Bob Myers on 2-0 series lead, JaVale’s playoff performance, and Durant’s calf injury

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 20th

Warriors President of Basketball Operations/GM, Bob Myers, joins Papa & Bonta on the Afternoon Delight!


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Most there's always that he's a professional and as a matter of these planned. There it's immensely tonight or five minutes because of the same effort and energy. Whenever he says on the floor and it gives us a different dynamic he puts pressure on the ground offense and he protects room on defense. And you can always count and plant hard. I heard that last night today staff talking about JaVale McGee and use that word professional. She acted a fool that have been listen. What a game and this guy who had a 44 million dollar deal in the summer Tony twelve days in Denver nugget. High draft pick has had some great moments that last night in the playoff game he led the warriors and score and in the first avid runner with fifteen points and seven of seven. From the floor and he's so good that that he's just amazing and the vertical space in the spring in the president of basketball operations the genius they brought in JaVale McGee. In late July. You know but you come out Bob Myers joins as he always does there's a warrior Thursday August and they have to do I was and by Internet five points of the game I don't think we've ever early rolled up our sleeves. And talked at length about JaVale I'm not sure why but I'd like to today. Tell me what you were taken here you lose spoke did you lose justices Healy he got to come up with a senator Kevin nation. Whoa why did you reach out to JaVale McGee. It's funny Joseph and I were talk last night and it was there's all these things you do. In trying to put a team together and it is you'd you do your best like anything in every decision we've made we've put in what we think is the right time effort but you don't. Ever really know. The impact of those things good about it you don't know trying. And I remember tell and Joseph were populist and of the game and they said you know it. Remember being on the follow it BJ Armstrong abilities. And he deserves some credit for this for us adding as I work with BJ called race or budget bill. And ours is healthy. We talk about that for a while and I had a long while many conversational speech about adding two well on a minimum. And a member of one point oh set up there in Rome in the offseason. We have about two weeks of free time so I was up in Napa and he was he wasn't signed until. Later on its Devoe was I don't know the exact date but it was it was it was passed. As to why it was late July as well it absolutely right pocket change agent right raiders musicals and hell's raiders to take today off the slacker and made mistakes you know so I lack the tables. You know if I nets and hit a nice big rounded effort to go to the I'll actually use your side about September the sixteenth. OK though right definitely I think it's her see you. Actually don't know I've I don't conflicting reports in your own you know guys have signed as a free agent on September the 61 so anyways whether it was August is I don't know but it was passed what you consider the normal Petersburg there's. And remember sitting there Europe McNabb who with. My wife and some friends during lunch as tonight ago makes calls and well actually really. Thought this was over that we were dealt with free agency and it had been made good summer bit dizzy. Sort of respecting this time and hammered out gated and Estelle until last night but it just never know. When you make these and you spend your time line job. You could spend all this time and could it have been nothing Obama you have to approach each decision with equal weight. And that's an example for anybody whatever you'd just what you guys you're you could phone it in an interview you could you could fake it. But you never know who that interview that that her somebody let you listen if so somebody maybe judging you on that specific moment. And developed a good example for the people so. That's just throw it right who cares this is a minimum. Look with a guided us and I'm not saying that to get any creditor patter selves on the but it's more of a lesson and he just don't know. You know you used don't know when you do these things you do we do your best in the and they come to fruition like this and sometimes they don't put. We thought he could provided talk Steve and our country ballad played with and you know we we had guys that are team supportive of it and and Steve being beer coach supportive of our front office and we all thought we heard of people says it. So people uh oh what's it about open Andre was a key factor Andre said look I've played with them he said he's a good team I'm telling you. And because we're careful with our culture we wanna get the right guys. So if I said all right I said he that you got it then I said there's something that happens you got it and he says yeah I got. And by the way this isn't because he put two weeks ago and to develop. And I said you know what I said. You have been. One of the most professional people I've ever seen from the player's standpoint in this organization. Since I've been here. And and they said you have never complained I've never heard from theories once. You've been appreciative your teammates respect you everytime you come out of the game. EE EE you're okay with not pouting not my opening give great effort you don't play one or two games. He played two minutes in the game if you look at look at its box scores this year it's very happy hazard. If it's not it's GNP it's five minutes it's eighteen minutes three minutes. Players don't like that they don't like it. I get it if the uncertainty wanna know what your color manual and know your minutes are it's hard to play in those circumstances. BJ never called me one time today you know how to develop played he had a good game last night and he hasn't played him and by the way that happens all the time in the NBA so. I said that and I said you have really exit if you ever need anything. Or good word Latino. To an end and it is legit now can I don't know what happened before elderly care I know what I see every day here. And he has been. I walked up to today I said you know you. I'm happy for somebody said what would you join us I said to belt getting in the game but it. It's really it's it's it's a testament also judging people rate. We all do it it's fine I do too but now he's. Those are kind of more intangible but on the court yeah I mean he's been great he's gone but only you can see it. Was he was great minds Sunday Easter Sunday in game one of the was even better so. After he assigned to Randy had the agreement got to move Bogut off the rosters release gonna get big money important thing to one point viewership had like four players here right posture. In particular got Durant that they built a Ben shear so when you were when you would look at at the center position. And hours think it Bruce Jenkins sort of a note a couple of weeks ago about there's never been a team to win an NBA championship with a three headed. Sanders so I was thinking about it and I I reached out to you guy Raymond Ridder he actually talked to speaker. And they went back to the 97 bulls that it Luc Longley bill Weddington Robert Parish I'd forgotten he was a goal. Bison Dele. Dennis Rodman would bump up kind of like dream on a when you're putting your your three headed center togethers as JaVale. David West obviously talked to the head coach was that bulls team. Broad and anything we can do it in a co op and play you know three different guys at. I've. Well we were very limited and what are. Where tools were do anything we have ten million dollars we. We had them in the two point nine which is like the mini mid level. It's not a lot of money to be out on the market with and yet we at minimums. So became we're not you can't get it complete player in the NBA I mean you can try and and maybe get lucky but it's very hard urgency. For two point nine million check every box at a positions they've you know for example sent noise athletic. It makes free throws he's physical pass suit but not at morn two point nine million so you do what we try to do was pieced together. Different styles. Play right let's take him a physical guy. They can pass and complain profits like we're fortunate to even get him he took probably less he did Nicklaus factually to qwest com. And we look that guy David West and sit in in my well what he was a four he's now five. We complain would have to put extreme on who make five at that shop and frequent now what do we have well we've got a rookie in damion Jones. We don't know odious. He's a rookie. And then to document the play what what does he bring well he's vertical space street and throw a lot of tombs athletic he can run a com. So let's let's let's let's conceptualize. By adding all these different guys together can we. Fill that position and I think what you're seeing in the NBA news. Such a football team if you can only play once dial. You'll suffer and and maybe you can get away with it but in our sport now you look at the NBA playoffs. You're seeing different styles of play. Rate for a look at the west and in the way. Every team plays a little bit different and what you what you'd like to have when you build rosters. The first people talk about what's of personal player entry among greens put up there on this pedestal platform and he has but it. A versatile player he can be guard 12345. Mean that that's a huge. But then you look at a team and you see Q and that team defend can you build the team that can defend our well that's hard to build in the can score to build you can do both. Ability to go fast go in the go slow. Half court full court. By the way I'm not sitting here saying we did that are missing those are the goals. That you're trying to accomplish when roster again you see what if we play X team because they're gonna pound us can we withstand that what do we played this team they're spread us out can we defend the perimeter. And when you put in position together it's much what's it like a team what does week. Who can be a lot of threat amongst these guys OK well that's to a with the most physical they've millions as a physical movement David's other passers. But Steve and his staff deserve a ton of credit for. Knowing that we're not necessarily a run things through just fell at the Opel. What you can do that would David West but not total La particularly its so so there is there is that the things that looks simple but people may not see our offense changes. Our our players need to be smarter coaches need to read those things. And that's we credit them with taking what would we do is try to work in concert with its here's the roster but. They really get the keys in the car and they drive so. For us we said let's find. Three guys. Because you don't just sign three develop McGee's is that they don't have the other piece and if you just do three guys in the mauled was or maybe you don't have that felt so. Look we don't I don't know gonna work. That's the truth. But that was the hope how I just explained it was the hope of let's give. That position. As many variables and strength. Knowing it would record cover all of that one player and see what happens and that's what it's we're seeing. Bob back on June 23 2016 and Milwaukee Bucks try to skinny little kid at a UNLV by the name Patrick McCaw. Any immediately Jerry West goes out there says hey folks around the league are to be sari and data entrapped to shut man and I mean basically their sari Formby stardom yesterday he's coming out aggressive. All bulls wrap states that he started with the no Currie in clay injury in my when Kevin Durant was out. Has helped them now become the season I don't you call him a rookie and more because here we are in a playoff she's had enough time for that. To speak about Patrick were call being ready to step into the limelight with a star studded team he goes out there and he's aggressive disagree steps in this starts plays very well you know defending gave me away orders CJ McCollum. To speak about patch were caught how he's grown or who's over this season. Last night is great for him Emmys the playoffs are different. Which should be different they're bored physical and more intense possessions matter more and to see him. Play the way he did. Knowing that your rookie and and and you understand it the same calls as the other guys nor nor should use mr. in the right picket the whistle. But to see his composure. It's the lack of fear. It passed up a shot and it but he probably watch games side and then you see him come back and shoot that shot make so lets small stuff that you see Hugo. That's a testament to who he is. Com and by the way. One of the things Steve is so good at it and staff is keeping all the players in the team engaged not bearing in my car because he's a rookie. And all the set of three wings out. And he eco pad yeah he better be ready to play that game that's now with Stephen has tested. He started. Fifteen to eighteen games. Forward in the for the possibility that this might occur and you don't know I would hope nobody got hurt and I was playing and everything was great but it's not how it works so. To keep a guy like patting gauged. He was ready image John Wooden has a great quote that it supports this block is when preparation meets opportunity. Somebody might see all the cost so lucky he's playing with. But these guys as well the guys practiced earlier he's he's performed he's watched he's learned so in his moment of trying to receive the guys played. From many people in David don't know our team in the time and again it is pretty unit. Not knowing all the work he put in in our coaching staff to get into that place where he could shine a little bit and it's hard to shine on a team with. Some of the guys we have but he had promised us they were you would say I would go on the radio on but hey you would ask me that question. That's due to his hard work and in and be ready for when his number was called. I know without him and and people those things that he does that don't show put justice that perimeter defense. His quickness his way he has got this cat like quickness to his hand on the ball. He's tough. Players just don't go by him and that's a huge skill in the playoffs to be able to guard your position. Or going up against two of the best one on one. Wing players or point guard to guard in the league combinations so if he couldn't guard he couldn't play. And he has shown he can guard these guys pretty well on and he'll get better at that it's stronger but. Really happy for him. Happy for guys like eons. Is right in on the Mac if you goes out to per couple minutes makes a difference to Bell's been discussed. You know it's team that's what it is pretty you know I'd understand we have headliners negated but just like people credit. He was something. I have a team of people we all talk about the things we all help each other. Speakers got a great staff. That carried around the at a rate its cast. You hope to win when you have a group of good people. All that results and that is winning that's all that matters nobody here cares about. Who scored what are did what in and then and our players our locker room look at their I didn't do enough shots and that's. That's what matters is winning and if you can focus on one thing. And caught those and to build those and every knows when their number's called. They're gonna be great help team win that's weak it's special and and that's what less than it was fun I mean there it goes on to watch him. McCarthy I think he made a big issue out of the game when I was 4342. When he and I did three and after that he often in a credible running also had a bold drive to the goal when he had that. Post up over CJ McCollum we are talking to the warrior president of basketball operations about buyers as he joins us yesterday's a warrior Wednesday that it's Thursday. And that 95 points of the game that they the concept you know bunting was talking about McCall was drafted by Milwaukee. In a second round 38 overall pick the you've done this before but I've never asked you about it and intrigued me. How do you buy. A player and a draft pick I guess it's like trading formally hear on the phone which I am and what he's saying am I gonna give you player emanated yet. 2.3 million US currency how to Yuba. How does it come down that you you bought Patrick McCaw well. It could Marriott's. People don't know. You can purchase extra cash you go way back and you could perks for trumpet the idea of that right now is. But that actually happens people who'd never happen anymore. Data is too valuable piece peeled by you could violate preferably three million dollars. And how it happens does he need in part every deal that's made this deal any trade. There has to be willing participant in this side and in Milwaukee had 36. To obviously they're they took brought so they're they're fine. They had a couple picks and and you know at some point draft many teams have drafted a first round they've got a sec player. They may have their roster full and they see you know. We don't like anybody on the board. And and that's where you have a team that is our pick and and that by the way they don't they put their pick up for sale for anybody and they usually just take guys that are. And apparently we were or or most tightly I don't know I have to ask them why they say yes but but it was probably because we've we offer the most morning. But you're allowed to offer up to a certain amount of money in the CBA dictates that it goes up to 3.4. This year but we had spent. What was up to. We have spent 31718. On some other deal during the years we only had 23 left spends so this there were just put our money appearance in who'll sell it. This is all we have to give because it literally give. With the idea we had a few players in and we were open at one it would be there and it would McCall is there of choices choice was easy for us and them. It's it takes a situation our team might have multiple picks in the second round. Or they've made a few picks are ready when your we had four picks we took all sometimes. It makes sense sometimes you don't and there's there are perhaps this is not the kind of players I mean there's an influx of players but sometimes you sit there ago and I'd you know you tell your owner and threw three million dollars money that three million dollars in money that's not we can we talk about like nothing. Lot of money it's a lot of money for Joseph and our ownership group to pay by the were lucky they'll do I mean we sit here and say. It's easy and it but but the good thing is he better not be wrong. It's to enter owners money. And you come put points. You got to go back answer for that so fortunately. McCaw has turned out to be some good but it takes. Two sides that are kind of working for different things and that that's happened with him and her creditor scouts creditor front of people that that support it and but hawking or dealt forests and you know he's like he talked about defense which a lot of kids don't do work out of about being right on defense and he's we saw something there so. He's he only about it is encouraging thing about him is he's got a high C we haven't seen some health and artwork he's gonna continue through that's exciting. In his first NBA playoff start last time played great if you just 23 seconds in game one of the region started who has. The injury to Kevin Durant five Myers the warrior president of basketball operations joining us. As he always does once a week in the afternoon eleven's pop and Daunte here in 95 point seven a game. It is calf injury a and I saw no Von lay knee him in the back of the cast and I thought well looks like a fresh injury and maybe it's not related to the knee. Then I went back and watch and I see him in the third quarter iso from the top of the king a small heartless. Stick a jumper over a morning landed a kind of hop and it wanna put any weight on that left leg and he went back defensively he's Robin it. Some rubble a couple of times it goes over Chelsea lines rubbing and after the third quarter so much my question you about is is this a fresh. Injury that left calf strain that Katie has or is it a byproduct of the left knee injury he said. Rights. I asked that question too it's not related to the they need. So it's it's a new thing and it's but but by the way. Who knows how. Our bodies completely operate where you know you of one thing that happens and others is it by prisoners things we don't understand about it I have no idea but. This was an acute thing separate from the knee it was like the knee was weak or suffering in this resulted. But he did land and you did see it right and them if you ever done I've done sprained right happens torn you know micro tears things like then. The difficulty is. It's probably if it it's he feels little twinge and it feels tight in the point as you can feel that hamster and it's listening here and hamstring or pattern. Has something where you pull up a little bit there's different degrees of that there is no ones were you literally can now walk. A year ago and I can't walk I can even do calf reason. It is not at all in that category but. Because of the possibility. Of it in him becoming more than it is and the fact that it still has an entirely healed you have to be careful and so the good news is it's not a you know huge. Setback in your out effort at a time. But it and it it has improvement is improvement but intelligent cruise. It to be careful as to what you risk four with him and our team by putting him back out there so it's a like any injury. You don't have a crystal ball you don't exactly know way heels don't know how it performs you've been do the same thing we do with. Well these guys they've tested out. Do you have pain walking note you have here's a calf racers is quite users of dues and set shots OK that's fine decent jumps it's OK now let's run let's cut its jump put down. You pass all these things until you can do it without any pain. And any place but if you have pain. Do you play through pain insurers if you paid overtime but was something like this where has the potential. To be more. And with a player like him not to and a great player but. That's where you have to exercise caution and say OK calm. If it's not it's still there it's still presents itself. We cannot. Take that chance. And he gets it. You know it's one of those things where we hope to be playing. For awhile that's our hope. But in this moment in time we have to be Smart about it. These health he'll play if he's not just wall that's it's it's it's almost as simple as much as there ever a consideration. And not playing him in the fourth quarter. On Sunday because this all happened at third quarter he had a hell of a fourth quarter if you're great but it's like I said you can. That's good point and I was watching to. It's because of that went down there and talk wherever some events in Sydney said he satisfying in its but you can have these little things and resolve themselves. You know in the game and but you know after the games against the Celtics and the guy said if if someone could say with certainty it will get no worse. Which is this misses but that doesn't happen but you could play with this and you play effectively be fine. If it if we knew that it was not gonna progress but that's that reality so you don't know so you're talking about. A situation where you push it like anything. It could hit it. It could get worse so that's where you have to wait till it heals. And then go back out there and it heals when it heals and so. That fourth quarter I think was more about OK you know maybe it's just something resolved itself. You really don't know with a lot of things guys you see opened with an ankle. UC. Because basically goes back in the game. He plays in the next day he's he's like my ankles or dating or conversely goes back in the gaming comes back is actually a good. So some lettuce is on the fly but in this specific having known now what happened after it was sort. Then you've got to start fresh as an extra fuel port plays again. That's since you are up to. Games to none and I hate this argument that if your playoff games and you can't start singing and pick and choose enemy of the guys healthy place but. Do you have a little more. Latitude now that you are up two games to none when to bring him back in May be you know waited day or two longer when she get the the green Leiter once security gets the green light by the just put him back out there. But. Yeah I mean looking to as a stock answer of you know you don't eat but weren't professional sports I mean this is what we do this is what the he has dual year you'd have to. You have to factor in where you war and that includes where your team is where your series is what series you're in. This is a different conversation. If for three weeks into that are. An elimination game yet for sure. But we are we are right now seat factor at all in. An and by the way it changes every game tapes every day she's every babies that he feels but. You sit back and you say okay them. What do we risking here and what do we gain by play and that's that's that's that's a conversation you have after every. Practice and after every game whether he plays or not rate that not indicative not it's not them contingent on. How he doesn't set up to the rest of the guys last night we lose. You know does that factor in to play in game three I mean that's just reality. Its the same with any team I would paint but but again. I don't want people to twist that and you're throwing injured players out there I'm talking about gray areas stuff. And just trying to be Smart about it and Smart about where you are. And decision. You guys are flying tomorrow correct you know I assume Kate he'll be on the plane we don't he's going to Portland guys. If it it. Good luck I as there have been the best way to handle this is a rapid opened for cellular you know weaker maybe more. This series for the next one. Now it's. It's fun of it and showed talk about Claude he netted and talk about. Tree on staff play I'm quick. They do last night you know there were splashed Brothers for the plant Brothers there hasn't. If he's had a monster its Saturn Patrick McCollum. Forget the clerk to U Florida's they had to it was great and Sunday as well Princeton thank you Vatican I hope they get a read on Monday thing that part about it Charles.