Bobby Evans

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Saturday, December 16th

San Francisco Giants General Manager Bobby Evans joins Urbs and Guru to talk the Winter Meetings and offseason moves


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Winter meetings are over there were more bizarre isn't strange and bizarre as in bunch of people spend money in swapping waiters and goods. In such as just one of his years I'm Jess in. That a lot of ground work was done and now that the winner meanings are over you start to see. Some dominos falling here to help us discuss it I'm Michael Irvin would Darrell moderate Johnson by the way. Is giant general manager Bobby Evans always so gracious with this time thanks for joining us Bobby aren't. Barry and Michael good afternoon as a going. They have thrown well how did Orlando treat your first of all did you did you feel like you laid down some quality ground work for potential deals to come. NATO we have incredibly dedicated hardworking staff and if we had tweet by them as there around the clock work in on every angle every club and every scenario. To try to you know get get lay of the land and in some cases if you're close to opportunities it would be attractive then. That the winner beat Ali's very productive in this is that it. Bobby last year we know you guys had a off year play and I just think that you guys have earned the benefit of the doubt you had the injuries. And guys not perform up there to you know to their career standard and I think those guys can bounce back are you at all surprised at just the noise you hear. Is it the giants hadn't won three World Series in five years. Because I'm shocked it people come attend act like you guys have had three or four bad years in a row. Yeah I think it etiquette it's somewhat reflective of how good some of these other genes are you having some of it is. Yeah how much we struggled and then they're right in it we are in debt but I think that. Some of the reaction is. Reflective of really how how strong some of these other teams aren't that. You know are you in the Ian including our divisions I think that. You know we we understand it's it is it's is it's not really about you know what championships we want it to about 2017. Now about the 2018. And the other apartments at this championships. And it's got to look at to try to sell it back to another. The bush hears that a giants' general manager Bobby Evans couldn't have to join myself Michael Irvin and you're the guru Johnson here on 957. The game of Bobbie I'm glad you mention that because one of the course that came out of Orlando and it was tied to the John Carlos standing. Pursuit and the meeting you guys had of him and his representation. Brian seemed to say that well I I I'm not sure that they quite get. That we're a team that does business is certain way to get certain results I either 2010 and twelve and fourteen World Series but as you know as we all know. This is not just a what have you done for me lately business it's what have you done for me today and what are you gonna do for me tomorrow and then I saw a quote from you which I. I'm glad you mention it because it it was a it was a dose to reality and you just give us a little bit again here on the air. You should look. 98 losses in his ninetieth losses in Quetta just stop right there. That just all you need to say I understand. Why some freeagent particularly hitters. Would be reluctant to come here one thing that. One group of players that I think would not be reluctant to come here however and there are a lot of said players. On the market and a lot of them move to the winter meetings. We're middle relievers guys that get contracts that are. Two years to end at twenty million dollars it's seemed to me like terrorist. That was the richest area of the market that's an area where I feel like another area where I think feel like you guys can get better. Any particular reason why you guys didn't move in that market this week. Yeah I think that our our focus. It's attitude to be more. Yeah tended to our our offense right now and I think do we you know we still think there's going to be options were registry and our tent we got. A lot invested between a little bit and dice in the bowl answered. Let's you know the hopes that Strickland in Korea in laws and others will. You help whispered. We like to get a veteran presence in to that Balkans. As well but we don't mr. Gupta in the front lines that market just because you use a lot of options out there and some yet trade as well. Bobby I'm curious we hear a lot of times your beautiful ballpark is not hitter friendly you know maybe. Oppose free agents don't wanna come because it's hard to hit a home run. And I just dot is that something you guys have ever looked into to maybe change in the dimensions bring in the fences in its a beautiful ballpark bureau thirteen. You know I'd just remarked to implement the baseball outside we knew we are or not. Your bent on trying to do anything different with our ballpark I don't that you know the business side stadium upside is thinking about it either right. I may you're right I wouldn't. Wouldn't wanna leave out I think that our role our job well at least that's how our best players best pitchers. In uniform on that field and in whatever the dimensions are. In our ballpark there's different dimensions and other are we need to be people all thirty ballpark where another. Bobby the trade of Matt Moore use one of the staples of your rotation. The guy has I mean when he's on he's got great stuff as evidenced by the one hitter against the Dodgers I think it was. But he Fermi Bobby became the most aggravating watch because I know what kind of stuff he has. And results just didn't seem to match up it just wasn't working out there. You guys traded him to the Rangers it freed up nine million in payroll so you went from in the span of a week and improbably oversimplifying things. Being willing to commit a quarter of a billion dollars to our let's make a move to free up. Nine million dollars rule what was the impetus for that deal. There are about that was we've got to get. Is as many much flexibility as we can't try to improve our roster since the end it was obedience Torres and block. In. In other guys at Stratton not available to pinch potentially in irritation record that was an area that we could. Don't move from an area of strength to try to give us is much flexibility to look towards improving our our outlook principally that. Yeah it's one of you know it's one Luke it you know it is it good news is tied to other things that will have to look to the port forward that. You know it's not it's not easy to give up on IMAP port because we we believe it but he frustrating at. Unfortunately for us we felt like we needed you know create in more focus are essential. Bobby when you look at the rotation you got wicked 12 punch in mad bombing quite know how confident are you details to get down to back in dominate once again. I think the track record gives them confidence and I think both of them. It showed that they are capable Libyan you know great 12 punch book over a potential number one in any other rotation in baseball also. I think that history. You know is on our side in the conduct. It giants general manager Bobby Evans didn't have to spend some time whether it's on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I'm Michael Irvin alongside durable to Reed Johnson. Here in the downtown San Francisco studios and nine to 57 again couple Mormon it's. Would you Bobby I've got to ask you about potential targets and I mean I can tip your hand and tell it a gigantic audience exactly what you're thinking but some of the names that have been out their JD Martinez. He's a free agent Andrew McCutcheon that would have to be done via trade being in general terms. Are your chances of making something happen via trade better. Then going out and get one of these big ticket free agents and lowering trying to convince an offensive superstar that he can get work done here and AT&T. I don't know how to put the odds that into their vote attractive options. You know between trade and free agency that. Yeah that you don't have to be in on a big victory agent big ticket in a trade and improved ballclub there's there's things that are. You know interest in many different respects in many different price points and you know it's part of our drug to be traded then and yet strategic in and in every in every way to make sure we get better. Let's talk about your outfield you mentioned in the post season press conference you guys would like to get younger more athletic. Better defensively. I think that can be done and because of the Arizona Fall League performance of warning your young center fielders it's being suggested. That you change your train of thought as it relates to center field can you expand on that. Are not all along that users got a great chips to be an every now. Outfielder forests in the big lead science center fielder right fielder. You know boats or potential options source. We like a lot better on the Polytechnic. You know help redeem a tough year world in the since he was hurt. In this so much argument you know that if a valuable development time editor value bullet that's. Yet the Foley got locked into catch up a little bit but the key. He turned some heads around the gaming industry you know proved our point as to how talented he is all without a legal. Into 2018. You know cougars in that in the mix at some level whether it's early on under or later. Whether it's. You know it sees in her or after that even he could certainly committed you know 88 starters that's. Our target right now our target is to keep that in the back of our pocket and look at other options in the mean. Bobby I know that you are not necessarily responsible for making fans feel better but let's face it you're the general manager. Of the giants and the fans have all eyes on you right now. If you had to sit in front group of fans that was frustrating Sybil were no better now than we work at the end of the season what would your message to those fans be. Yeah I mean it's off season is not going to be judged by what we do in November and December be judged based on how would look opening day in and how we progressed he's that we got. We've got her all hands on deck I think some of the best minds in the game did. It. That approach between now and you know between. Brian myself in an. You're shopping for the giants isn't done is your holiday shopping for the fairly done about it. But the bad news. That that's the bad news item. Not yet started that so I've got a lot of work kitchen. You've still got some time Bobby and I appreciate your time thank you so much good luck the rest of the offseason I'm sure we talking to you more between. Now and when you leave her zone and the start toward me team's spring training happy holidays my friend. Thank you guys recruit she got.