Bob Nightengale

Rick Tittle
Monday, September 4th

National Baseball Columnist for USA Today, Bob Nightengale, joined Rick Tittle 


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But joining us right now it is great to welcome back to 957 the game Bob nightingale a national columnist. For USA today in fact he's not the Astros. And Mariner's game right now and you know it's funny Bob as we were kind of waiting for the Astros to maybe get Sonny gray maybe get a Carlos keen Tom and then. At the last minute they went out they get the ultimate hammer. And Justin Verlander how has this changed the landscape now for you. Only this political neighbors not when it along with the completely. I mean guys. Opt in now. The again in the packer games left and yet to be different about oh about as part of what he'd done. Did he break toward the dynamic it team really aren't there. When you look at that second wild card and I think it's a good thing in the way that it keeps how many seasons alive but then again makes a whole lot of teams that are 500. I irrelevant then you look at the American League and there's as many as six teams fighting for a indeed. You think that say it it's there's too many teams that are mediocre that should not be involved or deal like it. Well I mean it gets hurt baseball and all these cities involved. Let's be honest numbers public you know parity Barbie game that we've received more. Insulin release that scene. Just everybody's you know mediocre bad and put America lately have you opt. And it seems like at this point that you showed you the the mediocrity in the game today where it's not 500. You know I'm all for the one and done game with a wildcard in an appeal saying hey it's not fair after a 162. Bad behavior you know fear if you're not gonna win your division I don't have a lot of sympathy for you I like the four ball format for that game. Auto what do you think about it. Platelets that he too and they. Don't know what would be robbers. But yeah mirror image how important it is to when your agent. Because the you know. The one game is actually in. In it to happen one game to take it. The public under the place to a rate they'll drop in the field the winners at vision. After wave wrong Bill Walker I think is slightly ago. Well I yeah and if you piggyback what you just said you look at the Dodgers who have been now flirting with the best record. Of all time and I know on the last week they've had a little bit of a let a little bit of an egg but it's hard to keep up that intensity and do you do you see them as a team like maybe the Mariners that kind of peaked too early or do you think that they are built for the long haul. You know I don't know they're there and so ultimately it. No block what made him. In nine to lose again today so there's a very good team prolonged heat then you wonder about Leah. You know I assure plan out here in. The puck into but the Diamondbacks your best of five billion. Yen the Diamondbacks have had their number personally have been rated that one. Yeah you know it's funny at the start of the season and if you had told me three teams from the NL last one. The in the playoffs or at least have a shot I wouldn't have believed you and I certainly thought one of them would've been the the giants soil what's your take on the rocks and Arizona being so good this year. The rockets aren't you know Sergio light right now Americans about the coupling. The I mean dive back into orbit community you're expecting a year ago and now it probably does not want to help. You know good at it and you know they did well a lot organization. In looked at the rocky and they're deer and Turkey are like look he colonial last. Rick Tuttle Bob Knight and go from USA today he is at Safeco Field Danny's gracious enough to make a little break from Astros Mariner's by the way in the press box and again he'll moos Neil. Are you ahead of my. Don't work you did today. Is that a big equipment. All right we know is September call ups that we kind of thought may be last year that they would change too you know on the forty man. Active roster an in the we just got done here that if I seven game doing an a's game that was about four and a half hours because Mike Scioscia broke the all time American League record with twelve pitchers. Do you think we're gonna get to a point where maybe there's only five to ten extra spots instead of fifteen. Other QB it is that the government joke. I mean you know it is it went against bush orders order. Yeah you have games like this cell. They got a problem but I think you gotta have a treatment that squad. I'm like yeah. He can't do it and election the rules change and in September but it in the same the first five months so that it is not what's important is that the rules change. No doubt about it what is your. What are your thoughts Bob. On the whole thing about the the pitch clock because I've been told by so many people that it's going to be imminent that that that pitch clock is coming in and may be as soon as as next year. It's definitely not an ineptly that clock but it Soviet base of probably. You no longer one people on base so coming here ethnic Vietnamese bitterly you know the minor leaguers is a problem. You know I I think the umpires ruled it will ignore it because it seems like every game there's still a guy will step out after every pitch out of the box to his. In a readjust his batting gloves look at his bat dig in. It seems like the empire is still to this day don't really enforce some of these newfangled laws and. I mean the VA you off a rule and of the would be much in so like I think he's gonna have no choice but you watch has been. And then what about maybe electronic umpires for when it comes to balls and strikes RU four against. A million debt people he's got awhile. Idealists don't take the human element game so I hope we don't see that while I don't think we will really don't. Do you think that'd say it anyway when I cannot think the human element is almost a PC termed her mistakes in and vendetta is in and things like that but it. It's just too much baseball history did to turn your back on that kind of very colorful element that every umpire has his own strike zone. Has had a chip on you know hey hey you know Allegheny B roll on by a bit deal. Ball or strike call me you'll be better and that self like in I mean. Yeah it is human gamers you know let it keep it that way I serve you know change. -- questions from Bob Knight EL USA today were a total the united 57 again in the Oakland a's are steam rolling their way to their third straight ninety loss season but. Unlike the last couple seasons they have a lot of youngsters look pretty good in and Matt Olson is the kid lately has really come on six home runs. In his last seven games you've got Chapman playing already a gold blob. Caliber over at thirty got a guy like tender who's may be a guy you paid compared to bends over has been a very personal guy infield and outfield. But some some definite rays of hope and light at the end of the tunnel for a's fans you think Bob. You hope so I mean they've yet to get giant step back it would work day year and again you know last year in the audience a margin of backfired. And to act you know for years. You know what would happen. It is in I mean get used to give me juggernaut years they're not going away the angels now Vietnam does money come up a book. I differently it all the books. That it will begin. Now guys they you know. Resemble that future will be on the exit that it. You know it's funny if you'd asked giants fans at the beginning of the year would one of the questions bees should hand a give up batting right handed they would assemble why would we care about that he's a red sock you know. What do you think about the state. Of the giants being able to maybe bounce back next year again are they looking at a bit of a re load here. I wanted to look at those my only hear those that are re an attack that there is currently currently there. So I think it's going to be able while. Don't know what they're hoping for a entered the Diamondbacks. 2008 game when he bounced back injuries and played good baseball. Editing the twins lose a 103 last year I mean goodness gracious talk about gone. Now. It finally Bob and you know hearing that the the Jeter ownership group coming in a Miami in my wanna slash some payroll that's also raised some eyebrows. About Mike Stanton and I think he would be a tremendous fit. For the giants a team that didn't get the memo that the ball was juice this year they still can hit home runs is there any possibility. Of that because I think on the giants and their loved to do it but as you said the cupboard is kind of bear. Yeah the I think that I'd do it yeah but that were outspent and and you get him a couple of money. But program that the neglected to the prospects. But it may not that now we're up 9 and Dick on morning it badly dollars. But it made it over que La there wanting. Which would get a deal done. That's Bob nightingale national columnist for USA today took some time away from Astros at Mariner's Robert Turner and again we really appreciate your time and look toward a happening on real soon. Yeah thank you very much.