Bip Roberts

The Chris Townsend Podcast
Thursday, June 29th

Retired MLB Player, NBC Sports California Analyst for the Oakland A's joins Townsend and Guru to talk about the A's and their youth movement.


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Former all star. Switch hitter. Great career now covers the gays for NBC California. Do an a's pre and post game live dip Roberts always one of my favorite. Bit what is shaken my man. Yeah hey hey man you guys get to me I'll eat my bald. Right that was. Yeah daddy help I remember the good old days used to bring my ribs in a barbecue in a bullet reverend Al happened to you. Then. They're operate talked about equally pathetic. Yeah yeah if you haven't by the way it was my job today you're lucky let's figure out a lot and that today you know. Let's be honest debt you and I talked about it you know we wanted to see the young guys we wanted to see the young players come up. And you know what it's like to be one of those young guys when you get that first opportunity to be in the big leagues. We're now you're not ride buses anymore and you're not playing in front of six to 101000. Here now on the big leagues in the big ballpark what does that like. Well for me it was mica and I am scared to bet you know upper big league game our program. Multiple heated air Eric Allen wicket at well at 98. War in a couple get out of that layer on Google. I think we have optical pick page. At first game against Fernando step out of I'm in demand it will be up and make it in the equity and also our circumstances been different than he has now. Like kidnapped but it wouldn't you know when we open it. Adding that we. Even young player and you know why you guys a lot more common. So. You know I expect a little more because that. The amount of land that went out on you know I would doubt it it was just like you know you know I'll be here today on our. You know these young cute that we witnessed the they have to account and so from the I'd bet that like you know being. Speaking of I ten dollars to Odom Michael Irvin said you haven't watched a baseball game unless you watched it will one dip Roberts. And I haven't played but I know the game is hard and I'm looking at a guy like shaman I. Before the deed DL and after. In BP just looks like he's at peace with himself like he knows what he wants to do with the baseball what do you see it from him or is that just me. Now that. Ike at the time and you look at the results. And I've dispute it that's really kind of problems so you know we watch them. When he first came out you don't try to find ways nobody in the state and whipping you're out at the game it's germs aren't. So I think one thing you are is that you know here in a Major League. Game a little fat. Guy domestic and you know that mistakes. And we you have to be considered. An epic patent and do nothing at the ability to read it as our slot to kind of deceptive. And kind of crossfire and you know being an ex tactics that worked to prevent and it's good you both sides of late. A lot of time he got beat there at the ballot because the cross fire arms luck and you know they both sides of the plate. That ball well break ball well so you know they're yucky added you know yet by the. Yet that arm slide can I get three quarters at times he has trouble getting on top of the baseball but when he does. His stuff can be electric and speaking of another guy they're dead. Franklin Barreto it's our first look at Franklin Barreto you're middle infielder we've seen image short Sackett what your first impression of him. Well I would say that he's that night laugh man you know. You can move around can be very personal. I ask you Ambien and a beat date second base so. This. You know it takes a little special athlete please stop that. You know you have the ability is just the matter looks like more of a second patent and need to ask them sock in it that. At great range inspect and make some routine plays and make great late right now you know kind of a game and that certain. Third topic kind of get in between. And I think they're aptly like that not like that back a quick bank got stripped at pop in his bat. He did it gaps and get out your heart out of the matter again we young players. You know you have to you go good and bad just let it sort of like what right do you. Bilbao was asked into Downey what happens when Ximian is ready to come back. And is that a good thing that you got somewhat of a logjam. Well in the bag placed in the sense that there's. Look now Lachlan took it loose in the heat up as recently spoke. Well you've ultimately won that in Omaha for. So again he got. Who in guy who chemical and you'll pay it back and we can do better. Even in yet about the lineup looked fortunate can be you can have yet to play. I think that would give an account back put the rattle. That it wants while it what you do. We're gonna get married that you have a great year to. You know right now we have youth movement going on what he was young guys so when I look at it to Austria that I don't talk about Raines. Nelson libretto at accretive to account base. You mentioned Healy and he's the guy love I believe he's now played in a 150. Games. Easy got to count last year so in his career he's only played 950 games. Andy is starting at 31 home runs in those 150. 150 games dip the athletics about have found a middle of the order hitter for a lot for. Line. I mean yeah. I Boller like the key and I like the ropes. Elective back in equity and about Allen's like cut back Alley leading home on air ball. That's a think like that want to pro ranks you know you have that bet that became a huge following. These got a great gap pan like I. Love this wiretapping yet look. You know motivate him would be bad that he can't each and every page that it better. Remove any doubt about it like that and the big man he knows how to use yeah opposite field. The ball in right and it out of rights and feel we saw that the other day. But he Dolly that ever between the rookie last year he gave that apple couldn't eat it he could be pretty good hitter appear at a big league that he got as Craig Pollock and they let him he's that guy in the middle lineup that probably aggregate score you know no problem now. And you mentioned the toughness and a clubhouse they'd be need a lot of different personalities that somebody. A least one or two guys got to have the intensity that got to cut the a little bit of a red ass and DA is lost Salomon got rid Donaldson. It looks like they have that again and heal because healing is a time the guy who brings intensity at all times. He had the announcement brought their people say you know he better relax a little weird and it's you know what day. You cannot put spot put water on fire. Alarm fire you put it out the reason why he's so good because he had that are. You let him as he matures that that you know be company worked out in and so but. You know I've been out out cult cute and their real fired and Latin I want to fire I want to learn much they can learn because. Looked like he'd eat. A perfectionist. They they wanna be your best and we look at anyone that wanted to be Tibet it at saint back fire. Bit when you look at rise a Davis if you if you could sit down and talked to him what do you think he's going through. Day in day out in regard to Ambien you know what DA's did in the offseason. And where he's at now. In regard to his first half of the season thus far because I seem like it just seems to me did he he can beat that guy stealing bases. But more often than not that's not happening. Well you know there's times change now that the dispute and it becomes law when you of them and then it becomes law people start a chain. Eight they can exchange. It bought Chapman while capital appeared with the younger particular bet you won't really be yeah. And sold out there are many young players to pick you probably stop that organization as. What do for a couple years now. In the year and so now I think right yeah it would cut do bet to beat a better and gotten a penalty I apple app by. You know just talking and him. Admitted that he got a completely positive. And you're dealing I don't know yet what he went. But don't call me. Right now planet look different. You know he's got an appeal that he can do so that matter now allowed you to see it deeply in the league and do exactly what organization wants an. I let's not sugarcoat this severe veteran on this team right now how much you like looking at the front office is going get me to hell out of here. And actually everybody. You know play and I noticed it build it right out. There could be afraid. You know that that probably happen at home equity negative stuff you know I'd like to see happen in vote happens and. The net and yet they don't equal to a team where they want a better. Now we're not a good situation but not yet made a decade and now the team. By applicable. Penalty but the camera at work at the so. You don't seem so cute to appoint you to play on the net Leo world. What happens you don't know. In part Clayton a bit slow. Not in the world did yesterday. I did love the work but we'll talk to assume we got a heavy on the podcast or two. Room right right. Great bit Roberts and the us.