Bob Myers

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, June 14th
Warriors President of Basketball Operations/GM, Bob Myers, joins Papa & Bonta to reflect on the Warriors Championship season. 

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I've got the best job in the world these guys are so gifted. And so committed to each other and so unselfish. And I loved the players love it coaches and Bob Myers has been such a great friend to be his last couple years. You heard Joseph amazing organization. And I wanna say a special thank you Mike Brown them on my whole coaching staff. On the part of it. And that's what was different receipt that's his seventh NBA championship five as a player not to as a coach that he enter you the emotional and you know about it a tremendously long. Emotional embrace right after they get through this post season. At the warriors the the title Bob is that conducting exit interviews today so we do think the president of basketball operations last chance. Of the warriors for fittings and it was BC's schedule first of all busting congratulations you've bought a second NBA championship. Thanks man it's. You can try to enjoy that when gore. Luckily just so so I'm expected that this 10. Couldn't sit expected but it is so much expertise around that com. I don't know the term. And it looks pretty unbelievable happy for Steve everybody. In a dead and won it David. And then if you're home to corrupt artwork and it would. It was pretty cool you were there that your you got it. There Steve came out and talk to us actor's death as a as a shot it was fabulous by the there's somebody moments at the end executing his mama which Steve we could see in his eyes ABC and it's such out of me he was he was well. And the the hog that you guys head. And I'll make you current radio could you almost have a couple of times doctor emotion throughout the last couple you're. It's just just to get through this play off. Losing him after the first two games against Portland he's out for what two and a half series eleven games he comes back. Just just what did you guys have to go through Steve and you guys this whole thing to get you where you are as a coaching staff and get this title. You know when we won. In unlike the wrong. They gained over before I actually. He's teaching moment where we bank records you're right and over in Europe 630 ignored loosely. Kind of collapse when you realize we're win. When I was sitting up there with my wife and two daughters parent. I'd literally I don't cry. Not like one per person appears. Very much time it was. The more than a critical. Problem. Started here in and in and why did it with because. You put so much into the law of digital age problems. I won't vote and the organization. I'm going to work every I. There's a cost to it that is borne by way family and and only you know that if it only thing and so when a wide area. You know I cured and do it because at that it looked toward personal life and so. You know debate that point too nobody knows our indebtedness to do what they. And then what I thought these. It was similar because. No one really knows what he's been through. And you know those are good moments where. Egypt. But bonds that are created what makes sports so wonderful and all the emotion that goes into winning and losing in trying. And true to Hamlet in Milwaukee and then you know. Cut decisions. Supporting each other. We you know every every day on the clock I don't that are not on about the warriors for for one day at a job even rattled wanna. Don't want to work everyday and hope. That you find so the only time we never let your card you win. And then you realize how much. Your energy within an it job and trying to give the candidate with the editor. And so that's what. That's what brings sport emotions. And that's what makes it's a special when you do wins. It's a worthwhile everybody should get to win I don't believe everybody who works in sports. Should all feel it but is that a lot of people Cutler and wanna work in sports it's great. But most people don't win. You were thirty years contributing total. Bought it everybody deserves it because them required a lot are well aware. Five myers' record right now Aureus president of basketball operations election manager joining us on the afternoon delight with the pop and Vontae so. I'd just tell our audience what you're doing you are meeting with the guys assume everyone on your roster every guy off fifteen guys and how long do you spend with each guy -- Euro kind of fitting it's in between here. It's so I just what. Steve earned brokers meeting with the Iguodala so if we lose to get our I know they don't blame you. Eisner retirees. Just talking about important separate and hey I gotta go call 800. X and I and a hundred that you know that. At that didn't children. Our lines are gonna deal that that you know I got to blame the guys that are eager to. The material impact would have done but on. So what we do is. You're definitely needed to which it could be frequencies and it like that don't talk about. During the year forward you know I'll again really feel it and what the future Greenberg. What we do them better. We won't you know what what we did well and not just ago like under the he sees the big picture. But we did away and it probably didn't have one we'll be. Morning debate last. It and got a few other guys. It is common like rapid fire so. You know it. Do it and after chairmanship of the clinic and a pretty it's. It's cool but it was not it was. Not like this but it would in a different way it's what got through lose 31 with Connecticut are organized. I always did you learn a lot more in adversity and would accept. Every happened today when you one really took a look at and I can someone be pretty IQ what about. And I actually went to the mineral that if you. They have not taken a hit for losing hundreds of you gotta go. You gotta go now and I believe now I I negotiate it got 42 to do it one more on the rookie year going don't don't let me the just when you're doing what you're doing it with the head coach which is interest and a lot of times it's what you want the guys who work out what the role may be. Which you do have you have your rosters either USA your narrative today. So is it a little different now Bob that you you really don't necessarily know how your roster it'll look. Next year when you conduct these exit interviews today with state. You know I've always done. I don't know the right or wrong way I just told the truth. You know I'd certainly want backer you know what works and they're not happening. I don't know interestingly there's good that the best way to do it but true. True true and so he denied we got carries and I think that that's where do it but you're right about that. It is that we do and you know it. It's interesting because when you do it that way it allows players to be aren't about how they feel too I mean and he Ebert. Would upset. You know I wish redundant differently but that weight that's a you grow and you have conversation. That value. Because talking around issues or or not speaking of them they're still there it didn't go away so. You know I think what went straight to organizations it is so like it is and I haven't. Part conversation the wrong thing to not have congress since so. We're lucky to have a partner group that can happen and most particularly odd. That we do and not only economic feedback. Yet scheduled we knew better. And that and that nobody. In I didn't like he would it is replicated. So. You know when you would run. Fifth. It was such a good answer I want one more question is like our Bobby get a good about it on our. So there's your answer because I know you guys are honest so our have you yet today these exit interviews you will you at some point have to tell again I. We're probably acted to bring you. No. Because they never say he's to a guy. Control that becomes a reality. And and and quick look we want Cuba and and I like when you offered. But there's home where you're in the typical. It and indicated that you can't but that that that truth is sitting up there anyway. I understood that we don't want you back. You know I may have to get what you want in my pillar bigger goal of archer road for you here and if they're Smart and Tina. You know that you until we get to Madrid twenty shut up about it too should be. But you know what it's never been like you're not come back here. I haven't really had that one we had pretty good. Or we could create. Pretty good guys unfortunately where we haven't even the guys who lost last year like we signed Kevin the blues and Barbosa Barnes Bogut. State like all those guys. You've been to that they connected electorate that there's this scenario where by a what you art. Armed and they get it. Again it and that party can do. And it. Get out either gonna parade what it would I'm the need to studio hosting for like six hours but instead of tequila shot so well. And then there's the true meaning of the crowds are packed up and getting used to the lawless. This collegial and love Hewitt and trying to go and memorable it sure. Gradually grab it grabs they'll stay triads are Garcia peregrine. Bob Myers appearances Tarvaris he has creek BMW check after five star service rating an exceptional. Offers on line at Stevens creek BMW dot com terror up the road.