Bob Myers

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, October 18th

Warriors President of Basketball Operations/GM, Bob Myers, joins Greg Papa & Bonta Hill to discuss the ring ceremony, the season opener loss, and and update on Draymond Green's injury. 


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They're like his basketball team two time executive of the year not two time NBA champion have bad Myers got his championship ring at. Last night about the president of basketball operations less general manager Golden State Warriors appears weekly and the F and blow it up and Vontae united five point seven again while brought you dodge a lot of construction. Company celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions. An excellent system like the warriors teamwork solutions and excellent spot welcome back in. Has that sealed as seemed aren't different five last night getting it for a second time in a lot of the guys are the first time but how did you feel. I think right it'll be half I enjoyed it more and you got a couple cared that he can compare championships did our own cute Bert. Know you have your purse when you can go late it's too much. I'm bound harder you we definitely enjoy it but it's overwhelming. Total purse and coat through this one months. Actually this was more. Relaxed. And kind of look around a little bit more and look at the the stand and our friend and the players and coaches and it's fun to be honored to have sort of look better moment Lugo. Can part of this whole thing big schools little more reflective and okay thanks for asking. We timeline ligature is it's a great accomplishment obviously people worked their whole lives to try to get line you got to now. Not out of the basketball game has a lot of different factors a look at waited all of ring February little bit how many how many diamonds like that unless somebody gets floor floor floor for a while and in the whole thing we gonna learn a thing would dictionary game and we'll just say it but tell me tell you what your thoughts with where we are detailed and everything digital yeah broad brush on the game the last thing. Okay Eric I mean are you seeking. One thing about berating and it was cool look at the banner it's nice to keeping that you can cut it can be contention come on back to. It'll be chased senator and twenty years whatever and look out we know that's what I go back do you feel way. You know I don't go down as most don't live there but I look at carnage notified there and it's nice to be part of some that there would that lack. Plug in the laps without schools so back those last thought on the radio but we came armed. It was a good game and it was his energy into any matter how big it was either side would train. Executed. You know what we've seen them play out and you know coming up. A quality level basketball that we all saw a net in the playoffs. Darling are playing a broad and too so it looked like an early game and he's been on the mistakes and miscues offensively defensively. You know for us in it even look at it much differently there's there's things that we need. I think recognize into improve on which is going to be a lot of people a lot of thirteen and they're never gonna lose her and seems like they're open your eyes periods where you can group and then everybody can keep improving players kings. You know we we we. We suffer defensively without Andre not on the forehead and Andre. But that I don't want to become a excuse I think we still. When a position to win the game but. If he could they played hard in my opinion of the game last year that we lost in double overtime work regarding either way. They had some really good players. You ought to be a close game with them especially with a guy hardened. Finally get a quote him luck either with the red curry but. You know curry had a look at the end as did Kevin to salute to lay the title look there aren't any he admitted played I and so. Early early on its image it made a comment about being a better conditioning which I think we will get there naturally we'll get there. But come it's going to be that we were onto the cops are now we're still waiting to hear I'm sure you have adrenaline means folk still windy here he had memorized. And then down. What happens when you go to an MRI nuclear radiologist in Europe forward group and you hear that locker played out and all the not entirely with. It doesn't really matter Toby or so guys Wayne then. So you've done it long enough you know that you waited until the doctors have viewed. The imaging doesn't mean realities is wrong or right. But it doesn't make sense there's no reason to heaven can divergent TNT or supporting it I don't even want to talk about consult all of that afternoon. Where it's sad but I don't technological bargaining in good pad but but again I've learned my lesson on. Jump from the government thinks I'm old C a little later they're unsure of overly pumped up right now I don't. You don't like to jump the gun that I do do you want to know you do pot yeah. I had that none none I don't be scared appointed there is no point in just gonna record baby number are they go right there'd been married in three hours will blow. I'm real tradition so can you wait three hours you can you do that. I'm patient Bob if you're related backed out of here with me at 5 o'clock or game I had academic exercise I. There it is limited. Susan thanks Bob assassinated and has has Ridder sentence of text and I don't I don't. It would what what exactly did he do. But I watched it live I thought did he banged knees with Trevor ariz but it looked like he just landed on the floor. And I thought he was like more of a of a hyper extension. Where they need buckled back did you get a good look at it what he and I tell you what he did. Yeah think our current tangle I think it was quite good but corrective. I don't think it was the contact injured it's hard being neither of England more what you're stating what was an awkward angle of plaguing explode and then truck being hit in the direction that what we used to go on that. It does turn it well so that feels like you're banging in the company you do that. Consisting note that you prefer that they have via you know beyond me but that can cause bone bruise didn't opening cooling yourself. He didn't want me to contact injury in the way of two bones. Ending and determined that court wasn't much into what an awkward kind of angle or not there that kind of what you said I think it IE I don't I don't know but it. It's not indict diagnosis but I secret they're but it was more along those wide bend. Kind of contact injury Witten with a knee on another near. Montauk point look at what I went back in the locker room. And and that there would have won if you don't Clinton over his career he'd show. Made up of this I'd not heard many people bought my nipple ballclub and durable global. Don't mind toward acknowledge injured or they don't even they can't go there. Create with a guy trained like you never really feel like you've never hurt. Because he doesn't let you feel that maybe he always looks like like I go around firebox. And so he never makes me feel lark where the other Utley. How to go the other way drain my didn't tell him you may have some different stuff. I'm always thinking during game on the hard gathered in danger now you did in Mexico and allow it at all that makes sense to do it. Numbers furthers our. I've buyers see a president basketball out showed general manager Laurie is joining us on the afternoon delight to talk and Vontae Hernandez five point seven again prove our rules start in a few minutes after that I go but just one more follow up monitoring and what you've been told for now and you'll have more clarity coming up in a few hours user. Reason to believe he won't be able to play on this road trip order a New Orleans on Friday that. I don't know like it would be not think any can be just pain and prevent them from glamour I'm not trying to deflect your but it could be that he structurally fine. But McCain. Edwards is good news but the pain and allow him to push credit could be that there is some structural and a minor way. Then then you're being more being more cautious content or not a threat in Tokyo so. I can't say hey you know we had guys that. Like when you have a sore and it would prohibit you from playing her on TV you will need to push group I'd kick started I don't mean that the little bit of I mean. Started what you're not able to walk connect to our. Too much to get dark it got people so I don't know audience to my question I'm not true I don't even know. I write down kindergarten you're not are known not only I really. I looked nobody on the decline now would you. Someone hacking on the side note for you this I had a guy Ridder tell me and we'll tell the world what it whatever breaks what are you doing I doubt we will get ready media. Now learning curve if you let it happens we will know on 95 point seven against Sarah and I change your life should update you this that yeah as we get we get did say they aren't great attitude and I'm not wait for your how did you talk to very little did not talk to enjoy money did not return my senseless and expect it again not a monster weekend and Edwards sideways yeah I'll look like twice and ask you about tonight Andre Iguodala in the back strain. Are you gotta lock up his own golf clubs were for awhile now let's put a backdrop looks. And if so what they Andre said. I Ted you're playing now and then he wouldn't respond what he TrueCrypt that could. It gets a Nokia never attacked that bunker. And he could probably won't be like a why didn't mean you don't need that means he's been feeling better the united network that means critique. Good morning give it straight here about you walk around and no around the arm. Again that would situation last night where. Sometimes with guys you know you pushed her knee injury. Game one and it lingers pertinent against pictures severed but if you read that produce just one game. Then he had Monday to their one date Thursday. And get right term really when the Korean port right deal. I'm can make a trip so I think he's very I mean if you get a mortgage to muscles ball and think. It I think if you are in the TARP I know Richard Derek. Bob I just want acid during mom is not able to go on this road trip in Andre Iguodala is not gonna planners throw showed what about signing Fay clay Thompson who's sitting behind eventually quite a few hundred yeah. I may I think so he had a full uniform on and you look Shelby political practices that you could also my body fat dairy. Pop pop art when you Barack more questions. Are hard at that and that's the good launched an unlucky call one I still hate. Quake prompted by although I caught myself a couple of pat Cooper coming off my head down I should that would help would equate one inning and swear I had to. 800. My show hours. I had got duped by him they told us we're gonna Ellis to sound with clay Johnson and it was a foe. I don't see your broccoli tech guide has not played that's not. Unemployment here is very very well I don't know what I'm worried about Andre operational plan is Richard. Richard Internet on. But it came I don't know I'm yeah hoping we weren't even a media. And it is here early on it can secretly be might be holder don't know probably include. Then they cut it back to Baghdad no joke about the world be ready to nearly court and then doubt he. Carlo with a great job hadn't carried game plan almost forgotten them and leave out or not. On Monday so you know I won't say Q what happened. Yeah I think New Orleans is playing in a road game the night so that'll be your home opener on on Friday at the smoothie very. Yeah I had an average is up there at the grand pas are you go with a chip on his first road trip for the elder. They had me go I don't I'm not sorted out trying to figure out New Orleans and down. The next one remembered but I'm not doing I think what about Larry winners will doubt people would doubt. It I don't know figure out. I was just stay home last night would get every look we've got to help the good work that they don't hood Gordon belt in our younger. Even to do you draw Gaidar there you know which is this does that to have noted in red created don't play a lot of guys. So when they get hit the only unbeaten and I argued it could have not skirt was as good closed open them up. Now Steve Steve Ellis who knows what he's doing The Lord of the Rings got seven OK have to lose another one bottom we may have to talk about breaking singing love your. Do you agree with everything that's where everybody's out everybody's standard here right now about your loss last year in your opener. I have well I I'm an idiot I thought to rig our side. He did know to no good in real time I didn't. Eager to read I was outside have a sense always hard to tell did think it was good I thought it was good I do by confetti fall on this from the current. From the roof. I actually thought he got at all but I but I I chose to try to put an undefeated but I thought he did in real part of this little. Let it suck in getting one and a lot. You know start jumping around. And read the Netherlands I don't know right now yeah Daryle Ward. A lot of then why did so. Thank you my friend about my against Hezbollah's side and a manager budget dodge a lot of construction thank you about it there's a lot of I don't take care about budget budge a lot of construction company celebrating over a hundred years of teamwork solutions and excellence.