Bob Myers on Game 1 of the Finals

Warriors President of Basketball Operations, Bob Myers, joins Papa & Bonta on GAMEDAY, Game 1 of the NBA Finals!


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Bob buyers back and they. After the delight as he joins us every week here with Papa and bunting howry served big night tonight they the you over you're over there when it started the radio show here today after the game that reckless regard for plot. Yeah. Had a quiet but it finals you know the finals as a whole different. Field than any other basketball game need the NB ATV set which used to be so huge and ever take up like three point nine to three point line. They actually. It's much less and a little bit so but there's an environment. Of these finals games. Industry were Phelan for his third straight years like unlike any of the basketball game ever and. Yes I was just talking to a someone. The title of the game right now and and and we were talking about having experienced that. Now fortunately for the third time in particular about the people that happen and it's one of those things that you have to. Be a part of its good that you cover Sobel boat guys. It's the difference between playing in the NFC championship and play and suitable as far as what surrounds it and and the magnitude of it. And you think that it's it's should be smaller at least. That it is Britney used sleep as far as the attention to it. The energy around it it's not even close to this in the series it was just the final four you know this. In college they got the final four which captures all of it. But in our sport the NBA finals. It's much different. Take a much different life same thing you references and then the series at the western properties chalked it's a totally different monster room. But it can be on its. Opinion before it. It's not just big in this country to become a global game was given the audience the numbers before there 265. International. Media members that'll cover this series here in the Bay Area in Cleveland at just international not alone. You're excluding what's going on they just in the United States and 35 different countries and territories are here so. And or David Stern talking about this thirty years ago the globalization of the a basketball Bob right now you'd have to say this is soccer's a whole different level that we can't even relate to this country and outside a soccer. That this is this is this is the world's game basketball. It is not a straight and that started with people drafting guys like that was key from Germany and you know being from China. You know guys like that if Tony Parker for different players in France and watch these guys play in the finals. If he grabbed attention in the console Brothers Spain. Is it is in the life in that conversation in those countries and that's what gets people watching when you're cheering for your own. Succeed and if it denigrates where any overtime again. In October. So it probably as much as a sport in direct soccer's not going to surpassed in the global game but. Source American traditional American sports in BA commissioner Adam silver property and David Stern. It's a very far reaching sport represented by the countries that haven't done that you know even our own team we've got guys. And the passive guys and and has been many NBA champions. There were not born here by any stretch so. It's pretty cool that you can't get you mean you'll see in the as you party in Alaska appears the international media presence is that it's a big one that these games. Connected at the holder later that makes fun. Yeah a lot of media here in sometimes you know it's overkill a little bit with the media itself. Let me get to the the news of the day and a few were watching ESPN this morning they started right with us Steve Kerr. May coached a game tonight of course you may not so on those are visually or story there. But just insure are so close to Steve. If you could gators the very latest on his health is there any chance. He could coach the game the night. No I'm not as of right now. I don't know again I don't begrudge anybody for reporting anything but. That's not what I. Not where we are organizationally. By Adam. Agency you know and as a friend in Goteborg show. We are getting hesitate to this is not going to be a secret that we hold on to surprise everybody with Tom to trick anyone. If he can coach when we make the determination. Will will let everyone now and we won't be slow about it I imagine. But it'll be status quo I think no news. Is probably meaning. He's not coaching will will be proactive and that announcement we have no reason not to be. For for for Ferrari it is about our players one though it. And I don't think the cavs are gonna prepare any differently for a whether Steve coaches or not we we will be one that'll have to. You know has some lead time and that more than anybody else so that's. You know that's not the case. And I guess I didn't see that Ohio was better when you say he might coach I could say that for the next six games. So it's sort it's you know of course can look at that minute wait right now Mike Mike took it. Yeah and I hate to put you in this position every week as you're you know you guys are close very close but you know to speak for him every week I know is difficult but. We don't have access to Steve so yup I I don't mind how nice to not understand it but let me let me he did give along interviewed Tim Kawakami Air France from the San Jose Mercury news the Bay Area news group. Act how to get the feeling from a quote Steve had maybe a week ago where. They cab I have to make it called one way or the other thing was the line meaning. That I don't coach game one you know maybe I shouldn't come back and coach at all which I don't agree with Gabriel anytime he's healthy enough just to quote she can. Help the team in order a variety of ways lineup to Alex never coached the game talks team before it when he was talk of the chimney of the day. He seemed to be of the opinion that he would come back. It'll mean maybe mid series at some point so as we proceed with the finals tonight is the assumption that he's not going to coach. Is there a point Bob Horry can still be hopeful that Steve may be able. To actually coach the team during the game during these NBA finals. I think he keeps that card in play would be right. Thinking it is and that in the ways that this decision is driven the only way that it is and is driven. Is what is best for a team that hit you have to focus on only that. And it is determined that the best thing per team and he's capable. Then. That that it would look very hard and probably. Added paper. But but again there requires a lot as far as. What game that is how he feels. So it's a lot of hypotheticals. But to rule him out I guess. The brutal rule amount I'd I'd tell you where you know ruled out and nobody said that. And so that's not something that we're gonna say at this point clearly and that will see how things progress. Mostly how he progresses to be honest need to be able to. And then you make that determination. When you have to I I which. I wish for him that I could sit here and they were debate he's feeling really good. It's it's a close call you a but I can't see that right now. I wish that for reasons beyond the 2017 NBA finals there was that for him. And it's family and and and and I can't imagine. We're he is now not being able to coach. You can't I can't know and not listening no one can understand where he's going through right now but him. And I wish for him that he was going through not for just as a human being friend. He was not being faced with this it's a very you'd you'd eat in your career we all have pinnacles in mind. And to be on the precipice of that and not be able to do it. If I can only match could have happened to be I can only imagine the difficulty left. So when he when he says by the he's feeling better just listening do you speak it sounds like it's that much better. Well not done enough to coach again I'm not. You know some of the s's. As we go as you move through this you don't there is no checklist there is no. It is not clear now black white is that on the great. In this decision and I am like many decisions so. Effective all the information you have at that moment in time whatever moment I need to make that decision and and you make that decision can't. And that's all you can do but. When you talk about the degrees of better I get really focused on now is it bad enough to coach wherever that means that right now it's not. There's all the layers of better that's totally healthy there's healthy enough to coach. Which is what he was doing prior to this but I don't think he would even say he was completely healthy. Prior to you know even as he's going to last two years so. And that's really for him I only can no you know what he knows Chinese he's one of the best communicators. One of the most honest. Gracious humble. Dealt with people there that thought never sell ever ever in any interaction with him that he has done anything. For him. He's only done what he feels like is that for the team and that I admire. We all want to act that way it life but many times. We find ourselves. Sliding away from that and that its credit you know we put the team first. And and that way we can develop such a good level of trust as we move forward try to make these. And you guys in an amazing relationship for the best you've ever seen from a GM head coach and I think it's it's just trickles all the way down your organization of the guys on the floor while they play. So harmonious like. Bob Myers joining us the president of basketball operations general manager of the warriors so but you know she got a great line of Mike has practiced with the flu the other day and in coaching staff trap about flex flash but they. The players are pretty healthy Natalie guys that are gonna play the game. Andres need Zaza as he ill we were dividing Clark a little that it is charged that health of your team have a week and a half off for you guys completely ready. For game one of the NBA finals tonight that. Rated ready you can be and you can't be. More ready or help it means we've had the proper rest. You know it's about it did you can be ready he can beat any. I think the challenge might be ramping back up into gains speed shooting with the two defender. Closing I don't you sprint in the world you do try to duplicate that stuff. Matter which city cannot know and again you cannot mimic an NBA basketball game let alone an NBA final game against great competition so. Follow it take to pursue that route to be wrote. They're they are at their pace a little bit of it to put but both teams have been in this moment. I don't think you'll have the mental. Kind of overload of adrenaline that you might have had at that either but. That approach for the first time they have been here as a two week so. Physically I think what you watch it'll be who try to get over that left on quicker or who. Kind of shake that off individually collectively as a team. But it as far as health goes. Yeah I mean it even maybe the two most rested team at the end of finals. I don't know the numbers but I have to bleep up there as far as. Dave Pratt and rent heading into it and gave final. Bob part of her problem Bobby and the team is other franchises start to pluck away it's a franchise taking. You know certain assistant coaches front office pieces to such service like. It job and that when he's not a hawks GM and president of basketball operations were not clippers this rumor here that the clippers are trying to mirror. Jerry West down back to LA what is your thoughts on that would have what do you know about that there about. Look Gerri what are we wanna keep him we've been let them know that and hopefully that. Where everything has been up I think you know it'll be addressed probably in the first season but Joseph I think talked spoke to him. Telecom into the same thing and just said look we we hope to resolve it. And we hope that he's happy about I think he has been. What does want to. What stake but again he's earned the right to. Be honest do whatever it wants. You've accomplished so much and they get my religion which Jerry goes beyond professional life I am. I've known him for twenty I knew way before it started here with the warriors in the first people I met in the business. And Democrats wanted to be happier hopefully that can be here in. He's been great been great for and I've learned that the Huntsman and he's he's he's got this great ability to continue to push and strive. And you perfection. And and he's he's driven to that theory if you get a pat on. He's are never satisfied which which is great it's it's a great quality than ever feel like that's what he was the player. Three was in any any royalties and indicate though I come as a really good friend and but let's get to go to the finals and we got enough on our plate right now and that'll open figure that out to the end of that in this series. All right so you know it's a little less than four hours away we were thinking about this her forever and now it's right here. What what what are some are your thoughts that things that your team that needs to do tonight and throughout these NBA finals to get your second championship ring. I think. Being ourselves is one of the competing. It is another just simple basic stuff it's not we can get caught up in tactical. Strategies which matter but it means time. There's a reason we're here there's a reason they're here. Part of it has to do it there's some really good players up there on the floor and they're healthy and rested and ready and so it's about. Breaking the high level competition understanding it's going to be hard understating net. Com is a great outlet in the Stanley Cup finals I think that Mike the Pittsburgh Penguins coach. Sullivan's insistence might but they did the back they did the com. Shot of the locker room and it I was kind of watch in the back and it's not a will be I'm curious that he would hockey coach says. Prior to the first. Game of the hockey Stanley Cup finals Tuesday. And I thought that was really simple but profound he did good things are gonna happen. In this series and bad things happen to stick count on that it's how we react to them. And how we keep movement and I think. It's it's so easy and to get caught up in the emotion. Something negative happens you and you use it in that moment can't move out of it or positive. I think it's about which team can keep reacting in moving forward what comes your way could that any. And that competing and understanding it's going to be hard I mean that's that's the beauty of winning a championship is it's it's very difficult and we want when we ought to and so we know and today. They gotta gotta keep them revenues and grow and that. That's about as good experiences you can have up and down it's it's leaving it all there it's it's it's whatever the series. Looking at your teammates. And saying look at whatever site had a gave. And that's all I can do it you can do that and that he can do that. Whatever happens you deal take it. And that's what I hope we do as we go out there it's just simply compete if I was Pico which went out ran the board would be compete. You're not perfect shot you're gonna go in there rolled out and it calls the valuation ones that don't. And could certainly score and you look into that a team could stop them. How do you think he'll move through it and embrace it and understand. And kind of live in the moment of that competition and and take it step back and take it to the NBA finals to the purity of that to play a team. For the third time and get a chance. At what our players probably do it could have redemption and oftentimes like you don't get rematch it doesn't happen you wish for even in boxing where it means simple. It's it doesn't it for whatever reason doesn't out. And now it's happening and that's I think fans are so excited. And I think our team and answer their team in the it's a fun atmosphere and and that and that game more than any game. I think that I've been here hey I'm so excited did you attend the game. Really just attend this game and watched. Connecticut beat actor and a report. Not with its long lay off for promote the western finals 98 days for the warriors in a week for a Cleveland from the eastern finals. NB ATV has been replaying. A lot of last year's finals on off you guys have video you watch a and if you watched back last year's finals but I I did watch back games for five. Six and seven and listening do you talk. I agree with you it's not so much about x.s and no sir there was a point and mainly illustrate not for game five. But it just seemed like it that I didn't sense this watching it. Lives or even mean over the tapes back last year at this time for watching it back a year later Cleveland was the more physical. Team. And they seem to fight. A little harder and made Andre man got copy lost Bogut Andres got a bad back is that what you're talkative back about when you look back got a the end of last year. For what ever reason you guys just seem to lose your edge bout. You know I have to watch you know I can't I do know this. They were they they brought it could we have brought more depth to our guys like what what did you give it what you maybe they gave everything. I mean I can't argue we that pops series. Before and we had some guys who were caught up injured not to make excuses. All you can do it your best and maybe I am. That was about it and maybe that accounts that was better than ours and that's what you so lots and might have been they had. Whenever they had left they had more or whatever they had to give it more. But. You know I know this that they're arrested were rested and I think if that was the kit like it that I don't know I can get in the mind of our guys but but I I I do think our guys deep. What was in the tank and and and I do think that day in and still hurts you know you lose like that hurts but. And that is it out if that happens is it about happening did win or lose. I think we have our guys will compete on an academic community to be out stymied I think they brought what they had that. In Oakland city it was a great clutch but typically have credit. You know a lot down 31. Would not have. Would it would but may not have brought it to the level they did it's for forget I don't I don't put anything on suspension. I've put it on the cavs. Meeting the challenge in and overcoming being down and them that's what is so exciting that's like being here right now. Just so exciting. That he went out it'll be great. Analyst you talk about hockey and go back to last year for the penguins are back in and we're back. And you got to go to Stanley Cup final and up last year that are actually it is schedules I haven't looked at the schedules next week today jive and where there. They play on Thursday in Pittsburgh but I don't know it's gonna get. They're up to follow. It's yet I don't know package that would be a game six I think. But I looked at it and I did look at it played in between we play games report. I would go I would definitely go like that you know hockey pre you don't you know even if you're up 30 it does. Any. Changed that though I love story that I mean I looked anything where I'm not invent it. Aussie Bob got talent at this and that's bill I think that it. Again then maybe them five in Pittsburgh which could be imparted a game by game game five in the obvious I had last week between argue that may be worth the trip maybe over the shake free from my TV commitments to go of these. I didn't write cause you know Laura I mean a hundred miles an art and it bit but don't. Islands will hurt in hockey now rate. It agree that basketball is very high hockey life maybe even better as noble and you know it's different it's doesn't get it it does it it it doesn't. It may be may get some people he's got to deal with. But hockey life could not really it can't where you were were you watching the game and getting a lot or is so high island because I thought about with going back. What do you where he watches it I think his son to watch it with them and you know it up I just feel like I gotta be in my seat which is global and the bands could I get it in he got it beat. The reason I that there is EEU like to be like icons now the TV doesn't show. You know what what's happening on the bench and took a guy. Hopefully doesn't put in a guide to become president yeah I can walk right down and asked Chelsea Piers and what happened I'd be doing and just to be that close. It's helpful even though I'll be doing about it much that you guys during the game which went to watching it but being close. That's sort of did tonight and so that's the plan. For three straight years and to take a breath and you're at it reduce them. That's a take a look at that aren't they take care about black. Myers president of basketball lobster and the warriors Bob Myers weekly interview with this is driven by Stevens creek the end of each after five star service rating and exceptional. Offers online it's W dot com herald wrote.