Bob Melvin

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 6th
Oakland A’s manager, Bob Melvin, joined Urban and Guru to talk about the latest with the Oakland Athletics.

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And we are pleased to welcome into the program. One of our favorite a's manager Bob Melvin Bob thank you so much for your time on game day. No no problem little busier here this morning I'm back. You know and termite damage it would YouTube guidance Atlanta. More than aptitude. And that may be something of a reference to the trade that just went down Yonder Alonso heading up to the Mariners who were making a late push it's surprising push a lot of people's minds but. Yonder is gone you're getting a prospect in return. Is this one of those things is the manager of the a's knowing how you guys do business. Just that kind of felt the coming. Well you know like that was. The theme this year ability. You know been out front with that. That the trade deadline that we are trying to keep younger we do have a lot of younger. That has been together for years in the minor league has won together. Whether Chet tender in the Chapman and these guys that. No played together their time right now so making moves accordingly because. I went with Yonder. Or an hour talking about the the return in the trade was just one prospect it's 24 year old. And I don't know how you feel about this but I I feel like if if billiard David. We're expecting air they shouldn't have been expecting a major hall in return because. No matter how you feel about Yonder Alonso the fact is she's thirty years old and this year is a significant uptick. In terms of his production in his power so unfortunately some baseball people are probably skeptical as to either. This is a fluke or someone else is going on you buy into that. You know what I he worked or dictated to get the position he's in right now he's put together his best year for him. It's good timing on I'm in the treatment and a year ago. I mean he has made some mechanical adjustment this morning. Slowdown here recently. It really in this is more about metal. And X group wave of younger guys that we want to develop now. And you know we wish working under the best obviously reluctant to play against them here in the next couple and we got home we would we wish him the best but we wanted to part look at battle. The bush she hears that Bob Melvin the a's manager good enough to join us. Here on inside the bigs it's only a couple hours until their game against the angels and Al Gore's got a question for you but I just wanna give the soft. So this was more about opening opening up playing time for the youngsters that was we need to move under. Correct and you know we could've been honored in the year again be free agent that you're the position that we are in right now when he is better to develop these guys. And sometimes September and Williams and you know we're still in August it's not expand their doctors. You know is that guy good time to take a look at Matt it's always been epic prospect the bars and finally Google delivered at door open for him. I get consistent playing time. Now Bob Bob nope you've played as a player in some big games you manage some playoff games. We're talking about the Bay Bridge series what's it like to manage that game did does it feel different. No doubt and a cut in a while ago and he answered. Real would play the giants then. You know it hit you yet a 162 game season and every day in teen. But the routine is different equated giants and in the spotlight on in the area we have great fan bases that are very passionate. I it to different feeling in the stands at our place you know that they can beat Acton. Can be played giants and there in the back and forth and you know that the fans as well as the players and our guys. In and so it it does that took or harass it with with a little. I didn't and I've put men against them out an all out. OK who's the best third baseman that you have managed before this season I think you know where my follow up questions and ago. Yeah I know you're going as far as the sensitively. Manning got to go but down a little bit. Like again we have right now is true. Similar to what chizik thing I mean this guy is like like fresh out of the box she's Major League ready and I know that I'm sure he's got a lot to learn. But while I mean he's just is good defensively. His views offensively and that's saying something. I'll in his defense is this separate adult going to be moral Eric auto type the third. I mean it's just 100% all baseball player. And he will struggle yeah they're reclassification. You know real strikeout. You know unbelievable power. Defense is phenomenal. Faster than people think. That is going to be around for awhile that we needed did it to open the door for him and get him here. Can he can be around for Ali can be one of those guys that can be synonymous with BA's then. He's off to a good start certainly defensively it's all around pretty you can get better better. Bob when you watch rod. You kind of sit in the dugout and wonder you know what if we would've got rising this rise they dare hurt Davis early on in the season. Well you know that the playing time is what is been sporadic for a he's been playing mostly in that and the pitching in got a little bit of a slow start. You know what he's playing really well right now and you know he's around him a bunch younger guys now. He knows he's not can get you know knock ambient air every day to be taken advantage of the opportunities and he's been married a manner that really can change the game. In that dynamic you know when he's on page got the ability is still second and third. An opposing pitchers you know it he would lose some concentration on hater because he knows yet to deal with Raj and playing really well for a right now so. You know really enjoy him on the clock about to EU where you're you're veteran guys that. Pretty younger guys lean on but he continues to be here like said he went there based. A's manager Bob Melvin joins us here inside the bigs Bob when you won your 1000 game. As a manager I shoot you text to congratulate you and into Google Bob Melvin fashion you downplayed and say while they make a big deal out of everything around here. It is a significant milestone step back and enjoy it man right it did it did you celebrated it all after it happened are you truly downplaying it in your real tight as well. You don't accept that the things that that was special about that paper mean it was data Bill King went into all of fame and you know I grew up with Bill King in every sport so. That this guy with a legend and you know here is greater here and they'd own them all payment. Obviously the raiders football. Did basketball announcing the mean you know the big wars and cut my godfather was trader orders to you leave it I got to know on some. It's basketball. Announcing wood with second demand so if you try being in pre all names and I was just happy to get that win on the data you went. Agreed yet you know our bullpen area boys in I'm with you use more of a basketball guided me. Then anything and I didn't learn until later in life that he was just discredit the other two sports do I know you gotta bounced through quick Bobbitt allow you to settle something. I'm taken a whole lot of heat for saying grown up I was a fan of the giants and a's a bunch of people not only the audience were here in the suit yours and now. You have to pick one or the other I disagree it gave that we had two teams in the Bay Area gave me an opportunity to watch Major League Baseball virtually every day of the season. What are you think do I have to pick a side to Bay Area for residents and fans have to pick a side. Lord your partners are tough spot. Right now let me. Answer this way. We were lucky not to grow up in in an area that has sued Major League teams to follow. Now that I'm in a plate and done accurately you know iMac but bleed green right now with the Oakland is hardly camel buys the routine that I. You know worked for him in. And are lucky not to be where so I'm going to be at diplomatic of that last week in the that would but I will tell you targets anywhere. Is. Duel at eight. That's that's when I'll assess they'll never Wear that hat but I did like both teams and I don't care what the actual words are but what I heard you say and obvious it's a cater beacon like both teams up. At that particular. I hey Bob I so appreciate you time and your busiest as saying if you feel the media wants to get your thoughts on a good luck today and thanks again. I.