Bob Myers

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, December 27th

Warriors President of Basketball Operations/GM, Bob Myers, joins Bonta & Urbs with an update on Steph's ankle & JaVale McGee trade rumors.


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Welcome back to the afternoon like Michael Irvin Vontae hill. And we're gonna be joined by president of basketball operations in GM would go to C warriors Bob Myers he's brought you by July construction company celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence. And Bartlett is you're right they're happy holidays first of all it does all the playoff game. Would step curry be on the court against Cleveland. Well not. Only in bunker actually. We're always on the road we oh what is here and. First round game number three on the rolled in Cleveland Ohio. Person I hope that he did we can't be included in the per track is. Obviously. Elsewhere in the parliament I would put an army might larger cabin had a little bit of a cap thing in the trench around. Really important I think we are trying to order a could it make it through the final home. You can't have a lingering injury it's too hard so try to aid that has been printed the semifinal here at the story but in that good stupidly. Question of whether to Blair you wouldn't it wasn't that part of it isn't and it wasn't even close. And 90%. Really in a waiting game and now can not. I hope not for regular season game greeted well in an early well they're probably Kuwaiti clay and and it's different now we got good players could do so you know it's been pretty call. So there's one report says he'll be reevaluated on Friday and we've been seeing him before he came there oracle. Studying kind of take this was shot to start in trouble he's out there warming up before games put. It's good you returned Friday gets his former team dummies because Vegas is home bouncing in Charlotte hornets in front of his father Dell curry. Aria Charlotte yet if you let it show twice. I don't know I think it annoyed when they are I don't think the clip Friday com. The women back back. And so that would put them right go back to back situation which yeah it probably not good break whether or not. I'll aren't spent got a month are early Cutler did a good. I don't think credit that likely Carter I don't know that defeat. I know it opened it appeared. And that we're being and they look I mean really what some like good. You have to kind of go through it and measures and had an anomaly you have to go through we are green and hope we have a island I image. Getting through it doesn't answer the question because they have to feel your ankle responds to what equipment so. You can if you guys showed up and watching what country are what I have entry in great way to go. Well the next morning bagel little swollen that that he could not so. Yet at the different scorer and he went our bid to keep calm until it not a good you know you're football player we get to Sunday and then you can read the lay up good for six days. In any any gay girl boy could I can't so drugged quite a different thing. And down we wanna be Smart about it and I think we don't wanna make anybody want and they didn't play into early you get hurt Laura cynical why would we. Oh the cornerback. Will air on the side of caution. Above as you said that the schedule keeps coming match in the games move quickly and while nobody's gonna argue the importance in the higher than the attention that the Christmas Day game got. Once it was over you guys get the victory. You're looking to move on but then here comes the NBA what their final two minute report and Bob all I ask your scene seen this earlier because some arm. I don't get it what. Who benefits from that final two minute report Cleveland fans certainly don't feel any better the cavs don't feel any better about hearing that you guys it does nothing for you guys I don't know what purpose. The final two minute report serves other than okay transparency can be a good thing but you're also thrown your officials under the bus I just don't get it reminiscent so. Yeah and that's a fair point and I think what what. They counterargument to that Michael would be if you want to make a reason why why in the Google would want to placate. Yeah I think that I'm not not one of them I'm not somebody that wait a little cooler and if you really want to be here and had been involved in a portrait and a bunch of them in the woods in Libya could try to bit. I'm able bad credit and that professional scored in the mood going to be low balled it strikes and they owe it to. The target pinnacle game a guy can they get clinically if you can bigotry and Roger Cleveland. The report can open jumpers and I'll direct I didn't it didn't name being the neighborhood called and could have called bad maybe not. I think Michael why. It began. Would be that it would thought to be admitted that maybe you can cold. Album and 600 they do like I don't know I mean I'm that your not one of them went to court they felt. It doesn't it not come they have that should it cyclical the commission look at. What sure but I think that would that god behind it. One to provide transparent pay. For the NBA to show I wanna admit that a lot of people thought Michael Barrett I think between Australia faults but there's some kind of I can't hear a peep incorporated. And that he'd want certain outcome that could mean. Good focus Coke stuff like I don't written document that but maybe he can respond with some of that narrative candidate could look more whale out they're quick. It's not perfect I don't think they're in big crooked I've heard people comment on what should you do. I don't really get Smart early get Smart and absolute great it wouldn't and they didn't change rules when they don't like it change the schedule actual players set about it. So I think this is an upturn equivalent to look at it and actually the perfect solution court. Bob Myers torture by JBW officials summoned to go state lawyers. And July construction and celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence. Bob our industry rumors swirl it around our team now big contrary to rumors. Is apple. And yourself around what. Bulletins engine development these stuff. What's your goal that SF chronicle we pulled O'Connor Michael moved on her face confirmed. That you guys are open trading JaVale McGee so go ahead bring down the terms were right here bubble can afford your daughter produce all. And did it and I can't do that Toyota would look like pin it doesn't you know central Maine or to go words anymore the Milwaukee buck or anybody who could talk about that publicly I didn't take. I'm truly understand iPad app you. I'm but I am I gonna get into a global equities it and it's not like independent server. Well I hope the band and what could understand the duke just judge has done what we actually do or don't do it. And not what we're rumored to do or not do but I completely dead and the media and the job due to intimate question that I couldn't question. Collection name. But maybe if you got me out what would you answer the questions being a ton. Probably not bomb the it's no good yeah. Your answer if it. It is interesting you know Bob because it seems like development he has fallen out of rotation is sensitive Jordan bell the rookie on board and played really well Zaza Pachulia is coming back also you guys have a plethora of big men here Kamal low need damion Jones down in the G league. So it's Javelle Mickey Curley just totally out of the rotation here or surf city here for JaVale McGee and in this system miracle state because of bell was one of the last guys signed with the guys and there were reports that he wasn't necessarily happy about the contract but to his credit he hasn't made a stink about it at all pop. Well I think in looking in the pro Arab Kyrie went through periods where it wasn't quite and I think that Croat and pure links. Oh good swing your way but one thing I think our players and about deep which I accretion well where and what could concurred that it. Good very very cool compared and you've got to go to goal clear McCord you know you can look at them a good matchup Gloria inside dug the Pachulia being available quickly went. And you start doing go and didn't play enough on that and all of starting tonight so I think for Duval. In fact been expelled going into the rotation. Certain here and it can not be encouraged not an agenda guy not a place they would guys. You can be a location and the out of it couldn't make a good point about can we build a lot and we knew about it and wouldn't oh it certain that isn't. There's a logical way in the play in the game again to Marc content the actually gonna get more minutes. For example are being and you didn't I didn't move would technicality but in the game. Again then an alibi that sport to go all the way but like we are seeing in baseball starting pitchers going trident and outrage that the new phenomenon. I think when you may third king in about a ball kid. I don't know if we're either I think starting lineup guys even compliment from the lender amid so I think that it may be a common day where. You're starting different guide based on who you're playing I didn't even in the regular people didn't get that crowd there. But my job our job in the province instead build a roster that can play big. I can quite small can play fast. Can play half court big grin and have been full court. And with our settlers. Would be ideally yeah that they got into a little different. Can't even though did you could Jordan couldn't Connecticut and nobody that they are that the players still Jordan would get and I've acquired it's a little bit. Under under criminal defense will you don't do it much of that by. Again. God does not anywhere near the player or similar and very different than a guy like my little. David West and a little bit without them let go a little bit got immediately get out there can shut up we got a lot of them are military but we're happy about it when I'm. So far we're where we go well people are great job coach and in fact. And Bob only two men in NBA history have won the MVP and the defensive player of the year award in the same season Michael Jordan. And our team Olajuwon interestingly enough NJ did it before the bulls title runs while teams came in near their rockets won the championship. JD's defensive prowess is coming to light more and more and more. Eight gotten through it right smack dab in the middle of the spotlight against LeBron the job that he did on Christmas Day do you think it's it's possible that he could also like got off this season. Com and it's hard and I think it's possible certainly Michael and caught the ball pitching good. And yeah I think the question in the comparability between you wouldn't it wouldn't you wouldn't would bring it up so tell me yeah I mean not coming to throw away and no way. What what what's really fascinating that you being to go to the people who live here are guys that. Yeah iPad Lynn that part of the game up blurted out the fact that you go and shop laden for a small toward Jim. A Korean made in Lincoln and that requires a an effort you nobody believed in blocking shot. And the wind spotter didn't call cold spot and the way he definitely did watch a game. Can I just naming paint. Keep rotating. And screen rotation to go to the red meat and being downplayed. That. It's really an evolution of good and the player can look into little coaching staff. One of the best the country coaches two of them actually. And and my ground and I'm a good thing about speaker what I'm so fortunate and battle you are an organization that have a coach. It Harden at air because Mr. President but couldn't the military OK okay. Head coaching era they would like hey I don't ask questions we've all moved unpacked into the generation coming up a player that's what could not so. We are fortunate to have galaxy Kirk cool having won five championships. I hadn't played in big moment for the good good shot didn't go career. It'd be able to communicate encourage you gotta Kevin Durant step courage and hungrier quite a good down the line. Because he can say to them look guys I've been in the moment. You don't think they're an arrogant way you can very humble way because. Let's try to hit the trying to make your career best it can be and so he took to circle back. Kevin will be coached by people that he bought the company coached. You think they're coaching little Cogent got demand then we'll look at the rotation. What are your starters and what was what would happen one NBA coaches or trade group commented our critical with the stars twelve. Fortunately for us we got two guys in the curry or cabin to let. That little here and we'll happily being coached and that's a unfold for a position to watch a player got a good. Could it showed up by a car pool in the garden great. Go to watch and get better. There you go commitment our country grappled with in this great gondola. Yeah Bob it is fascinating to see Katie excel at both ends of the floor here seems like you guys have unlocked his total skill set here are just one wish you a happy holiday leave you look there's some. Please don't trade JaVale McGee Bob because. We wanna see that album come out with new garbage don't we give their collaboration. And that's going to be number one on the billboard charts bulk. It's important I think though the album coming out. That's a good point I didn't know about it in the coming out you know had been in the next month in terms of where where the summertime. Even the studio about. And I want to title of that album Bob you just dropped an expression that I absolutely love in reference to KG in his defensive ability hunting down plays that's an awesome expression takes you for that. I'm gonna steal and Michael your thought belliard. One more caveat that they're part of his when you know we also wouldn't see JB in Iraq that seemingly more courtside on the swing plane that's yeah look I take it. About. I don't diluted don't pollution. When I go into effect in Canada. We're going though it was a little while and then we'll look. He's going to be back to block. He's now I know the real or I don't regret it all back on what a good shape. So. Hey Bob Sommers who joined us today happy holidays you guys are rolling right now the best record in the NBA we'll see opt out at the arena tonight when a lawyers take on the Utah Jazz happy holidays and happy new year drop. I don't have nodded ticker today. Bob Myers president of basketball operations. And GM of the ghostly lawyers.