Bob Melvin joins Daryle “The Guru” Johnson and Mychael Urban to preview the Bay Bridge Series.

Steinmetz and Guru
Friday, July 13th
Oakland A's manager Bob Melvin joined Urban and Guru to talk about the upcoming Bay Bridge Series. 

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Bigger Bob Melvin in Orlando Melvin has given us a few now I'll skipper of what's gone on man thank you so much for your time. Yet oh no problem trying to get over the bridge right now so. Few minutes here. Do you like the way I can gill the viewing through it may vote you just showed up insure you can't give us five. Did you did. You know higher this morning got a little bit of a late call and I've been on this show many times so. You're the best candidate. Yeah you do it at their art guilt there. Matt is Bob I was telling my goal there's not a person outside a Crist rounds in on this earth. Did envision that aids having the success you guys are having right now I mean you are the quarterback of this. Does it remind you what 2012. At all or is it more you know at this juncture more special than 2012. Because it's coming out of nowhere. You guys are down four runs in the eighth inning it doesn't matter the green and gold are always in it. How special is this season. Up into this juncture for you and the rest of the guys. Yet there are some similarity. Twelve an enemy you know we're unexpected and an over achievement and all that but I think it's different in the fact that. You know we have we have a group of guys here now that that really wanna be here and take pride and be in Oakland days they came up and art system. Couple that went where guys have been here wanna be here Chris Davis Jack Lowery I mean you know. It's rarely it's about clue about sending wee pad. Maybe ever. You know you you want guys don't want him near Oakland it's tough to get free agent to come here. And when you finally have a core group of guys that grew up in your system and wanna be here there's something special about that so I age. In in that respect it's it's it's pretty cool right now for sure. The bush years that of a's manager Bob Melvin on the day of the opener of the Bay Bridge series its three games before the all star break. Three games after Bob we were talking I've been in the Bay Area in my whole life born and raised in with the exception of the 89 World Series. I don't remember being as excited as I am for a giant is matchup drew and the fans that the lines have been lit up the Tesla and there's been no let up everybody is on fire about the series can you feel that. Yeah you know you're on the road we don't trust your reason and in Houston and renewed its staying on the schedule so I don't want to guide get your data really get a and stimulate. You know we're we're just trying to insulate him midday and trying to win a particular game. After it's been tough on us it was pretty rewarding having a series that we did there. But once these guys get the ballpark and they're gonna feel it like Q like raw appeared to him. And I don't have that special can be nimble teams are playing well and that adds to it so it should be a lot. Now Bob you guys had a X net not to focus on the negative because everything's positive when it comes to Uga ties. But you had a game in Houston next during into got away from yeah. You know lots roll with the end and I told my car was like man these young team their psyche. You know they might lose the next two hours to reenact it understand it but two guys come right back bounce back beat the world champs. Did you have to talk to the group the next day or after the game. How special did you feel. That your team this young team just came back in it and acted like veterans to get the win the next day after mark rich in law. Yet lot of layers you know one year out we knew we had a lead but we have to score or in the ninth inning. And it looked like we were down and act game. And come back like we have so many times it was it was really rewarding. I think what was great like that was the next day we were come out and get one of their starters which is up talked to do. He almost wanted to stay workers starters and try to get herbal and but to be able to come out like we did after a tough loss and after their starters score six runs correct real quickly. I think showed trying to characters. So. Out a great series for a then and you don't. You know different ways. We showed some tenacity so. You're exactly right that they based on a lot about themselves. A's manager Bob Melvin niceness to join us on the day the opener of the Bay Bridge series under your busy skips so well I'm gonna let you go with this one you talked about. The young clubhouse after just talked about their ability to bounce back from disappointment. By all accounts you're not a micro manager of a big league manager you kind of let the players. Police themselves to a certain level how do they police themselves like who deserves credit among. The guys in uniform the players for this. There's there's a poise about your young guys it's difficult to explain difficult to describe. But it's definitely there are as Ernie veterans that you would say hey they're big part that. Well obviously jet you know jet printer roll out Katie kind of a silent editor but it looks as well. You know Blake tried in panic it's they're really well but it is the thing I'm most impressed by is that there younger guys aren't afraid to take the lead. You know the Matt Chapman the man at all. Chad tenors need you leader. So it. And saying it's a I don't be surprised me that that impressed me is you know we've been used in everyday we came off the field that we being in the guide cannot but feel like that's what they expected. Do you know wasn't a surprise to guide or an elated and you know I've never been here or take off the field like you know we expected when the game. And I think that's where I was really impressed by but it's a group effort the club battle it wouldn't be just consider one guy. It actually I'm gonna give you one last one before you run did you know the tiebreaker if this series is tied after 33. That trophy goes to the team that won the six game which I think is ridiculous or asking for suggestions what would be a better tiebreaker. What do you think of this one from one of our techsters they say if it's tied 33 after game six. Boat Sheehan Melvin. Wrestling match on the mound you down without. And it worked right through. A little you'll accidents. And one of their guys or something like that that be a lot more entertainment watching mean though address. And my money's on jet and their kids on fire hey Bo Mel thank you so much retirement I really think he appreciated congrats on the success guys have had so far no it's not a fluke. Keep up the great working good luck this weekend. That's Bob Melvin Hayes manage.