Bob Melvin

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, July 17th
A's Manager joins the show to share his thoughts on the sweep over the Indians, the Sean Doolittle trade, and approaching 1000 wins for his career. 

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He is beat two time manager of the year and the manager of your Oakland Athletics Bob Melvin joining Joseph Lowell and JD. On 95 point seven began deporting Bo Mel congratulations. On starting the second half in incendiary fashion at three game sweep over the Cleveland Indians. That's got to feel pretty good to get the second half of the season going does it not. Yet does that mean you know not only do we win the first three games at home we also Peter really good teams so. Coming out of the rate at which kind of hoped for after tough first happened. You know hopefully we can build on that. Okay now obviously there's a lot going all at the club. But the key for the players has to be focusing dated today so as you move into the next series riding a three game winning streak. What's the key to trying to get the team to turn that three into 45 and possibly even six. Well yeah you we take it one at a time like sets so you know you try to try to feed off you know the momentum that you build you know in previous games that. Understand that you can't look too far forward especially kind of where we are as a team right now so. Today's game is the most important game in you know try to pick compliments from the day before. The body shop and I had really good again for you guys in he's been really good for about two months now on the what what has changed in form and I after maybe that the first handful of starts because he's been. Terrific forty guys the the last two months basically. Yeah no doubt I mean he's pitching like he guided the who wants to pitch at the top of the rotation is for us right now whether teens signing. You know the kind of our go to guys at this point bolt pitching well we knew that this guy what we got him we can have a really bright future in and really. You know has developed come along very quickly. And I think the flyers been a big pitch for him you know actually have a true third pitch now puts a little more doubt make hitters mind that it just fastball changeup so. You know we let go a 115 or so pitches yesterday which means that that you know we're putting an. In a different different category for us and them means again we're gonna lean on apartment pitched deep in the games. What will Bob it's gotta be tough and no it. You've been around you've seen this happen. Sean do little guys you know running your favorites. ID say goodbye and how do you keep guys you know more forwarded it to tell letting talking you guys before he left for Jews who what was your parting words. Yet you know he he came in at a time where he was just getting the ball are you mean they're just for a little bit so everybody got taken by the government. You know it's bittersweet one he's the last guy here from the twelve team. Into. You know a guy that I've been personally close to the fact that. You know he's our player rep these instrumental in our clubhouse he's big personality has been for us for awhile. But everybody feel good about the fact that he's going to Marie got a chance started to play in the post season this year and and you know everybody. It is something like that can happen you wanna go to a place where he's got a chance to have a special season so. I think everybody understands that which is in the best we watch union met symbol broke clothes clean. And hopefully that he you know plate dependant and October so. We are going a little bit of a direction different direction here in her brain knows that so he just which in the past and you get on with you which trying to do here. As a big personality in the clubhouse who's been around for a while like you said the last man. From the 2012 club who'd he looked from the younger group to step up and fill that void in the locker room. You know we'll we'll see how it goes right now I mean we we have some guys here's certainly some guys here now you know jet allowing under center he's been here for awhile then. You know we have some of these younger kids that we feel like Brett try to put too much pressure on right now led there will be a little bit more instrumental as the years come along. And that was the same thing which on Geithner and twelve I mean he didn't have much to say he was you know it is among a lot of rookies are more seen and heard him. In developed into the role that he beat became yours so we'll have some younger guys to the world will do that along it is the years go along that. You know you're always kind of rely on some of the veteran guys that are here right now we still have a few of those. Bob well when Billy Beane a mentions of being committed to a full rebuild and obviously that's not new news but how encouraging is it went when you know where that team is. To see them be so competitive but also see. That's some of the young players that are already here really start to contribute may Matt Chapman on Saturday night I mean what would a huge game he. It's that first home run any hits another one helping you guys when he game against top flight pitcher to be able to see. Up and down the roster guys contributing even though it may be rebuilt just tap how encouraging is that and how much can that just become infectious to that the whole process. Yeah I can mean you know it is a little different though wouldn't we talk about rebuilding here was more retool from here you're here. Based on the fact that you know now that we we know we're going into a new ballpark. You know when we're not sure yet but there's going to be an announcement this year seek indeed things a little differently and I think this is the first time his. There's billions stated yesterday that hopefully we can keep these guys in this you know whether Chapman whether it. You know Barreto whether it's tender whether told them guys like that Maxwell that. That we have been targeting in the group one in the minor leagues together as a group that we can try to keep here as opposed recycling guys in and out. That that's always been you know at target with a new ballpark. You know open the fact that we can keep some guys that that you see in the next couple years developed going into that new ballpark so. You know there are some talented guys here in and the focus now in the intent is try to keep them. Bob Melvin would Jolo and JD on 95 point seven a game. And it's been talked about on radio on TV the fans obviously have their thoughts on the matter as far as a new ballparks concern do you have a preference on location. Are real and you know alleged involvement and local I've been saying that all along so. That's going to be the case from what I'm told today you know what any new ballpark I think is gonna be great. And our scandal embrace as though I'm not sure which wanted to be yet. I think all the sides there are viable site and like I said for me the most important thing is that it's in Oakland. Now for you from a personal perspective recently you hit 500 wins as manager of the gazing you now find yourself three games away. From a thousand wins as a manager in general what's that milestone to demean TU. When you reach did you ever think that you be on the cost of a thousand winds as an MLB manager. I didn't. You know it just seems it's been around for a little while lucky enough to be around for a little while and and here recently with the same team and thoughtful important for me EB. You know part of this organization team record so. You know a thousand of the big round number. Aids it's. Really because of the fact that. That the weather ownership of front offices says at some confidence in me keep me around for awhile but it's the players that are of today you have given me these wins so it's always team things certainly and indeed get to a number like that it's recognize that. You know hopefully get to it soon we get past that in. You know whether better things become here in Oakland in the years. You know coming up match after this milestone and after this year. I don't put you on the spot but as you go back through the thousand. Is there anyone that particularly stands out for maybe just a random reason for some random moment that may have occurred like when you look back on this illustrious career what's gonna be a thousand plus winds. Any one particular ones stand out as personal favorite. Yet the last game in 2012. I mean bleeding have to say that we you know we were playing really well in the second half and it really didn't look like we're gonna win the division and then we just basically ran the table felt like the last month and that of the reaction that stands that day is one I'll never forget. It was such an exciting game we did you know we're down when the games start to doesn't look like we'll be able to finish it off in the division next thing you know we come roaring back and you know looking around the stadium public in the sand and Al into that they were I don't think they sat down for the final 45 innings so. I think if there's any one that you can point to it that last game in 2012. Baseball at its absolute finest two time manager of the year manager you're Oakland Athletics Bob Melvin we Jolo in JD on 95 point seven the game skip. We appreciate the time this morning congratulations on the Indian sweeping good luck against the rays tonight will be watching.