Bob Myers joins Papa and Bonta

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, August 10th
Warriors President of Basketball Operations and General Manager, Bob Myers, joins Papa and Bonta to talk about the Warriors schedule for the 2018-2019 season, the DeMarcus Cousins signing, and Klay Thompson's contract. 

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Well again. The retired NBA champion Bob Meyers general manager the president basked operations of the go to stay lawyers Bob. Welcome back to be after delight with pop in Ponce say how is the all season ban Heidi drummer friend. It's in short it stuck its speed that it. And he to they can believe. Cut short the seal. There will be back at it and wanted to know when it. Month from now we start on the twenty ports are a little Vermont team that it would be distributed so I quest problems. You have to accept failure playing the last game every year whether that last game he hit at that. They let you create as an early date to rapid aperture starting earlier and the October 16 start date. Is the earliest on back to 1980 but Lester started October 17 so you're talking to Steve. So I'm fascinated by this when did you first laid eyeballs. On your schedule. And then what has to occur when Eric house in which Steve corner where everything what what all the phone calls and meetings in the an act of Skype and teleconferencing what what all has to go into it when you first laid eyeballs on the schedule. You know what I like that you you only know that there's more to it people think well the market content to Colby and we are committed people think that's what got me. There's always so much more behind even schedule that I could at an astute question I'm not deepening our trip through barker. You. He already did I Miss America hijacked if I did a good question let us let the bottle equivalents about it. It's so a lot of that more and people listening rate realized he could the draft draft and the ago. And and one thing that they've done such a better job the league has now. Going through all these different metrics. You could be. What's different didn't have much transparency on what the other teams were doing what you're doing. It just felt oppressed and at times we look around and go and we just county and we expect that we regretfully. But now you actually did you get your own schedule yet compared to other people are miles traveled. The shifting of the season two weeks old so I'll pay that but when we get it wouldn't look forward to the trip. That automatic region about a typical in the Minnesota and pointing like that you know well is there a way we can shift and you look at. National TV gold but the league it has to believe our league reports that they're very. Inclusive. We're very collaborative so they listened and responded to a Wii like controller got look at everything you want. It was Steve's. He'll weighing miracle and obviously the business side were well aware look and shatter. That their ticketing and try to figure all out but. After an egg now would take off it but what about dialog you'd end up getting quote what you want and not so we got work where. Yeah just just looking at it that ditched its segment of the schedule this most difficult amazed January. Where you've got there at Dallas said Dan very come home for wanted to back to back. And then you go back out for five we have played a clip lakers in their their other here let me go to Washington Boston. And Indiana so is that is that a segment of the schedule. In mid January you and Steve we're talking about seven of eight will be on the road there about the walk home game. Is a back to back seat to play eight games in eight different cities. Yeah that went and looked that they'd give you added I think that dynamic departed if you look at that specific stretch there's there's. It's stood at two times on the road trip there's two days in between game and so. You'd say well that's good right it doesn't do what you're playing important fight night but it makes for a long trip. And so that feels long and it will be law. Supported it and you know we've got in typical stretch of hard to avoid it especially for a team like ours. Our coastal team. You try to knock out some of these things that were adequate clippers and lakers which and then and then we're going out east but he got the battlefield long. I suppose because it's not have time to get back and forth. From the lakers back home and so it. It's all part of that it's in January a little bit of the dog it's like you said that but hopefully. Those gaps in between gains distributes it brilliance that that's that's that's a culture as a quality opponent is pretty good too. Bob Myers president of basketball operations in GM the Golden State Warriors carrier to satellite with pop and on ten and by some game now. I do I was just talking a pop of Bob about that LH for the clippers Friday night the lakers Monday night. Now hi guys in LA air anybody come in a little foggy here but I don't fly home you're turning it. Jig come back to debate and I think about LA soldier about bill clay and I get out well at all. Speaking of clay Thompson here. One does when does a conversation typically start with that freeagent obviously we know Klay Thompson will be a free agent after this next season. But when do those conversations start to happen about extensions and keeping them here for a long time obviously you guys want them around Itar sore story tiger but when will those conversations. Star pop. You talked about their way back commander electric discussed that they would lack October about a year ago. And we continue to talk about it I mean is at its mark he's got great option he could do an extension. Or you can become a free agent. Declining an extension for Emory Gabriel doesn't doesn't necessarily mean you don't wanna be here and certainly it would keep doesn't mean it just means that there's probably. More lucrative. Options keeping in an editor which indicates or are true as well so. The talking and for hammering and well all week try and do create an environment where. Players wanted to be here with we wanna treated fairly. So when their time comes whether to doesn't that region that they wanna return. And be a place that they could they can win that there are compensated. Bottom that's really it and and that the great thing about our league is I think it's. Players are are. You know they're Smart and they're they're very understanding of their own situations. What they wanna do what they're worth two. Yeah we're fortunate to have the guys that wanna play different ones stay in our organization. But that's up all ongoing partners and we laid out there and and they need to do it wait. And kind of how potent single go to all been very odd adult upstaged. I'd say take me back 2 July the second. It's just a couple of days in a free agency. And we get the report about to Marcus Cousin junior may have known earlier probably did which is the first. The first thought the first phone call or text or whatever transmission you received who was at from a that alerted used as if it's a possibility you could get DeMarcus Cousins. Early in the morning. They export invasion and Colmes and and and and today. You know and and and we have been preserving a mid level or Ackerman the exception were kind of somebody did what we got right now might call the cracks and it paid eight or REIT market. But mostly we were thinking wing. And so you know it was earlier figure that some like that would have happened to light and but it get the call and I success. Look. I would we don't have anything more grizzly we've talked about other high level free agents and the partner agent went into effect in trade. And you get to a bigger number. And I did it look or doctors what it is it's a move. That many pieces around create and knowing and rumor fifteen. It's just prohibitive battle wintertime. And so that wet that's when. Making you get to its work and I said that element that we don't have. We don't have the money that you probably commanding out there needs to know we and it is that this is the moment became real needs that we understand. And I and we only have the excrement level and then he now that's what I knew. It was real but but again being it being July 2. And said that the four. I actually thought that that was it was just users looking an option fall back I'm not ready to move that quickly. Accredit the markets have been in an agent I think they realize this is. They had the side I think the night before and then they were very serious about it and they never really wavered like waiting for. Imminent spoke to the market today and I get after it up the boat and could be out conveying to our group. Now many people were taken at I mean they import. So they were taken seriously I just think it a lot to prod and then when I would tell us more I talked to follow I think that made it more real. To our group even Steve spoke to Steven and Joseph. Because collider hunters become the agent. And so these things don't they don't come to fruition because toward Everett in the player's not a in my article player here his own words. In the conviction he had. In my mind it was all of sudden they could actually happen and edit it you know that it becomes. Getting everybody. To understand what it was speaking be and the better road and even gauge student in involves current. Getting from me getting approval from Joseph to spend the money I mean it's. Five point three million ointment in our book attacked application until. Getting a hold the step forward in the hospital having it at 80. It was hard to tread that Kevin Kevin was kept very involved. In free agency as far as what we're doing what our plans. A turning in touch with him and he would have movie theater. You know what I Joker. Cultural Bosnia literate and your. Critics we have our you return our thanks Katy are so. Are. Going to go with agreed. And clay was on a plane back from China and another that's exactly and it's got to have a B movies straight Mullah Omar and greets are. Somewhere and I. We got to wait check that there's anybody that she ever shoot a basketball all. So. Yeah and it's a great stories torture. So what's your feeling and where he's at physically. It's it's it's August early August along ago. But deep do you have a portion of the schedule is it more likely to be the second half of the year. In the first half yet he thought when he may actually be at the plate. I don't know I am hopeless to hopeful that first half but these things occur when they recover. Could be honest I'm really happy we we just enough to carry again Rick celebrating. Who's gonna be the director of sports and he's he's actually get a seat go out there they could see him. And it and putting in Rick and is a horse and I can get ready Bernard at least do some. Do markets what I saw it and I'm posting and he's he's been extremely diligent. What is three Abbie in a great guy and today we don't read about their. I know you look AME come back right away. But this thing you don't want to do is push it too far netting a setback so. You'll happily happened more clarity I bet a lot of our guys start coming back including him. Mid September because these kind of anchors and their way it pretty short break. And I think he'll come back and so I would imagine right around a month from now have a better idea of a better car and mine right I honestly don't know because. It is having gotten out on the court and you'd not like even you don't parties didn't spot shooting. He's been contained but they start running and cutting it possible. IV doctor gonna do this interview without happened medical in the audience and we got edited out there and medical medical lot of hard as I thought. Yeah you guys. Get it no medical staff and that's. So keep that keep you let yourself think. Are a it will ask you later about the exhibit ten being asked you guys is. Market's spirits and what the heck of an exhibit and well contract here were used it to pop up. All right let's put up. Enjoy your all season Bobble I assumed they care and edit. It.