Bob Myers

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, January 3rd

Papa and Bonta are joined by Bob Myers for a deep dive on the Warriors after Curry's hot return. Then Saintly (Gary St. Jean) and Kelenna (Azubuike) join us for THE BASKETBALL HOUR!


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Guys like since December the fourth comes back on December the thirtieth and he does that it was very. 38 points in 25 minutes she makes ten threes out of thirteen thirteen of seventeen overall. They look just amazing that's find out when the president of basketball operations slash GM. Fellow warriors Bob Myers has brought you by July construction company celebrating over a hundred years of she Marshall oceans and excellence thought until the return of staff carry about in your wildest dreams of how well that would go would you ever saw stuff would have played that well. His first game back after being out for 26 days right. No I didn't think that would be he was. You'll see you guys have seen him for quite sometimes you can tell when he's got a rhythm. And I think he got a couple open looks early. And then he was playing as if it was a tough for him because he'd been away so long had an extra pep in his step which meant he had his legs there because he'd been ramping up pretty good. And so when you had your legs and you have that kind of energy. In a game where a lot of other players may not. He got off good early and then when stuff kind of finds that rhythm much like play in any great shooter. It's really hard enough command of it especially at home and so he in the teammates were looking Foreman. I think what was issue about and I don't ever go back and looked at that but. I think of those he made he made and a twelve week that's kind of searching on the 313 to seventeen overall I don't think many of whom were the crazy ones that he makes. If I'm right in that I know that he made ten but I I if I had to go back there's been games where he's made ten or more. And some have been just the crazies the crazy ones but I think only one or two of the eight work. We're kind of like whoa a lot of rumor open good looks which is credit to his teammates and him. But he I was great and it was a good time for him to be back for us we Demi had played seven games at home was great but also there was. I think there was a little bit of complacency. Of not having to go to get tested on the road because there's not accustomed to being home I won't. He actually appoint. I and I are now washed again alive I was in LA with the raiders and I watched it back and I knew what he had done and I I didn't feel like the 38 point game in the I didn't feel like he. He did things outrageous like you're talking about worry over just took the game over it seem like a natural flow but I love the way his teammates tried it tried to get him involved so. I know you worry. So now that he's played that game he played 25 minutes Bob what's the plan for tonight. In and Houston I guess we're assuming he'll play in both games these guys know games for. In the play and yet there's no plans not playing in Houston he's gonna play tonight I think. The minute restriction remains but it's kind of a fluid thing I think even you saw on politicking if you watch the game. It for more minutes. But I think he's probably more freely go to Nate then will be any specific thing if if if somebody saw something. So that would change it but I imagine he woke. Probably ghost you know close to full boards if not you know I don't know I don't know he played forty minutes but I could see him go 3035 without issue and and edit and again some of it is how you feel it but it's been enough time now for him to have played a game had a couple days. Had gone through practice yesterday that you on this morning's optional you went to that so. I think it's kind of like you do while their play but if anybody sees something that's. Gives them a little pause certainly that would be different but I don't think you can see the point five minute deal that I. Bob is there any plan in place to may be scaled back Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant just a little bit here was step back a candidate has been going hard that's something that's absurd part of stirred again looks like he's not over that ankle injury and and some points she was her best player in the world so is there any plans in place to maybe rest Kevin Doran here. On this next Rosh Obama you guys got to fight game coming up later in the mafia sold may be resting Klay Thompson. Kevin Durant in the future was Jeff curry backing Clinton place thereabouts. Can tell you about those guys if if you look at her injury report that I get. It's funny they're never gonna barely coming clay is net knock on wood. I mean we've taken for granted because he's he's he's just he's always healthy and he's always. He just takes care of himself and he's got. Obviously have a great body and he can. He can play and he's been again it's been one of the health his players we've had the last 56 years so. We almost have to kind of ask that question and ask clay do you need some time and they the good thing about Claire's I think he's got to the point where I think. I don't was last year earlier this year I don't know if he's rested and all this here but I think he did go to Stephenson I could use a game. But he's kind of like the baseball players that you put in line at every every game and you don't really think about it because he actually is capable Kevin had some bumps and bruises. But I am we got guys more banged up than them to be honest so it went Andre maybe being out no Marie. He he can't really we were a little bit short on the wing death but if it comes to a point where. You know we need to rest those guys are there they are banged up we will the good news is that it may not show itself in minutes played but having stepped out on the court. I think you guys know. It lessens burden that lessens the load for clay Thompson and a Kevin Durant as far as what they are being asked to do offensively. And usage wise because we have stepped out there. He's so good in manufacturing offense by himself and and four others because he commands much attention so after playing basketball is his death curry in the schools for any player. Your your demands upon you are much less because what he does so. Just by the fact that he's out there. Will give clay and Kevin a rest at least on the offensive end that they didn't get before and you saw Kevin. Have to handle a lot more in that there's some fatigue that he had to he saw clay. Take shots that maybe he didn't wouldn't take before Warner has opened so we stepped back Vontae I think it helps slate Vasquez loads. Paul Lawrie gestured grouchy about JBL the officials sound of the warriors Sherron and if I said the game is the best of all our joined by the head of basketball ops in general manager president of basketball us Myers joining us share in any person again. You mentioned Andre Iguodala and Omri Casspi they're both out tonight admitted that strange for all marina I saw several times Andrei reach around and kind of massage is lower back strain also did strings or what was going out and Andre Iguodala right now about. He's just got low back stiffness and hit stiffness. He's it to his as more of just that they kind of slowed the season I think we've actually played him more. Then we might have thought up to this point. Because of the injuries we've had and we we haven't been that healthy this Cyrano stiffed every its fixated on steps injury which was. Which is a big deal but we've had a lot of guys with a restraint on being out for a little while. Armories out again he was out for a little while. They chone missed a few games here and there's odds on this to cover many games. We've we've had a kind of a little bit of a shortened rotation and so I think countries workload went up. And I think some of that has shown itself a little bit with him but it's nothing cute it's nothing. It's nothing. More than just a chronic kind of wearing terror stuff it's not like he has a specific injury that you be concerned about the report about. The hope would be that he would play tomorrow if he feels all right I think. In his place that he's in right now a day of rest can go a long way. It kind of gets you back in order because this is three games of forties and an etiquette three teams that are playing pretty well with Dallas Houston clippers. So what Wesley update on Andre amount you guys hardly ever have five on five scrimmage is and he had plenty of the day India winds up with an ankle each week it was what straight in my situation for the game that I bowed with a sprained left ankle. So he gets yet when you scrimmage anything can happen but but you know you hate to see things happening scrimmage but they had to play that in practice and a couple days of steep order to get him out there to get some rhythm back him. I think it was a Smart thing to do but he. He got taped we had the shootaround this morning went through it. And hill he passed all the functional testing and then tonight. He'll go out there as he always does a warmup and assuming nothing triggers there it'll play. But it'll be one of those deals where if he's if he feels like in his pregame routine he can't cut it can't movie won't play but. I'm hearing that it's it's it's probable. Not questionable so. Knowing him and how he operates I think a played but again if he goes out there and somehow it's it's got smaller sum than. Will be will be shorter than we already are so hopefully can go. And Zaza simpler words what's the story was doesn't feel sick but he's gonna play I think he's just taken medication. We could make this. Whole medic and how you did you wanna be a doctor when your kids and old golf ball on that big canal zone and that's what you hear his journey many on even added back in the spotlight now you can't ever that your interest and a little bit now. I just had a lot of its request a lot of those applied it. I know expand it eventually did call my bookie right now. And you know it's better to ask him about trades Bob I don't know that is this has been it is better yeah because there. You you'd you'd you'd bring a different depth to it is what I'm saying it's not just I just astronomical not a good thing it's not. It was higher or lower ankles. Especially wanted to judo you wanna know where are you I don't you you get some shots up right now none of the autism and go to. Number I'm not on the trip I'm gonna go to the county USC game tomorrow I haven't seen USC. Some common task. I guess some stuff to do here and I might go to the game in LA. But it's up in the air right now. That's at 1230 tip off I have on Saturday afternoon and then we usually that is weird but the clippers do de do do that they did they've done that for awhile. But they're playing better now Blake back and you know this is I think it was written because I know it but this month for us is going to be a real test as far as scheduling goes. This is our toughest month saying actually go to use sincere friend Daryl Moret in general I hear he's just an obsessed with you about these little. Because I'm calling on my. Irons well yeah. If that's true he's got to figure you're gonna make some changes its success with any is not a great leisurely. Oh lord Jesus as their basketball ever see monster you created. And we made a statement they lost five girls and he's a huge social Obama because they warriors well we can game them in their Gooden their I think they played tonight to go but they're due back. I would say that'll be it could and we play them again it was Hardin I mean and how I wish she was playing because. You know that was a great in the first of the season but you don't put on a stock India. The first game of the season snuck it in this hasn't been for us indicative of much. The last few years but that was a heck of a entertaining game we didn't win it but the amount of offense that was out there and and interestingly enough and that we'll see what he does to Steve if you guys remember he threw Jordan bell. Kind of into the fire in that game against Houston as James Harden in which is which is a really tough thing in Jordan. And united waste your time and do this but we Jordan was so afraid of fouling James that he was so conditions. Dole re still falcons team so this is so good at getting to the rim and draw files that even after big and Jordan would admit he didn't have his best game defensively. And he after the games that I can't play like I can't I have to be aggressive defensively I can't be something I'm not. I will try to be disciplined enough Talbott in addition to seek and I know he'll play tomorrow night. It's too bad James is in Plano resistance still puts on an island and then you will switch screens and so. That's real fun game Chris Paul's he's pretty darn good read on the show too soon to be fun. Hate to say Yemen and sixteen nights actually got to go and a couple of Saturdays on January the twentieth and ABC show you see him twice in Houston coming up so I think there are added there are no more injuries should mean that some other questions. No no I'm older I'm a little under the weather here did you ask your heart is settling back so you aren't. I don't know if it's an upper respiratory. If you present. Upper body armor above her lower respiratory yeah. The next or not yeah the next. He's Tenacious D PS we continuously be so. Shall we can conclude the interview with my help I guarantee I'll open next week we'll revisit Allen and ask you about any injured were you say hello I'm less sure and I hope so too. I guess now they are most likely next week I'd say is I'm glad you're here Darryl Morrison's. You I guess they care.