Bill Romanowski

Steinmetz and Guru
Wednesday, December 27th

Steiny and JD are joined by Bill Romanowski (4x Super Bowl Champ) to talk about how he’d go about “fixing the raiders.” He also tells us that the 49ers momentum will carry over into next season.


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Joining us right now he contributes on five Super Bowl team she's also the founder of nutrition 53. Bill Roman else give bill how you doing man happy holidays Merry Christmas all that stuff. Yeah they're carry guys aren't doing well bill what is the let me ask you point blank who and what would you do if you re and the raiders how would you approach this off season. I am I think I have to take a strong luck. Acts. Are. Looking at the coaching situation. Are on in Hawaii in air Jack walked the team. Or this is a situation am backing beat their. With the new offensive coordinator. I'm all for all. Take it deep diet. Ended their car. It dom are recouped our. And find out why is going aren't what did to a bad because they basically. Did show up this these are. And yeah and then have a improve hangs on the defense inside the ball out you need another corner. And he need another dominate inside Ashe Russia. Made even more a linebacker. How well they're something's gotta wait jailed thousands book but why would start where. Now bill when you take a look at Derek Carr how do you fix it you have to have a heart to heart with Derek car did you have to bring him in and and ask him if he was healthier now or did indeed trust the line your duty trust himself. For crying out loud. Are you Eli big quite yet until air is. Bitten a situation where. I think it. Worried are you he can't either can't thank you it's either here. Because. You know a big challenge it he had would be injury from the year prior. It and he had not overt that injury. From. A medical standpoint. Then you've got a look at. The operative coordinators situation or how do you go. Barbie and twelve bit or. You're are bad kicking acts. A new fire. Your offensive coordinator. And bring in somebody that it never bit offensive coordinator. I don't get those that will. And it doesn't make that can make. Ads. You know it on. The PGA now. I don't know up I would have a lot I would backpack topic. That's. Bill Romanowski joining us on 957 the game talking a little raiders. Will. How tough is it to play late in the season when you're not playing for anything. It did that happen during your career I always remember you as a play off type of player but. We ever part of a team they've had simply didn't meet expectations. And and then you try to figure out why at the end of the year. Well I have Ferraro and I didn't make the playoffs. And will want to have been belly might Bursch here are employed right down to a lack game if we want it we would have been in. Are in every should go. My fourth year at bear we did make the playoffs. But we did now we we will we act we needed some help. From some other teams that we didn't get it. Was that theory you won six straight didn't make it. Yeah literature and the facts. And we destroyed. The Chicago Bears. The lack game of this these. And they were in the playoffs. So we were hot. And playing really well at the end of the year but we get it may yet so there's tool bomb. And one year right Becky here are the raiders. I would sure I I gotta hurt in that he's our. And then a couple of years and amber opts out the year and Debra more indicative of what that fight. And pardon me I love big gave up football. Any chance I got to go out compete. And do what I love. Hey act. I didn't have to be paid out like playing him first on then yeah. But I love playing the games so why do that situation where it was hard to get motivated. So when you look kid. The 49ers. And another opportunity for Jimmy go rappel how to go up against. Playoffs even really maybe the best two way team. That they faced and other rams during an NNA may arrest if you guys split but how much of an opportunity is this. To continue to evaluate what's San Francisco hasn't dropped below. I think they've now I think it is pretty clear. Yeah outfit I had on day one. As they had not been black outs they have they even amid big game that he got it bad that area. It out for two or three play. Without standing bad for a touchdown. Indeed been nothing. But great. It out. Ever sense now tell me you know why you got. That idea just got a key. All he'd moved that ball forward you leave there it seemed to have web momentum going into. Next year. Matt at all in bed by eight again as good when we're talking about this before. About getting dropped below in. So you could figure out what you had to do with that first round pick. What the had to take a quarterback early we'll get what they don't have the ticker quarterback now. They got a quarterback and they got to back up. We're back here so their quarterback situation has pretty much sat. Now what they gotta do is they get out that you know get more talent on off bad and keep upgrade ma'am but themselves from Deepak. Hey bill thank you so much for joining us really appreciate it and enjoy the rest of 2007 team. Our and our dads Bill Romanowski.