Brent Barry on Game 2 & Fetty Wap

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 20th

TNT color analyst, Brent Barry was on the Warriors call w/ Marv Albert last night & he joins Papa & Bonta to break down the game!


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Got a great home in Portland grade did this he comes back to Oakland to get back had a few talks back in December were. Do you need the money for the schools what your favorite artists fitting black. Right now. We sent to me. Lock me each item are my are there when did you buy here are your. Favorites is. A threats feel little frisky last night the opening game at the premier voice of the Andy's sister in urban Albert. He would drop a little fatty lamp and marvelous how are you at Soldier Field for its time urgent. You know I was a little bit as big big game. And so its right to and I apologize tomorrow after the union. What and what do warrior performance last night against blazers. Knowledge fall fun Meyer burgers agree cash and you are doing such a great she he seems so comfortable out games have you done with I think you know chick was there Johnny most and a lot of great ones that Maher. Yeah premier voice in the history of the NBA I'm Abbie Dorn a couple of years ago looked a little nervous and he settled have a game to be done in March. Our weaknesses Q where appropriate Baker's dozen with our camp trying to keep retaliate hall one night. I get out and let our people have sent me on and it just. I'd pitch right now the think about the opportunity. Our call regular season games but pivotal another world took to be involved in the playoffs and that iconic sixty. Pop during the broadcast. But the fact it like it that like breakfast with them and try to over in the arena in the car. Cheers and stories about all the big daddy's. Gonna hurt your career. It's really treat him. Just staple for. Now I grew up wanting to be Marv Albert Brent so if I were an op plan. Well I grew up bloody given Chris Mullin is Marcie you know you're talented and had more to help them in both regards. Speaking of you know play by play you'd get a lot of they players only. Monday's play by play that are solid month in the month of march and he had a great job what was your take away from us sliding over from. From. Analysts were urgently to the play by play we're. That also let me just say. Because you know. Turner got that dialogue about that he's mediocre. Yet immature carried out many more can be brought cap. And I guess turner figured that there's no land held at check in any also working at another week in week. I do not gonna get those guys come into the studio another day. Related art while we sent to players out to handle these games in. Well the world come to an end and a out. Your order. Get those games group. Here that I got injured. Jackie how are you gain that we tried out some fun with it will be huge stigma. What went higher it will do. Next year with with that because it's still covers some of those games post all star break and leading up to the playoffs and forward. Yeah do a great job and Greg Anthony degree Travis well he was sure it was you Greg. Brent Barry joining us on the after Larry pop and Vontae here and had a five point seven in the game so let me give me is give us your thoughts on. I'd what you saw last night from a warrior team that did not have Kevin Durant and on top of that did not have Shaun Livingston or. Met Byron stooges utterly take the blazers apart. Brent where you blown away how good they were last night. Yeah. Well I'd start the opinion don't meet pop up very. That to John there. Apple side. I'd. Watch the game mat by writing all just. How overwhelms Portland is in this series in terms of what the warriors bring to them. Offensively it is just a relentless and it's as though the defense. Focused on the heat that was something that he was very happy with critical state shutting off when those columns. Did in the first quarter and it reviewed cop and it's for the rest to achieve by. I just I just think about that Portland team and how would. Would be in a game where Golden State had all of their guys firing on all so it certainly did that. Need to how could they possibly. Have enough points or one point. Too cute game which again. What this cold it's eighteen minutes and these just big thing I guess now with a few days or Greeks. It's how much concern. Is it first EU. As a concern is completely the wrong word but the idea what Kevin Durant return of a lineup even. Needs to be if there is sufficient time prevent a look at game period. But we're more than capable. Of scoring like that on the road. Let's go out there and Kevin not feeling. A 100%. There's no to play him we can go ahead and take care of business on the road injury. Armed and give him a few more days of rest before it is that we yet in the get out there and compete again. You less that very question about Myers the orient president of basketball operations slash GM and he joins us at 130 here in the afternoon delight with pop and bunting and had a five point seven game I heard you'd late in the broadcast was that was clearly out I can't begin to spin it. Towards Saturday evening. And today you stepped in her kitchen is a possible return. To this series and I think the word you used is optimistic his first Terry Stotts do you. Do you come away thinking they're gonna rolled out the the big 280 pound Bosnian beast. At Doral last Saturday bounce. Yeah about it. Inside is Iowa's retention. I'll go. And guys that I'm serie. Well now it's a great steady way off the like were adamant about it now because we both like that so yes my book bones. Of your favorite suspect. You're. You know pop what you have those meetings with the coaches that you have an opportunity to whether that's it then they had coached. Where in general that. That that there could be the return local player we had that opportunity before the broadcast and so it would they had coaches in. And our conversations with Terry dot. It just had that feeling that. That game three was something that they had targeted her for their kitchen in his return it felt like. I think initially talked about three weeks in that he has along. To the point where they have been at lunch from typically that would be able to contribute. Now how many minutes and all that I don't know. The general appeal after talking with Perry would that they're pitch in his availability felt more likely than not likely. In game three we'll see how that plays out. Local Portland come the next game but I still can't get over. Howard was that the war Israel will play last night out each guys picked up I mean the fact that they could Clayton caught over thirty minutes the fact that we get. Twenty minutes. I edit Ian last night. And and make sure that the other guys can expend themselves. And how the plate anti war playoff intense basketball that needed to. I was just quite impressive. Just completely strangle them Portland shot just 33%. From the floor would you tell you gotta love that you talk to the studio guys much but. Would you just sheriff Barkley the warriors are really good defensive team going down things watching. You know the one in this report about what happens in the turner studios the guys at that's why it was pretty stoked to have. Shaq get out on the road actually watched the team watched them light watched them work watch their. He held their response to game plan watchful waiting inner act and get a deal were produced styling. Beat two good teams that are competing. That's something that really quite frankly Charles Kenny don't get. A chance to go and do and so popular in the studio and watching 121000. Miles away. I help integrate scratched the speed and intensity and the versatility of what some of the teams that are out there competing for a championship. Can offer up and they're pretty removed from and it's unfortunately. They think some. Some shots that guys are they say some things that guys not the union and really having a better. About what is it they're seat I don't. You can be disparaging. To a team that's done what Golden State is done. Over the course of the last three years and what they've represented the typically on. Like every level she literally impossible. And they did this he has not as great as it is as what they are. No they don't they don't deal in facts they deal more fun and people people love the show on this way it's all highly rated Brent Barry joining us from the AT&T. Turner family worked oriented like. It's like White House that are. When emailing you racially. It's. Magnets that. Stick to I'll turn to yeah just a matter I brought in and. I'm just trying to ignore the White House to the out of this month before yours ago way. Speaking of what they do in the studio. Phones in other obviously were having a little fun with JaVale McGee unchecked in a full it was fine there was one time and that took it a little bit overboard but. Last night. His ability and he made a really nice drop step off the left block and went out to his right hand Hugh issued detailed beautifully there was one blob that he would climb over a back in tip in at. It was really hard finish but most of them I think at least four of these seven baskets he had last night were an Alley oop dunks. Do you think they're gonna have to start changing the coverage of that where they they double staff for whoever the ball handler is and just let him roll or maybe bring somebody from a the weak side and leave the short corner free because it just seems like the warriors to do that. Every single time if they trapped the ball land there rather Stafford re not that that's lob it up did it to JaVale and he's not gonna miss one of those dunks. I think I mean they're they're inviting actually I'm sure that they would corporate defense react to. Jim bell on roles so that the open network three point shot so that that you board but you but. They do get a lot happier Koppel forced ones and I think that stepped a dressed that night XP throughout the course of the season. As talk about how they they sometimes try to force need those kind of place. Tim McKee where they know that deacon. Do something spectacular they know that he can get up over the top guys but a lot cut it. Play it forward a little bit pop with. My keys season. And I think what's remarkable about what Golden State has been able view and in fact it's at Bob myers' Steve Kerr felt that. Mikey could be somebody that it. The. An addition to this team that can help them out at some point storms this season especially a critical position the center position for them. One other thing that's been also is that current guidance had a political. Career and been a bit lost that other teams. That each of the guys or your team. Really want him to do well. There's just general sense from those guys that you know they they want him to have those kind of moments they want him to feel engaged in an ball. And that's been kind of remarkable. Resurgent. McKee has had this year that's sort of fed him a little bit got him some confidence and pitched. But it's cyclical thing that benefited. The warriors so it's pretty remarkable if you play it forward porch he current. And Bob buyers needed a better position. Like committee that he would be one of those guys make those positive contributions. Especially for a guy who's been a little bit alive and has been a little bit aloof and other situations. And now it's been. A contributor and doing some great damage playoffs that's gonna have a really chaos. Some benefit dividends they keep moving on Ralph Ralph. So now what is speaking of moving it forward what do what do they do in the future with this guy because they're all on 11 year deals. Us JaVale. And David West. JaVale signed a deal for just a little under a million dollars and it was a make good contract they could cut them off the team was the fifteenth guy on the roster. He has been a guy who was a good contract in Denver. A few years ago and he had a good run there. Could he play more minutes the way he plays bones could you could get him up into the twenties and he is is he had now fifteen points last night played thirteen minutes so. How much can you play him and then how much can you pay him. Now I think it you have there are a lot of guys definitely opt you've been around the game a lot where it's a diminishing return. Played that. There indeed it is although he start clamoring. Our guide economy and the immediate impacts. The eight minute attempts and ten minutes since they have. Everybody's you know bawling about lighten grant 25 minutes or why is via the thirty minutes well that guy is what equity. When you get past as a 22 minute mark. They're gonna have to defend certain guys are gonna happen guard certain ways. They're going to ask you make certain defensive greed where. There are reasons why that guy is not quite that many Gannett is that they can't coach. Pat that certain point and has no positive return and I think it derailed got to bury will wait is now. He's got to play again another even most of the time. Opposing center and with Portland. That they had he been that they need their plates all. They played super small in this series I mean obviously they're each being out. Tourist taxes fearful of playing Meyers Leonard there's no way he could covered be what orders to guard position. You know develop what goes where depending on the match ups you might expand a little bit more but otherwise. Little sick and seventh minute persevere against opposing team's other big guy who's gonna plod along as well as. He can defend the pick and roll and be big spread out venture guys don't. Remember Ralph. And he's gonna get moments and so I don't know what the future holds an initial watch more basketball to go now is contributions to the team this year. Have raised some eyebrows and and he's done a nice our local state needed it to senator. LS Bob Myers when he joins as much they went thirty or is president of basketball ops about that is three headed center. You know it's not just starting image of dale and David West is also in the mix he placed five in a drama and actually bring you a fourth center play. And Bruce Jenkins the great columnist in the chronicle. Bones had a negative their little while ago of there's never been a team to win an NBA championship with a three headed center. And I got to then of course your dad's team you know ahead Clifford ray and George Johnson came off the bench there are a lot of two that'd senators. And I float that out to the warriors and Raymond Ridder actually talked to Steve Kurt about it Andy he did come back and team you played against when you're young player in the league. Was the great Chicago Bulls have 9697. It Luc Longley. Bill wedding and member Robert Parish but it was a Chicago bull. Bison Dele X number of flights a day. Arrogant and Dennis Rodman was kind of in bad. Dream on a roll worries started for what you could bump them up and goes small. And played five so we must not totally unique but but the warriors are doing is not than. Done very often on a team this good bones to to rotate 38 if you wanna throw. Drain not in there and James Michael Mac if you plates and speak five and they got a whole roster full senators. Jackets is targeted to adapt pop those knees start talk about. It surely traditional senators sliding to remodel the Bible course sheet that argument goes completely. Out out of the window. Mike is no no like entry Antonio played those years. When you were banging around a little bit through the mid two thousands of slogging around the movement certainly India. In the ninety's when McCain was super slow. That you needed those big forces down there there's more the F. As obviously post up player. Those big guys are about human outweighed by. Those teams that you mention. Had those centers and cut it is doing really much pretty much rolls if you talk about that outlook. He ought to probably. A good ship in the library 85% of the offensive and other Chicago days were coming from the garden wing position where you're pitching in May be ten or twelve maybe pushing eighteen point to a a Horace grant that are like you mentioned the when he hit a long way to go out crap point shot that bounced and that kind of thing joke. I I don't look at the lawyers as patently additional re sinners but they do have. Versatility in the guys that they can play center. Not as going to be your your bank around guide discreet set discrete that this guy. The where there's going to be your guy that can cook but he continued to shoot the ball well broker a pick and pop player. Last. This year Guinea's over 50% shooting sixteen feet out to the three point line again but the trick or the staff is harder work. Angela. Has become it's gonna keep it goes. About. Blocking presence in the long guys. And potentially I put on another opposing the war fight in the played out the block. That you can be physical with them push around and take some chances but. You know most of the time we're talking about guards doing the damage and what the lawyers again represented in the port quarter we all know it's coming in the lineup of with Kevin Durant as the addition this year action in just keep scratching their heads as to how they held. Now it's just. I don't know how. You know it wouldn't move the ball movement themselves. They're just incredibly fun to watch and one of the best teams. Statistically in history they got a great opportunity and motivation get back final this year. It looked like it laser focused on doing if there. Yeah balls a lot of questions coming into the season about the smaller team as the death father while some guy's -- but it's part bolsa. Affairs council a lesser extent of the Z lead. But they've replaced him with David West Zaza JaVale McGee don't talk to guards. I want to get your thoughts on call got to start yesterday what peak is not a rookie anymore because of all the rats he gotten a regular season with Kevin Durant was out in Ian Clark in Clark has been ablaze a killer and he's probably gonna make a nice little make a nice little paycheck coming up this summer to give me your thoughts from a column Ian Clark here. Yeah I feel like I'll start the end of this say I think the cargo is much like in the situation that caddie who was an important if you use it already it's good management. You all the certain San Antonio salute the opposite. Now Patty Mills. Is one of those guys you maybe consider one of the chicks man of the year candidates. And he's gonna end up getting. Pretty good deal after this round is over the San Antonio Spurs in his late and so that kind of position where the antenna. For general managers about what he's capable of doing that. He was awesome and be confident she'll come and became. Expert shot the low left. Site if he would jump forward he made the cut got that perhaps a little bit late. Cleared some space to the left handed shot the ball like he Clark Haggans. Does that to you chuck Greig now go ahead and you know there's been a great sign that it also defensively. What he's able to do is not a liability or what they like you on the switching. And he get an up and play he's played himself into a great position. For the remainder of his career. Cause Austin in terms of the weighted Bob Meyers and Steve Kerr thought about. How they can grab it young players who they are potentially could cobble long. What the pair him up all these long and I think we ought to about him not be so what he's this year but. That could think about a replay in every pot stride in every chance for a cut our. To be on the practice court and have conversations with one Andre Iguodala. I think whatever you learned process to accelerate to about ten times over. For the pick those nuances out. And he did play last night with a tremendous about compliment but out of the big shot. Game with a lot that was the three point Jerry Cooke on the top of the he's the first half. The game at Toronto probably close needed advocate knock it out. And drill that shot all things well we are helping out not just a regular season we're helping out the warriors. For them where it could late in the game without trouble and you guys going at the job done. And the player talk and I was 4342. Evan Turner just made it three in Portland and in macaw made entry and opened up at 36 to eight warrior run to make it. Seven in kind of 54 Brent Barry call the game last night on TNT with a great. Marv Albert Israel no Mars favorite rappers. Paddy whack. I know that launched your favorite rapper is chance. The rapper. Who is schedule change the rapper is scheduled to play at ORACLE Arena on Wednesday night April the 26 this Wednesday which also happens in the game five. This playoff series oval. Will change the rapper. Take over oracle that night bonds or will we have a game five between the warriors and blazers. Here's a little they've popped. The lawyers will have a chance to wrap it up. A high. Class quality and you're you know. I get a working for a note genius behind his game three and a game for. Yeah. Milwaukee raptor game to do with par on Saturday after. Church to import between the warriors in the blazers. Fabulous you're doing a great job Mike Fey as second favorite Barry brother out there behind scooter configuring a great. Job. Job. Now asking that here as an excuse you at Texas right now vause thank you so much for your time I got it's actually scooter and his I can't. Hedged his excellent tonight or are. You take care our bones. To run again.