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Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, October 12th

Yahoo! Fantasy Football Expert joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to answer any and all of your fantasy football questions. 


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You can follow him on Twitter at. Yahoo! no place. From Yahoo! fantasy sports the absolute best in the business ladies and gentlemen Brad Evans joining Jolo in Dave's on 95 point seven a game. Goat may have given us the Eagles and the Panthers on Thursday night football you don't need a whole lot of tequila to watch this one. Well we opened. Wait for the patriots enough Buccaneers gave me get over 156. Finishes in 1914. Also disappointing but yeah I mean they should be an exciting ball game for Tennessee purpose is here. It ally of the guys that I trust and its gave us our Philadelphia first article gay or blogs gonna find the ins and actually mpeg 383 yards and a touchdown against Carolina front Lou keep legal want sort of an outstanding in rang gap coverage so far this season. I think outshot Jeffrey has great shot by the end zone as well as he got were early and Brad buried there in the secondary combine those guys he's given up about four touchdowns their assignments on the year. I know our shots have been about a roller coaster ride this year but he's been. Matched up against some leak DBs to begin the season that he's not the case tonight Carson went to top ten quarterback option. Nelson I Dolores got some wide receiver three appeal to a twelve team a deeper leagues especially by heavy week in and out Carolina side obviously candidate needs mean everybody's lives pardon me top five quarterback this week. Against that there ravaged secondary of the Philadelphia Eagles which is highly flammable. I not only that but I loved Devin punches and they keep on the end zone for the third consecutive game they Kelvin Benjamin. It's a strong wide receiver to do not as I'm Persian McCaffery especially with Fletcher Cox back and got paid for 74 combined yards and a touchdown. Zach Kurtz is an absolute beast must start and everybody's lined up self that's essentially a rundown of all the major commodities in tonight's game. Triple 89579570. If you wanna get on with the goat asking the question about fantasy for this weekend. AAA 95795. So I knew before we turn it over I wanna ask one question about the rams how do you approach stems from a fantasy perspective each week and they've been a very high powered offense. Right up until Seattle's so is that a blip or could we see more of that would Jacksonville this weekend. I guess you more that would Jacksonville this weekend what is really serious about the jaguars obviously is secondary we know is otherworldly you know you can argue right now behind the no fly zone Jalen rains AG bully Dave Barry church. That group of terms are clamping down so Sammy Watkins he's got to open up another Einstein Bros. bagel shop this week. Like he did last week it got its just so unpredictable I'd expect him to do much. Maybe more of a Cooper I've gained try to work underneath coverage away from some of those TVs Robert Woods you don't draws studied the tight ends get a little bit more involved Jared every job that they are big B is well. A tiger really don't could have a nice game because you look at Jacksonville they have sort of the trenches on defense. Giving up five point 42 yards per carry people's fancy points duty running back position I've got early down for a buck thirteen combined yards and a touchdown. But eventually. You would think that with Ramsey employee and their ability to play man on man coverage. Bring church into the box stack it against girly. And try to real for salmon is some unsavory situations. And you may see more that's starting this week so my expectations for early don't huh. Hi based on the matchup I would be at all surprised if it's another sub optimal day for the standout running back. Artist Brad Evans just a fantasy sports here to help you out week to week six in the NFL one request. Keep it tight we got a lot of it he gets is a team but I keep it buttoned up. As we like to say triple late night by 79570. Dan in San Ramon banks look on the show Dan you're on the to go. Hey go all right so right stood out to TP RPG early edit to utility right now I thought got Jerry MacKinnon in one spot and Emanuel thing than the other my question for unit they have added she pummeled but then she later if you say army. Last week that the giants have nobody left should I try to get him in my lineup. Negative I think his stick with John McCain and and Sanders this week and look I understand your perspective there you know he should see a large amount of targets your 41 point 3%. Other targets gears up for grabs in New York now that O'Dell Beckham and Brandon Marshall are done so for this season. This is a no fly zone and I know that they're tied and have wreaked Havoc against the Broncos so far this year in fact the Broncos and give up the six most fans point to tight end position. But who else is Eli dating at the furlough all two. And maybe shamed marine and check down fairly low to get seven balls in the Roger Lewis possibly let. You know all that Vance Joseph and company are accounting for editing grown they're gonna place in an advice I've what nobody in this giants game that's got thirty and up and read all over him the Broncos minus the double digit points. Tim in Livermore thank you go in the program quarterback questions of the gun gun. It can't the Kurdish I want to. And my job a luxury right. And I think it's it's kind of crazy they were mentioning to Shawn Watson these kind of conversations now. That's what I call lucky seven situation you can't lose either way I hope these guys inside my top five however I had to Shawn Watson number do. All behind Tom Brady this week. Because it's a lot was of Cleveland's. They do not earn their bacon strips in terms of pass defense giving up seven point nine yards per attempt detect most fantasy points. To the quarterback position is well. Watson is nuclear he's got to go punch for another at least 26030 year multiple touchdowns and of course he pads at bottom line of the rushing stats. I think they're rushing. Yardage for a little bit higher than cams so slide it into Watson but again if this is a winnable situation either way. Julian and Sandra sale you're on with goat Brad Evans Yahoo! fantasy sports fire away. And he's. You don't do a doctor. What you know think about Kumar I thought well hey there I'm just wondering. What are you going to be doing go to or we view this thing. I I yeah I think it's on the east Tennessee Pope all our television show which is the errors today on fox sports reach also check your local listings for that I said the tomorrow is going to be top fifteen running back impressive season. Peterson now at the old folks retirement center because that's were old geriatric running backs he FL go to retire its Arizona. And it's meant that it Edgerrin James Chris Johnson her Chardonnay and all he's insulated so version. You know I think ultimately him calm Marat and Ingram market that might close to 5050 split they come Mars is so much more hyper efficient. On his touches on a per touch bases. They've got to get the job done and maybe get in on thirteen fourteen touches per game are gonna look at a consistent seventy plus combined yards and a touchdown. Almost every single week including this week against Detroit lines are down hole loading got out who just went on IR cell. Yeah I love Camara I think he's the real deal Holyfield and a guy. Who's up averaged three point seven yards after contact per attempt. That is top five in that category the running back position this season he's an unbelievable guy and we know that Sean Payton loves nominee Helen compared Marshall Faulk it's like comparing me to run Gaza. Scott in Concord thanks on the program's gotten Concord go ideology go. I got you running back spot re running back. Why keep Charlie got to get the number one hit some well I didn't think I read your belly is tied the cap briefly got. It's hellish Shanahan doing. Is the apple doesn't far too far from the tree because my eight was ice cold him Lucifer Shanahan when he was a coach of the Denver Broncos. Because he was evil man in the beetlejuice. And it in the flashy just never knew what he was thinking we never knew what he was going to do but he was always deceive. He always stab in the back what that unknown running back and plays a minute what position did a Washington would offered Maurice. So all now Shanahan the younger Shanahan pulling a similar car because he is you know salivating at the prospects and undrafted data Mabry got. And he he's got a sure thing and Carlos Hyde had always been dealing with a little bit of hip and everybody's practiced in full thing in all week and he feels like he's back in a close to a 100%. And it's hot hand situation that it's inexplicable to me. And how it is top fifteen and elevated tackles this season he's got a city point three catch percentage he gets appreciable yards after contact. And you just pull bottom like that took X it doesn't make any sense sell. I'm still got to know Carlos Hyde there despite the hot hand they're gonna have to ride him early to keep this game even competitive all the road at Washington. I demagogue Andre Ellington for the other one I think Andre Ellington evil and Adrian Peterson and told. You know Bruce serious amounts of Peterson's only gonna see action on first and second downs Ellington is locked in that third down role he's got eighteen catches. Combined the last couple weeks he could have another seventy catch seven plus yard game I would be surprising to Gwen house is well. Stephen San Francisco the floor is yours Steve. Urology go please god. A very good question. Could sort of awkward couple. I love the high candidates. Until Milo candidates have for me. Odd exchange I. In college Magi is RD 38 right now in fantasyland this a guy that was largely drafted inside the first round of twelve team exercises just a couple of months ago all I look I know that Miami's a train wreck offensively right now when your head coach is gone he garbage your rubbish across the pond in it's never a good sign I think this is the week at a Jai gets back on track. I'd always had some softball match ups was enabled it even hit a single. Our but I think he's gonna take you know more over the fence at this week against the Atlanta Falcons allow the seven most fancy points. To the running back position eventually. They got to put Matt Moore in the starting line up because this is a better and more effective quarterback. This point in their respective career arcs and I think that can really open up the office a hole. I think the good news here is that the Miami offensive line coach dropped lines of Coke clean last week he got tired. So that could be that change could certainly opens the things that has Ezra what the worst offensive lines in the league. And sell high it's still tiger early for me. Again the schedule is brutal up culminating. For the rams you get Jack to this we got so it's one we'll match a bigger across the pond of Payson Arizona defense giving up south of three yards per carry. I get the giant second be bounced back huge city don't know what the defense is going to be like you know come week ten but at. At Minnesota after that get era zone again in week thirteen to get Seattle in the fantasy play out playoff of the fifteen. I've Philadelphia week fourteen Tennessee is well all three of those defense is allowing three and a half yards per carry or less the running back position. It is going to be a wakeup call for Todd Gurley and it probably started last week I'm curious to see again what he does this week he gives checks. Follow him on Twitter at. At Yahoo! noise the absolute best in the business Yahoo! fantasy sports Brad Evans we Jolo and did so on 95 points and the game. Dynamite stuff goat enjoy eight tequila Thursday we will catch up to do next week. Yes other data all I don't know I don't know many diet.