady's play has to fall at some point this team needs to take a step back is there any reason to believe that this year is that year. I'll know. Their terms are starting off that line that started you know making your. Our Tom Brady in the second out that you all could. Hurt or in August or. I don't see any reason why are you I don't drop off well. Look at that are seeing and aren't there. And I know who or who shot the numbers on strong. Whatever receiver that grossed who's going to be you'll receive. It watchable belt on out ski. We know they've they've argued infiltrate. There's all these good cook so. A little darker with little this year they. All wore their go out or mark you are so. It's double dip well. Don't mean to beat by a watch on you know Miami is getting better. He pulled out all the teams to just you know not to would change. But it reliable record back to coach general manager. A real change try to. Extort mr. oldest division there's still in the lead now divisions can be yeah. Bobby there's a division immediate kind of reminds me did you talked about eluded to the raiders in the amber held a division has sold tough. How about another division when you look at Tennessee. Comparable to the raiders. You look at the Texans. They got that great defense kind of probably would beat the Denver Broncos San gay would be comparable to the COLT I think this is another tough division may be becomes is not as tough but. NEC Tennessee Titans out to make it guitar and and push and as a playoff team as well. There were no bargain that you are. And you know they were Kansas City article Euro one game at that gene there. In god and that means there were no. Playoffs are already there it faltered against Jack look weak and they lost their walk out here and used to. They're going to be up to Q and it would be cured. Or so question mark. You know it's Indian and keep. It upgraded to keep her and so course that you walk. You know we had Aussie girl searchers feature it's 10. Yeah. Our college system big question mark because nobody in part. Port street you're in a row and it's almost unprecedented. You could arc that we are eventually. The talent you know we're not Malone. Note Tom Coughlin are actually it's gonna give it out double wouldn't. The told originally there are winning more important here what could be sure I don't know. It's our division. Like what audiences that the origin or wherever. Wrapped real real. A lot of those teams soul or you or your target or in late may Jack Hugo. A lot of ground out route so. Somebody can really you know a strangle hold that division nobody really done even though you don't seem to come in that division in recent years. Dallas Cowboys making headlines for all the wrong reasons Ezekiel Elliott finding trouble virtually every day this week with new stories popping up. How little these distractions heard in a maybe a regression to the mean for the quarterback in Dallas. There's no reason I mean you're on July 09 or. The graph. Are. On the world in the coliseum and where are you he's got. That art. Those are everywhere. Quarterback rating under 540. Arched out or no reverse auction them. Don't want. To get the only reason why Mike has because he was just so dark hours. They're the only way to know what. Are you really want to post more out of it especially one. The start to two world oil spill. Is. It art museum it's all pre. Porch front Jerry. Helicopter right around the yard line in the city. But are you. Don't. Give out not to roll her. Under the microscope. What is were ordered to. Urges. History. Leave that you like your animal advocates and they're not able to Arab side and our war. Good game and stepped in there. No I know there are looking in there are still be seen even at that some games this year. Twelve year NFL veteran now a terrific analyst with the NFL network follow him on Twitter at multi NFL. Brian balding original Boeing did on 95 point seven the game. Thanks your time this morning multi great stuff is always and we look forward to doing it again soon. Thanks so. We know there are low so he can.